Pisces February 2021 Horoscope

For most of February, the main emphasis is on Aquarius and the most hidden sector of your horoscope. Planets in Aquarius turn your attention inwards as Aquarius rules your inner life, your inner voice.

This is often a time of retreat and reflection, quiet time and solitude. You may be leading a religious or spiritual path or you feel the pull back towards your past. You might be more aware of the cycle of karma, the wheel of fortune turning.

Aquarius New Moon

The Aquarius activity peaks during the New Moon on the 11th when six of the seven traditional planetary bodies are in this star sign. You might choose to hibernate, prioritise self-care or care for others. Aquarius is a humanitarian star sign and this could prick your social conscience.

Plus, your planet Jupiter is active during the New Moon phase. Jupiter teams up with Venus in Aquarius on the 11th & Mercury in Aquarius on the 14th. Jupiter’s a benevolent, generous and giving influence.

Mercury Retrograde

Also, the planet of communication Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius for the first three weeks of February taking you deeper inward. This is likely to be a reflective, contemplative period in the year. Allow yourself time to switch off, unplug and step back from the news or social media.

Not everything will work out now but that’s the way with Mercury retrograde. Think about what you’re letting go of and what’s coming to completion. You could be involved in a big writing project or be doing research. Try not to let your mind take over and ensure you balance busy time with relaxation.

Once Mercury turns direct on the 21st, it’s a good idea to chase things up. Reconnect with people, try again with a love relationship or rediscover some of your ideas or projects that got shelved earlier in the year or the first half of last year.

Mars’ Action

There are certain ideas, people or projects that could pull you out into the world this month and it’s not all quiet and solitude. For starters, you have action planet Mars in Taurus and your communication sector.

Mars clashes with the inner planets in Aquarius on the 1st, 10th & 19th. You might be striving for peace & quiet but find disruption and noise instead.

Also, you could find yourself triggered by the Saturn-Uranus clash on the 17th. This will rouse your principles. You may want to add your voice to what’s going on in society or the world around you. You could feel fired up and ready for action.

Pisces’ Time

There’s a positive shift for you once the Sun enters your star sign Pisces on the 18th. This is a welcome boost to your energy and vitality. When the Sun is in Pisces, it’s the time to focus on your personal goals and aims, your image and profile and how other people see you.

Plus, on the 25th, the planet of love, art & beauty, Venus enters Pisces. This is potentially a creative and fertile period. Work on your personal goals and seek inspiration from books, movies, talks.

The other significant activity this month is the Full Moon on the 27th which cuts across the Virgo/Pisces axis of the zodiac. This is gorgeous for love and relationships as there’s a romantic vibe around this Full Moon. Spend quality time with the one you love. Or, if you’re single ask someone out on a date.

And, if relationships aren’t your thing, fall in love elsewhere in life. Bring more beauty into your life and engage in activities that uplift your romantic and poetic soul.


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Libra February 2021 Horoscope

Aquarius New Moon

It’s all going on in Aquarius this month which is potentially good news for you. Aquarius is a fellow air sign and rules all the good things in life, such as romance, children, creativity, self-expression, fun & joy. If anyone’s going to embrace the positive side of life this month, it’s likely to be you.

Yet, nothing is straightforward now and even the New Moon in Aquarius on the 11th could feel overwhelming. This is when six of the seven traditional planetary bodies are in Aquarius, an overflow of activity. You might be exceptionally busy or new beginnings come thick & fast.

Try to pace yourself and don’t panic if you can’t get everything done at once. Be kind to you and don’t be hard on yourself if you’re not making the most of your time or being as structured or productive as you would like.

Mercury Retrograde

Also, this month, communication planet Mercury is retrograde and there will be times when you feel as if you’re going backwards rather than forwards. Try not to let your mind trick you and focus on one thing at a time.

Mercury’s change of direction on the 21st often brings new information to light or you hear the news you’ve been waiting for. Sometimes, you change your mind, perhaps about a new romance.

You can, however, start to be more confident about making key decisions once Mercury is back on track. And, if someone reappears from your past this month, get to know them better, pick up where you left off and initiate an important conversation.

Love Vibes

Also, it’s worth noting that the period around the New Moon is potentially lucky and fortunate for romance. This is because a key player is Jupiter which promises new opportunities.

Jupiter teams up with your planet Venus on the 11th and Mercury on the 14th – Valentines Day – in your romance sector.

If you’re a typical Libra, you’ll be more than a little interested in love & relationships, so make the most of this potentially romantic vibe. With your ruling planet Venus in Aquarius from the 1st to the 25th, romance is one area your life that you may choose to pursue.

Sex & Money

Mars is your partner planet and Mars is currently in Taurus and one of the hidden sectors of your horoscope. Taurus rules sexuality so another nod towards passion potential this month.

On a personal level, this is an ideal time to pursue self-development or gain more insight about your inner motivations. Uranus is here too, taking you to places you may not have explored before.

Sometimes, it’s when you step more fully into the breadth of life experiences that you learn more about yourself. This is potentially what’s happening for you now.

On a practical level, Taurus rules money and joint finances in your horoscope. Here, there may be sudden changes, perhaps linked to your family, your home or a property deal.

This is a good time to be pro-active and get ahead, especially if you’re keen to renovate your home, move somewhere new or find a way to meet up with family.

However, one area of discontent could be money this month and it’s wise not to get into arguments about finances. This could be with a lover or a child. This is the theme of Mars’ squares on the 1st, 10th & 19th.

Plus, the Saturn-Uranus square aspect on the 17th could be a trigger if there are things in life you can’t afford. Or, you experience a general sense of irritation and frustration around the global economy. This will feel personal if it impacts on yourself or the ones you love.

Finding Your Flow

Later in the month, the Sun enters Pisces on the 18th and your ruler Venus moves here on the 25th. There’s a flow around your work and health with this combination.

The Full Moon on the 27th highlights your work and routine, your lifestyle and your health, also your spiritual path. Do whatever’s necessary so you feel in flow. Find work that’s meaningful and be of service to others.

If you’re looking for work, this is an ideal time to chase up job options. Think second chances and try again where you failed earlier this year or in the first half of last year.

Get on the right side of other people and use your diplomatic skills to ensure you’re a good team. This will help your everyday life be in flow.

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Scorpio February 2021 Horoscope

This month, it’s the people in your life who matter. The key planetary activity takes place in two star signs – Aquarius, ruling your home & family and Taurus, ruling your relationships, both personal & professional.

Passion & Fury

Your planet Mars is in Taurus throughout February, your opposite star sign. Mars represents passion & anger, drive & ambition. If you’re pursuing a relationship, you’re likely to do so determinedly.

Mars in Taurus rarely gives up. Yet, it is worth stopping and noticing what else is going on in your life before you go full steam ahead. This is because Mars clashes with key planets in Aquarius on the 1st, 10th & 19th. This pits your home & family against your relationships, in some shape or form.

It might be that you’re with a partner and your family don’t approve. Alternatively, you’re caught up in an argumentative situation as tensions and tempers flare at home.

The frustrations could come because you can’t see the people you love. Or, you feel cut off from other people. It’s likely to be a month when you won’t see eye-to-eye with everyone so bear this in mind.

It’s a similar theme during the Saturn-Uranus clash on the 17th. Feeling trapped or held back, yet wanting or needing freedom. You may find that your own moves are dependent on other people, which isn’t always an easy position for you to be in.

The 25th is likely to be a significant date because this is when Mars and Pluto join forces, your co-rulers. This combination feels intense, even obsessive. You could find yourself in a position of significant power.

Don’t give up easily and be resilient throughout February. Dig deep to achieve your goals. One word of caution is to choose your battles wisely. Mars does like a fight and this is strong Mars’ energy.

Aquarius Energy

During the New Moon on the 11th, the Aquarius energy peaks. Aquarius rules your home and family, your past and where you come from. These areas of your life feel critical or important, more so than usual.

If you need to make a move, this New Moon could see you on your way. Or, it brings a new living situation. New Moons often coincide with new beginnings.

Plus, the New Moon phase is when Jupiter’s role peaks. On the 11th, there’s a Venus-Jupiter conjunction and on the 14th, a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction. This feels expansive, generous and open-hearted, whether you’re the one who’s giving or receiving. All this activity falls in your home & family sector.

Mercury Retrograde

There is another factor to note, however, and that is Mercury retrograde, the communication planet. Mercury is in retreat in Aquarius for the first three weeks of February. Therefore, you may need to readdress a situation or issue with regard to your home & family.

You might need to make some tough decisions. Or, perhaps you’re stepping in to support someone close. Do whatever’s necessary. It’s a good time to talk to family or discuss a home or property move.

Once Mercury is back up to speed on the 21st, then you can get things moving and make those key decisions in your life. While Mercury’s retrograde, do your research and consider all your possibilities.

Pisces’ Vibes

The Pisces vibe feels like good news for you as Pisces is a fellow water sign. Once the Sun enters Pisces on the 18th, you’re more able to reconnect with your heart, your natural intuition.

This is one of the creative sectors of your horoscope. Take up a hobby, prioritise fun and entertainment, ensure you play as well as work. Explore something new when your creative juices are in full flow.

Love planet Venus enters Pisces on the 25th and the Full Moon on the 27th feels both social and romantic for you. This is a reminder to embrace love and life and feel the depth of your emotions. Be open to friendship, spend quality time with your kids and do more of what you love.

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Leo February 2021 Horoscope

Aquarius New Moon

During the New Moon in Aquarius on the 11th, six out of the seven traditional planetary bodies are in your opposite star sign. Aquarius rules relationships in your horoscope, both personal & professional.

This pile-up of planets can play out in different ways but it’s important to note that this will be a definitive time for your one-to-ones.

You’re either giving a relationship your all. Or, perhaps you encounter an individual who’s going to play a significant role in your life moving forward. One way or another, it’s a tipping point.

Lucky Jupiter is also involved in the New Moon phase and Jupiter is a protective and benevolent influence. On the 11th, the day of the New Moon, Jupiter aligns with Venus in Aquarius, the planet of love. In fact, you have Venus in your relationship sector from the 1st to the 25th.

Plus, there’s a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius on the 14th, Valentines Day. If anyone is going to receive or offer a loving proposal this month, bets are on your star sign or your opposite star sign Aquarius.

Mercury Retrograde

However, it is important to note that Mercury, the planet of communication, is retrograde in Aquarius for the first three weeks of February until the 21st.

Therefore, ideally you want to wait to make a key decision about love and relationships until this date. Sometimes, Mercury brings new information to light.

This Mercury retrograde phase is ideal for reconnecting with people from your past, a lover perhaps, or a friend or colleague.

People matter to you deeply now and you may find that your own plans change depending on what happens in the lives of the people you love. It’s not a month to go it alone.

Career Goals & Clashes

This feels as if it’s an important month too with regard to your work and career, your vocation and future path. Action planet Mars gives you drive and ambition in Taurus and your future sector.

Plus, the planet of change Uranus remains in Taurus. It might be that external circumstances are the reason for a new chapter beginning. Or, perhaps an opportunity appears that’s too good to miss out on.

It’s not always going to be an easy month to navigate and this is where your interactions with other people could interfere with your plans. This is because Mars clashes with the Sun on the 1st & Mercury and Venus on the 10th & 19th respectively.

Plus, there’s a Saturn-Uranus clash on the 17th. This suggests you could find yourself at odds with other people, whether you don’t see eye-to-eye with a boss or you’re up against tough competition.

Ideally, wait until the last week of the month before leaping in or responding to an act of defiance. Mars teams up with Pluto on the 25th and this promises support from someone in a position of influence.

Or, you find the right team to work alongside. This month’s astrology is about aligning yourself with the right people and moving away from the ‘wrong’ people.

Sun Enters Pisces

There’s a definite shift in energy on the 18th when the Sun, your ruler, enters water sign Pisces. Less arguments perhaps or less stress. Pisces is an emotional, sentimental star sign, sensitive and caring.

This sector of your horoscope is about money on the one hand, also things that are hidden. You may be dealing with deep emotions while the Sun is here. Or venturing into unknown territory.

There’s a powerful Full Moon on the 27th cutting across the Virgo/Pisces axis of the horoscope. This is the financial/emotional axis in your horoscope and Full Moons often bring clarity. You see your situation clearly and you’re wise to trust your intuition in making a key decision.

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Virgo February 2021 Horoscope

Aquarius New Moon

February’s New Moon in Aquarius finds six of the seven traditional planetary bodies in this same sector of your horoscope. Aquarius rules work & health, the everyday basics of life, your routine & lifestyle.

If you’re a typical Virgo, you prefer having a regular routine and you like to prioritise your health and take good care of your body.

New Moons are traditionally a time for new beginnings. Or, at least a good time to activate interest in the areas mentioned. You could find a new job on or around this New Moon or find out new information that boosts your health.

Aquarius rules service to others for you, so you may decide to become a volunteer. You are one of the star signs that gain great fulfilment from helping or taking care of others. Aquarius rules employees, lodgers and pets in your horoscope.

Mercury Retrograde

There is another key factor that’s important here involving your ruling planet Mercury. Mercury rules communication and the mind and is retrograde, i.e. in retreat for the first three weeks of February.

This can be a confusing period for you when things don’t always go the way you’d planned and it’s hard to feel as if you’re moving in the right direction. You might feel overwhelmed during the New Moon period with too many options or too much to do.

Therefore, when Mercury turns direct on the 21st, this is a significant turning point for you. Mercury’s change of direction is the planetary equivalent of a green light. Sometimes, you hear news you’ve been waiting for or information comes to light that helps you make a key decision.

It’s a great date to initiate a a conversation and get things moving in your life. Start to focus on the future, in particular, areas around your work and health.

This would be a good time to try again with a situation related to your work or health. For example, chase up an old contact or a job that didn’t come off earlier in the year or in the first half of last year. Or, get a second opinion regarding a health issue or reconsider an alternative treatment or therapy.

Clashing Wants & Needs

Also, there’s dominant planetary activity in earth sign Taurus this month. Mars is here giving you drive and ambition and Taurus rules your travel and study sector. You may be required to travel for work or study for work and this could prove disruptive.

Trying to get things done is doubly challenging, especially dealing with foreign connections. Try not to get overly stressful if things aren’t working out. The key dates of potential aggravation are the 1st, 10th & 19th.

Plus, the Saturn-Uranus clash on the 17th could highlight where you’re unable to break free, which Uranus wants to do in Taurus. Saturn holds you back while Uranus craves freedom.

The two planets challenge each other this month and tempers could flare. Too much might be expected of you. Alternatively, you could find your own sense of adventure being frustrated and feeling held back.

Love & Relationships

Love is an interesting phenomenon this month for different reasons. Firstly, Jupiter is a key player during the New Moon phase and teams up with love planet Venus on the 11th and your ruler Mercury on the 14th, Valentines Day.

As Jupiter is your partner planet, this could be a boost to your love life. Get together with the one you love and keep the lines of communication open. Make a special effort for one another.

Late February could bring a significant turning point to a relationship. The Sun enters Pisces and your relationship sector on the 18th and love planet Venus enters Pisces on the 25th.

Plus, this month’s Full Moon on the 27th is significant for you as it falls in your star sign Virgo. Emotions run high and important matters culminate during the Full Moon. This period in the month promises love and romance. Alternatively, support from partners and allies. Ideally, both.


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Cancer February 2021 Horoscope


Aquarius New Moon

Money will become more important in your life this month. This is because of the pile-up of planets in Aquarius which peaks on the New Moon on the 11th. This is when six of the seven traditional planetary bodies are in Aquarius and your joint finance sector.

Therefore, what takes place this month could set a new precedent or be the start of a new phase in your life. This is linked to your financial situation whether one form of income is coming to an end or you receive a gift or bonus.

Lucky Jupiter is a key player during the New Moon phase as it connects with Venus on the 11th & Mercury on the 14th. These combinations feel generous and abundant.

Alternatively, you might be gearing up to commit to an investment, a mortgage or loan. This is a great time to plan for the future and you’re wise to consider your next steps regarding your financial security.

Mercury Retrograde

However, the timing is key. This is because Mercury, the planet ruling communication and the mind is retrograde in Aquarius for the first three weeks of February until the 21st.

Mercury’s move backwards through air sign Aquarius requires you to be logical and structured. If you’ve felt lost or been going round in circles, try and be more organised.

You are one of life’s dreamers but there are times when you need to leave the realm of the imagination and manifest your dreams in real life.

This month is good for renegotiating or working things out financially. You may return to a conversation or project that began earlier this year or in the first half of last year. Rework old ideas or projects.

Moon Child

During the latter part of February the Full Moon takes place, always significant for you as you’re a Moon child. The Sun enters dreamy, romantic Pisces on the 18th and during the Full Moon on the 27th, the Moon is in practical Virgo.

This would be a good time to try something different or to be in new surroundings. If a new friend suggests learning a course together or embracing a new experience, take advantage.

Think about expanding your horizons in some shape or form towards the end of February. The Full Moon is the ideal time to trust your intuition and start making those key decisions in your life.

Emotional Activist

Action planet Mars is also active this month in Taurus and your friendship and group sector. Mars and Uranus are both in this same sector of your horoscope and it’s here where there’s potentially passion & fury.

You might be involved with a protest group or have activist friends whose alternative views shake you into action. You could have worries about your own financial security or fear for your children or loved ones as the economy struggles. This is the theme for you of the Saturn-Uranus square aspect on the 17th.

Being a Sun Cancer, security matters to you both financially and emotionally. This will be the main trigger for the key decisions you make moving forward.

Ensure you reconnect with your heart and your natural intuition once Venus joins the Sun in your fellow water sign Pisces on the 25th. Too much time spent in your head, worrying or trying to work things out isn’t helpful. Instead, feel your emotions and let them be your guide.

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Gemini February 2021 Horoscope

Mercury Retrograde

It’s an important month for you and timing is the key to your success. This is because your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde for the first three weeks of February. This means Mercury is retracing its steps through Aquarius and doesn’t change to forward motion until the 21st.

This can be a frustrating time for you. Therefore, it’s wise to be flexible and adaptable if plans don’t work out or your ideas go round in circles. It’s also an excellent month to review your current situation and review and revise your ideas.

Aquarius is a fellow air sign which does mean it’s a good month to be logical and rational. Write things down, make lists, plan ahead. Notice if you change your mind regarding a trip away, a course or another adventure. That’s perfectly possible while Mercury is in retreat.

The key date for you this month is the 21st when Mercury turns direct. This often coincides with a turning point in your life. Sometimes, you hear the news you were waiting for or you’re more clear about what you want and why. The 21st is a positive date to make key decisions.

Aquarius New Moon

Before Mercury turns direct, there’s a pile up of planets in Aquarius culminating in the New Moon on the 11th.

Lucky Jupiter is here and your planet Mercury teams up with Jupiter for the second time on the 14th – the first date was January 11th & they meet again on March 5th. If new opportunities come in on or around these key dates, the answer’s Yes when Jupiter’s involved.

You may be considering emigration or a move abroad with so much happening in Aquarius. Or, perhaps you want or need to take a sabbatical and are considering new qualifications.

Being an air sign, you’re curious about life and your love of knowledge and learning will be stimulated as Aquarius becomes the star sign of the moment. Reviewing and reassessing your future goals is part and parcel of this month’s astrology.

Plus, if you’re in a relationship or married, this is a key month to make some big decisions together. Jupiter is your partner planet and as Mercury and Jupiter align on the 14th – Valentines Day – it’s an ideal date to come together and talk about your dreams & schemes for the future.

New Horizons

The focus is on the future all month so keep your gaze above the horizon and look ahead. On the 18th, the Sun enters Pisces and your future sector. Plus, on the 27th, there’s a significant Full Moon taking place.

This Full Moon cuts across the Virgo/Pisces axis of the zodiac representing the foundations of your life, your career & vocation, your home & family.

This could turn out to be a key month for you with regard to your future path, your next steps in life. There could be some big changes coming your way, a significant shift, whether due to external circumstances or a change of mind or change or heart on your part.

Your progress isn’t linear by any means. Instead, allow yourself time to ponder and reflect and consider all your options. This could feel unsettling at times but view this as a necessary process.

On the Outside

Finally, there may be another reason why you want or need to focus on your next steps. This is because you could feel as if you’re an outsider or excluded in some way. You may have a sense that you don’t fit in and you have to do things on your own.

This is partly to do with Mars in Taurus and the most hidden sector of your horoscope. Also, the Saturn-Uranus square aspect on the 17th. Some of you could break free of an association or a place of education on or close to this date.

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