Planetary news this week: The end of the Saturn/Uranus square


Astrological update for the week of October 10-17, 2022

Saturn square Uranus: The final hurrah. We are in the final stages of the challenging square from Saturn (compression) to Uranus (rebellion) – the planetary cycle of 2021 which promoted so much civil unrest and overreaction. Although this is not an exact aspect (the two planets are 39 minutes of a degree apart and will begin to wane, we will likely continue to see the final stages of reactionary behavior well into November.

When two planets are in a square aspect to each other, there is conflict which, ideally, will lead to a resolution and eventual personal growth. But this can only occur when there is an attempt to understand the other’s point of view. In this case we have the co-rulers of Aquarius (Saturn the traditional ruler, Uranus the modern ruler) fighting over the fate of society (Aquarius). This is not an ideal planetary condition for an election, and there have been quite a few around the world since August while this aspect has been in effect.

Planetary squares can bring out extremes, but we can modulate their effect somewhat by finding a middle way – the “Mahayana” of Buddhism, the “path between.”

Mercury enters Libra. On Monday Mercury leaves the orderliness of Virgo for the diplomacy of Libra. For the next few weeks (until October 29) there is potential for greater ease in negotiations and seeing both sides of an issue so that a resolution can be achieved, something that we could really use under the Saturn/Uranus conflicting energies.

Here is what you need to know for the week ahead. Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your locality. 

Monday October 10. As the week begins the energies of Sunday’s Aries Full Moon are just beginning to wane and the fire of the lunar event will still be felt, especially in the morning when the Moon and Mars do a sweet dance that lasts for just a few hours.  This could be a highly sensitive time emotionally, and old hurts could rise to the surface to cause problems if we are not consciously breathing through the energies of psychic drama.

This will begin fade when the Moon shifts into Taurus at around 5 pm, encouraging greater peacefulness, followed by Mercury entering Libra at 7:50 pm. (Moon sextile Mars 4:14 am, Venus opposite Chiron 9:15 am, Moon square Pluto 10 am, Moon enters Taurus 5:03 pm, Mercury enters Libra 7:50 pm.)

artist unknown?

Tuesday October 11. On Tuesday we have the opportunity to find that middle way, a center of peace that can ground and support us under a Sun/Saturn trine. Tuesday morning will be an excellent time to achieve something difficult as there is very little to distract us.

There are, however, two challenging aspects beginning to build on Tuesday which will culminate just after midnight on Wednesday. We may experience a burst of creativity and creative output but lack the energy and confidence to produce any results.  Tuesday afternoon will be a good time to relax and find ways to recharge and avoid pushing things that cannot be pushed. (Moon trine Ceres 2:18 am, Sun trine Saturn 9:06 pm.)

Wednesday October 12. The challenging energies described above linger into Wednesday but the Moon is more active which may help to create a maelstrom of conflicting motivations. We have big ideas, but lack the focus to think about them or the vitality to generate results.

At times like this the best thing is to breathe and find a place of comfort within from which we can observe the changing flow around us (the Taurus Moon will assist with this). By afternoon the whirlwind will begin to subside. (Mars square Neptune 1:46 am, Moon conjunct Uranus 2:19 am, Mercury opposite Jupiter 3:23 am, Moon square Saturn 3:36 am, Moon sextile Neptune 12:25 pm, Moon trine Pluto 5:41 pm).

Thursday October 13. The Moon enters Gemini just after midnight, amping up our curiosity and the focus on the mental realm. Harmonious aspects in the morning set the stage for a quieter day emotionally which gives the mind free rein to expand and learn. Try not to neglect the body, especially just after noon, as without that healthy connection between body, mind and spirit we can become stuck and lose the flow of comfort and joy.

A harmonious Venus aspect is building throughout the day which culminates shortly after midnight and helps to facilitate this calm space. (Moon enters Gemini 1:07 am, sextile Jupiter 4:07 am, trine Mercury 7:29 am, square Ceres 12:54 pm).

Friday October 14. Friday’s planetary energies are beautifully well-balanced and supportive. This is the perfect day to spend time with loved ones (or yourself!) and take advantage of this lovely planetary weather to relax and recharge.

The only caveat is that around 11 pm there may be some confusion or overly idealistic tendencies so try not to make impulsive decisions after 9 pm. (Venus trine Saturn 2:20 am, Moon sextile Chiron 4:03 am, trine Saturn 1:32 pm, trine Venus 2:51 pm, trine Sun 7:23 pm, square Neptune 10:45 pm).

Saturday October 15. The Moon enters its own sign of Cancer just after noon and takes us deep into the realm of feelings and personal connections. We are all a bit more sensitive when the Moon is in Cancer, and a little bit of understanding will go a long way. (Moon conjunct Mars 12:10 am, enters Cancer 12:10 pm, square Jupiter 2:43 pm).

Sunday October 16. Lunar aspects are somewhat challenging today, especially in the afternoon when for a few hours Chiron strips off the band-aid which covers a painful wound. Breath is the best tool for managing emotion, and Sunday is an excellent day to practice a mindful attention to feelings that may be affecting us. (Moon sextile Ceres 2:35 am, square Mercury 3:18 am, square Chiron 3:51 pm.)

Overall this is a good week to recharge and assess where we are and how we feel about it. I hope you have a great week. ❤️

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Planetary news this week: Mercury turns direct and an Aries Full Moon


Astrological update for the week of October 3-10, 2022

15th century art by Philip Marmion

Retrograde Update. As October begins Mercury is still retrograde, but it will turn direct on October 2nd and that pesky troublemaker will be back to establishing order (Mercury is still in Virgo), although it could take a week or two before things feel more normalized as Mercury picks up speed after its retrograde turn. Once Mercury turns direct there will still be a heavy retrograde influence, meaning we’re still dealing with two steps back for every step forward. This isn’t a bad thing as it offers time for reflection and rebalancing of life’s priorities.

Saturn square Uranus. These two planets of order (Saturn) and disruption (Uranus) have been battling it out since 2021. We had a bit of a break in the first half of 2022, and technically there are no more exact alignments between the two, but their conflict is quite tight right now and the echoes of 2021 with all of its civil disorder and unrest will be evident until later in the month.

The Pluto station. As many of you know, when a planet appears to change direction from our viewpoint its motion slows down to a standstill before the shift retrograde or direct. This is the planetary station, and at these times the potency of that planet’s influence can be intense – especially if it is affecting a sensitive point in your chart or interacting with other planets in the sky. Pluto turns direct on October 8th at 26 degrees Capricorn, but it has barely moved since the beginning of August and will not begin to move on until early December. Pluto is a slow moving planet and this is not unusual, but Plutonic themes which reveal corruption and decay in order to rebuild and recreate something which is more true and vibrant will continue to emerge.

And now let’s talk about the details of the week ahead. (Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your locality. 

Monday October 3. We have a very busy Moon Monday through Wednesday without other planetary alignments, giving the Moon a louder voice. The week begins with the Moon in Capricorn, assisting with building structures to support our vision and actions. On Monday the Moon offers primarily beneficial influences to inspire us in the morning, and balance intellect with imagination in the evening.

Late in the evening though we may find ourselves feeling overly intense and perhaps a bit obsessed with a topic that makes it difficult to relax. Just breathe – lunar aspects last only a few  hours and it will soon pass. (Moon trine Uranus 10:36 am, sextile Neptune 7:30 pm, trine Mercury 8:58 pm, conjunct Pluto 11:48 pm.)

Tuesday October 4. The Moon enters Aquarius at 6:20 am on Tuesday which begins to open the door to fresh new ideas and difficulty focusing on a particular task. For this reason, Monday is a better day to get things done. Still, the Moon interacts harmoniously with the two benefic planets (Jupiter and Venus) throughout the day to evoke confidence and feelings of affection and harmony. (Moon sextile Jupiter 10:48 am, trine Venus 6:04 pm.)

Wednesday October 5. Wednesday’s lunar aspects offer a mix of challenge and cooperation. In the late morning and early afternoon EDT the Moon “translates” the Saturn/Uranus square, interacting in challenging aspects to both planets to mediate some sort of resolution. This may feel somewhat disruptive but it’s useful to remember that these disruptions only occur when there is something which is out of sync already.

A harmonious lunar aspect to Chiron in the morning will encourage us to begin the day on peaceful footing which will help, and then the evening brings a harmonious aspect to Mars to facilitate positive energy and confident self-assertion. (Moon trine Sun 2:30 am, sextile Chiron 6:16 am, square Uranus 12:57 pm, conjunct Saturn 1:59 pm, trine Mars 6:45 pm.)

Thursday October 6. The Moon enters Pisces at 8:46 am, shifting the focus from the brilliance of Aquarius to the soft imagination and spirituality of Pisces. This would normally bring about some fuzzy thinking as we make that soft landing, but today Mercury harmonizes with Pluto to sharpen our focus and intensify our curiosity and conversation.

Watch for some depletion of energy in the early afternoon EDT and potential emotional sensitivity later in the evening so be sure to do something healthy then to give yourself a physical and emotional boost. (Moon opposite Ceres 2:07 pm, Mercury trine Pluto 11:55 pm, Sun opposite Chiron building to culminate Friday at 6:48 am.)

Friday October 7. The emotional sensitivity peaks Friday morning and will linger through the day as the Sun may illuminate an old wound which is ready to be released. A helpful lunar aspect in the early afternoon helps to add reason and a new understanding to that process, but tempers may flare later in the evening under an aspect to Mars which will last only a few hours. (Sun opposite Chiron 6:48 am, Moon sextile Uranus 3:34 pm, square Mars 10:40 pm.)

Saturday October 8. The Pisces Moon is quite active before entering Aries at 11:56 am which begins to pave the way for Sunday’s Aries Full Moon. When the Moon is active in Pisces our feelings can become jumbled and unclear. It’s a good time to stay centered and allow feelings to wash through like an ocean, ebbing and flowing, and once the Moon enters Aries the fire will burn through any confusion. (Moon conjunct Neptune 12:39 am, sextile Pluto 5:14 am, opposite Mercury 7:10 am, Moon enters Aries 11:56 am, conjunct Jupiter 3:36 pm.)

Sunday October 9. Aries Full Moon. At this Full Moon we strive to find balance between the individuality of Aries and the compromise of Libra. Aries is the sign of initiation and courage; the sign that inspires us to forge ahead despite our fears and anxieties and make things happen. For a few days around the Full Moon we can feel more completely exactly who we are; less concerned with what others think and what others need from us, but in the chart for this Full Moon we see that Chiron, the planet of wounding and healing, conjoins the Aries Moon. We may find ourselves highly sensitive as old buttons of emotional reaction are pushed, forcing the old pain out into the air where it can be healed by the Sun.

Fortunately, while the Libra Sun opposes this Moon/Chiron combination to illuminate these emotional places of self-disregard and ouchy memories, the Sun is joined by Venus to soften the blow. Any issues around lack of self-respect or self-confidence coulTd arise at this time and the energy of the Full Moon tends to amplify emotions. This is a fertile time for journaling and self-reflection, with opportunities to learn more about our inner world and find healing and new wisdom.

Take care everyone, and have a great week. ❤️

Astrological news this week: Clarity to push through retrograde issues


Astrological update for the week of September 26 – October 3, 2022

Fresh on the heels of the Libra New Moon (September 25, 4:34 pm EDT), we have a week full of positive energies to help navigate through any issues that we may be dealing with. The planets are always doing something, but this week we get a boost from harmonious alignments which provide support and ease us through challenges.

There is a dearth of the water element in the skies at the moment, with only Neptune carrying the influence of feeling and intuition, so we may find ourselves somewhat disconnected from our inner senses and focused more on the outer experience. We can counteract this by spending more time in quiet contemplation, tuning in to the sights and sounds of nature to soothe and calm any jangling of the nerves.

We do still have seven planets (including Chiron) in retrograde motion, and Mercury (mind) is at a virtual standstill as it prepares to turn direct next week. With so many planets retrograde it can feel like we are stuck, that it’s difficult to get anything off the ground. Patience furthers, as the IChing says, and if we stop to listen we will soon discover the solution to any problem.

We also have the challenging square between Saturn and Uranus at its tightest point since 2021 during the month of October: that conflict between the old way (Saturn) and the new (Uranus), the pressures of rebellion (Uranus) against conformity (Saturn) – expect to see all of these issues re-emerge for one last time.

Without a lot of big planetary interactions the faster moving planets and lunar energies become more evident. Here’s what else is happening this week (dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your locality.)

Monday September 26. The week begins with the Moon in Libra, fresh off the New Moon the evening before. Under the influence of Libra we crave harmony and peaceful relations with others, and this is strengthened by Venus and Mercury aspects which help to improve communication, mental focus, and the quality of our connections with others. A Sun/Jupiter aspect expands our confidence in our abilities all day, but under this aspect we tend to be a bit reckless and following our impulses may not be the wisest course of action.

Watch for a bit of emotional tension around 3 pm EDT, but otherwise this is a feel-good day which should help us to find our balance if we have been off-kilter. (Venus trine Pluto 1:45 am, Mercury conjunct Venus 1:58 pm, Sun opposite Jupiter 3:33 pm, Moon opposite Chiron 3:33 pm, Moon trine Mars 10:54 pm, Moon trine Saturn 11:44 pm.)

Tuesday September 27.  A Mercury aspect to enhance our mental focus which began building on Monday will culminate around 9 am on Tuesday (EDT), and with a minimum of planetary aspects on Tuesday this would be an excellent day to tackle a task which requires mental clarity.

Around noon we may feel a bit intense, but that just paves the way for the Moon moving into Scorpio at 7:14 pm EDT. When the Moon is in Scorpio we all take on that Scorpionic penetration of will and desire, and a harmonious Mars aspect will be building on Tuesday to help us to focus that will and empower our intentions. (Mercury trine Pluto 8:56 am, Moon square Pluto 12:20 pm, Moon enters Scorpio 7:14 pm, Mars trine Saturn the next day 1:48 am.)

Wednesday September 28. Today there are no aspects other than the Mars influence which began building the previous day. This will help clear away distractions and enable that force of Will represented by Mars to become laser-focused on a particular intention or decision.

I plan to use Wednesday for some long-range VisionCrafting™ to hone my long-range plans and ideas! (Mars trine Saturn 1:48 am).

Thursday September 29. Venus enters Libra at 3:49 am. Venus rules Libra, and is happiest in this sign of harmony and balance. Venus is usually associated with love and beauty and that is all true, but there is a more empowered side to Venus as well. The predecessors of Venus, Ishtar and Inanna, were goddesses of power and creation. Libra is often described as the iron fist inside the velvet glove, although the craving for polite niceness can be detrimental to any Venusian empowerment.  Venus will remain in Libra until October 23rd, putting the focus on not only personal relationships, but our own relationship to the world around us and how well we balance our needs and desires with the necessity for compromise.

The Scorpio Moon is quite busy on Thursday, passionate and intense in the morning EDT but in primarily harmonious alignments after noon to foster and encourage emotional stability. (Venus enters Libra 3:49 am, Moon opposite Uranus 3:49 am, square Saturn 4:57 am, trine Neptune 1:02 pm, sextile Mercury 2:57 pm, sextile Pluto 5:19 pm.)

Friday September 30. Happy lunar aspects today, and with the Moon having just entered Sagittarius (12:03 am EDT) the feeling of optimism is more easily attained. Give yourself a break on Friday and take some time to enjoy what comes your way. (Moon sextile Venus 2:03 am, trine Jupiter 5:38 am, sextile Sun 1:05 pm).

Saturday October 1. The Moon is in Sagittarius all day – a good day to schedule a party or social gathering, especially with Venus and Jupiter smiling in the wings. Even the most introverted among us will find social interactions easier and more rewarding with one caveat: it is easy to overstretch ourselves under these influences so pay attention to your own needs for space and quiet. (Moon trine Chiron 1 am, sextile Saturn 8:47 am, opposite Mars 11:03 am, Venus opposite Jupiter 2:11 pm, Moon square Neptune 4:44 pm, square Mercury 5:46 pm).

Sunday October 2. Mercury turns direct! It will take some time (about 10 days) for Mercury’s speed to normalize so don’t celebrate quite yet, but with the Moon still in Virgo for a few days we may want to clean up any lingering mess that the Mercury retrograde cycle brought with it.

The Moon enters Capricorn at 3:37 am, turning our attention and mood to tackling the hard projects that are essential to a stable life experience. The Capricorn Moon engages in a few challenging aspects which could create a bit of distress but just know this is temporary and follow the Capricornian spirit of hard work and focus on the goal.

Take care, friends, and have a great week. ❤️


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Planetary news this week: Mercury retrograde and a Pisces Full Moon


Astrological update for the week of September 5-12, 2022

artist unknown

Mercury retrograde and retrograde update!  Mercury turns retrograde this week (September 9th) which will take us to Peak Retrograde for the year (six planets plus Chiron in retrograde motion!). If you read my September Planetary Illuminations report you may have noticed that I undercounted the retrogrades so the idea of this being a time of reflection rather than action is even more true.

When there is a preponderance of retrograde energy it can feel like we’re spinning our wheels, especially if those planets are triggering something in our chart. Mercury retrograde issues tend to be specifically about communication, but we also have Jupiter retrograde (examining missed opportunities), Saturn retrograde (revisiting our obligations), Neptune retrograde (urging a more creative sense of reality) and Pluto retrograde (the insistence of fate to take the wheel). With the addition of Chiron retrograde (peeling off the scab one more time in order to heal the wounds), there is a great deal of looking into the past that needs to be done.

With Mercury in Libra right now it is easier to see different sides of a situation and that can make decisions more difficult because many possibilities seem legitimate. Mercury will retrograde back into Virgo later in the month, but for the next few weeks with Mercury retrograde AND in Libra we would be smart to take our time to make a decision – considering all the angles doesn’t happen quickly and Mercury retrograde demands additional care in planning.

Saturn square Uranus. The challenging square between these two that was the Story of 2021 keeps tightening and even though they won’t make an exact aspect again during this cycle their influence is still important. The energies of Saturn = control and repression vs Uranus = radical change and rebellion were rampant in 2021, from the attempted overthrow of governments to the riots over mask policies. Expect things to be fairly unsettled for the next couple of months.

We’re seeing this all over the world right now, but these influences may also affect our personal lives we we strive to achieve balance between the things we know should be done (Saturn) and the urge to find a different way (Uranus).

 Venus in Virgo. Venus enters Virgo on Monday September 5th, helping us to find practical ways to bring more order into our lives through our relationship to others and to the world around us. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and Mercury is in Libra, ruled by Venus, creating a situation we call Mutual Reception. Under the theory of Mutual Reception, the two planets (in this case Mercury and Libra) are in each other’s signs and therefore linked together for a few weeks. Here we are connecting the mind and thoughts (Mercury/Virgo) with our ability to connect with others (Venus/Libra), meaning communication is paramount right now. And with Mercury retrograde, communication is even more important.

Words matter right now, and taking some time to focus on the way we exchange information will be very useful.

Saturn opposite Ceres.  I wrote about this in last week’s post but the stressful point between Saturn (order and routine) and Ceres (nourishment and personal integration) peaks this week (September 6). To recap, As we become more disconnected with the Earth and our sense of the natural rhythms and cycles of the seasons, we lose touch with a part of our own internal being. This can create a desperate sense of spiritual starvation within us as we stuff ourselves with bioengineered food that is loaded with chemicals that leaves us feeling undernourished and thirsty for a life that has meaning.

Last week Uranus squared Ceres, and that aspect is still in effect as Saturn joins in to pressure us into making better choices to support ourselves. Saturn will remind us that gratification of the ego is superficial and will not deliver the true spiritual comfort which Ceres inspires

Pisces Full Moon, September 10 5:58 am EDT. The Full Moon on September 10th is a Piscean festival of creativity and imagination with the Moon conjunct Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces. Under the influence of Pisces intuition and inner wisdom prevail in the opposition to the grounded reality of the Virgo Sun, making this a beautiful time for anything involving creativity or deepening our experience in nature and a sense of one-ness with the Earth.

Mars (action) is an important factor in this Full Moon chart which helps us to find some motivation in the midst of the Pisces magic. Under the influence of Pisces we sometimes can become lost in a daydream, but the influence of Mars will push us towards action and manifestation. Full Moon energies tend to take a few days to build before the event and then linger for a few days afterwards.

Lunar passages this week:

  • The Moon begins the week in steadfast Capricorn, helping with the practical application of Venus in Virgo.
  • September 6 the Moon enters inventive Aquarius at 11:41 pm EDT and spends all day on the 7th harmonizing with other planets for greater ease.
  • September 9 at 12:42 am the Moon enters dreamy Pisces, strewing roses in our path for the Pisces Full Moon.
  • September 11 at 2:47 am the Moon moves into forceful Aries, and the Sun harmonizes with Uranus to give us a burst of clear energy and fresh ideas.

I hope you have a great week! ❤️

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Mars in Gemini: 2022-2023


I wrote about Mars entering Gemini in last week’s update but this is a significant enough event that it deserves its own post. Mars entered Gemini on August 20, 2022 EDT and because of its retrograde cycle it will remain in Gemini until March 25, 2023. Mars is considered a malefic planet by astrologers in the various ancient traditions because of its connection with violence, but Mars is essential to physical and mental health as it inspires and motivates us to action. Mars helps us to identify our needs and desires and create a strategy for getting there. I like to say that without Mars we would have no reason to get up in the morning. Mars is a primary motivator.

The sign that Mars travels through describes the filter that Mars will operate through during that time. Mercury-ruled Gemini is the sign of thought and information – it hungers for knowledge and desires a wide variety of experiences in order to maximize understanding. For this reason, with Mars in Gemini there is the potential for more fluidity in discussion and this could apply to things like peace talks as well as to negotiations in our personal lives.

In Gemini, Mars can lose its focus – so many things become interesting and the creative power of Mars is weakened through the dispersal into multiple avenues of action. We may feel that we are spinning our wheels and getting little done, but the power of Mars in Gemini lies in its ability to open our minds to many different ideas and ways of thinking.

Mars was last retrograde in 2020-2022 and that time Mars was in its own sign of Aries, causing a lot of trouble. Mars wasn’t alone in the troublemaking planet category – we also had the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and a Capricorn stellium with seven retrograde planets. While Mars is in Gemini it will interact harmoniously with Chiron, helping to facilitate healing of difficult situations, and with Saturn to add structure and wisdom to all of our actions.

There will be some challenging times too, with Mars in a strong square to Neptune between mid-October and mid-November, concluding in late March 2023 just before making the transition into Cancer. Neptune is transcendent and magical, but also confusing and illusory and difficult interactions between Mars and Neptune can coincide with events that involve deception and can sometimes be disastrous. Normally these Mars/Neptune contacts last only a day or two, but with Mars stationing within a few degrees of the square to Neptune this cycle will last for about 30 days, right around the time of the US mid-term elections. I’m not saying disaster will strike, but it doesn’t take an astrologer to say that we should be prepared for massive confusion at that time.

In any case, while Mars is in Gemini for such a long time we can use it to energize all kinds of Gemini projects: learning a new skill, writing a book, going back to school, starting a walking group, learn a new language, getting in the car and exploring your neighborhood, contacting your siblings, play a new instrument or two… and above all, refrain from becoming frustrated if you have trouble focusing. Under the influence of Gemini that is a feature and not a bug!


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The astrology of Clarence Thomas

When I have a session with a new client, I like the astrology to speak for itself. I never Google the client, or look at their website when they send me a link. Rather than try to fit the astrology into my idea of who the person is, I would rather see what the astrology says since my view may be flawed. That process is more difficult when doing a profile for a public person. We see their actions, and we have an opinion about them. And while I try to remain neutral in these profiles my bias will sometimes leak into the astrological information. This post is about Clarence Thomas as a human being and is not meant to be an endorsement of his political influence.

Clarence Thomas has a fascinating biography. He was born into a poor Gullah community (descendants of slaves who have lived relatively intact in the sea communities of Georgia and South Carolina since post-slavery times) and went on to attend Yale law school and sit on the highest court of the land.

(Thanks as always to for hunting down accurate birth information.) Thomas was born with the Sun in Cancer, the sign of deep feelings and love of family. Cancerians tend to have a strong sense of history and connection to community. Thomas’s Sun conjoins Mercury, planet of the mind, which always suggests an individual of high intelligence; however, when the planet of the mind is in the sign of feelings, there is an emotionality in thought and communication that is not always helpful. The Sun/Mercury pairing includes the addition of Venus (relating) – a Cancerian stellium of deep sentimentality and like the crab it symbolizes, a rough outer shell which hides a well of emotion and vulnerability.

click to enlarge

Capricorn, Cancer’s polarity, is rising in the chart – where Cancer is steeped in that deep emotionality, Capricorn teaches us to forget about our feelings and do the things that have to be done. In modern parlance, to put on our big boy pants and do the Thing.  Where the Cancer Sun reveals the essence of the man, the Capricorn ascendant describes the way we see him.

The emotions of Cancer can be difficult for a man who until recently was taught that feelings aren’t manly and achievement is the ultimate goal. That would be especially true for someone with Thomas’s background who fought his way through racism and prejudice into Yale law school and the Supreme Court. And it’s also especially true for someone with an Aquarius Moon as Thomas has. Saturn rules the Capricorn ascendant, and Saturn also rules his Aquarius Moon. A strong Saturn can make for a lonely life, but it can also teach endurance and the blessing of success. However, for a chart like this that success can come at the cost of emotional freedom.

All of this is exacerbated by a difficult Saturn placement in the chart. Saturn, planet of self-doubt, is in Leo, the sign of the Self, which often suggests a person who denigrates his own need for recognition and self-regard for the sake of others. Saturn conjoins Pluto, planet of fate and power, and both planets are in the seventh house of partnership. If you’ve read anything about Ginni Thomas this may help to explain some things about their marriage as she is a very strong and driving personality. Sadly though, Chiron (wounding and healing) is locked in a challenging square to both Saturn and Pluto, a very difficult planetary aspect that reveals deep seated wounds and emotional scars that require a great deal of introspection and willingness to face traumatic emotions in order to heal.

Fortunately for Thomas he has a strong Jupiter placement in its own sign of Sagittarius, bringing abundant good fortune and positivity through the eleventh house of associations and social connections. Jupiter opposes Uranus, planet of rebellion, indicating a strongly independent streak that belies the strict fundamentalism of the powerful Saturn influence.

Many pages could be written about this chart, but to keep it succinct so I don’t lose too many of you I’d like to end with this quote from fellow justice Sonia Sotomayor in a speech on June 19, 2022. This is an unexpected side of Clarence Thomas that we don’t often see in the news, but which we can see revealed in the astrological chart.

I suspect I have probably disagreed with him more than with any other justice, that we have not joined each other’s opinions more than anybody else. And yet Justice [Clarence] Thomas is the one justice in the building that literally knows every employee’s name. Every one of them. And not only does he know their names, he remembers their families’ names and histories. He’s the first one who will go up to someone, when you’re walking with him, and say, “Is your son OK? How’s your daughter doing in college?” He’s the first one that when my stepfather died sent me flowers in Florida. He is a man who keeps cares deeply about the court as an institution, about the people who work there, but about people. . . . You really can’t begin to understand an adversary unless you step away from looking at their views as motivated in bad faith, but until you can look at their views and think about what the human reaction is that’s motivating those views.


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The astrology of Roe v. Wade: The Pluto connection

Surprising no one, the US Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade today. The Roe v. Wade decision granted a constitutional right to an abortion and has been controversial since it was declared on January 22, 1973. (Note: I am not by any means pro-abortion. The whole idea makes me very squeamish. But I do believe that we have an inalienable right to control own bodies, and that makes me against this decision.)

The Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade began with a lawsuit that was filed in March of 1970 as part of a general plan to legalize abortion. The actual plaintiff in the case, later named as Norma McCorvey, was later revealed to be a relatively uneducated young woman who was solicited by attorney Sarah Weddington for her test case on abortion rights.

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At the time, the progressed (Sibley) chart for the United States had some interesting alignments involving Pluto, the planet of power and transformation by creative destruction and regeneration.  Pluto sits in the second house of money and values in the US chart, describing the connection between money and power in this country (read more about that here).

  • Pluto, which is retrograde in the US chart, turned direct in 1871 just after the Civil War. The significance of this shift cannot be overstated – a progressed planet changing direction denotes a major change, and when that planet is Pluto the change is seismic. The Civil War completely transformed the United States and its very existence was in danger from the destruction.
  • In March of 1970 when the Roe v. Wade case was filed in Texas, progressed Pluto had caught up to Pluto in the nation’s chart and the two were exactly aligned with the South Node as well. (The South Node marks the clearing of past karma and events.)
    • It should be noted that with transiting Pluto in Venus-ruled Libra at this time, relationships of all kinds were undergoing significant transformation, and the fight for the power (Pluto) of women over their own destiny was at a crescendo.
  • The US progressed Ascendant was exactly opposite the US Pluto point, as well as progressed US Sun and Pluto for the entire time that Roe v. Wade was before the Supreme Court. This extremely significant event shows a shift in the perception of the country, especially as it relates to the family unit with the progressed Ascendant in Cancer.
  • Progressed Neptune was in an exact trine to progressed and natal US Pluto, facilitating the passage of the landmark decision.

The transits were even more interesting. (Note: progressed planets tend to reveal inner shifts and changes where transits of planets moving through the sky to natal or national charts tend to coincide with events.)

  • Our friend Pluto was in an exact trine to both natal and progressed US Pluto in 1970 and 1971, facilitating endings and transformation.
  • Transiting Uranus, the planet of revolution, was in a challenging square to the US Sun between December 1970 and October 1971, and the US was ready to throw out old and outmoded regulations to enable greater liberation.
  • This was followed by a transit of Pluto over the Midheaven of the US chart representing the government and people in authority. During this period (between November 1971 and September 1972) the Equal Rights Amendment was approved by Congress but never ratified. Still, the drumbeat towards women’s rights, including the right of a woman to choose her own health care, continued while Roe was being argued.
  • This transit of Pluto over the US Midheaven also coincided with the disclosure of the Watergate burglary and the re-election of Richard Nixon. As we know, Nixon ultimately resigned in 1974.

On June 24, 2022 at around 10 am it was announced that the US Supreme Court has struck down the Roe v. Wade decision. This was certainly not a surprise since a draft decision had leaked a few months ago. This is an extremely unpopular opinion since even most Republicans did not want Roe v. Wade to be overturned according to the Pew research group.

We are in the throes of the US Pluto Return – the time when Pluto returns to the same degree as it was in the national astrological chart. Everything you see in the news, from alarm over the end of US democracy, to election lies, to political rage and violence in the street, can be connected to this significant planetary alignment.

I will be covering more details about the current state of the US chart in my July 4th report. The overturning of Roe v. Wade is just one of many incidents that are marking this turning point in American society and law.


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