Jupiter Enters Capricorn: Big Dreams Need A Plan

Jupiter In Capricorn: December 2, 2019 – December 19, 2020

Jupiter is the biggest planet in astronomy and the best planet in astrology. It represents opportunity, growth, expansion & freedom and is the planet of hope, trust & faith. Wherever you find Jupiter in your horoscope, this is where you can embrace life to the full.

This week, Jupiter is on the move. The big planet takes 12 years to circuit the zodiac which means it spends approximately 1 year in each star sign.

Jupiter Leaves Sagittarius

For the last twelve months, Jupiter has been in ‘big picture’ Sagittarius, its sign of rulership. This is a crusading Jupiter, aligned with vision and truth, justice and faith.  Jupiter in Sagittarius is full of high ideals, sound beliefs and a world philosophy.

Yet, as some of you may have experienced, Jupiter’s promise in Sagittarius didn’t always live up to expectations. This was partly because Jupiter was constantly squaring up to Neptune, the planet of disillusion & confusion. You can feel lost in Neptune’s realm and this may have dissolved the enthusiasm and vigour of Jupiter’s big goals in Sagittarius.

You may have encountered some unfulfilled dreams or hopes that faded before they came into being. Fire signs, like Sagittarius, are great for energy and motivation. Yet, without a solid plan, they don’t always see things through to the end.

Jupiter Enters Capricorn

So, what can you expect when Jupiter is in Capricorn, its sign of fall. How does the planet of optimism and joy get on in the sign of work and discipline, especially if Capricorn insists on viewing the glass half empty?

You could just give up and think that Jupiter in Capricorn won’t bring the goods in the year ahead. However, before you do so, know that this could be a great partnership.

Jupiter in Capricorn is the practical visionary, the realistic optimist.  In fact, it can be a partnership made in heaven, when those big dreams finally come to fruition because you’ve made a plan and have the discipline to see things through. Capricorn is an earth sign, great for seeing things through to completion.

Also, Jupiter is coming along behind Saturn and Pluto, already in Capricorn. It’s bringing truth and justice to their dictatorial & underground ways, including corruption and wrong-doing.

On a personal level, this could bring you freedom from a stale-mate situation and put the wind in your sails allowing you to break free and break through after a time of difficulty or challenge.

I think the biggest challenge with Jupiter’s move into Capricorn is going to be keeping faith. Jupiter represents hope & optimism, whereas Capricorn can feel gloomy when possibilities are limited.

Therefore, there may be times in the year ahead when you lose your trust in life. Bear this in mind moving forwards and use any tips and tricks that work for you to hold on to your faith.

Jupiter’s Influence

There’ll be lots to say about Jupiter over the next twelve months as it interacts with other key planets, on the whole, in a positive way.

Dates to note in December are the 15th when Jupiter and Uranus align, both in earth signs – think entrepreneurial risk-taking – and the 27th when there’s an annual Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn, the day after a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 26th – turbo-powered energy.

This blog will keep you up-to-date with all the top astrology as it arises. For now, here’s a quick guide to the areas of life that Jupiter will highlight in your horoscope in the coming year. Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign.

Remember, it’s important not to sit back and wait for Jupiter’s gifts to come to you. When you know which area of your life Jupiter is highlighting, take advantage of the best planet.

Jupiter encourages risk-taking, envisioning, enthusiasm and positive vibes. The more you put in, the more you get back in return.

Where Jupiter Promises Success

Capricorn: Jupiter is in your 1st house ruling your physical body, your personal goals and ambitions. The spotlight’s on you when Jupiter’s in Capricorn giving you the feel-good factor and doubling your luck. Embrace new experiences, be adventurous and say Yes to life.

Aquarius: Jupiter is in your 12th house ruling retreat and quiet times. An ideal time to develop your spiritual side, listen to your inner voice, learn meditation, yoga or go on a retreat. Let the inner journey begin.

Pisces: Jupiter is in your 11th house ruling friends, groups, social activities and concerns. An ideal time to connect with old and new friends alike, join a club, society or community project, do your bit for a humanitarian, environmental, political or social cause.

Aries: Jupiter is in your 10th house ruling your career, vocation, status and where you’re heading in life. An ideal time to change careers, ask for a payrise or go for a promotion, take a sabbatical, work abroad, gain new qualifications and pursue a dream goal.

Taurus: Jupiter is in your 9th house ruling travel, study, philosophy and spirituality. An ideal time to broaden your horizons and remember that life is the journey and not the destination. Book the holiday of a lifetime, emigrate, sign up for a life-changing course, be open-minded and explore life in depth.

Gemini: Jupiter is in your 8th house ruling joint finances, sexuality and all that’s hidden or taboo. An ideal time to pray for what you most need in life, receive an inheritance, improve your financial portfolio, explore your sexuality, embrace celibacy, share resources and pool finances.

Cancer: Jupiter is in your 7th house ruling your 1-to-1 relationships. An ideal time to fall in love, propose or be proposed to, play the field and become a dating superstar, let go of a love that restricts you, employ a personal trainer, life coach or find your ideal business partner.

Leo: Jupiter is in your 6th house ruling work & routine, service to others and your health. An ideal time to change the 9-to-5 so you free up your time, apply for a job, join a volunteer agency, boost your health and fitness. Jupiter in Capricorn is invariably busy for you.

Virgo: Jupiter is in your 5th house ruling children, your creativity, entertainment, love affairs and fun. An ideal time to give birth, get pregnant, work with children, write your masterpiece, explore your creativity, have an affair, become a socialite, buy tickets for a music festival.

Libra: Jupiter is in your 4th house ruling your home, family, your past and where you come from. An ideal time to move home, expand where you live, make a journey into your past, celebrate with family and find your clan. Forgiveness is a theme moving forwards or letting go.

Scorpio: Jupiter is in your 3rd house ruling communication, siblings, neighbours and your local community. An ideal time to launch a website, tell stories, holiday or celebrate with brothers, sisters or people who live close by, join your neighbourhood watch scheme, update your mode of communication or transport.

Sagittarius: Jupiter is in your 2nd house ruling money, personal possessions and what you value in life. An ideal time to earn more money, play with your investments, think ‘less is more’ and de-clutter your possessions, show your charitable or philanthropic side.

Jupiter in Capricorn means Big Dreams Need A Plan.

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Top Tips For The New Moon In Libra

NEW MOON [05 Libra 20]

September 28, 2019 (19:26 GMT+1)

This weekend, there’s a theme of new beginnings as the lunar cycle starts over. Today, Saturday 28th September, there’s a New Moon in the sign of relationships, Libra. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate this important symbol of new beginnings.

1. Set your intentions for the month ahead. Write them down, say them out loud.

2. Make a wish on the crescent moon. This will appear in the night sky over the next couple of nights. When you first catch a glimpse, make your wish as New Moon wishes can come true.

3. Write an abundance cheque. You can do this with any cheque. Write your name where it says ‘payee’, add how much you want to receive, choose any figure you like, the more abundant the better and sign it ‘with love from the universe’. Tuck it away and wait and see what manifests by the time of the Full Moon two weeks later.

4. Give love and ask for love. Libra is the sign of relationships and favours relationships that are equal and fair. Be open to love at the New Moon, forgive someone close to you, practise kindness and generosity and ask for the same in return. Turn over a new page in a close relationship.

5. Find balance. Libra is the sign of the scales and represents peace and harmony. Life can feel like a constant balancing act, so this weekend decide what it is you need so you can find balance within yourself. This will be personal to your situation, whether you need time alone or to be around people, you want to catch up on sleep, exercise, eat well or you’re ready to play more and work less. Your choice.

6. Libra’s ruling planet is Venus and only a few hours after the New Moon, there’s a stunning Venus-Jupiter sextile aspect. Venus is in Libra and Jupiter in Sagittarius. Jupiter expands what it touches so this feels promising for love. Plus, there’s a foreign theme – maybe you’re thinking of someone who lives abroad or you’ve fallen for someone from a different culture or background.

7. The Venus-Jupiter vibe isn’t only about love on a personal level. It can represent your love for a country or place or finding love with yourself and beyond yourself. When you recognise love in everything, your life feels blessed. Love is such a powerful force that unites people and available to you any time you choose.

Mumford & Sons

“Sigh No More”

Here are the areas of your life where this New Moon falls. Read your Sun sign & Ascendant sign if you know it – set your intentions and be pro-active:

Libra – 1st house – personal goals/aims, physical body, image & self-perception
Scorpio – 12th house – sacrifice, inner work, a spiritual retreat, caring for self & others
Sagittarius – 11th house – friends, groups, politics, social causes, hopes & wishes
Capricorn – 10th house – career & vocation, status & reputation, authority, future goals
Aquarius – 9th house – travel, study, the bigger picture, life’s meaning & purpose
Pisces – 8th house – joint finances & shared resources, taboos, all things hidden & mysterious
Aries – 7th house – relationships, both personal & professional, contracts, enemies
Taurus – 6th house – work & routine, lifestyle & health, service to others
Gemini – 5th house – children & creativity, love affairs & luck, fun & entertainment
Cancer – 4th house – home & family, the past, your legacy, where you come from
Leo – 3rd house – communication, siblings, neighbours, community, your voice
Virgo – 2nd house – money & possessions, values & self-worth

The world needs love – Happy New Moon In Libra

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Felicity Huffman, the Jupiter Neptune Square

The Jupiter-Neptune square aspect is exact this Saturday, 21st September. This is the third and final connection of these two boundless, expansive planets.

They first came together on January 13th, again on June 16th and this is their third and final connection in 2019.

Jupiter-Neptune Symbolism

Whenever a major planetary aspect repeats, it acts as a backdrop, a theme to this year’s events. You see the symbolism playing out in the world. For example, Jupiter is in Sagittarius, a fire sign and Neptune is in Pisces, a water sign.

Coming together in a square aspect, these two planets can create overwhelm, overblown exaggerated activity. Recently, Mother Nature has been venting her fury with devastating fires, e.g. in the Amazon and devastating floods due to hurricane activity as we’ve seen in the Bahamas.

College Scandal

Symbolism isn’t limited to one factor only, as you see time and again when you work with astrology. Jupiter also rules higher education and this year, there’s been a big scandal taking place, which is Neptune’s domain.

This has been the college admissions cheating scandal in the US which many people, usually wealthy and entitled, became involved in.

They literally bought their child’s education by paying a company to doctor marks and fake admissions information for elite universities in the US. It’s the biggest college admissions case ever prosecuted by the Department of Justice.

Felicity Huffman

One of the parents caught up in this scandal is the actress, Felicity Huffman (b. December 9, 1962), married to the actor William Macy.

Huffman paid $15,000 to have her daughter’s SAT score boosted to ease her way into college. This is by no means the biggest amount paid in this far-reaching scandal. Some parents paid amounts ranging up to $500,000.

However, Huffman is the biggest name caught up in this scandal and her case has become high profile. Arrested in March 2019, Huffman was sentenced on Friday 13th September. Her punishment – 14 days in prison, a $30,000 fine, 250 hours of community service and one year supervised release for her part in the scandal.

The Astrology

Her astrology is revealing and shows why she’s become the ‘poster girl’ for the scandal . There’s no time of birth for Huffman but this doesn’t matter as it’s all about her Sun in Sagittarius (see chart below). Her Sun is at 17 degrees Sagittarius, which is the exact degree of this week’s Jupiter-Neptune square aspect.

The symbolism is blindingly obvious – in wanting to secure a top-level education (Jupiter Sagittarius) for her daughter, Huffman was seduced (Neptune) by the tantalising prospect of paying to secure her daughter’s future surreptitiously.

However, as astrology shows, Neptune by square aspect can be illusory and deceptive as it lures you in, like a siren tempting you. Allow yourself to be seduced by Neptune and the outcome isn’t always guaranteed to work in your favour. For Huffman, it’s been a personal tragedy.

In wanting the best for her daughter, the mother went behind her daughter’s back. Now, the truth has come tumbling out, this has not only damaged Huffman’s reputation but her relationship with her family as well.

Reportedly, Huffman’s daughter said to her, ‘I don’t know who you are anymore, mom. Why didn’t you believe in me, mom? Why didn’t you think I can do it on my own?’ Huffman’s reply, ‘I’m sorry Sophia. I was so stupid and I was so wrong’. … I have done more damage than I could have ever imagined.”

Sagittarius – The Star Sign Of Truth & Justice

What I admire about Huffman is her willingness to admit that she’s done wrong and pay for her mistakes. Sagittarius is the star sign that stands for truth and justice. Many other parents caught up in the scandal are refusing to admit their guilt and are preparing to fight huge court battles.

Yes, Huffman has been seduced by Neptune square to her Sun Sagittarius. Yet, the conjunction of Jupiter to her natal Sun is restoring the importance of truth and justice within herself.

Note that in Huffman’s birth chart, the Sun is square to Pluto, so Jupiter’s justice also involves incarceration. And, I would guess, a deeply and painful time of self-understanding and personal transformation.

This week’s Jupiter-Neptune square aspect may bring further revelations. It would be interesting to see the astrology of some of the other parents involved. Some of them may still be wearing Neptune’s veil, wanting to distort the truth of the situation, unable to admit their wrongs.

For Huffman, it looks as Jupiter, Sagittarius’ star sign ruler, has prevailed over Neptune. The Jupiter-Neptune square brought tough lessons her way.

Felicity Huffman, December 9, 1962, time unknown, Bedford, New York, USA

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Mercury conjunct Mars: What Are You Furious About?

We are entering a period of some furious, passionate astrology. Therefore, it’s the ideal time to recognise what you’re furious about. More importantly, channel it and do something productive with your passion and fury.

You only need to glance at the news or social media to find something to be angry about and there are a lot of us venting our feelings. Here’s the line-up of current planetary activity that’s making a lot of us a little bonkers and hopping mad:

  • Mars Cancer opposite Saturn Capricorn – June 14, 2019 (16:50 GMT+1)
  • Mercury Cancer opposite Saturn Capricorn – June 16, 2019 (15:00 GMT+1)
  • Mercury conjunct Mars [21 Cancer 31] – June 18, 2019 (17:04 GMT+1)
  • Mercury Cancer opposite Pluto Capricorn- June 19, 2019 (11:56 GMT+1)
  • Mars Cancer opposite Pluto Capricorn – June 20, 2019 (04:26 GMT+1)

The key planets are Mercury (communication) and Mars (passion/anger). They unite three times over the next few months in three different star signs, Cancer (June 18), Leo (July 8) & Virgo (September 3). When Mercury and Mars unite, it’s time to ‘walk your talk’, speak your mind, get things moving, be pro-active. These are the two planets associated with speed and action.

The most potent conjunction of the three is the current one. This is because Cancer is a cardinal sign, one of the leaders of the zodiac. Mercury and Mars meet at a significant place in the zodiac, 21 degrees Cancer and they are triggering the karmic nodes this weekend.

20-24 degrees Cancer/Capricorn is important because it’s where the current eclipse cycle is active. Plus, the two bully boys of the zodiac, Darth Vader and his mate Lord Voldemort, the Men in Black, Saturn and Pluto, are lining up at the same degrees in Capricorn.

As you can see from the planetary sequence above, Mercury and Mars are both opposed by Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn within the space of a week.

Women v. Men

Looking at today’s news, you can already see examples of how this symbolism is playing out. Firstly, I read an article about the Women’s World Cup and criticism of the US team who’d beaten Thailand 13-0.

There’d been some comments by men berating the women for continuing to celebrate the goals. As was pointed out, this was the World Cup, not a friendly or low league game and, therefore, the highlight of many of these women’s careers. To score in a World Cup is a memory that will never die and should be celebrated.

Abby Wambach, former US soccer player, was furious and rightly said, ‘stop judging these women with patriarchal glasses’. Cancer is the star sign most closely linked to women, as it’s ruled by the Moon. Cancer’s opposite star sign, Capricorn, is ruled by Saturn, symbol of the patriarchy.

The journalist writing the article concluded: ‘It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a soccer pitch or in a boardroom – being a woman means constantly battling impossible double standards’.

The Old v The Young

Inequality is an obvious symbol for the current clash – women v. men, also the old v. the new and the old (Saturn) v. the young (Mercury). Traditionally, Cancer rules babies & children, whereas Capricorn rules old people. Which leads me neatly on to another issue that’s caused uproar in the UK.

The BBC’s decision to means-test over 75’s and no longer offer free TV licenses to the older generation. More fury all round. In fact, there’s a petition doing the rounds for everyone to switch off their TV on June 21st in protest.

And, don’t get me started on the fact that the next Prime Minister of the UK is going to be chosen by a group of pensioners. This is because the only people who can vote are members of the Conservative Party and half of them are over 55. Do the young people in this country have a right to be angry? Yes, I know a lot of teenagers who were furious that they didn’t have a say about Brexit.

So, it goes on. And, of course, there are more serious protests taking place around the world, Hong Kong, for example. We are at a peak period when there are likely to be flare-ups, more passion and fury about rules and regulations and the ultimate control of the authorities, the power elite (Saturn/Pluto Capricorn). The old ways aren’t always right and must move with the times, which is where protests, freedom of speech and democracy come in.

What are you furious about?

What are you furious about? Where do you feel passionately in life? How can you make a difference? This isn’t easy astrology by any means so it is important to stay safe and know when to back down. Vitriol and violence aren’t the answer, although with Mercury (words) and Mars (war) being triggered, you can expect some people to react badly.

Mercury and Mars are gathering strength this summer and working together. Right now, they’re active in Cancer, a compassionate and caring star sign, one that favours human connections over rules, regulations and power. An ideal time to get on your soap-box, vent your fury and channel it as a force for good.

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Jupiter Retrograde: Fire, Fire Burning Bright

Jupiter turns retrograde [24 Sagittarius 21] – April 10 2019 (18:00 GMT +1)

Jupiter turns direct [14 Sagittarius 30] – August 11 2019 (14:38 GMT +1)

Big planet, Jupiter, turned retrograde this week at 24 degrees Sagittarius, one of the fire signs, on April 10th. Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and expansion, linked to foreign connections, higher education and the bigger picture in life.

Over the next few months, Jupiter will repeat its steps through the zodiac until it reaches 14 degrees Sagittarius on August 11th, when it turns direct.

Jupiter retrograde is great for planning, working on your mind-set, practising gratitude, shifting your perspective. It’s inner work that counts.

Also, it means you get two more bites of the cherry if you have key planets/angles between 14 – 24 degrees Sagittarius. This applies to the same degrees in some of the other star signs, but it’s the conjunction by transit that’s most important.

Some astrologers say the retrograde transit of Jupiter by conjunction delivers the goods. I agree as my publishing contract came in on Jupiter’s retrograde transit by conjunction to my natal Mercury (writing), two years ago. In fact, it happened almost to the day as Jupiter returned to 16 Libra.

Check out your planets/angles at the key degrees mentioned. Jupiter’s luck may be about to bring a new opportunity your way.

Fire, Fire Burning Bright

black holeTalking about Jupiter retrograde in my weekly astrology newsletter last week, I suggested it was a good time to ‘go higher’.

On the exact day that Jupiter switched direction in Sagittarius, first images of a black hole went viral (see photo on right). Jupiter’s expansive gaze literally soared higher and further into the universe revealing its fiery magnificence.


Only a few days after Jupiter’s change of direction, on April 14th, the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris burst into flames. It was an amazing experience, not only a tragedy for the beautiful Gothic building and the city of Paris, but for the outpouring of love, prayers, also, huge wealth for this iconic cathedral.

It didn’t escape my notice that this also resonated with Jupiter’s turn in direction. The church (Jupiter) bursting into flames (fire sign Sagittarius).

Symbolically, you can see the Pluto/Saturn/South Node combination working here as established structures (Saturn) are destroyed (Pluto). Yet, let’s not count out Jupiter’s symbolism. When Jupiter first entered Sagittarius back in November 2018, devastating wild fires broke out in California.

There’s been much talk of the symbolism of Notre Dame’s destruction and its subsequent survival from complete annihilation. Whether it’s a message from the Divine Feminine – Notre Dame means ‘Our Lady’ – a symbol of warning or of hope, the movements of the planets hint at the angry Gods testing our faith and challenging us to take action.

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Pluto Conjunct South Node: Road To Nowhere


There’s some major astrology taking place next year and we’re already feeling this building in the world. The premise of astrology is ‘as above, so below’, i.e. what’s happening in the movement of the planets is reflected in life on earth.

Saturn/Pluto Conjunction

The major event is a conjunction of Saturn (authority) & Pluto (power) in Capricorn on January 12, 2020. This conjunction takes place once every 30-40 years. Next year’s conjunction is significant because of the star sign it’s in. Capricorn represents government, big business, the establishment.

Pluto is a destroyer by nature, it purges, wipes away. Since Pluto’s move into Capricorn in 2008, we’ve seen major shifts in the world of finance (2008 was the last financial crash), also government & world leadership. Pluto remains in Capricorn for another five years.

My theory is that Saturn coming along behind Pluto is a good thing. Saturn is strong in Capricorn, its sign of rulership. Therefore, it’s cleaning up Pluto’s corruption & absolute power and establishing new rules.

Old Order v. New Order

As we know in the battle of the Gods in mythology, the Old order has to be defeated before the New order can reign. This is a clear symbol of what’s happening astrologically.

Old established structures are breaking apart, political laws are being exposed as archaic and outdated, leaders as incompetent. We’re seeing this around the world in the UK, USA and many other countries besides.

Living in the UK, Brexit is currently a shambles and we may well be heading for a ‘no deal’ as we stumble out of Europe (which would fit this particular astrology, see description of Pluto/nodes below).

The New order begins December 2020, when there’s a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius – another key planetary event which happens every 20 years. Aquarius is more closely aligned to the collective, democracy, the people. Together, Jupiter & Saturn are strong leaders, both attuned to decent values.

In the world, we’re witnessing a real divide between poor & corrupt leadership based on lies & greed versus ethical & heart-led leadership based on truth & equality. The necessary readjustment is already underway.

Pluto conjunct South Node

This week, exact on April 4th, but active for a longer period, Pluto in Capricorn is conjunct the South Node, a karmic point in astrology. This is a rare event in astrology and worth noting, especially with the impending Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

The Nodes – North Node/South Node – cut across opposite axes of the zodiac and reveal insights about your destiny, your life path; where you’ve come from and where you’re heading.

The nodes fall in alignment with the eclipse cycles. Our current eclipse cycle is moving through the star signs, Cancer & Capricorn – traditional symbols of home & family (Cancer), work & responsibility (Capricorn). It’s here where changes are taking place. This eclipse phase began in July 2018 and lasts until July 2020. Another reason why this is a key period in history.

The South Node is your comfort zone, where you retreat to or withdraw in life. It’s associated with automatic patterns and habitual behaviour. You can stay here but it won’t allow you to grow & develop or fulfil your destiny in this lifetime.

The South Node is a place of release & letting go, similar to Pluto’s purging qualities. Therefore, consider your own life and what needs releasing, what you’re moving away from. Consider where you’ve become automatic or lazy.

This key event may not be obvious to everyone. It will be more meaningful if you have planets/angles close to 23 degrees Capricorn or planets/angles at 23 degrees which make a major aspect to this point (Personally, I use a 1 degree orb either side).

Road To Nowhere

Sometimes, the best way to describe what astrology means is to use the images that pop up in the language of symbolism. Recently, I’ve found myself running a loop in my own head of the iconic song ‘Road To Nowhere‘ by the wonderful David Byrne, lead singer of Talking Heads.

The image of David Byrne dressed in a black suit running endlessly but going nowhere seems an apt symbol for Pluto conjunct the South Node in Capricorn. We feel helpless when we can’t control events in the world or in our own lives.

You may have your own version of this relentless running, where you’re on a treadmill and find it hard to get off.

Here’s the video:

The Pluto/South Node conjunction can flag up where it’s time to let go, move on, give in. It reveals what’s not working out or where you have no control. All you can do is navigate your way forwards as best you can keeping in step with the changes taking place, wherever they lead you.

This process continues throughout this year and peaks in 2020. Later this month, April 2019, Saturn in Capricorn is also conjunct the South Node, so don’t turn a blind eye to whatever’s unravelling or falling apart.

(Please read your monthly horoscopes if you haven’t already – they will help you understand more about these major astrological shifts of Pluto/Saturn/South Node. Click on Monthly at the top of the page.)

I have another tune running through my head for Saturn conjunct the South Node – I wonder if you can guess what it is? (to be revealed at the end of April…)

Continue Your Life’s Celebration

A final word:

 “Let go of the spirit of the departed

and continue your life’s celebration” 

The quote above is by Allen Ginsberg (b. June 3, 1926). A Sun Gemini with a strong Pisces signature in his chart, Ginsberg was born with Pluto in Cancer conjunct the North Node in the 4th house. Pluto is a symbol of the departed as God of the Underworld.

Ginsberg spoke these words to his friend, Patti Smith, after her husband and brother died in the space of a month.

Whatever the world throws at you, whatever you are faced or confronted with in your own life, you can choose to release, let go and continue your celebration of life. It’s an important message to hold on to whenever things fall apart.

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Full Moon Libra: Taking Sides


Full Moon [0 Libra 09]

– March 21, 2019 (01:43 GMT)

This week’s Full Moon is one of the most important Full Moons of the year, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it takes place only a few hours after the Equinox when the Sun enters Aries. The light of the Sun (consciousness, clarity) and the light of the Moon (knowingness, intuition) peak at the same time. Inner & outer are closely aligned.

Also, this Full Moon takes place at 0 degrees of the Aries/Libra axis, a potent degree. In four weeks time, on April 19th, there’s a second Full Moon cutting across the same axis of the zodiac at 29 degrees Aries/Libra, another potent degree. Therefore, what comes to light during this Full Moon resonates and repeats in four weeks time. A beginning & an ending.

Finally, the Sun sits next to Chiron at 1 degree Aries during the Full Moon. Therefore, themes of healing and wounding, insight and forgiveness are strong during this first Full Moon in Libra. If your birthday is this week, expect a powerful time of illumination and revelation.

Aries/Libra Axis

During the Full Moon, the Moon is in Libra, the sign of relationships, opposing the Sun in Aries. This axis of the zodiac is about the self (Aries) v. the other (Libra) and this is where we learn about relationships. A Full Moon reminds us of life’s polarities by its very nature. The King (Sun) and Queen (Moon) of the heavens look at each other from across the zodiac.

The relationship theme is especially prevalent during these two Full Moons in Libra. The challenge may be how you keep your own identity when you’re in relationship to others, either personally or professionally.

Relationships are great teachers but can be tricky to negotiate when a union or partnership lasts for a long time. You see more closely the balance of the scales (Libra’s zodiac symbol) as they swing up and down. At times, you’re perfectly aligned. Often, you’re out of sync, even if only slightly.

The ‘two peas in a pod’ scenario may be the perfect goal for some. Yet, the deeper learning comes from seeing and understanding yourself in relation to others. Sometimes, that learning is greatest when your scales are out of balance. When you dive deep into love or another key partnership in your life, you hold up a mirror revealing more about yourself.

Taking Sides

This week’s Full Moon in Libra comes at a time when our world feels out of balance and we are seeing the huge divides within society. Venus rules Libra and, on the day of the Full Moon, Venus is square to Mars. Us versus them; me versus you is not an ideal way to play out this Full Moon energy. That’s the danger, falling into extremism, taking sides.

Instead, focus on Libra’s strengths and aim for relationships based on equality and fairness. Find the places where you unite with other people, our common ground. After all, Venus is currently in Aquarius, the sign ruling the collective.

Plus, Venus in Aquarius makes a positive sextile aspect to Jupiter in Sagittarius on the same day as the Full Moon/Venus square Mars combination. Jupiter rules faith, Sagittarius rules truth. The Venus/Jupiter connection is the way to rise above petty squabbles & ugly divisions within society. Be philosophical about your own relationship challenges. When in doubt, know that Jupiter expands what it touches and Venus rules love & Love.

You can be pulled in different directions during this Full Moon phase or find a way to bring opposing factors together so they complement each other.

It’s worth remembering that a relationship is a product of two people together and sometimes you have little or no say over what the other person says or does. The decisions you make when a relationship’s not working out are just as important as the ones you make when a relationship’s going well.

The Houses/Areas of Life

Aries and Libra symbolism focuses on relationships for everyone but these two signs rule specific areas of your life. These areas are where balance may currently be required. Notice whether your scales are out of kilter or closely aligned. Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign:

  • Aries: Personal goals & self care/relationships & one-on-one partnership
  • Taurus: Retreat & recuperation/work, service, health & fitness
  • Gemini: Friends, groups & networks/self-expression, creativity, children & love affairs
  • Cancer: Career & vocation/home & family
  • Leo: Travel & exploration, seeking meaning/life close to home, neighbours & siblings
  • Virgo: Other peoples’ money & joint resources/personal possessions & values
  • Libra: Relationships & one-on-one partnership/personal goals & self care
  • Scorpio: Work, service, health & fitness/retreat & recuperation
  • Sagittarius: Self-expression, creativity, children & love affairs/friends, groups & networks
  • Capricorn: Home & family/career & vocation
  • Aquarius: Life close to home, neighbours & siblings/ travel & exploration, seeking meaning
  • Pisces: Personal possessions & values/other peoples’ money & joint resources

Happy Full Moon Libra

Aim for Balance, not Division

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