The ever changing Moon is the reason why Cancer gets the stereotypical reputation for being moody.   Cancer’s are like those old mood rings that were popular in the 70’s. The colors would change according to the emotional state of the wearer. I think of them as akin to hazard lights on a car.  Perhaps the driver suffered a flat tire, engine failure, or more often than not some last minute shopping. The latter being, in my opinion, punishable by jail time.


As the first in line of  the psychic water signs, the others being Scorpio and Pisces, it is no wonder Cancer is the one most susceptible to mood swings.  Cancer’s can easily pick up the feelings of those around them as well as the vibrations of the environment. Theys are ruled by the Moon which influences the tides and has eight different phases.  Since, we as humans are made up of approximately 50 to 65% water and the earth is made up of 71% water wouldn’t it make sense that the Moon would have some influence on us here on earth, but  especially for those of us born born under its sign?  Is it any wonder this sign goes through so many conflicting feelings?

Because they are ultra-sensitive to the environment this sign is always picking up feelings from all over the place…which makes them super disaster ready.  Ever wonder why those Cancer’s always collect things or buy double of everything?  Its because, “just in case.”  Of course for those Cancer’s giving expression to some of the sign’s rather unattractive traits, collecting can morph into a problem like this:

Definitely suffering from misplaced emotions.

On the other hand, Cancer’s are very maternal.  Whether a Cancer mom or a Cancer dad, both feel the urge to pull up the kiddies covers to protect them from an evening chill.

And Cancer’s just love gossip, actually they’ve got it down to an art. I think it has something to do with their memory.  All the water signs have good memories…actually very long memories. So remember not to tell them anything you don’t want to get around.

Just like their symbol the crab they are very tenacious and won’t let go of anyone or anything that they have set their sights on.  When they feel like an opportunity is a good one, they will follow that feeling all the way to the bank. There are lots of rich Cancer’s like Khloe Kardashian, 50Cent, Tom Cruise and Princess Diana. They seem to have a nose for it.

So concerned are they that there won’t be enough to go around in case unexpected guests arrive,  Cancer’s continuously load the freezer up with enough food to feed a small country.  Think they don’t like surprises?

Next time: Leo

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