Spring has Sprung – and a Full Moon too!

Here we are! Finally. We’ve made it through a fierce winter  and a ‘polar vortex’ (sounds like a science fiction movie) that had us on our knees in most of the Northern hemisphere.  Ice – wind – cold – snow arghhhhh. We will be officially entering  Spring a few hours from now (9:30 pm EST- 2:30 m UT)). Hurray!! May your Full Moon Equinox be glorious.  Spring is finally here. Sort of….


Today we also have a super-charged Full Moon occurring at the very beginning of Libra. Day and night are equal-  and then- as of tomorrow- the days will be  getting longer. Yay!

The Western Astrology zodiac begins when the Sun rises over the equator (Aries or Libra).  Due to the earth’s wobble- the constellations no longer line up with this event – so we rely on the Sun’s arrival at this point to begin the astrological year. 

Happy Spring! Happy equinox. Happy Full Moon!

Sun in Aries (the Ram) : initiative, drive, aggression, new beginnings. 
Moon in Libra (the scales): Peace, harmony, balancing point – finding the middle.
Aries (ruled by warrior planet Mars) young, vibrant, impatient. Self-centered.
Libra (ruled by Venus, planet of love) love, beauty, art.  Other-centred.

Full Moons are emotionally loaded and tend to bring out the polarities between people.  Us > them – self > other. This natural polarity is  amplified in Aries and Libra. Aries is an instigator who would rather do its own thing – while  Libra is a responder,  with a powerful need to connect with others. Aries tends to be more self-centred and egotistical,  while Libra is hyper aware of others and likes to please.  Yet if day and night can accept being equal – so can we. Balance is the key.

Mars and Venus, the planets that rule the day, are naturally  at odds.  Mars is a warrior- Venus a lover. Right now they are in particular  tension  (right angles) adding  friction to already polarized situations. Throw in the current Mercury retrograde –  and misunderstandings can become highly problematic. Expect confusion and drama,  with amplification to both.  This Full Moon may magnify any muddles we are currently in. 

Full Moon’s bring things to a head; and we may be faced with something we need to come to terms with. Some  have been  deceived and/or led down the garden path, or mixed messages have caused confusion and  disappointment. As personal issues that have been simmering under the surface rise to the surface, standoffs may occur. Libra encourages us to find middle ground. The key here is to resolve your issue in one way or another. Don’t let it keep festering under the surface. There is an opportunity now to let go of grudges and seek mutual benefit. The theme  of  forgiveness and redemption (vs retribution) encourages us to seek the higher ground and to walk away from petty ego battles. Life’s too short. Use your fertile imagination to vision a new way forward.


This dreamy, steamy energy could also bring out the romantic in  us. Highly creative solutions are possible under such unusual skies. Yet with things  tending towards a lack of clarity –  we are  prone to deception or seduction.  Be as straight forward as you can and act with integrity. Honest is always the best policy at any time, but especially now. Karma is a bitch –  and especially right now- it can come back to bite you. Don’t let your ego block your ability to forgive and forget.  That doesn’t mean you have to debase yourself or throw yourself to the wolves. Libra is about balance – martyrdom is too extreme.  And even though Aries likes to pick a fight –  sometimes the best policy is to just walk away and let many things pass.

You know you want to 🙂

Mercury snuggled up with Neptune means we are very suggestible right now.  Be very careful of what you agree to under these watery influences, and extra cautious about consuming mind altering substances. Then again- maybe that’s exactly what you need! Nothing like a good escape now and then to help press the reset button. Just be honest about what it is you are running away from. Pay attention to your dreams.

Dreams are intense right now. I had  one particularity revealing dream exactly  as the Sun crossed over Mercury and  Neptune. In fact the card above  was inspired by an aspect of it. These intuitive influences help us tap into subconscious realms; the trick is to decipher the messages we receive. Making imagery  is one helpful way to get in touch with the underlying meanings. This Mercury retrograde in Pisces is very non linear and  quite spiritual – it can help us access our inner self. Yet this is also the realm of fantasy and delusions.  The odds right now are on the side of chaos and confusion so be sure to stay tuned into your centre- your core self. Discernment is key.

Luckily, Sun in warrior sign Aries can help us cut through the BS and shine a light on what’s really going on.  Aries is fierce and independent and shows us the way forward.

Overall- the Equinox marks new beginnings –   new projects, endeavors, relationships. Yet with Mercury still retrograde, things can go sideways;  there might be missed opportunities,  blockages, hesitation. We will need to learn to co-operate with others to get the job done.  (Libra).  Sometimes we will feel like we’re back at the starting point. Are we  merely going in circles?

If you’ve been feeling spaced out or drowned out,  its almost over (till the next thing lol) . This time of spring renewal might be delayed by a few weeks, but it will come. We are still entwined with endings ( Mercury will turn direct March 29th). Something is not quite finished  (look to see where Mercury is retrograde in your chart – then look at the meanings of the ‘house’ above). 

There’s a review going on as we reflect on the cycles of our life – and consider where we are heading. Even though the destination may not be especially clear at the moment,   Pisces asks us to trust and have faith that everything will turn out all right.  Jupiter brings positive expansion, joy. There are no guarantees, especially in these times of confusion and upheaval, but we can choose how we direct our energy and how we see our circumstances (cup half full or half empty). Although nothing is for certain right now in this push-pull between the past and the future, and it does seem to be two steps forward, one step back, there is an opportunity here. The best thing we can do is stay in the present.  After all – the present (now) is all there really is – and that is worth discovering.

The past, the present and the future walked into a bar. It was tense. 

Speaking of the present- Libra wants us to appreciate the gift of each other as we celebrate the beginning of Spring. Go and howl at this glorious Full Moon.

You know you want to!


Chiron in Aries: The Wounded Warrior


 “Times of adversity are the reverse of times of success, but they can lead to success if they befall the right person.” #47. I Ching


Agency: the capacity, condition, or state of acting or of exerting power
Chiron is about to enter Aries (Feb 19th) – triggering a potential healing crisis around our need for a sense of empowerment and personal  agency.  This will occur against a background of tension, blockages and restrictions that will be coming in waves throughout the year (Saturn Pluto) and which are now just beginning.
Are we having fun yet?
Luckily, at the same this is happening, and maybe because of it, our inner warrior is being awakened.  
When the going gets tough, the tough get going!


 Planets in Aries are forged in fire. Chiron in Aries doesn’t just heal, it regenerates and revives,  hopefully  in in time to deal with the increasing pressure created by  Saturn  (immovable object) crashing into Pluto (unstoppable force ).  Feelings of fear, tension and dread may rise up when that which we assume we can lean on (Saturn) undergoes immense changes – over which we feel we have no control (Pluto).
Chiron in Aries is here to initiate us into our personal power. And as many of us have been learning, an initiation often involves uncovering some aspect of the personal shadow by facing  hidden or rejected parts of ourself – through which we can transform and heal on a deep level.  Chiron brings us on the path to wholeness and  helps us gather and heal our lost parts – by putting us in touch with our own suffering.



Our tendency to resist this process could be strong –   resulting in depression and exhaustion (What you resist persists). Chiron in Aries will help bring us the resiliency we need, and teach us how to quickly move beyond our pain, as long as we are willing to learn the lessons it wants to teach us.
Chiron in Aries becomes the Wounded Warrior … representing the Wounded Masculine. To claim our inner warrior, we must first face and heal the masculine part of us that is damaged. Both Chiron and Aries link us to our childhood;  you may find yourself confronting old fears or negative memories of your father, brothers, or other men in your life that made the first impression on you of what masculine energy looks and feels like. 
On the other hand-  – this could be a revival of a positive male archetype that lives within you. Either way, whatever comes up  is for our healing.


As we enter more deeply into the radical transition we are in from old to new (Uranus Pluto) – many of us are  feeling vulnerable, fragile, in the dark. We will need our inner (and outer) warrior  – to protect and support us through what feels like a death (even though in fact this is also a birth).
 This particular process of self-actualization began during the two years of eclipses in Leo/Aquarius  that encouraged us to claim our magnificence and shine our light into the world. As we let go of old fears that were stopping us from stepping up – and  began  releasing our limiting beliefs  –  we started to claim our self worth – right up till the last eclipse in Leo on January 5th. 
Now Chiron in Aries will take us the rest of the way, by helping us step into our newly found power. It will do this by first bringing up for healing whatever remains as an obstacle  in our path.
Chiron was a centaur who taught the Greek heroes like Hercules and Achilles how to fight in battle. After he became accidentally wounded – Chiron, who was half man and half horse – spent his life trying to heal his own wound – becoming a renowned healer in the process.  This is why he is called the Wounded Healer.  Chiron in our chart points to where we feel particularly vulnerable or wounded, as well as where we have healing gifts to offer others (once we heal ourself).


Chiron in Aries has to do with initiative and self-actualization; it is about how we take risks and bounce back from adversity. As we heal our Chiron Warrior Wound – we will gain renewed sense of personal power and self-confidence that no one can take from us.

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.

All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.”

William Hutchison Murray 

There’s more to this: The Masculine also needs the Feminine archetype to heal- and vice versa. Venus has recently had her own encounter with Chiron. Stayed tuned…


Wolf Moon- Full Moon Eclipse Jan 20/21st


On January 20-21,  people in NA, Northern Europe and the Arctic will be treated to a lunar eclipse. It will occur in NA just after midnight EST – on the night of  the 20th, and in Uk, Europe and around 5-6 am UT on Jan 21st. Earths shadow will begin moving across the surface of the Moon at 9:36 p.m. EST.(4:36 am UT) and will be officially Full at 12:16 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, 7:16 am UT.


This Full Moon is called the Wolf Moon by aboriginal cultures, representing wolves that howled with hunger outside the villages in the dark of winter. Here in Canada wolves still roam, and if you’ve ever heard their mournful call – you know how beautiful and powerful it can be.


This is our second eclipse of the year – we already had a partial Solar Eclipse on Jan 5-6. We are now in the portal between eclipses – where everything is turning and shifting and morphing.



The New Moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. A Full Moon is a peak in the New Moon energy. It is said that a  New Moon influence lasts approximately  four weeks,  but a Solar Eclipse lasts about six months.



In this time between eclipses – something old  is being released and something new is coming into being. There is now a pause, an interval, a liminal space – in which we are nether here nor there. Its good to go slow right now and hold back from making commitments or plans as we move through this non linear energy field.



That doesn’t mean we are not meant to be focusing on the year ahead- Saturn presence at the New Moon solar eclipse Jan 5/6 was all about commitment and focus. But it also represents prudence and caution, and the need to stay grounded and contained. It it feels like you are being held back; patience grasshopper – all will come to pass.



Links to the nodes of the Moon by Uranus, the Awakener –  brings a fated feeling as  our destinies seem to unfold at an amplified rate. It feels like we are being   thrust forward at mach speed – and at the same time blockages may be coming at us just as quickly, increasing the need to stay anchored and steady. Intuition is peaking right now –  messages await  if we listen carefully and  use this high frequency to tune into our higher self.  Uranus is the higher mind,  Neptune links us to our soul and our imagination, and Jupiter brings an urge to expand and explore.  All are highly active now and pushing us out of our normal frames of reference as we dive into the unknown. 


This is  a time of both creation and manifestation; our minds and our intentions are particularly powerful now.  Yet without the necessary prudence, all will be for naught. Step by step – steady as she goes! Yadayadayada!



What a powerful way to begin the New Year! Even though the Gregorian calendar is rather arbitrary – not being based on natural cycles – because we are all tuned into the change of date/year (can you believe its 2019!) we are all visioning the year ahead,  setting intentions,  making plans and setting long term goals.  



These two eclipses increase this impetus for visioning forward, though it’s not exactly business as usual.  I don’t have to tell you that the whole world is topsy-turvey right now – which makes it hard to make plans or be sure of anything. Yet we now, courtesy of the two eclipses,  have access to untapped resources of creativity,  imagination and intuition, as well as a promise of more solid footing to move forward with. As the creator of your own story – what will you write for yourself this year?


The New Moon, Partial Solar eclipse on Jan 5/6 occurred in the middle of  practical earth sign Capricorn.  Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn dominated-   emphasizing responsibility, rules and authority, governments, parents, structures, duties. These are not the most glamourous aspects of life – yet without some sort of structure or container,  everything would fall apart. Look to see where house the middle of Capricorn is in in your chart (astro.com) , to see where you were being asked to wo/man up and take some serious thought to what you want to manifest,  and where your ego (Sun) might be getting in the way of you accomplishing the tasks at hand.Eclipses ask us to let go of something- Sun indicates it is ego related. 


The  lunar eclipse is at the 1st degree of fiery, confident (and somewhat self centered) Leo. When you combine enthusiasm and drive of Leo with the pragmatic down to earth skills of Saturn – anything is possible. Look to the beginning of Leo in your chart to see where this glorious Full Moon energy is lighting your way forward. The ‘house’ (see link at top of webpage)  indicates where you need to let go of old blockages so you can start to see your way forward.


 Transits (planets in current sky) tend to have the strongest effect when they occur near planets or the angles  in our chart – the top and bottom , left and right midpoint of chart representing Home (IC), Career (MC), Self (Asc) and other Desc). These, plus the planets, are considered the most important areas to look at – and I would also include the nodes of the Moon (destiny points)


If nothing significant in your chart links up with the Eclipse degrees- you may not notice anything at all (besides the awesome beauty of a lunar eclipse that is).  This is how astrology works – it is sacred geometry based on resonances and harmonics between the heavenly spheres. The moment you were born – certain patterns existed in the sky between the planets  – and that became your own personal piece of celestial music.  Each time a planet moves close to those energetic imprints (planetary placements)  – they strike a chord and emphasize the planets and areas(houses)  they occur in.  Sometimes the chords are harmonious- sometimes discordant;  either way,  where they visit in your chart shows where something of note is going to be taking place. Its all about patterns…


The key words for the Jan 5/6 eclipse were patience, discipline (Saturn)  and change /transformation (Pluto). Plus expansion (Jupiter), imagination and creativity (Neptune).  


This Sunday’s Full Moon/Lunar eclipse brings in the generousity and warmth of Leo – the Lion- rules by the Sun- who wants to shine its light in the world. We are again being called to awaken to who we really are. It is our destiny  to cast off the false masks we have been wearing to fit into this dysfunctional world, and step into our own skin. This is the time to claim your sovereignty– be your own authentic self. If we don’t value ourself – we can never value each other.
It’s time to work together collectively  to shift things in a more positive direction.  It’s interesting that the Wolf is symbolic of individuality (lone wolf) and leadership (Leo traits) as well as being a pack animal (Aquarius).  


I am he as you are (s)he as you are me and we are all together (Beatles- I am the walrus)


If  times are dark – perhaps it is your light that is missing. 



Keeping the Dream Alive!

Mars in Pisces : The Power of Soulful Self Transformation 


Mars has just entered the last degree of Pisces, a point that marks the last degree of the zodiac- the final phase of the 360 steps (degrees) of transformation. 


“This is the Omega point, the end of the end of the old year where we prepare for the beginning of the new, as symbolized by the first degree of Aries”


Mars represents passion and action arising from our will and ego drives. Pisces represents our dreams, our soul creativity  and our imagination. 


Mars at this last degree of Pisces therefore represents the manifestation of our dreams and ideals – based on our “alignment to eternal reality.” (Robert Wilkinson)


Key words: Focus- Self Integrity – Imagination- Discernment – Compassion


“This is the energetic principle around and permeating affirmations, meditation, chanting various mantras, the power of “positive thinking,” and every principle offered in the movie on the not-so-secret “Secret.” (Willkenson) 


If you build it they will come!


Happy New Year! 🎈 

Winter soltice – Full Moon

The Winter Solstice is occurring RIGHT NOW –  Friday Dec 21st at  5:23 p.m. EST – 10:23 UT.

The Moon is loquacious air sign Gemini –  sign of the mind – communication –   and a multiplicity of views. The Sun is now slipping from Sagittarius into earthy Capricorn – sign of the father/authority/govt’s etc – and symbolized by the  rugged mountain goat that seeks to climb the highest mountain.

Interesting that Capricorn symbol has a fishy tail- hinting that behind its stoic appearance,  it is a deeply emotional sign.

Tomorrow there will be a Full Moon in the Sign of Cancer – the more outwardly emotional water sign representing the mother –  our family roots – and emotional nurturing environment of the Moons natural abode.  Cancer and Capricorn represent the mother /father archetypes – and point to our family patterns and ancestral lineages.

The Winter Solstice is a time to pause and retreat – as we look back over the year just passed. It is time to connect to our roots – as we patiently wait for the light to return – and prepare for the year to come.

On this longest night /shortest day of the year – the Sun appears to hover at it lowest point in the sky for four days – then by Dec 25th- the daylight will begin to imperceptible  increase day by day. Hurray for the Return of the Light!

Sun in Capricorn represents a time for harnessing our resources and focusing on your attention on that which furthers your personal goals. Tomorrow’s Full Moon in Cancer emphasizes our need for emotional nurturing and the importance of our close sense of kinship with others. 

So find your tribe – get  connected to your roots – and focus your attention on the light on the horizon. It is calling you forward toward your next adventure.

Inward – onward and upward we go! Hey Ho! 

I’m off to meditate on this Solstice Moment.

(I will return to say a bit more about this years  Winter Solstice and Cancer Full Moon.  Stay tuned to a blog near you!)


Healing the Sacred Wound

Tension today between the Sun (vitality) and Chiron (Wounded Healer) shines a light on our  tender and vulnerable places. There’s a possibility now of renewal and deep healing through acknowledgment of concealed trauma.

Chiron aspects make us more aware of the healing potential that comes through facing our wounds and working through them. The planets are reminding us that it is possible to transform the painful past  into a positive future.

positive link between Moon (emotions) and Venus (love) will aid us in our healing – by reminding us of the beauty and love that lie deep within us. Yet we must keep in mind that Moon in Pisces can be both escapist as well as transcendent. Be careful of a tendency for spiritual bypass – which means to “bypass the reality of their suffering in favour of a spiritualized explanation”

  “The order of the signs runs Cancer–>Scorpio–>Pisces.  That is to say, being in the emotional body first (Moon/Cancer), then entering and confronting suffering deeply (Mars-Pluto/Scorpio), and then – acceptance and recognition of a larger context (Jupiter-Neptune/Pisces).  




“So frequently there’s a desire to go the other direction (Cancer–>Pisces) and prematurely transcend — which seems to come from a deep psychic fear that if I let myself feel how awful that was then once again no one will be there to help me with it.


That child who suffered needs someone to say “that looks like it was fucking awful and I hear you and that was not okay.” (Jason Holley/ Astrolger/Psychotherapist)


 There was a New Moon last week (Dec6th)  – signifying the new beginnings that come with a fresh lunar cycle. Jupiter’s expansive nature continues to add a sense of possibility – even as we tiptoe through minefields.

There’s been some very odd energy recently –  sometimes it feels as if Mercury is still retrograde ( even though it is now direct – it is still making up lost ground).  Maybe that’s it/ plus a Neptune influence has been  creating confusion and obfuscation.

Be gentle (Moon/Pisces) yet  honest with yourself  (Sun/Sagittarius) –  keep tuning into your inner wisdom (Jupiter /Sag) and remember – it’s all a theatre and we the players.

The winter solstice is just around the corner – we will soon be celebrating the return of the light!


Truth or Lies – in the Aftermath of a Powerful and Playful Full Moon

Truth or lies?

The Full Moon on Thurs/Fri  was in Gemini – Gemini who likes to talk and know stuff. Lots of stuff. All about the details… the minutiae – the day to day.  Easily distracted- highly social- super brainiac. A bit of a trickster.

Sun / Jupiter opposite are more about the big picture. The big,   BIG picture. The TRUTH – PURPOSE and MEANING of life. Also- the Know – it – All. (ephasis on All)

Both were/are being challenged by Neptune in Pisces – the liar – the obfuscator (blurrer of reality) – the dreamer. They still are.  Mars is also in there stirring up trouble – anger- irritation. Watch out for extreme reactions.  Misunderstandings. Upsets. Although the Full Moon brought these to a head- they are still in play. This is ggreat for grand adventures – or getting a wonderful fantasy book published- or creating some stunning art or music.

Not so good for dealing solidly with day to day matters. Reality. There remains a strong possibility of  shocks / delays/surprises/confusion – missed aptts or communicstions – misunderstood agreements – downright lies and deciept. Mercury retrograde can turn things up-side-down – the Sun-Jupiter-Neptune exgerations just add to the mayhem. Surrender required.

I had a big one a few days ago with my car mechanic: misunderstood outcomes/costs resulting in   big blow-up – not fun dealing with an irrate,out of control person with huge anger issues (Mars)  – and all due to lousy communication (Merc. retro).  Pluto (power/control) moving opposite my Sun (self) while Uranus (upsets) still squares it – is bringing me lots of these encounters. Help!!

Only solution – duck!!

Hehe And always keep your sense of homour.

Today retrograde Mercury is sitting exactly on the  Sun and Jupiter connection in Sagittarius. Sun Jupiter will: exaggerate – expand – increase. There’s a strong chance today that more than one person will get caught with foot-in-mouth disease. You will overshoot – over promise- over describe. Dont do that (if you can help it)

(Bizarrely – my son- who has a ton of Sag in his chart- actually has Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease right now – a virus which is not fun. Not the same thing, but strangely in line with this astrology).

Sag is a great story teller. The big fish that got away. A little exaggeration never hurt anyone. But – not  so great if you are meeting with your boss and debriefing over a failed project. Or testifying in court. Or talking to your lover about important issues.

Big message?  Tell the truth!

They say Justice is blind? (Sagittarius and Jupiter are linked to justice/courts.legal matters). Ifyou are dealing with any kind of litigation- good luck with that! Seriously – just pay attention and keep your cool. its all in the details. Sun Jupiter say the truth will out in the end. (hopefully)

Fake news has become a standard in the media and in politics. Maybe it always was- only now we are hyper aware of it- thanks to DT. Interestingly-  he has a form of this aspect in his chart. Permanently! Why is that not a surprise?!   (Sun Gemini Mercury square Neptune.) His Leo rising and Moon in Sag need to BIG everything up. BIG EGO. Mercury Neptune square blurs the line between fact or fiction. A great imagination!! A distorted sense of self/ reality!

So let that be a warning to all of us:  Watch your ego. Try not to ‘over promise – under deliver’. Watch out for silly arguments where the facts are unclear. And even if you think they are clear – and that you are in the right – try and meet the other personhalfway. Try not to be all-knowing. A little humility never hurt anyone. And don’t forget to question everything. Absolutely everything!

And if the mail is late –  don’t worry- it will get there eventually (I spent hours trying to track a package sent weeks ago – emails disappeared – the package disappeared- theres a mail strike on where I live). Sigh.

The serenity prayer helps:

Please give me the SERENITY to ACCEPT 
the things I cannot change,The COURAGE to CHANGE the things I can
AND The WISDOM to KNOW the difference.



Sun in Jupiter is very playful and also brings good luck! As long as you check yourself for  overconfidence – you’ll be ok. You might even be pleasantly surprised. Expect the unexpected – drive carefully- keep your mouth shut and your hat on – and have fun!

You know you want to!