NOT the ‘Harvest Moon’ (oops)

Full Moon for September 2017 (Midnight PT- MT- 3 am ET – 8 am UTC)

Turns out the ‘Harvest Moon’ is September 20th – just before the Autumn Equinox. This one is the ‘Full Corn Moon’. So we get to play Neil Young again next month 🙂
 Tonight and tomorrow it will look equally full. Always an awesome sight.
Happy Full Moon!

“Here are Moon phase dates and times (ET). See the Moon Phase Calendar for your city’s dates and times.
Full Moon: September 6, 3:04 A.M.
Last Quarter: September 13, 2:26 A.M.
New Moon: September 16, 1:30 A.M.
First Quarter: September 27, 10:55 P.M.

The September Full Moon is usually known as the ‘Full Corn Moon’ because it traditionally corresponds with the time of harvesting corn. It is also called the Barley Moon because this is the time to harvest and thresh ripened barley.

Some other traditional September Full Moon names used by Native Americans include:

“Moon When the Plums Are Scarlet” by the Lakota Sioux Native Americans.
“Moon When the Deer Paw the Earth” by the Omaha Native Americans.
“Moon When the Calves Grow Hair” by the Sioux Native Americans

NOT the ‘Harvest Moon’ (oops)

Often, the September Moon is also called the Harvest Moon, but this year the Harvest Moon occurs in October. The Harvest Moon is the Moon that falls nearest the autumnal equinox; this full Moon provides the most light at the time when it’s needed most—to complete the harvest!”


Eventful Day: Mars enters Virgo + Mercury stations direct

The hot, calm, smoky conditions where I live really fit Mercury stationing in fiery, fixed Leo. Mercury is now direct but won’t reach Virgo until Saturday, about the time we’ll begin to see some improvement in air quality . . . *fingers crossed*. Sometimes we have no choice but to wait things out and this is one of them.

Mars entering Virgo is an interesting situation. It does mean less strum and drang but Mars is not at his best in Virgo. It doesn’t suit his natural full speed ahead preference because Mercury ruled Virgo has to look at every single detail before taking action. As a matter of fact, Mars won’t be happy until he reaches Scorpio on December 10. Libra’s wishy washy ways drive him nutters too. What we can do is put Mars in Virgo to work, doing some deep cleaning and organizing places like closets and garages. It will be an excellent time to recycle items we no longer use too.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Smoky Sunrise © Diane Lang

Week of September 4, 2017

Anchoring this week is the Full Moon in Pisces and it sends ripples out into the atmosphere. Other news includes Mercury and Mars toning the energy down as they leave fiery Leo for quiet Virgo, while Venus in Leo has her share of challenges this week too. We mustn’t forget Mercury stations direct on Tuesday either.

What keeps the rather spacey Full Moon in Pisces from drifting off all together is Pluto in well grounded Capricorn. Yes, the Pisces Moon does conjoin the ultimate space cadet, Neptune, but having Pluto sextile those two as well as trine the Virgo Sun ought to provide just enough of a reality check to keep us attached to the real world. There is a feeling of much needed calm rippling out from this Full Moon. Enjoy!

While the Virgo Sun opposes Neptune in Pisces exactly on Monday night, it will also be exactly trine Pluto in Capricorn on Saturday with its participation in the Full Moon on Wednesday. So we may start off the week feeling somewhat wobbly but by the weekend we should have found our feet again.

A critical move this week is Mercury stationing direct on Tuesday at 28° 25′ Leo. It will take Mercury until Saturday to makes its way back to Virgo once more. Once Mercury is back home in Virgo, we should have a much easier time getting the facts straight after the last burst of Leo drama for the year.

Mars moves from Leo to Virgo on Tuesday a couple of hours before Mercury stations direct. This event marks the deepening of the seasonal shift from Leo to Virgo, something we’ll notice much more once Mercury joins Mars and the Sun in the sixth sign. Mars in Virgo does enjoy bringing order to chaos and loves to get his hands dirty, especially if it benefits others.

Venus in Leo does not have a good week with an inconjunct to Neptune in Pisces on Tuesday and another troubling inconjunct to Pluto in Capricorn on Saturday. We need to be very careful about falling for someone’s fanciful but enticing stories when it comes to either romance or money. No matter how good that investment looks or how glamorous your love interest appears, there is bound to be far more going on under the surface that needs to be taken into consideration. Next week Venus is in a far better place, so hold off making any final decisions until then.

On Monday, the day before Mercury stations direct, we have a bracing Aquarius Moon to help us maintain our sense of perspective. The day starts with the Aquarius Moon sextile Saturn in Sagittarius and trine Jupiter in Libra, an excellent combination for setting intentions. While this really isn’t the best time to start something new, we should be fine going about our usual routines. Towards evening the Aquarius Moon will oppose the Mercury-Mars conjunction in Leo . . . we may want to think carefully before expressing opinions.

The Moon swims into dreamy Pisces Monday night and makes no aspects for the next twenty-four hours. She is content working in the background, reminding us to use our intuition to good effect. We may need it to navigate the day’s busy sky with Mars entering Virgo, Mercury stationing direct and Venus in Leo inconjunct Neptune in Pisces. Not a good day to get in a big hurry!

Wednesday is the Full Moon in Pisces which occurs well before dawn. As the work day starts, the Pisces Moon will be sextile Pluto in Capricorn which is helpful for staying on task. If we don’t, we could hear about it when the Pisces Moon squares Saturn in Sagittarius midday. After that the Moon will be void-of-course until Thursday morning. The morning appears the most favorable for being able to work effectively.

There is nothing like a unaspected Aries Moon to light a fire under everyone, and that’s what we have on Thursday! As long as we double check the details before blasting off, this is one the better days this week for pushing ahead with our personal agendas, though working with others could be more challenging.

Friday has a similar theme with an energetic Aries Moon wanting to keep the momentum going. The catch is we need to pay attention to the practicalities, especially midday when the Aries Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn. Thanks to an Aries Moon-Saturn in Sagittarius trine during the evening, it should be easier to play nice with others.

The weekend brings a marked shift to an earth dominated sky. Saturday morning starts off with bang when the Aries Moon conjoins Uranus, followed by a lively trine to Mercury in Leo. Late morning this changes when the Moon ambles into laidback Taurus. By late afternoon/early evening the Moon will be trine Mars in Virgo. During this evening Mercury will join Mars and the Sun in Virgo. That’s a lot of earth!

Sunday the Taurus Moon is part of a Grand Trine in earth with Pluto in Capricorn and the Virgo Sun. With a preponderance of earth in the sky, living in the moment comes more easily. Go to a farmer’s market for fresh fruits and veggies or maybe take a relaxing stroll in a park. Time for some rest and relaxation!

It’s a Mercury station week which means taking extra care with communications, allowing for possible delays and reviewing information carefully. We ought to see gradual improvement by the weekend, especially after Mercury gets back home to Virgo. As always, practice patience and be kind!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Calm Waters © Ron Cameron

Dreamy PIsces – Harvest Moon



“There is a new energy inside each one of us – whether it is tangible at this point or not. This new energy requires that your environment, whatever that may be, adjust itself to you in a new way.” Lena Stevens from Mystic Mamma



If August was a Reboot/Reset – then September is about Adjustment – as we make an effort to move into alignment with the new energies ushered in by the New Moon/Solar Eclipse.



The Full Moon on Wednesday brings to peak what was stirred up by the eclipse. It is in dreamy, romantic Pisces and exactly conjoined with Neptune – the planet whose attributes give Pisces that spaced out feel. Neptune can bring a sublime spiritual flow or a disorientation and  lack of direction. If you find yourself drifting off to space that could be why.


This is also the  Harvest Moon – appropriate title for harvesting the powerful energies unleashed at the eclipse. Sun in Virgo is all about the details and can assist us in sorting and separating out what has been stirred up.  Virgo asks us to discriminate between what is essential and what is not. 
 On the other side of the sky – Pisces activates our dreams and our imagination, as we feel into the changes that are occurring. You may feel a strong tendency to float away in day dreams and fantasies…


Yet just as we begin to drift  into  a blissful reverie – something seems to block our escape. That would be Saturn (limitations/duties/rules). Saturn ‘s strong influence on  this Full Moon can trigger  feelings of dissatisfaction and restriction – stirring up old beliefs that we always have to struggle in life, that we never get what we want , or we always seem to want something that we can never have. Saturn insists on Maturity and Mastery – he is not called the  Grand Taskmaster for nothing. We must face our responsibilities and limitations – yet not be limited by them (if that makes any sense)





If you find yourself in conflict between letting go and holding on, or having to balance the urge to totally dissolve yourself by merging with something or someone (Neptune) – with an equally strong need for clearer boundaries (Saturn) – attempts to indulge our fantasies could get a rude awakening. Beware of becoming entangled in deception or dodgy dealings which could have negative consequences.



 As we teeter- totter between this issue of being spaced out and undisciplined –  or  too restrictive – a shift in our thinking might help bring some perspective. As Mercury turns direct exactly on the eclipse point today – new information may come to light that helps bring us more clarity. This is the time to review the facts to discriminate between what is true and what is false. 



These are testy times.  Mars (warrior planet) has been stirring up tension all weekend, especially for people born in the mid 50’s who have Pluto in late degrees of Leo (where the eclipse was). Ouch! Have you noticed you are reacting to everything or going a little OCD? Power struggles and compulsive energies  trigger conflicts as people try to control each other. 
Yet Pisces refuses to be controlled. It will just morph and shift and slip away into the mist.  Addictions are part of this atmosphere. One way to avoid responsibility (or tension) is to check out. Are you addicted to something – or someone? Having trouble walking away from a dodgy situation? Avoiding facing up to the changes you know you want/need to make? Ever notice in the Pisces symbol how two fishes are swimming in opposite directs?




As our eclipse intentions (conscious or not)  enter this ripening Full Moon energy field,  and things  begin to shift and morph,  something positive can emerge out of our ambivalence.  But we must remain alert and aware.  We are in a process of growth that is so new as to be disorienting. That’s when the tendency to fall back into old habits can trip us up. If  you are seeking change –  or if change is seeking you – then  something will come to a head now that helps make things more clear.  Be ready to ask the right questions – and be ready to hear the answers.  Somewhere in your life there can be no turning back. When the butterfly is bursting through  its cocoon, it will be a caterpillar no longer.



by Leonard Cohen


The birds they sang
at the break of day
Start again
I heard them say
Don’t dwell on what
has passed away
or what is yet to be.
Ah the wars they will
be fought again
The holy dove
She will be caught again
bought and sold
and bought again
the dove is never free.
Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.

We asked for signs
the signs were sent:
the birth betrayed
the marriage spent
Yeah the widowhood
of every government —
signs for all to see.
I can’t run no more
with that lawless crowd
while the killers in high places
say their prayers out loud.
But they’ve summoned, they’ve summoned up
a thundercloud
and they’re going to hear from me.
Ring the bells that still can ring …
You can add up the parts
but you won’t have the sum
You can strike up the march,
there is no drum
Every heart, every heart
to love will come
but like a refugee.
Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.
Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.
That’s how the light gets in.
That’s how the light gets in.