The path of the total solar eclipse in August will stretch across the US from coast to coast. It passes over Oregon in the west all the way across the country to South Carolina in the east. This not only rare astronomically, but also astrologically because as we know “as above so below.”

The ancient sky watchers paid close attention to eclipses which they believed to signify imminent disasters affecting countries and kings. For those doubting Thomas’s who think solar eclipses have no influence on earthlings they should keep in mind that eclipses have proven to have an impact on animals when their circadian rhythm is interrupted.  There is a correlation between Earthquakes and eclipses. Check out Celeste Teal’s article

So what can we expect with this solar eclipse? Keep an eye open for new beginnings and opportunities not necessarily good or bad. This should be an exciting period that brings unexpected events for signs in the later degrees* of Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius and especially Leo’s.  Eclipses force us to take actions that portend growth and bring us into new and improved directions. These signs will be made aware of matters formerly thought not pressing and that can no longer be ignored.  The next 6 months will make these signs sit up and take notice.

Solar eclipses signal to us about matters that have major significance in our lives.  Astrologers say that the affects of an eclipse can be felt anywhere from 3 to 6 months before and even a year after the eclipse. If you have any of these signs within 28° 58’ you should feeling the effects already.  It is interesting to note that Donald Trump’s rising sign is 29◦ 58’ in the sign of Leo which means its influence will have a very personal effect on him.  His presidency has certainly been fraught with trouble prior to being elected president and has continued ever since.

I have included a quote from the Real Astrology website, “Solar Eclipses tend to relate to sudden events that disrupt our normal conscious functioning; they are the crisis that seems to come out of nowhere and that suddenly demands all of our conscious attention and focus.” 


Saturn, the planet of karmic responsibility has been in the sign of Sagittarius since December 2014.  The cosmic cop of the zodiac will continue in the sign of the Archer until December 2017.  Morals and ethics will be the theme throughout this period.  Humans the world over will learn that using shortcuts or schemes to avoid consequences always backfire and that no one is above the law.  Saturn in Sagittarius teaches us that moral and ethical standards of behavior will always be the safest way to success.


Speaking in evolutionary terms, the  twelve signs of the zodiac represent the the 12 stages of consciousness.  Pisces represents the final stage of evolutionary consciousness.  Within the sign contains a consciousness of the totality of all the traits of the signs that have been experienced and come before. In its highest state of being it strives to remove itself from egocentric matters, meaning attachments to those things that do not assist in its soul’s development.   This is why Pisces ideally is the most spiritual sign of the zodiac.
Personally, I find this sign to be the kindest and one of the most misunderstood of the 12 signs. I feel water signs in general which are part of the water triad, better known as Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces probably relate to this personal observation of mine best because of their tendency to keep their feelings to themselves.  Born with the gift of retreating rather than forcing it’s agenda on others, this sign has the capacity to patiently wait on the sidelines for others less equipped and striving for attention to hang themselves. It is a sign of great compassion especially for those people less fortunate. They are often found in careers where they can help people unable to help themselves i.e., hospital workers, psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors. Ruled by the planet Neptune which bestows an affinity for music, art, meditation, spiritualism and occultism, this highly inspirational planet is striving to deliver us to higher realms, a real challenge for normal mortals who are constantly faced with a myriad of tempting choices. Of all the signs of the zodiac this is the most intuitive and psychic sign.

Even the most well balanced and grounded Pisces finds it hard to escape the temptations that Neptune brings. As I mentioned earlier the majority of Pisces people in the world will find their escape route through reading literature, films, cruises, music,  viticulture, chemistry or even craft beer.   All of these pursuits are healthy in themselves unless pleasurable pursuits become addictions.  If psychological disorders go unchecked alcohol, drug, or other addictions can manifest. Look, you don’t have to be a Pisces to want to find an escape route, but Pisces does it better than all the other 11 signs. Acting is another career that Pisces feel attracted to because they can escape into a role and become someone else. Of all the signs of the zodiac this is the most intuitive and psychic sign.   Poetry and poets also fall into the realm of Neptune and Pisces, as poetry is the most aesthetic form of expressing feelings.


This is one of my favorite signs because I admire their ability to chase rainbows, believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and their belief that behind every human being lies a kind and loving soul seeking to transcend the physical realm.  Those of you born at the tail end of the sign will be happy to know that all those obstacles you have been dealing with will be over by the end of the year. Here’s to sunny days ahead!!


The following words are just some of the words associated with the sign of Aquarius: freethinking, friendly, cooperator, philanthropist, humanitarian, idealist. progressive and reformer. On January 20, 2017 the Sun was officially in the sign of Aquarius. It was also the date that the new president of the United States was inaugurated. We can only hope that the positive expression of those words will somehow be absorbed into the consciousness of the newly elected president. This is all I will say on this subject.
Aquarius is the most tolerant sign of the zodiac. They are fascinated and appreciate the differences in world surrounding them whether it be career choices, art, or sexual persuasion.  In short, individuality in all its forms. In my experience I have found this sign to be exceptionally cooperative as long as the issue at hand is presented intelligently. For instance it should be no secret to anybody who has any relationship with this sign that they are very smart, in fact smarter than most of the other 11 signs of the zodiac.  However, before we put this brilliant eccentric on a pedestal, patience which we all know is a virtue, appears to have escaped this sign, particularly when it comes to dealing with ordinary mortals. This is especially noticeable by their sudden display of irritation if they have to wait more than 2 seconds for anything like a cell phone pick-up, an answer to any question, or a late night pizza delivery. Uranus, Aquarius’s ruling planet is the cause.  I know this because I have, like so many other astrologers a close relationship to this unpredictable planet.
Maybe that’s why I always need to know where the exit is while attending a lecture, wedding, movie, play, concert or friendly gathering.  People bestowed with Uranian energy are notorious for getting bored.  They always need an escape route. Aquarian’s need for change is undiluted though compared to their astro-cousins (Moon in Aquarius, Uranus on Ascendant, Sun conjunct Uranus etc.)  Sun sign Aquarian’s, simply embody their coolness, need for distance, space, and experimentation. They can really let their freak flag fly, except of course if they have strong Saturn influences in their charts, then their conservative side can become extreme.  Uranus rules extremes and nothing is more tight-assed than an Aquarian gone over to the right.  
Whether conservative or liberal this sign is very friendly.  They do friends really well.  All of them enjoy hanging with their mates and co-workers and will know every one of them by name.  Just don’t talk include them in a conversation about how you just had to put down your precious dog or cat that you’ve had since childhood or your recent painful breakup.  This kind of talk makes their brain scramble for a good excuse to split.  If you want to feel like your living alone marry an Aquarius.Their brilliance lies in social activities, humanitarian and philanthropic concerns, political movements, science and engineering.  They are best at giving themselves up for causes that help the greater good because their ability to detach their emotions for the causes they espouse helps them achieve goals rather than drown in a pool of feelings which can render them ineffective. 
If you want to stay in a relationship with this sign and need cuddle time, it will be like trying to make an apple into an orange.  Accept them for the unique and original person they are and just keep inventing new and unexplored activities to enjoy together.  It will keep him or her interested for a lifetime.     



All you Caps probably feel like you’ve been serving time ever since Pluto entered Capricorn back in January 2008. Caps born after January 2nd should be able to breath a sigh of relief. About now you’re able to count your losses and start all over again.  Those of you born around the 3rd through the 9th should finally see a light at the end of the tunnel by December 2017.

Pluto will stay in the sign until November 2024 so those of you born after the 18th of January will have to learn that there are just some things you just can’t control. Surrendering isn’t always a bad thing, after all it can save your life.

Here are some signals that Pluto is close by:  Your business hasn’t made a profit for years but you keep kicking a dead horse. You and your spouse are living separate lives.    Your boyfriend still hasn’t put the ring on your finger and its been ten years.  Your house is too big, too expensive, too run down. All of a sudden the face in the mirror looks exactly like your mother’s and you keep googling plastic surgeons.  Your kid’s heads are full of lice, there are mice in the walls, fleas on your dog and your plumber is stalking you.

With all the above you’re probably wondering how you’ll get out alive.  You will.  Just when you think you can’t take it anymore and decide to promise God and the universe you will do anything you’re asked to be let off the hook Pluto will finally unhook you, but only when you really really mean it.  Sure you’ll feel exhausted, battered and bloodied and minus a few bucks but you’ll be well on your way to someplace better than where you were.


It hasn’t been an easy go for you guys lately.  Ever since late December of 2014 things started to go downhill haven’t they?  Either you lost your job, had troublesome dealings with authority figures, health concerns, or a heap of responsibilities thrown at you.  This may not be the kind of news you wanted to hear especially on your birthday, but downhill doesn’t have to mean that its the end of the world Sagittarius! After all you’re not considered the luckiest sign of the zodiac for nothing.
Normally, Sagittarians walk around with both feet planted in mid-air, which gives the sign a reputation for being a bit eccentric, but right now those feet are being forced to the sidewalk.  Did you know that Saturn rules concrete?  He also rules authority figures.  When Mr.Saturn comes along it is best to think of him as the big boss who owns you, demanding the best of you for your own good.  If you don’t measure up, like slacking or shirking your duties, Saturn will let you know.  You may be called in for a one-on-one with him or her, whatever the gender.  If you have been guilty of doing work that is considered average instead of stellar, well then, that’s the reason the boss called you in for a sit down.  Since you normally have Jupiter on your side, the sit down might just be a warning.  So if that’s the case you had better pull up your bootstraps and roll up your sleeves and do whatever you can to make things right.  Saturn is all about right.  He always points out the wrongs.
So keep your nose to the grindstone and show the boss what you are really made of, otherwise don’t be surprised when the next time you’re invited into the boss’s office you will be asked to hand in your ID badge.

Now there are other times when people getting Saturn transits can get pulled into drama’s within the workplace through no fault of their own like during a merger.  In that case all you can do is pray that the inevitable won’t happen because everybody knows that mergers are like diets.  Something has to be eliminated for the greater good.  It doesn’t have to mean that you’re out of a job, but just to be safe I would suggest updating your resume and getting in contact with a good headhunter.

Since Saturn will be affecting your natal Sun which represents a person’s vitality.  Its transits to the Sun may be Saturn’s way of trying to tell you about a health issue. When I saw that Saturn was getting close to my 6th house of health I took myself to the doctor.  I didn’t have any symptoms, I just knew astrologically it would be a good idea.  Thankfully because of that visit and the help of an amazing doctor, I’m alive to tell about it.  In fact ever since Saturn began to transit the sign of Sagittarius, all the mutable signs would have benefited from routine check ups.  Those signs include
Gemini, Virgo, Pisces and of course Sagittarius; especially if you are a Gemini rising.

“So where’s the good stuff.” You are probably asking right now.  The good stuff will be easy to see after the transit passes.  You’ll be able to see your Saturn Transit Report card by reflecting on how you handled the tough stuff. Karma is a bitch and we can never escape it.  No other sign like Sag can tap into the universe and get ideas bigger than Jupiter himself to use and make life bigger and better the way its supposed to be.

So stop your sniveling.  The transit will be over soon and you can pass the baton over to Capricorn. That sign is well acquainted with Saturn and his bag of roadblocks.  You could learn a thing or two from them. It will all be over by December 21, 2017 so just get on with it.


No sign is more idealistic, loyal, commitment oriented and obsessive than a Scorpio.  Are you single and looking for a lifetime partner; one who you can trust to stick with you through thick and thin?  Try dating a Scorpio.  Once this sign thinks you are the one, you’ll become like a tattoo on their brain or gum on your shoe or whatever analogy you appreciate more. Their specialty is obsessing; whether its choosing a vacation spot, home decor or just meeting for dinner, Scorpios fixate on things and people that are important to them like a stalker does its prey.   So if this is your idea of relationship bliss, please be my guest.  Just giving you a heads up before you decide to become the proverbial ball and chain . But I jest…certainly there are terrific Scorpio’s out there someplace whose endearing qualities make you feel like your prayers have been answered.

Don’t worry about finances your Scorpio will take control of them for you; they specialize in keeping their hands in everybody else’s pockets.  That’s why some of them choose professions like law where they specialize in wills and estates. Where some people would shy away from careers that are associated with death, Scorpio’s are often the exception rather than the rule.  Any Scorpio worth his salt knows that there’s good money in funeral homes, embalming and forensics.   Their ability to get to the bottom of things also make them excellent detectives. Nothing gives them a sense  of satisfaction like tracking down a murder suspect. Scorpio’s ruling planet Pluto, is associated with the opening at the end of the alimentary canal.  In case you didn’t know this there is a ton of money to be made in the field of gastroenterology.  How do I know this?  Because My primary doctor told me so.  Let’s not forget, Pluto rules mega money. 

Now before you think that I’m not being flattering to Scorpio’s, remember this sign has been blessed with immeasurable intensity of purpose as well as a capacity to be there for you through thick and thin.  Just when everyone decides to abandon you, the last sign standing, probably at your deathbed will be the 8th sign of the zodiac.