Taurus Horoscope March 2021

On March 3rd, Mars moves into Gemini and your 2nd house of money. Your mind should be clearer now that it has moved away from your 1st house and the focus will be on finances for the next while. You will be looking at how you deal with money in a more intellectual way, focusing on budgets and adapting more easily to your financial situation. You could be looking at long term investments and making some bigger purchases now. With the Mercury Jupiter conjunction in your 10th house of career and fame, there is a possibility of expansion in this area as you focus on the significance of certain situations and take a long term view. There could be possible changes in your career direction now and possibly an increase in income. The Sun is in your 11th house of social contacts until March 20th and you may well be involved in more group projects than usual. However, be aware that you aren’t so involved with these that you forget about any domestic concerns. On March 13th, there is a new Moon in Pisces, also in your 11th house, which will emphasize these tendencies but also give you greater opportunity to network and again, increase any earned income. You may also become more aware of your position in life and possibly want more security in your social life. The full moon in Libra on March 29th falls in your 6th house of health and you may decide to begin a new health regime, but in a very dramatic way. It seems that you may suddenly decide to quit a bad habit because you are in a state of discontent. Be careful that you don’t push the blame for your ire onto others. Use the emotional energies you are feeling, to make positive changes. You may also find that a project you have been working on, comes to completion now.

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