Cooling Off Period But Machinations Ahead

volcanoThe Venus Pluto square peaked yesterday. If you suffered or enjoyed or witnessed some eruption, you can look forward to some healing over the next week.

This process is similar to what happens when a volcano erupts. Lava spews but eventually it calms, then it cools off and solidifies to a point where you can walk on top it. Yes, the landscape has changed, but hey! Change is part of life, and at least the temperature is normalized.

I’m calling for a hardening off because soon Venus will leave Aries for Taurus. She’ll join the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus in the sign, creating a stellium in less than a week. Taurus is a hard sign; it’s sturdy. If you doubt this, just go find a bull in the field, push on him, and see what happens!
Details on the stellium here – You Get What You Pay For.

I’d not get too settled in with this comfortable, earthy energy though. For one thing, Uranus is involved; but more importantly, there’s a full moon in Scorpio setting up, to culminate next weekend.

This is a complicated situation. People who like advantages in life might appreciate this early heads up and the chance to think things through.

See – Full Moon in Scorpio – Complex Negotiations.

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Begin At The Beginning

Things will heat and speed up today as Mercury leaves Pisces for Aries. This will be a great relief for many. It’s a “mental” fresh start.

This quote comes to mind:

“Begin at the beginning,” the King said, very gravely, “and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”
— Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

If you love the idea of moving forward as much as I do, this is an exciting prospect.

By the time you read this, the Moon will be in Libra. Expect a lot of back and forth juggling on the me/we axis as we head towards Friday’s full moon. I’m looking forward this because I think it will be exciting.

We need other people to grow, for the most part. For chrissakes, try to get along! People confuse “compromise” with “settling”.
And since when is “settling” to be avoided?
Is unsettled good?

I’ll cover the weekend on Friday; but I want to give you a heads up on Saturn and Pluto turning retrograde in Capricorn because it’s a serious deal. This begins next Wednesday. See – Falling Back.

Nervous Energy, Angry Outbursts, Verbal Confrontations

Expect a lot of cross talk today as the Moon in Virgo squares Mars in Gemini. Use of “cross talk” is deliberate. These are mutable signs and the communication clashes will take many forms.Essentially, one person is talking and the other person interrupts. Except the other person might be you. You want to think clearly, but you’re angry. Thoughts intrude.

This may also manifest as road rage, but some people will just get a lot done. Point is, there is a lot of nervous energy out there. You can call someone up and bitch them out, send a nasty email or text; but you can also be motivated to help.

I’ve spent a lot of time on this fleeting aspect today, because the things you say can really hurt people. You may have meant it in the moment. You move along, but the other person remembers what you said for a long time.

Also, Mercury will enter Aries on Wednesday. This is another Mercury Mars exchange.

Communicate in a direct fashion
Verbal attack
Pushy, cutting to the front of line
Impatient with the speed at which other people move or speak
Quick thinking

I’m going to challenge myself mentally during this three-week period, hoping to avoid… rage. If you have a Mercury Mars mashup in your natal chart like I do, I’m sure you can relate.

Crash Course In How To Fare Well, Heading Towards the 2020 Jupiter Saturn Conjunction

If you’re new to astrology…
Jupiter rules Sagittarius
Saturn rules CapricornJupiter and Saturn form a natural pair. Jupiter is expansive and visionary. Saturn provides a reality check and puts a plan into action. When these energies work together, the results generally quite good, especially over time.

You’re going to be hearing A LOT about the marriage between Jupiter and Saturn over the next 18 months or so. Story goes like this…

Currently, Jupiter is it’s home sign, Sagittarius with Saturn in home sign, Capricorn. There ‘s a certain strength with this. Babies born at this time have a couple of aces in hand.

Jupiter enters Capricorn, November 2019, maintaining a Jupiter/Saturn mashup.

Jupiter moves faster than Saturn. The planet will catch up to Saturn in Capricorn, near enough. The planets will be conjunct at the later degrees of the sign throughout the second half of 2020.

This will all culminate when Jupiter conjunct Saturn, on December 21, 2020, at zero degrees Aquarius.

Jupiter will turn retrograde on Wednesday. You can see this as delaying the inevitable. But on the same day, Saturn will square the sun. If you pay attention you should be able to identify the big opportunity vs the work it will take to make it real.

I’ve got a pretty good hack on what you can expect when Jupiter leaves Sagittarius for Capricorn, in November of this year. I outlined this in my post on What
Jupiter Retrograde Means To You.

If you can grasp and embrace these ideas now, you’ll be looking good when Jupiter turns direct and we get a clearer idea of what is unfolding.

The Intrigue Of The Progressed Chart

Does a person’s soul move along? It seems that this is what the progressed chart shows and describes.

My current progressed chart is ridiculous. I’ve got Taurus rising with progressed Venus in Libra. This is nice! I’m simply pleasant. But this nice veneer conceals more trouble than you can shake a stick at!

Specifically, my progressed Sun, Moon, Mars, and Neptune are all in Scorpio. I slither while no one is looking! Okay, I help and heal people as well, but you get the picture. I’m false advertising walkin’.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about progressed charts, probably because mine is so extreme. I feel I am still me, my natal chart. I’m playing with the idea that the progressed chart shows what I’m doing in this time period.

It’s interesting to consider a progressed chart from this perspective. You start at one point – your birth. You can look ahead twenty or thirty or even forty or fifty years and see that your story and your circumstance are going to change. If you have any affinity with Jupiter (the future) at all, you have to admit it’s intriguing.

Recently, someone asked me how often they need a progressed chart report. Not often at all!

These changes take place slowly. The progressed chart is something to meditate on, deeply. It’s not a superficial, fleeting thing.

Consequently, I recommend you get a new report when your progressed Moon changes signs (every 2.5 years).

If you’re curious and want to view your life through this lens, you can get a (meaty and satisfying)

Recently, someone asked me how often they need a progressed chart report. Not often at all!

These changes take place slowly. The progressed chart is something to meditate on, deeply. It’s not a superficial, fleeting thing.

Consequently, I recommend you get a new report when your progressed Moon changes signs (every 2.5 years).

If you’re curious and want to view your life through this lens, you can get a (meaty and satisfying) Progressed Chart Report.

Have a birthday coming up? Check out my Birthday Report Package. It includes a Solar Return Report and a year’s worth of
transit interpretation, personalized for you.


Tread Water In The Meantime

The mind is odd and endlessly fascinating. You know you’ve lost your keys and then you remember where they are? No one knows exactly how that happens or why.

What about forgetting something, until you remember it? Who’s in charge? Who can we blame!

Venus entered Pisces yesterday,
joining Neptune and Mercury in the sign. We’re in a mental hall-of-mirrors at this time.

Information may be missing or obscured in some way. Consequently, this is not the greatest time to make a firm decision. I know it drives people crazy; it drives me crazy, but we just have to wait and see. Don’t be afraid to say, “Let me get back to you”.

If you hate being in suspended animation as much as I do, I sympathize. But we’ve got ten more days of this, so it’s best to resolve to tread water in the near term.

Try telling yourself: If you don’t know, it’s because you’re not supposed to know. And you can take this a step further; when you’re supposed to know, you’ll know!.

More here: Mercury Direct in Pisces – Benefit Of The Doubt.

Last, clarity is coming. There is a new moon in Aries, next Friday. You can think of this as a hardcore chance to bust a move, however, There Is No Crying In Baseball.

Unpredictable & Possibly Nutty Relationships

The Venus Mars square peaked yesterday. This does not mean that social or romantic relationships will calm down.

Matter of fact, the nuttiness may be even more apparent as days pass and Venus, the faster moving planet, separates from Mars.

Venus is in Aquarius. Mars adds anger and impulse to the equation, also sex, challenge, and competitive spirit. You want to conquer someone!

With Mars out of the way, we’re left with a purer version of Venus in Aquarius, which happens to be in mutual reception to Uranus in Taurus.

To fare well in this scenario, you’ve got to give people space in a relationship. If you think your partner is crazy – well maybe they are. But have you looked in the mirror recently? You’re probably a freak yourself.

This is the most likely explanation if you find yourself paired with someone unusual and wondering why!

These are interesting times and so much more fun than what we’ve endured over the last few years… that Cardinal Grand Cross for example.

Look for quirky people to show up in your life with important keys to your future. Use them or lose them. No one is going to force you, one way or the other.

This letter is brought to you by my Uranus in the 7th house which is another Venus/Uranus exchange.

Read more about this here: Reversals of Fortune and Commitment-Phobics Marrying!

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