Venus Turns Direct November 16th



Venus Direct 


November  16 


25 Libra 14 


5:50am EST 



September 2:  Venus enters shadow 25 Libra 14


October 5 : Venus station retrograde 10 Scorpio 10


October 31:  Venus re-enters Libra 


November 16:  Venus station direct 25 Libra 14 


December 2:  Venus re-enters Scorpio 


Dec 7: Venus exits shadow 10 Scorpio 10 


Since October 5 when Venus turned retrograde we have been assessing our values.  What we value and how we are valued have been in our sights.   What have we learned about who is cold and rejects our gifts? Or are we spending too much time on something that others marginalize?  Or are we doing too much and others are not doing their share?  Or are others doing too much?   Or are we doing too much for other’s approval?  And then there is money.   How has money (which is something that speaks of value) been working?  Is it good? Is it wonky?   


This Venus retrograde is in the sign of Scorpio, which is taxes and debt and sex.  Perhaps we felt a strong urge to get rid of any debt.  When it retrograded back into Libra on October 31 our relationships and finding balance got a little tricky.   It could be important to ask our partner if we are on the same page in an area that has felt off.   


Once it turns direct we could revisit issues that came up since September 2 (beginning of the shadow) but by the time we get to December 7 we will find a lot has softened and we are more in sync with our values.   


Jupiter In Sagittarius


Jupiter in Sagittarius


November 8 2018 7:38am – December 2 2019


Bountiful Jupiter moves into Sagittarius the day after the launch of Scorpio New Moon.  When he leaves mysterious dark Scorpio for life-of-the-party Sag we will notice it right away since Jupiter is the biggest planet of the zodiac and has one huge gravitational pull.   It may feel like there is abundance and goodwill in the air, perhaps as if it is Christmas in November.   This is due in part because Sagittarius is Jupiter’s home sign.  “Hey, Everyone I’m back! Let’s get this party started!”  


The last time Jupiter was in Sag was between November 2006 and Dec 2007.   You may want to consider what was going on for you then and see if you revisit some of those experiences this cycle.   Think of it like you took a class in 2006-07 and now you are going in for part two of that class.   Jupiter is the planet of education and philosophy and the word ‘jovial’ comes from Jupiter’s first roman name Jove.  There is some fun in learning and opening up to new experiences and learning about others.    Travel can be a highlight during this period. Jupiter loves to do things big! So you probably were ‘big’ about something 12 years ago during the last cycle and you may revisit it again this year. 


For those of us who were paying attention, we know that the real estate market and easy money and other markets got overheated during Jupiter’s Sag run in 06-07 and everything came crashing down in 2008 when Jupiter was in sensible Capricorn.   Let this be a warning to all of us as Jupiter returns to the party we may or may not want to be as indulgent as we were in the past.   We will talk more about Jupiter as it transits through Sag and makes aspects with other planets including a square with Neptune in January, June and September.     This could bring out some buyers’ remorse on some issues.   One does not want to be too exuberant with this aspect.  Managing our ‘joy’ is probably the sanest move.  But at the end of the day Jupiter in Sag square Neptune in Pisces is a test of faith aspect.   Watch for zealots!    


Uranus In Aries

Uranus in Aries Dates


May 27, 2010 – August 13, 2010 


March 11, 2011 – May 16, 2018


November 6, 2018 – March 7, 2019


Uranus the planet of change, revolution, chaos, creativity, provocateur, brilliance, lightening and electricity will return to Aries for his final five month run before he heads into Taurus and says goodbye to Aries for 80 years.  


Just to go over these last eight years of Uranus.  Uranus dipped into Aries in 2010, right when we were wrapping up the cardinal climax.  We had a number of earthquakes by the way.   Uranus retrograded back into Pisces.   Then after turning direct in December, Uranus showed us what he was about when a man set himself on fire in Tunisia and launched the revolutions in Northern Africa that would be coined “Arab Spring”.  


As we all know the forces in power did not care to be dislodged and they pushed back on their citizens creating a mass exodus of refugees who headed for Europe.   Seven years later we end up with Europeans taking issue with their new arrivals.  Nationalism spikes across Europe and the UK ends up with Brexit.  In the United States we end up with the party of “Make America Great Again.”  


In 2018, we begin a change again when Uranus moved into Taurus in May.  It only got a couple degrees into Taurus before it turned retrograde during the summer and now it will move back into Aries for a final five months on —-drumroll—- November 6th,  the day of the USA midterm elections.  Uranus will move back into warrior Aries at 1:58pm EST on election day.   I would imagine how the day starts will not be how it finishes.   Taurus is much more quiet than Aries so something louder will be found at the end of the day.   We will see if inner Aries warriors are launched one more time.   


Uranus will remain in Aries until March 9, 2019 where it enters Taurus and stays until July 25, 2025.   Expect financial institutions to get shaken not stirred during these years.   It is worth noting that last week the stock market dropped and all the earnings for 2018 were erased in one day.  Including the Nasdaq which is the tech exchange. Uranus of course rules technology.  This could be a calling card to what is coming in 2019 when Uranus turns direct on January 6.  Remember Uranus turned direct in 2010 and the man set himself on fire, what will see in 2019 when it turns direct and heads for Taurus. Taurus rules land value and that could get rattled and yes, throw in a few earthquakes.  Those of us with small household nuts will take the least hits. If your gut is telling you your outgoing is way too vulnerable to your incoming—consider downsizing.  The Aries energy speaks to survival.   During these final months of Uranus in Aries we may have knee jerk responses that at first could be over reactions and based on ‘thin skiness’ OR the energy is based on something deeper and it speaks to our survival on any subject matter—love, economy, housing, health—you fill in the blank.  Just take a minute when you have an impulsive reaction and ask is there more to it?   If not, move on.  If yes, consider if this is a sign you need to make a change for your survival.  Just know while Uranus is in Aries you may have the exact amount of energy to get the job done of making real changes.    


This Week the final 10 days of the Libra Lunar Cycle…..lots going on


This Week in Astrology


The week starts off in Disseminating lunar phase.     We are sharing our ability vacillate and process dual energies.  Where do we find grey when we poke around in black and white?  Also….


Focus on:  How are you sharing lightness?  How are you sharing your fun?  How are you sharing your dexterity?  How are you sharing your fickleness?  Who is telling a lie?  


Special Focus


10/29: Mercury conjunct Jupiter.  Big conversations.  Big opinions.  Watch the Big Black & White statements.  Thinking that is grand about what to let go of so something new can be born. 


10/30: Mercury enters Sag  


On Halloween we move into the last quarter of the Libra lunar cycle.  We get brave. We get out there.  We stand strong for 3.5 days.  


Also on 10/31 Venus returns to Libra as it continues its retrograde cycle.    Remember we are in an acute six week period where our values are up for assessment.  On either side of the six weeks we are processing everything so it really is about a 3 month period as we consider:    What and who do we value?  What and who do we not value?  Who values us?   Who does not?   Everything around values is up us in a big way.   Now as Venus returns to Libra we seek balance having processed some cut and dried feelings that started October 10th.  


Note these dates:


September 2:  Venus enters shadow 25 Libra 14


September 10 Venus enters Scorpio 


October 5: Venus station retrograde 10 Scorpio 10


October 31: Venus returns to Libra 


November 16:  Venus station direct 25 Libra 14 


Dec 3: Venus returns to Scorpio 


Dec 7: Venus exits shadow 10 Scorpio 10 


Last Quarter Moon Phase


October 31 2018 


12:40 am   EDT


Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense. And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living  “The serenity prayer” 


God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.


Focus on:


What actions are you taking that speak to your bravery?  What actions are you taking that are daring and creative?  What actions are you taking that speak to your willingness to be bold? 


Special Focus:


Special focus 


10/31:  Venus returns to Libra.  Our values speak of where we find balance and what we deem as fair. 


And then on November 3 we move into release …..


Balsamic Moon Phase


November 3, 2018 


11:15pm  EDT 


Focus on How are you releasing your anxiety? How are your releasing your focus on trees and not forest?  How are you releasing your schedule?  How are you releasing your criticalness?  How are you releasing your insecurity? 


Special Focus:


11/5: Sun trine Neptune.  Faith and spirituality go hand in hand with inner purpose and drive. 


11/6: Uranus returns to Aries (see separate post) 


November 7, 2018   11:01am EDT  New 15 Scorpio 11    


Taurus Full Moon – Watch What Comes UP.

Taurus Full Moon

October 24, 2018

1 Taurus 14

12:43 PM EDT

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Taurus Full Moon.   Look at her in all her glory but note—this year she is not your typical Taurus Full Moon— not by a long shot.

The Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus are a teeter-totter (like all full moons) where we process and synthesize opposing energies.      Taurus likes everything to remain the same.  No changes anywhere.   Taurus says, “My comfort resides in everything remaining the same.”   This is where Taurus finds its power—in patterns and reliability.   Sure.

Scorpio knows that there can be nothing of importance if there is not first death and rebirth. Something must die so something good can come.  This transformation is how Scorpio gets its power.  So you can see right away that Scorpio and Taurus feel at cross-purposes. However where they are the same is in their stubbornness, which is strong in both signs.  And that stubbornness masks their lack of faith.   When Taurus refuses to let go and when Scorpio refuses to let something die it is because both do not trust.

Well guess what?  Uranus is on top of the moon and opposing the sun in the Full Moon chart and he is going to mess up the energy as best as he can because that’s what Uranus does—earthquakes, lightening strikes, brilliance and chaos are his tools.   Prepare for some shaken up energy both personally and in the news (for those who know their charts look to the houses of the full  moon for more information).

And while that is going on we also have the lunar nodes in Leo and Aquarius on the chart of the full moon.    Where are we brave?  This is what Leo wants to know.   Where are we hiding in the crowds?  That is what Aquarius wants to know.

And adding a little more spice to this full moon is the fact that the Sun is on top of Venus the planet of values.   And of course Venus is opposing the moon in Taurus (which is ruled by Venus).   This is a big influence.    I know most people associate Venus with love and that is correct but not in the way you think.  Venus speaks to values; love and money, possessions and beauty are all Taurus and all offshoots of Value.   Examples:     I value the look of long black pants—I think they are beautiful.   I value Peter’s sense of humor, his hard work nature and his trustworthiness therefore I love Peter.   I value a small house with access to community therefore I will buy that small house near town square. This is Venus.

For three days during the full moon we will be pondering our values.   Things will pop up out of the blue (Uranus) that will have to either be dealt with our will have us go, ‘hmm’.  Things that we have taken for granted may seem valuable.  Things we have valued in the past may now seem obsolete.

We may feel unsettled and even if everything looks the same we just can’ t shake the feeling that something is ‘different’.     Finances could certainly feel different.   Properties may also seem like they don’t fit.   You may have a fleeting feeling of “Hmm I wonder if I should sell our house?”   “I wonder if we should move?   “I wonder if I should sell some valuables”  — And this is not out of fear but more out of the practicality of understanding what you value and your own value as of –now.    Change is in the air.

In two weeks Uranus is going to leave Taurus and return to Aries for its final four months after seven years in the fiery independent sign.    Then on March 9 it will return to Taurus where it will be until 2025.   What a wonderful gift the Universe has given us with this Full Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus so close to Uranus last round in Aries.  This full moon could feel like a knock on the head at times but it could be exactly what we need so that we can use the period between November and March to get action oriented and be strong, brave and fiery to accomplish what we need so that by March when Uranus makes its final move into Taurus we’ll be ready for those inevitable changes.  And there will be changes big time I mean ask yourself why is Netflix using junk bonds to stay afloat?  Lots of those stories will not enjoy Uranus in Taurus.  Anyway, use this full moon to complete advantage and watch what comes up.  Your feelings will be guiding you where you need to make concrete (Taurus) changes for a new you (Scorpio) that connects to your real values (Venus) and accesses your creativity and bravery (Leo) while you serve you and your community (Aquarius).

This phase will last from

October 24, 2018 12:43pm EDT until October 28 1:51am EDT

The Astrology of This Week



We start off the weekend with Crescent phase moon.   We are learning how to broaden our view and reach out to others.   


Focus on: What information are you learning that speaks to you being a bridge to a different world? What information are you learning that expands your knowledge?  What are you learning about opinions?  What are you learning about hypocrisy?  What are you learning about generosity? 


Special Focus


10/15: Mercury conjunct Venus.  Deep love. Deep appreciation for transformation. Communication about both. 


On Tuesday we move into first quarter moon ,which is putting the accent on our place in the world.   During this Libra lunar month we are finding balance in our relationships and partnerships. It is not just spouses or significant others but also people we feel close and when we are together we bounce stuff off each other—think of a teeter totter, who is that sitting across from you, each hour?   Is it your spouse one hour?   Is it a friend in a café the next hour?  Is it the person cutting your hair?   That is what this whole 29 day cycle is about, finding balance with the people in our world.  During this phase we find our inner executive.  Where is our internal ‘man/ slash woman with a plan” and how is it manifesting as we discuss options with the person across from us?  


First Quarter Moon 


October 16


2:01 pm EDT 


Focus on:  What actions are you taking that support your career?  What actions are you taking that put you out in the world?  What actions are you taking that beefs up your inner CEO? What actions are you taking that speaks new systems and structures that benefit you? 


Special focus


10/19: Mercury trine Neptune:  Faith and spirituality connect with thinking.   Communication of faith moves those who have their brains on. 


10/19: Mercury square Mars.   Hot headed tempers and quick actions need to be monitored.    


Gibbous Moon


October 20, 2018 


4:57 PM EDT 




We refine our information.  We pick and choose, we discriminate, and we organize to be ‘Virgo’ like.  We sort through details.  Have we missed something?  How are we sifting through the information?  Go back and make sure something hasn’t been neglected.  Refine our actions.  


Focus on: 


How are you refining your faith?  How are you refining your spirituality?  How are you refining your humanitarianism?  


Special focus: 


10/23: Sun enters Scorpio


10/23: Sun oppose Uranus.  Financial upset.  Resources feel disrupted.   Power feels impractical.  

Venus Retrograde


Venus Retrograde 


Oct 5, 3:04pm EDT


September 2:  Venus enters shadow 25 Libra 14


October 5 : Venus station retrograde 10 Scorpio 10


November 16:  Venus station direct 25 Libra 14 


Dec 7: Venus exits shadow 10 Scorpio 10 


We are all so numb to retrograde planets this year because many of them were driving backward over us all summer long.   The truth is that Mercury retrograde is about four times a year so we are kind of used to that energy.  Mars doesn’t happen that often but we are fresh having just wrapped up his nonsense and still licking our wounds.  Now we have gentle Venus station retrograde but since she is the planet of money, love and values we really feel her retrograde period even more than Mercury and Mars since it strikes at our heart and core self worth.  


Taking this Venus retrograde in context it is interesting that for twenty nine days  during Virgo will be focusing on our daily activity.  The question is how much of our calendar is based on love or loved ones?   How much of it is not based on love?  Between September 2 and October 5 when Venus is in its shadow we may have things come up that suggest that we are not valued.  Or we have not been valuing others.   Someone says or does something and we think,  “Am I being taken for granted?” or “Am I missing the value in others?”  Are we offering this and that and quite frankly the people we are doing it for are very  ‘come si, come sa’ on it all.   The question is why are we doing so much when others could take it or leave it?  Or why are we asking others to do so much and we are not doing the same? 


And that is why god gives us Venus retrograde. So we all can do a chiropractic adjustment on what is of value to us and to others around us and we ask is our heart and reality in sync?   


For six weeks (Oct 5 – Nov 16) we will pay attention to experiences.  Who is cold and rejects our gifts?  Or are we spending too much time on something that others marginalize?  Or are we doing too much and others are not doing their share? Or are others doing too much?   Or are we doing too much for other’s approval?   


During the retrograde we can get quiet and look at our values and our own motives.  What really makes us tick?  Perhaps we will be placed in a situation where we happen upon new people who appreciate us in ways that other cannot or will not fathom.   Maybe we had hints all year given we have been in this hero journey with Jupiter and Pluto that our love is not reciprocated.  Perhaps this Venus retrograde is the final piece that will move us to the next chapter.   


Then there is money.   We can find our money gets wonky, perhaps investments feel ‘off’. This Venus retrograde is in the sign of Scorpio, which is taxes and debt.  Perhaps we feel a strong urge to get rid of any debt.  When it retrogrades back into Libra our relationships and finding balance can be tricky.   It could be important to ask our partner if we are on the same page in an area that has felt off.   


During this Venus retrograde we are in a tough aspect with Mars.  During the shadow period Venus and Mars square on September 8. 


Then the final square is Oct 10 five days after Venus stations direct.  Mars in Aquarius has a lot of energy in friends and groups of like- minded people. Venus in Scorpio is a jealous lover who does not play well with others especially if they take time away from their beloved. For six weeks we may feel pulled to be with the world in like- minded pursuits and pulled in the other direction of only being concerned about personal desires.   If we cut one out and only put our time in the other we will feel disconnected.  I had a friend in Los Angeles in 1992  who was busy in her world not paying attention to outside influences and was la-dee-dah driving to something that she wanted to go to without any understanding that the city had exploded into riots.  As she headed down a major boulevard she stumbled across rioters who had mischief on their minds and felt very threatened.   As she described the scene to me later I heard it in her voice that she would always be aware of greater energies that are outside her world.  At the same time people who hole up in their homes, armed up to the gills are missing the point as well.   There is a spot in between both energies and this year we have been challenged to find it.  Remember Mars went into its shadow on May 12 and leaves October 16.   The lessons of Mars retrograde and direct in Aquarius do not happen often (1971 & 1939) and we are still processing where we fit with our groups through Venus’s final square on October 10th.     Let’s see where we all land at the end of Venus’ shadow on Dec 7.  


Uranus In The Mix 


Adding to this tension of Mars and Venus is Uranus.  Our reckless –blow-the-joint-up Uranus will not be ignored as he tangles with both planets on the following dates: 


Uranus square Mars August 1


Uranus oppose Venus September 12


Uranus square Mars September 18 


Uranus oppose Venus Oct 31 


Uranus oppose Venus November 29 


Uranus in Taurus is in deep quest to shake things up and he only began his seven-year journey in May.  He is rules money and banking and properties and possessions. Things that need to be built from the ground up will be in his sights.  Watch and see what comes up around those dates both personally and globally and think about your own changes you need to make and if your values need adjusting to reflect the changes.   Remember your need to be with like minded people and your need to honor your personal interest are critical to your response to Uranus.  And of course it all begins with what you value (Venus). 


This Week in Astrology

Over the weekend the Full Moon moved into Disseminating Phase.  Our psyche started searching for earth bound, practical, facts vs feelings information.   Last Quarter moon is activated Oct 2 where emotions come back up to motivate us.  We are still working on our daily schedule and taking care of business which the Virgo lunar cycle asks of us and now on the final days of the cycle we may need our emotions to finish the issues on our To-Do list.  On 10/2 Mercury tangles with Pluto, words cut deep and thoughts are stormy before a breakthrough.    Balsamic Phase (10/5) puts the accent on releasing ego, control, braggadocio, bravado.  Even superheroes need breaks.  And on October 5 Venus begins her six week retrograde.   What about love?  What about money?  What about your values?  Watch what evolution takes place between now and when it ends Nov 16. 



Focus on:  How are you sharing your resources? How are you sharing your hard work?  How are you sharing your ability to build from the ground up?  How are you sharing your practicality?  

Last Quarter Moon Phase


October 2 2018 


5:45am   EDT


Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense. And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living  “The serenity prayer” 


God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.


Focus on:


When you sort through your daily schedule and activities that need actions based on emotions?  


What actions connect you to your history? What actions are you taking that speak to your roots?  What actions are you taking that speak to family? 


Special Focus:


10/2 Mercury square Pluto.  Cold harsh thoughts of power and control versus thoughts of giving up and letting go. 


Balsamic Moon Phase


October 5, 2018 


3:08pm  EDT 


Balsamic:   We let go. By releasing we can prepare for the new. 


Focus on How are you releasing your ego?  How are you releasing your pride?  How are you releasing your need to be the center of attention?  How are you releasing your bragging?   How will this release help your daily calendar? 


Special Focus:


10/5: Venus retrograde 10 Scorpio 50 (see separate post)


October 8, 2018   11:46pm EDT New 15 Libr48  Moon  


Aries Full Moon. Get Your Kevlar

Aries Full Moon

September 24

10:52pm EDT

1 Aries 59

It is a wee bit of a stormy moon.   Actually this is one muther of an Aries full moon.

Fighters will be fighting. Lovers will be fighting.  Monks who take vows of silence will be fighting.  Yeah, it’s that kind of moon.   Aries’ energy is about pushing and shoving and getting what it needs, come hell or high water and that’s on a good day.  But with this Full Moon there is a harsh aspect with Saturn who is trying to restrict Aries.  Remember, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and it is very much about survival.  If you have ever seen a baby being born you know there is a lot of work involved in birth and survival.   So, imagine in the struggle of something being born or breaking through and right in the middle of it someone steps in and stops it all or restricts it or says, “Hold on.”    Well, let’s face it people will get pissed.   For three days of the full moon there will be restrictions and push back on some actions that you or others are trying to move ahead.   Maybe it will be power plays at work or fisticuffs at the grocery store.    Tension is high this full moon.  Watch your driving!

What is curious is that at the same time Saturn is squaring off with the Full Moon, the Moon is also on top of Chiron in Aries while the Sun trines Mars who Aries natural ruler.  There is something about fighting for survival that is healing.    The action of pushing back is healing.   Old wounds deep in our psyche that have somehow held us back are up for actions that heal.    Where should we have fought in our past but somehow didn’t do it? Where should we have pushed back but didn’t do it?  How is a wet blanket healing?   How is hard fighting healing?

Moon oppose Mercury suggests communication that feels at conflict with emotions.  Perhaps all the drama we are feeling internally cannot be expressed because it is not “polite”.

Uranus has a small aspect with the Sun that is supportive.   Watch for something odd to fall into place and it is the perfect solution.   Weird is our answer when things get tough.   Celebrating the unique when it shows up is healing.

Pluto Direct: September 30


Pluto Direct 


September 30 


18 Cap 45 


10:03 pm


On Sep 30 Pluto ends its yearly retrograde period.  This is around our tenth Pluto Retrograde in earth sign Capricorn and there is something about each one that feels like digging out of a hole. 

Remember, Pluto retrograde is the outermost planet and is not like Mercury or Venus retrogrades.  Those planets are IN-YOUR-FACE when retrograde since they are inner planets and really know how to get our attention.   The outer planet retrogrades are more nuanced.  We feel them in subtle ways perhaps we have a slight recurring theme during retrograde (especially if it touches a planet in aspect) where we find ourselves saying or feeling ‘that issue again?’   And we can’t quite put an answer together but when  Pluto retrograde ends we realize, “wait a minute was I digging a hole all this time?” The good news is we get the direct motion to reassess.  


What did you learn about power since Pluto station retrograde April 22?   What did you  learn about empowerment?    Have you been bullied  Have you been a bully?   How has the outer world order been in alignment with your needs?  How have you navigated systems that are in place?  Have you fallen through a crack?  Have you figured out a stopgap measure so it does not happen again?   How have you manipulated others?   How have others manipulated you?   What are you thinking about getting rid of because it just takes too much effort and keeps you from your real goals?   What needs to die so something new can be reborn?


Pluto will spend the next 7 months in direct motion. Once it crosses the 20thdegree it will move into the final decan of Capricorn.   Pluto in these degrees (20-29) is a little lighter than the earlier degrees.  Although nothing is that light with Capricorn who is so focused on responsibility.  However we will see how communication is critical in these next seven months in particular how we express order and discipline and responsibility.  


Take time to consider all you learned since April 22. What have we seen in our own world or with others that help us find our way in the world?   How do we benefit by communicating this information?