Thursday, April 4, 2019

The Moon is still dark, in her final balsamic phase before she joins with the Sun tomorrow before sunrise. She entered Aries last night, bringing us a welcome burst of energy, and she begins the day on a supportive conversation with Mars, ruler of Aries.

The Moon is in the final phase of her monthly cycle with Mars as well. This morning Mars asks the Moon to look back to March 11th when they last joined.

Reflect on how you’ve shown up in the world over the last weeks. Have you displayed courage or passion? Did you stand up for your family or your convictions? Today is an excellent day to release any festering anger or resentment or to cut ties with any person or activity that holds you back. A vigorous run or a bicycle ride in the warming spring air will help you blow off steam.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The balsamic Moon drifts sleepily through oceanic Pisces, the last phase of the Moon in the final sign of the zodiac. The Sun is newly in Aries, and we’ll have a New Moon in Aries on Friday. Conditions are ripe for releasing anything you don’t want to carry forward into this new zodiacal year. Clear the garden. Pull up last year’s weeds, rake the dead leaves, turn the soil. Prepare to plant the seeds of whatever you want to grow in the coming year.

As the Sun goes down this evening, the Moon joins with Neptune and Mercury at the start of their new year-long cycle of creativity and imagination. Emotion melds with thought.

Find a quiet place. Let your mind drift back through time to February 2018 when Mercury last joined with Neptune. You’ve probably been reviewing these themes during the Mercury retrograde period. Let intuition guide your journey.

Now is the time to let go of the toxic habits and attachments that have taken hold. When the Moon is with Neptune, it is easy to indulge in fantasy, delusion, and self-destructive habits. Open your mind and your heart, recognize the toxicity and release it.

Pull out paper and pen and write. Not the keyboard, not typing, but writing. Move your hand across the page and write. Don’t think, just write. Don’t edit, don’t judge. Just write. Pour the stream of your consciousness onto the page. There is magic in connecting your mind to the page through your hand. This is how you will come to know what needs to go if you don’t already. Before midnight, Saturn engages with the Moon to steady your hand. He wants you to do this hard work. All week you have for this exploration, until the New Moon on Friday. If you have ever wanted to transform your life, now is a good time to start.

Monday, April 1, 2019

The tiny waning moon drifts void-of-course* in Aquarius to start the week. Take it easy getting to work. Let delays and snafus slide by without engaging.

At 10:48 AM EDT the Moon joins Venus, Mercury, and Neptune in watery, changeable Pisces. She is challenged right away by Mars, resulting perhaps in boiling anger and blowing off of steam, while at the same time receiving a little jolt of anticipation from Uranus. Keep an open mind; let go of resistance. Trust your gut.

Mercury joins with Neptune for the third and final time of his extended visit to Pisces, exact tomorrow morning at 5:36 EDT. Our thoughts and words tend toward the spiritual, the mysteries, the occult. Imagination and creativity are enhanced, as are meditation, dreaming, psychic perception, and the practice of arts such as astrology and Tarot. Beware of intrigue, confusion, misunderstanding, deceit, lies, and other forms of betrayal.

Late in the evening, the Moon moves toward the passionate embrace of Venus, who is feeling especially romantic in Pisces. A loving, romantic mood starts a new Moon/Venus cycle. What do you want to begin, improve, increase in the next fortnight regarding relationships, beauty, finances? What speaks to your soul?

*The Moon is said to be void-of-course (VOC) from the moment she makes her last angle to a planet until the moment she crosses into the next sign. Events occurring during this time won’t amount to much or will not turn out as planned. Items purchased now won’t perform as expected. Think of it as a mini-Mercury retrograde. Rest, review, reorganize, release. VOC times happen every couple of days, varying in length from just a few minutes to several hours.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Another quiet day astrologically as the waning crescent Moon sails on unaspected through Aquarius. She talks with no other planet until late tonight when she receives an optimistic boost from jovial Jupiter.

As I mentioned yesterday, Mars crossed into Gemini in the wee hours this morning, lifting our energy. Get out for some rough-and-tumble play today and engage in some light-hearted competition.

The week will get off to a slow start as the Moon is void-of-course all night from 11:02 PM EDT until she joins the crowd in Pisces at 10:48 tomorrow morning. We’ll be back in the emotional soup until Wednesday night when the Moon tags behind the Sun into fiery Aries.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

The waning Moon ambles through Aquarius all day, not talking with any other planet, content to be on her own. Expect a relatively quiet and pleasant day, perfect for chatting with acquaintances, meeting new people, and expanding your network. Late in the afternoon, the Moon and Sun have a confidence-boosting chat, making for an active and social, if unconventional, evening. Expand your horizons.

After midnight, at 2:12 AM EDT, Mars leaves Taurus to enter Gemini. Fiery Mars has been obliged to plod along through earthy Taurus since February 14th, not his favorite thing. Gemini is an Air sign and will fan the flames of the Red Planet.  Mars will help you get more done here, albeit in a scattered manner. You may find yourself bouncing around like a pinball from one activity to another until mid-May when he slows down again in Cancer.

Friday, March 29, 2019

The waning Capricorn Moon joins with Pluto as the Sun comes up, starting the day on a cranky note as issues emerge from the depths, but by mid-morning we can settle in for a productive day of work.

Use this last quarter phase to wrap up projects, clear the decks, and ready yourself for the Aries New Moon next Friday, the first lunation of the zodiacal year. Next week while the Moon wanes through Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, is a particularly good time for releasing anything you don’t want to carry forward.

During the early evening, the Moon enters into a comfortable exchange with Mars who is in the very last degree of Taurus. Earthy, passionate sex is a great choice, but if that’s not an option, get physical in some way to use that martial energy productively.

The Moon goes void-of-course at 8:05 PM until she enters Aquarius at 9:46 PM EDT and immediately faces a challenge from Uranus, disrupting the evening somehow. Sleep may not come easily tonight. If you do drift off, you may encounter especially strange or revealing dreams.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

We begin the day with the Moon drifting void in the last third of Sagittarius, so take your time rolling out of bed. Work begins for real when the Moon enters somber Capricorn at 10:07 AM EDT. The serious routine could get shook up a bit as the Moon engages with Venus and Uranus around midday. Expect the unexpected, although it could be pleasant news.

Venus entered Pisces yesterday afternoon, which I totally neglected to mention. Thanks, no doubt, to the ongoing Neptunian fog in my very Mercurial brain. Venus LOVES Pisces. In astro-speak she is exalted here, meaning that all the Venusian qualities of love, grace, beauty, relationship, and values are imbued with the softness and compassion we find in Pisces. She sees the world through rose-colored glasses from this vantage. It’s a sweet time for romance and creativity.

However. For the first few days of her watery visit, Venus is feeling a bit edgier and less inclined toward romantic melding as she receives a look from electric Uranus. Use this energy to spice up your love life with some unconventional moves in the boudoir. Venus will settle into the swim and feel more cuddly by the weekend.