It hasn’t been an easy go for you guys lately.  Ever since late December of 2014 things started to go downhill haven’t they?  Either you lost your job, had troublesome dealings with authority figures, health concerns, or a heap of responsibilities thrown at you.  This may not be the kind of news you wanted to hear especially on your birthday, but downhill doesn’t have to mean that its the end of the world Sagittarius! After all you’re not considered the luckiest sign of the zodiac for nothing.
Normally, Sagittarians walk around with both feet planted in mid-air, which gives the sign a reputation for being a bit eccentric, but right now those feet are being forced to the sidewalk.  Did you know that Saturn rules concrete?  He also rules authority figures.  When Mr.Saturn comes along it is best to think of him as the big boss who owns you, demanding the best of you for your own good.  If you don’t measure up, like slacking or shirking your duties, Saturn will let you know.  You may be called in for a one-on-one with him or her, whatever the gender.  If you have been guilty of doing work that is considered average instead of stellar, well then, that’s the reason the boss called you in for a sit down.  Since you normally have Jupiter on your side, the sit down might just be a warning.  So if that’s the case you had better pull up your bootstraps and roll up your sleeves and do whatever you can to make things right.  Saturn is all about right.  He always points out the wrongs.
So keep your nose to the grindstone and show the boss what you are really made of, otherwise don’t be surprised when the next time you’re invited into the boss’s office you will be asked to hand in your ID badge.

Now there are other times when people getting Saturn transits can get pulled into drama’s within the workplace through no fault of their own like during a merger.  In that case all you can do is pray that the inevitable won’t happen because everybody knows that mergers are like diets.  Something has to be eliminated for the greater good.  It doesn’t have to mean that you’re out of a job, but just to be safe I would suggest updating your resume and getting in contact with a good headhunter.

Since Saturn will be affecting your natal Sun which represents a person’s vitality.  Its transits to the Sun may be Saturn’s way of trying to tell you about a health issue. When I saw that Saturn was getting close to my 6th house of health I took myself to the doctor.  I didn’t have any symptoms, I just knew astrologically it would be a good idea.  Thankfully because of that visit and the help of an amazing doctor, I’m alive to tell about it.  In fact ever since Saturn began to transit the sign of Sagittarius, all the mutable signs would have benefited from routine check ups.  Those signs include
Gemini, Virgo, Pisces and of course Sagittarius; especially if you are a Gemini rising.

“So where’s the good stuff.” You are probably asking right now.  The good stuff will be easy to see after the transit passes.  You’ll be able to see your Saturn Transit Report card by reflecting on how you handled the tough stuff. Karma is a bitch and we can never escape it.  No other sign like Sag can tap into the universe and get ideas bigger than Jupiter himself to use and make life bigger and better the way its supposed to be.

So stop your sniveling.  The transit will be over soon and you can pass the baton over to Capricorn. That sign is well acquainted with Saturn and his bag of roadblocks.  You could learn a thing or two from them. It will all be over by December 21, 2017 so just get on with it.

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