The Astrology of This Week



We start off the weekend with Crescent phase moon.   We are learning how to broaden our view and reach out to others.   


Focus on: What information are you learning that speaks to you being a bridge to a different world? What information are you learning that expands your knowledge?  What are you learning about opinions?  What are you learning about hypocrisy?  What are you learning about generosity? 


Special Focus


10/15: Mercury conjunct Venus.  Deep love. Deep appreciation for transformation. Communication about both. 


On Tuesday we move into first quarter moon ,which is putting the accent on our place in the world.   During this Libra lunar month we are finding balance in our relationships and partnerships. It is not just spouses or significant others but also people we feel close and when we are together we bounce stuff off each other—think of a teeter totter, who is that sitting across from you, each hour?   Is it your spouse one hour?   Is it a friend in a café the next hour?  Is it the person cutting your hair?   That is what this whole 29 day cycle is about, finding balance with the people in our world.  During this phase we find our inner executive.  Where is our internal ‘man/ slash woman with a plan” and how is it manifesting as we discuss options with the person across from us?  


First Quarter Moon 


October 16


2:01 pm EDT 


Focus on:  What actions are you taking that support your career?  What actions are you taking that put you out in the world?  What actions are you taking that beefs up your inner CEO? What actions are you taking that speaks new systems and structures that benefit you? 


Special focus


10/19: Mercury trine Neptune:  Faith and spirituality connect with thinking.   Communication of faith moves those who have their brains on. 


10/19: Mercury square Mars.   Hot headed tempers and quick actions need to be monitored.    


Gibbous Moon


October 20, 2018 


4:57 PM EDT 




We refine our information.  We pick and choose, we discriminate, and we organize to be ‘Virgo’ like.  We sort through details.  Have we missed something?  How are we sifting through the information?  Go back and make sure something hasn’t been neglected.  Refine our actions.  


Focus on: 


How are you refining your faith?  How are you refining your spirituality?  How are you refining your humanitarianism?  


Special focus: 


10/23: Sun enters Scorpio


10/23: Sun oppose Uranus.  Financial upset.  Resources feel disrupted.   Power feels impractical.  

Aries Full Moon. Get Your Kevlar

Aries Full Moon

September 24

10:52pm EDT

1 Aries 59

It is a wee bit of a stormy moon.   Actually this is one muther of an Aries full moon.

Fighters will be fighting. Lovers will be fighting.  Monks who take vows of silence will be fighting.  Yeah, it’s that kind of moon.   Aries’ energy is about pushing and shoving and getting what it needs, come hell or high water and that’s on a good day.  But with this Full Moon there is a harsh aspect with Saturn who is trying to restrict Aries.  Remember, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and it is very much about survival.  If you have ever seen a baby being born you know there is a lot of work involved in birth and survival.   So, imagine in the struggle of something being born or breaking through and right in the middle of it someone steps in and stops it all or restricts it or says, “Hold on.”    Well, let’s face it people will get pissed.   For three days of the full moon there will be restrictions and push back on some actions that you or others are trying to move ahead.   Maybe it will be power plays at work or fisticuffs at the grocery store.    Tension is high this full moon.  Watch your driving!

What is curious is that at the same time Saturn is squaring off with the Full Moon, the Moon is also on top of Chiron in Aries while the Sun trines Mars who Aries natural ruler.  There is something about fighting for survival that is healing.    The action of pushing back is healing.   Old wounds deep in our psyche that have somehow held us back are up for actions that heal.    Where should we have fought in our past but somehow didn’t do it? Where should we have pushed back but didn’t do it?  How is a wet blanket healing?   How is hard fighting healing?

Moon oppose Mercury suggests communication that feels at conflict with emotions.  Perhaps all the drama we are feeling internally cannot be expressed because it is not “polite”.

Uranus has a small aspect with the Sun that is supportive.   Watch for something odd to fall into place and it is the perfect solution.   Weird is our answer when things get tough.   Celebrating the unique when it shows up is healing.

Pluto Direct: September 30


Pluto Direct 


September 30 


18 Cap 45 


10:03 pm


On Sep 30 Pluto ends its yearly retrograde period.  This is around our tenth Pluto Retrograde in earth sign Capricorn and there is something about each one that feels like digging out of a hole. 

Remember, Pluto retrograde is the outermost planet and is not like Mercury or Venus retrogrades.  Those planets are IN-YOUR-FACE when retrograde since they are inner planets and really know how to get our attention.   The outer planet retrogrades are more nuanced.  We feel them in subtle ways perhaps we have a slight recurring theme during retrograde (especially if it touches a planet in aspect) where we find ourselves saying or feeling ‘that issue again?’   And we can’t quite put an answer together but when  Pluto retrograde ends we realize, “wait a minute was I digging a hole all this time?” The good news is we get the direct motion to reassess.  


What did you learn about power since Pluto station retrograde April 22?   What did you  learn about empowerment?    Have you been bullied  Have you been a bully?   How has the outer world order been in alignment with your needs?  How have you navigated systems that are in place?  Have you fallen through a crack?  Have you figured out a stopgap measure so it does not happen again?   How have you manipulated others?   How have others manipulated you?   What are you thinking about getting rid of because it just takes too much effort and keeps you from your real goals?   What needs to die so something new can be reborn?


Pluto will spend the next 7 months in direct motion. Once it crosses the 20thdegree it will move into the final decan of Capricorn.   Pluto in these degrees (20-29) is a little lighter than the earlier degrees.  Although nothing is that light with Capricorn who is so focused on responsibility.  However we will see how communication is critical in these next seven months in particular how we express order and discipline and responsibility.  


Take time to consider all you learned since April 22. What have we seen in our own world or with others that help us find our way in the world?   How do we benefit by communicating this information?  


Mars Stations Direct August 27 —Glory Be, Glory Be



Mars Station Direct 


August 27 


10:04am EDT 


28 Cap 36


Starting May 12thwhen Mars entered its shadow, messages may have appeared that our actions towards the greater good and actions that help our career could be ‘off’.   Were there blinking red lights?   Perhaps but then on June 26 Mars retrograded and we all had to slow down because grumpy Mars hates going backwards.   Obstacles appeared in our path and people seemed to block us.   How we handle these blocks has been a learning curve and probably a lot of us got snippy snappy.   Now on August 27 Mars turns direct.   
We should feel relief immediately.   A breakthrough or a connection may appear and we finally feel like we are moving forward. Because this Mars retrograde involves Aquarius and Capricorn a lot of the blocks involve our place in the world.   Our friends, our groups, our career, our government, our systems which may have been off or just a ton of work.  

Now as Mars unwinds we see our place in the whole process.  Remember it is turning direct in the Leo Lunar Cycle so we are served to ask ourselves, “How was I strong when I hit an obstacle?”  “How was I brave and honest with my community?” “How was I a leader even when it was hard?”   Some of you may do a victory lap others may need to take time and process the last eight weeks of Mars retrograde.  After Mars turns direct on August 27thwe will again do actions that will support our career and how we are seen in the public.  On September 10thMars will returns to Aquarius and between then and October 8th(Mars leaves shadow) we will revisit friends, groups and associations and take actions that put us in sync with like -minded folks who bring out our best.   And like a big old Leo cat we may purr again. 


This Weekend & Week in Astrology

Yes—you heard it here first.  Mercury will be turning direct.   I kid you not.

Astrology this Week & Weekend 


The lunar phase of the moon moves into First Quarter on the 18th.  


We get to do another round of actions based on the seeds we planted on new Moon.   How are we finding our honesty and integrity and strength as we deal with shared resources?  


Then early in the morning (EDT)  on August 19 Mercury our favorite trickster planet stations direct.  This is 12:24am on the 19thor 9:24pm PDT.  If you are in between you will know when it turns direct because you will feel it! 


After Mercury turns direct we should feel a lot of relief as things start to right themselves again.  Plus we have a series of nice aspects during Gibbous that put the emphasis in a pleasant manner on change reform, out of the blue and structure and responsibility. Together we say “amen.” 


First Quarter Moon 


Aug 18


3:48pm EDT 


Focus on: What actions are you taking that speak to debt?  What actions are you taking that speak to sex?  And taxes?  And going down deep and investigations?   How are you accessing your strength to let something die so something new can be born? 


Special focus


8/19 12:24am: Mercury direct 11 Leo 32 –get down on your knees and thank the universe that is over!  


8/19: Jupiter trine Neptune:  Sometimes we need to be reminded by the universe that our resources are more vast than we realize.  


Gibbous Moon


Aug 22, 2018 


4:48am EDT 


Focus on: 


How are you refining your executive abilities?  How are you refining and relying upon your inner CEO?  How are you using your strength to refine your path that moves you higher up the food chain?  How are you being brave as you move up?  


Special focus: 


8/22: Sun enter Virgo 


8/25: Sun Trine Uranus  Accent on brilliance as if gotten struck by a lightening bolt.  Ideas and breakthroughs surround us.  And for some maybe internal as well. 


8/25: Sun Trine Saturn.  Today we see that success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day.  


Uranus Retrograde


August 7 12:49pm EDT 


Uranus station retrograde 2 Taurus 33




May 15, 2018 Uranus enters Taurus 


August 7, 2018 Uranus station retrograde 2 Taurus 34 


November 6 Uranus returns to Aries 


January 6 Uranus stations direct 28 Aries 35 


March 6 Uranus returns to Taurus where it will remain until April 26, 2026


So, are five planets retrograde leaving you with the feeling of wanting more?  Oh, good because on August 7 we get one more planet retrograde:  Uranus.  Six is the charm!  


Uranus spends around forty percent of every year retrograde so at first blush this is no big deal.   But this retrograde is a wee bit more profound in that it is the first retrograde since Uranus moved into Taurus (May) and it is going to back to our dear friend and warrior Aries.     
Uranus retrograde can be a bit chaotic in general but when it goes back into Aries it may remind some of us that we left a soldier on the field.    Since 2011 when Uranus began to transit through Aries we learned the value of self- motivation, personal identity and relying on ‘self’ for our future.   It does not mean we don’t have spouses or family or friends or coworkers it is more about what does “Self” need and want and where is it heading?  

And just for clarity Uranus rules technology and the fact that “The Selfie” originated during this period was not lost on any astrologer.   Anyway, now with Uranus retrograde back into Aries one last time and we may realize there is one area left that needs our Self directed energy.  Perhaps we have been careless and have put someone else in charge of our happiness.   Or perhaps we have found out that there is someone not on board with our future as we thought or planned.   Whatever it is, we have from November until March to figure out where we need to put “I” back in our life.  And then on March 6 we go back to the task at hand and build something from the ground up in a way Taurus respects.  No short cuts, we do it bit by bit. 



Adding note: 

And the juju of this particular Uranus retrograde has a wee bit more electricity than other retros—Uranus return to Aries on the day of  the Midterm Elections in the USA.   
What starts off in the morning will get on fire around 2pm EST.  

Aquarius Lunar Eclipse. Wow.

Spock and Kirk Live in All of Us This Full Moon

Full Moon Phase


Full Moon 


July 27, 2018


4:20pm EDT


Lunar Eclipse 


4 Aquarius 44 


The full moon in Aquarius is not just a full moon it is also the longest lunar eclipse of the 21stcentury.   It will last 1 hour and 43 minutes.  


That’s an attention grabber, right?  


Observers in Africa, the Middle East, southern Asia and Indian Ocean will see a red blood moon (more brown red) that will take from beginning to end four hours.  (Thank you,  for those details). 


On the run up to the full moon we have the following:


7/20 Mars conjunct South Node 


7/25 Sun square Uranus


7/26 Mercury station retrograde 


7/26 Sun oppose Mars 


…and just after full moon


8/1 Mars square Uranus.   


This is not an easy week.   If you have ever skied consider this a mountain of moguls.  How are you going to use the energy of the mogul? Will you take the bump and turn it into a jet for momentum?   Or will your skis get stuck and you rage yourself off the bump?   


As I have indicated the last time Mars retrograded in Aquarius was 1971 & 1939.  We don’t get this experience that often and one can argue, “Thank God.”    The Mars retrograde cycle is from June 26 – August 27.  For the bulk of this period, June 26-August 12 Mars will be in Aquarius.  Aquarius is how we unite with others not on an intimate level but on a global or cause level. It can be something simple like cleaning up trash on a block, making over a church basement or more complex issues like working together to change a law.   Aquarius is not coming together to just complain that’s not elevated enough.  It is about minds coming together and saying, “What are we going to do?”  Aquarius is the brainstorm.   Aquarius is brilliant.  


During this period of Mars retrograde we have already begun either finding our groups of like- minded or we may have begun processing our own resistance to group activity.    But now with the longest lunar eclipse of  the century on this full moon in Aquarius during the middle of Mars retro in Aquarius —-the time has come to heal our own issues around groups and causes and being with elevated like-minded.   


Let’s talk about the obvious reasons for resistance to group activity.  


Well, history has shown a lot of groups get shit wrong.   How about that Nazi party in the 1930s and 40’s?  And other groups who supported Fascists?   How about the KKK?  How about mob mentality in the near and distant past?  How about lynching of innocent people?     Yep, groups get it wrong all the time.    However, a lot of groups get it right.   From something like Habitat for Humanity or ACLU and charities or whole neighborhoods who come together and improve a lot or put in a community garden.  Some get it right.     


With this lunar eclipse we have Moon in Aquarius which is cool as a cucumber and can be very strategic, think in old fashion TV terms: Mr. Spock.   Uranus in the chart wants to shake things up so finding our inner Spock will be hard.   Then there is  the Leo sun on the other side who is passionate, at times sloppy but still speaks to our courage, think:  Captain Kirk.  The war of rational and rash will be in full display no doubt. 


On the eclipse we may start to process where have we been hiding in plain sight.   Where have we been letting others do a lot of the work?   What needs our attention that will help the community?   Are we feeling out of sync with our heart that says, “I really need to do more?”  What is going on with your community?   Is it your block, your neighborhood, your county, your country?  How about your community school or park or library?   Where are you not showing up and more to the point how is not showing up starting to bug you?   


Leo sun speaks to all of us to find our strength and courage and do our part in our community by following our heart.   If we use our heart as our beacon we will know where we need to show up.    We must always check in with the heart and if something feels off within a group we can express it and maybe move on to another group.    


Because the eclipse is a shadow we need to talk about the Achilles heel for both Aquarius and Leo and that is an attitude of above it all.   —  Aquarius can be a rebel without a cause and do it his way or the high way.   Which is very off  putting. And Leo disconnects because he feels he’s not being treated special.   More off putting.   And both can be know-it-alls.   Off putting squared.  


Another Achilles Heel is our own prejudice about community and the power of high functioning like-minded individuals who come together.     This is one of the sad areas of astrology.   Of the 12 signs of the zodiac the energy of Aquarius can be marginalized more than the other signs in my opinion.   For example, no one would ever marginalize Cancer’s domain of Family. Or Libra’s domain of relationship.  Or Scorpio with sex and bank loans or Taurus for owning land— But Aquarius who says “Hey everybody let’s come together and do this _______” ,  that energy is marginalized all the time.    People say:   “I’m too busy.  I can’t make a difference.”  Which is code for community is not as important as money, love, family, sex, debt, education, property, etc.     To that I laugh.   Lose power for a week.  Suffer a natural disaster.   Watch a local school start to break down.   Watch a law go into effect that hurts your friends.    Or hurts you.   Then ask yourself if community is still not important.  


In summery:


We have a lot going on this week including this full moon.   As we discussed on the New Moon, which was a partial solar eclipse in Cancer we are in a run of 3 eclipses in a row and this Aquarius lunar eclipse is the second then in two weeks we will have the Leo Solar eclipse.   Between now and then we will have a lot of bumps and lots of things will get our attention.   Including this full moon where we find our community no matter how small or how large. Activate that part of your psyche that says, “I deserve to work with others and experience the joy of bringing my unique voice.”  We are all waiting for you inner Spock and inner Kirk to be beamed up. 


Make the eclipse work for you.