Venus Stations Direct June 24


Venus Direct 


June 24, 2020


11:48pm PDT 


5 Gemini 20 




April 9 Venus shadow begins


May 12 Venus station retrograde 21 Gemini 50


June 24 Venus station direct 5 Gemini 20


July 28 Venus shadow ends


We have been on a strange Venus retrograde trip since May 12th


The shadow period began on April 9 and the shadow will end on July 28.   Like all station directs the energy will lighten once Venus straightens out, but we will still have bits and pieces of stuff unfold until the shadow ends on July 28. 


During this Venus retrograde process we should reflect on what we have learned about our values.  Who?  What?  Why?  These questions came up a lot during the retrograde in terms of values.  Perhaps we were asleep on a value and realized, ‘wow, I almost screwed up that one’.   Maybe it was a loved one whom we had taken for granted.  Maybe it was us who had been taken for granted and we woke up.   Maybe it was a situation that came up that we normally had remained muted on but we could not any longer and we stood up and supported someone.   Maybe we backed off on something to let others do their work.  If it died without our help then so be it.   This Venus retrograde took place from beginning to end in Gemini.  Any lessons that came up my have been activated by an emotion or a feeling but the processing of it was very mental and analytical.   Venus stationing direct in Cancer lunar cycle will no doubt touch a watery emotional nerve.  Perhaps it is relief, “Thank goodness I got through _____ “    


Of course, money, beauty, love and creativity matters can straighten out as Venus now stations direct.  Or how we approach them will be more focused with a new awareness. 


Neptune Retrograde June 22


Neptune Retrograde 


June 22, 2020


9:32pm PDT 


20 Pisces 57 


Dates to Note:


March 2 Neptune enters shadow 18 Pisces 10


June 22 Neptune stations retrograde 


Nov 28 Neptune stations direct 


Mar 19, 2021 Neptune leaves shadow 20 Pisces 58 


Neptune spends a little less than half of every year retrograde. So, on one hand Neptune retrograde is ‘ho hum, you again?’   As we know Neptune moved into Pisces in 2011 and will remain in Pisces until 2026.  The Neptune in Pisces era speaks to our humanitarian, faith and artistic natures.  Matters of the greater heart, meaning issues beyond a loved one are pronounced.   Not for profit, charity and health Care are all Neptune in Pisces.   So, is oil and oceans and flooding and gases.   


Around the dates of the stations (June 22 & Nov 28) we may find our psychic and Woo-Woo up.   A thought, a memory, a sense, a feeling could connect us to something unworldly but important .  If your gut is talking to you—Listen.    Let’s see where we all land with our gut radar when Neptune stations direct on November 28 at 18 Pisces.     


Mercury Retrograde June 17/18


Mercury Retrograde 


June 17, 2020 


9:58 pm PDT


14 Cancer 46


6/1: Mercury shadow begins


6/17: Mercury retrograde 14 Cancer 46


7/12: Mercury station direct 5 Cancer 29


7/26: Mercury Shadow ends


This Mercury retrograde takes place in entirety in Cancer.  As we discussed Mercury is the planet of our human computer and during the retrograde we have another opportunity to reboot our thinking.  


With this Mercury retrograde, our thinking and our communication will be about home, feelings, family (both family of birth and family of choice).   Cancer the crab, has a hard shell of protection and strong pinchers.   We should all prepare during this Mercury retrograde for people to be over-sensitive and use those pinchers.  Snappy comments will be in overload.   If anyone on god’s green earth has the ability to hold their tongue during this Mercury retrograde, they will be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.    


The last time Mercury was retrograde entirely in Cancer was June/July 2013.  You may want to consider what was going on then, were there any reboots you did that missed something important?  Is there anything that took place regarding home, family and feelings that didn’t get addressed that you would now like to tackle?    You may have an opportunity to address those issues this time around.  


The pre-shadow started on June 1, we should watch what has come up after that point and note we may have revisit some of it. Once Mercury stations direct on July 12 things should soften and certainly any confusion will clear by the shadow end on July 26. 


As always, with any Mercury retrograde, double check paperwork, try to avoid big purchases, if you are traveling confirm any reservations.   Double check every email before you hit send and ask yourself, “Is this too snappy?”  If you are fine with it then be prepared for any repercussions.    If your goal is to set a boundary (Cancer the crab hard shell) talk to a friend or ally and ask them if there is another way to set up the boundary without just a snap. 


Lunar Eclipse: Sagittarius Full Moon June 5

A full moon on red high heels

June 5

12:12pm PDT

15 Sag 34


This full moon lunar eclipse is the first of three eclipses.  June 5 (lunar) June 20 (solar) July 4 (lunar).  That is a lot of eclipses in four weeks.   Even if a human knew nothing of astrology, I am pretty sure they are feeling the tension of the extraordinary period we are in.   I reminded everyone a couple months ago that some of the cycles we are in have not occurred in decades and hundreds of years.  One of them being the January 12th aspect of Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.   We are still dealing with the aspect that launched 2020.   These two planets only come together once every thirty years.  The last time they were together was 1982 and the last time they were in the sign of Capricorn was 1518.  During that aspect, Martin Luther pushed back on the authority which he deemed corrupt.  This was one man, who wrote a note, nailed it on the door of his church and changed the course of religion and world history.   It was the beginning of the reformation Era.   In addition, in August of 1518, King Charles authorized Spain to ship enslaved people directly from Africa to the Americas.  Slavery rose dramatically.    While we now sit back in our chairs and sigh over the lack of a moral compass to enslave anyone, that was not the case in 1518.   To them, it was simply a business model.   Capricorn is business.  Pluto is power.  Saturn is structure.  A business launched and a country was built on the backs of enslaved humans.    And here we are now with a chance to revisit a cruel system that was based on the color of skin.   What will we do?   What are the ghosts of 1518?   Not just slavery ghosts but industry models built from that era.  For more information on how we are impacted by the ghosts of slavery in modern era go to Pulitzer prize   Project 1619.   During this pandemic (also tied to Saturn Pluto) we are considering who is essential labor?  How are they treated?   For more information on inequities of Covid 19 and workers go to this piece from the non partisan Econofact article.


The nation and the world have an opportunity to go into a new gear about race and about the shadow side of big businesses as we consider if, and are, they built on something that does not line up with our values?   This is where the power of eclipses comes into play and we ask questions.  We must refrain from going into our hard corners, our know-it-all place where we hold our ground.  It is critical to consider if now is the time to pivot.  Are we learning?   This the important gift of Gemini and Sag solar and lunar eclipses. 


Eclipses come in cycles where they ping pong between two signs every six months for around two years.   The Cancer/Capricorn pattern began November 2018 and will wrap up July 4.    There is always a dove tail of one cycle wrapping after the launch of a new cycle and that is case with today’s eclipse where we begin the Gemini – Sagittarius cycle.   An argument can be made that this eclipse is less weighty as the final June 20 Cancer solar eclipse given it is on the solstice but make no mistake this Sag lunar eclipse has a punch.   


On the eclipse chart, Mars, the warrior, is at odds with the Sun and the moon by forming a T square.  If you don’t know astrology visualize the face of a clock.  Put Mars on the 12, put the Sun on the 3 and put the Moon on the 9.    The sun and the moon (like the 3 and 9 on the clock) are opposite each other.   They are doing their thing like a teeter totter.  In this case, the Sun in Gemini is looking for facts and looking for data.   The Moon in Sag is forming big picture ideas.  It is forming beliefs.   When Gemini and Sag behave, they elevate each other’s knowledge.   When both signs misbehave, Gemini goes out and gets data but remains shallow, can’t put a big thought together because it is overwhelmed by too much information and can’t lock a coherent thought.    When Sag misbehaves it forms an opinion or sticks to a belief that does not match the facts on the ground.  It can miss an evolution that has occurred.   It holds on to an outdated thoughts.   This is going to be our work for the next two years.   Finding data and forming big thoughts and beliefs.  Sometimes the data will indeed match our beliefs but if we do not update with new on the ground facts then we risk obsolete thinking.   All thinking is up for review.  Thoughts up close thoughts about family, friends, jobs, neighbors and bigger thoughts about community, industries, government and systems.   Every Gemini- Sag eclipse will have its own chart and flavor by the planets impacting the sun and moon but it will still be centered on our thinking.    Today’s eclipse will have a ripple effect to December when we have the first Solar eclipse in Sag.  


Back to Mars.  Mars is passion and a warrior. Mars is when we put on our red shoes and go to battle.   Rarely does Mars take down his weapon but in the water sign Pisces his fight speaks to compassion and love.  There is justice for the under dog but it is guided by intuition or something bigger than it can’t explain.  It is propelled by something muted as there is an unworldliness to Mars in Pisces.  This fuzzy factor is pushing on Gemini and Sag to find the facts, that inform the beliefs but are you stopping and remembering the human in humanity?   Even the human in the enemy. 


Venus who is retrograde is next to the Sun (conjunct) in Gemini and also being informed by the square with Mars.   Venus and Mars are the lovers and they are squabbling.  Venus is getting wound up in her thinking figuring out her values. Mars says, “To hell with thinking let’s act on our values.”   Venus responds, “I don’t know my values right now.”   Mars is pushing hard on Venus.  The last time Venus was retrograde in Gemini was spring 2012. What was going on in your life then?  Are you revisiting it now?  How have your values changed since then?   On this eclipse we all get informed about our values.  What does your on-the- ground experience and those facts say to your values?   Are you being valued?   Was there something you didn’t do then than you should do now?  Are you racing in like a warrior for your values?  Are you stopping down before you race and making sure you are connected to your intuition?   Always with Gemini, are you breathing?  


With Gemini, Sag and Pisces our brains are in overwhelm during the eclipse, we are served if we go back to the face of the clock.   The 12 has the Mars, Sun on the 3, moon on the 9— the one relief is the empty spot and that is the 6.   For this chart that means the sign Virgo.   We find relief when go down to the studs in our hourly schedule.  Are we fed? Do we need to go for a walk?  Do we need to clean?  Do we need to do our hygiene?  Do we need to pay bills?   Do we have a to-do list?   Do we need to check off an item?  This is where we get our respite.  It is not a refuge to hide from the eclipse.  We must remain dutiful that our opinions and beliefs are not obsolete.   Consider every person you talk to (Gemini) is an opportunity to build a new bridge (Sag) to your own opinions about you and fellow humans (Pisces).  But at the same time take care and nurture self and loved ones.      


These are remarkable astrological times.   We will be dealing with extraordinary matters for the next four years.  But God in his infinite wisdom has given us this two- year cycle of Gemini and Sagittarius so we learn how to pivot on our thinking and assess our beliefs.  We will have a lot to process.   Take the opportunities offered by this full moon and eclipse to figure out what you need to figure out and always remember you don’t know what you don’t know but the ability to pivot is a gift and important skill as we go forward.



Jupiter Retrograde 2020 – Dates & Degrees


Jupiter Retrograde 


May 14 


27 Capricorn 14


7:31am PDT 


Feb 18:      Jupiter Shadow starts 


May 14:     Jupiter station retro 27 Cap 14 


Sept 12:    Jupiter station direct 17 Cap 24 


Dec 6:         Jupiter shadow ends 


Once a year Jupiter will retrograde for four months.   In some ways I think we should all be grateful that Jupiter stations retrograde every year because Jupiter is so full of confidence and exuberance that he really needs to calm down.  While we may enjoy the bold professor, the life of the party, the guy/gal with a plan and a megaphone – we benefit when big personalities get quiet, do their research and make sure their facts are right, their enthusiasm is justified and their actions are based on something sound.    This is the gift of Jupiter retrograde. 


Is there some lost knowledge Jupiter missed on the first trip?   Is there an issue that has not been addressed?  Is there something bigger going on that needs focus?   


There are two stories about Jupiter in 2020, one involves Pluto the other involves Saturn.  


In December Jupiter went into Capricorn and began its march to Pluto.   On April 4 Jupiter got on top of Pluto (conjunct).   Two weeks ago Pluto turned retrograde and now with Jupiter going backwards he’s heading for Pluto again. Jupiter will conjunct Pluto for the second time on June 30.   Jupiter the biggest know-it -all is pushing on Pluto the power monger.    Historian of astrology will tie Clovid-19 pandemic to Jupiter/Pluto along with Saturn/Pluto and the January eclipse.  There is an inseparable connection. 


We will see these two powerful planets play out in the news.   Capricorn rules business and systems, leaders and practices that are for public good.    Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 when the economy crashed, it will continue on its journey in Capricorn until 2024.    Every outer planet that aspects Pluto in these final four years will bring information to the world on what is working and what is not working.    Jupiter touching Pluto expands both the good news and the bad news of Capricorn.   Pluto rules death and rebirth.  Jupiter will want to rescue the world and Pluto will want to transform the world.   You can’t have birth without death.   It is arguable that we should prepare for big deaths in the news.  Perhaps volume due to Covid 19 and perhaps notable personalities.   There will be a lot of churning on our beliefs and opinions about the role of business and government.   On Sept 12 Jupiter stations direct and heads for its final conjunction with Pluto on November 12.   


The strum and drang of these two planets will be pronounced all year.  


Will there be big ideas?  Yes.  Will there be big scandals?  Sure.   But more to the point there will also be shimmers of optimism even in the biggest hell hole moment.   The challenge will be to find the light that makes sense in your world and transform through it and share your transformation with others.   Expect stories of people doing huge things out of a simple need.    Everybody has Capricorn in some area of their personal chart.  If you know your chart look to the house for more information.  If you do not know your chart consider what has been up your grill since January.  Expect more input this year.  I know it is tiring but remember all of us are experiencing this conjunction.  We’re all in it together.  


On Dec 18 Jupiter will leave Capricorn and enter Aquarius ushering in a new theme where we move out of business and government and more about society in general.  On Dec 21 Jupiter will conjunct Saturn in Aquarius activating a two hundred year cycle with an emphasis on humanity and innovation and its impact on how we function as a society.   


2020 is not a small year and Jupiter is THE player.   Look back to January through now to see how Jupiter played out in your life and plan to revisit some of those same themes again although with new wisdom.  Believe it or not, wisdom is a Jupiter word. 


Let’s go find our wise self.   And maybe our wiseass self. 


Venus Retrograde May 12



Venus Retrograde 


May 12 


21 Gemini 50


11:44pm PDT  


April 9 Venus shadow begins


May 12 Venus station retrograde 21 Gemini 50


June 24 Venus station direct 5 Gemini 20


July 28 Venus shadow ends


Venus retrogrades about once every eighteen months. This Venus retrograde is from May 12 until June 25 and will travel from 22 to 5 degrees of Gemini.    The shadow period began on April 9 and the shadow will end on July 28.   The retrograde is the six weeks in the middle of the shadow but issues or themes will be processed the whole period.   This is not to suggest it will be a slog fest the entire time but more that themes will be up for processing until June 28.   


Venus connects us to our values.   Money, love & beauty are associated with Venus because we value them.   Creativity, arts and receptivity are also associated with Venus along with the ability to attract.


Venus can be a little lazy because it draws things through its power to attract.  But when Venus is retrograde we have to work a bit more.  We have to take a moment and reconnect to our values and with Venus in Gemini we connect our heart to our brain.   In Gemini, Our thoughts about what we love and appreciate get a needed reboot.    


You want want to look back at previous Venus in Gemini retrograde cycles (It happens every eight years):


May 2012


May 2004


May 1996


May 1988 & May 1980 (starts in low degree cancer)  


The very last time Venus retrograde in Gemini was May 2012.   What were your values at that time?  What was front and center?  Who  or what got your attention?   How did it connect to love?  Was it love of a human or love of a project?  What was the theme at that time?  How did your mentality shift about what you valued?  What was your thinking and communication then?  How have you evolved out of those values and into something else?   Have you dropped something that maybe needs to be back in the fold?  Is there something neglected in your ability to love self or others that needs a new mental approach? 


Venus in Gemini retrograde will ask our thoughts and communication to consider love not just about your beloved but also love in general.  Gemini is a keen observer.   You may observe a moment, an act, a comment that is born out of love.   This moment could surprise you.  It may have been something you would have missed at other times in your life, but now with a retro Venus you have the ability to see it. While you might feel like a scientist noting the observation it can still connect to a space that is tender and gentle.  


Venus in Gemini can be very fickle.  Watch news stories that speak to changing loyalties and interests.  Venus is also in square with Neptune for most of the retrograde.   Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and although they both connect to love, they do it in different ways.  Venus love is personal, the love we have for a person or persons.   Neptune is the love we have for humanity.  Not the person but the human experience.   We should expect stories that activate our compassion to be in the news.   


Neptune does bring denial and difficult to achieve expectations.  Aspirations are good but try to get practical feedback from others along the way.   Watch the news around June 2, as there could be frustration when Mars forms a square with Venus.  Mars is rough and in Pisces he brings a bit of crazy. Stories about the arts and creativity and money may be the news.   It could be loss.  However, the good news is that Gemini is the most adaptable sign in the Zodiac.  If we value something we can find a clever solution for any issue.   We need to remember to breathe, Gemini is an air sign and sometimes we just need to put air in a situation. 


Saturn Retrograde May 11



Saturn Retrograde 


May 11 


1 Aquarius 57


9:09pm PDT 


July 1 Saturn returns to Capricorn


Sept 9 Saturn stations direct 25 Capricorn


Dec 17 Saturn returns to Aquarius 


On March 21 Saturn moved into Aquarius where it will begin a two year journey.   It was noted by every astrologer on God’s green Earth that the era of self -quarantine in most of the world could not be a more clear manifestation of Saturn in Aquarius.   


Saturn the planet of boundaries and restrictions in Aquarius the sign of humanity sent a message to the world.  Stop, get quiet and find humanity in a new way.    


Saturn will retrograde in Aquarius until it pops back into Capricorn on July 1 then station direct on September 9 and return into Aquarius on Dec 17th


Saturn is the most responsible planet in the Zodiac and he is the ruling planet of Capricorn and a co-ruler of Aquarius so he has a comfort in both signs.    In Aquarius, Saturn brings hard work and discipline in a novel innovative manner.   Problems that need focus and ingenuity will be helped by the Saturn trek in Aquarius.   While Aquarius can go long on the rebellious front, Saturn will frown on rebellion that is not sensible.    After Saturn returns to Capricorn there will be a pause on the rebellion and more focus on supporting structures and systems that work. Those systems that are broken will be put on back on the drawing board for another round of discipline and hard work.   Those things who have outlived their usefulness will be ditched.  The nose to the grindstone will be extra pronounced for those people who have planets in late (25 -29 degrees) Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn and early Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. 


If you do not know your chart consider  what was getting your focus between January and now.  You may be revisiting those themes.  


In December, Saturn will leave Capricorn for the final time not to return for around 28 years.   The first thing it is going to do when it jumps back into Aquarius is connect with Jupiter on December 21. This will end one very long cycle and launch a two-hundred year cycle where we will be asked to think, connect and communicate with humans and humanity in a new way.