Accommodation, Survival, Whining & Success

“If you want to bring anything to a successful conclusion, you must accommodate yourself to the task, not the task to yourself.”
– St. Ignatius of Loyola 

Mars in Cancer is opposing Saturn in Capricorn, a situation that will be sustained for two weeks and increase in intensity. Mars pushes, Saturn blocks. It’s called coming up against a rock and a hard place.

This opposition also describes a scenario where you have to do something you don’t want to do. You resist it.

The remark by St. Ignatius tells a way to overcome the impediment. In real life it makes me think of the technical work that has to be done to keep my site online and functioning. It’s not something I want anything to do with. I am a child who wants to be creative (Leo) so I appealed to everyone I could think of and tried every trick in the book to
get someone to do this for me. I was blocked on every front!

The problem was resolved when I decided to become someone who could wrestle WordPress and my forum behind the scenes.

I’d still like to whine about this, but I have to admit there’s an advantage to being a baby with some technical skills. Matter of fact, these things are necessary for my survival. That’s where Pluto comes in, which is also part for of this harsh cardinal opposition.

If you’re willing to “clutch it up”, you really don’t have to be afraid.

Karma, Severe & Deeply Painful

Today is the new moon in Gemini so here’s something to think about…We still have five planets in their own sign. This will change tomorrow when Mercury leaves Gemini for Cancer. Sunday, Venus leaves home sign Taurus for Gemini. This scenario is coming apart.

Astrology is like life, or maybe it’s the other way around. Something happens, it lasts for a while, and then it resolves. You’re mad – you’re mad as hell – maybe you’re not so mad after all.

In this case, the grace of the five planets in their own signs fades out as this potentially (probably) vicious Mercury-Mars-Saturn-Pluto opposition forms.

If you have planets in the mid to late degrees of the cardinal signs and you’ve been riding high, it’s at this point it makes sense to pivot and focus your attention on a goal.

The “goal” in this case is likely to be quite heavy. Some people just want to survive. Safety and security will be the theme. A person’s business might be threatened, or they may be tasked with trying to keep their family together when it’s wanting to come apart.

I apologize for the serious tone of this, but the people impacted know exactly what I mean.

If you care to be kind in June of 2019, try not to burden or harm other people. I’m talking about kicking someone when they’re down. Because Saturn in Capricorn is part of this mess and karma when it comes is likely to be severe… and deeply painful (Pluto in Capricorn). Details on the cardinal opposition here – Seriously Stressful.

News…And Various Other Sundries

curious georgeMercury is in play now, chatting up Jupiter and Neptune as we head towards Monday’s new moon in Gemini. You can expect to have interesting conversations and various other sundries in the form of information tidbits that come your way. Case in point – here are Midara’s June ‘Scopes!

The emphasis will be on variety, not just in the things you say or hear but in the way the information is delivered. It may blurted, published, or leaked. It may come in a dream or via your imagination. It may be whispered or shouted. You or the other person may be succinct, or you may blather on.

Some of what you hear will be truth, but some information may be deceptive or misleading, even if that’s not intentional.

It’s under a sky like this a person is inclined to say “just one more thing” and that one more thing is what sees them slip on a banana peel and find their foot in their mouth, but hey! I don’t think you’ll be bored, and for many people this is enough.

Recently, I worked with a double Gemini. He was new to astrology, but after we talked he decided to look into it.

I suggested he start with the fast moving transits, because they don’t go on and on.

If this sounds good to you, check out my Deluxe Transit Report. It’s low-priced and will allow you to monitor all the
trains as they come in and out of the station.

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Cooling Off Period But Machinations Ahead

volcanoThe Venus Pluto square peaked yesterday. If you suffered or enjoyed or witnessed some eruption, you can look forward to some healing over the next week.

This process is similar to what happens when a volcano erupts. Lava spews but eventually it calms, then it cools off and solidifies to a point where you can walk on top it. Yes, the landscape has changed, but hey! Change is part of life, and at least the temperature is normalized.

I’m calling for a hardening off because soon Venus will leave Aries for Taurus. She’ll join the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus in the sign, creating a stellium in less than a week. Taurus is a hard sign; it’s sturdy. If you doubt this, just go find a bull in the field, push on him, and see what happens!
Details on the stellium here – You Get What You Pay For.

I’d not get too settled in with this comfortable, earthy energy though. For one thing, Uranus is involved; but more importantly, there’s a full moon in Scorpio setting up, to culminate next weekend.

This is a complicated situation. People who like advantages in life might appreciate this early heads up and the chance to think things through.

See – Full Moon in Scorpio – Complex Negotiations.

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Begin At The Beginning

Things will heat and speed up today as Mercury leaves Pisces for Aries. This will be a great relief for many. It’s a “mental” fresh start.

This quote comes to mind:

“Begin at the beginning,” the King said, very gravely, “and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”
— Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

If you love the idea of moving forward as much as I do, this is an exciting prospect.

By the time you read this, the Moon will be in Libra. Expect a lot of back and forth juggling on the me/we axis as we head towards Friday’s full moon. I’m looking forward this because I think it will be exciting.

We need other people to grow, for the most part. For chrissakes, try to get along! People confuse “compromise” with “settling”.
And since when is “settling” to be avoided?
Is unsettled good?

I’ll cover the weekend on Friday; but I want to give you a heads up on Saturn and Pluto turning retrograde in Capricorn because it’s a serious deal. This begins next Wednesday. See – Falling Back.

Nervous Energy, Angry Outbursts, Verbal Confrontations

Expect a lot of cross talk today as the Moon in Virgo squares Mars in Gemini. Use of “cross talk” is deliberate. These are mutable signs and the communication clashes will take many forms.Essentially, one person is talking and the other person interrupts. Except the other person might be you. You want to think clearly, but you’re angry. Thoughts intrude.

This may also manifest as road rage, but some people will just get a lot done. Point is, there is a lot of nervous energy out there. You can call someone up and bitch them out, send a nasty email or text; but you can also be motivated to help.

I’ve spent a lot of time on this fleeting aspect today, because the things you say can really hurt people. You may have meant it in the moment. You move along, but the other person remembers what you said for a long time.

Also, Mercury will enter Aries on Wednesday. This is another Mercury Mars exchange.

Communicate in a direct fashion
Verbal attack
Pushy, cutting to the front of line
Impatient with the speed at which other people move or speak
Quick thinking

I’m going to challenge myself mentally during this three-week period, hoping to avoid… rage. If you have a Mercury Mars mashup in your natal chart like I do, I’m sure you can relate.

Crash Course In How To Fare Well, Heading Towards the 2020 Jupiter Saturn Conjunction

If you’re new to astrology…
Jupiter rules Sagittarius
Saturn rules CapricornJupiter and Saturn form a natural pair. Jupiter is expansive and visionary. Saturn provides a reality check and puts a plan into action. When these energies work together, the results generally quite good, especially over time.

You’re going to be hearing A LOT about the marriage between Jupiter and Saturn over the next 18 months or so. Story goes like this…

Currently, Jupiter is it’s home sign, Sagittarius with Saturn in home sign, Capricorn. There ‘s a certain strength with this. Babies born at this time have a couple of aces in hand.

Jupiter enters Capricorn, November 2019, maintaining a Jupiter/Saturn mashup.

Jupiter moves faster than Saturn. The planet will catch up to Saturn in Capricorn, near enough. The planets will be conjunct at the later degrees of the sign throughout the second half of 2020.

This will all culminate when Jupiter conjunct Saturn, on December 21, 2020, at zero degrees Aquarius.

Jupiter will turn retrograde on Wednesday. You can see this as delaying the inevitable. But on the same day, Saturn will square the sun. If you pay attention you should be able to identify the big opportunity vs the work it will take to make it real.

I’ve got a pretty good hack on what you can expect when Jupiter leaves Sagittarius for Capricorn, in November of this year. I outlined this in my post on What
Jupiter Retrograde Means To You.

If you can grasp and embrace these ideas now, you’ll be looking good when Jupiter turns direct and we get a clearer idea of what is unfolding.