Pisces, things are coming together

Pisces, your Tarot card for May is the Three of Coins. This signals that your goals are coming together and that the skills needed for something you have been working on, are readily available. However, you may need to reach out for help if you don’t have the required skills yourself. It is a great time to collaborate with others. You are encouraged to press on now and not be disheartened if you cannot accomplish everything alone. You will find that you enjoy working as part of a team and will quickly see that you are on your way to success. Asking for assistance, doesn’t take away from your accomplishments, but it can certainly enhance them.

Your Rune for the month is Mannaz, reversed. Mannaz is the Rune of self. If you are feeling blocked, turn inwards and be clear with yourself as to the reasons. Are you feeling chaotic, or is there an area of your life that is not completely streamlined? This could be stopping you progressing as quickly as you like in another area of your life. It might be a good time to look at ingrained habits and see if you can change some things to work more positively for you. Breaking the habits of a life time, is by no means an easy feat, but look at it this way – once you have, you are at the beginning of a new beginning.

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Capricorn a month of self change

Capricorn, your tarot card for May 2021 is the 5 of Cups. You are encouraged to look at the positive side of things this month. It would appear that you may be dwelling on a disappointment and are finding it difficult to move past. It is possible that this same kind of thing has happened before. If that is the case, it would be wise to look back and try to connect the dots. Were there mistakes that you made and didn’t learn from? There is much joy to be had in your life right now but you must look around you to see it. Your emotions could be stopping you from doing this and moving into a happier and brighter future. It is normal to feel regret but feel it and let it go now.

Your Rune for this month is Ansuz. This is the Rune of signals and messages. The message seems to be that there is a new life unfolding for you and that there are connections to be made. Some of these will have surprising links that direct you on to new pathways. Ansuz also asks that you focus on some self change and integrate your unconscious motives with conscious intent. It is time for you to explore the depths and foundations of life. You must nourish your soul and then you will have more to give to others.

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Aquarius, take time to be still

Aquarius, your Tarot card for May is the Four of Swords. This indicates a time of stillness for you. Things may have been chaotic lately and you could be feeling quite exhausted. Whether this is from a time of great activity, or emotional stress that you may have been experiencing, now would be a great time to rest and take a break. It is time to re-evaluate and organize your life, as well as understanding your priorities. Do some things need to change? If you have been dealing with a crisis of sorts, it is time to nurture yourself and your soul. Once you have done so, you will see the glimmer of hope and happiness waiting to be revealed to you.

Your Rune for this month is Nauthiz, the Rune of constraint and necessity. The stillness you need, must not be seen as a constraint thrust upon you, but as something that will benefit you. It will help you to see your strengths and weaknesses and also to perhaps see your shadow side. Is there something within you that doesn’t believe that you deserve the best? If you truly look at yourself now, you may see a pattern to any troubles, then you can work on changing things for the future. Restore your energy and enthusiasm for life now, it will soon be time to make progress again.

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Virgo, being the best version of yourself

Virgo, your Tarot card for May is the Eight of Coins. You will be doing things with confidence this month and showing the best version of yourself. There is a lot of hard work ahead of you right now and any new venture you undertake – such as a new job – will be demanding. However, you will thrive under all this responsibility and you already know that the rewards will be more than worth the effort. If you have been looking for financial assistance, or simply hoping for a larger income, you are quite likely to find it now. Just be aware of how you use or spend your resources this month and bear in mind that you have worked hard to get where you are. This is also a good month for beginning a new health regime.

Your Rune for this month is Wunjo, the Rune of Joy and Light. Any trials you have been dealing with, are now coming to an end. There is new energy available to you as well as new clarity. You will feel as though you are walking from the dark into the light this month and will have a renewed sense of joy. You are bearing the fruits of past labours and you feel that you have gained knowledge and understanding of a least one ongoing situation.

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Sagittarius, the end and the beginning

Sagittarius, your tarot card for this month is the Fool. It looks as though big things are in store for you this month Sagittarius. The Fool depicts the very beginning of a brand new and very long journey. At this point, everything about it, is unknown. Life seems to be a blank canvas for you this month and all things are possible. This is a month for living in the moment and trusting in the Universe. As a Sag, you are probably quite comfortable with taking a leap of faith and always open to new adventures. That will benefit you now. Don’t second guess any forward movement, just go with it. You don’t necessarily need all of the information right now, you will have that soon enough.

Your Rune for this month is blank. This is the Rune of the Unknowable, the end, the beginning. It is the Rune of total trust and should be taken as evidence that you are about to embark on your destiny. It suggests that there may be endings in your life right now, but that is all part of the plan. There is so much potential for you and so many possibilities. It can also be a time of karma and old debts will be paid, either by you, or to you. You will be evolving quickly now.

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Scorpio, so much energy!

Scorpio, your Tarot card for May is the Queen of Wands. Your energy is enviable. You will be rushing around at top speed this month, juggling and keeping many balls in the air. You will be organizing your life and feeling passionate about something. Take care to stay positive though as you will be just as likely to feel chaotic and forgetful as you are confident and optimistic. If you stay on top of things and allow nothing to get you down now, you will find all the multi tasking easy. It is important to see the humour in things as this will keep you feeling cheerful and you will be able to clearly see the abundance you will have once things settle down.

Your Rune for this month is Berkana, reversed. There is the possibility of an event interfering with your growth now. It could be linked to a decision that you made some time ago. Try not to be dismayed, instead look at it again and vow to be more diligent. If you look back you will see that there was something specific that brought this about. You will be able to put things right, but you may have to go back to the beginning and start again.

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Libra, starting afresh

Libra, your Tarot card for May is the Ace of Coins. You are at a turning point in your life and are beginning a new cycle. This card can refer to financial matters, but is as likely to mean anything related to the material world. This month you will be starting something new in relation to one of these areas, whether it is a new venture, a new job or just putting more care and thought in to your health. Whatever your focus is, you can be assured of opportunity and success as well as abundance. All you have to do now, is plant the seed and watch it grow into something stable and enduring. Make sure that you are in the right mindset now and are open to trying something new.

Your Rune for this month is Raido. This is the Rune of communication and journey. Your self esteem and sense of self worth will grow now and there will be help available to you if needed. Any inner healing that you need to do will seem easier, as will self change. Any burdens that you have been carrying will feel lighter and you can see an end in sight. Life seems to get easier now and you will sense a divine support.

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