Mercury Direct


Mercury Direct
December 6
4:22pm EST
27 Scorpio 16
Let’s take a moment and consider what has come up since October 28th? 
Things that may have come up that speak to shared resources (often money), loans and debts.  Legal matters and sex may have also come up.   And then there is power and empowerment.  Along with being visionary and goals.  Where are you setting your sights?  What goal has started to come up in your field of vision?  This is part and parcel of this final Mercury retrograde for 2018. 
Upon turning direct on the 6th we will continue to process and fine tune all the stuff that came up.   Even if we feel tired and even if there are outstanding issues we will still find that we have crossed a major hurdle because our brain is now on the right side of this equation.   Watch what you accomplish or movements you make between now and the 24th when the shadow completes.

And of course all the miscommunication, lost mail, disconnectedness should abate with Mercury’s new course.  

Enjoy your new journey.  

Neptune Direct November 24


Neptune Direct 


November 24  8:08pm EST


13 Pisces 41 



Neptune wraps its annual retrograde on November 24.  Neptune reached 16 degrees of Pisces on June 18 then it stationed retrograde and trekked back to 13 degrees. If you have any planets between 12 and 17 degrees Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sag you probably have felt like you are losing your mind, just a bit.  Maybe that is okay, sort of.   Now as it passes over these degrees again you may find your common sense return. For the rest of us we continue to process our faith and spirituality.    Take some time and consider what you have learned about your inner landscape since June.  What rattled you?  Where did your intuition work for you?  When should you have paid attention to your gut? Meditate on what you may have learned and above all ask how you access your humanitarianism.  


Gemini Full Moon. November 22/23


Gemini Full Moon

November 23, 2018

12:39am EST

0 Gemini 52

Who invited the pirate?

Gemini Full Moon can be a fun moon with a spin on light chit- chat.  It is a moon that likes to “pollinate” information, getting and giving bits of data. If this information is helpful, is determined by the rest of the chart.  In this case Mars in Pisces is squaring Sun and Moon and Jupiter.   Mars is funny when he is in Pisces as he is a bit of a swashbuckler Pirate although where he is heading nobody knows including him.   He’s riding up and down the waves with his sword in his hand compelled to do …just something.

The three-day full moon could have communication that is both forceful and fuzzy.   Additionally, Mercury the ruler of Gemini is retrograde putting more emphasis on miscommunication.  During this three -day Full Moon when you are told information please consider the source.  Ask where it originated.   Do not take anything important that is told to you at face value.   It may be accurate but you would be well served to double check through your own sources.   And the same goes with what you tell others.   Be thoughtful before you speak.   Slow down!

Jupiter who is in his home sign of Sagittarius is on top of the Sun and opposing the moon so he is bringing his own skills of embellishment and exaggeration to the full moon phase.  Oh, boy, that’s an understatement.

In the USA this Full Moon launches Thanksgiving evening (23rdfor EST). Stories around the dinner table could be a bit more large and exaggerated and whether anyone wants to take on the person telling the yarns will be between them and their maker.  It could be a bruiser with some huff and puff and walk out—remember that Pirate is sitting at the table with you.

This Full Moon also coincides with Black Friday and sales could be record high with Jupiter in the mix.  A word of warning if you really must scratch the itch and go buy a bunch of stuff double check your budget. Assess all your payments that will be due in December and pay with cash, this is the only way to curb Jupiter’s propensity for over doing it.  He is just so dang exuberant.   You might be better served going out on some adventure.  Not a high- risk adventure but just one that opens up your world.

In general, if you want to make the most out of this Gemini full moon who arguably is one of the most gifted signs in its ability to talk to anyone (along with Sagittarius), seek to connect with others through humanitarian actions or conversations.   Find the human wherever you are even if it is that crazy uncle who you just can’t stand, look for the human.   Jupiter is a bridge that brings us together with others who stand in some faraway land even if it is a mile from our home.   This journey with Jupiter in Sag lasts a year and it has just begun and how interesting it is in aspect with this full moon at the beginning of its journey.  The Universe is getting our attention.  Let’s remember  we are learning a lesson when we find our bridge through humanity.    Ahoy, mate and remember to pass the peace, please.

Mercury Turns Retrograde November 16

November 16 8:33pm EST 

Mercury retrograde dates


October 28 Shadow 


November 16 Mercury retrograde 13 Sag 29


December 1 Mercury re-enters Scorpio 


December 6 Mercury direct  27 Scorpio 16


December 12 Mercury re-enters Sag 


December 24 shadow ends 


The final round of Mercury retrograde for 2018 will begin on November 16 at 13 Degrees of Sag and then will turn direct at 27 Scorpio on December 6.    This Mercury retrograde may be a bit more challenging than the other ones from earlier in the year because of Neptune.  Neptune who is full of hocus pocus is in square with Mercury.   This mercury retrograde will have us all taking a second look at our opinions and philosophy and BIG Ideas.   Are those opinions based in fact or fiction?   Neptune loves to gaslight us when we drift too far from facts.   If you find yourself getting too worked up during this retrograde, double check if you are being influenced by something that is not based in logic.   Stay away from gossip and zealots.   There will be liars.   They may show up at the beginning of the retrograde or they could start their deceit after Dec 1 when Mercury returns to Scorpio.   The lying will be based on power issues and of course any Mercury retrograde in Sag is full of exaggeration!   Tread carefully as you hear a lot of stuff that just is not accurate.  But in the end, our belief system will be intact when the retrograde is over on December 6 and we may have all learned something about our opinions and beliefs and when is it appropriate to share any of it by the time Mercury returns to Sag on December 12th


Venus Turns Direct November 16th



Venus Direct 


November  16 


25 Libra 14 


5:50am EST 



September 2:  Venus enters shadow 25 Libra 14


October 5 : Venus station retrograde 10 Scorpio 10


October 31:  Venus re-enters Libra 


November 16:  Venus station direct 25 Libra 14 


December 2:  Venus re-enters Scorpio 


Dec 7: Venus exits shadow 10 Scorpio 10 


Since October 5 when Venus turned retrograde we have been assessing our values.  What we value and how we are valued have been in our sights.   What have we learned about who is cold and rejects our gifts? Or are we spending too much time on something that others marginalize?  Or are we doing too much and others are not doing their share?  Or are others doing too much?   Or are we doing too much for other’s approval?  And then there is money.   How has money (which is something that speaks of value) been working?  Is it good? Is it wonky?   


This Venus retrograde is in the sign of Scorpio, which is taxes and debt and sex.  Perhaps we felt a strong urge to get rid of any debt.  When it retrograded back into Libra on October 31 our relationships and finding balance got a little tricky.   It could be important to ask our partner if we are on the same page in an area that has felt off.   


Once it turns direct we could revisit issues that came up since September 2 (beginning of the shadow) but by the time we get to December 7 we will find a lot has softened and we are more in sync with our values.   


Jupiter In Sagittarius


Jupiter in Sagittarius


November 8 2018 7:38am – December 2 2019


Bountiful Jupiter moves into Sagittarius the day after the launch of Scorpio New Moon.  When he leaves mysterious dark Scorpio for life-of-the-party Sag we will notice it right away since Jupiter is the biggest planet of the zodiac and has one huge gravitational pull.   It may feel like there is abundance and goodwill in the air, perhaps as if it is Christmas in November.   This is due in part because Sagittarius is Jupiter’s home sign.  “Hey, Everyone I’m back! Let’s get this party started!”  


The last time Jupiter was in Sag was between November 2006 and Dec 2007.   You may want to consider what was going on for you then and see if you revisit some of those experiences this cycle.   Think of it like you took a class in 2006-07 and now you are going in for part two of that class.   Jupiter is the planet of education and philosophy and the word ‘jovial’ comes from Jupiter’s first roman name Jove.  There is some fun in learning and opening up to new experiences and learning about others.    Travel can be a highlight during this period. Jupiter loves to do things big! So you probably were ‘big’ about something 12 years ago during the last cycle and you may revisit it again this year. 


For those of us who were paying attention, we know that the real estate market and easy money and other markets got overheated during Jupiter’s Sag run in 06-07 and everything came crashing down in 2008 when Jupiter was in sensible Capricorn.   Let this be a warning to all of us as Jupiter returns to the party we may or may not want to be as indulgent as we were in the past.   We will talk more about Jupiter as it transits through Sag and makes aspects with other planets including a square with Neptune in January, June and September.     This could bring out some buyers’ remorse on some issues.   One does not want to be too exuberant with this aspect.  Managing our ‘joy’ is probably the sanest move.  But at the end of the day Jupiter in Sag square Neptune in Pisces is a test of faith aspect.   Watch for zealots!    


Uranus In Aries

Uranus in Aries Dates


May 27, 2010 – August 13, 2010 


March 11, 2011 – May 16, 2018


November 6, 2018 – March 7, 2019


Uranus the planet of change, revolution, chaos, creativity, provocateur, brilliance, lightening and electricity will return to Aries for his final five month run before he heads into Taurus and says goodbye to Aries for 80 years.  


Just to go over these last eight years of Uranus.  Uranus dipped into Aries in 2010, right when we were wrapping up the cardinal climax.  We had a number of earthquakes by the way.   Uranus retrograded back into Pisces.   Then after turning direct in December, Uranus showed us what he was about when a man set himself on fire in Tunisia and launched the revolutions in Northern Africa that would be coined “Arab Spring”.  


As we all know the forces in power did not care to be dislodged and they pushed back on their citizens creating a mass exodus of refugees who headed for Europe.   Seven years later we end up with Europeans taking issue with their new arrivals.  Nationalism spikes across Europe and the UK ends up with Brexit.  In the United States we end up with the party of “Make America Great Again.”  


In 2018, we begin a change again when Uranus moved into Taurus in May.  It only got a couple degrees into Taurus before it turned retrograde during the summer and now it will move back into Aries for a final five months on —-drumroll—- November 6th,  the day of the USA midterm elections.  Uranus will move back into warrior Aries at 1:58pm EST on election day.   I would imagine how the day starts will not be how it finishes.   Taurus is much more quiet than Aries so something louder will be found at the end of the day.   We will see if inner Aries warriors are launched one more time.   


Uranus will remain in Aries until March 9, 2019 where it enters Taurus and stays until July 25, 2025.   Expect financial institutions to get shaken not stirred during these years.   It is worth noting that last week the stock market dropped and all the earnings for 2018 were erased in one day.  Including the Nasdaq which is the tech exchange. Uranus of course rules technology.  This could be a calling card to what is coming in 2019 when Uranus turns direct on January 6.  Remember Uranus turned direct in 2010 and the man set himself on fire, what will see in 2019 when it turns direct and heads for Taurus. Taurus rules land value and that could get rattled and yes, throw in a few earthquakes.  Those of us with small household nuts will take the least hits. If your gut is telling you your outgoing is way too vulnerable to your incoming—consider downsizing.  The Aries energy speaks to survival.   During these final months of Uranus in Aries we may have knee jerk responses that at first could be over reactions and based on ‘thin skiness’ OR the energy is based on something deeper and it speaks to our survival on any subject matter—love, economy, housing, health—you fill in the blank.  Just take a minute when you have an impulsive reaction and ask is there more to it?   If not, move on.  If yes, consider if this is a sign you need to make a change for your survival.  Just know while Uranus is in Aries you may have the exact amount of energy to get the job done of making real changes.