Planetary news this week: Mars turns direct and the Moon sings


Astrological update for the week of January 9-16, 2023

This week we are in the waning phase of the Moon, just after the fullness of last week’s Full Moon and heading towards the second of three Super New Moons in a row. This is an interesting time of letting go as the Moon wanes, but also building anticipation as we move into a Super New Moon, a time when the Moon is at its closest point to Earth.

Throughout the month of January there are no major planetary alignments, so the smaller planets have a bigger story and will have a say in what is released this week as the Moon continues to wane, and in what is created at the New Moon on the 21st.

Mars turns direct. Mars, planet of action and desire, has been particularly troublesome while retrograde in Mercury-ruled Gemini and the double whammy with Mercury retrograde has wreaked havoc on communication (the botched election for the U.S. House Speaker is a good example!).  Mars is stationary as it prepares to change direction, and Mercury will turn direct on the 18th so they are both prominent in the sky in anticipation of the direction change.

Let’s take a look at what else is in store for us this week. (Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, here is a time zone converter to adjust for your locality.)

Monday January 9. As the week begins, the Moon is still in the sunny sign of Leo where we are motivated to look for bits of sunlight in the midst of any darkness or drama that we find ourselves in. A Mercury/Uranus aspect lingers from Sunday to help us with new conceptions and sparkling new ways of looking at the world.

This is a great day for all kinds of relationships too – our interactions with others are more stimulating, and it will be easier to balance our own needs with those of the people around us. There may be a short time in the evening when we may find ourselves feeling blocked or sad, but this will likely last for just a few hours. (Mercury square Uranus Sunday 6:23 pm. Monday’s alignments: Mercury square Uranus 4:02 am, Venus trine Mars 10:21 am, Moon opposite Saturn 8:52 pm.)

Tuesday January 10. The Moon enters Virgo at 10:15 EST and shifts our focus away from things that make us feel good and happy under Leo to the things that help us to feel organized and that there is some order in the world. When the Moon is in Virgo, discovering creative ways to structure our daily routines can be magical and helps us to find greater mental equanimity.

Mercury rules the Virgo Moon, and a difficult Mercury aspect builds on Tuesday to culminate on Wednesday that could bring up some old wounds and emotional challenges. Taking a pen to paper and writing down anything that comes up on Tuesday and Wednesday will help to reframe the emotions into something which can be worked with.

Wednesday January 11. That difficult Mercury aspect culminates in the wee hours of the morning after a challenging lunar aspect and then begins to release later in the morning EST. Harmonious lunar aspects smooth any psychic wrinkles and help us to regain the sense of security that helps us to accomplish things under the Virgo Moon. (Moon square Mars 2:36 am, Mercury square Chiron 3:48 am, Moon trine Mercury 9:57 am, Moon trine Uranus 4:17 pm.)

Thursday January 12. Today is an excellent day to repair any relationships which might require some tweaking. There is greater emotional balance, Mars turns direct today to offer confidence and a boost of energy.

The Moon enters Libra around 10 pm EST and encourages us to find greater equanimity and balance. (Moon trine Sun 6:07 am, Moon opposite Neptune 8:21 am, Venus sextile Chiron 1:46 pm, Mars turns direct 3:56 pm, Moon trine Pluto 6:06 pm, Moon enters Libra 9:56 pm.)

Friday January 13. The Sun intertwines with Neptune today to bring a magical day of creativity and illumination. The Libra Moon, ruled by Venus, seeks beauty and peacefulness in all things, and this is an unbeatable combination for a day of equanimity and experiences which bring us into the sacred. (Moon opposite Jupiter 3:33 am, conjunct Ceres 8:28 am, Sun sextile Neptune 9:11 am, Moon trine Mars 1:45 pm, Moon square Mercury 4:55 pm, Moon opposite Chiron 9:30 pm.)

Saturday January 14. The Venus-ruled Libra Moon harmonizes with Venus and Saturn just after midnight EST for a beautiful burst of positive energies which  may help to smooth over some ruffled feathers that arise that day. There’s an unpredictability in our relationships which can serve to make positive changes or to cause us to feel somewhat destabilized. If we choose the path to change it will help us to find the stability. (Moon trine Venus 12:57 am, trine Saturn 7:47 pm, Venus square Uranus 8:21 pm, Moon square Sun 9:10 pm.)

Sunday January 15. On Sunday we dive into the deep as the Moon makes the transition into Scorpio. Feelings become more intense and desires may begin to lead the way. Emotions can be quite powerful and under the sign of Scorpio our feelings can easily generate a new reality. Later in the day passion merges with ideas to help us find the focus required for positive change. (Moon square Pluto 3:39 am, Moon enters Scorpio 7:08 am, Moon sextile Mercury 10:47 pm.)

I hope you have a beautiful and magical week!! ❤️

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Planetary news this week: The first Full Moon of the year


Astrological update for the week of January 2-9, 2023

artist unknown

Well folks, we made it to 2023: the year everything will change (see this post for more details if you missed it), and the portal to the door of change will begin at the Aquarius New Moon later in the month. Read on to know more!

Mercury is still retrograde and will not turn direct until later this month. In fact, the conjunction of the Sun to Mercury later this weeks marks the midpoint of that cycle. Mercury represents the mind and the processing of information, and it is in Capricorn right now where all of the details are important. When Mercury appears to be retrograde it is closer to Earth than at other times, and all matters of communication and equipment become more important and require more attention to operate smoothly. Most of you know by now not to let that plant a seed of fear – we can still live our lives with a minimum of worry, but our attention will likely keep us drawn back into something from the past that needs to be re-adjusted or re-paired.

Full Moon in Cancer on January 6th For now will open the portal of emotions and feeling to guide us into the high mental vibration of Aquarius. There is a sense here of emotions conflicting with the mind; Mercury conjoins the Sun (the halfway point of the Mercury Retrograde cycle), favoring the thoughts and ideas of the solar consciousness, and opposes the Moon in an attempt to block and diminish the lunar light of interior wisdom.

This is a Full Moon which is rich in symbolism and psychic drama, especially since Chiron is in a square to Sun/Mercury AND the Moon, peeling back the layers of protection which we have carefully accumulated over the years. For a few days before the lunation and a few days after, watch for intensified emotions that offer a clue to healing old hurts and wounds.

And now, here are the details of the week ahead. (Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, here is a time zone converter to adjust for your locality.)

Monday January 2. The week begins with the Moon in Taurus, but it will move into Gemini later Monday evening. Monday is packed with multiple planetary interactions.  We may find ourselves feeling hyper-emotional and perhaps experiencing emotions that have long been dormant (this could also have affected Sunday as well). A harmonious aspect of creativity and positive conversation is waning, so any anxious feelings are likely to dominate the emotional airwaves even though harmonious lunar aspects try to soothe ruffled feathers.

These challenges will likely subside later in the evening when Venus and the Moon both move into air signs. Venus entering Aquarius will offer perspective and a rational viewpoint into relationship issues, and the Moon in adaptable Gemini will help release any stuck emotions. (Mercury sextile Neptune 1:44 am, Moon square Saturn 7:14 am, trine Mercury 7:30 am, sextile Neptune 7:52 am, Sun square Chiron 11:01 am, Moon trine Pluto 5:16 pm, Venus enters Aquarius 9:09 pm, Moon enters Gemini 9:44 pm, Moon trine Venus 9:48 pm.)

Tuesday January 3. Lunar aspects today are mild and help to promote good vibes and positive energies, especially with a Venus/Jupiter aspect beginning to build today which will culminate on Wednesday.

Watch for potential conflict for a few hours in the afternoon; or better yet, go for a run or get some good exercise to help burn off any excess Mars energy. (Moon sextile Jupiter 12:36 am, Moon trine Ceres 4:54 am, Moon conjunct Mars 2:47 pm, Moon sextile Chiron 9:22 pm.)

Wednesday January 4. Today’s Venus/Jupiter aspect bodes well for economic good fortune as well as some positive self-indulgence with nothing to stand in our way. (Venus sextile Jupiter 4:07 am, Moon trine Saturn 6:53 pm, Moon square Neptune 7:07 pm.)

Thursday January 5. The Moon enters Cancer in the morning, paving the way for Friday’s Cancer Full Moon. Expect to feel more things, perhaps a desire to cook or go down a rabbit hole on Ancestry. A lovely solar aspect to Uranus opens the mind and encourages us to be open to new possibilities and ways of looking at the world.

The Cancer Moon tends to be other-focused and to neglect the self, but Venus and Ceres team up in harmony to encourage some self-care along with Cancer’s famous nurturing. (Moon enters Cancer 9:14 am, Sun trine Uranus 11:43 am, Moon square Jupiter 12:50 pm, Moon square Ceres 5:33 pm.)

Friday January 6. Full Moon today! Refer to the information above for the details.

(Venus trine Ceres 6:30 am, Moon square Chiron 9:24 am, Moon sextile Uranus 3:29 pm, Full Moon 6:07 pm, Moon opposite Mercury 8:35 pm.)

Saturday January 7. The Full Moon energies are still strong on Saturday, and creativity abounds in the morning. The exact conjunction of the Sun to Mercury which began under the Full Moon still suggests the need to find balance between the realm of feelings (Cancer Moon) and the world of reason (Sun and Mercury).

This will feel more of a challenge in the late afternoon when the Moon triggers a reaction from Pluto, but after the Moon enters Leo later in the evening it will become easier to release resentment. (Moon trine Neptune 7:29 am, Sun conjunct Mercury 7:56 am, Moon opposite Pluto 5:22 pm, Moon enters Leo 9:40 pm.)

Sunday January 8. An abundance of lunar dynamics, mostly positive, help to energize Sunday and make it a great day to find something enjoyable to do. That should be fairly easy since Mercury and Uranus come together to stimulate the mind and generate new pathways of excitement. An altogether good end to the week! (Moon trine Jupiter 1:59 am, sextile Ceres 6:58 am, opposite Venus 11:52 am, sextile Mars 2:19 pm, Mercury trine Uranus 6:23 pm, Moon trine Chiron 10:03 pm.)


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The astrology of the 2020s, Part Two: The astrological cycles

Basic concepts from my astrological theology.

  • Harmonious alignments facilitate ease and flow, but they do not generate action. Challenging hard angle aspects promote conflict and discomfort, but they generate personal evolution and transformation.
  • Outer planets serve to inspire and galvanize change on a global level. I believe that the Universe is always striving for balance, and where earthly existence is out of balance a readjustment is needed.
  • Interactions of outer planets activate change where change is needed. If we know the planet we are dealing with, we know what kind of things to look for.
    • Saturn will demand that we focus on the difficult things and not take the easy unproven path.
    • Uranus will ask us to question whether our life permits us to live authentically and in accordance with our true nature.
    • Neptune will blur our vision and cause us to question all of our values in an effort to achieve a sense of magic and illumination in our lives.
    • Pluto will act like the tornado in the Wizard of Oz, picking us up out of our lives while change whirls around us, and put us back somewhere unexpected and transformed from the inside out.

Age of Air. I wrote about the Age of Air in Part I of this series, but to recap: The conjunction of Jupiter to Saturn in Aquarius in 2021 marked the beginning of a new 800 year cycle in the air element. You can catch up here if you want more details, but we are shifting out of a 200-year Age of Earth which was marked by construction and the establishment of governments and other structures. The element of Air is more conceptual – philosophical. It is marked by changes in the way information is handled. The last Age of Air occurred roughly between 1200 and 1400 and was marked by an explosion in inventions: Rockets, cannons and explosive bombs for military use, eyeglasses for better vision. The creation of written documents of religious thought spread throughout the world: Celtic mythology in Wales, Norse paganism in Iceland, and the bulk of the religious crusades in the Holy Land spread during this period.

In the 21st century and beyond the themes will likely focus on things like space travel, artificial intelligence and the changing philosophies that required as a result of our changing relationship with machines. (See these articles about the Singularity for more information.)  Over the next 200 years the human experience will change dramatically. But that is not our concern right now.

Basic themes of the next few years.  Outer planets do not change signs very often (Uranus every 7 years, Neptune every 12 years, and Pluto every 12-31 years depending on which sign it travels through). It is exceptionally rare for all outer planets to change signs at the same time but we not only have Pluto entering Aquarius for the first time since 1778 next year, in 2025 Uranus and Neptune will change signs. In addition, Saturn will also change signs in 2023, and then again in 2025. Here’s what that looks like:

2023: Saturn enters Pisces, Pluto enters Aquarius.
2025: Neptune enters Aries, Saturn enters Aries (Saturn/Neptune conjunction), Uranus enters Gemini

On top of all this, signs are everywhere that we are in the doorway of the Age of Aquarius (the boom in Artificial Intelligence, gender fluidity and neutrality, the end of organized religion…etc.).  I think it’s safe to say that over the next few years an extreme transformation of human experience will begin.

2023. Next year the entry of Pluto into Aquarius will cement the shift into the Age of Air. I’ll be writing about this in greater depth, but the first few years of Pluto’s entry into a sign typically brings great change and we are likely to see a burgeoning of machine intelligence along with a splintering of the tendency of humans to build hierarchical social structures such as churches and governments. Small revolutionary acts by individuals will continue to become more common, and these will likely eventually take the place of wars between nations. Air is a dry element, and the aridification of the planet will likely to continue.

The cold planet Saturn in the watery sign of Pisces suggests challenges in all areas governed by Pisces: Religion, spirituality, hope and illusion, creativity. In 2023 we will discover the limits (Saturn) of compassion (Pisces) as more and more humans are forced to try to escape their native lands and find refuge in foreign countries. Jupiter in Taurus will inspire us to find more meaning in the simple things of life but may also lead to the hoarding of resources since Jupiter will square Pluto in 2023. (Jupiter will also sextile Saturn and Neptune, easing the pressures and helping to inspire creative ways to facilitate change.)

Where 2020 was the year of compression and control during the first year of the pandemic (Saturn/Pluto), and 2021 was the year of social unrest (Saturn/Uranus), 2023 will be a year where humanity must adjust to a new reality. It will become more and more clear that “taking back” a country or lifestyle will no longer be possible.

2024 will likely be a period of adjustment as we begin to settle into the new reality. Jupiter will enter Gemini to facilitate the interplay between human communication and technology, and enable greater adaptation. However, Pluto will retrograde back into Capricorn between July and December to clear the decks of stuck energies which will inhibit the movement into the New Age.

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2025 will be the year with the most potency. Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus all change signs, and the conjunction of Saturn to Neptune in Aries begins. Uranus and Pluto will both be in Air signs and while it’s true that Air and Fire are compatible signs that support each other, Air also serves to inflame Fire. That year we have Uranus in Gemini, facilitating the explosion of inventions and new technologies, in a harmonious trine to Pluto in Aquarius. But the alignment of Saturn to Neptune in fiery Aries will likely not be a comfortable one.

I expect that there will be a fair amount of conflict on the global stage as the world tries to adjust to the new realities and establish new political forms which are better suited to the new international reality

How to prepare. Probably the biggest single thing that we can do to prepare for these changes is to do ensure that our lives are structured so that they can support us in times of change. This would not be a good time to stick our heads in the sand and hope that when we come out everything will be back to normal. We are in a new normal now, and adaptation is a key to successful evolution!

Adapting to a new normal of technological superiority probably doesn’t mean putting all of our money into crypto or other speculative investments. But I do think it will become more imperative that we learn as much as we can about these new changes as they continue to evolve. Knowledge is power, and at no time is that more true than under this new reality!

The airy new reality may make it more difficult to stay grounded in the body and in nature, so making a point to find that integration anywhere you can get it will be useful. Maintaining good physical health and integration of the body, mind and spirit will help us to stave off any mental imbalance that can result under a very Airy planetary environment.

Learning to embrace change is a skill that can be learned even if it doesn’t come naturally, and now is a good time to put this into practice! Under these influences, our intentionality can be the key to unlocking doors to experiences and skills we never thought possibly. Above all, this is a time to look to the future and resist staying rooted in a longing for the past. Chances are the past wasn’t as rosy as we thought at the time, and we are creating our new reality with every thought and action. ❤️

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Planetary news this week: Jupiter enters Aries and the Capricorn Solstice


Astrological update for the week of December 19-26, 2022

There are two major transitions this week: The re-entry of Jupiter into Aries after its retrograde time in Pisces, and the entry of the Sun into Capricorn which marks the December solstice point which will be followed immediately by a Capricorn New Moon.

A time of change. We have been stuck in a myriad of global problems for the past several years – stuck under the Capricorn stellia (groupings of planets) with Saturn and Pluto, stuck in conflict under the Saturn/Uranus square. As I and many other astrologers have been reporting (see Part I here, Part II will be published in the next week), the energies over the next few years will be dramatic and marked by change and transition. A New Moon just after the solstice, a point at which the Sun literally stands still, is a dramatic symbol of the changes to come.

The Capricorn solstice. In the solar cycle we celebrate the shortest day as the return of the Sun and the beginning of the new year.  The culmination of the solar cycle is at the opposite solstice, with the quarter points of the equinoxes, when light and dark are in balance, are equivalent to the waxing and waning squares, similar to the waxing and waning squares of the lunar cycle.  Honoring both the solar and lunar cycles helps to keep us in touch with the cycles of nature even in today’s world in which we are so disconnected from the natural world.  These cycles of nature can serve as an alchemical process of personal transformation, just as we follow the cycles of the planets as they unfold to bring experiences of knowledge and wisdom into our lives.

Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter entered Aries in May of this year (see more here) but retrograded back into Pisces at the end of October before turning direct and completing its passage through Pisces. Jupiter will remain in Aries until May of 2023 at which time it will harmonize with Pluto, newly in Aquarius. That ought to be interesting! Meanwhile, it will be beneficial to ponder all of the ways in which we can expand the positive things in our lives. Jupiter encourages positivity and optimism, and under the Aries influence our own needs will take precedence. Failing to honor that could result in built up resentments and anger, so nip those things in the bud by gaining clarity over what we need for ourselves and our loved ones, and make these things a priority. Take that trip you’ve wanted so that you can enjoy the change of perspective that travel provides. Sign up for a class to enhance your knowledge and expertise in a particular subject. Charge up your confidence to ask for that raise or promotion.

Capricorn New Moon. As Jupiter re-enters Aries on December 20 this week it will be aspected in a tight square from the solstice Sun and the Capricorn New Moon. A new way to create supportive structures (Capricorn New Moon) may emerge, but an adjustment (Jupiter square) will be needed. Under Jupiter’s influence, particularly in Aries, we desire to proceed through life in accordance with our desires, unfettered by practical considerations or the inconvenience of cold hard facts. This doesn’t track well with Capricornian responsibility and practicality, and the Moon will be in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius at the time of the solstice, encouraging optimism and confidence to prevail over caution.

Keeping this in mind as we move from the optimism of the Sagittarius Moon into Capricorn season heralded by the New Moon (early morning EST on December 23rd) will be useful and help us to make a smoother transition.

I hope you have a beautiful week, with the return of the light at the solstice, new blessings at the New Moon, and a Christmas holiday filled with light and love.


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Planetary news this week: A time to heal with Ceres and Jupiter


Astrological update for the week of December 11-18, 2022

This week we celebrate Jupiter at the final degree of Pisces before it re-enters Aries next week (read more about that here). Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces where it can amplify the idealism and peaceful hopes that we all share. At the 29th degree there is somewhat of an eruption of this idealism and hope before Jupiter dives back into Aries and infuses the global energy field with a more dynamic and fiery zing.

Ceres in Libra. Meanwhile, Ceres completes her passage through Virgo and enters Libra on December 18th (EST).  Ceres will remain in Libra until it moves into Scorpio on September 15, 2023. I think of Ceres as the place in our chart that connects us to our natural selves through nourishment of the body, mind and soul. Difficult aspects to Ceres show challenges to our ability to feel safe in our bodily incarnation and denote areas where we need to make a more direct effort to honor the rhythms of nature and to feed and nourish ourselves. On a more global level she reminds us that without a connection to nature we cannot as a species survive.

In Libra, Ceres tends to evoke a sense of soul integration with the world through immersion in beautiful surroundings and harmonious connections with others. The dark side of Libra is ignoring our personal needs for the sake of maintaining harmony, and when Ceres is in Libra the effect of this kind of neglect can be a challenge. On the other hand, we can increase our sense of well-being through negotiating our way through conflict to resolution and personal balance.  Spending some time in environments of aesthetic harmony which soothe us will also be helpful.

Ceres opposite Jupiter. Ceres at the last degrees of Virgo is opposite expansive Jupiter this week, suggesting a tendency towards indulgence in things that may feel good but not necessarily be good for us. That’s a common theme of the holiday season, and fortunately Ceres forms a harmonious trine to Pluto to help strengthen the integration of the body, mind, and soul. This will help us to shift easily into the equanimity of Ceres in Libra.

Here’s what else you need to know this weekDates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your locality. 

Monday December 12. The week begins with a supportive Sun/Saturn aspect to encourage focus and attention to detail. Meanwhile the Moon is in happy Leo, inspiring us to find joy where we can get it. Monday is generally a day of balanced planetary energies to help us find stability and inner satisfaction. (Sun sextile Saturn 1:12 pm, Moon trine Chiron 3:25 pm, sextile Mars 8:04 pm, square Uranus 10:46 pm.)

Tuesday December 13. Some cranky feelings may emerge for a few hours when the Moon, still in Leo, faces off against Saturn around 9 am EST. These feelings won’t linger though, and will be followed by a harmonious solar aspect to brighten the day. (Moon opposite Saturn 9:08 am, trine Sun 10:51 am.)

Wednesday December 14. The Moon leaves the open heart of Leo to enter Virgo at 3:45 am EST. The next few days will be more focused on the importance of the small things in life: routines that provide mental and emotional support, the need for clean spaces where everything works well. It may be more difficult to achieve this today under a Sun/Neptune combination which, while enhancing spiritual feelings and the power of imagination, is less interested in details and organization.

This would be a good day to organize creative work in order to unite the need for order with the yearning for magic and illumination. Meanwhile a Mercury/Chiron aspect is beginning to build which will culminate on Thursday, with the potential to bring up old memories which may need to be released. (Moon enters Virgo 3:45 am, Sun square Neptune 12:10 pm, Moon trine Venus 3:32 pm.)

Thursday December 15. The Mercury/Chiron aspect peaks just after midnight today, followed by a series of lunar aspects including a potential challenge under Moon/Mars that occurs around 6:30 am EST. By 7 am the coast will be clear, and with the Moon in Virgo there is a sense of cleaning up any emotional debris and finding new mental pathways to bring us into greater harmony. (Mercury square Chiron 12:21 am, Moon trine Mercury 4:01 am, Moon square Mars 6:29 am, Moon trine Uranus 10:41 am.)

Friday December 16. More lunar aspects on Friday, all before 2:30 pm EST. With so many lunar interactions there may be an increased emotionality, especially if you are a person who tends to respond to the Moon. This could bring some confusion, and desires that are not quite clear. By the time the Moon enters Libra at 2:49 pm EST, some inner balance will be restored and the rest of the day is pretty peaceful. (Moon opposite Neptune 12:40 am, square Sun 3:56 am, trine Pluto 9:24 am, conjunct Ceres 1:39 pm, opposite Jupiter 2:13 pm, enters Libra 2:49 pm.)

Saturday December 17. A Mercury aspect today can be exhilarating and bring in lots of new ideas, but this can also create some mental exhaustion. With the Moon in Libra, we will want to surround ourselves with beautiful things that will help to calm the nervous system. Around 1:30 pm we may find ourselves dwelling on past grievances but this should only last for a couple of hours; meanwhile there are plenty of opportunities to experiment with new ideas and new ways of looking at the world.

Meanwhile the opposition from Ceres to Jupiter described above peaks tomorrow, making it even more important to ensure that we find that place of equanimity to nourish the soul as well as the temple of the body. (Moon square Venus 8:28 am, opposite Chiron 1:28 pm, trine Mars 2:43 pm, Mercury trine Uranus 4:36 pm, Moon square Mercury 8:25 pm.)

Sunday December 18. Today, in the last hours of the Libra Moon, the focus is on Ceres and the care of the soul. Harmonious lunar aspects facilitate our ability to access a portal of healing through which we can find that inner balance which the Libra Moon so craves. We will want to use this healing time to prepare for possible emotional disruption later in the day.

In the late afternoon there may be some emotional disruption for a few hours, perhaps accompanied by a power struggle of some kind. Maybe even in our own minds!  Meanwhile, a potentially stressful Venus aspect which will culminate Monday morning begins to build during the day, and the Moon moves into passionate Scorpio at 10:30 pm. It is a good idea to avoid lashing out at others when we feel this kind of inner stress as that will only inflame the situation. If we keep breathing and find our center, the way forward will make itself known.

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The astrology of the 2020s: A holistic perspective (part one)


This is part one of a series, stay tuned for more articles. I’ve been enjoying a video series about the upcoming astrological changes crafted beautifully by Dan Waites and S.J. Anderson, two astrologers I met on Twitter recently. I shared these videos with my Facebook friends and followers, and a few people have contacted me expressing pretty strong fears about what is coming; I suspect that there will be more of you with similar fears. So, I thought it might be useful to lay out the scenario of the next five or six years.

It doesn’t really make sense to look too far into the future because what occurs tomorrow will change what will happen the day after that. We can glean some useful information by looking at past events under certain alignments, but humans are always evolving (or devolving, but back to that later!) and the past does not always equal the future.

I’ve talked before about some of the big things that are coming up, with all of the outer planets changing signs, but planetary cycles don’t occur in a vacuum. There are the big ones, like the challenging square from Uranus to Pluto that we just went through between 2011 and 2017 (the Cardinal Crisis), and then there are the smaller ones – the harmonious trines and sextile which help to facilitate the growth and change that are pushed forward by the stronger alignments. This is true in our own lives as well; you may see that your Saturn Return is coming up and be fearful about that, but if you don’t seek guidance from a trusted astrologer you may miss the fact that harmonious Jupiter alignments are creating support at that same time.

The Age of Aquarius and the Age of Air. If you have a few minutes, I suggest that you watch this video I did a couple of years ago about the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the air sign of Aquarius. Conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn occur every 20 years – they align in the same element for about 200 years and after cycling through all four elements they repeat again making an 800 year cycle through the elements. (Here is a handy table provided by astrologer Richard Nolle if you want to investigate further.) We just emerged from a 200 year period of Earth (beginning in 1800-1840 ) into a new age of Air, and this is occurring about the same time as we are making the shift from the Piscean Age into Aquarius. Jupiter and Saturn conjoined in Aquarius, so this is a particularly Aquarian time.

(Geek note: Nobody really knows when the Age of Aquarius begins and scientists cannot agree on a date or time. Some astrologers don’t believe that this is even a valid concept, and one astrologer wrote me that if you are a tropical astrologer you can’t believe in the Age of Aquarius which is based on sidereal astronomy rather than symbolic alignments. I of course disagree – just because I use the tropical zodiac doesn’t mean I don’t look at the stars and watch the movement of the Sun through the sky.)

Aquarius is a fixed air sign that is co-ruled by Saturn (traditional ruler) and Uranus (modern ruler). Aquarius lacks sentiment and puts more importance in the interest of the collective than the interest of the individual. As a fixed Saturnian sign, Aquarius can be somewhat rigid in philosophy and ideas of what is right, but the modern rulership of Uranus adds an unexpected layer of radical thought and the ability to embrace concepts that are more innovative and inventive.

The Age of Earth was dominated by construction and building. Railroads. Factories. Things were being made and machines being developed. It was the Industrial Revolution. Great masses of wealth were accumulated. And now we shift into the Age of Air where concepts and ideas are more prevalent. Technology will become even more dominant, and the Singularity in which the minds of machines and humans merge is due to arrive in the 2040s just as Pluto completes its passage through Aquarius. Elon Musk is already promising to put chips in the brain to facilitate this convergence.

Dan and S.J. talk in their videos about the coming decentralization – it is likely that earthy institutions such as banks, governments and schools will become more decentralized. The tendency for corporations to become larger and larger will likely reverse itself, with smaller associations beginning to dominate. We are already seeing this with the crypto world (disclaimer: I know absolutely nothing about crypto) in which small companies are dealing with huge sums of assets that seem to be based on nothing more than someone’s imagination.

This release from Earth will be extremely liberating, but with all of the intangibility of Air there is likely to be some pain in the transition. The discovery of gold in California in the 1840s when the final entry into Earth occurred led to a great deal of conflict. Cornelius Vanderbilt emerged as the first of the industrialists who would later claim huge fortunes. The Great Hunger in Ireland led to a diaspora which completely changed the fates of the English speaking world.

Coming in Part Two: Planetary alignments in the 2020s


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Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover: An astrological timeline


In April of this year I wrote a profile of Elon Musk after he attempted a hostile takeover of Twitter and now he has done it.  You can read that profile here, but to sum it up:

Dealing with impulse control is a theme in this chart. We have the mentalism of the Sun and Mercury squared by Uranus, the planet of impulsive and radical action. We have a lack of fire. We see that the fire planet Mars is in the air sign Aquarius adding more froth to the mentality of the chart, especially since it is inflamed by Jupiter in Scorpio. Scorpio itself is ruled by Mars, making this a “double whammy” connection between forceful Mars and expansive Jupiter, expanding Musk’s confidence and his need to be right in the fixed signs which can be quite stubborn.  Yet on the other hand the Cancerian Sun and Mercury long for connection and a sense of belonging, and the Virgo Moon seeks perfection and order.

This combination of Mars (action) and Jupiter (confidence) has been activated this year along with some other planetary conditions that showed he was ripe to do something typically Elon in sheer scope and hubris. I imagine a minority of my readers are on Twitter much less care about Elon Musk, but I thought it would be interesting to compare the Twitter takeover timeline to the astrology as a demonstration of the planets at work (thanks to CNN for these details). Some of this will be too technical for my lay readers and for this I apologize! Feel free to post questions in the comments.

January 31: Elon begins building his shares in Twitter.

  • We don’t know exactly where his Moon is without a birth time, but at some point in late 2021 his Progressed Moon (mood) conjoined his natal Mercury (thoughts and ideas). He’s a guy who’s always thinking of new things anyway, and with P Moon and Mercury both in Cancer, the sign of the tribe, wanting to connect people in new ways would have been on his mind.
  • Jupiter, planet of expansion and confidence, was very active in his chart in 2021. Jupiter transits tend to encourage big thinking and reaching beyond what we think is possible. He has that in spades in his chart anyway, and this would have exacerbated it. It probably didn’t help that Time Magazine named him “Person of the Year” in 2021.
  • Jupiter made a square to Saturn in early January, evoking a need to break free of restrictions. Jupiter also squared imaginative Neptune, which can throw out any semblance of reason in a yearning for an ideal.

March 14: His portion of Twitter shares reach and exceed 5% and on March 24 Elon begins asking his followers what about Twitter should change.

  • Following the expansiveness of the Jupiter transits, in February Elon begins a transit of Pluto in a trine to his natal Pluto. This is one of my favorite planetary cycles as it unwinds the blocks that keep us from personal evolution and sets us on a path of personal empowerment.
  • At the same time, Pluto harmonizes with Jupiter (sextile) to further enhance confidence and the pursuit of one’s goals. Jupiter trines his Sun to further expand his good fortune and self-assurance, and trines his Mercury to further expand his thinking.  In other words, the gods were smiling on him.
  • Saturn begins a transit to his Mars (action) which would normally create some roadblocks, but they don’t appear yet. The positive energies overwhelm the negative, but seeds of doubt are likely taking hold.

April 4: Elon becomes the biggest shareholder with more than 9% stake in the company, and on April 5th he agrees to serve on the Twitter board of directors.

  • Meanwhile, Elon is about to enter his Chiron return, a time when transiting Chiron returns to its place in the natal chart. This can be a painful time of self-awareness, and it is sometimes a period of illness as the body/mind/spirit system is challenged to release old wounds and stagnant energies.

April 10: Elon decides not to serve on the board after all.

  • Transiting Mars makes a return to his natal Mars and sets off that Mars/Jupiter square. In other words, exacerbating his native impulsivity.

April 14: Elon offers to buy Twitter.

  • Mars enters Pisces and releases that impulsive energy, returning him to his normal confident self.

April 21: He lines up the financing ($46.5 billion). April 25 Twitter agrees to sell.

  • Transiting Jupiter opposes his natal Pluto, and transiting Pluto is still sextile his natal Jupiter. This is a “double whammy” of major proportions and an excellent time for a power play.

May 6: Elon reveals his goals for Twitter.

May 13: Elon attempts to put the deal on hold because of the alleged number of bots on the platform, but May 17 Twitter insists on the sale.

June 6: Elon threatens to walk away, and July 8 attempts to cancel the contract.

  • Jupiter has moved to square his Sun by now, and his self-assurance is diminished. Saturn is still conjunct his Mars and the blocks he encounters are more of a challenge. In addition, the potential emotional pain of the Chiron return may have set the stage for heightened emotional reactivity.

July 12: Twitter sues Elon for breach of contract. Trial date set for October 17.

October 3: Elon says he’ll buy Twitter after all for the original offer price.

  • Mars is in a square to Neptune that day, showing that he was not using an astrologer. A Mars/Neptune square can lead to confused (Neptune) action (Mars) and it’s generally best to use that time for imagination and big dreams rather than billion dollar actions.

October 27: The deal is finalized and Elon announces at 11:49 pm that the bird is freed.

  • Mars is stationing before turning retrograde on October 30 and still within range of that square to Neptune. This was not the best time for a major move like this, and we are seeing the fallout now with the confusion that seems to be reigning at Twitter HQ.

I expect his major problems will begin in early to mid-February when Saturn replaces Jupiter as the major mover in his chart. But Elon has shown impressive resilience and I imagine he will continue to pave the way to this Brave New World in which we now live.

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