Mars Retrograde In Gemini: More Haste, Less Speed

Mars retrograde

Mars Turns Retrograde [25 Gemini 37]

– October 30, 2022 (13:26 GMT)

Action planet Mars has been in Gemini since August 20th. This was always going to be an important transit of Mars as it stays in airy Gemini, the star sign linked to communication until March 25, 2023.

A whole seven months of Mars in one sector of the zodiac. Mars in Gemini symbolises a weapon (Mars) of words (Gemini). This is motor mouth, the fast talker, full of ideas and thoughts, witty & sharp.

Mutable star signs like Gemini aren’t rigid or fixed. Instead, they’re open-minded at best, liars at worst. Anything is possible, they like to find solutions to problems and multi-tasking is their forte.

When a planet’s in a mutable star sign, it helps to show willingness, to be flexible & adaptable and to be open to whatever comes along.

Yet, this week Mars switches star sign and turns retrograde at 25° Gemini on October 30th. The speed freak of the zodiac will be on go slow until January 12, 2023 when it turns direct at 8° Gemini.

Retrograde Mars

Usually, when Mars is retrograde, the planet is said to be weakened, its energy not strong. Traditionally, it’s a time to retreat, rework your strategy, gather your troops or support ready to go on the attack once again when Mars powers forward.

Mars retrograde tends to impact Aries & Scorpio the most, Mars’ two signs of rulership, also if you have Mars strong in your horoscope. Themes are often around feeling powerless or lacking control or strength.

Mars retrograde is a time when you can’t get ahead as fast as you would like, you have to learn patience, sometimes the hard way, and it’s wise to take good care of your physical health. Gemini rules the hands & arms, Mars is linked to the head.

Gemini’s a quick star sign and Mars retrograde here could be a different experience. More likely than not, Mars retrograde in Gemini is going to feel busy and active, even if it means changing tactics or doing things differently. This could be a positive retrograde phase for turning inwards, getting creative and writing your masterpiece.

It’s a time when words count. Yet, be wary of what you say or write as your words could be used against you in the future. Ensure you copyright your ideas and don’t blab about your plans. Keep things to yourself ready to launch into action once Mars turns direct on January 12, 2023.

Mars in Gemini can signify a war of words, an ongoing battle with the neighbours, for example. It’s an argumentative combination. It’s a trickster combination too. Who’s telling porky-pies, who in your life says one thing but means another?

It might be helpful to look back to what’s happened in the past when Mars was retrograde, which happens approximately once every two years. Here are the previous dates:

  • September 9 to November 13 2020 – Mars retrograde & direct in Aries
  • June 26 to August 27 2018 – Mars retrograde in Aquarius/direct in Capricorn
  • April 17 to June 29 2016 – Mars retrograde in Sagittarius/direct in Scorpio

Also and quite worryingly, the last two times Mars was retrograde in Gemini were 2008 & 1990 – both years of recession. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet linked to trade, the merchant of the zodiac. This could be a time when many of us are ducking & diving, trading & selling, trying to make ends meet.

Mars Square Neptune

There are other factors to pay attention to as well, primarily that Mars turns retrograde at 25° Gemini in a square aspect to Neptune at 22° Pisces. The square aspect was exact on October 12th and will perfect again while Mars is retrograde on November 19th. Plus, there’ll be a third and final Mars-Neptune square aspect on March 14, 2023 once Mars is direct.

When Mars aligns with Neptune, this can be dreamy & meandering, also potentially confusing & misleading. The Mars-Neptune combination could be helpful for creative projects and using your imagination but not so great for getting things done.

It’s potentially a time when you can be scammed or deceived. With Mars in Gemini, the sign of communication, ensure you read between the lines and don’t believe everything you hear. The truth may be blurred or elusive.

Therefore, if you’re involved in anything that smacks of this Mars-Neptune influence, be aware that this may take a while to play out. If you’re working on a writing or creative project, think of this as a potential time-line. The last two months of 2022 could be a good time to take your foot off the accelerator of life and try a different gear.

Here’s a quick reminder of where Mars falls in your horoscope – read both your Sun sign & Ascendant sign.

  • Gemini: Physical body, personal goals
  • Cancer: Inner work, retreat, anxieties
  • Leo: Friends & groups, society, politics
  • Virgo: Career & vocation, parents, authority
  • Libra: Education; travel & new experiences
  • Scorpio: Joint finances, sex & the esoteric
  • Sagittarius: Relationships, contracts, enemies
  • Capricorn: Work & health, being of service
  • Aquarius: Creativity, children, love affairs
  • Pisces: Home & property, your family & the past
  • Aries: Communication, siblings & neighbours, life close to home
  • Taurus: Personal money, your values & self-worth


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Jupiter Returns To Pisces: Bigger Picture

Jupiter Pisces,

Jupiter Re-enters Pisces 

– October 28, 2022 (06:10 GMT+1)

Big planet Jupiter returns to water sign Pisces this week on October 28th. Pisces is one of Jupiter’s two signs of rulership, a sense that Jupiter’s returning home.

Jupiter’s retrograde as it moves back into Pisces on October 28th. Jupiter turns direct at 28° Pisces on November 23rd and exits Pisces on December 20th when it returns to trail-blazing fire sign Aries. The big planet won’t return to Pisces for another 12 years.

This may be completing something in your life. Or, perhaps you’re ready to slow down and focus on being more than doing. Jupiter in Pisces evokes a sense of surrender, inner work & envisioning.

Jupiter’s already been in Pisces on the previous dates:

  • May 13 to July 28, 2021
  • December 29, 2021 to May 10, 2022

Jupiter/Neptune Pisces

Plus, on April 12, 2022, Jupiter made a powerful conjunction with Neptune in Pisces, the first time the co-rulers of the last sign of the zodiac came together here since 1856. This took place at 23° Pisces.

It was emotional & overwhelming for some people & coincided with an artistic awakening or spiritual connection for other people. There were themes of scandal or betrayal too. If it was powerful for you, what needs to happen in the next two months to bring about closure in this area of your life?

In mythology, Jupiter was a Sky God, linked to expansion, benevolence and protection. Jupiter is the planet that represents travel, higher education, the law, truth & justice, wherever you seek meaning & purpose in life, the bigger picture. At its best, Jupiter’s influence is jovial, fortunate and lucky.

Wherever Jupiter goes, you’re wise to follow as this is often where opportunity lies. What begins under a Jupiter’s gaze can promise success.

At its best, Jupiter in Pisces is boundless compassion, kind and sensitive. Jupiter expands what it touches and Pisces is the star sign linked to dreams, the imagination, spirituality and mysticism.

Where Jupiter Promises Success

Here’s a quick reminder of the areas of life Jupiter will highlight in your horoscope in the coming two months. Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign.

Remember, it’s important not to sit back and wait for Jupiter’s gifts to come to you. When you know which area of your life Jupiter is highlighting, take advantage of the best planet here.

Jupiter encourages risk-taking, envisioning, enthusiasm and positive vibes. The more you put in, the more you get back in return.

Pisces: Jupiter is in your 1st house ruling your physical body, your personal goals and ambitions. The spotlight’s on you when Jupiter’s in Pisces giving you the feel-good factor and doubling your luck. Embrace new experiences, be adventurous and say yes to life.

Aries: Jupiter is in your 12th house ruling retreat and quiet times. An ideal time to develop your spiritual side, listen to your inner voice, learn meditation, yoga or go on a retreat. Let the inner journey begin.

Taurus: Jupiter is in your 11th house ruling friends, groups, social activities and concerns. An ideal time to connect with old and new friends alike, join a club, society or community project, do your bit for a humanitarian, environmental, political or social cause.

Gemini: Jupiter is in your 10th house ruling your career, vocation, status and where you’re heading in life. An ideal time to change career, ask for a pay-rise, go for promotion, take a sabbatical, work abroad, gain new qualifications or pursue a dream goal.

Cancer: Jupiter is in your 9th house ruling travel, study, philosophy and spirituality. An ideal time to broaden your horizons and remember that life is the journey and not the destination. Emigrate, sign up for a life-changing course, be open-minded and explore life in depth.

Leo: Jupiter is in your 8th house ruling joint finances, sexuality and all that’s hidden or taboo. An ideal time to pray for what you most need in life, receive an inheritance, improve your financial portfolio, explore your sexuality or embrace celibacy, share resources and pool finances.

Virgo: Jupiter is in your 7th house ruling your 1-to-1 relationships. An ideal time to fall in love, propose or be proposed to, play the field and become a dating superstar, let go of any relationship that restricts you, employ a personal trainer, life coach or find your ideal business partner.

Libra: Jupiter is in your 6th house ruling work & routine, service to others and your health. An ideal time to change the 9-to-5 so you free up your time, apply for a job, join a volunteer agency, boost your health and fitness. Jupiter in Pisces is likely to be busy for you, go with the flow as much as you can.

Scorpio: Jupiter is in your 5th house ruling children, creativity, entertainment, love affairs and fun. An ideal time to give birth, get pregnant, work with children, write your masterpiece, explore your creativity, have an affair, become a socialite, buy tickets for a big event.

Sagittarius: Jupiter is in your 4th house ruling your home, family, your past and where you come from. An ideal time to move home, expand where you live, make a journey into your past, celebrate with family and find your clan. Forgiveness is a theme, as is surrender and letting go.

Capricorn: Jupiter is in your 3rd house ruling communication, siblings, neighbours and your local community. An ideal time to launch a website, tell stories, reconnect with brothers, sisters or people who live close by, join your neighbourhood watch scheme, update your mode of communication or transport, become a teacher or mentor.

Aquarius: Jupiter is in your 2nd house ruling money, personal possessions and what you value in life. An ideal time to earn more money, play with your investments, think ‘less is more’ and de-clutter your possessions, show your charitable or philanthropic side, value yourself highly.

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Scorpio Solar Eclipse: Power Surge

solar eclipse

SOLAR ECLIPSE [2 Scorpio 00] 

October 25, 2022 (10:49 GMT)

This coming week, there’s the first of two eclipses, a Solar Eclipse on October 25th at 2° Scorpio. It will be followed two weeks later by a Lunar Eclipse on November 8th at 16° Taurus.

A Solar Eclipse is a New Moon eclipse and a symbol of a powerful new beginning. However, eclipse beginnings often stem from an ending or a door closing.

This Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle began in November 2021. We’re currently halfway through as it completes next year in October 2023. This is the only Solar Eclipse in Scorpio during this cycle.

World Events

Eclipses have always played a powerful role in the lives of the royals and leaders. In ancient times, an eclipse was seen as an omen for a change of leadership when rulers would rise or fall.

Here in the UK, this Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle has seen the death of Queen Elizabeth – Sun Taurus – and a new King Charles – Sun Scorpio.

Right now in the UK, our government is in chaos as we’ve lost one Prime Minister after only 45 days in office and there’s a messy fight for a new Prime Minister. The announcement of the new PM will come on October 28th, only three days after this powerful Solar Eclipse.

Eclipse Lore

Astrology can help guide us and reveal more about world events, what’s happening within the collective. Yet, eclipses are powerful on a personal level, a reminder that every individual’s life on this earth is important.

If this eclipse falls close to a planet or angle in your birth chart, you too may be stepping into a position of power. Or, one door must close in your life, perhaps to regain your power or hand over control.

The Taurus/Scorpio axis is about food & production, elimination & regeneration. It’s money & power too. Use a tight orb for these eclipses – maximum 2° degrees.

This is a partial eclipse that will be visible from most of Europe, northern Africa, the Middle East and western parts of Asia. It’s not as stunning as a total eclipse & do remember not to look directly at the Sun.

Other Factors

The Sun & Venus, the planet linked to love & money, have been side-by-side in the zodiac for some time. Their cazimi moment came on Saturday 22nd October as they met at 29° Libra. One of Venus’ two signs of rulership is Libra, the star sign linked to relating.

Yet, the Sun & Venus have moved into Scorpio together, traditionally Venus’ sign of detriment. During this powerful Solar Eclipse, Venus sits tightly alongside the Sun & Moon, also at 2° Scorpio.

This combination feels passionate, intense & obsessive. Scorpio’s a star sign with laser focus ruled by two powerful planets Mars (action) & Pluto (power).

It’s not a time to act weak or be powerless off possible. Tap into your instincts, your emotions, the witchy, dark side of life. Consider your inner motivations, the unconscious realm. What’s calling you? Who or what are you being drawn towards?

During an eclipse, you always consider the nodes, the karmic points in astrology. The south node is currently in Scorpio and this is about ‘throwing out the shit’. Scorpio is the star sign linked to detoxing, destruction, decluttering & generally getting rid.

The south node is currently at 13° Scorpio and in a wide conjunction to the Sun, Moon & Venus during the Solar Eclipse. This feels more like a power surge eclipse than a letting go. Or, perhaps a bit of both as it falls in Scorpio, the star sign linked to waste products.

It’s important to note that Mars is the traditional ruler of this eclipse currently in air sign Gemini and slowing down in the zodiac. On October 30th, twixt’ eclipses, Mars will switch direction and turns retrograde.

This is a sneaky Mars in the sign of duality, Gemini. It adds to the shadowy theme of these Taurus/Scorpio eclipses. Therefore, tread thoughtfully & carefully over the next couple of weeks. Eclipses often coincide with the unexpected – best be prepared.

Where The Eclipse Falls

Here’s a quick guide – read your Sun sign & Ascendant sign:

  • Scorpio – personal transformation, image, identity & goals
  • Sagittarius – your inner world, personal issues, fears & phobias
  • Capricorn – your friends, groups & wider society, your hopes & wishes
  • Aquarius– career & status, your future path, power & control
  • Pisces – travel, study & education, where you find meaning & purpose in life
  • Aries – joint finances, sexuality, taboo issues
  • Taurus – love & relationships, contracts, your enemies
  • Gemini – work & health, volunteering, how you can be of service to others
  • Cancer – what you give birth to i.e. children, romance, creative projects
  • Leo – home & family, your past & where you come from
  • Virgo – your community, siblings, how you communicate
  • Libra – money & assets, self-worth, your values


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Pluto Turns Direct: Power Grab

planet Pluto

Pluto turns direct [26 Capricorn 07]

– Saturday 8 October (22:57 GMT+1)

Two major planetary events take place this weekend – Pluto turns direct and a powerful Full Moon takes place in Aries. This combination feels quite explosive as emotions are heightened and things turn intense.

Pluto Power

Pluto is Scorpio’s ruling planet. In mythology, Pluto was Hades, God of the Underworld. On October 8th, Pluto switches direction at 26° Capricorn after five months retrograde. Pluto moved into reverse on April 29th at 28° Capricorn. 

This is a significant turning point because Pluto is now starting its journey out of Capricorn and will enter Aquarius before it turns retrograde once again.

Pluto is the planet of extremes, linked to power and control. It can wipe out and raze to the ground but is also a symbol of the phoenix who rises from the ashes.

Pluto’s journey through Capricorn started in 2008 with a financial crash and it’s gearing up to end in 2023/2024 with another likely crash/recession.

Pluto’s one of the planets linked to wealth, especially money that’s hidden. It’s a symbol of corruption, the planet of the underworld.

Pluto’s transit through Capricorn seems to have elevated the role of the ‘pluto’-crat, the billionaires & even trillionaires. We are constantly being bombarded with examples of power, status and entitlement in positions of authority and leadership.

Pluto Capricorn – Pluto Aquarius

Pluto states that the old ways can’t be maintained and have to break down before they can be rebuilt in a new form.

We may see this happening as Pluto prepares to leave Capricorn for the first time in 15 years in 2023 and begins to move back and forth between two very different star signs, Capricorn & Aquarius.

Capricorn represents the government, big business and the establishment. While Aquarius represents the common people, the collective & society.

During Pluto’s transit through Capricorn, there’s been a power grab for money & wealth creating a stronger divide between rich & poor.

Here’s hoping that Pluto’s move into Aquarius creates a more equal society and will herald a time of leadership when the people in charge care more for the people they’re governing than lining their own pockets.

Pluto Dates

Here’s the lowdown as Pluto moves between Capricorn & Aquarius next year:

  • Pluto enters Aquarius – March 23, 2023
  • Pluto turns retrograde [0 Aquarius 22] – May 1, 2023
  • Pluto R re-enters Capricorn – June 11, 2023
  • Pluto turns direct [27 Capricorn 54] – October 11 2023
  • Pluto enters Aquarius – January 21, 2024

If you have key planets/angles in late degrees Capricorn or early degrees Aquarius, you may feel Pluto transitioning between these two very different star signs most intensely.

When Pluto transits kick in, you are often on a journey into the underworld, where you may encounter the dark or unjust side of life. Pluto transits are challenging as Pluto represents transformation.

Yet, most of us know there are hidden riches to be found in the dark places. We often emerge from tough periods in our lives stronger and wiser, knowing we can survive. This is Scorpio’s strength, Pluto’s star sign.

At its best, Pluto encourages us to step into our power. Notice where you’re called to be more powerful in life as Pluto switches back on.

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Full Moon Aries: Shine Bright

Full Moon

Full Moon [16 Aries 33] 

October 9, 2022 (21:55 GMT +1)

Moon Lore

October’s a big month in the astrological calendar – do read your monthly horoscopes to help you navigate well. This weekend, there’s a Full Moon, a time when emotions are heightened and sleep patterns can be disrupted.

The Moon’s pull affects the tides and women’s menstrual cycle is in sync with the monthly phase of the Moon. Menses, another term for the menstrual cycle is derived from the word ‘month’ which in turn is derived from the word ‘moon’.

Moon Goddesses were honoured in ancient times, before the dominance of the patriarchal Sun Gods. The astrological qualities associated with the Moon are intuitive, caring, protective, female energies, nurturing the people and the earth. These are excellent qualities for leadership, although not always admired in our current climate.

Moon Goddesses were often huntresses, at home and active in the dark of night. This was their world, witchy and instinctual. You often hear more in the silence of the night than during the noise of the day.

In the northern hemisphere, the dark of the night world is starting to take precedence over the day during this Full Moon, also called the Hunter’s Moon. Nature is turning autumnal and dusk falls earlier, enveloping us in its protective embrace.

Aries’ Energy

This week’s powerful Full Moon is in the sign of individuality Aries. Aries can be an explosive and passionate energy, strident and brave.

The role of the individual grows more important and the Full Moon in Aries takes you back to yourself. Full Moons are traditionally about completion, events culminating. Yet, during this Full Moon, the Aries spark flicks the switch and wants action, something new.

When the world feels as if it’s out of control, this is when it’s important to take responsibility for your own actions, to return to you.

The Moon in Aries opposes the Sun in the sign of relationships Libra during the Full Moon. How you are in the world affects the people around you. Other people’s actions may affect you but you can still choose how to respond, how to be.

Each one of us can make a choice every day on how we want to be around other people, out in the world and, most importantly, in relationship with ourselves.

Planetary Aspects

There’s a lot going on with this Full Moon as it connects to the other planets. Firstly, there’s a wide air sign trine taking place with the Sun in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius trine Mars in Gemini.

This combination adds strength to the equation and is a reminder that together we’re stronger. Air signs represent networks, communication and co-operation.

Plus, the Moon sits next to Chiron in Aries, one of the asteroids, the wounded healer. This combination is ideal for self-healing as the Moon’s nature is nurturing and protective.

During a Full Moon, it’s an ideal time to release and let go of whatever’s no longer serving you. This may include old emotional wounds that you’re ready to untangle or release.

Two of the best planets are playing a supportive role as well. Venus sits next to the Sun throughout October and they are never far apart. The planet of relating Venus symbolises where you can find accord and agreement in life, so no wonder that Venus likes to be in Libra, the sign of the scales.

These two planetary bodies, the Sun & Venus, are close now and meet at the last degree of Libra on October 22nd. Find your allies, your support and be willing to give & receive love.

Finally, there’s a Moon-Jupiter conjunction in the night sky and you’ll see the best planet Jupiter shining brightly next to the Full Moon. Their conjunction isn’t exact during the time of the Full Moon but it’s a promising omen to have Jupiter in Aries, the same star sign as the Full Moon.

This complex planetary pattern that’s playing out during this Full Moon weekend is a reminder not to go it alone, to reach out to other people for support, to focus on all the good things in your life, to keep your spirits alive and blazing brightly. This may be the most powerful message of this weekend’s Full Moon – be true to who you are and shine bright.

Star Sign Information

Here are the key areas highlighted by this week’s Full Moon. Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign:

  • Aries: Personal goals & self care – relationships & one-on-one partnership
  • Taurus: Retreat & recuperation – work, service, health & fitness
  • Gemini: Friends, groups & networks – self-expression, creativity, children & love affairs
  • Cancer: Career & vocation – home & family
  • Leo: Travel & study – community, neighbours & siblings
  • Virgo: Other peoples’ money & joint resources – money, possessions & self-worth
  • Libra: Relationships & one-on-one partnership – personal goals & self care
  • Scorpio: Work, service, health & fitness – retreat & recuperation
  • Sagittarius: Self-expression, creativity, children & love affairs – friends, groups & networks
  • Capricorn: Home & family – career & vocation
  • Aquarius: Community, neighbours & siblings – travel & study
  • Pisces: Money, possessions & self-worth – other peoples’ money & joint resources

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