Chiron the wounded healer

Chiron, in mythology, is the wounded healer.

Mythology pushes things to the extreme, so the fact that the wound can’t be cured in the myth should not scare us. Myths are stories.

In reality, those who are wounded, especially psychologically, learn a lot about their wound, because the pain forces them to try to understand what’s going on. The more we try to understand the more we know, and before we are able to sort out our own problem, we are already able to understand and help those who have similar problems, but not as deep as ours.

This Buddha feels like Chiron don’t you think?

The psychotherapist may have great psychological difficulties in their personal life. If they have a healthy attitude in spite of their own wounds, they won’t hold others responsible, they won’t play victim or use all kinds of unhealthy coping mechanism which would make them toxic rather than healers. That’s a risk on the healing path.

Hopefully, like Chiron in the myth, the psychotherapist will expand his knowledge and awareness, but unlike Chiron, he or she will be able to heal their own wounds. When this happens, they will be able to heal others, but maybe they won’t be able to help those who are wounded in an even deeper way than they were. So those who are wounded so deeply have to find the way to heal themselves alone, and if they find the way, they will become pure blessings for others…

Chiron has been hit in the thigh by an arrow poisoned with the blood of the Hydra. “In the thigh” actually means in the genitals. Sexuality is the place of the deepest emotional wounds. Sexuality is much more than a physical act. Sexuality involves the ability to approach others and therefore requires enough self worth and confidence, the ability to master our emotions, the ability to communicate, the ability to demonstrate attractiveness, which involves enough self care, social integration, energy, the ability to be a partner worth this name, good health….. you can go all around the zodiac, in each sign there is something that is important for being able to engage in sexual behaviour – as when we are able to engage in sexual behaviour, we are grown ups, healthy and socialised.

The Hydra was this monster that lived in a swamp. Its symbolism is connected with the Water element: feelings, emotions and the unconscious. To fight the Hydra, the method was very similar to what is told in Vampires tales: in some versions, it’s about hitting the heart – which means pointing at the core truth hiding behind layers of defence mechanisms. In other versions of the myth of Chiron, he has to drag the monster into the light – which is also a way to kill vampires, and a symbol for bringing clear consciousness to whatever hides in the dark.

Chiron has been poisoned with the blood of the Hydra – in symbolic language, Chiron’s problem is the same as Hercules’s when he had to fight this monster – which is now within himself.

Where Chiron is is where we are walking on this healing path. To understand particular placements, we simply need to understand what the sign, house or aspecting planets mean…

Placements in the twelfth house

This house being mysterious, these placements are naturally confusing. 

The highest expression of the 12th house is spirituality, return to Source, mystic experience…

Each planet participate to this world according to its own nature. Mars can take spiritual action, do things inspired by faith or under the guidance of spirit….. Mercury can talk sacred words, pass messages from the angels, …Venus is art it becomes sacred art, Venus is love and in the 12th this love is divine… The Moon’s home is a temple, The Sun’s expression is pure heart…..

Now, there has always been a very thin line between mysticism and madness. This is not astrology, this is life! So the planets here can be mad.

Mars can fight windmills, and if you’re a windmill, you call it paranoiac. Mercury still hear voices and when it repeats what they say, everyone is extremely embarrassed. Venus makes loves with dreams, ghosts, no one or just anyone. The Moon’s home is a high security cell and the Sun is blind folded. The Ego plays Higher Self. Buddha is smoking a lot of weed.

…We can now imagine the whole spectrum between the extremes. The 12th Is “house of undoing”. Powerlessness can be a thread to follow. Mars doesn’t know what it wants, let alone how to get it. It doesn’t even know how to defend itself. Mercury can’t move, can’t talk, stammers, suffers from dyslexia, thoughts become confused…. Venus is unhappy in love, ends up used and abused, unworthy… the Moon is needy, possessed by demons, the Sun expresses chaos.

Isn’t part of the evolutionary journey to share the sufferings of whose who suffer, to be one of them on the path of compassion? If we are all one, If misery happens to one, misery belongs to everyone. There are no boundaries, everything happens to us. We’re walking in everyone’s shoes. We are kings and beggars, saints and criminals, blessed and damned, free and imprisoned, holy and mad, all at the same time. It’s difficult to interpret planets in the 12 house in simple terms, as there can be so many ways to express this energy, and it doesn’t has to be as dramatic as I make it sound… We can be discreetly lost. Only lost people can find the way back.


On the way back to Source, we learn how to heal the deepest wounds -And what is the deepest wound? Maybe it is the illusion of separation. Like Chiron, the 12th house is a healing journey.

 Jean-Marc Pierson

How to interpret a stellium

A stellium is a cluster of three or more planets in the same sign and/or the same house.
To interpret a stellium, the easy part is to say: “this sign and/or this house are very emphasised in your chart” and taking it from there, talk about all the themes, concerns, personality traits associated with this sign and house. You’ll get good results already. A stellium in Capricorn means that the person is an achiever, and will do what it takes to reach their goals…. unless, like with a single planet, the stellium receives powerful conflicting aspects, in which case the interpretation will have to mention the need to adjust consciously the energies and attitudes in order to make the best out of it.
The more difficult bit…. is actually no more difficult than interpreting a whole chart with ten planets placed in various signs and houses and making aspects to one another. You can analyse each planet one after the other, starting with the more personal ones. If the Moon is part of the stellium, start with what the Moon means in this sign and this house. Then, as in most charts, the Moon receives a few aspects, in the case of a stellium it’s likely to be a conjunction or two… so take the second most personal planet, or the closest to the Moon according to your taste, and interpret what Moon conjunct this planet means. For instance, if Mercury is there, interpret Moon conjunct Mercury. The interpretation of Moon conjunct Mercury is very similar to Moon in Gemini or Moon in Virgo (check which one of these two signs is the more powerful in the chart). — The other way round, Mercury conjunct Moon is similar to Mercury in Cancer.. .
At that stage, you start feeling you are about to get an headache, it’s time to remember that astrology is a difficult art and that in order to use your intuition, you need to give a break to your intellectual mind; take a few deep breaths; let you brain take the time it needs for its own chemical processes. Stretch your body, look by the window. Put yourself in a relaxed dream mode. Imagine what kind of character a Moon conjunct Mercury in this particular sign and house could be.
logo 1780 blue.png
At that stage, there are already too many bits of information for you to be able to process them all consciously. So let your mind process them unconsciously, that’s what intuition is. Be ready to get some insights whenever they pop up and to welcome them with gratefulness.
Now carry on. Pick up another planet. Let’s say this one is a slower one. If it is conjunct to the Moon and Mercury, then the energy of this slower planet becomes much more personal than it would otherwise be. So invite into your relaxed mind (take another deep breath or two) to remember the meanings of this planet in this sign and house, and also the meanings of this planet conjunct Mercury and the Moon.
At that stage, maybe you will start to find interpretations that are very similar to things you have already found. Let me give you an example to be clear: Suppose your stellium is in Capricorn. You have interpreted Moon in Capricorn, Mercury in Capricorn….. and now your third planet is, let’s say Saturn. Moon and Mercury conjunct Saturn in Capricorn, it’s like Moon and Mercury in Super Capricorn…. So there is nothing new here, only a more important emphasis on Capricorn.
Take another deep breath and look at the other planets if there are more. Let’s say Neptune is here as well, conjunct Moon-Mercury and Saturn. Start with Moon-Neptune – It’s like a Moon in Pisces. Another way to think of it is to wonder: what do these two planet energies have in common?
Moon and Neptune are both water, which means sensitivity, imagination, empathy, inspiration… so add these traits as an extra layer to what you have already found. As it is happening in Capricorn in my example, the person is likely to be more particularly sensitive to Capricorn things, to dream of Capricorn stuff… So if Moon-Neptune is romantic, they will cry at the words “happily ever after” because Capricorn loves long term, and whatever resists the assaults of time. If the person is intuitive and psychic, in Capricorn these qualities may be useful to reach their goals……….
Same thing with Mercury……… think of yourself as a writer creating a character. There are several facets to its personality. It doesn’t has to be all perfectly integrated, there are just several facets.

At that stage, well I don’t want to tell you what to do, as we all have to find out what works for us, but if I don’t have a gardening job to go to, I may go for a walk and let myself daydream, or just forget and let the subconscious work on its own.
Sometimes, just looking somewhere else gives the Great Spirit – the opportunity to show you something that’s just relevant.
Good luck!

Spring Equinox 2019

Mother Nature wonders if humans will begin to love her better – photo of the Atlanta Botanical Earth Goddess

Spring Equinox 201 arrives on March 20th at 5:58 PM EDT, 2:58p PDT and 21:58 UT

This year Spring Equinox – Autumn in the Southern hemisphere – arrives on 3/20/18. Perhaps you’ve noticed in past years it arrives on 3/21 or even 3/19. If you have ever wondered why,  here is an explanation from    EarthSky always has good Equinox info too.   Here is an article which describes some traditions around the Spring Equinox: Date, Definition, Celebrations, Traditions, and Rituals  The Full Moon falls on the Equinox this year too Full Moon on the Equinox which only happens three times a century!

The March Equinox is the moment each year when the Sun splashes out of watery Pisces to enter fiery Aries which marks the return to the beginning of the Zodiac wheel each year, and is also International Astrology Day.  The chart for the Equinox reveals trends for the upcoming season which this year arrives on a very powerful day!

As always the Sun is at 0* Aries and this year Wounded Healer Chiron is traveling conjunct  the Sun. Venus is in the change-agent sign of Aquarius and Uranus the Change-Agent planet has newly arrived at Taurus. Mars, planet of Action is in Taurus too forming a trine with Pluto and the South Node and also reaches out to the Moon in Virgo to form a Grand Earth Trine and at the same time also forms a tight squareto Venus. Neptune and Mercury retrograde are conjunct and Jupiter in Sagittarius squares the Moon but also forms a nice sextile to Venus.  Soon after the Equinox, the Moon moves into Libra entering her Full Phase forming an opposition tothe Sun and Chiron. This is a lot of cosmic action in one day!

Here is a translation from astrologese so you can understand what all this means. Every year the Spring Equinox finds the Sun at 0* Aries. This is when Sun leaves dreamy Pisces and wakes up in fiery Aries, a sign the Sun loves.  This year for the first time in 50 years, Chiron is right next to the Sun. Chiron in Aries is urging us to turn a key into more engagement with the Vitality of Life itself. Chiron in Aries says turn away from the past, leave dusty old paradigms behind and embrace new ways! Chiron’s connection with the Sun puts a double emphasis on this, helping people wake up and embrace the new, like the youth marches across the world on 3/15/19 which were intended to wake up adults about the effects of climate change.

The downside of Aries, ruled by Mars, is also war-like and filled with too much testosterone like a charging ram -the Aries symbol.  Will we turn Chiron’s key to a positive new world, or revert back into war and hate? Apparently we still have a way to go, because on the very same day as the youth marches, the mass killings in New Zealand  by an avowed white nationalist manifested the downside.

Mars, the ruler of Aries, is in earth sign Taurus at the Equinox which helps bring more level headed energy into the equation. Aiding this further is the fact that Mars forms a close, harmonious aspect (trine) to transformer Pluto and the karmic South Node in Capricorn with a third ray beaming out to the Moon in Virgo creating a productive Grand Earth Trine. Saturn is also involved, marking this new season with more energy to find positive, productive solutions, to world situations and in your own personal life too. In other words those changes you’ve been struggling to make will be easier this spring!

Venus is in crystal clear air sign Aquarius at the Equinox which gives a nice uplift to the Aries energy. Venus equals women so look to women of all ages to help uplift dialog to a better level.  Unfortunately, she may have a difficult time with this since Mars (men) forms a tense and challenging square to Venus. Will men and women ever truly understand each other and work together as one? This challenge may rear its head in the Equinox chart, but it’s as old as Adam and Eve. When individuals finally learn to find balance within themselves between their feminine and masculine natures, only then will society as a whole begin to reflect this. Point being, it won’t be productive for you to wag fingers at the politicians, world figures etc. for their inability to work together until you have figured out how to do this in your own family and work place. To resolve this conflict Venus/Aquarius says, “Rise up to a wider vantage point to see outside your limited viewpoint.” And when you realize what needs to be done Mars/Taurus syas, “I’ll help you manifest this in real and productive ways.

So yes, there is a lot of earthy energy in the Equinox chart helping Mars/Taurus out, but at the same time satellite dish Neptune is in misty Pisces while Mercury, the messenger, moves retrograde right next to Neptune.  This means we are just as likely to tune into unicorn and rainbow cosmic radio stations as research practical solutions. Mercury retro reconnects exactly with Neptune on 3/24 and after moving forward again makes another Neptune pass on 4/2. Hang tight to that purple unicorn mane or you just might drift away on rainbows forever! Of course Neptune in Pisces might say that’s a perfectly good idea.

Mighty Jupiter plays his part in the Equinox chart too. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and is functioning strongly in his own sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter forms a favorable sextile aspect to Venus in Aquarius which helps the best qualities of each sign manifest easier. Sagittarius, like Aquarius is a sign which can easily rise to higher understanding which bodes well for the new season. At the same time Jupiter forms a square to the Equinox Moon in fussy Virgo. Moon in Virgo is excellent for honing in on the practical solutions which her trine with Mars and Pluto suggest, but not very tolerant of Jupiter/Sagittarius’ enthusiasm and tendency to over inflate ideas. Virgo Moon, says show me the proof Mr. Preachy Jupiter! All these energies combine into an interesting blend of Equinox energies!

One last Equinox note, and I believe the most important, is about Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is the planet of Revolution and Change. On one side Uranus encourages enlightened thought process with better connection to higher, intuitive mental abilities.  On the other side when enlightened choices are rebuffed, Uranus becomes the Lord of Chaos with tornados filled with lightening destructive power! Here is his symbol which looks like a cell tower to modern eyes:

Which polarity will we tune into?

Uranus just recently entered Taurus where he was a few months last year, but on 3/6 he re-entered Taurus to stay for the next 7 years.  For more about this important shift see March’s issue. In the Equinox chart Uranus stands alone at 0* Taurus (meaning it is not aspected to the other planets) as if to say, “I’m here, so you’d better pay attention to me before I move forward into a more active position!” Taurus is the sign most closely connected to Earth our planet and Mother Nature herself. Uranus in Taurus on the positive polarity wants to help us tune in more strongly to ways in which we can work harmoniously with nature verses the raping and pillaging that has been going on for centuries, ever since the early European explorers descimated indigenous peoples which created climate change too! The high school kids who marched on 3/15 get it “There is no Planet B”, but will the adult policy makers get it too?

High School kids march to help mother earth. Photo by Michael Sohn

Here are some more Photos of Kids Protesting Climate Change All Over the World Will Give You Hope for the Future

If policy makers at all levels including corporate and government don’t get on board and make significant changes and continue to tune into the negative Uranus polarity, then we can expect his Lord of Chaos side to manifest to force us to make more enlightened choices. Like the school kids are doing, it is important to make your voice heard, but to restate what I said above it won’t be productive for you to wag fingers at the politicians, world figures etc. thinking they alone are the problem.  Uranus in Taurus urges you personally to become more aware of how you relate to nature. Do you recycle, drive less, walk and bike more, have a garden, eat locally produced foods, and treat all living things with care and respect, and support your local community in doing the same? If you answer yes to these then you are helping the planet and everyone collectively tune into the Uranus in Taurus positive polarity. Keep up the good work!

As Fred “Mr Rogers” born on march 20, 1928 just a few hours before the Spring Equinox that year, said, “We live in a world in which we need to share responsibility. It’s easy to say “It’s not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem.” Then there are those who see the need and respond. I consider those people my heroes.

I hope you tune in easily to the positive polarity of Uranus in Taurus and tap all the positive energy potential this Equinox and for always! Sing a song with Mother Nature and she’ll sing back!

Swallows singing with cherry blossoms

Seeking for the Truth of the ninth house

In the big wide world there are quite a few people who are very keen to give you good advice about how to create the life of your dreams…

They claim to know “The secret”; they want to tell you about the laws of the Universe, they claim they know how to “manifest” anything: love, money, health…
Such people appear for the sake of the ninth house indeed… Not as its best expression but let’s take it from there…
The human condition is such that we don’t really know what life is and how it works, however we want to understand. We want to be able to suffer less and live a happy and fulfilled life instead…
We become truth seekers. We want the fountain of immortality, we want to find the Grail!
We want to know about reality and how to deal with it.
We’re ready to travel to the end of the world to find out.
I won’t talk much about travels in this article, so I’ll quickly mention here that travelling is part of ninth house symbolism, even if we travel for any other reason than a quest for ultimate knowledge – When we travel, we are on our way towards the unknown…
Seeking knowledge and wisdom, we will find beliefs and philosophies. Cultures. Sciences. Foreign countries and traditions. Strange ceremonies and magic beverages.
Other worldviews and customs challenging the validity of ours…
so much negativity.jpg
In the third house, learning was comparatively easy. We could know without a doubt the exact number of bones of a human skeleton (206 for an adult, about 270 at birth, but later some fuse together…) Two plus two were, are, and always will be four. In German a cat is a “Katze” in Spanish a “gato” and in French a “chat”.
In the ninth house, things are not that clear. We need explanations: who are we? What’s the meaning of life? Did we happen out of the blue just to feel a bit of pleasure and a lot of pain before disappearing back into the void? Is there a God? Do we have free will? Are we guilty, should we be ashamed? If yes, why?
What is reality? What are the laws behind the facts? What can we know?
Science provides a number of answers…. which lead to more questions. Our “worldview” is never a certainty. It is made of limited knowledge and a lot of beliefs…
When I was studying psychology, I came across an article about “Implicit theories of personality”. Let me explain: some people give money to charities. We are likely to say that they are “generous”. We think that “generosity” is a personality trait. However, according to the social scientist personality traits don’t exist:
Someone who behaves with generosity in certain circumstances may not behave generously in other circumstances… Someone can be generous with money but mean with their time. Someone can be generous with the members of their family and not with the local community, or vice versa…
If generosity was a personality trait, like we assume spontaneously when we say that someone IS generous, then this trait should be expressed consistently…
Our mental representation that personalities are made of characteristic traits is only a gross approximation, if not a complete illusion…
Anyway. This article is not about personality theories, but about the ninth house and the problem of knowledge: everyone of us needs to get an idea of what kind of world we are living in and what kind of beings we are, and it’s complicated!
We mix knowledge and beliefs, opinions and dogmas to create a “map of reality”- our worldview- and we navigate through life according to its indications.
In my own natal chart, Chiron is galloping in the ninth house. The healing journey of my life includes questioning the wounded map. Let me take you on a tour…
A big problem is that we don’t have a single and coherent worldview. Instead, we have many fragments.
On a fragment, we may believe that God or the Universe will provide for whatever we need. It’s written in the Gospel :”Look for the things of the Heavenly Kingdom and the rest will be added unto you” If you belong to the Christian Faith, these are the words of God and He was not joking.
People belonging to the New Age community say a similar thing, with other words: the Universe will provide…
However, on another fragment of the worldview, it is said that you must work hard to get what you want. You may worship God’s words telling you that everything you need will be provided on Sundays, but you go to work on Monday anyway.
On another fragment it is said that the Universe won’t provide unless you take the trouble to focus your thoughts in order to attract whatever you desire. The law of attraction seems to me nothing but an alternative way to work hard at making things happen….
…But what if our current reality was already the manifestation of the best possible compromise between all the contradictory things we want? (That’s my belief!)
…On a fragment of our worldview it can be written that sexual desire is bad, and that the more you desire it the further away from real love you are. (Especially if outer beauty feels more attractive than inner beauty, what a shame!) ….
But on another fragment, sexuality is a sacred thing, and all the illustrations accompanying this wonderful statement show only young and beautiful couples about to co-worshipulate…
On a fragment, wisdom says that desires must be contained, otherwise they grow without limits and we become their slaves. On another fragment, our desires are expressions of our true nature and we should honour them…
One thing is sure: if our worldview is not unified and coherent, there must be wrong bits in it.
More often than not, we use the fragment we prefer according to circumstances, and we are not even aware that we have close to no control over the course of our lives…
However those who keep banging into walls may end up giving a sharp look at their inner Guidance System and realise that the mixture of fragmented knowledge and illusions they have about reality make them nothing but fools.
The quest for truth often starts from there…

Signs, planets and houses (for complete beginners)

Before we dive into understanding what all these symbols mean, good news: the meaning of a planet is roughly the same as the meaning of a corresponding sign and the corresponding house. It’s going to be clearer with an example.

 If the planet is Mars, the corresponding sign is Aries. We say that Mars “rules” Aries, as if Mars was a sovereign and Aries a territory. So when we are learning Mars, we are learning Aries at the same time. 

 There will be nuances though, as Mars is the planet-energy, and Aries is, so to speak, the energy field of this planet. When someone says “I am Aries” … what it really means is that, in their birth chart, the Sun is in the energy field called Aries, the energy field of Mars. 

 Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. The House that is associated with Mars and Aries is the first house. The meaning of the First House will be very similar to what Mars and Aries are about. The difference is that a house is more connected with what happens in the outer world, whereas a sign is more psychological.  

 We can imagine the planet as energy, the sign as the energy field around the planet, and the house as the condensation of this energy field becoming facts and events in the material world. Now, please, don’t take this explanation too literally. Take it as a metaphor, or a simplified diagram. 

 When I am looking at a birth chart, I am looking at things that repeat themselves. For instance, if I find a chart where the Sun is conjunct to Mars (“conjunct” means they are less than 10 degrees apart in the chart) then I will understand that this Mars energy is very important. 

 So I will immediately have a look at the sign Aries and at the first house to see if more is happening in connection with  this energy. If I find planets or sensitive points like the AC or MC in Aries and in the First House, I will understand that this Mars-Aries energy is really huge in the make up of the personality and destiny of the person. From then on, I’ll wonder whether this energy is in a harmonious or disharmonious state, but we’ll talk about that later.

 For now, just remember that Signs, planets and houses have similar meanings. 

 Mars rules Aries and is the “natural ruler” of the first house. (Just notice the expression “natural ruler” and don’t worry! Just remember the association Mars-Aries-First House) 

 Venus rules Taurus and is the “natural ruler” of the second house.

 Venus also rules Libra and is also “natural ruler” of the seventh house. 

 Mercury rules Gemini and is the “natural ruler” of the third house. 
 Mercury also rules Virgo and is also the natural ruler of the sixth house. 

 The Moon rules Cancer and is the natural ruler of the 4th house. 
 The Sun rules Leo and is the natural ruler of the 5th house. 

 I’ve already told you about the sixth and seventh signs and houses. 

 Pluto rules Scorpio and is the natural ruler of the 8th house. 
 Jupiter rules Sagittarius and is the natural ruler of the 9th house. 

 Saturn rules Capricorn and is the natural ruler of the tenth house. 
 Uranus rules Aquarius and is the natural ruler of the eleventh house.

 Neptune rules Pisces and is the natural ruler of the twelfth house. 

 Don’t try to remember it all by heart, it’s going to sink in quicker than you think! 

 In traditional Astrology books, you’ll find separate explanations for the planets, the signs and the houses. Take advantage: these descriptions are but different facets of the same archetype. 
 Have a rest now! Speak more later… 

Jean-Marc Pierson Astrologer