Mars Transiting Libra 2021

Mars enters Libra at 01:13, September 15, 2021. Mars is considered to be ‘in detriment’ in this sign as Libra opposes Aries, the sign that Mars rules. The word detriment can bring up certain associations, like thinking that whatever Mars does here has a ‘detrimental’ effect but that is not the case. Just as with any placement, there are always positive and productive ways to use the energy but it does means Mars has to work a little harder.

I have a lot of Aries in my chart and I was thinking that a good human example of this transit might be, being asked to do a project with a colleague at work. If you’re like me and always prefer to work alone, then this kind of situation can a challenge, especially if it’s someone with whom you butt heads from time to time or they have a knack of saying things that press your buttons! But all that has got to be put to one side because now you have to find a way to work together to get the project done. This process of learning give and take, letting the other person take the lead sometimes and so on, forces us to learn important lessons. And so it is with Mars in Libra.

Mars is our drive, will, energy, motivation and passion. In partnership-orientated Libra, this transit can certainly enliven relationships. There’s plenty of spice here but of course the heat can sometimes build so much that sparks begin to fly. In a healthy, happy relationship, this aspect might simply motivate you and a partner to start working on a goal together – or maybe you have more ‘quality time’ together so to speak! But in a relationship where there has been contention or a sense of something brewing, Mars can stimulate the area so much that confrontations occur. Most likely, it’s because it’s necessary to blow off steam and clear the air, but it’s important to bear in mind that we could be inclined to be more pointed, pushy or angry than we intended, not least because we will also have a Mercury retrograde in Libra whilst Mars transits here.

Mars in Libra 2021 Major Aspects

15-Sep-21 Mars enters Libra

21-Sep-21 Mars trine North Node

25-Sep-21 Mars trine Saturn

01-Oct-21 Mars opposite Chiron

03-Oct-21 Mars trine Ceres

08-Oct-21 Sun conjunct Mars

09-Oct-21 Mercury conjunct Mars

16-Oct-21 Mars sextile Juno

19-Oct-21 Mars trine Jupiter

21-Oct-21 Mars opposite Eris

22-Oct-21 Mars square  Pluto

30-Oct-21 Mars enters Scorpio

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Weekly Astrology Forecast September 13 – 19, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

13-Sep-21 First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius
An emotional urge for adventure. Restlessness. Feeling tied to humdrum duties. A need to zoom out and see the big picture without losing sight of details.

14-Sep-21 Sun opposite Neptune
Lack of confidence. Uncertainty. Confused about one’s purpose. Unrealistic ideals. Easily swayed. Focus on what is meaningful. Make art.

15-Sep-21 Mars enters Libra
A desire for win-win solutions. Motivated to create allies and partners. Iron fist in a velvet glove. We are stronger together.

16-Sep-21 No major aspects

17-Sep-21 Venus square Saturn. Sun trine Pluto
A perceived lack of love or money. Feeling undeserving. A feeling of purpose intensifies. Gaining conscious awareness of shadows. Step into your power.

18-Sep-21 No major aspects

19-Sep-21 No major aspects

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Weekly Astrology Forecast September 6 – 12, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

06-Sep-21 Venus square Pluto and trine Jupiter, Mars trine Pluto.
Controlling relationships. Secrets exposed. Financial manipulation. Or – choosing joy over fear. Motivation to change for the better. Strength to overcome.

07-Sep-21 New Moon in Virgo, Sun trine Uranus
Start small. A tingle of anticipation. Awakening to what needs to change. A revolutionary new start.

08-Sep-21 Mercury opposite Chiron
Painful conversation. Reticence. Doubting choices. A need to carefully weigh up the information to hand. Check in with a mentor.

09-Sep-21 No major aspects

10-Sep-21 Venus enters Scorpio
Deepening intimacy. The power of love. Love that changes your world. All or nothing in relationships. Emotional intensity in matters of the heart.

11-Sep-21 No major aspects

12-Sep-21 No major aspects

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Weekly Astrology Forecast August 30 – September 5, 2021

30-Aug-21 Last Quarter Moon in Gemini. Mercury enters Libra.
Torn between thinking and doing. A need to regain mental balance and focus on practicalities. Diplomacy.

31-Aug-21 No major aspects

01-Sep-21 No major aspects

02-Sep-21 Mars opposite Neptune
Apathy. Motivation has gone AWOL. Uncertainty around goals. Flake. Ineffectual action.
Let intuition guide your mission. Creative inspiration. Imagination is stimulated.

03-Sep-21 Mercury trine North Node
The right words at the right time. Conversations open doors.

04-Sep-21 Grand Sextile
Constructive, creative energy at work. Opportunities to use natural talents. Hard work creates honey.

05-Sep-21 Mercury trine Saturn
Sensible conversation. Thinking about long term plans. Talking to those in authority. Careful presentation of ideas garners a respectful ear.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast August 23 – 29, 2021

Pluto and Eris square up again on August 28. This is the fourth in a series of five potent squares. This aspect has formed part of the backdrop since January 2020, opening the door to Covid and a host of other troubles. Pluto square Eris is about deposing those who abuse their powers, dealing with the elephant in the room, ripping up the rug and looking underneath. There’s a sense of ‘evolve or die’ with Pluto square Eris and that’s pretty much how it is when we consider the state of the world right now! Eris has chucked a bad apple into the mix and now as we try to root it out, we’re also finding others. We might stand and swear at Eris for forcing us into a position where we have to go rooting through a tub of rotten apples, but Eris sweetly points out that some of those apples were rotten to begin with!

Actually, Eris doesn’t say anything sweetly but anyway…

Eris square Pluto is active and for each of us, we’re forced to look at the things we don’t want to look at because we’ve got to get rid of the toxic stuff that is disempowering us. Those with planets or points around 23 – 25 of cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) may feel the heat of this aspect more than others but we all have work to do.

As an aside here, I’m also noting that this latest square has been building just as the situation in Afghanistan has boiled over. My first thoughts were that this may have a connection to the US Pluto return which will be exact next year.

This Week’s Major Aspects

23-Aug-21 Venus trine Saturn
Stability in relationships. Creative manifestation.

24-Aug-21 No major aspects

25-Aug-21 Mercury opposite Neptune
Distraction and distortion. Forgetfulness. Information is spurious. Wait before deciding.

26-Aug-21 Venus opposite Chiron. Mercury trine Pluto
Heartache. Love hurts. Deep and honest conversation repairs fences.

27-Aug-21 No major aspects

28-Aug-21 Pluto square Eris
The fourth of fives squares. A showdown in the collective. Intense power struggles. Calling out the shadow.

29-Aug-21 Sun square the Nodes
Turning a corner on our evolutionary path. Who you were versus who you are becoming. Work on self-improvement.

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Full Moon in Aquarius August 2021

The Full Moon occurs at 13:01 (BST) on August 22, 2021 and the Moon will be at 29AQU37. This is the second Full Moon in Aquarius this year, so we are now reaching a conclusion of a two-part story that began at the end of July. This Full Moon sits on the final degree of its sign. The 29th degree is what we call ‘anaretic’. It’s a critical degree which heightens the effect of the sign. These degrees are heavy with a feeling of destiny or fate and bring with them a sense that something has already been set in motion and now we’re awaiting the result. Given that Uranus, the ruler of this lunation, is still on its retrograde station degree and activated by Mars (trine), this whole chart harbours an air of anticipation, shocks and surprises.

Jupiter is also conjunct the Full Moon, magnifying an already acutely tense chart. It feels like a mass awakening, a jolt, a push to bravely face the future. Much of the story of this chart centres around the idea that to change our future we need to change our perspective.

The group is what is important now. The future of society is at stake. We are all unique, all special. Working together we can be a powerful force for good. The mind of the collective is healed one soul at a time. Check in with yourself. Calm anxiety. The big picture is about to be revealed. When we bring the heart and the mind together, that is when we can take the most decisive action. That is when we can make things happen. That is when we can manifest. Modernise. Improvise. Innovate.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast August 16 – 22, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

16-Aug-21 Mercury square the Nodes. Venus enters Libra
A decision is required but there may be analysis paralysis. Ask your heart to judge.

17-Aug-21 No major aspects

18-Aug-21 No major aspects

19-Aug-21 Mercury conjunct Mars
The mind is a tool. Quick thinking. Sharp words.

20-Aug-21 Sun opposite Jupiter. Uranus stations retrograde. Mercury trine Uranus
Restless. Huge desire for new horizons. Reclaim unique aspects of self that have been suppressed. Change your thinking.

22-Aug-21 Venus trine North Node. Mars trine Uranus. Full Moon in Aquarius. Sun enters Virgo
Peace opens the way. Radical action. Acute desire for freedom. Work on self-improvement.

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