Cancer: all life starts in Water

 With Cancer, things start to become a bit crazy. 

Cancer is the fourth sign. 

It’s also the second first sign: Cancer is cardinal, which means it’s a Once-upon-a-time-the-story-starts-with-me sign. 

We’ll get four Cardinal-Fixed-Mutable stories as we go around the zodiacal wheel.

Once upon a time Cancer, it all starts in Water. 

By the way, we are talking a language of symbols here. It’s not modern science. 


Modern science is good with everything that can be objectively measured, and not relevant to psychic or spiritual realities. For instance it has not been able to explain consciousness. 

Sometimes some ignorant claims that science has demonstrated that consciousness was produced by the brain. It’s not true. This has not been proven at all.

 When you destroy the brain consciousness disappears,  and when you destroy a radio, the program can’t be heard anymore, however you can’t kill the whole BBC staff hitting your radio with a hammer. 

Something is sure: you know the colour blue. When we look at the sky and the weather is good, blue exists as a sensation in our consciousness… However nothing is blue in the brain. There may be neurological circuits meaning “blue”, like a code…but it’s all grey in there.


Where does this blue exist, if it is in our consciousness…and not in our brain? Science can’t touch that. But it’s there.

Modern science has its limits. What is the equation for the quantity of artistic creativity you get when you sublimate three kilograms of raw sexual desire? How many litres of motherly love does it take to get a baby to sleep? 

 Science can’t say, but Cancer can feel inner realities. It knows dreams and speaks the language of symbols, images, fantasies… which are reflections of the subjective world which is the world  we really live in, made of what we feel within…

 Feel or felt… What was once is still there, imprinted as our own personal story. Under the conscious, the subconscious…

 Cancer is Yin, Occidental tradition says Feminine, taking from outside in…


 Once upon an eternal time, all life starts in water. 

 Aries started as a spiritual sunray bursting out from the sun-heart of the Great Spirit. Cancer starts from deep within material reality, in the womb of the Great Mother.

The zodiac is a wheel, Aries may start it, but only nine months after Cancer. 

 Once upon a time, fecundation. 

 Then gestation…

 Then giving birth (or being born)

 Then nurturing (or being nurtured)

 Then getting old and being cared for in turn (or growing up and becoming parent in turn) 

 Then dying and becoming an ancestor (or burying and honouring the lineage) 

 Then being born again, wave after wave, generation after generation… 


 In only one word this cyclical energy is called “Reproduction”. 

 It is somehow the opposite of “Creation”, the energy of Fire. It’s squaring it actually. 


Look at the crab. It has claws and a hard shell. The flesh is tender within. It walks sideways. There are good meanings to be derived from these observations, but what are we doing breaking the crab down into its constituents? Analytical thinking is not the way.

Let’s think the other way round and take a step backward or two… Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, so let’s look at the bigger picture from a distance. 

The crab is on the shore. The tide is low. When the tide was high, we couldn’t see it. When the tide will be high again, the crab will disappear again. It lives with the flux and reflux of the flows, sometimes immersed, sometimes running sideways… What’s wrong with changing moods? It’s just sea life. 

The Moon is shining above, sometimes waxing, sometimes waning, attracting the waters and then letting them go… The Moon rules in Cancer. 

Who wouldn’t think of women and their monthly cycles? 

All life starts in Water. All life starts in a womb, or in an egg. In a safe space, a cocoon. The purpose is not to stay in there forever but still, small is beautiful, cubs and babies are vulnerable and mothers incredibly sensitive to their needs. Or should be… Remember cocoon, vulnerable, sensitive…

 All energies can go too far and going too far with Cancer is not going anywhere, just staying there, small and vulnerable, needy with Mummy. 

 Escaping in imagination in the world of Peter Pan… 

…Or devouring, smothering, overprotecting, castrating, clinging to the beginning of the cycle, digging heels in against the course of time… My baby will always be my baby!




 Memory also reproduces.  We can conjure up emotionally charged images and relive the past. 

Another kind of memory reproduces patterns, for the better or the cursed…


 Imagination was born from memory. If you can remember a horse, if you can remember a horn, if you can remember gluing, then you can imagine a unicorn.

Astrology is a language of symbols, like dreams, myths, religious narratives and fairy tales.  

 In a world of fantasies, the real contents of the psyche are dancing like fairies or witches around a fire under the full Moon in the forest… 

 Fairy tales and mythologies are real because our fears and desires, our hopes, cravings and blisses, our aspirations and temptations, everything we can feel, from the greatest suffering to the eternity of ecstasy is reproduced, represented through stories which unfold according to very old laws… Cancer remembers and tells the stories. 

 Once day my prince will come, one day Jesus will be back, one day at the end of the long night the light will be born again, the lion and the lamb will lie down together my baby, my sweet little baby, one day I’ll be old, one day we will die, for now hold me tight, for now never let me go…

Life starts in Water…

 It’s symbolic language. It’s a mistake to look for exact interpretations of planets in signs which would always be true and the same, as if it was possible to make ropes of water and tie our boat to a post of smoke. Symbols are magical doors. They won’t open always on the same scenery. There is a subtle thread from an interpretation to another. The best we can do is trying to get the spirit, which the Great Spirit’s help. Understanding is a spiritual path.