Astrological news this week: Jupiter/Neptune and a Libra Full Moon

Astrological update for the week of April 11-18, 2022

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Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces. This week we have the exact conjunction of Jupiter to Neptune, culminating on April 12th.  You can do a deep dive into this conjunction by following this link. We can get the most out of this crescendo of Piscean magic and illumination (which will remain in effect for the rest of the  month) by placing our attention on areas of our life where creative inspiration and spiritual exploration can take hold. Meditation retreats. Music and art. Ecstatic dance. Anything we do that invites Divinity into our lives is highlighted now.

The conjunction of Jupiter to Neptune doesn’t always bring fairy dust and magic – there is also potential for illusion and confusion.  There is a longing under this conjunction for positivity and optimism, and this can be a gorgeous influence to help us create a beautiful future. However, we may not be thinking as clearly as we would like to, so I advise precautionary care with the mundane details to be sure we have our feet on the ground when making decisions.

Mars enters Pisces April 14th. Following the Piscean theme described above, the planet of war enters the the most mutable of the mutable signs. Mutability is flexible and adaptable, but also lacks focus and direction which is not the happiest place for Mars. In Pisces, Mars can inspire greater compassion and a yearning for spiritual connection, but the Piscean confusion can become a force that dissolves our motivation and even our physical energy.

Mars will be in Pisces until it enters Aries on May 24th. During this time Mars will conjoin Neptune and Jupiter, which may exacerbate the fuzziness of planetary energies. We can ameliorate this somewhat by enhancing our own physical energy through physical activity – always an excellent way to stimulate the chi and activate our intellectual energy as well as physical. But in the end we will just have to be patient and wait for the Piscean clouds to lift, utilizing this time for more peaceful and illuminating experiences described in the first paragraph above. The presence of Venus exalted in Pisces until May 2nd when she enters Aries will help us to focus on the higher path of divine love which will help to keep us out of the abyss of delusion.

Libra Full Moon. The Moon will be full in Libra on Saturday April 16th at 3:55 pm EDT.  Full Moons are all about balancing polar opposites since during the Full Moon the Sun is in the sign opposing the sign the Moon is in, and at the Libra Full Moon the balancing of opposites is the very theme of the lunation. Libra after all IS the sign of balance – under the Libra influence we learn to view all sides of an issue before making an opinion, and achieve equilibrium in the midst of opposing forces.

This Full Moon is squared by intense Pluto which could bring about some conflict which needs to be resolved before that equanimity can be achieved although the resolution may not occur until after the Sun squares Pluto on the 18th. Fortunately, a harmonious aspect to Saturn  helps to provide stability and the rational steps to solve any problems which keep us from achieving our goals at this time. With the help of Saturn, any Pluto problems can be easily managed.

Other planetary events this week (dates and times are for Eastern time zone, please adjust for your locality):

Monday April 11. The Moon begins the week in Leo, inspiring us to seek joy and live our best life especially in the afternoon and early evening when the Moon trines the Sun. A momentary blip in that sunny focus may occur around 9 pm EDT under a Saturn influence but any clouds will soon pass.

Tuesday April 12. Jupiter conjoins Neptune! The Moon will have just moved into Virgo at 10:07 which will add a grounding influence and keep our minds focused on the details of life on planet Earth, and a harmonious Sun/Saturn influence will help us to take that wonderful positivity of Jupiter and Neptune and put it to work towards a worthy goal.

Wednesday April 13. Mild lunar aspects will help to promote positivity.

Thursday April 14. The Virgo Moon activates both Neptune and Jupiter in the early morning EDT which could exacerbate any confusion already in the works.  We may feel somewhat unsettled, but this cloud will lift after a harmonious Moon/Pluto alignment around 2 pm which will be followed by the entry of the Moon into Libra at 4:45 pm EDT. This will begin the countdown to the Libra Full Moon a couple of days later.

Meanwhile Mars enters Pisces at 11:05 pm. Creating an intention for a new creative project, or meditation practice, or some way to channel all of this Piscean energy into something positive, will be an excellent way to prepare for the Full Moon.

Friday April 15. With no other lunar or planetary aspects, a Moon/Chiron opposition at 3:40 pm EDT could create some emotional discomfort which will last only a few hours.

Saturday April 16. Full Moon! A wonderful day for a ritual to honor and clarify the intention that is fueled by desire from the highest good.

The Moon enters Scorpio at 8:22 pm EDT and trines its ruler Mars shortly thereafter which will help us to sharpen our focus and awaken the pure desire that fuels our creative energies.

Sunday April 17. The Scorpio Moon is busy on Sunday, creating some tension in communication and exacerbating any restlessness that might be lurking in the subconscious, but also easing our interactions with others. Meanwhile a harmonious Mercury/Venus aspect culminates around 9 pm but shines a light all day to facilitate conversation and compromise.

Mercury and Venus are also building to aspect Uranus in the early hours of the morning on Monday, bringing in new energies and potential excitement to innovate and create positive change (Mercury conjunct Uranus 12:51 am Monday, Venus sextile Uranus 3:14 am Monday.)

Take good care everyone and have a wonderful week. ❤️


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News this week: Tread carefully with Mars/Saturn and Mercury/Pluto


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Astrological update for the week of April 4-11, 2022

Before I talk about the hard stuff I’d like to add a preface: These potentially challenging cycles are fast moving, lasting only a few days, and interpersed are lovely periods of harmony and camaraderie that will help to relieve the stress of what I’m about to reveal. 😃

Mars conjunct Saturn April 4. The week begins with a challenging conjunction from Mars to Saturn in the Saturn-ruled sign of Aquarius. The idea that Mars and Saturn are malefic in their nature is something that I am always arguing against.  If it weren’t for Mars we wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning.  Mars is the energy that motivates and excites us – it provides inspiration as well as desire.  When that inspiration and desire is thwarted, Mars can become angry and that can easily escalate into the rage that Mars is known for.  Saturn provides a container and structure for our lives.  It inspires us to make commitments and to set goals for the future.  Saturn’s lessons become difficult when we attempt to ignore the need for rules and structure – then we may get the proverbial bonk on the head from the Celestial Taskmaster.

This conjunction is intensified because it squares the Taurus Moon which may cause some disruption to our equilibrium. The conjunction is also in a strong square aspect to the Lunar Nodes of Fate, suggesting that there may be a reckoning from the past that must be confronted before the path to the future is clear. With any planetary aspect to the nodes there may not be a specific event that occurs but it’s a good idea to keep our eyes open in the early part of the week.

Mercury square Pluto April 10.  Mercury transits only affect us for a day or two since Mercury travels so quickly, but since we are already primed in the early part of the week for potential tension and malice under Mars/Saturn, we may be hyper-sensitive as Mercury in its final degrees of fiery Aries faces off against Pluto.  Mercury is associated with communication and all kinds of information and frankly I don’t know how we would recognize an increase in arguments and fiery rhetoric. But it might be a good idea not to walk into any lion’s dens on the 9th or 10th.

Jupiter/Neptune conjunction. Technically this doesn’t culminate until April 12th, but it is in full effect this week. You can catch up here if you missed my deep dive, but the murky mystical mists of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces could confuse some of the issues that may come up here. This is a good week to be mindful – stay in the present moment, examine your emotions and feelings, and try not to react without thinking and careful consideration. A harmonious sextile from Jupiter to the lunar nodes is in effect for much of the week (culminating  April 8) and could bring an opportunity that could change the course of our lives ever so slightly, even though we may not recognize it at the time.

And now…the week ahead!  Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your own locality. 

Monday April 4. The Moon is quite active today, mostly supportive once we get past a trigger to that challenging square to Mars and Saturn (after 12 pm). The presence of Jupiter in the mix will likely help to ameliorate any real difficulty or conflict that emerges. The afternoon brings a lunar conjunction to the North Node to help us to re-focus, and the support of Neptune for creative inspiration and of Pluto for aid in delving deep into consciousness. (Moon square Mars 11:09 am, sextile Jupiter 11:29 am, square Saturn 11:57 am, conjunct North Node 1:04 pm, sextile Neptune 2:36 pm, trine Pluto 11:59 pm.)

Tuesday April 5. With the Mars/Saturn energies peaking, we begin to assimilate the lessons which may have emerged when the Moon enters Gemini at around 3 am. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, planet of the mind, and under its influence we are more easily able to understand our emotions from a more detached and intellectual perspective. The Gemini Moon helps us to process and digest experiences and move on to the next ones.

We also have Venus moving into Pisces at 3:17 pm, bringing her beauty and softness into the sign of imagination and spiritual yearning. Venus is creative and romantic in Pisces, lubricating our relationships and helping us to find the highest expression of human love in all of its forms.

Wednesday April 6. Today is relatively quiet with only a few harmonious lunar aspects to facilitate the smoothing of any rough edges. (Moon sextile Chiron 4:15 am, conjunct Ceres 9:19 am, sextile Sun 12:31 pm, sextile Mercury 9:56 pm.)

Thursday April 7. A harmonious sextile from Mercury in Aries to Saturn is perfect for any difficult conversations that we may have put off.  This aspect enhances mental focus and concentration, and also calms the fire of Aries Mercury to cool down frustrations and communicate more clearly.

The Gemini Moon faces off against Jupiter and Neptune between midnight and 3 am EDT which could make for some emotional discomfort and sense of unsettledness. This is followed by a harmonious trine from the Moon to Mars to restore confidence just before the Moon enters Cancer and harmonizes with Venus.  The Moon will be in its own sign of Cancer for a few days, heightening sensitivity and potentially bringing out the richness of our feelings. (Moon trine Saturn 12:26 am, square Jupiter 12:41 am, square Neptune 2:53 am, trine Mars 3:14 am, enters Cancer 3:30 pm, trine Venus 8:19 pm.)

Friday April 8. The harmonious Jupiter/Nodes aspect culminates this morning, along with a harmonious Mercury/Mars aspect to facilitate all matters of communication and learning. There could be a few hours around 5 pm when sensitive feelings are hurt, but these are not likely to linger. (Moon squares Chiron 5:20 pm, sextile Uranus 6:27 pm.)

Saturday April 9. Lunar aspects rule the day, although the challenging square from Mercury to Pluto which culminates Sunday is building throughout the day on Saturday. There may be some emotional tension for a few hours in the early morning, but these will be followed by generally harmonious lunar aspects to foster good feeling and inner balance.

It is a good idea to use this time to think about any challenges that could come up on Sunday under these challenging influences and formulate a plan to manage them, especially since after 11 pm the Moon will trigger the Mercury/Pluto aspect. (Moon square Sun 6:47 am, Moon trine South Node 2:02 pm, trine Jupiter 2:36 pm, trine Neptune 3:46 pm, square Mercury 11:25 pm.)

Sunday April 10. The lunar trigger to the Mercury/Pluto conflict continues around 1 am before the Moon enters Leo at 3:59 am. The Leo Moon encourages us to seek joy and good will which will be useful under the Mercury/Pluto aspect which culminates at 8:45 am and will dissipate throughout the day.

Mercury moves into Taurus on Monday April 11 at 2:09 am which will settle everything down and help us to regain any equilibrium we may have lost.

I hope you have a good week! ❤️ Mercury/Pluto appeared first on Astrology readings and writings by Lynn Hayes.

Vladmir Putin and the war on Ukraine

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Vladmir Putin launched an attack against Ukraine at about 5 am Moscow time on February 24, 2022.  This attack should not have been a surprise to anyone who was paying attention since Putin has been announcing his intentions for quite a long time but Putin has the Sun in Libra, and Libra can be a master manipulator when Scorpio is rising in the chart.

I should point out that there is no verified birth time for Putin as birth times aren’t recorded on birth certificates in Russia, but the birth time of 9:30 am was provided to an astrological researcher back in 2000 and this is the chart that is widely used today.  If this isn’t Putin’s actual chart it’s the chart he would want to have, with the power sign Scorpio rising and Pluto conjunct the Midheaven along with the South Node. These are powerful placements, especially with the ascendant ruler Mars in a trine to Pluto, Scorpio’s modern ruler which tends to facilitate the rise of power, and a square from Jupiter to Pluto which tends to bestow a sense of self-righteousness.  Full disclosure: My own date of birth is five days after Putin’s and our natal charts are very similar. 


There are many different charts for Russia as there are for any nation which has undergone a great deal of change. December 8, 1991 is the date that Belarus, the Russian Federation and the Ukraine announced the Minsk Declaration which dissolved the Soviet Union, but the agreement wasn’t ratified by the Russian Parliament until the 12th of December that year at 13:22 according to Nick Campion. On the other hand, Adrian Ross Duncan uses the chart of December 25, 1991 when the flag for the new Russia began flying at the Kremlin.

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The late Zipporah “Zip” Dobyns, one of the world’s most celebrated astrologers, uses yet another chart: the chart of Gorbachev’s resignation in August of 1991. Her reasoning in using this chart is because “it works” to explain subsequent events better than the other dates. With all due respect to the memory of Ms. Dobyns, this doesn’t seem a very scholarly way to approach the birth of a nation.

To me the date that makes the most sense from a historical point of view is the date that the Russian Federation declared its independence from the Soviet Union which was June 12, 1990. This is the date that the First Congress of People’s Deputies of the Russian Federation adopted the Declaration on Russia’s National Sovereignty which seems to me to be a very formal declaration of statehood and a strong basis for an astrological chart. This is the day that is celebrated as the Day of Russia and is identified by modern Russians as the birth of their nation.

This is a somewhat aggressive chart, with Leo on the ascendant needing to be seen and respected, but with Pluto (power and transformation) squaring the ascendant and opposite Venus (diplomacy and collaboration).  With the Pluto/Venus opposition, diplomacy is extremely difficult and it doesn’t help that the Sun and Moon are both in Gemini which tends to be somewhat weak but also can change shape fairly easily. And then we have Mars in Aries which is very comfortable with open aggression, especially when squared by Uranus/Neptune on one end for a radical (Uranus) confusion (Neptune) and illusory sense of boundaries, and Jupiter/Chiron on the other for an expanded (Jupiter) sense of the wounds of the loss of empire (Chiron).

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Putin is the perfect leader in the attempt to return Russia to its former glory.  His Gemini Moon is in a trine to the Russian Moon: a vivid representation of an emotional link to the motherland.  His Mars is opposite the Russian Sun: He has the will to act out the aggression needed to achieve Russian goals. His Libra Sun activates the cardinal T-square of the Russian chart to convert the stress of the square aspects into action and results.

On top of everything else, the ascendant of the Russian chart sits right on the Pluto/MC conjunction of Putin’s chart and the South Node of the past is there too. There is a sense of destiny here, as well as a debt owed with the South Node squared by Russia’s Pluto.  There are many important linkages here.

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Ukraine declared independence from Russia on August 24, 1991 at 6 pm and this is the day celebrated as Independence Day in Ukraine which makes it the most viable chart to me. While the independence was not formally legalized until December, the declaration of independence serves as the birth date of the nation, just as the signing of the declaration of independence on July 4th in the US marks the annual celebrations here.

The Virgo Sun is relatively modest and assuming, and the Aquarius ascendant is idealistic and geared towards equality and justice. However, Pluto figures prominently here as well, in a challenging square to the idealistic Aquarius Moon. In addition, the painful history of Ukraine’s independence is embedded into the chart with a challenging aspect from Saturn to Chiron.

February 2022 invasion

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia that occurred in February is just one episode of a war which has been going on since 2014.  This is really Putin’s war – a war to fulfill what he must feel is his destiny to bring back the glory of Russia under the Soviet Union. In 2014 when the war began and Crimea was taken, transiting Saturn and Pluto were triggering the complex of planetary bodies on his Midheaven, stimulating an eruption of energy for what I think of as his Mission.

Putin has the same Sun/Saturn conjunction which I have, and like me it squares Neptune.  This bestows the ability to work diligently through hardships, but the square from Neptune can be difficult and weaken the personal identity.  The Uranus/Pluto square of 2014-2018 squared this system for a few years, amplifying the urge for power and coincided with air strikes on Syrian rebels on behalf of his ally President Bashar al-Assad, flexing the muscles of Russia’s power and turning the tide of the war in Syria.

Putin’s progressed Sun made a trine to his natal Midheaven/Pluto/South Node over the past few years, activating once again the importance of the Mission. But transiting Saturn is opposite the Midheaven and Pluto this year, so the takeover of Ukraine will likely not go as smoothly as he may have hoped.


It’s here: The US Pluto return

The US Pluto return culminates this week. Some of you are familiar with the term “Saturn return” – an event which happens for everyone at age 28-30 and then again around 56-60 when Saturn returns to its position by degree in the natal chart. These are very Saturnian events – times when we need to face responsibilities and hard facts as we transition into the next phase of life. Pluto takes 244 years to orbit the Sun so humans do not experience Pluto returns, but nations often do.

The Sagittarius ascendant in the US chart reflects the expansive tendency of the American empire which is probably the single thing that will be its undoing.  Like other empires before it, the expansion of the national identity (Sagittarius ascendant) through ideas like “Manifest Destiny” which inspired pioneers to trek across the undeveloped terrain and do battle with the native peoples and Mexicans and Canadians who were already living on the land. . . .

Since Pluto entered the contracting sign of Capricorn, however, the cracks in the foundation have become more evident. Pluto deals with issues of compulsion and use and misuse of power, and in the US chart Pluto lives in the second house of money. With Pluto in the second house of money and finance, the American shadow is a dirty little secret – an obsession (Pluto) with the power that money can provide (second house).  The persona of the country is the sunny Jupiterian/Sagittarian nature of optimism and faith that everything will turn out fine, but the Plutonian shadow of greed hides in the darkness.

Between 2014 and 2017, Pluto has been no more than two degrees from an exact opposition (stressful aspect) to the Sun in the US chart.  (Geeky astrological detail: because Saturn squares the US Sun, Pluto is also transiting in square to US Saturn which applies even more pressure.) The candidacy and presidency of Donald Trump with his openly expressed xenophobia has opened the door to the dark Plutonic realms of the US dark secrets which are rooted in slavery and genocide.

This, my friends, is Pluto in action.  Trump didn’t cause this to happen – together with Pluto, he opened the door to the circles of hell and the demons began to emerge from the underground of the US psyche. Pluto’s domain has to do with power, corruption, destruction and regeneration, we would expect that governments which do not have a strong foundation would experience some kind of collapse or major transformation during these times. (I did a study of Pluto returns in the Roman Empire which you can read here.)

The Pluto Return has been building for the past year, with transiting Pluto just a few degrees from US Pluto.  The exact alignment occurs on February 22nd, but a Pluto transit tends to take a long time to build and the crescendo is slow and dramatic.  The second phase occurs in August 2022 and the final exact alignment in December 2022, but Pluto will come within a degree of US Pluto once more in October 2023. So this transit will continue to unfold over the next two years.

Other than the rise of violence, one of the ways in which the US Pluto return has made itself known in mainstream consciousness is the idea that our Democracy is dead or dying. Our system of free and fair elections, the basis of democracy, is fracturing. There is talk of a civil war, and some states want to secede from the Union. America is becoming even more geographically polarized.

Pluto transits very rarely result in complete destruction, but Pluto’s transformative effect is virtually always visible at these times. The power of creative destruction under Pluto may break down systems that are failing, but something else will be rebuilt in their place.

These times of dramatic change can be frightening, but when we understand the planetary forces at work behind the scenes we can more easily manage our reactions to the events at hand. Pluto is in the last degrees of Capricorn, the sign that inspires us to create structures that will help us to achieve mastery of the material world. Any of these structures that are decaying from the inside out and weakened by this decay will almost surely collapse, but will be ultimately replaced by something that better fits the modern reality of life in the Aquarian Age.


The astrology of Joe Rogan

Please be sure to read the entire post before commenting, and please limit your comments to the astrology. This post is not endorsement of Joe Rogan’s views, or a blanket approval of everything he has ever said.  As always, all viewpoints are welcomed, but any comments that serve only to inflame and do not add to the discussion will be deleted. Thank you for your cooperation!   

If you haven’t watched Joe Rogan’s YouTube channel you likely have a very different impression of him than if you have.  If all you read is the headlines, you see a crazy man who embraces conspiracy theories and radical ideas. This is certainly a piece of the man, but if you dive into what he has produced as I have, you see a much more nuanced picture.

Joe Rogan was born with the Sun in Leo conjunct expansive Jupiter – a very fortunate placement which virtually ensures success, especially since these planets are in his 10th house of career and vocation. Leo is the sign of the Self – under the influence of Leo we need to be “seen” and recognized, but also, ultimately, to be the best person we can be.  Mercury, planet of communication, is right on the Midheaven which is a powerful point and denotes someone who is a strong communicator.  Saturn, planet of hard work and success, forms a harmonious trine to the Sun and Jupiter which helps to facilitate the discipline needed to work towards a goal. The main drive here is for fame and recognition, but there’s more.

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Rogan was born in 1967 at the height of the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto, the planetary formation that brought us “the 60s.”  He narrowly escaped the emotional challenges (Saturn and Chiron opposed Uranus and Pluto) of the 1965-1966 period, so the transformational power of that big conjunction is able to operate freely.  Individuals born under this conjunction (between 1963-1968) generally experience an urgency to bring about a radical (Uranus) transformation (Pluto), and for Rogan this comes through his Mercury/Midheaven skills with communication. His Venus (relating to others) is a part of that conjunction, and his Venus is in the more modest sign of Virgo which would tone down some of the Leo tendency to be bombastic and attention-seeking.

There is a lot of fire in this chart, and fire is the element that promotes passion and enthusiasm. Three planets (plus Ceres) in Leo, and three planets, including Mars, in Scorpio which is one of the Mars-ruled signs. Saturn is in the other Mars-ruled sign, suggesting insecurities and doubts about his masculinity which can lead to overcompensation, especially in one’s younger years.  But Saturn is well placed in a trine to the Sun and Jupiter which ameliorates some of these difficulties. Still, the impetuosity of the fire element is clearly visible in Rogan’s personality.

The thing that prompted this post today was this article: Joe Rogan apologizes to Spotify and musicians.

In a nearly 10-minute long video posted on Instagram, Rogan said he is open to changes to the show such as booking more mainstream experts after having controversial ones and doing more research on certain topics. Rogan praised Spotify for its latest decision to add content advisories to any material mentioning Covid-19, and direct its users to public health sites for more information. He also thanked the platform for its support. …

“I’m not trying to promote misinformation, I’m not trying to be controversial,” Rogan added. “I’ve never tried to do anything with this podcast other than to just talk to people.”

We do have a time of birth for Rogan (thank you!) which shows that Libra is rising in the chart. The rising sign, or ascendant, shows the way in which we move through the world, and the influence to which we aspire and which we grow into during our lives. Libra is the sign of balance – the diplomat, the equalizer. Libra always tends toward the middle (full disclosure here: I myself have the Sun and a few other planets in Libra).  Libra also wants to be liked and please others, so with Libra rising, Rogan would not be a character like Russell Brand who is a provocateur and doesn’t care who he offends. Apology is a major tool in Libra’s arsenal in the effort to avoid offense.

If you watch Rogan’s podcasts you can see that he is genuinely interested in different points of view, even those that are clearly incorrect. As we have watched the “truth” about the Coronavirus unfold, we have seen things that were first said to be true later revealed to be false, and vice versa. As an astrologer who practices what some would call “pseudoscience” and “misinformation,” I may be particularly sensitive to the fear of information repression, but as an astrologer I also see the conflict over information as an expected part of the Saturn/Uranus square under which we operated throughout 2021 and which is still in force in 2022.  Both Saturn and Uranus are in difficult aspects to Rogan’s Leo and Scorpio planets, so he is at once being pulled to break out of restriction (Uranus) and also being hammered by authority figures (Saturn).  In the  meantime, his fame continues to grow because of controversy, rather than in spite of it.