Horoscopes: America’s Jupiter Returns 2013 and 2025

April 22, 2021: Nope, not a whole bunch of text today, only two DC Horoscopes showing America’s current Jupiter Return which perfected on July 22, 2013 (lower left – 2021 Uranus across the top/MC = crisis; reforms), and our nation’s next Jupiter Return on July 5, 2025 (upper right). Significant is our country’s 1776 Jupiter’s rounded-up degree of ‘6 Cancer’ and its very descriptive Sabian Symbol,

America: the Neptune-Pluto Cycle of Crime and Fantasy

Modern Humanity and Uranus-Neptune-Pluto in the US
by Jude Cowell
April 16, 2021: Approximately every 492 years, a Great Conjunction forms between gaseous giant Neptune and the distant planet of Pluto, as seen from Earth. The last such conjunction, three actually, is the current cycle and seems particularly significant to the United States of America because 115 years later our radical ‘totem

US Mars Return: early April 2021

April 6, 2021: No matter which of multiple US Horoscopes I check, our US Mars Return (19 – 23 Gemini) occurs this very week. And with each Mars Return to natal degree perfecting within a day or two of one another, the same applying aspects in each horoscope are formed by Mars: square Neptune in Pisces, then trine Jupiter in Aquarius.
Of course, the first aspect echoes America’s 1776 Mars-Neptune

Spring and Summer 2021: The Path of Benefic Jupiter

The To-and-Fro of the Benefic Planet of Hope, Expansion, and Discovery
by Jude Cowell
April 1, 2021: On February 25, 2021, when we discussed the Summer Solstice 2021 Horoscope, what has happened since hadn’t happened yet. You may remember the chart:

And perhaps you remember that the chart angles in the Spring Equinox 2021 Horoscope mimic those in the Summer Solstice 2021 chart shown above – with

Horoscope: World War One that “war to end all wars” – a Great Betrayal

Lying Americans Into War a Long Tradition
by Jude Cowell
March 31, 2021: You’ll recognize the quote from President Woodrow Wilson on the occasion of his deceitfully taking America into World War I: that it would be a “war to end all wars.” As the world well knows, it was not that but the start of a process. And it was, however, “a ritual sacrifice” and global populations – including millions of

DC Horoscopes: April 2021 New and Full Moons

March 15, 2021: Below is a dual chart with both the New (lower left) and Full (upper right) Moons of April 2021 set for Washington, DC:

As you know, New Moon phases are for seeding ideas and plans while the following Full Moon is a time of culmination and fulfillment and may also reveal something about full awareness and relationships. In Politics, the ‘full awareness’ quality of a Full Moon (

AG Merrick Garland: Sun Scorpio-Moon Libra

March 11, 2021: Back in the olden days of 2016 a post appeared here concerning President Biden’s now-confirmed Attorney General of the United States Merrick Garland. You’ll remember that 2016 was a discouraging time for our country with the “former guy” hunkered down in the White House and using AG Bill Barr as his own personal attorney to shield him from answering for his scofflaw actions and