Weekly Astrology Aspects Forecast June 28 – July 4, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

28-Jun-21 Mars sextile North Node
A willingness to join forces with others catalyses evolution. A calculated risk born from intuition.

29-Jun-21 No major aspects

30-Jun-21 Mars trine Juno
Motivated to commit, unite, agree, promise. Taking the lead in relationships.

01-Jul-21 Mars opposite Saturn. Last Quarter Moon in Aries
Running into a roadblock. Slow down. Patience is required to get through obstacles.

02-Jul-21 Mars trine Chiron
Bravery despite vulnerability. Courage born from experience. Stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

03-Jul-21 No major aspects

04-Jul-21 Mars square Uranus. Sun square Chiron
A desire for freedom prompts impetuous action. Results are unpredictable. Don’t let old hurts get in the way of your true needs.

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Full Moon in Capricorn June 2021

The Full Moon occurs at 19:39 (BST) on June 24, 2021 at 03°Cp27′. This is the peak of the lunar cycle, and the focus now is on Capricorn matters.

Capricorn relates to the global 10th house. In the 10th house, we often think of it as to do with career and professionalism and what we want to do out there in the world. It’s our reputation,

what we want to contribute. Capricorn is a strong, earthy, practical sign. It’s a sign that’s associated with accomplishment. So, we’re looking at: – what have I accomplished? What is visible to me now with the experiences that I’ve been through? What have I learned so far? Capricorn is associated with structure, so what is becoming visible now are the structures that we have in place. Are these structures working for us or are they working against us? Are they holding and containing us for us to be able to achieve more? Or are they limiting us? Are they hemming us in?

Always at the Full Moon, it’s important to check in with our feelings. The Sun in Cancer (the natural home of the Moon) is illuminating where we are feeling vulnerable or needy. Cancer is a sign that needs. It needs home, it needs family, it needs a sense of belonging, it needs to feel safe. Capricorn however, is much more about being able to do what needs to be done despite what is going on at a feeling level. It doesn’t shut off the feelings, it just puts them in their place so we can do the adulting thing. But at the same time, there’s a lot of emotional content underneath (Sun in Cancer) and how do we deal with all that emotional content when we have to get on with the job, go to work, be on time, get the to do lists done, deal with our goals, deal with our responsibilities and our commitments? How do we do all that stuff when we’re feeling emotional? The Moon in Capricorn highlights all this.

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Positively, we’ve got a connection between the Moon and Jupiter, a sextile which is a helpful aspect. Jupiter is currently retrograde in Pisces and happy in this sign as it is the co-ruler of Pisces. Even though we are finding it hard going at times: even though we’re having to deal with all that’s going on in the world, we’re also invited to have hope and to be kind – kind to ourselves, kind to each other. We’re invited to develop our imagination and to explore how to give ourselves better structure and stability for the long term. We can draw on this wonderful Jupiter connection for faith. It’s an antidote to Capricorn which is all about gritty reality and common sense. Capricorn makes us look at things in a very realistic way. But sometimes we can lose our sense of faith and belief because we’re so focused on the practicalities and adulting. Life can lose its mystery and magic, and we forget that miracles can happen. So, this chart is asking us to tap back into that spiritual side of ourselves. If we are feeling that things are heavy, given the Moon in Capricorn and the tenderness of the Sun in Cancer, then we need to ask ‘what are my beliefs telling me about the situation that I’m in? How can I keep kindling this hope inside of me? How can I lean into what I believe on my spiritual paths? How can I have more joy? With this chart, even though there’s some tension, we always have something to lean on.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast June 21 – 27, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

21-Jun-21 Sun enters Cancer. Venus trine Neptune
Solstice. The season turns. Come home to yourself. Matters of home and family illuminated. Unconditional love is key.

22-Jun-21 Mercury stations direct
A turnaround in matters of mind and communication. Stalled projects restart.

23-Jun-21 Sun trine Jupiter
Be with your joy. Have faith in yourself. The world is your oyster. Stretch yourself.

24-Jun-21 Venus opposite Pluto. Saturn sextile Chiron. Full Moon in Capricorn
Intensity/jealously in relationships. Power games in love. Maturity and commitment bridge the gap. Focus on what is essential. Be present with what is.

25-Jun-21 Neptune stations retrograde
Self-deception revealed. New dreams await as old dreams fade.

26-Jun-21 No major aspects

27-Jun-21 Venus enters Leo
A need to be adored. Playfulness (and dramas!) in romance. Warmth and generosity. Fun with creativity.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast – June 14 – 20, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

14-Jun-21 Sun square Neptune. Saturn square Uranus
Boxed in. Lost. A clash between old and new, commitment and freedom.
A chance to make peace with the self to understand what needs to change and what needs to remain.

15-Jun-21 No major aspects

16-Jun-21 Mercury square Vesta. Sun square Pallas
Distraction. Questioning where our focus is placed. A need to dive deeper to find answers.

17-Jun-21 Venus sextile Vesta
Focus on what makes you happy, even just for an hour. When the heart is engaged, we know what is truly important.

18-Jun-21 First Quarter Moon in Virgo
A push to resolve an inner conflict between head and heart. Apply what you know so far in practical ways. Not knowing everything doesn’t mean not making a start on improvements.

19-Jun-21 Pluto sextile Pallas
Mediation and a cool head taps us into ancient wisdom and puts the power back into our hands.

20-Jun-21 Jupiter stations Retrograde
Opportunities or developments seem to fade away. It’s okay, the time isn’t right. An inner journey is required before pushing forward with plans.

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Mars enters Leo June 2021

Mars enters Leo at 14:33 on June 11, 2021. This is the same day as the Sun conjoins Mercury retrograde, so we have an interesting effect here. With clarity and illumination come an urge to skip ahead, take a risk, throw caution to the wind. We need to bear in mind though that Mercury will not be direct until June 22 so some restraint is helpful.

Generally speaking, Mars is in his element in Leo as this is a fire sign, perfectly suited to this red-hot planet. Leo is colourful, playful, theatrical, and naturally confident, all attributes that Mars admires. Mars goes after what it wants, pushes forward without thinking, strikes out, initiates. Leo is willing to take a risk, to stand in the glare of the spotlight and plays as hard as it works (maybe a little more!).

Leo relates to the global 5th house of the natural chart and here is where we are asked to get into the game of life. Naturally ruled by the Sun, Leo is about living from the heart, creative self-expression, being seen and heard and enjoying what life has to offer. In the birth chart, this is where we look to see our children, dating style and pastimes so Mars fires up all these topics and brings us an urge to get involved and get inspired. This is a spirited placement, perfect for chasing goals, taking the first step with a lover, showing-off our masterpiece (or starting one!) and for asserting our place in the world. However, we do need to watch the shadow side where excessive pride can make us bolshy, riding roughshod over other people’s ideas or pushing ourselves to the front in an effort to be seen. Feeling unseen can also trigger tantrums.

This year’s transit of Mars through Leo is complicated by the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square. The second of these squares takes place on June 14, 2021, just three days after Mars ingresses into Leo. The Saturn-Uranus square hangs in the air throughout June and then is re-animated by Mars in July as Mars first opposes Saturn on July 1 and then squares Uranus on July 4….read more on Patreon (link below)

Mars exits Leo at 21:32 (BST), July 29, 2021.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast – June 7 – 13, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

07-08-21 No major aspects

08-Jun-21 No major aspects

09-Jun-21 No major aspects

10-Jun-21 New Moon/Solar eclipse in Gemini
An important decision or choice. An old story with a new twist.

11-Jun-21 Sun conjunct Mercury Rx. Mars enters Leo
Mental clarity. Realisation. Energy boost. A desire to explore our creativity and take a risk.

12-Jun-21 Venus square Chiron
Heartache. A road bump in relationships. A financial hiccup. But in all cases, healing or help is possible.

13-Jun-21 Venus sextile Uranus
A new perspective that relieves pain. An invitation to try something new. You are free to follow your heart.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast May 31 – June 6, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

31-May-21 Mars trine Neptune and Pallas
Activating soul healing and inner wisdom. Be brave and follow your intuition.

01-Jun-21 Sun conjunct North Node
Alignment with one’s destiny. Global tensions.

02-Jun-21 Last Quarter Moon in Pisces. Sun sextile Chiron. Venus conjunct Cancer
An urge to escape or retreat is met with a strong prompt to make an important choice.
An opportunity to overcome an old vulnerability. Be kind.

03-Jun-21 Sun trine Saturn
Handling responsibility. Feeling put-together. Capable. Self-respect. Authenticity.

04-Jun-21 Venus trine Jupiter. Sun square Vesta
Joy and happiness. Growth in relationships. A financial opportunity. Have fun, but don’t get too distracted.

05-Jun-21 Mercury square Neptune. Mars opposite Pluto
Confusion and uncertainty. A volatile, angry atmosphere. Focus on what is in your control.

06-Jun-21 Sun opposite Juno
Questioning contracts. Clarify your position before committing

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