Full Moon in Scorpio May 2020 – Spiritual Transformation

The Full Moon occurs at 11:45 (BST) on May 7, 2020 at 17°Sc20′.

We are at the peak of the lunar cycle and the natural emotional high tide is intensified by the Moon being in powerful Scorpio. With the Moon in the 8th global house, we know that what is illuminated around this time is for the benefit of our personal transformation. Often the Scorpio Full Moon suggests that we have reached the end of a chapter or need to come to a conclusion. Something must end to clear the way for a new beginning later down the line. One door closes and another door opens and all that jazz. And this is a jazzy Moon in many ways, a little edgy, at times discordant, yet also with some beautiful melodies thrown in.

Looking at the chart as a whole, it’s important to note that there is a lack of fire here – yes we have Chiron and Black Moon Lilith in Aries and the South Node newly ingressed into Sagittarius – but technically speaking this chart contains no fire as none of the major bodies of the solar system are in fire signs. For us then, this could speak of feeling like we’ve lost our spark, enthusiasm or motivation. It’s like candles wavering, in danger of being blown out. Part of the story behind this Full Moon is to find our way back to inspiration and reclaim our fire.

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With the Moon and Sun opposite one another across the global 2nd and 8th house axis, we are exploring issues around what is mine (2nd house) and what is yours (8th house). It’s my stuff/your stuff. My money/your money, my baggage/your baggage. Maybe we’ve being carrying too much for too long. With the Moon in psychological Scorpio, it’s time to get underneath the surface, identify psychic complexes that hold us back. We need to get to the truth of ourselves and each other but the opposition to the Sun in Taurus tells us that to do so, we may have to face some insecurity to get there.

The Moon is also opposite Mercury in Taurus too so there is a split between what we think (Mercury) and what we feel (the Moon). Mentally we’re trying to keep things simple and practical but emotions are complex and we can’t just skirt around them. The Moon is also conjunct asteroid Memoria so we could find that a lot of old material surfaces around this time – old memories floating up from deep within as we try to figure out what we’re feeling and what that tells us about our lives.

The rulers of this lunation – Mars and Pluto are sat with asteroids Alice (Mars) and Marchare (Pluto) so there is a smattering of the weird and wonderful going on in the background with these Alice in Wonderland asteroids. We could feel out of sorts, odd, dumped in this crazy world where everything seems like it’s spinning out of control. Scorpio thrives on keeping everything in control so the absence of that could feel disconcerting. Mars is also in a square to Mercury which can allude to arguments and conflicts of opinion. Right now, everyone is thinking about their security – economic, physical or both – and Mars in Aquarius suggests that there are many differing ideas of our how approach things. Everyone wants to lead, no one wants to follow. Everyone wants freedom and we’re squabbling over the costs. We need to find a way to listen to one another, to assert ideas without shouting each other down.

With the Nodes now on critical degrees as they enter their new signs, we’re put on notice that the issue of listening, information and learning (North Node in Gemini) is going to be of vital importance for our karmic evolution over the next 18 months. We need to move away from making assumptions based on beliefs. Instead, it’s about having the facts to hand. Still, even though Mars is square to Mercury, Pluto is trine to Mercury. It reminds us that the right words can change everything. Knowledge is power.

The blessing is that the Moon receives a trine from holy Neptune, hanging out in cosmic Pisces in the 12th house of spirituality. It’s like an angel on our shoulder, a quiet kiss from the Gods. With Neptune’s support we can feel our way through, trust our intuition to guide us, look to our dreams to enlighten us. If we feel confused, overwhelmed or stuck, all it takes is a moment of peace to bring us back to a state of calm. In matters between head and heart, listen to your gut (although balance it with Taurus common sense).

The Sabian symbol of the Full Moon is :-

A Path Through Woods Brilliant With Multi-coloured Splendour

This symbol reminds me of that saying ‘you can’t see the wood for the trees’ and yet now we can see the path. Even though we might be fearful of things that go bump in the night, wolves in the forest, the strange rustle of leaves behind us, we have reached a moment where we can appreciate the beauty of this journey. Fear makes us sit up and pay attention and notice every detail. Look up to the skies. Marvel at the natural world. Trust that what is real, solid and truly precious will remain. Trust yourself! Change can be as beautiful as it is difficult.

Painting – In the Forest by Gustave Courbet

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Full Moon in Libra April 2020 – Jumpy

The Full Moon occurs at 03:34 (BST) on April 8, 2020 at 18°Li43′.

With the Full Moon in Libra, the peak of the lunar cycle puts the spotlight on our relationships. The Moon and Sun are in wide squares to the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn turning this into a tense T-square pattern.  As we go through this global crisis, there’s no doubt that we are all under huge pressure right now. Many people are quarantined with partners or family and being in such close quarters under extreme circumstances can bring out both the best and the worst in us. Those who are alone may feel more conscious of that solitary state during this lunation. Note too that this is a supermoon, so emotions are heightened. Couple this with a waning but still exact Mars-Uranus square that is longing to fight for freedom (and hates being contained!), the picture is somewhat heated.

The Libra Moon urges us to be fair with one another. Diplomacy and tact will take us a long way towards maintaining the peace during these times. But the Sun in Aries also says that we cannot ignore individual needs either so it’s a challenge to keep everyone happy. Each time we try to meet halfway, we run into the meeting between Jupiter and Pluto – fears increase as we have little to no control over these enormous forces. Yet still we must look out for one another, fight fair, acknowledge needs, find a way back to each other’s hearts without losing sight of our own.

The Moon is also in a tight quincunx to Neptune which accentuates the feeling of uncertainty. We’re all getting a sense of ‘wrong place, wrong time’ from this aspect! Maybe it feels like nothing is sacred anymore, meaning has gone out of the window, imagination runs amok. And yet, if we’re quiet, our intuition still guides us. Note that in the background, Mercury is sextile Jupiter and Pluto, benefiting perception and understanding. Mars too is helping, sextile wounded healer Chiron. We all have our sore spots, but we have an opportunity to take positive action. Whilst many could be facing a very different future than the one they anticipated, now is the time to be proactive and adapt to the new normal. Ideally, the circumstances we find ourselves in gives us all an opportunity (Jupiter) to dig deep into ourselves (Pluto). Self-knowledge is powerful.

The Sabian symbol of the Full Moon is :-

A Gang Of Robbers In Hiding

On the face of it, this seems as uneasy symbol and yes, we’re jumpy. The virus is invisible, hiding in its hosts, leaping out when our guard (immunity) is down. We may be worrying over what we might lose as a consequence to our current circumstances. It could feel like everything is being taken from us. And yet, if we think again, this symbol is notifying us that thieves are in hiding – in other words, they have been seen, exposed, revealed. Now we know about the scary monster in the dark. Now we know that there are aspects of ourselves that rob our peace of mind because we spend so long worrying about what might happen that we forget to enjoy the moment. Suspicion and lack of trust are the greatest thieves of all. Whilst it pays of course to be prudent, to wash our hands, to beware of scams and pay attention – at its deepest interpretation, this symbol shines a light into dark places. It cleanses us from toxic material that overshadows our light and returns us to a more centred and composed state of heart and mind.

Painting – Man and Woman and Caspar David Friedrich

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Apocalypse, Symbolism and Coronavirus

In June 2019, as Saturn and Pluto were only three degrees away from one another and conjunct the South Node (old karma) a plague of locusts began in East Africa and Pakistan

“The infestation “presents an unprecedented threat to food security”. (Source in references at the end of this article).

The exact conjunction of Saturn and Pluto occurred on January 12, 2020 and was a quintuple conjunction between the Sun (illumination), Ceres (Mother Earth/food), Saturn (Lord of Karma/trials), Pluto (death/regeneration) and Mercury (mind/communication/news). Mercury rules the hands and lungs in medical astrology.

In my video forecast for January 2020, (released in December 2019), I explored the history of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, noting that there are strong themes of war, hardship and conflict. I specifically referenced the Doomsday clock which speaks of human made catastrophe and noted the movies due to be released this year – Antebellum (a word meaning ‘before a war’), Godzilla versus Kong, A Time to Die, Black Widow. The films we make and art we create are born from the collective unconscious and it is here where the archetypal symbols we use in astrology live. With Ceres playing a prominent part in the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, I felt that it spoke of the climate crisis and our relationship with the planet. I said :-

“My sense is that this conjunction in January 2020 marks a point in history that will be a turning point – it’s either now or never, do or die. We have to take responsibility for our rubbish, clean up the crap, grow up”

The Sabian symbol of the conjunction was :-

A Soldier Receiving Two Awards For Bravery In Combat

In January 2020 the following events occurred :-

  • Trump bombed Iraq, killing an Iranian General and almost started a war with Iran (January 3)
  • The first death from coronavirus occurred (January 9)
  • A burst of gravitation waves hit the planet from an unknown source (January 14). Gravitation can be reduced to ‘gravity’ which can in turn be reduced to ‘grave’. If something is ‘grave’ it is serious – the gravity of the situation. ‘Grave’ also refers simply to ‘the dead’.
  • The Doomsday clock moved 20 seconds closer to midnight (January 24)
  • The WHO declared coronavirus to be a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (January 30).
  • Australia was ravaged by wildfires.
  • January 2020 was also noted to be the warmest global temperature since records began.

Astrologers knew that when Mars entered Capricorn on February 16 that this would begin to re-activate the Saturn-Pluto conjunction point. Things are heating up as Mars is marching towards his meeting with Jupiter due on March 20 and this meeting will take place exactly on the degree where Saturn and Pluto first met. Mars and Jupiter together can represent inflammation, things blowing up. Iran first reported confirmed infections of coronavirus on February 19, many of the infected are within Iran’s government with multiple senior officials infected.

The war between the US and Iran may have faded but the conflict remains.

We need to be prepared to go to war on the virus” Dr Richard Hatchett

The story of the planets must play out as we haven’t yet learned the required lessons.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction was conjunct China’s natal Jupiter in the 12th house – a house associated with wild animals, nature, unseen enemies. Note that Ceres was exactly conjunct Jupiter to the degree and minute. The working theory is that the disease was able to jump from animals to humans because Wuhan market sold wild animal meat.

It seems fitting that this story begins in China, the country with the worst pollution on the planet and one of the worst reputations for its treatment of animals. Rape (Pluto) the planet (Ceres) for wealth (Pluto) and authority (Saturn) and you’ve got yourself a problem. China may be at the centre of it, but no country is without blame. The system planet wide needs to change. In the wake of the coronavirus, China has banned the trade in wild animals for consumption (although still need to go further to include the trade in wild animals for supposed medicinal benefits).

Jupiter in mundane astrology is connected to the nation’s wealth along with belief systems. So, Saturn conjunct Pluto made a point of striking at the heart of wealth in China, a wealth that has come from a complete disregard for the planet. As a consequence of the enforced quarantine as the virus has spread, satellite photos have shown a dramatic drop in polluting nitrogen dioxide levels. On the heels of this, the makers of the movie ‘A Time to Die’ announced a delay in its release – death delayed, how interesting. Symbolically then the virus has already shown us the potential for healing i.e. clearing the air will significantly lengthen our collective life span. Note that the virus itself attacks the lungs, perhaps because we are ‘choking to death’ on our own pollution. Out of interest, my grandmother, who died of lung cancer by the way, always used to say that grief is held in the lungs. It seems that there is collective grief as well as fear at work.

The Saturn-Pluto-Ceres conjunction clearly demonstrated that if we don’t change our ways we will be forced to do so because there is a natural balance in the universe. Pluto doesn’t mess about and neither does Saturn! This is a stonking great reality check and yes, it is hard. Karma though isn’t about crime and punishment, it’s about consequences and learning lessons for our soul’s evolution. The ‘disease’ is a manifestation of our own toxic system. The wild inner animal is biting back because we have ignored our essential nature for so long.

We’re being told to wash our hands over and over again and there’s two ways this phrase could be seen on a symbolic level. Positively, we need to clean up our act! Hygeia, Goddess of hygiene and cleanliness entered Gemini (a sign ruled by Mercury) on February 23 and will remain there until June 11. Negatively, we want to ‘wash our hands of it’, pretend it isn’t a problem, just make it go away.

Another of the solutions to help with containment (note that containment is associated with Capricorn as it rules structures and walls) is isolation. In anticipation of the need for self-isolation or enforced lockdowns, supermarket shelves are being emptied as people stockpile food (Ceres!) and toilet rolls. I mentioned in my video that one phrase that could be applied to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction would be the sh*t just got real – and that seems to have manifested perfectly as a reel of toilet paper! Symbolism in waking life works just like symbolism in dreams with many layers of meaning and plays on word puns!

So, what’s coming next? As mentioned above, Mars will join Jupiter on March 20 which could see a jump in cases or the announcement of a pandemic. Saturn then enters Aquarius on March 22 until the end of June. Aquarius rules groups, society and freedom and Saturn rules limits and restriction so it is possible that we will see new (Aquarius) rules (Saturn) further restricting group gatherings. Jupiter will then conjoin Pluto on April 5, the first of three conjunctions this year. The shadow of Jupiter-Pluto can link to stockpiling and hoarding of resources.

It’s possible that Jupiter conjunct Pluto connects to increased (Jupiter) fear (Pluto), enormous (Jupiter) crisis (Pluto) and more extreme measures. However, it would be nice to think that we could tap into the high side of this combination which could give us valuable resources, wealthy benefactors, powerful hope, knowledge is power. Regeneration comes from letting go of old belief systems. Don’t forget that Jupiter will also sextile Neptune this year, a helpful aspect that invites us to have faith, believe in one another – not to mention having faith in the wisdom of the cosmos and nature itself. There is a bigger pattern. We need to dip into that sensible Capricorn energy and approach this situation with maturity and honesty. We made the mess. We need to put it right.

The beauty of astrology is that it shows us an unfolding story. It’s not about throwing our hands up in the air and saying, ‘ah well, it’s all fated, nothing I can do’. There is always a choice in how we respond to the energies at work. Choices are going to be important this year as the North Node will enter dualistic Gemini in May. Our evolution depends of educating ourselves, dialogue, curiosity, gathering information. As the South Node will enter Sagittarius, we must let go of old beliefs that don’t serve us anymore. We may also have to move away from globalisation (Sagittarius rules other countries and far away places) and focus more on our local communities (Gemini rules neighbourhoods). Perhaps now is the time to really expand those community gardening enterprises, planting food and trees to bring health and healing. It doesn’t escape my attention that heavily polluting international transport systems such as aviation and cruise ships have been hard hit too by the virus outbreak with one large company Flybe collapsing entirely. Holidaying closer to home may well become more of a necessity when the North Node enters Gemini.

One problem I see right now is that many seem locked into the story about the disease – whether we are being lied to, whether it’s real, whether it’s really that big of a deal or worse than we’re being told. We need to look deeper at the symbolism of the entire event rather than tear strips off one another. Exploring the symbolism of planetary events tells us one thing for sure – healing and sickness, problem and solution, they are just two sides of a coin. It’s all about how we look at things. Yes, coronavirus is a threat because our infrastructure is already under serious pressure (thanks to Pluto in Capricorn). It’s not the amount of deaths but more the pressure it puts on our health services (regardless of which country you are in). But this kind of situation also exposes the ugly underbelly of society too – the insidious racism, the lack of education, the deep suspicion we have of our media and politicians. Our society is deeply divided and in the midst of this, the powers that be have made the rich richer and the poor poorer. Under this level of threat, markets crash, systems fail and someone, somewhere makes a buck off the back of those who are broken.

Perhaps the real virus is the fear that we pass on to one another, a touch here, a look there. Fear is the real sickness in our society. Fear of spending time alone with ourselves. Fear of each other. Mother nature has forced us to stop touching because our hands have been cruel to her progeny, just as Pluto’s grubby hands abducted and raped Ceres’s daughter, we plundered the planet. But now is a chance to cleanse ourselves and release the terrible grief we hold in our hearts, minds and souls. The meaning of the word ‘apocalypse’ is ‘revelation’. Saturn and Pluto have revealed their hand in the game of life and what it tells us is that this is a opportunity for change, not a death sentence.


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Painting – ‘Detail from The Creation’ of Adam by Michelangelo

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Ghost in the Chart – Astrological Signatures of Spirit Communication

My Grandmother was a reluctant medium. She heard and saw spirit and could foretell the future by the movements of the birds and other strange happenings. It didn’t sit easily with her as she was a strong Christian but still, that was the way things were. And back through her family, she had other ghostly tales to tell, like the time a painting fell off the wall in her grandmother’s house, heralding the death of a family member. Then there was the story of her husband, my Grandfather, steered away from potential tragedy by a ghost during a blackout in the war. The face of the man who helped my Grandfather stared out of the newspaper the following day – he was dead before my Grandfather spoke to him.

Then there were glasses that flew up in the kitchen at my other Grandmother’s house, bringing screams and tears. That was the sign that my great aunt had died. Then there was me, travelling on a train back home late at night. An owl crashed into the window beside me, killing it instantly. I got home to the news another aunt had died.

As for me, I’ve had ghostly experiences all my life. It began when I was five years old. It was Christmas and I was reading a Rupert the Bear annual in bed. Suddenly I felt someone stood beside me and I froze. Glancing to my right, too terrified to look up, I saw a pale and ghostly hand resting on the side of the bed. I screamed the house down and brought my mother running. I never saw spirits clearly with my eyes after that aside from one occasion in the 1990’s when I watched a man walk through a wall and another where I saw my old dog laying in her favourite spot 12 years after she died. Seeing, really seeing, seemed to have been filtered out in my five-year-old terror. But sometimes I still see light and a flurry of sparks like an interdimensional firework.

However, I hear Spirit clearly and they drop pictures in my mind. They whisper snippets of conversation to me or call my name. In my early 20’s there was a nun who insisted I learned the Hail Mary even though I’m Pagan (!) not Catholic. To my knowledge, no one else in my family was Catholic either. Every morning, I would hear her as I woke up, saying the Hail Mary and in my mind’s eye I could see the bottom of her habit. Once I finally learned the Hail Mary (I actually went to the library as this was pre-internet!), she went away, never to return.

They come sometimes when I give readings, insistent on making themselves known, interrupting loudly until I listen. I’ve never advertised as a medium because that’s not my calling and it doesn’t happen all the time but still, sometimes they come. Many years back, when I began working on a tarot line, I felt the presence of a child beside me – a sweet little thing who was very insistent that his mother was going to call. I asked him his name and he told me it was David* and he was five years old. After several calls, I felt the equivalent of a prod in my side and after my caller had asked her question, I tentatively asked her if she could place the little boy. After some discussion, it turned out that this lady had had a miscarriage 5 years previously and had baby gone full term, they would have called him David. Then there was a lovely client who came on the phone telling me that I must get in touch with her dead father. I refused saying ‘I’m not a medium’ but she insisted I was the right person. Her energy was electric, vibrant and light. Within a few moments I had a vision of a friendly looking elderly man who opened a giant bible in front of me then ran his finger down the page to the name ‘Jacob*’. I had to admit to being a little stunned and squeaked, can you place ‘Jacob’? She laughed and said of course, that’s my Dad!

But sometimes being sensitive to Spirit is not so easy – such as when a man was murdered opposite my home and he came to give me information, shock reverberating through his aura. Or the time when another murdered man jumped right into my body, turning my lips blue as I struggled to breathe, choking out the name of his killer. I burst into tears after that and a very kind, elderly medium mopped me up. I was still young and learning and to be honest, it scared me silly.

But for all that fear, my natural ability to connect with the other side has also been one of my greatest blessings. Through dreams, meditation and sometimes just in a random moment, spirits have brought me valuable messages and sometimes just popped their head through the veil to say hello. My mother’s perfume floated through the air at her funeral. My grandmother showed me one of the healing gardens in Spirit. My friend revealed a glorious landscape behind her just after she passed over. On the last night I had with my dog, a column of light appeared in the room and moved softly towards my girl. She was fast asleep, terminally ill with cancer. I was crying, as I had been for hours. As the light moved towards her, she woke up, looked up and thumped her tail happily at whoever it was that stood over her. Then a rush of loving energy filled the room and my heart. To this day, I don’t know who it was but on one of the worst nights of my life, there was someone there, holding my hand. When death is present in our lives, Spirit is always very close.

So, where do we look to in the astrological chart for ghosts and sensitivity to otherworldly communication?

In my natal chart, I have a yod with Uranus and Neptune at the base and Mercury at the apex in the visionary 9th house. I have found that Mercury-Neptune aspects in a chart can lend themselves to hearing the voice (Mercury) of spirit (Neptune). Neptune alone in aspect to personal planets or angles seems to speak loudly of spiritual connection. It stands to reason then that a strong Pisces signature can also be relevant.

The water houses are also places to explore, especially the 8th house and 12th house. Generally speaking, if you want to know more about your spiritual life, look to the 12th house first.  Explore the planets in the 12th house and the condition of your 12th house ruler as this will describe your spirituality and connection to the unseen worlds. But the 8th house too talks of the mysteries of life and death and the afterlife and seems a common denominator in looking at sensitivity to ghosts and the unseen.

Like artistic or musical ability, there can be many different ways psychic sensitivity is shown through the chart. I have spoken to mediums who have a strong Neptune or Jupiter placement in the 12th (like an angel on their shoulder) or the Moon in the 8th. Whilst a strong Scorpio signature can also indicate an uncanny ability to know information through psychic means, generally, I have seen Pisces/Neptune more often for direct spirit contact but of course there are always exceptions.

Another strong player in spirit connection and communication seems to be Uranus. As this planet is connected to high frequencies and higher (universal) mind, it comes as no surprise in many ways. Uranus is also quite descriptive of the shock factor at seeing a ghost!

Another possible player is Black Moon Lilith who herself was a wraith, a being with no physical form. In my own chart, BML is directly conjunct my Sun. I find that I see her more in transits when people have seen ghosts or dreamed of a loved one who has passed (the latter can also manifest with strong Neptune transits too). Again, it will always depend on other aspects but it’s been enough times for me to take notice.

Here are some chart examples :-

Sylvia Brown
Psychic medium
Mercury quincunx Uranus
The Moon square Neptune (8th house)
Neptune is on the Sabian symbol ‘An Ouija Board’!

Edgar Cayce
‘The Sleeping Prophet’
Sun in Pisces (possibly 8th house)
Moon conjunct Neptune.
Although there is some question over time of birth, I thought it interesting to note that using the time on astro-databank gives Uranus in the 12th house conjunct the Ascendant.

Alistair Crowley
Occultist. Ceremonial Magician who communed with supernatural entities
Moon in Pisces 8th house.
Sun sextile Uranus
Note – time used is 10:50 p.m. – the time Crowley himself uses in Equinox of the Gods – source astrodatabank 

Kübler-Ross, Elisabeth
Swiss psychiatrist who worked with the dying who came to have a firm belief in the spirit world.
Pisces Rising.
Sun conjunct Pluto.
Anaretic Uranus in Pisces 1st house

John Edward
Scorpio Rising with Neptune conjunct the Ascendant from the 12th house

Darryl Anka
Mystic who channels a being of extra-terrestrial consciousness
Uranus (alien!) in the 12th house conjunct Ascendant.
Moon in Pisces conjunct MC.
Mercury, Sun, Neptune triple conjunction
BML (1st house) trine MC

Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki
Esoteric practitioner. Occult author. 3rd Generation Psychic
Scorpio rising. Triple conjunction in the 8th house Sun-Mercury-Vesta (Priestess). Moon trine Uranus

Allison DuBois
Medium (whose work is the basis for the TV show Medium).
Uranus (1st house) conjunct Ascendant tightly square Mercury (4th house)
Moon in 8th house
Sun (4th house) trine Pluto (12th house)

Uranus in the 12th house
Neptune conjunct natal Moon (in the 3rd house of communication).
Sting saw a figure of a ghostly mother and child one night at home.

Uranus and Venus in the 12th house
Neptune square Ascendant and Descendant
Cher says she believes that her ex-husband Sonny comes to her from spirit, turning the chandelier lights on and off.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Author of the Sherlock Holmes books
Sun conjunct Uranus 12th house
Mercury (voice) conjunct Pluto (dead).
Moon in the 8th house
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was fascinated by the supernatural and had several ghostly encounters including one during an episode of sleep paralysis.

Keanu Reeves
Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Pluto quadruple conjunction in the 12th house (all conjunct ASC).
Keanu Reeves saw a ghost when he was around six or seven years old.
Note that this is a rectified chart but Keanu himself has apparently mentioned having Virgo rising putting his Sun in the 12th house

Celebrity ghost encounters

Astrodatabank – Chart Sources

**Names have been changed

You may like to read an older article Ghost in the Deck where I talk about spirit communication through the tarot.

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Painting – Spirit of the Forest by Odilon Redon

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