Week of September 11, 2017

Best news this week is Venus in Leo regains her mojo! The Virgo Sun and Mercury in Virgo have their challenges but nothing we can’t handle, while Mercury is getting back to normal and will be much more effective at sorting out the details once more.

On Tuesday Venus in Leo enjoys a trine to Saturn in Sagittarius, very good for injecting some common sense into love and money matters. If you have been holding off on dealing with complicated romantic issues or putting together a financial deal, now is a good time to move ahead. On Friday Venus will be sextile Jupiter in Libra and hopefully bring everyone a pinch of good luck.

A much more exciting aspect is Venus trine Uranus in Aries late Sunday, September 17. That one ought to give our love lives a boost as well as open up some brilliant creative ideas! Remember this is the last week Venus will be in playful Leo before transitioning to retiring Virgo next week.

Saturn in Sagittarius squares the Virgo Sun on Wednesday. Typically Sagittarius pushes meticulous Virgo’s buttons with its free and easy ways but since it is Saturn what we might get is more pressure to color within the lines. The overall effect will still dampen enthusiasm for change and increase the need to stick with the status quo.

Conversation could get heated on Saturday when Mercury conjoins Mars in Virgo. Mercury-Mars conjunctions put sharp edges on words and in Virgo those words could be very cutting indeed. Please take a moment to think carefully before speaking because the damage inflicted could be lasting.

The Moon has an active week with reasonably short void-of-course periods. This usually translates into us staying busy too. That being said, we start Monday with a void-of-course Taurus Moon that won’t enter busy Gemini until the afternoon.

We may as well not get in a big hurry on Monday between the plodding void-of-course Taurus Moon in the morning and a very easily distracted Gemini Moon after that. The Gemini Moon squares first Mercury, then Mars in Virgo; both very testy aspects which could lead to disagreements and running around in circles.

Matters don’t improve much on Tuesday either. The Gemini Moon-Neptune in Pisces square during the morning leaves confusion in its wake. These effects should dissipate by mid-afternoon so we may be able to make some progress then. The mutable energy runs high from Tuesday through Wednesday, and we’ll need to make a concerted effort to stay on task.

Wednesday the mood improves considerably with the Gemini Moon making two upbeat aspects the first part of the day. She will be trine Jupiter in Libra first thing and sextile Uranus in Aries midday. After a short void-of-course, the Moon will glide into watery Cancer late afternoon/early evening. This looks like a much more favorable day for meetings of all types though we’ll likely head for home rather than go out after work.

There is a delightful blend of water and earth energy on Thursday under the Cancer Moon. A trine to Neptune in Pisces midday tunes up our intuition, and an evening opposition to Pluto in Capricorn favors intense but productive family discussions. It would be a good idea to incorporate a pragmatic approach no matter what we’re doing.

Friday looks to be a much moodier day though it does start off on a good note with the Cancer Moon sextile the Virgo Sun. Once we hit midday she will make a T-Square with Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries. And that is bound to bring up emotionally draining issues. After the Moon squares Uranus mid-late afternoon, she will go void-of-course until evening when she shifts into outgoing Leo for the weekend.

The weekend has some interesting possibilities with three planets in industrious Virgo (Sun, Mercury and Mars) and an upbeat Leo Moon. This suggests we might be happiest if we can work with others in service to our communities while having a good time. Lively music to keep spirits up while working is one idea. The Leo Moon has free rein on Saturday because she makes no aspects until first thing Sunday morning.

Sunday finds the Leo Moon creating a Grand Trine in fire with Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries with a sweet sextile to Jupiter in Libra tucked in during the afternoon. This is an excellent day for social activities of all types . . . one of the better ones we’ve had in quite some time. Enjoy!

This week is a nice blend of some fun moments mixed in with the workaday Virgo vibe. With mutable signs dominating the sky now, it should be easier to see more options and to remain flexible. Enjoy the last big burst of fiery goodness on the weekend if you can.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Early Autumn Flowers  © Diane Lang

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Mercury finally returns to Virgo!

Late today Mercury limps back into one of its home signs, Virgo. The past few weeks Mercury was retrograde have not been easy for many of us, particularly after Mercury backed into Leo before stationing direct earlier this week. Mercury stalled out in fixed Leo was not fun. Mercury is almost back up to speed and will be by tomorrow. This will help smooth out various Mercury related concerns considerably.

It will take Mercury another week or so to reach the degree it stationed retrograde. That will happen on September 19, shortly before the Autumnal Equinox on September 22. By the way, Venus will be joining the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Virgo the same day Mercury reaches its station degree, closing the Leo show for the season and bringing us back into boring reality.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Virgo © Anja Uhren