Finding balance in crazy times!

Moon in Libra today seeks harmony and balance. That urge for peace is being challenged by the intense energy field operating in the background  that is bringing up all our ‘stuff’.

The next few days  could be rather fractious and volatile, as the Moon joins Mars opposite Uranus. We can lose our center more easily now in knee jerk reactions to challenging people or situations. All of this tension and pressure can cause body aches and headaches- helps to find an physical outlet like drumming/ dancing/sex. Louise Hay (You can Heal Your Life )  says the best cure for  migraine is an orgasm!
Mars will carry this volatility forward over the next week or so – and it’s wise right now to step back and remove yourself from confrontations if you cant find a positive outlet for the tension.

Mars Uranus is extremely volatile  and easily triggered. Moon in Scorpio (tomorrow) does not suffer fools gladly. How to rise above petty squabbles and ego battles?
Take the high road! A daily mindfulness practice can help us observe what is going on without reacting. Notice how you are feeling. Acknowledge what is bothering you. Listen to your inner voice of wisdom (vs your ego mind that always needs to win).
 Follow the breath – it will take you to where you need to go!

There is a particular breathing process  that is called the 478 technique – where are you breath in through your nose for a count of four – hold for a count of seven – then breathe out through your mouth for a count of eight.  Repeat five times. This pattern resets the amygdala, which is the part in our brain that triggers the fight or flight response. I find it really helpful –  particularly at night if I’m trying to get to sleep in my mind is racing .
Theres a lot of heavy background energy right due to growing tensions between Saturn and Pluto.  I’ve written quite a bit about the karmic reckoning that is bringing all our sh*t up to the surface. At the same time – there are equally beautiful and supportive energies  pouring in from Jupiter Neptune and Venus  that can help us through these challenging times.

Venus – planet of love – is currently traveling alongside the expense joyful planet Jupiter in its home sign of Sagittarius. Both of them are crossing over the Galactic Core – center of our galaxy. This powerful point emits a homing signal – a beacon for lost souls to find help find their way home. And who amongst us is not feeling a little bit lost right now?
Trust is required as we move through this powerful  period of deconstruction  – where everything we thought was solid and stable is getting shaken up.  We are being called to wake up from our slumber and really stand in our integrity – to tune into our very core – and keep our hearts open.
Feel the powerful expansive flow of Universal Love that  is coming your way.
 You know you want to!

Full Moon Taurus: Feeding Body and Soul



Today, as the Moon shines Full in earth sign Taurus,  we are called to rekindle our sacred connection to Mother Earth – Gaia – the Grandmothers – the Great Mother.  This Full Moon contains a powerful capacity for manifestation and a golden opportunity to create new ways of being in the world.



There is a great awakening of the divine feminine energy, in both men and women.  The grandmothers know the phases of the moon and how the earth speaks through the elements.  They say we have forgotten the sacredness of the animal and plant kingdoms.  We are being called to honour the ancient pacts we made with the earth to be guardians and earth keepers. It is time for us to come back into balance. (from movie The Sixth Sun)



 The Full Moon in Taurus calls us to honour and appreciate both our physical existence – and the planet we live on. Vesta sits at the same degree of the Moon – an asteroid that represents the sacred flame of devotion and care –   calling us to care for ourselves and for the planet we live on.


To even begin to honour the earth requires that we come from a place of our own self worth. We have become separated from both ourselves,  and the very planet we depend on for our survival. Indigenous peoples walked on this planet for thousands of years without causing her harm – yet in a few hundred years we have used up her resources, killed off her creatures, and are destroying her ecosystems. How did that happen? It seems as we moved away from our connection to Gaia,  we became very un-grounded and began to live more and more in our heads. We bought into the myth of materialism (pun intended) that told us our satisfaction was somewhere outside of us. 
 The Taurus/Scorpio polarity (Moon/Sun opposition) can activate survival fears – fear of lack – poverty consciousness – as Uranus in Taurus brings sudden change and instability that threatens our sense of security. It is doubly important now to find ways to ground, centre and calm those fight, flight or freeze mechanisms (especially after weeks of  Mars/Pluto antagonisms).
 Taurus calls on us to find a deeply felt sense of inner self worth. It seeks a connection to life through nature and through  the physical senses. We have the gift of this body – how can we best inhabit it?  Taurus at its best brings us a sense of fullness and abundance that helps us land in our physical form in a way that celebrates being human. Our sensuality is heightened under this Full Moon – it’s ok to be a bit self indulgent at this time. Nature and  nurture are important as we take a break from the fray to eat, drink and be merry. 
“Fate comes when it will- and thus we are ready.” (I ching) 


We all need a bit of a break from a  year that has been even more polarized than ever – and especially as  the heavy karmic-reckoning of Saturn Pluto builds toward total impact in January 2020.  Thankfully, despite how dire things seem to be in the world,  there has been a parallel energy available of exceptional inspiration, creativity,  and grace – courtesy of Jupiter/Neptune.  While the former can wear us down- the latter can trigger escapism and unrealistic expectations.  This Full Moon beautifully links  both energies together now in a positive blast of dynamic  creativity energy to help us actualize our visions and dreams.




Picture a pregnant young woman , full to bursting. She’s come though the thicket and over the hills –  ready to give birth and  looking for a safe place to bring forth something new that has been gestating for a long time.

Where shall she go? Who is there to support her?
Full Moons bring to a peak the intentions planted at the previous new Moon. The New Moon in Scorpio   two weeks ago began a process of coming face-to-face with some of the more difficult aspects of our psyche.  A Mars/Pluto square at the same time didnt make things any easier (conflicts, power struggles).  Like Step 5 of 12 step programs – we were being called to make a  ‘searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves’. This is not always a comfortable process,  as we journey into the underworld of our own subconscious. 
There are many myths and fairy takes where the hero or heroine must  face challenges and loss as she undergoes a deep journey that tests her faith, strength and fortitude. She is often stripped bare and left to call on supernatural help to find her way of the forest and into the light. Amazingly – help usually does arrive – if she asks with humility and is willing to follow instructions. It is often his or her innocence that attracts the help. If we do not believe in super-natural beings/forces, we can perhaps see them as inner resources/parts of our own higher self that arise to support  us in difficult times. I suspect the  innocence is the willingness to ask for help,  and to admit we do not have all the answers. The benefit, besides overcoming adversity,  is that we get to discover resources we never knew we had.


As the Sun in Scorpio takes us an inward journey, the Moon represents our unconscious mind, and Sun the more conscious self. In Scorpio, we are in a land in-between the conscious and unconscious mind. This is a liminal world – where  parts of ourself dwell that we don’t even know of – some have been buried a very long time. We may be afraid of the repressed parts that we were shamed into burying – our anger, our fear, our neediness, our despair. Some of us put on a brave face  but underneath we are all a little bit afraid of our own shadow. 
Mercury in Scorpio helps us to be more curious than afraid; after all, it is only ourself we are exploring. The Taurus Full Moon can provides a sense of grounding and safety along with the message to take care as we deal with these tender parts of our being. Feed yourself, nurture yourself, make yourself strong for the inward dive. This may mean taking time out from the daily hustle and bustle –  to retreat, renew, review, with the intention to emerge even stronger than before.
Within the archetype of Scorpio is the image of the Phoenix, who  rises again and again. I’ve been reading a book called ‘Journey of Souls – Life between Lives’, where people under  hypnosis explore and review their past life experiences and choose the next lessons to learn on planet earth. Whatever your belief system around these things, it’s a very fascinating exploration of the possibility that we come here again and to evolve as human beings, and describes how we come from the source, then leave the source, yet continually long to return to the source (whether we’re conscious of that or not.)



Which begs the question why, if it’s so beautiful on the other side, why do souls even come here? When asked that, they say that it’s such a beautiful place and there so many amazing experiences you could have in a body. There’s a recognition that this is a very special place where we get to experience creation and manifestation in concrete form.  Yet they do also complain of how hard it is here, due to human beings  being so out of harmony with themselves and with  the planet.  Unfortunately, once a human body, we can get so caught up in day-to-day struggle and survival that we often forgot where we came from.



It seems that part of our task here is to reconnect to something, whatever you want to call it, that lives at the core of our being, that a part of us remembers – yet has mostly been forgotten. Our task now it to re-member ourselves- and bring back together that which has become separated. I wonder what we will  find hidden in the depths?


As Mercury’s  retrograde  journey back through in Scorpio – yesterday  it passed directly between the Earth Sun (it won’t do this again until 2032) – sending a blast of illuminating clarity to whatever it is we are processing.    Mercury is called the messenger of the gods – he helps us travel between  levels of awareness – and in Scorpio – brings us information from the shadows; what is normally hidden becomes revealed. Perhaps you came to an understanding of what  is holding you back- or discovered a new angle to whatever you are processing. Or maybe you remembered why you came here in the first place. (Look at the house as in tab at top of page to see what area of your life you are seeking new insights into. For a free birth chart go to
I have had ongoing health issues for years,  which I  generally attribute to having Saturn (karma)  in the 1st house (in Scorpio). The 1st house is the body,  and how we go into the world. Saturn is about the blockages, challenges and life lessons that lead us to Self Mastery (eventually, after a lot of hard work . Its position shows  where we are working out our karma(if you believe in that) and where we may have to come to terms our limitations.  This Mercury Retrograde began right close to that point in my own chart – and I sure have been deep diving! Body shut down- flu (or whatever) keeping me on an inward keel. Sometimes things get worse before they get better (sigh) yet as Carl Jung has said- there is always ‘gold in the shadow’. Interestingly  – Saturn is linked to Lead- and lead poisoning was part of what caused my health issues. In Alchemy – lead is transformed into gold.
Carl Jung saw the alchemical process as symbolic of the transformation of self – from deep unconsciousness to becoming awake – as we move from darkness to light. The alchemical process involves a stage called the Nigredo- the darkening – where all is seems lost and everything is breaking down. At a key point – once the dark mess has fermented enough ( it is different in each case) – Mercurious/Quicksilver is added – to create the  Quickening that activates a process of deep transformation from lead to gold. The image at the top of this blog is called Aurum and is actually about that process.  I love that the symbol for gold is the same as the symbol for the self! It is ourself we are birthing- out of the darkness and into the light.
Yesterday’s conjunction of Sun and Mercury represents an alchemical  quickening – an awakening- where something light emerges out of what was heavy and leaden. Like a New Moon – it symbolizes  a  seed time out of which something new can emerge and new visions and  ideas can be planted. This process has to emerge out of a dark passage – it is just the way it works. Invite Mercury-  the winged messenger – to  fly into your dreams or into your day – to bring you a message of hope or bring insights around that which you ar grappling with. He is here to guide us across the abyss.
“You cannot solve a problem on the same level of mind that created it.” – Albert Einstein.


There is always hope!  Jupiter – planet of  hope, expansion and good luck -  is currently approaching the Galactic Core - which lies at the center of our galaxy.  This point at 27 degrees Sagittarius is sending out a beacon - a call to  remember who we are and why we came here. Jupiter in Sagittarius is the seeker of truth -  a seeker of the true meaning of life. As it travels over the Galactic Core - it will amplify and expand that clarion call - so all can hear- reminding us that it’s never too late to wake up!
You know you want to :)

Full Moon Aires. Joy will find a way (into our heart)

It’s very late and I don’t have time to put in many pics. So this will be the reverse of what I posted at the last Full Moon (mostly pics).
Today’s Full Moon in Aries has the potential to trigger big changes and powerful breakthroughs, particularly in the realm of interpersonal relationships. Aries is a leader – a warrior – and an  initiator.  Powerful change is afoot and we are once again being called to step up to the plate.
The Full Moon chart contains several factors that are associated with fate and/or destiny; there is a lot of tension around the powerful urge to break away from restricting factors on our life and our relationships (Venus opposite Uranus).
In this time of tremendous pressure we are undergoing deep soul realignment on both a personal and collective level . Some will lean into it – others will resist as issues around power and control, jealousy and possessiveness, trust and betrayal push us over the edge toward much needed change.  What ever has been building up under the surface for the last few weeks is now coming to a head; in fact, this Full Moon marks a majour turning point for the whole year. 
We are heading toward some very powerful astrology in January of 2020- (Sun, Saturn, Pluto all at the same exact spot in Capricorn),  from here on in – things are going to get even more focused. In this time of massive crisis and transformation, everything is being stripped away that is not aligned with our highest good – and we may be forced to make majour life decisions that will ultimately bring us into greater sense of who we truly are and what we are doing here.
No more’ fake it till you make it’. This is the time to really step up.
Secrets that come to the surface now can become a catalyst for change, as we will no longer be able to tolerate or avoid what is right in front of our eyes.  At this time, actions must speak louder than words. Change may be sudden,  and as the penny drops, our anger will become the catalyst for ‘ enough is enough’.
There may be issues around feeling worthy of love; be aware that the anger coming up toward some person or situation (yes them)  could very likely have its roots in anger at your own self.  Aries is also the child in us.  If this energy triggers your temperamental inner child –  and you find  yourself throwing a tantrum, its time to get at the root of the problem. The North Node destiny point in Cancer points to the need for emotional clearing and integration. Although whatever situation we are in may indeed need to change, much of our emotional patterns began a very longtime ago.
Keep in mind that our innate desire for ease and comfort will feel threatened by all these unsettling energies, and we may try to cling to what is familiar. But there is no looking back – majour change is afoot –  who’s ultimate purpose is to push us out of our old patterns – so that we can grow and transform into a better and truer version of ourselves. This is just one more wake up call. Will we finally hear it’s ring?

 P.s Jupiter and Neptune are slowly moving out of aspect – but for now they continue to bring a sense of ease and grace and the reminder that – even in our greatest darkness – there is always light!


Two steps forward

After a period of review and reflection – new information and understanding is helping us create a better way forward. 

Mercury went retrograde in the sign of Leo on July 8th- and then turned direct Thursday August 1st-  and last week (15th) it reached the point that began its retrograde motion – meaning that we are now moving FULL STEAM AHEAD – at least as far as Mercury is concerned.

Mercury is about how we think and communicate. When it went back into Cancer and  actuvated the Collective Destiny Points (Nodes of Moon)  – there was focus on re examining inherited family patterns and childhood wounding.  Eclipses in this area emphasized the possibility of some majour shifts. 

When we face and release the roots of our discontent, we give permission to our soul to move forward in a more healthy fashion. This is not a straightforward process – it’s often two steps forward – one step back, though at this time everything is accelerated. 

Mercury represents our stories-  what we think about – how we think about it. Sometimes those stories were told to us. They’re not even our own. As we rethink and rewrite our own personal and unique  narrative  – new elements come into play that we didn’t consider up till now. 


Time for something completely different!


Post Full Moon review

So much for that (re writing about Full Moon). It is already a week later, the waning Moon is now in its last quarter, and the effects of that powerful Full Moon are beginning to fade. 

Did you get to see it? This was a super moon (closer to the earth) looking luscious and ripe as it hung low in the sky. I went for a beautiful  Moonlit walk enjoying its radiant beauty. 

One of the things I love about Astrology is how it reveals the cyclical nature of life and time. Each year the planets spin and dance around the Sun, the Moon spins and dances around the earth, and all their energetic exchanges create patterns, energy signatures and archetypes of deep mystery and meaning that we can only try to understand. 

Life is an unending circular path it seems, a spiral, or sometimes a labyrinth full of twists and turns. The clear path ahead is not always visible. Looking backwards, we see patterns, find the flow, see a river or a road with stages along the way.” Jennifer Boire, Inner Wisdom Guide, SoulCollage Facilitator 

Last week’s  Full Moon in Aquarius spoke  to the new era we are entering, and the cosmic  energies that are shifting and morphing into something cometely different from what has gone before.  Aquarius is about finding and expressing our true individuality – then finding our place within the greater collective. Aquarians are unique and quirky out-of-the -box thinkers,  which makes them very excepting of diversity. 

Aquarians  need a lot of personal freedom – they are not fitter-inners or nine-to-fivers (unless other planets indicate otherwise). While the Leo Sun wants us to shine our light into the world – Aquarius asks us to make room for others to shine their light as well. 

The overall message  is about finding our own unique voice – and using it to contribute to the highest good. 

And that we are all in this together. 

Mars – planet of action and aggression – strongly influenced the Full Moon – bringing out  the freedom fighter in us.   Mars in Aquarius could have a bit of a chip on it shoulder – but at its best – has us finding and standing up for righteous causes. And yet because things have become so polarized – it is imperative that we maintain our sense of equanimity in the midst of so many highly charged situations.

While Aquarius helps us with detachment, the Sun in Virgo in a few days will bring  us lessons around discernment, and the need to separate out what is ours and what is not. 

Right now, the Moon in restless, fiery Aries can feel irritated or reckless, and prone to knee jerk reactions. It’s great energy for pushing through obstacles to get er done – just be careful to stay centered and not overdo!

Luckily, thanks to the presence of Sun Venus Jupiter  at the Full Moon- we’ve had an influx of highly positive vibrations to smooth out whatever situations Mars or Moon in Aries gets us into.

 “Hope is impossible to drown. Just when you think it has sunk to the bottom, up it pops in another location.” – Margaret Dulaney

Sun and Venus shining so much Love and Light on us all reminds  of our true nature – and that we are all in this together.

Yes,  these are stressful times containing many  conflicts and challenges  trying to get our conscious attention , and yet which can, at their best, activate  powerful  urges for self-transformation and regeneration and will help us move into the new age. 

Pluto and Saturn on the Southern Collective Destiny Point represent a karmic reckoning. 

Many are getting caught up in extreme behaviors, as difficult or triggering events bring up issues around power and control or provoke conflicts with other people. If you are feeling trapped in unconscious patterns or bumping into countless obstacles in the outer world, Pluto will reveal the deeper meaning and significance of these challenges. 

Ultimately, everyone and everything is a mirror showing us what we need to work on in ourself. The forces  shaking and breaking us down are just trying to wake us up. 

Neptune in Pisces represents the true unity that connects us at our core, reminding us that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.  It’s easy to forget that in the midst of so much chaos and upheaval. One thing I say to myself every day is ‘Focus on the good.’ Know the Good. Know that despite appearances –  the cup is not half-empty – it is half-full! In fact – on the truest level – it is full to overflowing. Focus in that! 

A Shift in Perspective!

 Looking back in order to move ahead!
Image by Catherine Hyde Artist

As we are reach the end of the eclipse portal that we have been moving through for the last few weeks, a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn  on Wednesday marks the beginning of a new direction. 

The sign of Capricorn sits opposite the Sun in Cancer. Cancer and Capricorn are the archetypal parents. This is a chance to clear inherited family karma and heal our childhood  wounds. The healing starts with ourself and spreads to others- including our own children. As within- so without!



 If your feeling body/pain body gets activated – it can trigger issues around mother, family, childhood, and a need for emotional safety and protection. We are now coming to face and release old guilt shame, and  fears that we accumulated since we were little.  It might be a good idea to find a process to aid emotional integration. I’ve participated in a Conscious Breathwork process last weekend that was very powerful. Breathing into the body – into the pain- feel it- release it. Whew! Each breath is so powerful. Every cell becoming enlivened. 



Leading  up to the eclipse –  6 retrograde planets- including Mercury (thinking and communicating. ) help us turn our attention inward – as we go back over feelings- ideas- events from the past – in order to  gain a deeper understanding of how to move forward.

Then the Full Moon eclipse in Capricorn will jettison something from our past – propelling us forward by finally letting go of what we no longer require in our life. It may be an attitude, an old hurt, a stuck belief, a buried pain, an old identity that no longer fits or is holding us back. Whatever is coming up is showing us what is ready to be released.
We can use the more inward focused retrograde energy to prepare for coming changes.
“A retrograde planet accelerates the evolutionary momentum of the Soul – it accelerates or emphasizes the individuation process. As a result, the function that is retrograde will place a premium on individuality, but, in so doing, it is also going to induce the sense of being different: different as measured against the status quo.” 
(Geoffrey Wolf  Green: Evolutionary Astrology)
No more status quo! Be yourself!



Water WATER (signs) everywhere! (Water = emotion).
With the Sun (self)  and Venus (love) sitting on the North Node Destiny Point – in the emotional, watery sign of Cancer – there is a tsunami of emotions bubbling up to be felt – healed – released!
 Self care required! 



Know that it is your DESTINY to  LOVE and be LOVED! ❤
Yet we cannot wait for others to love or recognize us – we must start with our own self acceptance and self love.  It’s an inside job!



The Full Moon/eclipse  in Capricorn can also trigger  the shadow side of the father, government, institutions, societal structures – revealing old patterns and conditioning that are not supporting our emotional life.

Pluto’s presence (death/rebirth) can amplify and intensify old traumas around these issues – with an aim to heal and clear away the past – as we make way for new energy to enter.


This is POWERFUL stuff!! In this time of karmic reckoning – like the shake down of a global pedophile ring – we are coming to terms with sins of the past (patriarchy – power over).

The sins of the fathers are visited on the sons (and daughters)?

It may be rather shocking and unsettling to come to terms with how pervasive the corruption is. Take good care of yourself! And watch your reactions.  If you are feeling especially impatient, irritated, or just more reactive than usual, or  notice a competitive tone creeping into your interactions (Mercury Mars Uranus), it may be linked to the clearing you are doing, as uncomfortable feelings coming to the surface to be cleared away. Righteous anger is a normal reaction against abuse; and as old anger surfaces – our unconscious reactions  show us where our pain is – where we need to heal and also where we need to own our own stuff.


With the increased urge to react, rebel, resist,  our egos can become highly defensive. The challenge is to make sure our actions/reactions are coming  from a heart centered, consciously directed response – rather than unconscious, knee jerk reactions. There is much to rebel against – and much to stand up to. The trick is to do it from a conscious place! (Mars Mercury in Leo square Uranus).
This volatile  energy is also being mirrored by cataclysmic events all over the physical world.
Mars (action, aggression)  in Leo (fire) in tension with Uranus (shake and wake) in Taurus (earth)



Extremely high levels of earthquake activity this week may or may not be directly linked to the planets (we cannot claim it is causative without a LOT of research) – but interesting to see the metaphorical connection.
“Over the course of the last 24 hours, there have been 762 earthquakes in California, 29 earthquakes were over a magnitude of 2.5. Other majour earthquakes have occurred in the west pacific, and in Australia
Shakin’ all over!! 



Yet even while we all are shaking  up – and (hopefully ) waking up – there is a background of  such Benevolence and Grace that can help centre us and calm our fears – and remind us that – despite all appearances – all is well. 
Profound upheaval occurs in  the transition from the old order to the new, a karmic reckoning is at hand and as we shudder and shake our way into the new age. Try to remember –  this too shall pass. Human beings have survived many upheavals and changes as epochs come and go.  Yet as we move through the birth canal, everything is chaotic, dark uncertain. Survival fears can take over. 
I know everything looks rather dire, yet Jupiter and Neptune continue breathing  peace and joy into the atmosphere, and even as we flail around in confusion – they are there reminding us of who we are. Their message? Don’t let fear rule the day!  Stay the course. Keep the faith. Do what you must do – yet KNOW that one purpose that brought you here in the first place. To live. To breathe. To feel. Celebrate that! 
You know you want to!



Love your body- Heal your Mind

Both the Sun and Mercury  in  Gemini right now (Mercury’s home sign) activate the tendency to live in our heads. Mercury rules the mind – communication – mental processes. It also rules Gemini – sign of the twins.  Being mercurial means you like variety and can see different sides to things – with a desire to experience a little bit of everything. Under this influence we can spread ourselves too thin by getting caught up in socializing, information, endless details and mental activity.

Venus in Taurus, on the other hand,  wants us to embody – ourself!

Venus is the planet of love, art, beauty. It rules both Taurus and Libra. In Libra is is airy, abstract, idealized love, visual art, music, poetry.
In Taurus, where it is right now, Venus is sexy, sultry, and grounded in physical passions and creature comforts. Good food, good wine, good sex – all are physical comforts that nonetheless feed the soul.
Last weeks Full Moon in Scorpio added an injunction to find your passion and enjoy the  powerful kundalini energy that courses through your body.

Watch out for belief systems that keep you afraid of your physicality  –  they say a country divided against itself cannot thrive. A body divided it against itself cannot be healthy. The trick now is to integrate the body and the  mind.

You traveled a long way to be able to touch the earth. Step into your body – accept it – love it – bless it.
You know you want to!


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