Weekly Astrology Forecast August 9 – 15, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

10-Aug-21 Venus opposite Neptune
Beautiful illusions. Uncertainty around love or money. Trying to live up to ideals. A need for grounding and practicality. You are only human.

11-Aug-21 Mercury opposite Jupiter. Mars square the Nodes. Mercury enters Virgo. Venus trine Pluto
Big ideas. Overwhelm. Analyse your strategy before making your move. Trust is the key to harmony.

12-Aug-21 No major aspects

13-Aug-21 No major aspects

14-Aug-21 No major aspects

15-Aug-21 First Quarter Moon in Scorpio
Intense emotions are magnified. Back away from power struggles and big egos. You don’t need to risk it all for change to happen.

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New Moon in Leo August 2021

The New Moon occurs at 14:50 (BST) on August 8, 2021 at 16°Le14?. The sign Leo is associated with actors and the entertainment industry. It’s about getting up there and showing what you can do.

The New Moon is widely opposite Saturn, square Uranus and conjunct Mercury. These aspects raise question such as :-

What is the script you are writing?
Whose script are reading from?
Are you feeling like you’re living a life that is not quite your own?
What’s my line?!
Am I playing a part?
What part do I play?
Where am I trying to be something or someone that I’m not?

Have the courage to be who you are. Dare to be original. Stop worrying about the audience. Give yourself permission to shine.

We are all star stuff. When we create, we connect to the divine spark within.

What do you want to manifest?

Now is the time to set the seed.


Painting – Roaring lion’s head by Eugene Delacroix

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Weekly Astrology Forecast August 2 – 8, 2021

As the New Moon opposes Saturn and squares Uranus, yes, we are experiencing a reality check right now and a shake-up. For us to loosen the bonds, we have to be prepared to embrace new perspectives, try new things, explore alternatives, experiment. We must embrace freedom where there is freedom to be had and accept regulation where regulation is required. Don’t let pride get in the way of living from your heart.

By the way, I know a lot of people are speaking about this New Moon being connected to ‘the lion’s gate portal’, but this date (August 8) is arbitrary and does not reflect the actual heliacal rising of dog-star Sirius which takes place around August 11 this year, depending on latitude. For those of us at higher latitudes, the heliacal rising will be more towards the end of August. Heliacal Rising means, visible in the East just before dawn ahead of the Sun (Helios), i.e., a morning star. It occurs after a period of obscurity where the star (or planet) concerned has been too close in alignment to the Sun to be visible.

Ancient Egyptians noticed that the heliacal rising of Sirius occurred just before the Nile flooded each year. The floods were said to have been caused by Isis as she wept for Osiris so the energy of this occurrence is mixed – grief with the potential for destruction and yet also the promise of life as the ‘dog days’ of Summer can produce drought. The flooding of the Nile brought life-giving waters hence perhaps the association with this period having a super potent and creative energetic signature. If you want to locate Sirius in the sky, it’s easy – just look for the three stars of Orion’s belt and trace your fingers across and downwards to the brightest star in the sky.

This Week’s Major Aspects

02-Aug-21 Sun opposite Saturn
Playing a part to garner approval from others. Respect yourself enough to be who you are.

03-Aug-21 Mercury trine Chiron. Venus trine Uranus
Mantras for confidence. A natural urge to build bridges. A breath of fresh air in relationships.

04-Aug-21 Mercury square Uranus. Sun trine Chiron
Stress and anxiety. Too much mental stimulation. Switch off and give yourself time to heal.

05-Aug-21 No major aspects

06-Aug-21 No major aspects

07-Aug-21 Sun square Uranus
Disruption. A desire for freedom. Rebelliousness. Liberate the real you without throwing everything up in the air.

08-Aug-21 New Moon in Leo
Creative seed ideas. Learning how to live from the heart. Courage in the face of adversity.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast July 26 – August 1, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

26-Jul-21 Mercury trine Pallas
Wisdom and intellect combined. Communicating an intention for peace.

27-Jul-21 Mercury sextile Ceres
Feed the mind with care.

28-Jul-21 Mercury enters Leo. Jupiter re-enters Aquarius
Creative thinking. A desire to speak up and be heard. Confidence in communication matters. Reviewing what needs to change for growth to occur.

29-Jul-21 Venus square the Nodes. Mars opposite Jupiter. Mars enters Virgo
An important turning point in a relationship or in the process of self-love. Don’t overreact. Work on the details. Put your energies into being of service.

30-Jul-21 Mercury sextile Vesta. Jupiter square Ceres
Mental focus. Bouncing ideas off others helps to work out what is important. Weed out old beliefs that no longer serve your path or allow for diversity and change.

31-Jul-21 Ceres enters Gemini. Last Quarter Moon in Taurus. Sun sextile North Node
Time to tend to the mind. Is the information you consume helpful or harmful? Staying away from the drama without dropping off the map altogether. Consider who your heroes are and what they might represent in your soul’s evolution.

01-Aug-21 Mercury sextile North Node. Mercury conjunct Sun. Mercury opposite Saturn
Listen carefully. Not all roads are blocked. Watch for cosmic signals.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast July 19 – 25, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

19-Jul-21 Vesta enters Libra. Mercury square Chiron
Increased focus on relationships. Difficult conversations. Fear of speaking up. The right words at the right time generate healing.

20-Jul-21 Mercury sextile Uranus
Freedom from mental restriction. Opening the mind to new ideas, experiences and perspectives.

21-Jul-21 No major aspects

22-Jul-21 Venus enters Virgo. Venus opposite Jupiter. Sun enters Leo
Love is a verb. It’s the little things that count. Enormous generosity. Too much versus not enough.
Time to step up to life’s stage. Let yourself shine.

23-Jul-21 No major aspects

24-Jul-21 Full Moon in Aquarius. Mercury trine Neptune
Understanding our place in the group. Exploring where change is needed. Empathy and imaginative thinking. Receptivity.

25-Jul-21 Mercury opposite Pluto
Obsessions. Intense reactions to ideas. Words spoken with force. The power of the mind to work constructively or destructively.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast July 12 – 18, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

12-Jul-21 Mercury trine Jupiter
Mind-expanding. Get the books out! Sign up for a class. Start writing.

13-Jul-21 Venus conjunct Mars
Attraction. Understanding what you want and going for it. Unity of heart with action.

14-Jul-21 Pallas stations retrograde
Problem solving requires a step back. Go over the past to understand the pattern.

15-Jul-21 Sun trine Neptune. Chiron stations retrograde
Choosing peace over conflict. Conserving energy. Respite and recuperation.

16-Jul-21 No major aspects

17-Jul-21 First Quarter Moon in Libra. Sun opposite Pluto
A pressing need to create partnerships, harmony, and allies. Owning our shadows facilitates personal transformation. Let go of what isn’t in your control.

18-Jul-21 Sun sextile Ceres. Venus square Ceres
An invitation to look after yourself better. Slow personal growth versus forced flourishing.
Cultivate good relationships with others but not at the expense of your inner harmony or values.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast July 5 – 11, 2021

The Week’s Major Aspects

05-Jul-21 Sun sextile Uranus. Venus sextile North Node
Breaking free from constraints. Embrace your uniqueness. The heart knows the way.

06-Jul-21 Mercury square Neptune
The last in a series of three. Turning the final corner in a confusing matter. The last prompt to follow your intuition. Sometimes it’s only after choosing that the way becomes clear.

07-Jul-21 Venus opposite Saturn. Venus trine Chiron
Feeling undervalued, unloved, unworthy. Self-love is the path to healing.

08-Jul-21 Venus square Uranus
Unsettled. Unexpected events in relationships. Needing space. The opportunity to do something different.

09-Jul-21 Neptune sextile Ceres. Pluto trine Vesta
Tenderness. Nurture your imagination. Whole despite life’s losses. Intense focus on what is sacred.

10-Jul-21 New Moon in Cancer
A new start in domestic matters. Home and family in the forefront.

11-Jul-21 Mercury enters Cancer
Communicating feelings. Thinking about childhood. Recalling memories. Nurturing conversation.

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