Mercury Station Direct


Mercury Direct.  


July 31 


8:57pm PDT


23 Cancer 56 


While the New Moon chart has Mercury retrograde suggesting thoughts and communication have a confusing element during the 29 day cycle, it is not entirely chaotic because within one hour after the launch of New Moon, Mercury stations direct.   This retrograde had us finding and processing our emotions and then finding ways to communicate the deep feelings inside us.    Now on the Leo New Moon where we celebrate our own style and uniqueness we get a boost from Mercury helping us communicate more effectively.    Our mental state has been on an emotional journey for the last three weeks.  What it has learned and how it expresses itself will begin to unfold.   Consider what came up for you since June 20?    And how have you been processing the beefs and stresses and emotions that have been in your sights since July 7?   How are you finding your strength?    And how are you realizing your deep emotions are your strength?    This Mercury retrograde has traveled from 4 degrees Leo back to 23 degrees Cancer.    On one level our identity and self esteem have felt pushed to the very brink. Thoughts of “Who am I?”  have percolated up  and rattled us to our bones. But our emotions have answered us that we are humans finding our ways and gentleness of self and to others will help us find our balance.   We can be bold and unique and special while also acknowledging others in their own power.  And to that we say, “Thank you, Mercury retrograde. I learned a lot.”  


Leo New Moon! Be Special! Dang it!

Leo New Moon
July 31
8:11pm PDT

Do you know how to find your special unique voice?  Do you marginalize your own specialness as ‘no big deal’?   Interesting.   And how has that been working for you?  Listen no one likes a big ol’ egotist.  They are boring.  But perhaps you can take this Leo New Moon and 29 day cycle to find your inner uniqueness, strength, confidence and creativity.   Your world needs you to do it.    And the rest of us, as well.

My Leo new moon article is HERE

Capricorn Lunar Eclipse – July 16

Capricorn lunar eclipse on a fridge.


Full Moon Phase


Partial Lunar Eclipse


July 16 2019   


2:38pm PDT 


24 Cap 04 


Let’s all remind ourselves as to what is exactly an eclipse.  Technically an eclipse is when the shadow of Earth is cast upon the moon (Lunar) or the moon gets between the Earth and blocks the sun (Solar).  If it covers it completly it is a total eclipse if it gets some of it, it is a partial eclipse.  


Eclipse patterns are in19 year cycles.   This lunar partial eclipse is at 24 degrees of Capricorn and the last time we had eclipses in Cap & Cancer was 2000 & 2001. And specifically it was at this exact same degree on July 16, 2000.  You may want to recall what was going on in your life at that time and see if the same themes are coming up now.  Obviously, 9/11 took place in 2001 Cancer Capricorn eclipse cycle, which set off a course of events that still impact us today.   However, it is important to note there were other astrological events also going on besides the eclipse.    


This period of the Cancer & Capricorn eclipses points to a teeter totter experience of worldly matters versus home and family.    Practicality vs emotions.    Sensibility, responsibility and ‘Dad’ vs  feelings, intuition and ‘Mom’.   Showing up at job vs showing up in a kitchen.  Being an adult vs being a child.  And knowing which is more important—both are critical but with eclipses it is like when someone walks into a room and turns the lights on or off –everyone is put on alert.  The same with a lobby of a theater, when the lights go on and off everyone knows a new act is about to begin.   We have already had the lights go on last summer and this last January and will have it continue through next June.   Can you identify what acts in your life have started to wrap?  Or what new shifts did you make that combine your intuition and your pragmatic self?   What have you launched?  Some people have already changed homes or jobs, which is typical with Cancer Capricorn eclipses.   By the way, these tugs in different directions do not have to happen exactly on the day of the eclipse but can start to emerge around the dates.   Here are the dates for the Capricorn Cancer eclipses: 


Solar Eclipse July 12, 2018 – 20 degrees Cancer 


Solar Eclipse Jan 21, 2019 – 15 degrees Capricorn


Solar Eclipse July 2, 2019 – 10 degrees Cancer  


Lunar Eclipse July 16, 2019  24 degree Capricorn (Current)


Solar Eclipse Dec 26, 2019 – 0 degrees Capricorn 


Lunar Eclipse Jan 10, 2020 – 20 degree Cancer 


Solar Eclipse June 21, 2020 –  0 degrees  Cancer 


If this full moon chart had no other planet in the mix it would still be punchy since it is an eclipse.  But there is more to this chart and it would be astrological malpractice to NOT bring up Saturn and Pluto on this eclipse.  First of all, in the chart, the Moon has cozied up to Pluto and not too far away is Saturn watching over his Capricorn kingdom.    Both planets are addressing power.  The power that is in being responsible and proficient (Saturn) and the power there is in evolution.  (Pluto).    Saturn takes things that are frivolous and throws it away so that we can focus on what is important.   Pluto lets something die so it can be reborn and we can be new again.  Obviously both planets speak of letting go. 


As you can see these are not light and airy planets and having them in the mix on this eclipse signals it’s a time to get rid of the corrupt (Capricorn’s downside) and immaturity (Cancer’s downside).   Astrologers in the future will nod their heads and mutter “Lunar eclipse 2019” when they see stories from the news about Jeffrey Epstein and child rape cases around this eclipse.   It’s all there for an astrologer.    But back to the personal, many people be feeling, ‘let’s get on with it’ or  “Time to cut bait or fish.”   The eclipse pushes back on dithering.    Because Saturn is retrograde along with Mercury we may not actualize the ‘getting on with it’ but it has to start first with the emotion and that is Cancer’s message.  Feel it and begin to act upon it.     


In addition, some of the issues or endings that come up with this eclipse may have an important connection to next year’s great conjunction of Saturn and Pluto on Jan 12, 2020 at 22 Capricorn.   Here we go with Saturn and Pluto again!    


This aspect is one of the more important aspects for the 21stcentury and signals a new change.  The last Saturn Pluto conjunction started in 1982/1983 and curiously that cycle hit its mid spot in June 2000 around the last time of the Cancer eclipse.   There is no law in the astrological universe that would tie eclipses to Saturn & Pluto but it is curious that the last time we were in these Cap/Cancer eclipses was the mid point of the last Saturn & Pluto cycle.  And now we are on the eve of the next Saturn Pluto cycle and we are once again in Cancer Capricorn eclipses where we process our emotions and responsible natures to figure out what is important and get focused on working towards new goals.     For the record the next time Saturn gets on top of Pluto will be 2053 and then 2086.   Like I said, this aspect is important in this century.    You can read more about Saturn and Pluto  


We would be smart to watch what our intuition tells us or any adjustments we find ourselves making during this eclipse and know that it may be key to the new cycle beginning in January.   


Although the eclipse lasts only a few minutes the full phase is a three day process wrapping up July 20 4:32pm PDT.   It’s may not be easy work in front of us but we can do it.  On this eclipse, tap your intuition and get working!  



Astrology this week: June 24 – July 2

We start off this week in Disseminating lunar phase where we are working out our friends and groups.   How do our own shifting and adaptability skills work or don’t work with the people we choose to call our friends. Venus squares Neptune. Finding humanity in the middle of chaos and confusion brings out a different love. 


Last Quarter Moon Phase


June 25, 2019


2:46am  PDT 


Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense. And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living  “The serenity prayer” 


God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.


Focus on:


What actions are you taking that speak to adaptability but are very personal?  Where is the “Me” in a new approach?  Not family, not career but ‘me’?  Are you connected to your inner compass and direction?  


Special Focus:


6/26:  Mercury enters Leo  


Balsamic Moon Phase


June 29


12:01 am  EDT  


Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new.  


Focus on How are you releasing your stubbornness?  How are you releasing your rigid thinking?  How are you releasing your blocks?  How are you releasing your ‘practical’ nature that gets in the way of real flexibility?  


Special Focus:


7/1: Mars enters Leo


Cancer New Moon July 2, 2019 12:16pm  


Sag Full Moon – Prepare for Bigness!


Sagittarius Full Moon

June 17 1:30am PDT

Good lord Jupiter is big.  Did you know that red spot on Jupiter is twice the size of Earth?   And that’s just the spot.   The fact is thirteen hundred Earths can fit inside Jupiter.     Jupiter is just ginormous.

Why am I talking about the bigness of Jupiter on Sag Full Moon?

Because here’s the tech specs for this full moon:

Jupiter in Sag will have squared Neptune in Pisces about 19 hours before full moon

Jupiter used to rule Pisces before Neptune was discovered

Jupiter rules Sagittarius

Jupiter is in Sag right now

Jupiter is conjunct the Full Moon

Mercury quincunx Jupiter and Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini

Mars quincunx Jupiter

That is a lot of Jupiter influences for Sag Full Moon and we should be prepared for ‘bigness’ during this three-day phase.

People may be spending a lot of money. People may be eating a lot.   People may be shooting off their mouths.  Religious stuff could feel big.  Things that are international or feel ‘foreign’ will be in our space.
There is a general influence of ‘expansion’ during these three days.   Jupiter speaks to going   from one land to another by taking a bridge.   What metaphorical bridge is in front of you during this full moon? During Sag full moon we are interested in how people ‘over there’ do things versus people ‘over here’ do things.   What are you learning ?   Education interests are high during Sag full moon.  Including how we are educating ourselves even if we are no longer in school.    What crash course are learning?

Basically, during Sag Moon or a big Jupiter period we are mixing it up with others and trying to learn something.   Unless we are misbehaving and are a – ‘know-it-all’ .   If you find yourself being the smartest one in the room—note to universe, you probably are not.   At the same time, prejudicial thinking is the underbelly of insecure Sag/Jupiter.    The opposite of Jupiter full moon is the sun in Gemini.    Gemini, although, fun and light and game on for an adventure, is not one to get caught up in Sag’s big ideas.    Gemini likes to get in the weeds and bring logic response to anything that sounds too far out.   With this much Sag/Jupiter we should be grateful for logical Sun in Gemini.

Optimistic thinking could be valuable but keep it measured.   Think big but do diligence during these three days.   Research stuff.    And be very careful with any gambles.   Small is fun but don’t go crazy.     And laugh at self.   Sag knows how to make fun of self and that person in the mirror is fun to make fun of now and then.    Give it a try during this full moon.

God speed!

Oh by the way—Happy Strawberry Moon.

Astrology for This Week

This week starts off with a First Quarter Moon.  


Last week  Gemini New Moon launched and we discussed how this 29-day lunar month is where we exercise our ability to pivot and adapt.   No sign can shift on a dime as fast as Gemini.  Yes, it is stating the obvious that shifting can be hard on loved ones.   But there is a skill to quick adaptations that we can all learn in the Gemini cycle.  During the first quarter moon we need to get into the weeds a bit on issues in our life that need fact checking, follow through and addressing our schedules.   And drum roll—this may mean pivoting.    What you thought you were going to do or address or put on your schedule ,may now need to change as you see something else needs your attention.    You may feel a bit ADHD but do your best.  P I V O T 


There may be tension growing as we head into the end of the week and weekend with Mars and Mercury getting into some tussles with Saturn.   We may see our cold side emerge or maybe it will be seen in others.  Persevere.   And then on Sunday we have the second hit of one of our big aspects for the year when Jupiter Squares Neptune on the 2ndpass for the year (1sttime was in January).    Neptune will have the final hits in the fall. See separate link for more info. 


Focus on:  What actions are you taking that dot I and cross ts?  How are you being diligent?  How are you getting in the weeds and taking care of business?   How is your schedule exhibiting your ability to be nimble and flexible?  How is your schedule showing your adaptability?  


Special Focus:


6/10 Sun oppose Jupiter.  Big ideas get lost in the weeds   Find the spot in between and communicate your observations. 


Gibbous Moon


June 13 2019 


9:57am PDT 


Focus on:  How are you refining your ability to scrutinize?   How are you organizing your dead weight?   How are you coming up with a plan to remove the dead or debris so you can focus on the future?  How are you getting laser about what works and what does not work?   


Special focus


6/13 Mars trine Neptune  Actions based on faith.  Putting intuition to work.  


6/14 Mars oppose Saturn.   Holding on to comfort  when perhaps responsibility in the world needs your attention  Or visa versa.  


6/16 Mercury trine Neptune.  What is spirit telling you?  What is your intuition telling you? 


6/16 Mercury oppose Saturn  cold communication.  Critical thinking is a bit harsh. 


6/16 Jupiter square Neptune  (see above) 


Let’s Talk Neptune!




Let’s talk Neptune! 


Jupiter Square Neptune  June 16 8:21 am PST


Saturn  Sextile Neptune  June 18 4:46am  PST


Neptune Retrograde  June 21 7:35am PST 


Neptune spends a little less than half of every year retrograde. So, on one hand Neptune retrograde is ‘ho hum, you again?’   As we know Neptune moved into Pisces in 2011 and will remain in Pisces until 2026.  The Neptune in Pisces era speaks to our humanitarian, faith and artistic natures.  Matters of the greater heart, meaning issues beyond a loved one are pronounced.   Not for profit, charity and health Care are all Neptune in Pisces.   So, is oil and oceans and flooding.   Okie dokey.   


Of course, Neptune’s greatest asset is faith and spirituality and greatest downfall is deceit or delusion.  What is interesting is that 2019 has only two aspects of the outer planets and both involve Neptune.   Jupiter is squaring Neptune and Saturn sextile Neptune.   The first round for both aspects was in January.   Now we do round two and this time it is right before Neptune turns retrograde.   On June 16 Jupiter squares Neptune and on June 18 Saturn sextile Neptune then on June 21 about an hour before the summer solstice Neptune tells the world, “Hey I’m going backwards to deepen my understanding of all things Pisces”.  


In the mundane world during mid June we should look to the news for stories of hypocrisy. Jupiter in Sag will call ‘horseshit’ on anyone claiming to be something they are not and Neptune in Pisces will dissolve things that are not for the greater good even if everyone is shouting they are for the greater good.  Jupiter in Sag is all about truth and for sure the truth may set some people free but defining truth will take a little nuance.  


Saturn on the other hand will bring structure and discipline to those issues that better humanity.  Watch the news for stories that appear where people came together and improved a dire situation in a real way.  On a personal level anyone with planets around 15-18 degrees of mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sag & Pisces) could find themselves pulled to do the right thing. A moral bell will go off, “This is not right, I gotta do something.”   Welcome to Jupiter and Neptune.  But the hard work of whatever that moral bell tells you will pay off knowing you were the right person at the right time and the concrete effort with concrete results will bring confidence.   “I got this one” will be your future comment knowing you have been here before.   


Some of us may want to watch our dreams around the middle of the month for some insights.  And of course our intuition could be very high.  If you gut is talking to you—Listen.    Let’s see where we all land with our gut radar when Neptune stations direct on November 27 at 15 Pisces 55.    And before that date we will have the final Jupiter Square Neptune on Sept 21 and the final Saturn sextile Neptune on Nov 8.   Lots to be revealed.