Happy, Quirky, Surprise, Distraction

This month will end on a markedly quirky note.

Venus in Capricorn will square Uranus at 29 degrees, early Friday morning. A few hours later, she’ll ingress into Uranus-ruled Aquarius.

With a little luck (which we have, courtesy of Jupiter in Sagittarius), most of us should get a pleasant (Venus) surprise (Uranus) out of this. Get details here: March 1st – Love & Money Surprise.

As for today, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune are all in Jupiter-ruled signs. This will provide enough “lift” that even those bearing the weight of the Venus, Saturn, Pluto conjunction in Capricorn are likely to feel hopeful.

Tomorrow, the Moon will ingress into Capricorn. Yeah it’s heavy, but we have the Venus Uranus deal to distract us. I doubt you’re bored, and that alone is saying something!

Last, heads up to all, but especially, Gemini and Virgo. Mercury will turn retrograde on March 5th. It’s going to hairy. See – Brain Flu.

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The Pieces You Lack

The next two days should be great if you like the idea of things being balanced or whole. I say this because all the elements are well represented.

Sun and Mercury in air
Moon and Neptune in water
Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter in earth
Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus in fire

This means there is something for everyone.

I wonder how many people might complain about a situation like this. The idea is that there’s enough good and bad to go around!

If you can feel this (water) or understand it (air), you can act (fire) in practical (earth) ways that are positive.

I’m sure this energy can be perverted, but I can’t see wasting time with that. I believe that what you do comes back to you eventually. Life is challenging enough without racking up more debt of a negative kind!

This would be a good period to appreciate how the people around you have pieces you lack and vice-versa. Everyday life is miraculous in so many ways, if only you care to notice.

Cut Carefully, To Heal & Thrive

ImageWelcome to February!
Mars in Aries is squaring Pluto in Capricorn today. I think of a sharp knife, cutting off that which is not essential.
This sounds bad, probably because each of us is nonessential to somebody or something.  It conjures up fear and pain.  But I wouldn’t think of this conflict in that way.
These planets function well in their own signs.  A chef will trim the fat from a piece of meat before he or she cooks it. Do you not trim the crust when you bake a pie?
You can also compare this to pruning a tree. I wrote about that here – Coping With Saturn Square Mars.

I’ll use that post to illustrate this phenomenon.
I didn’t blather in that post. It was all important, but the essential piece was contained in the last paragraph. This:  We are designed to heal!
The truth of that statement is easily seen if you think about being cut. Blood congeals and forms a scab, etc. But a person can help or hinder their healing.
Let’s say you’re overburdened. Should you strap on another pack?  That doesn’t make sense.
How about carrying your load but cutting the ball and chain you’re dragging along with you?
Keep in mind, a ball and chain can take many forms. For example, unwanted guilt is a terrible thing to bear.
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Murky Emotional Terrain

Astrology Forecast – Snap Out Of It!

Mars in Aries is trining Venus and Jupiter and Sagittarius. If you have planets in the mid-degrees of Leo, something is bound to be going your way.
Out culture tends to look for the bad in everything and ignore the positive things and positive people in their lives. Keeping people agitated and angry is profitable, I guess.  And you’re never good enough and don’t you forget it!
This is not true.
Mercury squares Uranus in Aries today then enters Aquarius tomorrow.  What a great time to free your mind!  It reminds me of Cher’s line in Moonstruck. See this five second clip  – Snap out of it!
How would your life change if you were to change your mind about something you think that you know on some level which is wrong or worn out or causing you (or others) harm?  It’s a challenge, isn’t it?  But now is the time to rise to the challenge…
Mercury is heading into Aquarius which is a fixed sign.  There is a chance to glue something down; don’t you want to get it positioned correctly?  Even if it throws you off in the short term, it will benefit you over time.
This brings me back the Venus, Mars, Jupiter, super-fortunate aspect.  It marries perspective that benefits with the urge to act. I don’t know why people stay in their cage when the door is open.  Why live in a black and white world when there is so much more out there to be enjoyed?
This is a question a lot of people ask – Does Astrology Really Help?
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Creative Psychopathic Entertainer

I don’t understand the hysteria around eclipses in astrology circles. It’s not because they don’t matter. Of course they matter. But they’re not BAD.

There will be a total lunar eclipse at zero degrees Leo, late Sunday night or early Monday morning depending on
where you are. Uranus in Aries will square the Sun and Moon, guaranteeing you’ll be entertained, especially if you have the ability to detach.

In reality, we all have the ability to detach, seeing as we all have Uranus in our charts. We all have the ability to act in our own best interest as well (Mars), though some might deny this to themselves and others.

I’m softening you up to say: This lunar eclipse makes me think of psychopathy. I’m not talking about a psychopathic murderer. I’m talking about a creative psychopath or a psychopath who entertains.

Maybe you haven’t met anyone like this, but I have. It’s quite the show.

Even if you’ve not met someone like this in person, you’re bound to have seen such a thing on TV or in a movie.

It’s possible for there to be some violence with this since Uranus is in Mars-ruled Aries. However, it was not my first thought.

I see people experimenting and making their own rules when it comes to being a creative individual. We were not made to be alike or to walk in lockstep. I’ve elaborated here – Lunar Eclipse In Leo.


Having Fun, When People Aren’t Playin’

With the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn, it’s safe to say there are people out there who aren’t playin’. This doesn’t mean there is no fun to be had.

There is fun to be had with Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius. You just have to have your fun on your side of the boundary. Stay within the rule of law and such.

There’s a balance here if you can bring yourself to accept it. I understand how and why a person might resist this; I’ve done it myself. But sooner or later, reality intrudes.

Saturn and Capricorn represent reality. This energy will be emphasized now through all of 2020.

It’s said that Saturn will bring you to your knees. There is a good reason for this. It’s because it’s true.

It’s not that bad to be brought back to earth… a human being. After all, it’s people, not gods who get to fall in love and stay that way. To support others and to be supported.

You may be able to imagine something better, but eventually the veil drops and you find yourself standing there with nothing. At that point, something real looks great, even when limited.

If you’re struggling with Saturn in Capricorn, check out my workshop on the topic. It will help you align with the energy out there and surely spare you some pain.

Saturn in Capricorn – Let’s Get Real

Saturn’s transit through Capricorn scares people. It has them asking questions…

Is this the “karma ball” we hear about?
Is it going to hit me or someone I love?
Will I really be brought to my knees?
What if this is my Saturn return?
How hard of a hard transit is this..?


Check it out…