Mercury Station Direct June 22





Important dates 


May 14 – Mercury shadow 


May 29 – Mercury station retrograde (24 Gemini 43)@3:34pm PDT


June 22 – Mercury station direct (16 Gemini 08) @3:00pm PDT 


July 07 – Mercury shadow ends 



The complete utter confusion around facts, communication, mess ups with people, troubled schedules, problematic emails, broken technology, etc, the whole mess should lighten up with Mercury stationing direct on the 22nd.  Unfortunately, it is not totally cleared up because between June 5 and July 6 there are two squares of Mercury with, hold for it— Neptune.   It is not that we should all wait for the other shoe to drop even after Mercury stations direct,  but we should not be surprised if there is still some confusion. We would be well served to continue to double check everything important to us that needs addressing.   Once we clear July 7 and exit the shadow, we should be good until the next Mercury retrograde in late September.  





Neptune station retrograde June 25 23 Pisces 12







June 25 Neptune station retrograde 23 Pisces 12 


Dec 2 Neptune station direct 20 Pisces 24 


2025 – Neptune enters Aries for six months.   


2026 Enters Aries for 15 years.  




Neptune spends half of the year going backwards which suits him fine since everything is fuzzy for him even on good days.   Outer planets like Neptune, Uranus or Pluto in retrograde are not nearly as problematic as the inner planets such as Mercury, Venus or Mars (who was part of the problem that made 2020 so awful last year).   Now Neptune is in the last decan (10 degrees) of Pisces and so we are in the final five years of this journey that started in 2012 and ends in 2025/26. 



The last time it was in Pisces was between 1847 and 1862 which was the run up of and the beginning of the American Civil War.   Seeds are planted during Neptune’s trek in Pisces.  During that Neptune in Pisces, young artists in France were being drawn together in art schools and salons. Friendships were being formed between Monet and Pissaro, Renoir and Sisley, Manet and Cezanne and by 1864 when Neptune had moved into the independent sign of Aries a new art movement was formed- Impressionism.     Things that we might not understand percolate during Neptune in Pisces.  Deep underneath the surface things are forming whether it is a confederacy or a style of painting seeds are being planted and germinating.  




We may not know precisely the things that are being formed but something is going on.  During this Neptune retrograde consider what is percolating in you.   What compass heading are you finding?   You may not launch now but do not underestimate how spirit (a Neptune word)  may be fine tuning information and giving you your own message.   See where you find yourself December 2 when Neptune stations direct.  You may have hints of something important in your psyche, just where Neptune likes it! 


This Week in Astrology. June 19-26


We continue the waxing moon.  First quarter moon started on 6/17 and wraps on 6/21.   How are you pivoting when you feel pinched?  How is your communication when you are trying to get informed?  How are your managing your schedule when you are dealing with a lot of details?   Do you know how to duck and sway when receiving incoming? 



We have a lot of planetary action,  Jupiter retrogradeMercury direct and Neptune retrograde on the 20th,  22nd and 25th and Sun enter Cancer on 20th.     Jupiter in Pisces and Neptune in Pisces poke in our emotions and our psyches—our emotions keying into things we might not understand but vibing something might need our attention.  Mercury direct in Gemini is a mental relief.  Sun in Cancer activates our family, roots and just a desire to get cozy.  Capricorn full moon brings out responsibilities.   We may like the focus of those responsibilities as it helps ground us, even if it means drudge work.   



First Quarter Moon 


June 17,  2021 






Focus on:  What actions are you taking that super detailed?  What actions are you taking that speak to the facts?   What actions are you taking that are driven by precise information?   




Special Note



6/20:  Jupiter retrograde 2 Pisces 11 at 8:04am PDT (see separate post)


6/20:  Sun enters Cancer 





Gibbous Moon


June 21,  2021


6:16 am EDT 





Focus on:  How are you using discrimination with co-mingled funds?  How are you using discrimination with resources?  How are you using discrimination with power?   What details are you bringing to legal, inheritance and tax matters? 





Special focus



6/22: Mercury station direct 16 Gemini 08  (3:00pm PDT) (see separate post).


6/23: Venus oppose Pluto.  Money. Love. Values feel tweaked and parts are ready for an overhaul. 






Full Moon Phase –  


3 Capricorn 48 


June 24 


11:39am PDT 







Full Moon:  We make the needed adjustments on the things we planted. Usually, emotions are up and running and for those people who perhaps did not utilize the new moon and the rest of the waxing moon, this is when emotions can get the better of us.  There can often be a big emotional break, for no other reason than to get back on track.   Some partnership will offer up some balance.  The moon is bright and full and there is no room for shadows, what is reflecting on you?  



Capricorn Full Moon Post to come 




Special focus 


 6/25: Neptune station retrograde (separate post)


6/26: Venus enters Leo   


Jupiter Station Retrograde June 20, 2021 2 Pisces 11






May 13, Jupiter enters Pisces 


June 20, 8:04am PDT  Jupiter Station Retrograde 2 Pisces 11


July 28  Jupiter re-enters Aquarius 


October 17, 10:39pm PDT station direct 22 Aquarius 20 


Dec 29  Jupiter re-enters Pisces.  



Every year Jupiter is retrograde for about four months.   It’s always thrills and spills when the biggest planet goes back to see what large mess it left in its wake or what it missed.  In this case, Jupiter only got to 2 degrees of Pisces where it got a taste of faith, spirituality and perhaps a little metaphysics  and now it must return to Aquarius with the knowledge that there may actually be something bigger than the human experience at play.  Is it god?  Is it faith?    Jupiter rules higher education and interesting to note that when Jupiter was in its home sign (also ruler of higher education), Sagittarius, the college scandal broke, rife with bribes from mega wealthy and celebrities.  It was a big story.   When Jupiter was in Capricorn, the sign of infrastructure and economy and businesses, the Covid virus spread with a speed and depth not seen in a hundred years impacting every business on earth and challenging infrastructures within governments.    At the end of 2020 Jupiter moved into Aquarius and the vaccine for covid started to bring relief to humanity, an Aquarian word, but when it moved into Pisces a month ago the “haves’ versus the “have nots” with vaccines, became so apparent and painful.  Countries like India and Argentina need help and Jupiter in Pisces speaks to the volume of help they need.  Pisces is unworldly but compassionate.     Jupiter has a strong inner compass focused on the righteous fight, and our humanitarian love is for all of us to see and process.   Love of spouse or family is easy but with Jupiter in Pisces we are moved to love the icky side of our loved ones and more to the point, the stranger.  We will learn more about those other humans on earth as Jupiter moves back into Aquarius July 28.   Jupiter will retrograde all the way back to 22 degrees of Aquarius then on October 17th it stations direct, chugs through the sign and then returns to Pisces December 29 and begins that year journey again.  See what comes up for you between now and October 17th.  Can you appreciate your fellow human?   Can your fellow human appreciate you?   Lots to learn, ah, a Jupiter word.  


Lunar Eclipse. Full Moon Sag. May 26. 4:13am PDT

Full Sag moon on a fridge

Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

May 26, 2021

4:13am PDT

5 Sag 25

Ah, eclipse season has arrived!   So, there are three eclipses this year that are tied to each other and the first one is this lunar eclipse in Sag, followed by the annular Solar eclipse in two weeks on June 10th  (launch of the Gemini New moon).   Then the companion Solar eclipse to these two eclipses will be the Total solar eclipse on December 3.

All of these eclipses bounce between Gemini and Sagittarius putting the emphasis on knowledge communication, beliefs, goals that inspire, facts, truth, education and travel, both long distance and short trips.    While these are not the emotional eclipses that were activated the last two years around Cancer and Capricorn that brought out a lot of our fears around family and business, roots and systems, these Gemini Sag eclipses can get our brains on fire as we have to process a LOT of information and perhaps do quick pivots that can be jarring.

In order to have a full moon, it means that the Moon and the Sun are in opposition to each other, in  this case it is the Sun in Gemini eclipsing the moon in Sag.   The moon in Sag is fiery, big, it can ignite and warm its community.  Like any good fire it needs air to survive; and Gemini is the air sign.   Take out the air and the fire dies.   But air without fire is both cold and unorganized.  Gemini can have lots of thoughts and facts but it needs Sag to step back and get a bigger picture.    Sagittarius can go long on big picture and a lot of opinions, but it will be out of step with reality if it does not have an accurate understanding of the facts on the ground.

 In a lunar eclipse the shadow covers the moon so on some level we all need to guard against shooting off our mouth.  Hypocrites will be noticed by all.   Even the ones in our mirror.    During the Sag full moon three-day cycle, it is a great time to  expand our world, perhaps plan a trip.  It is good to reach out and get informed and update our knowledge bank.   It is also a very good time to lean into our generous side, not just monetarily speaking but being generous with others who have a different set of opinions.   Is there anything to learn by a conversation with those on the other side of a topic?  In addition, we all would benefit by going deeper into the weeds to source our own opinions,  maybe we are being overly influenced by someone or a news source that is so focused on their own agenda that we need to unplug and recalibrate how we get to the opinions that we form.

Breathing and  stepping back is a good note on this full moon eclipse especially given the chart has a  square with the biggest planet in the solar system, Jupiter.     Jupiter in Pisces is dreamy, creative, mystical, unworldly and a bit fuzzy.    Jupiter Pisces squaring the Sun and Moon looks at analytical Gemini and brash Sagittarius and laughs, “You guys think you know it all but you don’t.   I’m over here meditating and communicating with my higher power finding my heart, meanwhile you duke it out, for what?”

Now is the time to let go of some of those facts and opinions especially if they separate you from humanity.    See if you have to drop a battle or two to win peace in your mind and your heart.

Finally, Sagittarius is a humorist, find those books, websites and youtubes that make you laugh.   That helps any mental bump.

Jupiter enters Pisces



Jupiter enters Pisces 


May 13, 2021

3:36pm PDT  


While the moon is still in the new phase Jupiter leaves Aquarius for Pisces.   The pattern for Jupiter is that it spends about a year in a sign but at some point, in that year it leaves the sign goes into the next sign for a few degrees and then retrogrades back into the sign it is primarily doing its work then eventually it will return to the new sign again.   So, in this case: 


December 19, 2020 Jupiter enter Aquarius 

May 13, 2021 Jupiter enters Pisces 

June 20, 2021 Jupiter station retrograde 2 degrees Pisces 11

July 28, 2021 Jupiter reinters Aquarius 

October 17, 2021 Jupiter station direct 22 Aquarius 20 

December 29, 2021 Jupiter returns to Pisces 


The two -month window of Jupiter in Pisces is a window into what next year will bring when it spends the long haul in Pisces in 2022.   Pisces is spiritual, metaphysical, it is the last sign of the zodiac and it reminds us that there is something bigger out there than our humanness.  It is by its nature an expansive sign, as big as the universe but also intimate because it dissolves barriers between human beings either built by us personally or by society.   Jupiter will not doubt welcome its journey into Pisces for two reasons.  One Jupiter used to rule Pisces before Neptune was discovered and therefore is comfortable in the unworldliness of Pisces.  “Hey, Pisces you are a big expansive sign, and I am the biggest planet in the zodiac, I get you!”   The other reason why it will welcome this two-month trip in Pisces is that it does not have to share the sign with Saturn who has been squelching Jupiter for the last couple of years.  Remember, in 2020 Jupiter and Saturn were both in Capricorn then last December Jupiter entered Aquarius but two days before Saturn entered Aquarius.   The master planner in the universe has been clipping Jupiter’s wings for the last couple years by making sure Saturn was his roommate. But now for two months Jupiter gets to fly solo in Pisces.   We should find some good energy out of this transit, some reconnecting to faith and being moved by the goodness of humans.   Our creativity and inner mystic can be pronounced.   There could be a lot of synchronistic moments and events in our lives that have us going, “Hmmm? That’s curious, I was just thinking/talking/reading/watching etc on that exact thing”.      In late July, Jupiter will return to Aquarius and rejoin his taskmaster roommate Saturn but by then Jupiter will have a buoyancy having refilled his reason-for-being during his time in Pisces.  His joy and abundance may rub off on Saturn, which could be helpful.   


On May 21st we get the first planetary aspect to interact with Jupiter in Pisces when the Sun barely in Gemini forms a square with Jupiter.   On some level, logical thinking will be defied, and communication will be fuzzy, and it is worth noting this is before the Mercury retrograde.  Perhaps giving us a taste to what is coming.   In this case, Jupiter in Pisces has the stronger hand reminding us there is power in prayer and meditation and when we reflect and get quiet, we can  find any answer.  In June Venus in Cancer will form some nice trines with Jupiter again reminding us of the goodness out there if we tap into it. 


Saturn Station Retrograde. May 23, 2021



May 23, 2021

 2:18am PDT   

Saturn station retrograde (13 Aquarius 31)

October 10, 2021

7:17pm PDT  

Saturn station direct  (6 Aquarius 53) 


Saturn retrogrades every year  for about four/five months.   Saturn is the planet of responsibilities and takes over two years in a sign.  Once it leaves a sign it will not return to it for about twenty-eight years.  Saturn can do quite a number when it is in a sign and usually is easy to identify by its action.  


For example,  Saturn the planet of restrictions, moved into Aquarius the sign of community in 2020 right when the world went into lock down and everyone was sent home to live their lives.   Aquarius also rules technology and certainly Saturn made  sure we all knew the importance of  Zoom.   Saturn returned to Capricorn last summer during that retrograde then re-entered  Aquarius in December for the long haul.   On this retrograde it will stay in the one sign and move from 13 degrees to 6 degrees of Aquarius.  


Retrograde Saturn provides an opportunity to slow down and fix the areas of the sign that need fixing.  In this case it speaks to community, groups, group thinking, like minded concepts and innovation.    It is interesting that this retrograde is happening as the USA turns a corner and people are venturing out of their homes.   Aquarius is how we all connect.   How we connect with our tribes and people whom we feel sympatico.    Saturn retrograde in Aquarius may suggest that the life we lead before Covid needs more fine tuning.   Perhaps, prior to Covid we felt that we didn’t need community or a tribe.  We had little focus beyond our partner or our family or our work but now we see that approach is perhaps too limiting of a lifestyle?   Or maybe we were too identified with a tribe or group and now during the retrograde we realize we are no longer in sync with those values.  Remember we will not get Saturn in Aquarius again until 2050 so a lot of these kinks in our community need to get worked on during this retrograde and when it returns to direction motion before Saturn moves into Pisces in 2023. 


Technological issues will be in the news especially as we head towards the second round of Saturn square Uranus on June 14.  Once Saturn turns retrograde the tension will build between the traditional  (Saturn) and innovative (Uranus).  Cracks will appear that speak to a need for a practical change (Uranus in Taurus). Weaknesses in society (Saturn in Aquarius) get our attention.   Personally, this drama is impacting the houses where we have Taurus and Aquarius on some level but of course people with planets between 7-14 degrees of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) are really feeling the aspect.  They may feel over worked, have too many responsibilities and a general feeling of ‘blah’ or maybe depression.   The antidote to depression is of course, ‘action’.  Being active in charity or community activities, even simple actions like volunteering at a bake sale or cleaning a river with a group can help take the edge off any negative energy so can 12 step meetings.   Saturn will leave Aquarius in early 2023 and many people who feel the grind now will be surprised by how much they accomplish by 2023.

The Saturn retrograde will wrap up on October 10 and while it will not be a whole new world by the time we get there, we will have new insights as to what we feel and what we are doing with our tribes and community between now and then.   Again, hanging out in our values this cycle for the launch of Saturn retrograde will be informative.