Aries New Moon — Survival

Aries New Moon launches March 24, 2020 2:28am PDT

This is an extraordinary time.   It is important for us to connect to our source and find guidance.  This is not just for the 29 day lunar month but this speaks also to the lunar year which launches with this New Moon.

Take time to connect deep, it lies within you.

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And make a Treasure Map, it will tell you something about your needs.

Saturn in Aquarius. New Work – March 21



Saturn in Aquarius 


Written February 23, 2020 


March 21(8:58pm PDT):  Saturn enters Aquarius 


May 11 (2:58pm PDT):  Saturn retrograde (1 Aquarius 57)


July 1 (4:37 PDT):   Saturn re-enters Aquarius


Sept 28 (10:11pm PDT):   Saturn station direct  – 25 Capricorn 20


Dec 16 (9:04pm PST):  Saturn re-enters Aquarius 


Dec 21 (10:20am PST):  Jupiter conjunct Saturn at  0 Aquarius 29


As we have discussed in previous reports, Jupiter and Saturn will form a conjunction in December.  The conjunction is in Aquarius setting off a new cycle for the next two hundred years where the two planets will only connect in air signs.    Since 1802 until now all the Jupiter Saturn conjunctions have been in earth sign, except for one 1981.  These conjunctions speak to the world moving from an agrarian society to industrial.   Now we begin a fundamental shift in air matters.  We had preview of the air energy when the two planets conjunct in 1981 in Libra which arguably helped set off The Internet/Computers and new technology.   It is not ironic that the foreshadow of air sign conjunctions was in Libra the sign of relationships and now forty years later we are all in relationship with our phone?    We will be heading into this new world in December which will be both subtle and obvious and profound.  More will be revealed in the coming months but in the meantime, Saturn begins its own two-year journey in Aquarius on March 21.   The last time Saturn was in Aquarius was 1991 – 1993 and before that 1962-1964 and the time before that was 1931-1934.    Saturn which is the planet of rules and status quo is quite topsy turvy when it is in iconoclastic Aquarius.   Who is on top is subject to change.  And as we discussed new technology and humanity are Aquarius calling cards.  We should expect a new level of seriousness and work in both areas.     


Updated March 18, 2020 


I posted to some friends a week ago when we started to hear about ‘social distancing’ that it was perfect for Saturn in Aquarius.   Saturn is the planet of restrictions and Aquarius speaks to humanity and society.   I hope to god we do not have to spend the entire 2 ½ year in quarantine but I do know that our cyber connections will strengthen and be hard working for us during Saturn in Aquarius.  We will share skills with one another.  At the same time any weaknesses in community will also be revealed.   If there are any weaknesses in The Internet and technology we will see those problems and have to process our way  to solutions.    


Saturn has begun its long conversation (fight-square) with Uranus in Taurus and although we started to see manifestations of the tension when Saturn hit the last degrees of Capricorn we should anticipate more trouble when it moves into Aquarius.   Money and economy is all about this aspect and it has been rough.    There will be three squares in 2021 (Feb 14, June 14, Dec 24).   As we head through 2020 we will build to the square.  More money issues and stresses will be pronounced.   Taurus also speaks to our values.  Uranus will upset the apple cart so that we can find our values.  Saturn who likes everyone to stay in their lanes and uphold the status quo is not so -status quo-ish in Aquarius.   Saturn will, without a doubt take things away to help usuncover the answer to the question:  What are people’s values?      


In order to understand to the latest Saturn transit in Aquarius I have gone to timelines and pulled out some Aquarian/brilliant/ techy/community/humanity/ Work/Struggles/ Saturn-y facts.  You may want to search these years on your own as well but here are snippets: 


Saturn in was in Aquarius 1932-1935 – FDR  gave weekly ‘fireside’ chats via radio.   Radio of course being new technology.    Civilian Conservation Corps (how perfect Saturn) is authorized and provided work for three million men for nine years. Amelia Earhart is the first woman to fly across the Atlantic. The world’s fair opens in Chicago celebrating a “Century of Progress” .   An engineer in Oklahoma discovers radio waves emanating from the Milky Way—Karl Janksy becomes the “Father of Radio”     


At the same time, Fascism, Nazism gains followers. 


In 1933 Hitler is elected chancellor.  He also announces a state sponsored “People’s Car” – Volkswagen.


Saturn was in Aquarius 1962-1964 


Gary Powers CIA pilot of a high tech spy plane that was shot down two years earlier is exchanged for a Soviet Spy.   


First Lady Jackie Kennedy gives a televised tour of the White House. 


Space race reaches a new bar when astronaut John Glen circles earth three times 


World’s Fair in Seattle, theme “Space Exploration”.


Three thousand troops quell riots allowing the first black student, James Meredith to enter the University of Mississippi.   


The Cuban Missle Crises begin in response to Soviet Union building offense missiles in Cuba.  


US, USSR & UK agree to limited nuclear test-ban on nuclear testing above ground. 


MLK gives his ‘I have a dream” speech at Lincoln Memorial.   


JFK is assassinated in Dallas TX. 


Beatles arrive in the USA bringing Beatlemania 


Saturn was in Aquarius 1991 – 1993 


Intel ships the first Pentium chips revolutionizing the processing of computers around the world. 


The phrase “Surfing the Internet” is popularized.  


World Trade Center is bombed by Islamic terrorists.  


Rodney King Trial Verdict sets off riots in Los Angeles and other major cities


January NAFTA goes into effect creating a trade zone between Canada, US and Mexico 


Leo Full Moon Feb 8


Leo Full Moon

Feb 8, 2020

11:33pm PST

20 Leo 00

Once a year we get a Leo full moon.    This is the full moon that reminds us of the power of our heart.   Our heart tells us where we need to go in order to fulfill our desires.   Even desires that are dormant can be found through the heart.    Leo is where we find creativity, talent, generosity and ability to shine.   We can love big through our Leo.  This is the full moon to get your heart pumping and the blood flowing.    Even the shy and timid can get their unfettered passion flowing.   Shyness and timidity get in the way of Leo full moon.

Of course, in order to have a full moon it means the Sun is opposite the moon and also has an influence.  The Sun in Aquarius asks the Leo full moon to take all of his /her god given talent and use it to help others.   Aquarius tells Leo, “Find your weird creativity and I will celebrate you and together we’ll go do something good.”    This sounds like a great plan and thus the photo of Bob Ross for inspiration.  But the conundrum is Leo can be lazy like the Lion in the jungle, it will wish to be honored and cherished but maybe not put itself out there with others especially if it is nursing some old wound.   Aquarius’ is telling Leo, ‘Enough with the wound – get out there, help some people.”    By the way, how perfect that the Oscars will be taking place during the Leo full moon.   Prepare for some fun and weird moments.

The chart for this full moon has a trine with Mars which brings energy to the three- day full phase.   If you have a project that you put off to the side until you have more focus and energy, this is the three- day cycle to tackle it.  You will give yourself a victory lap of pride (good Leo word) when you complete it.

Neptune is also an influence in the chart with a small aspect to the sun (sem-sextile) and to the moon (inconjunct).   The three-day phase could be sensitive with moments of fuzziness or unworldliness.  Neptune reinforces the theme of helping humanity, strong waves of compassion can pop up.   There could also be some deceit so make sure before you jump in that all the facts are straight.

It is for the most part a lovely Leo full moon.  Have fun, find joy, seek play and shine good on others.

Full Moon Cancer Lunar Eclipse January 10

Image from All Eclipses APP 

Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 


January 10, 2020 


11:21am PST


Every January we have a Cancer full moon.  It is an opportunity to find our emotions.  We also reflect upon our roots and family (both good and not so good).  In this case we have an eclipse so what comes up may speak to our insecurities.   The Sun in Capricorn on the other side of the eclipse teeter totter also has insecurities.    The challenge is to find the spot in the middle of the two energies.  Cancer uses its emotions to feel powerful.  Capricorn uses discipline to feel powerful.      They both appreciate conservation and hate waste.   Being pragmatic about emotions is critical during this three-day cycle.   Those people who like to throw little scenes, send a snark email, pout and show someone a thing or two— do it at your own peril.    Those people who like to cut off others when they get in the way of a goal because, “I don’t have time for her/him” –may be too focused on a goal and forgetting the human experience. 


There is a place somewhere in the middle where we let the emotions speak to us individually but always remember if we are not getting something from someone—are we seeing that person the way they really are?   Or are we confusing them with what we want them to be?  And by the way, that other person can be doing that same calculation on us.   Nothing gets figured out in one three-day lunar phase but you may learn something during this time about you or another that will make sense later this year.  


In the case of this full moon there is a lot more energy on the Capricorn side of the teeter totter with Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto all next to the Sun.    Moon in Cancer is by itself.  However, mystical Neptune is speaking to both Sun and Moon offering some support.  You may find yourself forgiving self (and others).  Neptune also reminds us the power of patience and it can calm down any flustered feelings by sending us the thought– ‘This too shall pass.”  There also could also be a random encounter that offers some joy or comfort.   There is also the humanitarian component to Neptune that suggests helping others gets us out of out of a negative mindset.   And never underestimate the power of music.  Put on a forgotten song that you used to love to shift your mood. 


During this three day cycle we will have Uranus station direct and Saturn conjunct Pluto.  Both are big and challenging and add to the roller coaster of emotions.   Again, find your pragmatism.   There are also smaller aspects occurring in this phase:  



1/11 Mercury conjunct Saturn.  Serious thoughts.  Serious Talks.  No one wants to waste time. 


1/12 Mercury conjunct Pluto. Penetrating thoughts.  Evolution thinking. 


1/13 Sun conjunct Pluto.  Once a year aspect.  Deep, introspection about what makes sense about our place in the world. 


1/13 Sun conjunct Saturn.  Focus, discipline, pragmatic, responsible. 


1/13 Venus enters Pisces.  Oh, good, something soothing. Dreamy visions help.  



See you on the other side of this energy at Disseminating Moon Jan 13, 8pm (PST). 


Saturn Square Pluto January 12

Saturn and Pluto (Wikipedia)

Saturn conjunct Pluto 


January 12  


8:59am PST 


This is one rare bird of an aspect.  We knew it was coming and have been talking about its arrival for the last two years.  


The last time Saturn got on top of Pluto was 1982 before that round was 1951.   It is a once a thirty- year event.   However, the last time the two of them got together in Capricorn was 1518.    So, here we are five hundred years later doing it again.  On that round the world got Martin Luther who said, “Hmm maybe it is time to do religion different” and sadly about six months after the aspect King Charles I (Spain) commenced taking enslaved Africans to the Americas.  His edict changed history and arguably is still felt today.   If you look at the world it is not too hard to see the aspect is already in effect.  People seeking structure, limits, boundaries (Saturn) versus the purging and upheaval of things that no longer work (Pluto).  Power is important to both planets although they get there in different ways.  Saturn gets it through discipline and achievement.  Pluto through death and rebirth.    Both planets also have a depressing component to them since they both have a heat seeking missile to find problems and once the problem is found it looks like too much work to fix it—thus the depression, ‘How can we/I fix it?”   The answer– It will get fixed by showing up and doing the work.  Stay connected to your own evolution and your own discipline to tackle problems.    Never underestimate the power of Saturn conjunct Pluto.    


Personally, if you know your chart you should see what house has 22 degrees of Capricorn.    If you don’t know your chart you are feeling it.   Where are you tired of monkeying around?  Where do you feel like you are wasting time?  Where do you feel you need to get real results?   Where are you feeling like you need to step up and ‘do something’?  This is no day in the country aspect but at the same time it is not focused on just one narrow window of January 12th .  It is and has been felt for months and will continue after the date also we have transiting Jupiter and Mars who are going to be in effect with both Saturn & Pluto so we will be driving over this point quite a few times in 2020.     Lots for us to process.   On a personal level, take  note of any energy shift after  the 12th.  



Uranus Stations Direct – January 10

Uranus Station Direct 


January 10  


5:47pm PST 


Uranus turned retrograde on August 11 at 6 degrees of Taurus.  How have you been processing your money, investments, security, things that make you feel ‘solid’ since August?   Have the last five months been giving you confidence that you are in good shape?  Or are you feeling exposed and vulnerable?   Uranus is the planet of innovation.   It’s also the planet of progress and new.  Now that it is turning direct you may feel motivated to find a new approach to your finances, your investments and things that bring security.  Has there been a brilliant idea you have been sitting on?   Once Uranus turns direct consider the ideas you have been percolating.  Test drive those ideas, talk to friends.  Get some feedback.  Do some research.   Taurus likes to do things slow and bit by bit—Uranus likes to do things fast—getting these two to find a way to understand each other can be tricky.   But it can be as simple as find something brilliant and build on it bit by bit.  


 Uranus in Taurus for the next seven years could bring fluctuation to economies and earth changes.  The last time Uranus was in Taurus was 1934-1942 it was a time of the great dust bowl, major floods and famines and other weather extremes.  There also was a rise of dictators like, you- know- who in Germany and the other power jerks in Italy, Spain and Russia who all liked to grab land and resources.   


Those who survived that rough period were nimble and ingenious.   What curious thought or idea did you have in the last five months that now as you consider it could possibly be your ingenuity?   Might it serve you (or the world) if you pursue it?    


We are still at the beginning of Uranus’ journey in Taurus, for those of you born with planets at early fixed signs may be feeling like the carpet has been pulled out from under your feet.   Roughly: April 21-April 28, July 24 – Aug 1, Oct 24-Nov 1,  Jan 22 – Jan 29–  If we all live long enough, Uranus will mix it up with all of us.  It is one of the earthquake planets so it knows how to shake things up.   Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury so communication is critical.  Get the word out and start talking to people about the changes you are going through, don’t do it alone.  People have experience they can share with you.  Support can come in weird ways— ‘weird’ is Uranus word, by the way.  


Last Quarter Moon in 2019



Last Quarter Moon Phase


December  18, 2019 




Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense.  And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living  “The serenity prayer” 


God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.


Focus on:


What actions are you taking that address details?  How are addressing your diet?  Your calendar?   Are you doing things every day or every hour that are in sync with the spirit inside you?  What choices can you make that get you more in sync. 


Special Focus:


12/19: Mercury square Neptune.  Communication fuzzy.  Avoid zealotry thinking.   Take a moment and reflect.  Go inward. 


12/19: Venus enter Aquarius 


12/21: Sun enters Capricorn – Winter Solstice 


12/22: Venus square Uranus – Controlling love versus practical freedom.  Money, love and values get electric bolts.  


Balsamic Moon Phase


December 22, 2019  




Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new.  


Focus on How are you releasing your controlling nature?  How are your releasing your “power” or “power tripping”?   How are you releasing your extremes?  How are you allowing yourself to release the debris whether it is mental or physical? 


Special Focus:


12/24:  Sun trine Uranus.  Finding a practical way to transform.  A practical internal revolution. 


Capricorn New Moon  December 25, 2019 9:13pm