Delphinus Constellation – The Dolphin

Delphinus Constellation the Dolphin is a northern constellation bordering Aquila and Pegasus. Delphinus Constellation spans 7 degrees of the zodiac within Capricorn Constellation, from 13° to 20° Aquarius Sign. In Chinese astronomy, the stars of Delphinus are located within the Black Tortoise of the North (北方玄武, Běi Fāng Xuán Wǔ). Delphinus Constellation Astrology In astrology, […]

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Alderamin Star – The King

Alderamin at 12°46′ Aries has an orb of 1°50′ The Sun joins Alderamin on April 2 Fixed star Alderamin, Alpha Cephei, is a 2.5 magnitude blue star in the right shoulder of the King, Cepheus Constellation. The traditional name Alderamin comes from the Arabic الذراع اليمين al-dhirā‘ al-yamīn, which means “the right arm” (of the […]

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Saturn Trine Neptune Natal and Transit

Saturn trine Neptune natal gives a talent for turning dreams into reality. You are prepared to work hard and will show determination to see your vision carried out. You are a dreamer but are also practical and sensible. You are optimistic yet realistic about your potential. With patience and self-discipline, you avoid taking short cuts so […]

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Sun Sextile Ascendant Natal and Transit

Sun sextile Ascendant natal makes you an active, intelligent and interesting person with a very strong personality. You energize other people with your passionate and enthusiastic self-expression. A seemingly endless supply of natural talent and resources makes you outgoing with a very attractive personality and physical presence. It is through close one to one relationships […]


Neptune Square Midheaven Natal and Transit

Neptune square Midheaven natal makes you idealistic and optimistic but also misunderstood and sometimes controversial. You were particularly impressionable when very young, more so than most people. Neptune probably had a weakening, distorting or insidious influence on the environment you grew up, even on your parents. Disadvantage, poverty, loss, fear, guilt and confusion are just […]