Summer solstice~ New Moon ~ Solar Eclipse
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Welcome to the Summer Solstice ~ New Moon ~ Solar eclipse!
A New Moon is a time to press the reset button,  as the  Sun and Moon join together to set the new frequency for the coming month.  When the Moon sits in front of the Sun-  it eclipses the Suns power and opens a high speed portal that accelerates our movement from where we  have been toward where we are going. The effects of this intensified energy field can last for up to six months.
Today’s solar eclipse (occurring late Saturday/early Sunday) is especially powerful; some astrologers are saying it may be the ‘most significant’ astrological events of our life time. And that’s saying a LOT as there have been some pretty majour  turning points in the last 10-15 years as we move into the new age.  As we navigate through this process of death/rebirth, we are being shaken up and stripped down to make way for something totally unprecedented – a new way of being- a new earth.   So much has already occurred since the beginning of 2020 –  it has already been mind boggling year and we are only half way through it! I wonder what is next!?


In the distant past, a Solar Eclipse was linked to the death of the king (i.e. death of the sun) which made way for a younger more vital king to rule. It was considered the duty of the old king to martyr himself for the sake of the kingdom,  representing a necessary shift in energy, authority and ways of doing things. At this time of shift – the new energies are putting pressure on us  to either make way for them or get trampled underfoot.
The solstices and equinoxes occur at the beginning of each of the cardinal signs. Cardinal signs are instigators: Aries begins spring(equinox)  Cancer begins summer (solstice) Libra begins autumn (equinox) and Capricorn begins winter (solstice). These angles represent the Cross of Spirit and Matter ~ a reminder that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.  Any event that aligns with these ‘Angles’ are considered to be energetically very powerful.
At this particular New Moon – the Solar eclipse is very close to the Summer Solstice – at the very beginning of the sign of Cancer –  on what is called The World Axis. This is where  the personal becomes political- where are all connected. When the Moon is on her own North Node (Moon rules Cancer) it also adds to the significance of the eclipse ~  marking this as a momentous time.
Added to that, the energies  between some of the planets right now are very unusual,  adding some strange feels and non-linear, out of the box vibrations to the continuing breakdown/deconstruction of the world as we know it. Big shifts are possible in this exceptional atmosphere – although  it will take letting go of what you think you know. Sitting with uncertainty takes patience  and courage, and the willingness to be uncomfortable for a while.  There is a kind of sitting-in-the-tension required now,  and those that can’t hack it will become agitated and want to shut down or act out in some way. Those of us with some modicum of inner connection will be holding the space for this birth – we are the midwives of both ourselves and others. I don’ t know what will come from this powerful eclipse ~ but whatever it is ~  I  get the feeling that something very different this way comes.
These are momentous times as we face the dismantling of our world systems.  I heard a talk today by astrologer Steven Levine, who spoke about  the meaning of Apocalypse: to ‘take the veil or covering off’ . Levine says this eclipse carries within it a  potentiality of some kind of revelatory experience ~ a Lifting of the Veil. We are definitely living  in apocalyptic times; some are expecting that to be some kind of big reveal around secret shadow governments, behind the scenes intrigues, extra-terrestrial contact, the deep state finally openly exposed etc. Even the so called  ‘facts’ around this pandemic are being deconstructed – information is constantly shifting and morphing; its hard to know what to believe.  There’s lots of info out there – but it takes a lot of energy to sift through it all and journey down those rabbit holes. Some people never come back out again lol.
 As things get shaken up – Neptune’s presence adds a layer of fog to everything –  we need special seeing-eye goggles to find our way through the layers of confusion.  Yet even as our sense of security is being turned upside down, Neptune can also provide a gateway to deeper realms where we can find strength and peace even  in the midst of the madness. For me these days – i rely on my daily practice of meditation and walking in nature to keep me sane (relatively speaking 😉  Although the way may be blocked in one direction – on another level, something is opening up wide with an open invititation to enter in. We get to choose where we put our focus.
Perhaps the biggest secret – the biggest reveal – is that we are actually powerful, infinite beings who have simply forgotten who we are. When the Sun (ego self) gets eclipsed – what will come forward? The Moon is our subconscious – it is our dreams and our intuitions. This is a good day to write down your dreams and listen for the messages whispered into your pillow as you sleep. Its those in between spaces that contain the answers now ~ we are not going to find them in the “normal’ world.  That world is no more.  Maybe our personal revelation (revolution?) will be to uncover what lies behind the disguise we wear every day Maybe its time to take off the mask.

 You know you want to!