New Moon – Partial Lunar Eclipse in Leo: New Moment. New Choice!

I haven’t posted in a while.  Between kidney stones and summer visits and extreme heat – I haven’t been quite up to the task. But with today being the last of three important eclipses, I felt the need to get on here and say a little about the current astrology.

Early today –  the Sun and Moon join at 18 degrees  Leo – for the sacred marriage – conjunctio – a New Moon that is also a partial solar eclipse. This is a seed time as well as a majour shift. What we put out now will have  long term effects.  If you have felt extra tension or anxiety over the last few days – it may be due to the energy building up toward this final eclipse of the year. More change is afoot!
“The eclipse kicks off at 5:46 a.m. E.T., and will be visible in Greenland before expanding toward Iceland, northern Europe, most of northern Russia and part of northern China, according to NASA. If the weather is good in the morning, when the eclipse starts (around 4:02 a.m. E.T.), then it may become the most viewed solar eclipse of the year. The wide path across parts of the Northern Hemisphere means much more people will be able to catch it than the July 13 partial solar eclipse. Even though it will be visible to a wider swath of the world, the August 11 eclipse still won’t be visible in North America .”
In astrology – eclipses are seen as portals  – representing changes or  shifts in energy  that can trigger endings – and   transition us into new ways of being. The area in your chart that the eclipse occurs in can show where some kind of pressure has been building – leading to a break from old patterns of behaviour. (go to to get a free chart. See tab at top for ‘Houses’ which show the meanings for the area of the chart that the eclipse falls in
These shifts/endings/prunings occur on a yearly basis. Yet each one is unique, and can be understood by  looking at the planets and signs involved.
New Moons (Sun Moon conjunction) are also considered points of change – each month we move into a different frequency. A New Moon eclipse can  be seen as a turning point  – and as this is the last of  the eclipse season – it brings to a peak the energy that has been pouring in since the beginning of July.
I’ve seen my share of both solar and lunar eclipses – and  find them both beautiful and  compelling.  What we each feel energetically will depend where the Sun/Moon conjunction/eclipse at (18 Leo) –  falls in your chart – and what personal planets it activates.   Whatever has been coming up for you in the past weeks will give an indication of what issues are bubbling up for healing/release.



The Sun/Moon combo  in Leo puts the focus on our sense of personal sovereignty and our creative self-expression.  Leo is about finding and expressing our best self – our true magnificence. The North Node – Destiny Point is also currently in Leo – indicating that it is our destiny at this time to find our true worth – so we can shine our light into the world. 


The Aquarius point opposite (last eclipse) is about what we have to contribute to the greater good; and how can we relate to  and share our gifts (Leo) with others (Aquarius). 


In the background – there’s been a disturbance in the force. Mars – the warrior planet –  has been moving back and forth through Aquarius. This has created some agitation- you may feel you have to fight for your spot in the limelight, or are feeling a build up of  anger around social justice, groups and the internet. As Mars in Aquarius activates our more radical side, many will feel the the urge to stand up for  a cause.  It might be hard right now to do so  without picking fights.  Some battles are meant be fought. Some are not. Discernment is key. 
If you find yourself being more worked up around issues than usual – remember- there are  a lot of keyboard warriors out there. And everybody is sure they are in the right. Take a deep breath. Mars and Mercury retrograde want us to turn our focus inward, and  step away from the fray. This is  a good time to  reflect on your relationship to  the internet – to groups – to  family – and to society as whole –   as you figure out how much influence you want them to have in your life – or how much influence you can have on them.




The July eclipse (Cancer/Capricorn) showed us that  difficulties in relating to others are often rooted in our family patterns.  Do you have unresolved anger issues with your family? Do you find yourself rebelling in a knee jerk fashion because of them? (Mars Aq.)  Our  resentments from the past  limit our effectiveness in the present. Its time to gently face and heal those wounds –  and then –  let that shit go!   The world needs us!     If you’re  done examining the roots of your discontent, there’s work to be done. The ship is going under and we’ve got to bail like crazy.
Ironically- until Mars goes direct at the end of august, many projects will stay  stuck in the planning stages. Patience required.



 Actually, every since Jupiter turned direct in early July I have found things have sped up for me personally(especially after a rather challenging winter). Jupiter in my first house feels like the wind at my back.  Which just shows that it  all depends on where the planets are moving in your own chart.
I have also become more  aware of  time spent on the  Internet (Aquarius) and potential of addiction to social media and to being online – partly due to being without access to my computer or  to WIFI.  Now that I am back home – I’m noticing a strong  the urge to  break away from its hold on me.    Mars in Aquarius wants  freedom – it must  go its own way – and the North Node in Leo wants to  focus on  individual self – expression. The internet can be a tool in that process – as long as the tool does not become the master. I find social media a wonderful means of connection as well as disconnection, especially with all this anger (Mars) floating about. I’ve had a bit of  digital rage directed at me recently and it was not fun. Leo takes things rather personally (they are the center of the universe after all) while Aquarius is more detached. Watch out for ego reactions!



Aquarius  also contains a funny conundrum,  in that it is about the group and society , while at the same time  being about our uniqueness and our individuality. Aquarians can also have a rigid, fixed quality  that is contrary to their more radical impulses. Leave it to quirky Aquarius to be both eccentric and conservative at the same time.


Both Aquarius and Leo are making us think about where we fit in and what we have to offer. Leo wants us to shine forth in our own unique way. It’s time to stand up and be counted.


 You know you want to!









Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer : Emotional Death/rebirth

I’m writing this on my phone and posting it as I ride home on the bus from an awesome evening of music.? Blue Rodeo -!wonderful Canadian band. One of my favourite things is choosing images to go with the astrology. Unfortunately I can’t really do that at this moment. I’ll come back in tomorrow and see if I can add some. There will probably be typos- I’m doing the best I can under the circumstances. These are more like random notes/points – not totally cohesive. But you’ll get the basic idea. I’ll come back on here as soon as I can and fill
Tonight/this morning – if you are in UK/Europe – is a Partial Solar Eclipse. Even though it is not as intense as a full blown eclipse, it is nonetheless  incredibly dynamic – due to Pluto’s sitting exactly opposite .
Pluto is The Destroyer. It strips us down to make way for new growth. 
This is a New Moon (Sun Moon together ) in the highly sensitive and emotional sign of Cancer.
An eclipse can trigger a release of some kind – even more powerful due to Pluto’s presence. This will amplify a sense of New Beginnings that is always part of  a New Moon. 
Eclipses have a long association with destined events – Pluto only deepens that quality. Something powerful this way comes!  
There are elements here of the “irrational, deep unconscious” – potentially potent dream experiences, and/or super- charged memories erupting into conscious awareness.
Pluto confronts us with situations where we have given our power away. If you find yourself  resisting, denying, or being overly defensive,  this will show you where your deeper issues lie. If you are courageous and strong enough to allow your ego to be destroyed (help!) this powerful energy can unearth many deeply buried gifts that have the potential to change your life.
Seriously – this is BIG.
Pluto is the god of the underworld – those secret realms whose shadows have us quaking in our boots. It can trigger “overwhelming and catastrophic extremes; with the primordial instincts, libidinal and aggressive, destructive and regenerative, volcanic and cathartic, eliminative, transformative, ever-evolving . . . violent purgatorial discharges of pent-up energies, purifying fire; situations of life and death extremes, power struggles, all that is titanic, potent, and massive.” Richard Tarnas
Not for the faint of heart!
This is like when Frodo was handed the Ring of Power. What to do with this intense energy? Destroy it or have it destroy you? Or use it for the greater good. Power corrupts – and it also transforms.  The question becomes what do you want to empower?
There is a sense of manifest destiny to this eclipse. If it lines up with your personal chart (middle of July, Oct, Dec, Apr) you may be on the brink of significant change. Whatever you have been grappling with over the last few weeks is up for renovation. 
This could be renovating your home – or some other aspect of your life. And you know – you need to tear the old walls down before you can build new spaces.
Eclipses are portals – if we choose to walk through this one – we will find ourselves emotionally reborn. No more same ol’ same ol’. It may come as an ‘aha’ moment -! or a highly charged emotional exchange – that completely blows away  your preconceived attitudes. 
Family dynamics- inherited dysfunctions and patterns can be so  ‘in your face’ so that you finally get why you’ve been repeating the old shit for so long. 
It’s time to shift or get off the pot!! 
We are all celestial wanderers – trying to find our way home. It’s time to wake up and recognize each other, tune into a higher emotional frequency and start to really get what we are doing here on Earth.
This eclipse can have us diving  deep to find our inner emotional security – our essential self -and cast off the constructed, superficial personas we rely on to feel ok. 
It is  possible to claim personal power without needing to control others – or be  threatened by the power of others.
‘Victor or victim’? You get to choose. 
No one can tell you who you are.  
Look into the mirror of Pluto – face the fear – and do it anyway!
You know you want to!!


Full Moon Capricorn: Resovling Conflict – Healing Father Issues



A Full Moon in Capricorn today involves Saturn – bringing a focus on the need to : prioritize – get serious – take responsibility. Man up! Get er done.  Capricorn words.

The Moon in Capricorn is about Emotional Maturity and Integrity. Key words: Discipline/Commitment. Serious stuff. Father issues. Chiron is involved – meaning painful issues can be brought to the surface so that  deep healing can occur.

‘Healing the FATHER WOUND’


 Outer events can stimulate interpersonal interactions; emotional integration (Moon)  is the challenge.

“This aspect gives a deepening and concentration, or a blocking of our self-expression. It symbolizes someone ambitious who wants to make their mark in the world. There may also be a barrier between self- and self-realization, so that our true feelings are denied outlet. 

This Full Moon makes us strong-willed, or even autocratic, and can appear selfish, or cautious and reserved. There is usually a sense of rejection or coldness in relationship to the father, and a sense of lack of love in ones life, generally, leading to a subconscious desire for recognition. 

There may be feelings of hostility or a physical ailment that prevents our total participation in life activities. The heart-center may need developing. “ (Time Passages)

A lot of the above quote could describe my father. He had other, more positive attributes as well. Creativity. Kindness. Commitment to family. Steadfastness. Sense of humour. But the autocratic side of him made it hard to connect sometimes. The ID is said to be our internalized parent. How much have you subconsciously – or consciously – modeled yourself on these traits?

One of the key  lessons now is to examine our relationship to authority – to our own inner authority-  and/or authority figures in our life: fathers – teachers- priests- rules and rule makers – to see how they may have set us on a course of actions/ reactions. Someone similar (or they themselves) may appear in our life now to get us to deal with our father issues. Perhaps, like me, you are beginning to forgive your parents their mistakes – finally letting go of resentments and anger (life’s too short) and remembering some of the good stuff (if there was any).  Either way – honest self-reflection  allows us to be more authentic and to live with more INTEGRITY (another Capricorn word).

Shortly after the Full Moon, Mercury moves into Leo and squares Uranus in Taurus. Our projects and commitments will be questioned – challenged – scrutinized. We may have sudden insights into our relationships with our father. Or experience sudden changes in our physical circumstances.

New approaches will suddenly be revealed that are – Exciting. Challenging.  Character building!

Capricorn says its Time to get Real!

You know you want to!

One more thing:

Because a Full Moon is an opposition of Sun and Moon, we may find ourself dealing with  opposition or conflict – and even more so because there are  several planetary oppositions occurring right now.

Opposites both attract – and repel.

Moon/Saturn opp Sun
Mars opp Venus
Mercury opp Pluto

“Conflict is a necessary part of life.Tension upon the strings of a violin can make majestic music.
The critical mass of two hydrogen atoms trying to occupy the same space fuel the sun that nourishes our solar system.

Most conflicts you face in life are the result of your Path converging with another’s.
Your Path is not theirs, and one Path is not necessarily more right than the other.
Can you work together to remove the blockage?” 

I Ching #6 Conflict

 Oppositions often occur as relationship issues.  Is someone challenging or confronting you right now? Relationships are a powerful mirror.  Who is standing across from you?  Conflicts arise when we see ourself as being right and the other person wrong. There are so many polarizing narratives occurring in social media – politics – the news. Yet the reality, in truth,  is usually somewhere in the middle (though not always). We don’t all have to be enemies. We are after all – all fellow travelers on this beautiful planet. Surely we can find a way to get along!

Try to meet the other person halfway. You know you want to….


Summer Soltice : The Turning Point

Today is the  Summer Solstice –  the longest day of the year. We are already at the midpoint where the days will beging to get shorteer (after a three day pause). That sort of makes me sad – yet it is meant to be a day of celebration and joy – as we honour the lifegiving energy of the Sun.

Stonehenge is probably the most famous visual symbol of the Solstices. Many gather here each year to witness  the Sun as it peaks over megalithic stones built thousands of years ago. 

 “At midsummer- the Sun rises over the horizon to the Northeast- close to the heel stone.”

 Today’s Solstice celebration at Stonehenge

“A silver glow is growing behind the silhouetted horizon; it promises to be a fine day. It is an hour before sunrise, that special time when the Earth seems to hold her breath in anticipation of the appearance of her lover, the Sun. He has been united with her throughout the dark hours; now he prepares for his rebirth and subsequent climb into the heavens where he will take up his duties as Lord of the Day. But that is still an hour off. Venus, the morning star, illuminates the heavens to the east and bids us enter her domain. She is another aspect of the Goddess; we feel the power of her love directed towards us as we approach her temple. As we speed through the awakening countryside the birds are singing their praises to the dawn and there is movement to be seen in the hedgerows.” (live stream recording)

I’ve just watched the Solstice Sun rise and sparkle through the majestic pillars of Stonehenge (on youtube live).  England was my second home for many years – yet I never actually visited  Stonehenge. I did drive by them once on my way back from Glastonbury but didn’t have the chance to get close.  Sort of ironic that  I am watching and listening to it now on youtube from thousands of miles away – enjoying the chanting and drumming in the background as I write this blog post.

The megalithic stones of Stonehenge are aligned to the sunrise of the Summer Solstice – and the  sunset of the opposite Winter Solstice.  The feeling of wonder and magic may seem a bit diluted  in modern times – though according to my  friend Maggie – who went there more than once –  it can still be felt when you are there amongst the stones.  (I’m thinking of you now Maggie – wherever you are). I have been to several smaller stone circles –  in England, Scotland  and Ireland- and they are truly  special places.

The symbolism of the Summer Solstice is of the Sun and Earth in union.





May there be peace in the East
May there be peace in the South
May there be peace in the West
May there be peace in the North
May there be Peace on Earth. 

“All druid rituals have an element of fertility, and the solstice is no exception,” says King Arthur Pendragon, a senior archdruid. “We celebrate the union of the male and female deities — the Sun and the Earth — on the longest day of the year.”
The current astrology echoes that sense of  of fertility and fecundity. Planetary aspects are stirring up powerful passions and creativity by activating our deepest urges and drives.  Venus opposite Mars creates  sexual and creative tension – which is then being amplified by Jupiter in sexy Scorpio.
Cancer is the sign of the mother- the Sun represents the father. So Sun moving into Cancer represents the joining of the two. When the masculine and feminine join (as in a New Moon) it represents a seed time and a chance to begin anew.
The actual Moon is  in Libra- at a 90 degree angle to the Sun at the moment – if you look at the Moon in the night sky  it looks half full (first quarter). This angle adds  more  tension to help stir up our creative juices even more. When the Kundalini (life force) rises –  it activates  our energy centres and pushes us toward some sort of self expression. The polarized energies can either magnetize or repel  – creating postive union – or negative reaction. We  need to bring our  conscious awareness to what is really driving us.
Feel the energy rising. Then feel it pause – at its zenith- as you breath in the moment. Then – dance. Sing. Drum your way through the intensity. Then – when your energy is spent- once again- be still.
 Just like at the Winter Solstice – the Sun will  pause in the same spot for three days. Over the next few days – we hold the tension of past and future – inner and outer – self and other.  Planetary factors are pointing to continued and profound earth changes  – as we enter the next stage of our emotional and spiritual rebirth.
It can feel sometimes like  a long and arduous process – this new birth- and we might worry that whatever is emerging will not make it out alive. (at least that is how I feel some days).  It seems this transition we are in will take  a lot of courage,  faith and perseverance if we are to see the process through to the end.  A healer friend of mine calls it Ascension Sickness – he says  we  are acclimatizing to a totally new frequency. And just like in a detox-  some of us are encountering a die-off effect – as the sludge from deep inside comes to the surface.  It’s not always so easy to let go of  old familiar beliefs and conditioning.  When I feel like giving up – I remember the symbolism of the tree – that  begins as a small seed – like the  oak tree that already exists in the acorn.
 Use the  Solstice energy to tap into your passion- your deepest desires. Not the ones you’ve been conditioned to want – taught that this or that will  fill the endless void inside.  No. That’s just a never-ending cycle of anticipation and then disappointment. We are being urged to go deeper than that- to our core passion for life. It’s there  – deep down in your belly. Seek out your creative impulse. Find your uniqueness. Give it voice. Give it form. 
Nurture your true magnificence. 
You know you want to!




    “I am Infinite Being.  
Innocent – Whole – Powerful – Free. 
All is forgiven. 
All is released.”




New Moon in Gemini ~ We are Stardust


Get ready  to re-imagine the future. It’s time to break out of old ways of thinking. Change is afoot.


Time to put your best foot forward ! (hehe)
 Today’s New Moon is particularly potent, filling us with both curiousity and caution. A New Moon initiates fresh waves of energy, influencing and setting the flavour for the upcoming month. This is a good time to set new goals, start new projects, or revision existing ones. 
“Gemini is the sign of the twins, duality, and multiple personalities. It is also known as the ‘trickster’, partially due to these qualities. Gemini is the master of language and grammar, serving as both a transmitter and receiver of information and knowledge. It is the ultimate student and curiosity fuels its drive to learn.” (Collective Evolution)
A Sun Moon – New Moon conjunction in Gemini brings a multiplicity of options. Sky’s the limit!  


There’s a sense now that we can do anything, a welcome reprieve after the struggle and strife of the past few months.   Curiosity  is Gemini’s second name – which  is – after all –  the the mother of all invention. Many options can open up for you now. Socially,  this is a very positive, fun New Moon – Geminis know everybody!
 Just be aware of the difference between wishful thinking and  conscious manifestation.  Neptune’s influence can confuse and obfuscate and  lead us down a path to nowhere.   Both Gemini and Neptune/Pisces are known to be excellent story tellers (also well known as liars). If you combine Geminis’ tendency to change its mind (often) and Neptune’s ability to bend the truth – you get – Donald Trump (literally –  this aspect is in his birth chart).
Need I say more?

With Neptune at odds with the New Moon – we may not be able to see the road ahead clearly. A blurring of facts and boundaries  can get us tangled up in  confusion, doubt and worry – or even downright deception.

To escape the tension,  we may grab at the first offer that comes our way.  Don’t be taken in by smooth talkers. If you find yourself in a situation where you must  choose  between what is real or not,  possible or  impossible, discernment is the key. Honesty is also a must (with self and others). Don’t be fooled by empty promises or a  shiny veneer. 

And don’t make promises you can’t keep.

When under stress- Neptune/Pisces is an escape artist – master of avoidance and denial.  Addictions become a way to avoid our pain; they work (somewhat) in the short term –  but aren’t so great for long term growth.  


The positive side is how Neptune activates the ability to visualize – by lifting our imagination to a higher frequency, and unlocking our creative expression in ways we may have never imagined.  Mediation and dreams are deep and rich. 
So that’s the dichotomy of this New Moon; It is full of possibility and promise – as well as steeped in fakery, fantasy  and illusion. We will need clarity – not confusion – as we set our intentions for the coming month.  Saturn insists on it. 
What to do?
Use your imagination!  
This New Moon reminds us that we are all creative. We are all artists. We are co- creators of our own life.  Find a  creative outlet for your thoughts and feelings.      
  (check out ArtNSoulCollage at top tab)
 Listen. Feel. Ground yourself. Walk barefoot every day. We need the yin, negative charge of mother earth to balance all this highly charged mental energy. Meditate. Breath. Use your body as a meter. If your stomach  clenches when you make a decision- its either fear –  or your deepest gut instinct.
This New Moon will challenge you to discover the difference.
Free yourself from your mental cage. 
 Gemini is about the mind- it likes to think –  think –  think. And what  we think about gets run through the filter of our unconscious mind – which is a repository of all the things we have seen and heard and felt. And been taught. To be truly awake and aware and conscious is the challenge – not only at this New Moon – but especially  during  these crazy times. In the era of fake news  and extreme polarization – we are being pushed to develop our own internal code of ethics and instincts. 
Some will prefer to stay comfortable,  hiding behind  ‘group think’, gaining temporary safety in numbers. Mars in Aquarius wont let us do that for much longer. It  is already pushing  us to break free of consensus thinking,  step away from the crowd, walk our own talk. Over the next couple of months  Mars will bring out the  maverick is us that wants to go our own way. Stop following ‘society’. Be yourself.


The danger of Mars here is a huge  chip on the shoulder  re rules and authority. Better to avoid   that kind of  adolescent, knee jerk rebellion – it merely creates conflict  without resolution.  Another lesson of Gemini  is there is always more than one  way to look at things. While going your own way- we can still hold space for other points of view.
The last thing (I promise) being affected by this New Moon is  our relationships. As choices are being made – and lines as being drawn –  sometimes we still can’t decide which side of the fence we want to land on. 
Venus- planet of love and relating (and money) and marker for the ‘feminine’ – will soon be  sitting opposite Mars – which represents our more outer drives for action and self actualization including our sexual desires.  
This is a highly polarized yin/yang stand off between the masculine and feminine approach. Mars –  marker for the ‘masculine’ – brings high reactivity in the coming months. Venus is at the last degree of  Cancer – where it wants nurturing and reassurance. It seeks to connect in an intimate way to secure a sense of connection. In Leo- where  the rest of the opposition will occur- Venus demands respect and needs to be treated well. She wont put up with poor behaviour. 
Mars in Aquarius is all about freedom and space and will resist any demands or efforts to contain and control. This ‘battle of the sexes’ could  insert some juiciness as well as potential strain into our relationship dynamics.  We all know opposites attract. The  need for clear communication is very strong under a Gemini New Moon – and is the message to move forward with. No lying – no cheating – no avoiding. Honesty  will get you to the truth (or a truth).
With both Mars and Venus  in tension with Uranus (the Awakener) – events have the possibility to be very triggering; as sudden incidents  change our direction unexpectedly.
  Remember to STOP (Stop Think Observe Proceed)
Feel down into your body. Try to access your true emotions rather than knee jerk reactions. Ultimately, it is about staying  present in the midst of  uncertainty  and  confusion- knowing that we are the creators of our own reality. As you think- so you are!
 Remember who you are.
You know you want to.
We are stardust.
We are golden.
And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.

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The Grand Fluidity! Let the Healing Begin!


 The Full Moon in Sagittarius a few days ago made us more aware of the  many  oppositional forces  constantly  triggerring either – or/us – them polarities.  It seems that everyone these days is taking sides and seeing the ‘other’ as ‘enemy’. Who’s right- who’s wrong? Whats real – what’s false? Fake news abounds (Neptune). How can we find middle ground? How do we get to the truth? Can we find a way to see the bigger picture? (Sagittarius)
Dualistic thinking (Gemini) just creates false dichotomies and everything becomes  polarized.  Everyone has an opinion (Sag)  –  and an agenda – and no one is listening to each other.   We need to find a way to rise above the craziness.  We need a third option.


Time for something completely different!
The third option =  Heart based energy = Unity consciousness. 
Welcome to the ‘Grand Fluidity’

A Grand Trine  is three planets – at equal angles  – in this case  in water signs –  that are bringing an emphasis on Ease and Grace, Compassion and Forgiveness, Surrender and Letting Go. 
This wonderful fluidity can soothe our souls and bring deep healing to the inner and outer tensions that have left  us feeling physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted.



Jupiter in Scorpio – Truth Telling, Generousity, Deep Healing
Venus in Cancer – Sensitive, Protective, Nurturing love
Neptune in Pisces – Divine Bliss, Sweet Surrender, Unity Consciousness




 Time to stop resisting and go with the flow. 
The current (no pun intended) dominance of water elements can make us more sensitive and emotional. Some people are that way all the time. If you have strong emphasis on water in your chart – you may be a ‘Highly Sensitive Person’.



“Highly sensitive ppl are neurologically different. There is a chromosome that determines it that has either two long alleles, or two short (not sure which).  It may be neuro-divergent wiring. But the point is – highly sensitive people feel sensations more vividly and process emotion more deeply. HSPs will show more brain activation on MRIs than non HSPs and they will react more quickly to faces displaying emotion.



 Because HSPs experience most things more deeply, they become easily overwhelmed and exhausted. HSPs are prone to depression and anxiety (not surprising) but if raised in a healthy functioning environment, most will probably not have trouble with it. As healthy functional environments are sometimes hard to come by-  being extra sensitive can leave HSPs extra prone to PTSD and other health issues”



This Grand Water Trine will stir up deep feelings in a lot of us, especially for people who’s charts are affected or who are already highly sensitive. This  gentle energy  expands and increases out intuition, our dreams, our need for connection. If you find yourself more emotional than usual, this could be why.
Can you see the Triangle (blue lines)? Any planets at 10 – 16 degrees in water signs will resonate with this fluidity, softening and soothing tension created by the red lines (yes unfortunately there are still those red lines). Actually, although conveying some tension,  they (red lines) are part of a Kite formation,  which is deeply transformational.  Go to to set up a free personal chart.


I suggest we all allow lots of time over the next five days to sink into our feelings. Find ways to nurture yourself. Step back from the merry go round and take some time out for rest and relaxation. Drink lots of water –  sit by a river or stream –  walk in the rain-  float in the ocean. This highly creative energy will also help us tune into our inner muse. We may as well  soak up this lovely healing energy while it lasts. 
So  focus on creativity, meditation, music, prayer,  play – anything that helps us go with the flow. You know you want to!



Let the Healing Begin! 
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The Grand Adventure- The Journey of Life – The Quest for Meaning and Truth


The last few weeks have been  very tense – its time now to let go and have some fun!  This Full Moon in Sagittarius is simultaneously about a potential loss of meaning, and also, about the finding of it.


The Moon is Full (exactly opposite the Sun in Gemini) today – May 29th at 3:20pm Universal Time/10:20 EST.



This Full ‘Flower’ Moon represents a blooming and coming to fruition of the seeds of intention that we have been planting since the beginning of the year, and particularly at the last New Moon in Taurus. That energy was about self nurturing and self love- about getting grounded and really in touch with our core values,  as we prepare for some big earth changes (Uranus in Taurus).



Whatever is not solid or nailed down will be shaken off the table. Don’t worry – what is breaking down is stuff we don’t need anymore.


The Sagittarius Full Moon simultaneously brings a message of both hope and caution,  as it urges us onward on a path of self exploration as well as warning us of the pitfalls ahead.  



There is a  ‘Grand Fluidity’ occurring between some lovely (and loving ) planets that will  help smooth out much of the jangley energy we have endured over the past few months. If your nerves are fried – take a deep breath in of this beautiful essence of  ease and grace. Try to let go of that sense of struggle that got us all so wound up and exhausted – focus on watering your seeds of hope and watch them begin to germinate and take root.



The water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) connect us to our emotions and A Grand Trine in Water brings healing energy to soothe our souls. This involves 
Expansion, Joy (Jupiter ) 
Love, Beauty (Venus) 
And Deep Spiritual Bliss and Longing – 
or Longing for Bliss (Neptune)
Sounds good to me.



As we search for truth and meaning  – our thoughts and beliefs will be challenged – or- as our thoughts and beliefs are challenged – we will begin a search for truth and meaning. Either way- this energy is pushing us  to a deeper sense of who we are and how we fit into the world (or not).


Gemini is about the mind- Sagittarius is about our intuition.  Gemini is all linear logic – mentally active and highly social. Its all about the mulitplicity of  details of day to day life, the endless social possibilities. 
Sagittarius  is more about the big picture- the grand adventure- a broader vision of what is possible. Its says don’t sweat the small stuff.


During the next few days, notice your inner dialogue; write it down- keep a journal. As you do so – question your assumptions before you act on them. Do you ever think about examining your core beliefs and how  you acquired them? Did you get taught them in school? Or via your family? Some life patterns get passed down through generations. Prejudices. Fears. Superstitions. Did your friends influence your world view? Question authority. Question everything. But don’t get stuck in the questions. 
Sagittarius is the seeker of answers. Not facts and figures. Not stacks of books (although both Gemini and Sag loves books). I’m talking about the kind of answer that you can’t quite explain,  but that gives your life meaning. 
 With Neptune involved- there is danger of illusions and delusions. More fake news. False narratives. Dead end quests. This Full Moon is full of inspiration- and also saying – look before you leap.



This Full Moon accentuates  the difference between fantasy and reality, concepts and experience,  logic and intuition. It asks you to discover/uncover  an inner knowing that you can trust.  So much feels unreal these days (because it is) , which is good in a way,  because it  pushes us to seek deeper meaning and a purpose to our existence. We’ve got to feel our way into it.  Yet we’ve been struggling so much lately,  we may have forgotten how to relax.  It’s easy to get addicted to struggle. The adrenaline rush keeps us feeling alive. But that’s not living- that’s just a roller coaster that you will eventually have to get off.
Try to shift out of survival into enjoyment. Allow this soft gentle and highly enjoyable frequency to soak into your consciousness.  Feel the love – ride the wave – while staying focused enough to keep your balance – so you don’t get swept under. 
Not asking much lol.



Be aware of a tendency right now to swing to extremes- one minute we are lost in the day to day details,  the next we are day dreaming our  grandiose schemes and  overblown plans- and neither gives us the satisfaction we seek.



The solution lies somewhere in the middle. Not too much- not too little. Just enough. When we find it – it will feel just right. 
So – stay grounded (Taurus) and try to avoid extremes (Uranus), and don’t forget to have  fun. Sagittarius wants to play. It’s an adventure.  This is all new territory – things are shifting on many levels, and although some familiar aspects still linger – I guarantee you – we have not been down this path before.  This is new journey that requires us to be awake and aware. Doors are closing- others are opening wide.


Sagittarius says : Take the path less traveled. Find your courage to break free from whatever in the past  is holding you back .  If  you find yourself being pulled into dreams of what ‘might’ have been –  it’s definitely time to close that door.


Honour the past. Learn  from the past – and  then – use it to move forward.


Let your innate optimism and sense of adventure (Sagittarius) lead you onward and upward!



You know you want to J