Full Moon Libra: Recalibration

Full Moon [18 Libra 43] 

London – April 8 2020 (03:35 GMT+1)

New York – April 7 2020 (22:35 GMT-4)

Sydney – April 8 2020 (12:35 GMT+10)

This week’s Full Moon falls in the star sign Libra, cutting across the Aries/Libra axis of the zodiac – me v. you. Notice where the Full Moon falls in your own horoscope and which planets/angles are close to 18 degrees.

Moon Libra – Peace & Harmony

Libra’s zodiac symbol is the Scales. If you were born with the Moon in Libra, you thrive in a peaceful & harmonious environment and appreciate relationships that are in balance. In whatever star sign you find the Moon in your birth chart, this is where your emotional needs are met.

Libra is the sign of the zodiac that is averse to conflict. Yet, when you’re born with the sign of the Scales dominant in your birth chart, you invariably have to deal with inequality in your life and you are naturally drawn into relationship issues. Often, it’s a case of trying to balance the scales rather than live in a world of constant equilibrium and harmony.

Full Moon & Relationships

At this Full Moon, consider where recalibration is needed in your own life, where balance is required. Many of us are currently starting over in some way. This is the ideal time to do so while the Sun is in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac.

You may have to consider other people in your life more than usual during the Full Moon period, especially if you’re at home with family and have extra demands on your time and attention.

Or perhaps, you’re working in a helping or service environment. Here too, try to ensure that the Libra scales are balanced. If not entirely harmonious, at least aim for compromise, equality and fairness.

Close relationships fall under scrutiny at the Full Moon when the Sun in Aries opposes the Moon in Libra. Aries is the sign of the ego, where the Sun can shine bright. Me first, my agenda, not yours.

Libra’s the opposite principle – ‘you first’, ‘what do you think?’, ‘you decide’. Notice your differences in relationships and try not to make one another wrong.

Relationship issues may flare up during this Full Moon when emotions are heightened. Drama is intensified and impulsive, spontaneous behaviour can cause controversy.

If you’re apart from loved ones, you might find it especially challenging during this Full Moon. Craving love, wanting to be in someone’s arms, needing your loved ones close.

And, remember that sleep can be elusive during the Full Moon period as the dream world takes over. Breathe deeply, take life slowly.

Jupiter/Pluto – Global Events

The Full Moon falls square to the power duo, Jupiter & Pluto, at 24/25 degrees Capricorn. It triggers the first conjunction of these two powerful planetary bodies, exact on April 5th.

If anything, this adds to the drama, feeling swamped by emotions or the impact of our global crisis. Certainly, it seems to indicate that for many of us our personal lives are currently part of something bigger.

What’s happening out in the world is having an effect on us all as individuals, bringing the eternal cycle of life, death & rebirth closer to home.

The theme is change during this Full Moon, doing whatever’s needed to recalibrate or go deeper still. Rebirth & renewal, seeking the places in your own life which require transformation. It’s big astrology, encouraging big thinking, planning ahead.

In affairs of the heart and significant partnerships, both personal & professional, choose your battles carefully and decide where you take on the role of peacekeeper.

If you’re trying to push forward with your own plans and projects, the Full Moon could be the time of ultimate wobble. Keep striving for recalibration.

What Does It Mean For You?

The Aries/Libra axis is about relationships for everyone but these two star signs rule specific areas of your life. This is where balance may currently be required. Notice whether your scales are out of kilter or need realignment. Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign:

  • Aries: Personal goals & self care/relationships & one-on-one partnership
  • Taurus: Retreat & recuperation/work, service, health & fitness
  • Gemini: Friends, groups & networks/self-expression, creativity, children & affairs
  • Cancer: Career & vocation, the future/home & family, the past
  • Leo: Exploration & learning, seeking meaning/life close to home, neighbours & local community
  • Virgo: Other peoples’ money, shared resources, all things taboo & hidden/personal money, possessions & assets, self-worth
  • Libra: Relationships & one-on-one partnership/personal goals & self care
  • Scorpio: Work, service, health & fitness/retreat & recuperation
  • Sagittarius: Self-expression, creativity, children & affairs/friends, groups & networks
  • Capricorn: Home & family, the past/career & vocation, the future
  • Aquarius: Life close to home, neighbours & local community/ exploration & learning, seeking meaning
  • Pisces: Personal money, possessions & assets, self-worth/other peoples’ money, shared resources, all things hidden & taboo

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Jupiter Conjunct Pluto: Death & Rebirth

The first death of the coronavirus was reported on January 11, 2020, one day before the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on January 12, 2020.

Much has been talked about these two major planets meeting in Capricorn, the sign of the establishment, structure, big business & government. Add to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction a pile-up of planets in Capricorn, including an eclipse, and the foundations of many people’s lives have subsequently altered dramatically.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto

Now, we have Jupiter joining Pluto in Capricorn, not once but three times in 2020 on the following dates. The third and final connection is very close to the degree of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, so we must see them as linked:

  • Jupiter conjunct Pluto [24 Capricorn 53] – April 5, 2020 (03:45 GMT+1)
  • Jupiter R conjunct Pluto R [24 Capricorn 06] – June 30, 2020 (06:46 GMT+1)
  • Jupiter conjunct Pluto [22 Capricorn 51] – November 12, 2020 (21:39 GMT)

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction coincided with the onset of the virus. Jupiter, the planet of growth, expands what it touches and Pluto is the planet linked to invisibility, death & loss and brings irrevocable change.

It’s vivid symbolism and so apt for what’s happening around the world. The invisible virus has spread globally. Note that Jupiter is the planet which rules travel & foreign connections.

We know by looking back in history that Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions have previously taken place during times of plague. For example, the Spanish Flu was known as the ‘1918 flu pandemic’ and Jupiter and Pluto made a conjunction in Cancer in August 1918. Note, these two planets meet approximately once every 13 years.

Looking Ahead

With our current timeline, it’s growing more likely that this is not going to be a short-term situation. What’s happening now and since the beginning of 2020 is moving us forward into a new chapter of history, an unfolding, the likes of which most of us have never seen before in our lifetime.

Yes, there will be positive factors that come out of this crisis, especially once Jupiter joins Saturn in Aquarius. At least, that’s my view personally. We can already see the changes in society, a feeling of togetherness which is so symbolic of Aquarius, the sign of brotherhood & sisterhood.

The earth’s getting a clean up and we’re being forced to examine our consumer lifestyle, our unquenchable thirst for material possessions, our self-ish society. What works, what doesn’t.

Yet, this year is continuing to bring new challenges and we know that Jupiter and Pluto together are often about money. Uranus, the planet of change, is already moving through Taurus, the star sign which rules money, food & produce. It’s a great time to ‘grow your own’ and become more self-sufficient and we’re moving closer to a cash-less society, which currently seems safer than using money.

In 2020, Jupiter, the planet of abundance and Pluto, the planet of the plutocracy, are side by side. These two planets are often in aspect in the charts of people who have big money moving through their hands, themes of power & wealth.

In fact, these two planets made their last conjunction in Sagittarius, Jupiter’s sign of rulership in 2007, the year before the global recession in 2008. Jupiter was strong in Sagittarius, its sign of rulership. Conjunct Pluto, this was the bubble, the over-inflation, the out-of-control spending and lending.

Jupiter in Capricorn is now in its sign of fall. If anything, most of us are having to restrict our finances drastically, rein in and make do as the global situation affects the world economy. Yet, as in all times of recession, there will be some people who do very nicely – thank you – often at the expense of others.

Brothers In Mythology; Brotherhood & Sisterhood

It would be nice to think of Jupiter and Pluto working together as they were brothers in mythology. Jupiter was King of the Gods, ruler of the sky, whereas Pluto was God of the Underworld and ruled over the realm of the dead.

Together, they are a symbol of rebirth and renewal. Jupiter brings truth & justice to the worlds of corruption and loss. Jupiter also rules knowledge and learning and Pluto knows how to dig deep, to uncover hidden riches.

This could, therefore, be seen as a symbol of seeking a cure for the virus. We will see as the year progresses how this powerful planetary duo reveal themselves.

Personal Transformation

On a personal level, this is a helpful time to dig deep in your own life, to go into the shadows, to look in the dark places and seek a new understanding of your self.

Pluto is linked to self-analysis and Jupiter’s the planet whereby you find meaning in your life. There’s huge opportunity and power in this combination that’s worth taking hold of.

You may be ready to commit to a new project or undertaking, one that requires self-discipline, laser focus and inner strength. What you begin now could create something incredible in your life or the lives of others by the last quarter of the year when Jupiter’s getting ready to leave Capricorn.

You may discover a new obsession and give yourself to it 100%. Notice during this first meeting of Jupiter and Pluto where you’re being called forth and what your spirit is yearning for. At its best, this combination has the potential to transform and change lives and it can work on both an inner and outer level.

These are extraordinary times we’re living through. It’s how we respond both individually and together as a society that will determine what our world looks like at the end of 2020.

Keywords; Star Sign Meanings

Below are some keywords to help you think further about what this powerful conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto may mean in your life. Also, the areas of your horoscope being triggered by the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. Read both your Sun sign and Ascendant sign.

Note the degrees of the conjunction mentioned too – see above. If you have planets or angles close to 22-24 degrees, this could be especially powerful for you.

Often, with a conjunction, the two planets are effectively doing battle with one another, vying for power. Ideally, you want to harness the power of both and use them together.


  • Wherever Jupiter resides in your horoscope, this is where you find luck, good fortune and opportunity. It’s an ideal time to take risks, be expansive and look on the bright side. Make the most of the area of life that’s highlighted by Jupiter.
  • The big planet is linked to travel, foreign connections, higher education, the law, publishing, the media and religion. Jupiter represents truth and justice and is identified with the search for meaning and purpose in life.


  • Pluto doesn’t have the best reputation in astrology because its mythological archetype is God of the Underworld, linked to death, darkness and loss. Pluto can take you down to the underworld or you start to explore all that’s hidden in life, including the psyche and unexplained phenomena.
  • Pluto’s ultimate goal is self-transformation and survival. When you return to the light from the darkness, you often do so with valuable insight and hidden riches.
  • Aries: career & vocation, status & reputation, your future path, parents
  • Taurus: travel, study, philosophy, spirituality, where you seek meaning in life, the bigger picture
  • Gemini: joint finances, shared resources, the metaphysical realm, sexuality, all things hidden & taboo
  • Cancer: relationships – both personal & professional, contracts, opponents, partnership
  • Leo: work & routine, lifestyle & health, service to others
  • Virgo: love affairs, children & pregnancy, creative projects, entertainment, luck
  • Libra: home & family, your past, your ancestry, where you come from
  • Scorpio: communication – the spoken & written word, your voice, your local community, education, siblings & neighbours
  • Sagittarius: money, possessions, assets, values, self-worth
  • Capricorn: personal goals & aims, image & profile, your personal power
  • Aquarius: inner work, retreat, spirituality, caring for others
  • Pisces: friends & groups, society, politics, humanitarian & environmental causes

Stay well, stay safe, stay sane & stay connected – and please, stay in touch.

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Venus Enters Gemini – Words of Love

Venus enters Gemini – April 3, 2020 (18:11 GMT+1)

The planet of love and relating, Venus, enters Gemini today, one of the air signs. Venus in Gemini is a symbol of diversity, open-minded and tolerant about peoples’ differences.

Venus & Love

Usually, when Venus is in Gemini, this is great for getting out & about, flirting, dating, making whoopee. However, Venus enters Gemini this week while most of us are in a lockdown situation with little or no opportunity to get out & about, to chat or be flirty – unless you’re very brave during this time of social distancing!

So, how you can make the most of Venus in Gemini, the sign of communication? Firstly, it’s a time to be curious in love and relationships.

Some of you will need to find different ways to communicate with the one you love. We could see pen letters or love letters taking off during the coming weeks, more poetry, expressing your love in words. And, if you live with the one you love, keep the lines of communication open. Learn to be one another’s best friend.

Online dating could become what it was meant to be all along, i.e. you take your time to get to know someone before you meet up in the real world. It can become a true meeting of minds and offer a chance to make new friends too.

Do What You Love

However, Venus isn’t only about love relationships. Venus represents what brings you pleasure or joy and it’s a significator of art & beauty. Gemini is the communicator so this a great time for creative ideas or being innovative with the spoken or written word.

Learn a language, study something new, take up a hobby or skill, rediscover your love of reading, write a novel.

Also, it’s important to note that this is the beginning of a very long transit of Venus through Gemini. Venus remains in the star sign of the twins until August 7th as she turns retrograde next month. Here’s the sequence:

  • Venus enters Gemini – April 3rd
  • Venus turns retrograde [21 Gemini 50] – May 13th
  • Sun conjunct Venus R [13 Gemini 45] – June 3rd
  • Venus turns direct [5 Gemini 20] – June 25th
  • Venus leaves Gemini – August 7th

Love Thy Neighbour

We’ll all be learning new and different ways to get on with our neighbours, to support one another over the coming weeks & months. Gemini rules siblings as well as your local community, so keep tabs on your blood relatives.

Keep the lines of communication open and express your feelings, your love, even if it’s by text.

Notice where Gemini falls in your horoscope as Venus is going back and forth here throughout this area of your life for an unusually long time. Here’s a quick guide. Read both your Sun & Ascendant sign:

  • Gemini: Your body, your image & appearance, your personal goals & aims
  • Cancer: Your inner journey & spiritual path; your inner voice
  • Leo: Your friendships & groups, your involvement with the wider world
  • Virgo: Your career & vocation, your status & reputation, your role in the public eye
  • Libra: Your education, new experiences, where you find meaning in life
  • Scorpio: Your joint finances, your sex life, all things hidden & taboo
  • Sagittarius: Your relationships – personal & professional
  • Capricorn: Your job, your routine & lifestyle, how you serve & help others
  • Aquarius: Your creativity, skills & talents, your children, fun & entertainment, love affairs
  • Pisces: Your home & family, your past & where you come from, your ancestry
  • Aries: All forms of communication – the written & spoken word, podcasting, your local community, your siblings & neighbours
  • Taurus: Your money & possessions, your financial & emotional security, what you value in life

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Virgo April Horoscope 2020

Edward Burne Jones, Sun Virgo
b. August 28, 1833

Mercury & Relationships

Your planet Mercury is picking up the pace in April after its last retrograde phase. This means that for you too, it’s a month to get things moving, as best you can. Up until the 11th, Mercury completes its journey through Pisces and your relationship sector which began in early February.

Therefore, your 1-to-1’s are important as April begins and require your time and attention. Try not to to get pulled into a relationship that doesn’t serve you or lose yourself in your swirling emotions. This is particularly true on or around the 4th when Mercury unites with Neptune, Pisces’ co-ruler.

This combination can be dreamy and romantic or disorienting and confusing. Don’t believe everything you hear, do be around people who inspire you and touch your soul, your spirit.

Aries & Money

On the 11th, Mercury changes star sign and moves into fiery Aries where it remains until the 27th. The Sun is here as well until the 19th so there’s prominent planetary energy in your joint finance sector. This is about money matters and getting things sorted.

If you need to make a key decision about a financial matter, the best day is the Full Moon on the 8th. This is a time when you can trust your intuition and work at balancing the books.

This is particularly important as the Full Moon falls in Libra, the sign of balance. Try not to go it alone when it comes to money but work things out fairly with other people, both personally and professionally.

Also, it’s a good month for initiating new ideas and ventures that can help financially. Aries brings the lure of the new and, right now, that’s what’s needed. Stay positive where you can and make time this month for a financial review. The 11th, 18th and 19th are great dates for financial collaboration.

Mars, Venus & Work

Work is also under the cosmic spotlight throughout April for a number of reasons. Firstly, Mars and Saturn are together in Aquarius and your work and health sector as April gets underway. Mars here is good for motivation and getting things going, whereas Saturn is the opposite principle, i.e. it stops you in your tracks or holds you back.

This may coincide with a job coming to an end. Or perhaps, you’re feeling under the weather. Try not to push too hard or give in to fear or doubt while Saturn’s strong.

You’re best to take your time and wait until Mars moves away from Saturn on or around the 11th. Then, you can begin to pick up on Mars’ motivational influence and work out a new schedule or consider your next steps.

If you’re a typical Virgo, you’ll already prioritise your health and well-being. It’s part of who you are and worth doing while Mars is in Aquarius. Also, what you begin this month, both with regard to work and exercise, could reward you big-time in 2021.

There’s another planetary influence lighting up your career and that planet is Venus. Venus moves into Gemini and your career and vocation sector on the 3rd where she remains until August 7th. This is an unusually long transit of Venus as she turns retrograde next month, i.e. will be on go slow.

For now, this is your cue to find your team and get the right people on your side. Use your connections if you’re looking for work or worthwhile ways to spend your time.

Venus rules women in astrology, so seek out your female friends or women in a position of influence. Gemini’s the communicator. Keep the lines of communication open and focus on your future path, your next steps.

The best date in this regard is the 4th when Venus aligns with Saturn. Get on the right side of someone in a position of authority and you could land a job, new contract or role.

Earth Sign Creativity

Creativity is a big theme for you this month. On the 5th, the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction takes place in Capricorn and your creativity sector. This is the first of three meetings between these two planets. They connect again on June 30th and November 12th and act as a backdrop, a theme to your year.

This could be a good planetary influence for you as this combination brings renewal and transformation. You may be ready to throw yourself into a hobby, skill or talent. It will be something that grabs you completely, an all-consuming desire or passion.

This is also about children and being there for someone 100%, renewing your relationship or recreating what you had previously. The fact that some of you parents will be with your kids full time could be a relevant symbol – finding ways to be together as you’re in each other’s company 24/7. It’s extreme astrology but packed with hidden riches too.

Finally, this month, you are going to have your sights set on what next as April progresses. This is because the Sun enters your fellow earth sign, Taurus, on the 19th followed by your ruler, Mercury, on the 27th. Taurus rules travel in your horoscope so you’re likely to be dreaming of distant horizons.

Yet, this is also about gaining knowledge, studying, finding meaning in the world, pursuing a spiritual path or religion. It’s whatever gives you hope and faith and finding ways to move beyond your everyday routine.

As Uranus is active here – on the 26th and the 31st – there’s an ‘anything goes’ theme. At times, you may find your energy feels scattered, even frantic. Deep breaths if this is true for you. Take life one day at a time and do whatever you can to seek new adventures and keep your spirits high.

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Leo Horoscope April 2020

John William Godward, Sun Leo – b. August 9, 1861

Fire Sign Aries

Up until the 19th, your ruler the Sun is in fire sign Aries. Traditionally, this is a time when you’re keen to travel and broaden your horizons. Yet, this year, you’re having to do things differently.

That doesn’t mean you give up and do nothing and don’t take full advantage of the Sun’s move through Aries. Aries rules study, learning, knowledge and any activity that sources you and brings meaning to your life. You may be ready to study something new or find yourself on a spiritual path or keen to embrace a religion or faith.

The Full Moon on the 8th may be important in this respect. It cuts across the Aries/Libra axis of the zodiac, which is about education for you. Also, Libra rules life close to home, your local community and Aries rules foreign connections. See where you’re being called forth at the Full Moon and where you want to reach out and help others.

This would be a good date to choose to run a course online or sign up to a learning initiative. Plus, talk planet Mercury enters Aries on the 11th where it remains until the 27th. This suggests that you’re wise to keep busy and keep connected with the people and activities that bring you fulfilment. You may be catching up with people who live abroad, thanks to the power of the internet.

Work & Your Future Path

This is also potentially for you a big month when it comes to your work and career, your future path. Firstly, the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on the 5th highlights the sector of your horoscope which rules your work and routine, your lifestyle and your health. It’s about how you spend your time and what you do on a daily basis.

This is the first of three meetings between Jupiter and Pluto. They come together on June 30th and November 12th and act as a backdrop to your year. Pluto can bring things to a halt as it’s the wipe-out planet. Yet, Jupiter rules opportunity. Together, these two planetary influences represent change and transformation, rebirth and renewal.

You’re required to look more closely at these key areas of your life now. And, for some of you, life may step in to bring a sense of urgency. The peak periods this month for the Jupiter/Pluto influence are the 14th/15th when they clash with your ruler the Sun. Also, the 25th/26th when they clash with Mercury and Pluto turns retrograde.

These combinations are intense so don’t take on too much and notice what makes you feel stressed. Prioritise your health and well-being. If you’re on the frontline in society, do all you can to boost your immune system.

This is a good month to consider your next steps and to look at how you can get on board with new initiatives, new ways moving forwards. On the 19th, the Sun your ruler enters Taurus and your career and vocation sector. There’s a New Moon here on the 23rd and talk planet Mercury joins the Sun in Taurus on the 27th.

The other key planet that’s been in Taurus for some time is Uranus, the planet of change, unpredictability and innovation. This would be an ideal time to take your business online, especially around the New Moon.

Or, find ways to work freelance, start something new, change your routine around. Uranus favours invention and short, sharp bursts of energy. Be open to the unexpected and think on your feet. Uranus kicks in on the 26th when it’s conjunct the Sun and the 31st when it’s next to Mercury (1st May in some countries).

Keep your sights on the future throughout April and know that what you begin this month could take off in 2021.

Air Sign Collaborations & Communications

People are also important to you thanks to key planets in air signs, representing communication and collaboration. Venus is in Gemini from the 3rd where it remains until August 7th, an unusually long transit for Venus.

This is because it turns retrograde next month, i.e. will be on go slow. Gemini rules friends and groups in your horoscope and this is where you find pleasure and joy.

Also, action planet Mars is in Aquarius and your relationship sector throughout April. Usually, this brings passion and fire to your 1-to-1 relationships and this is true from about the 11th onwards.

However, as the month begins, Mars is dominated by Saturn in Aquarius, your partner planet. This slows things down and there may be tension around a key relationship. It won’t help if you feel frustrated or reined in by your relationship with someone close.

Sometimes, this combination brings commitment or an extra-tight bond. Usually, however, it means you’re struggling to find yourself or be true to who you are within a relationship. Try not to get into a conflict situation and distance yourself from any enemies. Give yourself time and space to breathe and dive into activities that are personal to you.

Once Mars breaks free from Saturn, you may also find that you have someone fighting your corner, putting their ambition and determination into your ventures, your life.

Mars in Aquarius can be a positive transit when you’re around people who are raring to go. In turn, this inspires and stimulates your own energy levels.

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Saturn In Aquarius: The New Age

Saturn enters Aquarius – March 22, 2020 (03:58 GMT)

This weekend, Saturn changes star sign and moves into Aquarius where it remains until July 1st. It then returns to Capricorn for another six months until December 17, 2020 when Saturn finally takes up residence in Aquarius until March 7, 2023.

It’s always important when Saturn changes star sign but even more so this time around because of what we now know regarding the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January 12, 2020.

Astrology indicated that 2020 would be a challenging year. The astrological symbolism suggested that the old ways would need to change for a ‘new age’ to emerge. Saturn and Pluto together often coincide with hardship, death and loss. Meeting in Capricorn, this suggested a ‘reset’ around government, leadership, big business, our capitalist society.

The theme was always going to be ‘out with the old and in with the new’ but boy is it turning out to be dramatic. So, what will Saturn’s move into Aquarius bring as it moves between its traditional sign of rulership, Capricorn, into its modern sign of rulership, Aquarius?

Social Distancing

One obvious symbol that fits Saturn in Aquarius is a new term that’s arisen due to the impact of Covid-19 – social distancing. Saturn is the planet that represents limitations, endings and boundaries. Aquarius is one of the social air signs, the star sign associated with society and community.

Our movements within society are being severely restricted. Most people are now experiencing some kind of lockdown situation. The danger is social isolation, another symbol of Saturn in Aquarius.

Last week in the UK there were rumours that elderly people (Saturn rules the old) would need to self-isolate for the next four months. That would coincide with Saturn’s transit through Aquarius until July 1st.

Community, Technology & Online Initiatives

Yet, Saturn’s move into Aquarius is coinciding with other initiatives that are also relevant to Saturn’s change of star sign. Aquarius is a sign that’s structured and organised which is why Saturn likes to be in Aquarius.

We are seeing new systems beginning to emerge in response to the limiting effects of Covid-19. Aquarius is the star sign linked to modern technology, community, new trends and invention. Online businesses are booming and community ventures are beginning to grow as people team up locally to help one another out.

We’re already seeing new systems in the UK. For example, supermarkets are finally getting on board and limiting the amount of goods you can purchase that are in demand. Also, they are prioritising online and offline shopping for the elderly.

There are going to be more plays on television as the theatres close and films are released earlier. Education is going online, auditions are happening by Skype and companies are having to get innovative about how they carry on serving the public. No doubt, you’ve heard of other new initiatives that fit this reorganisation of society.

Saturn’s move into Aquarius is likely to spell good news for advancements in technology, hopefully helping us to find a cure for the virus and create efficient systems for testing for the virus.

Cleaning Up Society/Our Earth

Also, it’s important to point out that Aquarius is a humanitarian star sign. Whereas Capricorn rules the hierarchy and class, Aquarius favours an egalitarian society. We have been living in a world that’s completely out of balance as a tiny percentage of people hold the majority of the money and power.

Things are likely to change as long as we heed the lessons of 2020. And, change will continue once Jupiter joins Saturn in Aquarius in December 2020 and moves through Aquarius in 2021. The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is the start of a new 20 year chapter.

The other area that could benefit is our earth. Aquarius is an environmental star sign, its zodiac symbol the Water Bearer. We’ve known for years that we’ve been neglecting the earth we live on as climate change gets out of control. Yet, we do relatively little to change the pollution and devastating effects of over-population, manufacturing, consumerism, global travel, etc.

We are already seeing that the lockdown situation is helping to clean up our planet as we are forced not to travel, over-spend or keep on churning out products that destroy our earth.

The asteroid conjoining the Saturn/Pluto conjunction back in January was Ceres, symbolising mother earth, also at 22 degrees Capricorn. We’re getting a forced ‘clean up’ that may never have happened otherwise.

The Mars Factor

May of you have been asking about the timing of this year’s big events. As Mars has been a key player, it’s important to start here. Mars is an accelerator, a trigger. Mars has been moving through Capricorn since February 16th and peaks now, i.e. the weekend of March 20th-23rd when it is conjunct Jupiter & Pluto. I talked about this weekend in the Coronavirus Astrology Special – see links at bottom of article.

On March 30th, Mars enters Aquarius and immediately makes a conjunction to Saturn in Aquarius on March 31st. These dates too are likely to be pivotal.

Aquarius is an air sign and Mars and Saturn, the malefics in astrology, threaten more restrictions. Effectively, they slam on the brakes. Mars remains in Aquarius throughout April and enters Pisces on May 13th.

Early May also sees the karmic nodes moving out of Cancer and Capricorn on May 5th so the first two weeks of May could see the first shift in our extraordinary ‘lockdown’ world.

Mars’ move into Pisces, Neptune’s star sign, could be helpful for finding a cure. Neptune is the planet that rules viruses and Mars gets to the heart of the matter.

However, you can’t rule out the possibility of Mars’ transit through Pisces until June 28th accelerating the virus once again. This date is also very close to Saturn leaving Aquarius on July 1st, another potential turning point.

In the UK, our Prime Minister, BJ, has been criticised for saying ‘we’ll turn the tide in 12 weeks’ in his jolly, buffoon way. Another line for the side of a bus – you’ll know what that means if you followed Brexit!

Yet, in reality, the next 12 weeks will be crucial while Saturn makes its first transit through Aquarius. I think most astrologers would agree that we’re in this crisis situation for the long-haul. It’s up to each and every one of us to take responsibility for our shared society – another key showing of Saturn (responsibility) in Aquarius (society).

Turning Inwards

Finally, I wanted to mention that Saturn is the winter planet in the Northern Hemisphere as it rules Capricorn & Aquarius, the ‘winter’ star signs. Therefore, the transit of Saturn through Aquarius is also about turning inwards. Aquarius wants to be social – Saturn says No!

We can’t go out in the world now but we can tend to our inner selves, keep faithful, stop & retreat. Saturn’s slowing us all down. In meditation, this is the ‘pause’, a time of letting go as you wait for something new to emerge, to come in, to fill the space. It’s a time to wait and be patient.

Personally, I’m meditating once a day & lighting a candle in the evening, a reminder to keep the light strong within. Find your own ways to help you stay calm during the current crisis. This is especially important as Saturn is the planet linked to fear. Limit your time (Saturn) on social media (Aquarius) and keep your coverage of the news to a manageable amount.

Stay well, stay safe, stay sane & stay connected.

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Saturn In Aquarius: Your Sun Sign Guide


March 22, 2020 to July 1, 2020 

December 17, 2020 to March 7, 2023

Saturn’s move into Aquarius this weekend lights up a whole new sector of your solar horoscope. This is the beginning of a three year transit of Saturn through Aquarius, the egalitarian star sign representing structure & organisation and futuristic, modern ways of thinking.

Saturn in Aquarius is the scientist, the inventor, innovative and trend-setting. Saturn’s rule in Aquarius highlights community and society, the New Age and alternative trends. Aquarius’ co-ruler Uranus represents technology, new ideas & collaborative ventures. Aquarius’ gaze is always one step ahead embracing the future.

You’re in it for the long haul with Saturn in Aquarius and it helps to know what you can do to make the most of this new planetary transit. Here’s a quick guide to the twelve star signs and what Saturn in Aquarius means for you:


Finally, you have your ruling planet Saturn back where it belongs in your star sign Aquarius for the first time in 30 years. If your life’s been lacking direction, it’s time to reorient your compass and get on track with your long-term personal goals and aims. It’s a good idea to step things up a notch and decide where you can make your mark within society. More ambition comes your way but don’t lose your heart in the process. Be sensitive as well as tough. Take charge of your physical well-being; a healthy regime will benefit your progress.


Saturn in Aquarius is hidden away in your horoscope as Aquarius is the sign before Pisces in the zodiac. This is about inner work, learning to be alone and embrace solitude when necessary. You might be walking a spiritual path or feel a calling to move away from social media and be of service in the world. This is a key period of preparation for you, whether you’re studying, researching or recharging your batteries. Keep your gaze firmly focused on your future plans.


There’s less pressure on your career and reputation once Saturn is established in Aquarius. You may discover that having friends in high places or extending your professional network opens the right doors. This is the time to consider your group connections and find people you can team up with on and off-line to further your long-term goals. There will be lessons to learn around friendship and community and you’re required to get serious about these all-important connections in your life. Prove you’re committed to your charity ventures and you’re in it for the long haul.


Saturn reaches the pinnacle of your horoscope in Aquarius. This is the time to be decisive about your career and vocation and make the right moves which can improve your status and assure your long-term reputation moving forwards. Take on a new position of responsibility, step into a leadership role and develop a hard-work ethic. Saturn in Aquarius can benefit you over the next three years, as long as you’re prepared to knuckle down and focus on the long-term goals. Your rewards will come through perseverance and making slow and steady progress.


Aquarius is a fellow air sign so Saturn in Aquarius can help get you on the right track. This is the time to sign up for a three year course to improve your learning or gain new qualifications. You might have a goal to emigrate or live abroad in the future. If so, Saturn in Aquarius is the time to prepare yourself and get organised. If you lose sight of the meaning or purpose to your life or find it hard to visualise your future, delve into ancient wisdom or be inspired by the great thinkers throughout history. Happiness is an inside job.


Saturn’s move into Aquarius means it’s time to get serious about debt, an investment or long-term financial decision. Aquarius rules the sector of your horoscope that concerns joint finances and shared resources. Yes, you need to pay attention to what’s happening in the here and now but it’s also the right time to consider your future options. It’s not just about making strategic money moves or creating sound joint ventures either. This transit of Saturn through Aquarius is tapping you into the metaphysical realm and discovering the riches in life that are not about money or material possessions.


Aquarius is your opposite star sign and Saturn here can be a tough task-master. You might be up against strong competition or opposition and you need to toughen up and prove your leadership credentials. Relationships are under the cosmic spotlight, your 1-to-1’s, both personal and professional. Saturn in Aquarius can represent a time of commitment, settling down and making the right relationship choice. You have to work at love and partnership, however, and not expect your relationships to be a breeze. Make some strategic partnership moves and think of the future.


Saturn in Aquarius brings out the side of your nature that’s organised and likes to be busy. This is about your work and routine, your lifestyle and health and managing your time well. If you take on too much while Saturn is in Aquarius, you’ll wear yourself out. If you’re out of work, you might have to find ways to deal with fear or doubt, to keep your inner light shining bright. Service to others is a Saturn in Aquarius theme and wanting to give something back. It’s less about you and more about playing a valuable role within your community. This is where fulfilment lies.


You have Saturn in a strong planetary dynamic as Aquarius is a fellow air sign. Saturn is in the sector of your horoscope that rules your talents and how you express yourself. If you want to learn an instrument or master a craft or skill, you have extra self-discipline now and the ability to stay on track and put in hours of training or practise. When it comes to parenting, be disciplined but not overly so; when it comes to new love, be dedicated to romance but not overly serious. If you’re lacking fun in life, play more, work less.


Saturn in Aquarius moves to the base of your horoscope taking you back into the past. This sector of your chart represents where you come from, your home and family, your ancestry and roots. Delve into your family history. Sometimes, you find it hard to move when Saturn’s here. Or, perhaps you’re ready to settle down, stay put and build strong foundations in your life. Elderly parents may require extra time and attention and themes of duty and responsibility run through your family connections.


This is the time to find your voice and become an authority in your field, while Saturn in Aquarius moves through your communication sector. You have to prove you can be consistent and reliable in your communications, whether you’re promoting, marketing or networking online. You might choose to take on a responsible role within your community or work hard to build strong bonds with your siblings, cousins or neighbours. Commuting less is preferable and making new online friendships brings long-term fulfilment.


You may be delighted that Saturn, your ruler, is no longer in Capricorn. Saturn in your star sign can coincide with a time of hardship or ill health. Alternatively, you may have enjoyed Saturn honing your self-discipline and ability to work hard. With Saturn in Aquarius, this is the time to take finances seriously. You’re going to have to learn to be more conservative with your money and budget well. Saturn in Aquarius favours saving rather than spending, being thrifty and making sensible long-term financial decisions. It’s an ideal time for you to earn from an online business.

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