The Whimsical Sun (POTUS) of Inauguration 2017

A Closer View of Inauguration 2017’s Unaspected Sun (POTUS)

by Jude Cowell

Previously I posted Inauguration 2017 Midpoint Pictures and its Sun-Moon blend but without noting the midpoint pictures’ more specific political implications. Today I want to correct that omission and since I’m often criticized for using a common-good astrological lens through which to view politics, politicians, and

DC Horoscopes: Dec 2016 New Moon w/ Jan 2017 Full Moon

Image: Dual Horoscopes December 29, 2016 New Moon @7Cap59 and January 12, 2017 Full Moon @22Can27:

The December 2016 New Moon in Capricorn conjoins a difficult fixed star, Facies, one of the ‘victim stars’ with potentials for: violence, war, death, blindness, detachment, frigidity, leadership ability, perfectionism, earthquakes.

The first lunation of 2017 in January, a Full Moon in Cancer,

Synastry Grid: Inauguration 2017 w/ Mr. Trump’s natal planets

On Inaugurating Mr. Trump

by Jude Cowell

Back in April I posted the horoscope of Inauguration 2017 with a few notes (horoscope is re-posted, below, along with Mr. Trump’s natal chart). Today I post a synastry grid of his natal planets and points with the planets and points of Inauguration 2017. As you see, the grid shows more squares, oppositions, sesquisquares, and inconjuncts (highlighted in

Decade of Change: the Outer Planet Conjunctions of the 1950s

If you’re reading this article you may not have been alive in the 1950s and ‘missed’ the Great Conjunctions of the decade. It was a decade of change and new conditions across the globe and in America so I’ve put together a list of the four planetary conjunctions of the 1950s, when their energies combined and the Great Cosmic Clock started over for each pair. (Update 12.12.16: recently news

The February 2017 Eclipse, Alexander Hamilton, and Aaron Burr

Recently The Mountain Astrologer published an excellent article by Kate Plumb concerning the (rectified) natal and progressed charts of Sun Capricorn Alexander Hamilton along with the Opening Night horoscope of the very popular Broadway show Hamilton. With Hamilton’s natal chart progressed to Opening Night (August 6, 2015), we see modern influences upon a posthumous chart where its long deceased

After the Revolution: the Oriental Planet of Donald Trump

Now that Mr. Trump will take the Oath of Office on January 20, 2017, I have been studying his natal horoscope even more closely than before. One chart factor that keeps ‘popping out’ at me is his 10th house Uranus in Gemini which leads the rest of his planets and is the last planet to rise before the Sun. This condition is called the Oriental Planet and as such provides clues to his ‘inner

December 2016 into 2017: Karmic Planets hit the natal chart of Donald Trump

Reviewing the December 2016 and January 2017 planetary transits to the natal chart of president-elect Donald Trump, it may be handy to list the primary aspects that affect Mr. Trump’s natal planets as he and his team continue their attempt to populate his cabinet and fill other positions soon to be available in the Trump administration.

Tr = transit; n = natal; assumed is your familiarity with