Our connection with the Great Mystery: the 12th house

The 12th house is a most dreaded house, even more so than the 8th… I wonder why.
In the zodiac, Scorpio’s reputation is worse than Pisces’ though, so why should it go the other way with the houses they rule?
The 12th house ends is a Watery house.
The element Water talks about deep feelings and emotions, longings, cravings, instincts, deeply ingrained memories from childhood, for our ancestors or from past lives along with, especially in the 12th, connections with dimensions of the universal soul we wouldn’t even suspect would exist…
Beyond words, the twelfth s a world of music and images.
Let’s chose a thread to follow, knowing it’s not the only one… Quite often, with water, there is a surface, there is above the surface, and there is below. Expect to be confused…
We often repeat “As above so below” thinking “above” means up in the heavens and “below” down here, but above can also be here, the world where we can breathe and see, and below the invisible and mysterious world of deep down.
The world is reflected upside down when the surface of the water is still and smooth like a mirror, so maybe we could also put the old saying upside down: As below, so above. Below is below the surface of appearances. What is cause and what is effect is a chicken or egg problem, our side is the chicken side, below, or within, is the egg side.
The dramas, the conflicts, the attractions and loathings, the falls in and out of love, the alliances and betrayals, the shapes and abilities of our bodies, the endless repetition of routines, the walls and the checkpoints, the abuses and the bureaucracies… All life as we know it may be nothing but the chicken of our eggs, kept and nurtured by Water, hatching and growing according to the rhythm of the stars… Some eggs may have been waiting for many lives….
In the twelfth house is our connection with the deepest Mystery.
What is deepest is also highest. Heraclitus said: “The way up and the way down are one and the same” I take this as meaning that whether you take your spiritual journey as a journey of exploration of what’s deep, or as the climbing of a sacred mountain on top of which the Great Spirit of the Heavens is waiting for you, one way or another, you’re doing the same thing. When you don’t know where is up and where is down, when you can’t know within from without, you become so lost you can only pray. Ask for guidance. We come here to be confused, because being confused is the state we need to let go of a helpless ego and let a bigger hand take ours. “Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” said Jesus Christ.
Life comes from Water and Water is always pregnant. Some dreams may be called “karmic”, we gave them to Water once upon a time… What we do to others leaves us with a dream in its wake, the dream that the same thing may happen to us. Maybe it won’t happen. Maybe we’ll tackle the issue directly in the world of dreams, if we are able to see what is in gestation there – and chose what we keep nurturing and what we better defuse or transform… What is in store in the universal womb? One way or another, we have to face what’s roaming the waters. In meditation, before it grows too real, is a better way.
(Not everything is “karmic” as far as I understand. We are doing more than just dealing with the past. We also have dreams which are simply our dreams, our potentials…)
We can’t see what’s below the surface… We can go fishing with the Fisher King, for healing, because spiritual seeking starts with suffering – the wake up call. We can’t see below the surface but we can imagine, as humans do when confronted with the unknown, all kinds of things, treasures, remedies, monsters, mermaids, genies trapped in bottles….Imaginations which happen to be the language spoken by our so called “unconscious mind”, the energies which, deep down, exist without words, without clear consciousness, without us being able to take some distance to look at them… We are immersed in the dream world all-the-time. The world of our most intimate subjectivity is so familiar that we don’t even notice it’s there and for us it’s deep down in the dark. How could a fish notice there is water? It would have to pop its head above the surface, and see the difference… Sometimes a fish does just that and speaks to a puzzled fisherman to tell him secrets powerful enough to change his whole life. Let’s wish the fisherman to be wise…
The symbol for the fourth house and Cancer is the crab. This animal is seen out of the water when the tide is low. It appears and runs on firm ground. The origins remain mysterious but at least we see what we get. A baby came out of the water, took a first breath and now it’s crawling on its hands and knees, little crab carrying with him an ocean of ancestral memories. The symbol for the 12th and Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions. As we appeared out of the ocean, so we will return to the world of no limits and no differences…
Death, however, is usually associated with the eighth house and Scorpio. In the eighth, however, we still speak of the other world, from which we are separated by a veil which, they say, is at its thinnest at Samhein – Halloween. On the other side of the veil are spirits with which mediums communicate. You can get news from your loved ones after they passed away…. In the eighth death means trans-formation. According to what some people who may know better than me say, after we die we go to the astral plane, and there we may still have a sense of being us. We will catch up with our ancestors and sort out the conditions of our next incarnation…
The twelfth house seems to mean something even deeper, something like what Buddhists mean when they say that the very notion of self is an illusion, as everyone of us is nothing but the whole universe manifesting. We are just a wave on the surface of the ocean, but nothing is permanent, this wave too will pass… When we know we are the ocean we’re fine. When we don’t we fear annihilation…. That’s why we may fear the 12th more than the 8th…

Planets in the twelfth may make us feel lost, unable to find expression, disoriented, but they may also express in various ways :
-through art, music or poetry, -which we can’t practice without being “inspired” (but by what?) The twelfth is a world of music and images.
– service to others – and especially those in need. There is a logic of being lost, needing to be saved and saving. Now, even saving may be just another illusion…
– healing, anything we label “spiritual”….
– Placements in the twelfth may mean the great trials and suffering which make us search for healing and/or become healers, priests, bridges, channels….
– Placements in the twelfth may speak of little cells, because, like in monasteries, the ones who dedicate their lives to contemplate this ocean of Mystery need to be contained in little cells and follow strict rules. There is a law of balance that need to be respected, the fish swim simultaneously in both directions…
– When the cell is not in a monastery, it may be in a prison or a psychiatric hospital. Nothing is closer to wisdom and spiritual enlightenment than delusion and madness… as both the wise and the mad free themselves from the socially accepted norms…
– A laboratory, any hidden space can be meant by the 12th house…
Millililililibilili li 008 (1024x768).jpg
– Occultists talk about the “sphere of illusions” students have to confront- and here is another Neptunian meaning that we can find at all levels of expression, from the basic deception of the conman who makes you believe giving them all your money is a good idea, to the mental undoing of mental illness, via extra marital affairs and the artificial paradises of alcohol, drugs, compulsive sex or any addictions….
– Now, funnily enough, the 12th house can also mean that you are working in an hostel or a restaurant. Even if it’s a business, hostel and hospital are places of hospitality.
– Neptune sometimes simply means liquids, oils, alcohols (called spirits), perfumes… If you business has a 12th house flavor, you may be selling essential oils or investing in petroleum companies.
– Sometimes, the ocean is also a literal interpretation of Neptune, Pisces or the twelve house. A twelfth houser may be a sailor. Mars in the 12th could serve in the Navy, or roam the oceans with Greenpeace. Ask the mermaids…
– With Neptune, Pisces and the twelfth house, we want to go back to Paradise – all illusions and escapism may come from the idea that we can take shortcuts. Hence addictions and depressions…..
– Sacrifice is another big spiritual theme. Sometimes we sacrifice ourselves for others, sometimes we sacrifice something we are attached to to become able to attach ourselves to something higher…. and sometimes we are just scapegoats, victims, sacrificed by others against our will, but if it’s in our chart….

… but maybe, to get a feel of the twelfth we should stop using this Mercurial mind who should now be happy enough with this list , and listen to music. Chose the most compelling music, the one you love most…. and get carried away.. Soon you will be so entranced that you will have forgotten that you have a body, a name, a yesterday and a tomorrow, no must, no should, no guilt, no shame, no have to….. Only oneness, only communion.

We are waves…

About the astrological alphabet

Let me tell you a quick word about the “astrological alphabet”: this concept means that the same archetype stands behind a planet, the sign it rules and the house it “naturally rules”.
However, planet, sign and house are not the same thing at all. The planet is the energy itself, and could be represented by a character.
Imagine this character is you, just for the time of this explanation. If you are the planet, the sign could be your house. Not the astrological house, your real house, with a door, windows and rooms. Or maybe the sign is your room, the place where you have chosen the furniture and hanged whatever you wanted to hang on the walls.
Someone who would visit your room in your absence would have a pretty accurate idea of the kind of person you are. The room is an expression of your personality. But of course, the room is not you. You are not a room, you are a person.
The house – not the one with doors and windows, i am now talking about the house of the horoscope which is naturally associated with the planet and the sign – could be your clothes. Similarly, someone who would visit your clothes in your absence (imagine you are taking a bath naked in a river and someone comes across them) would also have a good idea of the kind of person you are.
However, you are not your clothes, and the clothes are not you, and they are not your room either.
The room -the sign- says something about who you are within, and the clothing say something about who you are in a more external way; they also say something about what you are doing…
Now, you are not a planet, you are much more complex than that. So instead of you imagine a Greek God, or a Goddess, let’s say Aphrodite, aka Venus. What kind of clothes would she wear? And how would be her room if you had the privilege to be invited?…
Aphrodite has actually two rooms. One is Taurus and the other is Libra. In the Taurus room there is a huge double bed, incredibly comfortable, It smells sultry perfume, there are flowers, music, little things to eat, a fridge with drinks and a cupboard full of extra thin condoms. The other room is a parlour. It’s a kind of intimate art gallery. There are sofas and you’ve got to be good a talking if you want to stay there in the company of the one who may invite you to visit the other room.
Now, what is she wearing?…. I leave it to your imagination…
A horoscope is a crazy thing. Something you get just the right God in the right room wearing the right clothes, and sometimes, it’s all mixed up, you find Zeus – Jupiter wearing Aphrodite’s bikini in Mercury’s room reading his books. However, gods being gods, they are able to shape shift whilst remaining their true selves, Zeus can become female or the bikini turn into the masculine equivalent, and there are good reasons to read Mercury’s books or to borrow his toolbox….
All the art of astrological interpretation consists of understanding what kind of external shape the Gods, that is the planet- energies can take to fit the clothes they are wearing and the rooms in which they have business whilst remaining what they are at the core…
The purpose is to come up with interpretations looking like something possible in human lives.
That’s fun when it’s not a headache…

Summer Solstice 2019

Mermaid Basking in the Sun by Heni Sandoval

IMAGE NOTE: This beautiful mermaid painting is a wonderful image for the Sun moving into the waters of Cancer. It is by my sister and amazing artist Heni Sandoval. You can find more of her creative and colorful work at Heni’s Happy Paintings  and at Heni’s Gifts.

The Summer Solstice arrives on June 21 at 15:54 UT, 11:54 a.m. ET and 8:54 a.m. PT.

It is Winter Solstice for those in the Southern Hemisphere which is on June 22 at 1:54 a.m. AEST

The June Solstice is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and is when the Sun enters the sign of Cancer each year. EarthSky has “All you need to know about the Solstice”  and The Farmer’s Almanac has interesting info on how ancient sites like Machu Picchu aligned with the Solstice.  It is Winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere when New Zealand celebrates the Maori new year Matariki, and in Hobart, Tasmania they have a celebration called Dark Mofo.

Here is the Solstice chart cast for New York City.

The Solstice chart is the birth chart for this new season and indicates trends to expect. The Sun is always at 0* Cancer at the Solstice and this year Mars and Mercury are also in Cancer.  Cancer is a healing, loving water sign filled with emotion. Mars represents action and Mercury rules communication and these planets are close togehter at the Solstice and continue this connection through 6/25. Cancer abhors confrontation and will do anything to avoid conflict. Mercury in Cancer filters communication through emotions, while Mars in Cancer is very creative and prefers to relax and keep everyone happy, but will dramatically over-react when emotions are triggered.  Mars in Cancer is known for both passive-aggressive behavior along with taking everything too personally.  When Mars is paired with Mercury in Cancer expect this behavior to spill out at both the macro level as well as in your personal life, especially when dealing with your family since Cancer is the sign which rules family, especially mothers and children.

Mars entered Cancer on 5/16 and began to trigger this type of over-reaction. Case in point happened on 5/27 when police in Phoenix, AZ violently confronted a family whose 4 year old daughter took a Barbie doll from a dollar store.  You can read about it here –  Police Officer Threatens To Shoot Pregnant Woman After Her Child Took Barbie From Family Dollar Store. The event did not receive wide spread attention until  6/17 when the Phoenix Mayor and Police Chief apologized, which was also the very day of the exact conjunction of Mars/Mercury.

One reason this type of emotional overload is more pronounced now is because of an opposition to Mars/Mercury from Pluto and Saturn transiting closely together in hard core Capricorn. Capricorn rules patriarchal institutions and  bureaucracies in general. This opposition contrasts old paradigms against more humane ways to deal with confrontation while also provoking rigid ideology to overreact to perceived challenges.

The Sun in Cancer also faces a challenge from a tense square from Chiron in Aries.  Aries is ruled by Mars and is an aggressive and war like sign. On the Solstice Chiron forms a square to the Sun in effect until the end of June which is exact on 6/27.  This challenge is already evident in the war-like rhetoric being lobbed around between the US and Iran over oil tanker attacks in the Gulf of Oman. The last time Chiron entered Aries and formed similar squares to the Cancer Sun was from 1968-69 which was when the Viet Nam war escalated. Chiron in Aries is begging us to turn a key into new ways of action. Let us hope we have learned that war, death and destruction never achieve a lasting positive solution. Cancer at its highest vibration is unconditional love. The challenge for now is cultivating ability to act from this beautiful vibration, versus knee-jerk reactions from old limiting belief structures.

Quote by Soyen Shaku

The Solstice chart continues to point out challenges which need to be faced head-on in order to transmute. Jupiter is retrograde at 18* Sagittarius and forms an exact square to Neptune at 18* Pisces., also retrograde, Jupiter in Sagittarius, the sign he rules, is very positive and expands more optimism and zest for life, and Neptune in Pisces, which he rules, extends more love and ability to reach higher, more spiritual vibrations. Generally this is wonderful energy, but this tight square emphasizes over-enthusiasm along  with naive tendencies to believe in unreal fantasies, and pits these against each other. This is very obvious in the current political scene here in the US with 24 Democrat presidential candidates already announced (really!). Trevor Noah of the Daily Show calls it it World War D. When Jupiter is in Sagittarius it’s all to easy to over-inflate your chances and jump the gun at the starting gate.  Then there are the folks who are tapping into Neptunian mirages to see only what they want to see who follow President Trump blindly and rationalize his divisive rhetoric. This square is close and active through early July and repeats again in mid-September.

A bright spot at the Solstice is Venus in fun loving, flighty air sign Gemini. But she too is getting caught up in these obstacles.  From the Solstice until 6/25 Venus is opposite Jupiter and square Neptune, which creates a challenging aspect known as a T-Square. Venus in Gemini is delightful and helps us lift out of the doldrums by urging us to have more fun and pointing out the absurdities of life so we can laugh and take things less seriously. However with all the Cancerian energy around, “I will take things too seriously and you can’t talk me out of it.” Venus doesn’t have an easy job which this T-Square indicates. Luckily the Moon in fellow air sign Aquarius on the Solstice helps out by sending positive rays to Venus creating a harmonious trine to offset the T-Square.  In an event chart like the Solstice the Moon represents the public mood. Aquarius similar to Gemini is noted for it’s clever wit and also its ability to see the larger perspective. This Moon-Venus trine at the Solstice helps you get out of your own way and lifts you up above petty emotional traps. A suggestion to access this energy is to watch a lot of comedy especially those comedians who tackle divisive issues and open minds by helping us laugh at the absurdity of being human. Check out comedian Jim Jefferies who is a skilled master at this.

Uranus at 5* Taurus is standing alone on the Solstice not making any connections with other major planets, so it seems like this Lord of Chaos, structure buster planet is waiting  for his turn. When Mars enters Leo in early July he’ll begin pulling Uranus out, but for now Uranus is lurking in the shadows. The only connection to Uranus comes from Asteroid Vesta at 4* Taurus stationed next to Uranus on the Solstice. Vesta represents a pure flame always burning to light the way.  Vesta says “Lord Uranus, I am by your side and when the time is right I will carry my torch high and help you light your bonfire.”

So these are the larger themes for the Solstice. I also want to give you a heads up on a couple of things – Mercury is slowing down now in prep for his retrograde from 7/7 until 7/31 and there are 2 eclipses in July. A total solar eclipse on 7/2 and a partial lunar clipse on 7/16-17, I’ll be writing more about his in July’s issue, but if you are feeling spacey and your dreams have amped up, this is why.

Here is advice on how to use these energies positively in your own personal life. Be very aware of any tendency to take things too personally. People are always caught up in their own inner stuff and unconsciously project that to everyone else. Even if you usually are cool and collected, current energies fly into your face when you least expect, so  it’s a good time to practice self awareness – especially at those summer family gathering! (It’s your mother’s job to push your buttons. It’s your choice how to respond.) It’s also a great time to use the major Cancerian flow to create waves of love and channel the force of Mars in Cancer to approach life more creatively. Find ways to appreciate and enjoy more, then if someone steps on your toes, you can do a tap dance to amuse everyone instead.

Tap into the Venus/Moon trine to become more conscious so you can lift above to recognize petty patterns versus getting pulled into them. And to handle the Jupiter Neptune square, be aware where you may over enthusiastically gallop onto pathways which look enticing and glamorous, but are just siren songs luring you into pitfalls.

With that in mind I wan to note some irony, because Solstice 2018 chart looked so positive, yet for many it was the worst time ever.  (I could turn your hair white with stores I heard from many of my clients!) Read that post HERE. Solstice chart 2019 has many tense and challenging aspects, but if these challenges are mastered and overcome (read the advice above again) it could be one of the best times in many years! My wish for you is to capture the airy updraft and ride emotional waves with creative fun and joy!

Flavor of the eleventh house

010 (2).JPG
Imagine… you have four bags full of treats. In the first bag, about 75% of the treats are red, so naturally, you call this bag the Red Bag. Sometimes you pick a yellow, a blue or a green treat from the Red Bag, and it feels weird but never mind, you love your treats so much, you gulp them down as quickly as a dog. Maybe you are a dog actually. I don’t know who may read, I’m just the writer.
Same thing with the other bags: the yellow, the blue and the green ones all contain a majority of treats of the “right” colour and a few others. Never mind, you love them, you gulp them down at the speed of light.
Now, as it happens, you’ve embarked on a spiritual journey. You practice mindfulness. You get into the habit of munching your treats. As your spiritual awareness deepens you become increasingly aware of the tastes.
One day you have an epiphany: all the treats in the red bag are salty. All the treats in the yellow bag are slightly acidic. All the treats in the green bag are a little bit bitter and all the treats from the blue bag are sugary. They are all delicious in their own way.
Now you know what every single treat belonging to a particular bag has in common with all the others. You can make predictions with hundred per cent success.
Of course you are not a dog, neither am I, but sometimes our minds are hungry dogs. We gulp down information without munching and we forget to taste the flavor of reality.
Our bags of treats are not four but twelve, they are the houses of the horoscope. We know by heart lists of colourful key words but we’re never quite sure which ones will apply …
spring 2013 007.JPG
This little metaphor is itself a treat – It was one for me when it decided to cross my head, I hope it was one for you as well!
It is a bitter sweet treat actually, by this i mean it may well be found in two bags. I started to write it as an introduction to the 11th house, and here I am thinking that it actually belongs in the 9th, Jupiter’s house.
With Jupiter, we’re working on our worldview. We’re seeking for the truth. What are these bags really about? How should we think about them in order to be able to talk accurately about reality?
However Jupiter is Uranus’ Grandson. They have common features. The eleventh house, naturally ruled by Grandpa, is an Air house. Air symbolises the mental plane, along with the social dimension of life. Houses can overlap…
When a Truth Seeker finds the Truth they stop being a Truth Seeker. When he or she becomes enlightened… it’s not Sagittarius anymore, it’s Aquarius. insight! Breakthrough! Eureka! Vision! Eleventh House!
Millililililibilili li 044 (1024x768).jpg
Anyway. Let’ breathe for a few seconds.
. . .
…Let’s now pick a few treats from the 11th house…
Traditionally, the 11th is the house of friends. Some friendships are love stories without the sex part, and without the tight commitment which means that you have to call to warn that you are going to come home a bit later than usual when it happens (and it shouldn’t happen too often)
With friends, you can let time pass by without giving news, reappear when you do and all is fine. You’re free. You’re welcome. You can breathe.
Friendship is simple. You talk about love. Love is complicated. Talking about it with a friend is simple. You talk about all your hopes and wishes (“Hopes and wishes” is another traditional meanings of the 11th house)
The most complex kinds of hopes and wishes are called “Ideologies”. They always involve the vision of a bright future for a humanity freed of its chains .
Ideologies may be born from the realisation that personal hopes and wishes, which are always about thriving, living free and love, can’t happen in any context. Society must be a favourable environment… Therefore Revolution is needed! (It’s good to put the world to rights with friends)
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”
– Margaret Mead, cultural anthropologist, Sun conjunct Uranus and Mercury in Sagittarius and the eleventh house, Moon and Venus in Aquarius.
The eleventh is also the house of groups.
A group can be a choir, a football club, a political party, a charity, a public speaking club, a gathering of witches, a gang, a co operative, a language exchange club, a congregation, the scientific community… (the largest groups are called society and “the human species”)
You can sing in a choir without being personally involved with everyone. New people join, others leave. After a few years, it’s still the same choir, but mostly other people. You’re just a cell in an organism. We are individual units belonging to something greater… a choir, a party, a culture, a species, a universe….
Molecules of water are magnets. They stick to each other. Molecules in crystals (Earth element) are solidly tied up to one another, they can’t move at all. With the Air element, there is so much space…
If you miss closeness, remember: with more distance, there is less pressure. You can be whoever you want to be
If you start focusing your energy to actually make a dream come true, if you get romantically involved with someone in particular, if you leave the realm of infinite freedom and potentials to make something particular happen… you leave the eleventh house. The fifth house is just across the road.
Similarly, at the level of the mind, you don’t keep attached to old thinking habits. Your mother will keep calling the red bag “Red bag” and the yellow bag “Yellow bag” until her last day. – but not you, eleventh house dweller.
In your head, ideas are like friends: they don’t have to be always tied up together. Codes, customs, traditions, habits, conventions don’t have to apply all the time. A thinking pattern is somehow built with mental Lego bricks. Most people don’t dare breaking them and making new ones. In the eleventh you’re at the right place to do just that.
When I was a boy, one day I dipped grapes in mustard. I liked grapes and I liked mustard so I wondered whether I would like grapes with mustard. I was immediately told to stop by a parent who couldn’t bear the idea of not doing things the way they should be done.
Vade Retro Saturnas! I want to experiment grape s with mustard!
It’s always possible to break down mental elements and recombine them. That’s what thinkers and inventors do. Nothing is heavy in here. You don’t need bulldozers to change a plan. You can put wings on horses and caterpillars on unicorns. You can think that maybe the earth is round when everyone swears it’s flat. You can design new technologies.
The mental plane, the immensity of the sky, friends, groups, hopes and wishes, ideologies, utopias, progress, individuality, communities, the universe within and without… Flavors of the eleventh house…

How to know what is more valued in your chart

 In a birth chart, the quickest “things” are those who value the slower ones. By “things” I mean planets, and angles of the themes (Ascendant, Descendant, MC (Middle of the Sky), and IC. 

The Ascendant and other angles of the theme are linked with the rotation of the earth. They move so quickly that they go all around the zodiac in 24 hours. Someone who is born on the same day as you will be the same Sun sign but can be any Ascendant.

So the Ascendant is what will make you special in a group of people born on the same day.

So nothing will add extra value to the Ascendant, but the Ascendant will add value to any planet it touches. If your Ascendant is conjunct let’s say Jupiter, even though everyone who was born on the same day has Jupiter at the same place in the chart, Jupiter will be a more active energy for you.

After the angles of the theme, the quickest planet is the Moon. Among a group of people who were born during the same month as you (roughly) you will all be of the same Sun sign, but in one month the Moon goes around the whole zodiac, so in such a group, the Moon will make you special and not the Sun. If the Moon is conjunct to the Ascendant, you will be more of a Moon person, as the Ascendant is quicker. But if the Moon touches another planet, like Jupiter, you will become more influenced by Jupiter than another person. Of course, the Moon will be amplified by Jupiter at the same time.

The other way round, the slowest planet is Pluto. A whole generation has Pluto in the same sign. If Jupiter touches Pluto, Pluto will become more meaningful for you. If the Sun or the Moon touches Pluto, Pluto will become even more meaningful than if just Jupiter or Saturn touch it. Knowing in which sign is Pluto if it is not especially emphasised is useful mostly for time travellers, as you may want to visit epochs where Pluto was in a sign compatible with yours.

The quickest planet after the Moon are the Sun, Mercury and Venus. Mercury is the quickest, but it goes retrograde regularly, so on average it’s not quicker than the Sun, who, thanks God, never goes retrograde – Same thing for Venus. However, when the Sun touches another planet, it is more meaningful than if Mercury of Venus do, as the Sun is the most important energy in the whole chart… Influences go both ways though. If the Sun makes plenty of aspects and the Moon only a few the Sun will be more important than the Moon.

Other elements will play a role: if many planets occupy a sign or a house, the energy of this sign or house will be valued of course, along with the planet that rules the sign. The placement of the Moon Nodes and Black Moon Lilith, which are used in karmic astrology, also add value. With so many elements to consider, it becomes possible to notice patterns that repeat themselves. For instance, Jupiter could be valued through a strong aspect to the Moon, and through a South Node in Sagittarius, along with having quick planets in Sagittarius….

 Jean-Marc Pierson Astrololo

Tenth house formalities

So, Mr Pierson, what do you do?
If someone asks me this question in a social gathering as a way to start a conversation, they are actually asking: “So, Mr Pierson, tell me about your MC”
According to my answer, they will decide whether it’s worth talking more or look for someone else to engage with, and this will have nothing to do with the goodness of my heart or how clever I might be. It’s just a question of social status.
As the house system I use is the most commonly used, that is Placidus, the MC is the cusp of the 10th house, and the meaning is the same. As an angle, the MC is more powerful.
Traditionally, the 10th house is the house of career, status and reputation. It also often means the mother, which is a bit baffling for the house naturally associated with Saturn, unless you think that the mother is not only the one who nurtures and cares, but also the one who shapes her child’s behavior through demands and interdictions…
It’s in fact the shaping function that is represented by the tenth house.
The way we are shaped determines our social status.
We learn our place in society in this first society which is our family; unless we work hard later at changing the one thousands habits we learned as melleable children, we become the kind of citizen which corresponds to the kind of member we were in the family-society. (Nothing is more similar to something than their exact opposite, so if that’s your case, there is no contradiction.)
The MC is how we appear from a greater distance. When I was young, growing up in a small town, everyone knew the Doctor Stock. He was the most trusted and the busiest Doctor. He was serious, friendly, competent. Who knew about his moods, tastes, worries, hopes, hobbies? Who knew about his beliefs, his philosophy, his emotions? Most people knew only his MC. He was THE Doctor. He was well loved. He fulfilled his function.
The social roles we play are more than just the jobs we do, they can be anything we are known for. Being a committed activist, the best football player of the local team, the winner of one thousand beauty prizes, the one who is always seen feeding the pigeons and talks to nobody…
If a movie director needs background actors s(he) will define them in MC terms: “Send me three soldiers, a rapper, two cyclists and a beggar!…”
If, in the movie, the three soldiers who first appeared in the background were now interacting with a beautiful girl, the Ascendants would appear. One of the soldier could be cheeky, another play wingman and the third wait for his moment. The girl could be flirtatious or reserved, friendly or haugthy… We now see less of the MCs and more of the ACs.
In sociology, role theory considers that most everyday activities are actually nothing but acting out roles (mother, teacher, waiter, CEO…) Once the role is known, the behavior can easily be predicted.
Mon poulet.jpg
Whether we fit into the mould or don’t is a MC problem. If we don’t, we fall into another category… We can be a rebel, an artist, a fool, a special need… I keep using labels. Saturn is the natural ruler of this house associated with Capricorn. It’s all shapes and structures. You’re heart is in Leo and the fifth house, if you’ve managed to channel it here, well done, not everybody does! You may have to tie a knot around your neck every morning. Maybe you have to wear ugly black shoes that hurt your feet. I never wear suit and ties, but now, I’m a Pisces MC. I hate tight shoes and ties.
Our role, our social status can be subtle as well. In a group of humans, we can be a leader or a follower, an eccentric, a neither dominant nor submissive, or an outcast, a scapegoat…
Such roles exist in the animal kingdom as well, as a deer or a wolf you can be an alpha male or female, or a beta one, but you see, I’m still talking in terms of labels and categories…
To know more about all that, it’s time to take sociology classes.
Group dynamics and role theories should be the most relevant subjects..

The Ascendant: the path to the path

The Ascendant is somehow the path to the path. The path is the Sun sign. The Sun is always in a process of becoming, everyone is the hero of their own life, we are becoming who we really are or always seeking the highest expression of ourselves…..

The Sun means that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and this experience consists of trying to express our spiritual core within the limitations of the material world…. So the Sun is always on a path, symbolised by the sign it’s in along with various aspects, but when we were born, the sign that was rising on the Eastern horizon, (along with planets energies connected with it through aspects) showed how we got started from the very beginning, and how we will keep approaching life on a moment to moment basis.

If you take the character of Frodo in Lord of the Rings, you could say that his heroic quest, symbolised by the Sun, could be Scorpio – as he has to travel to the core of the dark land, and his Rising sign would be meant by his basic personality as a somehow adventurous and friendly hobbit before the whole saga began.

As Howard Sasportas puts it: “The Ascendant flowers into the Sun”
And the Moon? … Yes, I’ll talk about the Moon and the Sun in the mini webinar this Saturday…