Astrological update for the week of January 17 2022: Cancer Full Moon and Aquarius Season begins


This week we have Mercury retrograde, having just changed direction, so I hope you all are being careful with your communication and reading instructions carefully.  😃  Venus is retrograde also, and you may be thinking more about people from the past who you’ve lost touch with, or repairing broken relationships. We also have Uranus changing direction this week, turning direct after about six months of retrogradation, meaning all of that impetus for change and authenticity will begin to find a route of action.  Three planets retrograde is about average – we need that slight pull to the past in order to stay in balance – but when planets change direction like Uranus will this week they do demand more of our attention. What in our lives isn’t really working, what tweaks or major adjustments need to be made? You may be pressed to do something about it this week.

The lunar nodes change signs every eighteen months or so, and they shift to the Taurus/Scorpio axis this week (read more about that here). I like to think of the nodes traveling backwards through the zodiac, helping us to clean up past karma and be released from the past as we continue to grow and evolve. For the next eighteen months this axis of power in fixed signs will help us to find balance between the intensity and passion of Scorpio and the need for serenity and peacefulness of Taurus.  Both are fixed signs: stubborn and powerful, with a tendency towards rigidity and difficulty letting go. This can lead to some conflict, and those of us who are conflict-averse may find this more of a challenge but it will help us to become more fully empowered and authentic.

Finally, the Sun enters Aquarius this week, marking a shift of solar consciousness from the grounded reality-based world of Capricorn to the science-based innovation of Aquarius. Where Capricorn looks for ways to adjust to the current reality, Aquarius looks for ways to change it and that can be a good thing.

Here’s what’s happening in the week ahead. Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your locality. 

Monday January 17.  The Cancer Full Moon takes place at 6:48 pm EST, demanding an open heart to the world. This Full Moon is particularly powerful with an opposition to Pluto which conjoins the Sun right now – Pluto, the power planet, which takes us deep into our own psyche to excavate the treasures that lie there.  A harmonious sextile from the Moon to Neptune enhances creativity and imagination, helping us to better understand the depth of feeling and emotion that the Cancer Full Moon can bring up.

The Moon enters Leo at 11:03 pm which will shake off the heavy emotionality of the Full Moon a little faster than would normally occur. There is also a harmonious sextile building from Mercury to Uranus which enhances greater understanding and intuitive awareness. This is an excellent aspect for problem solving, so if you have a decision that needs to be made Monday evening or sometime Tuesday is a great time for this.

Tuesday January 18. The Mercury/Uranus sextile culminates at 5:04 am and will slowly fade throughout the day. The Leo Moon is very active in the afternoon, somewhat self-centered and not always understanding others right now but wanting to try (Moon opposite Mercury 3:39 pm, trine Chiron in Aries 4:21 pm, square Uranus in Taurus 8:11 pm).  Under that Leo Moon we want to do the right thing and these are challenging planetary aspects that suggest we are likely to get it wrong so that a lesson can be learned, especially when…

Wednesday January 19. The Leo Moon opposes Saturn at 2:18 am EST. This aspect lasts only a few hours but if there are challenges on Tuesday, they will likely culminate with this aspect. Then the Sun enters Aquarius and marks an energetic shift which will break up any stuck patterns from these Leo Moon problems.

Thursday January 20. The Leo Moon harmonizes in a trine to Mars around 3:15 am, most of us in the US will be asleep but this is a very nice conclusion to the lunar trip through Leo, fostering abundant positive energy and confident enthusiasm. The Moon will move into Virgo at 9:02 am EST and we become less concerned about how we are handling our lives and more interested in making things work.  An opposition from the Moon to Jupiter at around 6 pm will help to bolster our confidence which will be a good boost for tomorrow’s lunar aspects.

Friday January 21 begins with some positive lunar energy, inspiring change and general good will (trine Uranus 5:28 am, trine Venus 8:18 am). Under the Virgo influence we can tend to get bogged down by the details and these harmonious influences can help us to use the best of Virgo’s organizational skills to maneuver through our life more effectively.

Saturday January 22. The Virgo Moon is very active with conflicting influences on Saturday, and because Virgo inspires us to create order we may feel a bit discombobulated (opposite Neptune 12:43 am, trine Pluto 10:52 am, square Mars 2:45 pm). Remember though that these lunar effects last only a few hours and are not that significant!

The Moon will enter Libra at 5:02 pm seeking peace and equanimity, and will harmonize with the Sun and Mercury throughout the evening, bringing abundant positivity and optimism if we remember to take advantage of it! (trine Sun 10:42 pm, trine Mercury 11:47 pm).

Sunday January 23.  A conjunction of the Sun to Mercury on Sunday marks the midpoint of the Mercury retrograde cycle. I really like the symbolism of this – we are unconscious most of the time, living our lives with a certain amount of automatic behaviors, and when the Sun illuminates the planet of the mind it can bring everything into a sharp focus. When Mercury is retrograde, our thoughts and the actions that stem from them become critical and the Sun/Mercury conjunction can be the perfect time for some introspection.

Meanwhile the Libra Moon is quite busy on Sunday, amplifying an old wound in the morning, trying to repair relationships in the early afternoon, and finding focus and attention to detail in the evening (opposite Chiron 9:25 am, square Venus 2:21 pm, trine Saturn 7:25 pm).

Next week:  Mars enters Capricorn Monday morning just before next week’s report is published. Mars in Capricorn puts all of its energy into discipline and success, and for the next couple of months this could help with any focus problems we might be experiencing.

I hope you have a great week in the meantime! ❤️


The lunar nodes enter a new portal of change: Passion and Comfort with Scorpio and Taurus


The lunar nodes mark the intersection of the apparent (from our perspective on Earth) paths of the Sun and the Moon, and symbolically this marks the crossroads of consciousness (Sun) and instinct (Moon). The ascending, or North Node, points the way to the future, and the descending, or South Node, describes the journey’s origin and the energies we are moving away from and which will sometimes hold us back.

Because of precession and the way the earth orbits relative to the Sun, these points we call the lunar nodes move backwards through the zodiac unlike planetary bodies which move through the natural progression of signs from Aries to Pisces. I like to think of this as part of the karmic aspect of the nodes – an opportunity to retrace our past steps to clean up any lingering unfinished business.

There is a great deal of debate in astrological circles whether to use the True Node, the actual position of the lunar nodes which wobble back and forth almost daily, or the Mean Node which averages the nodal position. In a natal chart I use the True Node because the actual position is, to me, important to the symbolism of its meaning in the chart. The True Node will enter Taurus (at 29 degrees) on January 30, 2022.  The Mean Node (the averaged position) actually entered Taurus on January 10th. In any case, this is a major shift of focus for humans living on Planet Earth and changes the narrative a bit, as well as the style in which we encounter the experiences around us.

For the past eighteen months or so (since May 2020) the North Node has been in Gemini, with the South Node in Sagittarius. This is a polarity of communication and learning: Gemini is curious and open minded, and Sagittarius seeks higher wisdom and one truth. I think we can see a little bit of how this has played out over the past eighteen months.  Now the nodes are shifting from mutable signs to fixed, with the North Node in Taurus and the South Node in Scorpio. This is a polarity of comfort (Taurus) vs power (Scorpio) – what are we holding onto (Scorpio South Node) that we must let go of in order to find a healthy and grounded balance (Taurus North Node).

Fixed signs which do not adapt well to change, and yet we are in a time of change. Fixed signs are empowered and foster stability, but in times of change the fixed signs must learn to use their power of endurance in order to facilitate transformation in the midst of evolution and that is what is called for over the next eighteen months before the North Node shifts back into Aries and the South Node into Libra. In April the Nodes will form a stressful square to Saturn in Aquarius which could give rise to power conflicts and accelerated global struggles which will be even more pronounced when Uranus becomes involved with the Nodes in August and sets off the Saturn/Uranus square (the conflict that we saw throughout 2021) once more.

In our personal lives we are being asked to learn to let go of the places in which we have become stuck (Scorpio South Node) and learn to find peace and comfort in the simple things of human existence (Taurus). As someone with planets along this axis (Venus Scorpio/Jupiter Taurus), this is a lesson I quite need and look forward to practicing more of!


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Astrological forecast for the week of January 10, 2022: Mercury retrograde and a Plutonic Full Moon


This week we actually have two planets changing direction: Mercury will turn retrograde on January 14th, and Uranus turns direct January 18th after being retrograde for the past six months or so. Mercury and Uranus are related symbolically as they both are involved in processes of the intellect: Mercury rules the small mind – the day to day thoughts and information that filter through our intelligence and inform our world, and Uranus is associated with the higher mind which translates information from multilevel dimensions of consciousness (intuition and insight, the “aha” moment).  Uranus of course is a much slower moving planet than Mercury, so its movements take much longer and it has been stationary for the past couple of months in preparation for this change of direction whereas Mercury has been stationary for the past few days.

When planets appear to be stationary their influence is more potent, especially if that planet is forming an angle to a planet in our chart. In any case, this is a week in which the processing of information is critical: communication, learning, thoughts, mechanical equipment – all of these things are under focus right now. Under the influence of Uranus which demands change from old paradigms we may be chafing while in yet another quarantine, but we may also be blessed with inventive ideas for how to change our world to better adapt to the current situation. Under the influence of Mercury stationing as it turns retrograde we may find ourselves stuck in a problem for which we can see no escape, and in that case the Uranian brilliance can help us to suddenly discover the solution.

Venus is still retrograde of course, and clients are telling me of dreams they are having of people from the past, something that often happens as we look back over relationships and the things and people we value.

Meanwhile Mars, planet of action and resilience, makes a challenging square aspect to Neptune and while this aspect culminates on Tuesday its influence will remain for much of the week. Mars is currently in Sagittarius where our desires (Mars) are focused on the aspects of life which will help us to expand and grow.

Neptune is a transformational outer planet – it inspires us to let go of the mundane world of details and facts and discover the magic of imagination and spiritual yearning. It is not the most practical of planetary forces, and when in a challenging aspect to Mars as it is this week it tends to create some confusion in areas where a more practical focus is required.  Fortunately a harmonious sextile from the Sun to Neptune on Monday and Tuesday helps to bring out the best of the Neptunian inspiration and acts as a bit of a roadmap for navigating any confusion.

Finally, energies will be building throughout the weekend for Monday’s Full Moon in Cancer. Cancer is the Moon’s own sign, and the fullness of human emotion and sensitivity will prevail during this time. This will be made more intense by the fact that the Moon is opposed by intense Pluto at the Full Moon, and a conjunction from the Sun to Pluto in Capricorn on Saturday and Sunday will have already primed us for the power of the Plutonic experience which takes us below a superficial experience into the depths of wisdom and awareness.

This is a kind and compassionate Full Moon, but one which requires the courage to face some difficult truths. A difficult quincunx aspect from Mars to the Moon suggests that resolution is not likely at this time and we will need to live with the discomfort for a few days, but fortunately a harmonious trine from Neptune to the Moon will soften that discomfort and help to promote greater compassion and ease.

Lunar events this week (dates and times are for Eastern time zone, please adjust for your locality):

  • Moon enters Taurus 9:46 am Monday January 10th.
  • Moon enters Gemini 10:08 pm Wednesday January 12th
  • Moon enters Cancer 11:10 am Saturday January 15th

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Astrological update for the week of January 3, 2022 – A bit of planetary R&R


I may have neglected to mention last week that yesterday’s Capricorn New Moon was a SuperMoon, and today here on the East Coast of the US we are enjoying the meteorological effects.  We are under a heavy influence of Saturn currently – not only do we have the waning energies of the Saturn-ruled Capricorn New Moon, but six planetary bodies are ruled by Saturn right now: Sun, Venus, Moon and Pluto in Capricorn, and Mercury in Aquarius along with Saturn itself.  Saturn demands accountability and responsibility, so even though Jupiter has entered Pisces and we all want to relax and thing everything will be blissful from now on, it might not be that easy.  In my view the best way to manage these opposing forces is to hope for and visualize the best (Jupiter in Pisces) while preparing for the worst in a disciplined fashion (Saturn).

Here’s your forecast for the week ahead. Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your locality.

Monday January 3.  The energies of the Capricorn New Moon will be waning for a day or two, so this is a great time to be organized. The Moon will leave Saturn ruled Capricorn at 5:43 pm today and move into Saturn-ruled Aquarius so the six planetary bodies in Capricorn will still be in effect until Wednesday when the Moon enters Pisces.

The Moon is quite busy on Monday as it passes by Venus and Capricorn in the morning and forms a harmonious trine to Ceres in the afternoon.  Structure and functionality are the keywords for today.

Tuesday January 4.  The Aquarius Moon activates the challenging square alignment between Saturn and Uranus (the Story of 2021 as I called it all last year).  Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn (traditional rulership) and Uranus (modern transformational ruler), and demands that we find a way to integrate the need to break out of rigid and outmoded ideas while maintaining a solid and grounded footing.

This alignment will be strongest between around 10 am and 3 pm EST and we may feel a bit stuck, after which we also have a supportive lunar aspect to Mars that will help us to put plans into action. We also have a soft Venus/Neptune aspect (sextile) building today which will culminate Wednesday.

Wednesday January 5.  That harmonious Venus/Neptune sextile peaks at around 11 am EST, making this a wonderfully creative day full of compassion and sensitive connection. This will be even more true when the Moon enters Pisces at 7:16 pm and conjoins Jupiter at around 10 pm EST.  Neptune and the Pisces Moon open the heart and the doors of inspiration, and the lunar aspect to Jupiter encourages confidence and optimism.

By Wednesday some of that Saturnian influence will have lifted, although this Capricorn/Aquarius concentration will linger for a few weeks.

Thursday January 6.  Thursday is relatively quiet astrologically, with only a brief dance of the Pisces Moon with Uranus at about 2 pm. This may bring a bit of excitement about taking on something new, but otherwise we will have a fairly peaceful day.

Friday January 7.  The Moon is activate today – creating some irritation around 2 am (this could mean difficulty sleeping for those of us in the US), but then engaging in some harmonious aspects for the rest of the day.  (Moon square Mars 1:54 am, sextile Venus 5:41 am, conjunct Neptune 7:39 am, sextile Pluto 5:23 pm.)

The Pisces Moon tends to inspire dreaminess and creativity rather than organizational skills, so this period from Wednesday through Friday is better suited for anything requiring imagination.

Saturday January 8.  The Moon enters Aries at 12:25 am EST and fires up the engines, providing a boost of physical and mental energy with a supportive sextile to Mercury around 2:30 pm.  The Sun conjoins Venus at 7:47 pm that day, a beautifully optimistic, hopefully and generally lucky influence that will last throughout the day.

Around 4:30 pm there may be some emotional discomfort as the Aries Moon triggers subconscious wounds with a conjunction to Chiron at 4:30 pm, but that will soon lift.

Sunday January 9.  Sunday is a generally harmonious day with plenty of opportunity for positive energies. The Aries Moon is active with a combination of supportive and challenging aspects (sextile Saturn 12:26 am, square Venus 11 am, trine Mars 12:57 pm, square Sun 1:11 pm), but Mercury harmonizes with Chiron (peaking at 9:07 pm) to help us to integrate lessons learned through difficult experiences.

All in all this is a great week to re-group and find our footing after a difficult year.  Mars is building all week towards a square to Neptune in Pisces that peaks on January 11th, potentially causing some confusion and lack of direction. Organizing loose ends in the early part of the week will help to ameliorate some of those difficulties. ❤️


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Astrological update for the week of December 27 2021: A New Year and a New Moon


Monday December 27.  We are just coming off a harmonious sextile from Mercury in Capricorn to Neptune in Pisces that occurred at 9:38 pm on December 26th – an aspect which bestows creative inspiration but is less interested in practical matters. This influence will still be active for at least part of the day on Monday but will begin to wane, so if there are difficult decisions to make we can use the earlier part of the day to visualize outcomes, and the later part of the day to make the actual decision or plan.

Otherwise the Libra Moon is quite active today, activating old wounds in the early morning but finding balance and steadiness in the afternoon (opposite Chiron 7:38 am, sextile Mars 10:07 am, trine Saturn 12:55 pm).

Tuesday December 28.  The Libra Moon is active again today with challenging squares for much of the day. Under the Libra Moon we seek balance and equanimity, and that will be in short supply on Tuesday until evening when a short but sweet trine to Jupiter brings harmony back into the psyche just before the Moon enters Scorpio at 9:16 pm.  (Moon square Mercury 8:56 am, square Venus 12:19 pm, square Pluto 2:06 pm, trine Jupiter 9:10 pm.)

Meanwhile Mercury and Venus are beginning to align in Capricorn, helping us to prepare for the New Moon a few days later. This aspect culminates on Wednesday but the effect is already within reach, easing communication and facilitating greater understanding and a greater ability to create a path forward.

Jupiter enters Pisces at 11:09 pm EST – sweet dreams!

Wednesday December 29.  The Mercury/Venus conjunction culminates at 10:27 am but the effects will linger throughout the day, something that will help a challenging square from the Sun to Chiron which could illuminate particularly tender spots in the psyche or the heart which are ready to emerge and be released once and for all.

The challenging square from Saturn to Uranus that was the Story of 2021 (radical reactions and social unrest) has just culminated but is still active, and it is further activated by the Scorpio Moon on Wednesday.  Scorpio isn’t afraid to dive into the most treacherous emotional spaces so watch for emotional triggers and land mines today. This is especially intense because of a conjunction from Mercury (mind) to Pluto, Scorpio’s modern ruler, which begins building on Wednesday.  We will all be more intense than usual but a soft aspect from Mars in easy-going Sagittarius harmonizes with Saturn to promote an easier path through choppy waters (culminates just after midnight on Thursday morning).

Thursday December 30.  That Mercury/Pluto conjunction peaks at 9:53 am EST so if there is a great deal of tension it will begin to relax somewhat after that time, although we may continue to hold onto the stress while the Moon is in Scorpio.  Fortunately a series of harmonious lunar aspects will soften these energies (Scorpio Moon trine Neptune 7:51 am, sextile Venus 1:18 pm, sextile Pluto 4:27 pm, sextile Mercury 5:10 pm.)

The Moon enters Sagittarius at 11:08 pm EST and forms a strong square to Jupiter just before midnight to bring a determined optimism and a tendency to go overboard.  This aspect lasts only for a few hours but under this influence you may think you can do anything so maybe wait til Friday to make any important decisions.

Friday December 31. Today is full of happy and positive energies.  Some nice lunar aspects help to promote general good feeling, and an earthy trine from the Capricorn Sun to Uranus (new possibilities) shines the light on the promise of a brighter day ahead.  (Moon trine Chiron 12:51 pm, sextile Saturn 6:14 pm, conjunct Mars 8 pm.)

Saturday January 1.  Happy New Year!  The Sun shines brightly astrologically today, no matter what the weather is in your part of the world, with this trine to Uranus.  A beautiful day to awaken hope for the future and a brighter New Year.

The Moon enters Capricorn at 11:07 pm, bringing our attention to the strategies that will help us to build a strong foundation.

Sunday January 2.  The Capricorn New Moon at 6:33 pm EST locks in harmonious aspects to Jupiter and Uranus, the two planets of freedom and liberation.  This is a very positive aspect to facilitate the unfolding of new patterns and pathways which can result in a new kind of wisdom and manifestation. A square from the New Moon to Chiron could evoke a longing from the past and a wish for healing which can be immediately honored by the positive energies of Jupiter and Uranus.

Shortly after the New Moon Mercury leaves solid Capricorn for brilliant Aquarius. Reason and intellect will prevail while Mercury is in Aquarius, at least until the Pisces New Moon when a Pisces stellium (including a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction) will elevate sensitivity and creativity and potential illusion.  But that’s a story for another time, so stay tuned!

Have a great week, and a blessed New Year. ❤️

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The astrology of 2022: Birth pangs for the New Age


First: A look back at 2021. 

Following on the heels of 2020, a year when the astrology (Capricorn stellium and Saturn/Pluto conjunction, along with a record-breaking period of retrograde planets) spoke of repression and control as the world locked down to battle the Coronavirus, we were all hoping for a brighter future and as I titled my 2021 forecast, “A new way forward.”  However, I closed with this paragraph and I think we can agree that this is a little truer than we had imagined:

Where 2020 marked a breakdown phase thanks to a Capricornian cluster, 2021 is symbolized by the Aquarian ideals of fraternity, brotherhood and equality. These ideals are somewhat impersonal, and in order to achieve greater freedom we must understand that some loss of personal liberty is essential. Astrological conflicts require integration and resolution of conflicting opposites, and in 2021 the need to find that integration and balance will become a life or death proposition and likely result in major shifts of global power and also personal priorities.

The final exact challenging square between Saturn in Aquarius (control for the sake of the collective) and Uranus in Taurus (breaking out of paradigms, shifting values and shattering ideals) occurs at the end of December 2021, but between August and October the dance between these two planets will tighten to a one degree separation from exactitude. This suggests that the struggles and civil unrest that we’ve seen over this past year will abate, but will not be over completely any time soon.

Jupiter in Pisces, conjunct Neptune

Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces (with Neptune being the modern ruler), and Jupiter and Neptune share an expansive view of the world, and a desire to bring true meaning into our lives.  However, Jupiter’s focus is more on the expansion of the Self through a pursuit of meaning and Truth where the Piscean desire to submerge the Self requires an annihilation of individuality.  It is here where trouble can occur – especially in April 2022 when Jupiter and Neptune conjoin in Pisces for a fantabulous merger of relentless optimism and delusion.  Until then Jupiter’s confidence and optimism could be useful in helping us navigate our way out of the pandemic without the Saturnian pressures we’ve had over the past two years.

Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter will sneak into Aries on May 10, 2022 and will remain in Aries until October 28 when it retrogrades back into Pisces for two months. It will make the final shift into Aries December 20th. This is the beginning of new experiences – in Aries we tend to approach our lives from a place of innocence.  Jupiter in Aries is accurately depicted by the Fool card in the Tarot: The Fool is someone who approaches their life with complete trust and innocence.  It’s a beautiful day, the Sun is shining, and they’re about to walk off a cliff.  The little dog is barking in warning, but the Fool has complete trust that the Universe will take care of him and protect him.  Jupiter in Aries offers a fresh new beginning of faith and trust in the Universe and in our own ability to follow the path that our soul has set out for us.

With Jupiter in Aries, there is a desire for constant growth.  Jupiter expands, and Aries is endless energy and initiation of new actions.  We don’t want to be still – we don’t want to submit to any rules.  There’s lots of enthusiasm and passionate and pure, unadulterated drive which I expect to lead to more independence from governmental restrictions as we head into the summer. This will be frightening to some who have become very fearful during the pandemic, but I believe that it will help us to move into a more normalized world situation.  Under Jupiter in Pisces we long to be happy and to find peace, and under Jupiter in Aries we are ready for a new adventure and it becomes easier to take risks with greater confidence.

Venus retrograde

Venus turns retrograde every 18 months, and it has just turned retrograde on December 19th.  For several weeks Venus has been conjunct Pluto, intensifying and putting pressure on our relationships as well as our values. This retrograde period will finish on January 29 2022, and during this cycle Venus will continue to interact with Pluto and will also link up with Mars from late January into early March, culminating with a triple conjunction of Venus, Mars and Pluto all in Capricorn.

In plain English this suggests that everything that we value will be put under a microscope so that we may better understand how the various aspects of our lives fit into our priorities and our hopes and dreams.  People, tasks, investments, pleasures, self-esteem – there is an opportunity to re-assess all of these facets of Venusian experiences in order to find greater equanimity, balance, and wholeness.

Mars retrograde

Mars turns retrograde every two years, and in 2022 it’s our turn once again. When a planet appears to travel in retrograde motion from our perspective here on Earth, it is actually closest to Earth than in any point of its apparent orbit, and its influence can be more powerful. This is especially true when it is slowing down in preparation of the change of direction. Mars is critically important, and when Mars is ineffective or stifled we end up with a wide variety of health problems from chronic fatigue to serious immune disorders.

During this Mars retrograde period we can get to know Mars a little better, and perhaps learn how to use it more effectively. Positive attributes of Mars include motivation, inspiration, standing up for what is right, setting good boundaries for how we choose to be treated, understanding what we need and allowing ourselves the confidence to express this, and under the retrograde period it may be more difficult to accomplish these things, making it a good time to put a little extra effort into learning to become more effective and empowered humans.

A word about the US Pluto Return

You may have read here in these pages and on other sites and channels that the US is undergoing a return of transiting Pluto to Pluto in the US chart.  Pluto takes about 244 years to orbit the Sun, so humans never experience a Pluto return.  But nations do, and these can be times that are destabilizing and critical junctures in the histories of these nations.  Although the exact degree of the US Pluto return occurs in February 2022, Pluto has been within one degree of the US Pluto throughout 2021 and was pretty darn close in 2020.

The problem with trying to predict the future using astrology is that the present is always changing the future as it unfolds.  Five years ago, looking ahead to the Pluto return in the US chart which begins officially next year, I could not have predicted the changes that would take place in the United States. As the Pluto return tightens its noose, the darkness in the US that is usually hidden will continue to emerge, and this is a frightening prospect.  However, Pluto’s domain is the kind of transformation that comes when darkness is set on fire and burned.

In addition, there is another and more insidious planetary aspect at work right now in the US, and that is the opposition (180 deg) aspect between transiting Neptune and US Neptune.  This aspect officially began in May 2021 when transiting Neptune reached the exact degree of the opposition, but the opposition began to tighten back in March and April 2020 when Neptune began its steady approach to the exact degree. At its best, Neptune urges us to transcend the day to day humdrum reality and escape into a more brilliant and beautiful experience, one of inspiration and magic and creative spirituality.  At its worst, this urge for escape and transcendence leads to addiction and delusion, and this is complicated further by the fact that Neptune squares Mars in the US chart, obfuscating motivations and promoting idealism over facts.

The final phase of the Neptune opposition in the US chart occurs in March of 2022 but it’s accompanied by Jupiter which will be very close to its conjunction to Neptune at that time.  This could amplify potential confusion and erode objectivity right just as US Pluto return reaches its point of exactitude for the first time. Consequently, those of us in the United States will be watching an important drama play out before our eyes – the battle for the soul of the nation in the midst of a changing world.

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The meaning of Venus retrograde in Capricorn, 2021-2022


Venus usually slips through our lives like a whisper, and we barely experience her transits.  Her influence is usually soft and encouraging and I often say that we only really take notice when we experience discomfort of some kind.  Even the challenging transits of Venus are benign, offering us only an opportunity to indulge in greater indulgence.  Venus is currently at the end of Capricorn and has been in a challenging conjunction to Pluto for the past week or so.  In Capricorn, everything we do takes on a more somber flavor and when we’re talking about Venus that includes our approach to aesthetics and everything we hold dear in addition to relationships.  As the goddess of love and beauty, she bestows an attractive power and grace, but that attractive power draws more than love.  It can also be a magnet for financial wealth and personal possessions so in that way, Venus is said to rule our values and the things that we love as well as the people. Venus also rules our ability to love and relate to our self, and the kind of talents and personal resources that we possess as well as the material possessions.

Venus turns retrograde every 18 months or so and over time it forms a beautiful pentagram design like an unfolding rose.  Astrologer David Crook explains:  “Venus orbits the sun once every 224.7 days, while the Earth every 365.25 days. The ratio of these two periods is 0.615, or about 8 to 13. Since the difference between 8 & 13 is 5, the path of Venus has a five-fold symmetry relative to Earth = The Rose of Venus/Pentagram of Venus.”

Like all retrograde cycles, the Venus retrograde gives us an opportunity to reassess our values and the things and people to which we would like to remain attached.  This is especially true in Capricorn where we tend to see Venusian matters through the Capricornian lens of pragmatism and effectiveness.

The current retrograde cycle begins with Venus in a conjunction to Pluto, which has been intensifying not only relationships but our values since the beginning of December – the first exact aspect was December 11th but because Venus has been virtually stationary as it prepares to change direction, this aspect to Pluto has been tight for the past two weeks.  The second conjunction will take place on December 25 with Venus retrograde, and then Venus will begin to retrograde away from the conjunction to Pluto.

The final alignment will not occur until March 3, 2022, well after Venus turns direct at the end of January.  This is a critical time to be cautious with finances and respectful of our relationships, as with Pluto there may be land mines in both areas of our lives.  The presence of Pluto in this retrograde period also suggests that relationships of all kinds could be challenged if they do not align with our highest potential.  Pluto intensifies everything in our life, but it also helps to guide us along a path that may be unexpected with surprising benefits.  Under Pluto’s auspices we can be broken down to our core, but Pluto also provides the guide to rebuild and emerge with greater personal wisdom and empowerment.


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