Gemini September 2020

Home/Work Balance

Your planet Mercury begins September in Virgo and your home and family sector. The Sun is here until the 22nd and there’s a New Moon in Virgo on the 17th. The New Moon is a good date to initiate new beginnings, to turn to a fresh page.

Yet, you could find that this is a busy time for you when it comes to these areas of your life, whether you’re organising life at home or changing where you live. Or, you’re caught up with family, tenants or people you live with more than usual.

The Full Moon on the 2nd cuts across the foundations of your horoscope. You could feel stretched during the Full Moon, at full capacity.

You may be trying to juggle work and responsibilities with home and family commitments. Or, you’re under pressure in some way, perhaps from your boss or an imbalance in the hours you’re working.

You’ll know what this means for you personally and the Full Moon is a good time for making decisions. You can’t do everything now and this message is coming across loud and clear. Sometimes, less is more, so bear this in mind moving forward.

Mars Retrograde

There’s another factor that indicates you may need to change your pace moving into a new season. This is because of what’s happening with regard to Mars, the planet of action, in fiery Aries.

Aries rules friends, groups and social encounters in your horoscope, so use your connections, your networks and get out and about and involved with other people. This is where you can not only make things happen but find fulfilment too.

Aries is a fiercely independent star sign but this month, it looks as if you need your friends, close alliances and the right people on your side.

This is particularly important for you because on September 9th, Mars turns retrograde and will remain on go slow until November 13th. This major event takes place approximately every two years and it’s wise to change or rethink your strategy.

This could be a time when you’re considering your friendships, who’s important to you and why. You might be changing allegiance or want to take your foot off the pedal with regard to a community project or group in which you’re involved.

Bear this in mind and don’t go over the top and take on too much. Knowing that Mars is retrograde means you’re wise to prioritise what’s important and not get too caught up with commitments and obligations to other people.

You may have friends in your life who are struggling and you want to prioritise them. Yet, keep firm boundaries in place when it comes to money and don’t get overly embroiled in an emotional situation.

This is a good time to consider what next in your life, to focus on your hopes and wishes for the future. Another reason why you’re wise not to get overly involved in other peoples’ lives.

Lucky Jupiter

Money matters have been a key feature of your year as all the major astrology has taken place in Capricorn and your joint finance sector. This month, there’s still pressure on you and a need to conserve your money rather than be overly extravagant.

However, on the 13th, lucky Jupiter, the planet of opportunity turns direct in Capricorn. And, four days earlier, there’s a gorgeous Sun-Jupiter trine aspect.

This spells good news for investment or sharing resources. You may find a way to make money through your home or have a great idea amongst your family to boost your good fortune.

Fun & Pleasure

It is important that you don’t forget to have fun this month, as your planet Mercury is in Libra from the 5th to the 27th, a fellow air sign.

Libra rules all the good things in life in your horoscope, like pleasure, romance, children, entertainment and fun. The Sun moves into Libra on the 22nd, keeping the air sign momentum going.

Plus, love planet Venus moves into Leo on the 6th and this spells good news for you. This highlights new romance, although you are wise to keep friendship and love separate. You may discover why on or around the 24th.

On the whole this month, the more you adopt a positive attitude to life and make the most of the fun that’s available to you, the better. Tap into your playful Gemini nature and hang with the kids.

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Taurus September 2020

Venus – Home & Family

As September begins, you could find yourself at odds with other people in your life. Your planet Venus is in caring Cancer and your communication sector until the 6th. Yet, your best efforts may be in vain if other people don’t appreciate your kindness or concern.

Things may start to feel easier once Venus moves into Leo on the 6th where it remains throughout September. Leo rules your home and family sector, where you live, where you find security in life. You may be ready to make a move or follow up on events that began last month.

Certainly, this is a time when you’ll benefit from harmonious surroundings and being with people whose company you enjoy. It would be a good month for home renovations or DIY, for making your surroundings more beautiful.

Venus clashes with Uranus in Taurus on the 15th, so consider why life may be unpredictable or volatile. It could be that you’re craving freedom or more space for yourself.

Earth Sign Energy

It’s important this month that you focus on the things in life that you love and do more of them. This is because there’s strong earth sign energy taking place, your element, helping to root and ground you.

The Sun’s in Virgo until the 22nd. The Full Moon on the 2nd and the New Moon on the 17th both tie in to Virgo’s pleasurable nature. Virgo rules children, romance, play, entertainment and self-expression in your horoscope.

During the emotional Full Moon, you may be weighing up whether you choose short-term gratification over long-term fulfilment. It might feel like a tough choice, but try not to allow yourself to be controlled by other people. Be in charge of your own destiny, follow your heart and prioritise your emotional needs.

The Full Moon shines a light on your situation and is often a time of clarity. What would be wrong is to let fear or doubt halt your happiness. Move away from the naysayers and trust your emotional response rather than allow other peoples’ opinions to sway your own.

Worry less about what other people think and more about what makes you happy. This is a key message for you in the month ahead.

Mars Retrograde

This could also be a significant month to return to your past. Action planet Mars is currently in Aries and the most hidden sector of your horoscope.

Plus, on September 9th, Mars turns retrograde and switches direction. Mars remains on go slow until November 13th. This indicates that someone from your past may be back in touch. Or you find yourself drawn towards events or people you met earlier this year – March/April time.

Mars retrograde is a positive time for you to collect information and do your research ready for what next. This is a key period in the year for preparation and looking ahead to 2021.

While Mars is retrograde, slow down the pace and rework your strategy, rather than try and push ahead. It’s a time for inner work and caring for yourself and the people closest to you.

You may sense that things are going backwards for a while, but stay patient and faithful that this is a pause rather than a full stop.

A Deeper Love

As Mars is your partner planet, take the pace slow in love. Some of you may be apart from someone close. Or, your other half is struggling and needs some space and/or support. Discern what’s right for you both.

Mercury’s move into Scorpio and your relationship sector on the 27th suggests that you’re heading into a phase where you need to dive deeper into any relationship issues.

Happiness, Hope & Faith

Work and routine, your lifestyle and good health are where balance can be found throughout September. The Sun enters Libra on the 22nd and communication planet Mercury is in Libra from the 5th to the 27th.

Focus on the basics of life and appreciate simple pleasures, something that comes naturally to you, if you’re a typical Taurus.

Also, take advantage of Jupiter’s change of direction on the 13th to embrace freedom and expand your horizons. Jupiter’s the planet most closely linked to hope and faith so find your philosophy, your religion, your spiritual path. Whether you want to travel or study, keep your gaze on the bigger picture and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

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Pisces September 2020

Partnership Matters

This is a month when you have to take other people into account. Communication planet Mercury is in Virgo and your relationship sector until the 5th and the Sun remains here until the 22nd.

It will benefit you this month to be a people person and favour your close relationships. This means not only with loved ones but people who come into your life on a daily or regular basis.

This is where emotional fulfilment can be found and one person in particular could open your heart in a positive way. Notice what happens on the romantic and emotional Full Moon in Pisces on the 2nd.

September’s the month for you to be there for others and ask for help when you need it. Be bold and don’t shut down on your feelings. Instead, allow your feelings to guide you.

This month’s New Moon on the 17th also highlights Virgo and your relationship sector, a gorgeous date for new beginnings.

Money Matters

Even when the personal planets move away from Virgo, they enter Libra, the sign of relating and partnership. Mercury is here from the 5th to the 27th and the Sun enters Libra on the 22nd, the day of the Equinox.

Consider which partnerships work for you and ensure that you have good people in your life, in all areas. This would be an excellent month to find the right expert or adviser to help you out, whether for an emotional or financial matter.

Libra rules all forms of joint finances and shared resources in your horoscope. It’s about contracts, mortgages, savings & debt, money earned and money owed. It’s a good month to negotiate well and aim for fairness and justice in financial matters.

This could be easier said than done because of what’s happening with action planet Mars. Mars is spending an unusually long time in Aries and your personal money sector.

Aries rules your assets, your possessions and items of value. It represents your self-worth and how you value what you have to offer the world.

Mars is go-getting and dynamic and wants things to happen and fast. In general, this is a good time to focus on making money and being tough about your financial choices.

Mars Retrograde

However, on September 9th, Mars turns retrograde and will be on go slow until November 13th. This means that it might be harder to make swift progress during this period.

And, if anything, it’s the time to rework your strategy and take a step back rather than pushing ahead. Sometimes, delays occur when Mars is in retreat and you have to be patient, as challenging as that may be.

There are a few clashes this month between the personal and slower-moving planets. This flags up debate, discussion or arguments around money. It’s a hot topic right now and one that’s not easily resolved. The period from the 17th to the 24th is especially volatile.

In fact, you might be wise to slow things down and do more research if necessary, gather facts and figures and resolve to try again or make another push later in the year.

Here too, ensure you get the right people on your side and trust in what next. Saturn is square to Mars throughout September, which suggests feeling trapped or held back. If one route is closed to you, look elsewhere.

Lucky Jupiter

The key turning point for you is the 13th when your traditional ruling planet, Jupiter, switches direction and begins to move forwards again after being on go slow since May 2020.

This could be a significant turning point, especially with regard to your hopes and wishes, your future plans. Look out for the friend or group connection that can help open doors for you.

The other great date for Jupiter is the 9th when there’s a gorgeous Sun-Jupiter trine aspect. Get the right people on your side and you can go far. This theme is emphasized throughout September.

Finally, the planet of relating, Venus, moves into Leo on the 6th and your work and lifestyle sector. Look out for someone, a woman perhaps, to team up with or advise you. Together, you can not only have more fun but get things done as well.

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A Passionate New Moon In Leo

New Moon [26 Leo 35]

London – August 19 2020 (03:42 GMT+1)

New York – August 18, 2020 (22:42 GMT-4)

Sydney – August 19, 2020 (12:42 GMT+10)

This week, there’s a New Moon in Leo on August 19th, a symbol of new beginnings. It’s the start of a new Moon phase, an ideal time to set your intentions, start something new in your life and be pro-active.

Sun conjunct Mercury

This New Moon is especially powerful as it’s fired up by two key planets. Mercury, the planet of communication, sits next to the New Moon in Leo. The Sun and Mercury unite at 25 Leo on August 17th.

Mercury in Leo is the confident speaker, bold and creative. This is an ideal week to focus on your dreams and decide what you want to create or bring in to the world. The Sun’s warmth and vitality boosts Mercury’s need to show off in Leo, to brag and boast, to command attention.

Mars’ Power

And, you may have a lot to talk about right now. You might be feeling fired up and passionate, ready to take action, to be daring and courageous. This is because, during the New Moon, the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Leo are all in close trine aspect to Mars, strong in Aries.

This combination has been building since August 16th and is powered up during the New Moon in Leo. Mars is at 25 Aries during the New Moon phase, powerful and strong.

If you don’t have something to be angry about right now, you’re probably hiding away. Last week’s astrology was so chaotic and challenging that many of us want and need to get fired up, to make things happen and fast.

Passion & Action

What this New Moon/Mars combination is good for on a personal level is for taking action, being confident (even if you have to fake it till you make it) and leaping in.

A New Moon in Leo trine Mars in Aries is packed full of passion, vigour, desire, drive and ambition. It’s a go for it period in the month.

So, make your mark this week, be audacious, do your thing, find your passion, follow your heart. Let the Sun/Moon/Mercury/Mars combination empower you to take centre stage and show off your skills and talents.

Be wary of slipping into bossiness or arrogant behaviour but don’t miss out on this chance to perform, to be dynamic, to speak up.

Here are the areas of your life being awakened by this week’s New Moon in Leo. Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign.

  • Aries: love affairs, children, creativity, entertainment, self-expression
  • Taurus: home, family, your past, security
  • Gemini: communication, education, community, siblings & neighbours, your voice
  • Cancer: money, possessions, resources, self-value & worth
  • Leo: personal goals, physical body, image & profile
  • Virgo: retreat, secrets, inner work, personal growth
  • Libra: friends, groups, social networks, hopes & wishes
  • Scorpio: career, vocation, status & reputation, where you’re heading
  • Sagittarius: travel, exploration, higher education, knowledge, the bigger picture
  • Capricorn: joint finances & shared resources, sex, money, death & rebirth
  • Aquarius: relationships, 1-to-1 interactions, contracts & joint ventures
  • Pisces: work, lifestyle, health, service to others

Remember to make a wish when you first see the crescent moon in the sky a day or two after the exact date/time of the New Moon.

Happy New Moon!

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Crazy Full Moon Aquarius

FULL MOON [11 Aquarius 46]

– August 3, 2020 (16:59 GMT+1)

August begins with a powerful Full Moon. Traditionally Full Moons are a time for celebration. Emotions are heightened and the Full Moon lights up the night sky extending the hours outside of darkness. More time to play and work outside, less sleep.

In the lunar cycle, the Full Moon represents culmination, ripeness, fertility and the bright light of the Moon denotes clarity. It’s a powerful time to trust your intuition, especially if you have a big decision to make.

Yet, Full Moons also have a reputation for craziness. The word ‘lunatic’ derives from ‘lunar’ meaning Moon, the werewolf awakens and black magic practitioners use the Full Moon as a time for ritual and power. And, this Full Moon could be crazier than usual – see Sun/Uranus below.

Leo/Aquarius Polarity

Firstly, it’s important to determine where the Full Moon falls and the star signs are involved. During this Full Moon, the Sun in Leo opposes the Moon in Aquarius.

A Full Moon reminds us of life’s polarities. You can either be pulled in different directions or seek a way to bring opposing factors together so they complement each other and work together.

Leo is the sign of the individual seeking pleasure and joy, whereas Aquarius is the sign linked to the collective and doing what’s good for everyone, finding a shared purpose.

These themes are already resonant within our society but there may be significant ways how they play out for you personally.

Where do you fit in, where don’t you fit in? Where in your life do you not feel seen, where do you shine bright and take charge?

Sun square Uranus

This feels like an important Full Moon – perhaps the most significant astrological event in August – as both of Aquarius’ ruling planets are active very close to the Full Moon.

The major planetary aspect is the Sun in Leo square to Uranus in Taurus, exact on August 2nd. Uranus is stationing at 10/11 degrees Taurus getting ready to turn retrograde on August 15th.

Uranus is in a tight square aspect to both the Sun and Moon during the Full Moon phase and Uranus is co-ruler of this Aquarius Full Moon.

This could be a time of controversy or the unexpected kicks in and you have to change plans and fast. This will be true for you if you have key planets/angles close to 10 degrees of the fixed star signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Uranus is the planet linked to rebellion – its nature is innovative, sudden, unpredictable and erratic. The flip side of Uranus is spontaneity, impulse, the flick of a switch, lightning moves, freedom, cutting ties.

Notice what’s calling you or pulling you during this Full Moon. Use Uranus’ energy well and you can make a snap decision, come up with a genius idea, share your brilliance, make a break for freedom.

Yet, it’s not easy planetary energy as it’s fast and unpredictable. The best advice is to stay flexible and be ready to move quickly.

Mercury opposite Saturn

The Mercury/Saturn opposition falls a few hours after the Full Moon on August 3rd. This is important because Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius.

Immediately, you have to ask ‘who’s saying No’ to you. Mercury in Cancer rules communication and Saturn in Capricorn is the strong arm of the law. This could bring a reality check, perhaps at home or within your family, laws or regulations that demand your attention.

We know in the world things are changing swiftly – one minute you know what you can and can’t do – theoretically; the next minute, there’s some new law or restriction set in place.

On a personal level, you may be weighing up the two contrary planetary aspects, i.e. considering your different responses to your personal situation – doing what you think is right v. doing what feels right, even if other people say you’re bonkers or crazy.

It’s quite the Full Moon energy – will you be sensible or will you take a risk?

Here are the areas of your life under the cosmic radar during this powerful Full Moon in Aquarius. Read both your Sun sign & Ascendant sign:

  • Aquarius – image, identity, personal goals & relationships, contracts, a third party
  • Pisces – retreat, secrets, self-care, caring for others & work, service, health, lifestyle
  • Aries – friends, groups, society, politics & children, creativity, entertainment, love affairs
  • Taurus – work, status, responsibility, future goals & home, family, past
  • Gemini – travel, study, beliefs, higher purpose & communication, local community, neighbours, siblings
  • Cancer – other peoples’ money, debt, taboo issues, sexuality & personal finances, possessions, values, self-worth
  • Leo – relationships, contracts, a third party & image, identity, personal goals
  •  Virgo – work, service, health, lifestyle & retreat, secrets, self-care, caring for others
  •  Libra – children, creativity, entertainment, love affairs & friends, groups, society, politics
  • Scorpio – home, family, past & work, status, responsibility, future goals
  • Sagittarius – communication, local community, neighbours, siblings & travel, study, beliefs, higher purpose
  • Capricorn – personal finances, possessions, values, self-worth & other peoples’ money, debt, taboo issues, sexuality

If you feel as if life is topsy-turvy, take one step at a time. Be aware that there’s a crazy vibe in the air. Embrace the weird in a good way as best you can.

Happy Crazy Full Moon! 

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Pisces August 2020 Horoscope

Gentle Vibes

As August begins, Mercury is swaying along in water sign Cancer and Venus is in Gemini and your home and family sector. This turns your attention towards the things and people in life you love, taking a slower pace and enjoying simple pleasures.

Mercury leaves Cancer on the 5th and Venus leaves Gemini on the 7th. Yet, this isn’t the end of a softer, gentle influence in your horoscope. This is because Venus picks up the Cancer baton and moves here on the 7th where it remains throughout August.

Cancer rules all the good things in your horoscope, like romance, children, creativity, entertainment, luck and the things in life you ‘give birth to’. This could be a masterpiece, an artwork, a baby, a love affair. Venus is swooning her way through Cancer and you will feel her pull strongly.

The best dates for Venus’ vibes are the 18th, 25th and 27th. Also, by the end of August, you have both the Sun and Mercury in Virgo and your relationship sector. Mercury moves here on the 20th followed by the Sun on the 22nd. This could turn out to be a loving month for some of you lucky Pisces.

However, there’s other lively planetary activity taking place triggering both your work and money sectors. This is where you find fire sign activity, strong, dynamic and ambitious.

Powerhouse Mars

Mars is currently powering through Aries and your money sector. You might be determined to sort out a financial issue or come up with a money-making brainwave.

And, August is a good month to power ahead when it comes to money as Mars turns retrograde in Aries on September 9th. Deal with personal money matters sooner rather than later. The 16th/17th could be helpful in this respect, especially if you’re looking for work or a new contract.

Yet, Mars is in feisty mood throughout August and clashes with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn on the 4th, 13th and 24th. All these planets are in Capricorn, so you might be up against the authorities or fighting someone close over money.

This could be an ongoing issue which shows no signs of calming down. At least just yet. Stand up for your rights but choose your battles carefully. This kind of planetary conflict can wear you out if you’re not careful.

Do What You Love

You have the Sun in Leo until the 22nd and talk planet Mercury in Leo from the 5th to the 20th. So, it is a good month to focus on your work and routine, your health and well-being.

Ensure you’re in tip top condition and that work is a lovely place to be. If it’s not, you might be rethinking what you want to do and how.

This month’s lunations also light up the work and health sectors of your horoscope. The Full Moon falls on the 3rd, an ideal date to stop and reflect.

Full Moons are a time of illumination when the Moon shines at its brightest. This can bring enlightenment or insight and it’s a good time to trust your intuition or make a key decision.

Act Fast

However, this Full Moon is square to Uranus, the planet of change and spontaneity, so things could happen on or around the Full Moon and fast.

Uranus often brings the unexpected whether you hear news of a job or a contract comes to an end. Keep your ears to the ground as it might be something you hear unexpectedly that sets things in motion.

Uranus is in Taurus and your communication sector and turns retrograde this month on the 15th. This creates a lively, yet restless vibe and you might find it hard to sit still or do the same thing day in, day out.

Ring the changes if you can and embrace freedom whenever possible. Uranus doesn’t like to be chained to a desk.

The New Moon in Leo falls on the 19th, an excellent date to make a wish and set your intentions around work and health. New Moons are a symbol of new beginnings and this New Moon falls next to lively Mercury, the talk planet. Arrange a meeting or interview or important negotiation.

This is a good month to restore your energy, look after yourself and do whatever makes you happy and cheerful. You will be back looking after others from late August onwards.

For the rest of the month, ensure that wherever you are or whatever you’re doing, there’s a smile on your face.

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Aquarius August 2020 Horoscope

Aquarius Full Moon

Things get interesting for you straightaway this month. This has a lot to do with the fact that there’s a Full Moon on the 3rd and it falls in your star sign, Aquarius.

This is always a significant Full Moon in the year for you and there may be a sense of things coming full circle from the New Moon in Aquarius on January 24th. Full Moons often bring completion or culmination and this is an important Full Moon to stop and reassess your current situation.

Aquarius rules your personal goals and aims, your image and profile. Your identity may be changing in some way. Or, you see yourself differently. Whatever’s foreground for you, stop and take a breath, consider where you’ve come from, where you’re heading and why.

Full Moons are about relationships and up until the 22nd of August, you have the Sun in Leo and your relationship sector. Again, the Full Moon could be a significant turning point with regard to your 1-to-1’s.

This Full Moon is important for another reason. The fact that it’s exactly square to Uranus, your co-ruler. Uranus is the awakener in astrology, the rebel, alternative and innovative. It’s the bringer of change and favours spontaneity and flexibility over tradition or stability.

This month could be a significant turning point for you. This is especially true if your birthday falls on the last two days of January as you have Uranus triggering your Sun in Aquarius.

Uranus’ Call

Yet, for all of you, this month you’re likely to heed Uranus’ call. This is because Uranus turns retrograde on the 15th and it hardly moves position throughout August. When a planet ‘stations’, its energy and influence is especially strong.

Uranus is currently in Taurus and your home and family sector. You may feel restless or rootless with this influence. Or, perhaps, you’re on the move literally. You’re changing, your relationships are exciting and it’s going to be hard to stay still in one place.

Love & Passion

The New Moon on the 19th fires up the star sign Leo and your relationship sector. The Sun and Moon are next to Mercury in Leo and it’s a great New Moon to initiate a key conversation or heart-to-heart. New Moons are the time to set your intentions, to seed something new in your life.

This New Moon could see a love relationship take off. And, there are two days previous to the New Moon, the 16th/17th, when communications or conversations could help a relationship develop or start at super fast pace.

This is when the Sun and Mercury team up with fiery Mars in Aries and your talk sector. Fire signs, like Leo and Aries, leap in, they’re motivated and spontaneous.

Mars is combative too and there could be things that you have to say this month. If you’re feeling cross or hard done by, it’s going to be hard to stay quiet. On the 4th, 13th and 24th, Mars clashes with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

You might decide to take on the authorities this month or become an activist. You won’t fit easily into the current status quo and will be especially fired up when you meet someone new who’s ambitious, driven and ready for action. Or, perhaps that’s you!

A Slower, Steady Pace

Work actually looks calm and relaxed for most of August as lovely Venus graces the star sign Cancer and your work sector from the 7th onwards. This is a good time to focus on teamwork and ensure you have a creative group of people around you.

Be supportive to work colleagues and ask for help and advice. Let things flow and do the best for your health. Having people who care for you deeply is the best form of medicine.

After the 22nd, the Sun moves into earth sign Virgo lighting up one of the money sectors of your horoscope. You may be ready for a slower pace, especially if August does prove to be as exciting as it’s lined up to be.

Get your cosmic ducks in order, sort out your finances and feel the earth under your feet. Remember that you not only have Uranus ruling your star sign but steady Saturn too. The rebel needs somewhere to stop and rest and hold firm now and again.

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