Spring Equinox 2020

Cheshire Cat – Atlanta Botanical Garden photo by Jean Williams

I chose this image of the Cheshire Cat from the exhibit at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens – Imaginary Worlds Alice’s Wonderland, because I know we all feel like we have slipped down a very, very strange rabbit hole. Alice says, It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then. The Cheshire Cat says, The Proper order of things is often a mystery to me. You too? as all but his smile disappears.

Spring Equinox 2020 arrives on March 19th at 11:49 PM EDT and on 8:49 PDT and 3:39 UT
This is Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere ion March 20, at 2:49 PM AEDT

This is the earliest Spring Equinox in 124 years (Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere). You can read about why at Space.com  EarthSky always has good information March equinox: All you need to know

This Equinox is the moment each year when the Sun returns to the beginning of the Zodiac wheel, leaves the waters of Pisces and rises to fiery Aries.  The chart for this Equinox reveals trends for the upcoming season.

Chart for Spring Equinox 2020 cast for Washington, DC

There is no way to discuss this year’s Spring Equinox without addressing coronavirus and how it has been affecting the entire world. I’ll analyze how this shows up in the Equinox chart, but want to mention more about it here and also give you links to good articles about it too.

A Medical Intuitive Take on the CoronaVirus by Susan Corso

Spiritual Practice and Awareness to Navigate Crisis by Janet Straight Arrow

Astrology Musings on the Coronavirus   by Lynn Hayes

All astrologers knew that 2020 was no ordinary year with the monumental Capricorn emphasis, most especially the widely (and wildly!) discussed once in 500 years conjuction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn exact on January 12th.  In ordinary times effects of these important planetary connections manifested later than the actual conjunction, years or even centuries. But in the current moment the effects are manifesting  in lightening speed – life as we know it has changed almost instantly! Yet the seeds of this head whipping time were planted as far back as 1989, with the approaching connection of Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn (the Berlin Wall fell down) and more potent seeds were sown when Pluto entered Capricorn in late 2008  (the Great Recession). Now in 2020 the results are in full blown bloom.

One definition of corona is “crown”. Five hundred years ago the last time transformer Pluto and Lord of Structure Saturn were traveling together in Capricorn the power and dominance of the Catholic church began to be toppled with the Protestant Reformation. The next time Pluto was in Capricorn was during the American Revolution which initiated the fall of long reigning  monarchies – toppling their crowns! And now the perfectly named coronavirus is collapsing the structures of the entire world! Consider this – when you have tried to change ingrained negative habits without success, often the only thing that forces you to make appropriate changes is illness. Society at large with its greed, over consumption and disregard for the planet itself is sick and in dire need of change, but politicians, world leaders, powerful corporate “monarchies” and financial institutions along with fractured for profit health care industry here in the US resist change and like things just the way they are.  Enter coronavirus to say, “Guess what? Like it or not time’s up!”

What new structures will eventually manifest is unknown, but the exciting thing is that we all on the front line! You are not just a witness you are part of the process. Decisions and choices each of us make effect humanity at large into the future, just like the coronaviris pandemic wave pushes through affecting the world at large. It truly is a powerful and fascinating time to be alive! My personal belief is the more we embrace this unavoidable change with light hearts, expanded minds and loving thoughts and action, we will create the best world ever known! May it be so!

Now onto the Equinox chart. The Sun is always at 0 degrees Aries at the moment of the March Equinox and this year like last year finds Centaur Chiron near the Sun both creating a tense T-Square to the North Node (new direction) in Cancer and the South Node (past patterns) in Capricorn. Chiron acts like a key and in Aries wants us to open a door into new and better ways of doing things and leave past paradigms behind and the Aries Sun shines on this dynamic. This T-square represents the challenge of action indicating the choice between lagging behind in old, static structures which only serve the few, or moving forward into new more nurturing and supportive frameworks that benefit all. This challenging pattern also accentuates the Capricorn themes already so obvious this year.

Mars, planet of action, is in Capricorn and as the ruler of Aries is more dominant now. At the Equinox moment Mars forms an exact conjunction with massive Jupiter both at 22* Capricorn.  Mars in Capricorn is exalted and manifests as the adult in the room while Jupiter in Capricorn expands the need for better boundaries and works best by holding steady focus on long term goals. Exact conjunctions manifest more forcefully and this one is extremely obvious in the quarantines, boundary closures along with mandatory school and all nonessential business closures too. (Who could ever  believe this could happen in our lifetime?!) Jupiter is also near Pluto and not far away from Saturn re-emphasizing the major Capricorn structural themes. Mars connects with Pluto on 3/23 continuing to pressure Pluto’s transformational power.

Saturn is at the very last degree of Capricorn (29*51′) on the Equinox, a ‘charged’ degree even more dynamic because Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn. Saturn is like the stern teacher we hated but we sure learned how to write a good term paper! Saturn at this degree says, “This is your last warning, you must complete the test or fail!” Just a few days after the Equinox Saturn enters Aquarius on 3/22 for the first time in 29 years to give us a taste of what the new structures will be.

The Equinox Moon, which represents the public mood, is in Aquarius in sync with the new energies emerging. An Aquarius Moon longs to bring equality to the common people and the largest asteroid Ceres representing mature nurturing is near the Moon in Aquarius too. Here in the US as I write this there is a multi-billion dollar stimulus bill in Congress for emergency aid to off-set the economic impacts of coronavirus. There is even talk of giving people $1000 in UBI (universal basic income) during this crisis. (What a great idea, thanks Andrew Yang ‘-)

Venus at the Equinox is showing her strength in Taurus, the sign she rules. Taurus rules resources like income and money markets like stock exchanges which have been so volatile lately that it makes you dizzy to look at the ups and downs. Not to mentioned if you own stocks or have a 401K being scared shitless! Is this why everyone is hoarding toilet paper? Venus reaches out to Mars and Jupiter in fellow earth sign Capricorn letting it be known that her helpful hand is here to grasp. All will be well eventually, says Venus, just stay calm and carry on. In other words stop jumping around like a silly jelly bean and let things play out.

Messenger Mercury has returned to Pisces where he was on 2/5 a few days after public health officials like the WHO and CDC made public proclamations that the coronavirus outbreak was a public health emergency of international concern. Mercury in Pisces is a bit fuzzy and was also retrograde from 2/16 – 3/9.  Here in the US while Mercury was retrograde in February President Trump was giving the public mixed messages about this outbreak like “It’s a hoax, and will be over by April”.  Finally on 2/26 he announced that VP Mike Pence was taking over the cornavirus task force indicating a much more serious approach. Now with Mercury back in Pisces we can expect communication to continue to be confusing about the pandemic and the potential ramifications. At the same time Mercury makes a nice trine to the North Node in Cancer. Cancer is a healing and nurturing sign so even if messaging is confusing the intention is toward the good.

Neptune is in Pisces too, making this the 8th Spring Equinox he has been in the sign he governs. Neptune rules the highest spiritual vibrations along with deception and confusion. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is: In A Gigantic Tent, Villagers Witness A Spectacular Performance. Wow, could this be any more appropriate for this time?! Neptune also rules the oceans and shipping and look what is happening to the cruise line industry!

Finally lets look at Uranus which is at 4* Taurus on the Equinox.  If I had to pick one major trigger to this Corona Pandemic it would be Uranus who entered Taurus for this first time in 84 years in May, 2018, then went retro and re-entered Taurus on March 6, 2019 to stay until April 25, 2026.  Taurus rules Mother Earth, our home planet and Uranus is both the planet of chaos and enlightenment. Uranus’ symbol looks like a cell tower and has been trying to get us humans to tune into better ways to take care of Mother Earth. Many people are listening and making positive changes, as well as many governments, but sad to say, most are not. Here in the US the Trump administration has rolled back much of the legislation in place for decades that protected the environment, which has also happened in Brazil with the continued destruction of Amazon rain forest, and the same in many other countries too, while the whole world is still heavily dependent on fossil fuels.

When expansive Jupiter entered earth sign Capricorn on 12/2/19 which was another portend of major changes (Jupiter was last in Capricorn in 2008 during the Great Ression) Jupiter made a trine (positive connection) with Uranus on 12/15 but Uranus was retrograding and more internalized then. Now that Uranus has come back to the degree of this trine he is in full active mode. It’s as if Uranus finally got tired of sending out his “Protect Nature” broadcast but getting no response. So in his coyote, lighting bolt guise Uranus Lord of Chaos, said ok folks if you refuse to wake up and take stronger action, I’ll send one of my bolts to jolt you awake! Already it is working as the pandemic reduces carbon emission air becomes cleaner and lives are saved in the process. After the pandemic recedes, it’s up to us, the people, to keep pressure on governments and corporate polluters to maintain better practices into the future. Also at the Equinox, just as Mercury forms a beneficial exact trine to the North Node, Uranus forms an exact trine to the South Node adding more positive potential for the changing structures to be much better than ever before. Yay.

And here is a wonderful quote that you may have seen already, but is worth seeing over and over in these kind of times by Kitty O’Meara who interestingly enough seemed to spring from nowhere, no information on who she is except for these words.

And the people stayed home. And read books, and listened,
and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games,
and learned new ways of being,
and were still.
And listened more deeply.
Some meditated, some prayed, some danced.
Some met their shadows.
And the people began to think differently.
And the people healed.
And, in the absence of people living in ignorant,
dangerous, mindless, and heartless ways,
the earth began to heal.
And when the danger passed, and the people joined together again,
they grieved their losses, and made new choices, and dreamed new images,
and created new ways to live and heal the earth fully, as they had been healed.
So my friends as we welcome a new kind of spring spending more time in the corona boundaries, my you stay healthy and strong and remember to use joy and laughter as you best medicine.  Stay close to your loved ones, look out for your neighbors and keep connected to your friends and your community in all the wonderful ways our electronic era allows us. You are never alone, you are always held in the hands of Love. Here is a quote by Ram Dass born with Sun in Aries, Remember, we are all affecting the world every moment, whether we mean to or not. Our actions and states of mind matter, because we’re so deeply interconnected with one another. Working on our own consciousness is the most important thing that we are doing at any moment, and being love is the supreme creative act.



The Moon

The Moon is one of the “Big Three”… 

The Big Three are the Sun, the Moon and the Rising Sign. 

If our personality was a kingdom, the big three would be the three most important people. the Sun would be the King, the Moon the Queen and the Rising Sign would be the Knight- who-interacts-with-the-outside-world-on-their-behalf. 
 Have you heard of the concept of “sub personalities”? Usually, we think of ourselves as one person, which we call “me” … but what if we were actually more like several people sharing one body?
Have you already had the experience of having a friend who you usually meet for certain activities, and one day, they invite you to their home; there, your friend looks like they have become another person! You are finding out another “facet” of their personality…     
 The energies represented by the planets don’t blend seamlessly; we can consider them as sub personalities in their own right. 

  The Sun is the King. It’s a male energy; the Moon is the Queen it’s a female energy; let’s drop immediately our feminist views, or rather let’s keep them for the world of people, but not for the world of symbols. 

 The Sun and the Moon are present in everyone’s chart, so whatever our gender, we all have our fair share of masculine and feminine energies. Say Yang and Yin if you prefer.
Masculine  or Yang energies are expressed from inside out, they are creative, active, dynamic, self centred. Feminine energies are receptive, reactive or passive, attractive, relationship centred. 

 When we read a chart, we should always start with looking for whether Yang or Yin is dominant. Traditional gender roles have been confusing energies and people. Men used to believe they could express only the Sun and Mars, women were supposed to express only the Moon and Venus, as if all these energies weren’t present in everyone’s make up… 
 The Moon is our Yin side. Our inside. The Moon is us when we are receptive, when we submit or surrender, when we let go, when we relax, when we relate to others and the environment. (To relate we need to shut up and open to whoever or whatever is not us. That’s Yin) 

 The Moon is how we are when we are at home, when we find ourselves in a safe environment, in private, able to express our emotions and be receptive to other people’s emotions.
 The Sun by contrast, is how we are when we leave home and shine our own light in the world. The Moon is our most intimate personality, the vulnerable part of us. The Sun is not vulnerable. How could it be? It’s all from inside out. No arrow can hit the Sun’s heart! 

 The Moon in a birth chart also tells about our own childhood, how we were as a child, how was our mother, or more specifically how was our relationship with our mother when it came to caring and nurturing us. 
  I don’t believe that planets represent people. You will often read that the Moon is the mother. To me, the Moon is the function of nurturing. When our mother was forcing us to do things, when she was forbidding or punishing, she was Saturn. When she was the great love of our life, she was Venus; When she was a role model, she was the Sun, when she taught us things she was Jupiter and she she was a rival for our father’s attention, she was Mars! …and When our father was preparing food or telling a story before we slept, he was the Moon. 
 Now that we have grown up (if we have) the Moon represents our “inner child” that is the most vulnerable and sensitive part of us. The Moon in our chart shows how we need to be cared for in what we need to feel safe. 
 The Sun also represents our “inner child” but it’s the creative and playful inner child which is symbolised by the Sun, not the emotional one. 
 The Moon in a few key verbs:
 If you remember only four, remember: 
 I belong I feel I need I nurture
If you can remember more:
I dream I imagine I remember I am fecund I am pregnant I give birth
I change I go round in cycles
I care I long I howl I attract I react
I feed I eat I share I intuit I absorb… 
I mother I cuddle I smother I embrace… 
I like to repeat that everything in life is the expression of the fundamental energies of the zodiac. A great way to learn is to look around and put “energy tags” on things and people… Let’s go for a walk in the street. What are we going to label “Moon”? 
 If you feel like being serious about learning, don’t read the following straight away. Go for an imaginary walk in a street and search for buildings, things and people to tag “Moon” …. 
—————————    ———————–                         ——————–              —-
 OK!  here are my answers: 
 First of all, all the private houses get the “Moon” label. That’s where families live! 
The grocery shop, the supermarket… where the food is, Moon goes.  (A restaurant would rather have the Venus tag, because we don’t need to eat there, it’s rather a pleasure, even a luxury. However, it’s food, so a little Moon can still be tagged there anyway…) 
The shop called “Everything for the home”… Moon tag! 
The nursery, the playground, where the children are cared for get the Moon label indeed! 
A wedding shop! The Moon wants to belong, the Moon wants to get married. Big Moon tag for the wedding shop! … along with a Venus tag, as hopefully wedding is a story of love and partnership between two people (Venus) and not just a story of having children for your parents to become grandparents whilst you are dealing with your in laws! 
A Honeymoon gets a Venus tag. 
 In the hospital, the nurses get the Moon label. Their job is to care… The hospital itself is tagged Neptune. The doctors get Jupiter and Mercury. (Mercury is the specialist in health. Jupiter is the expert and the VIP) 
 I told you Mercury was associated with the age of 10 or 12, before puberty. Actually Mercury times start as soon as we learn to coordinate our movements, learn to walk and talk etc..  The Moon is associated with our early childhood, when we were just born and lived our most intimate and vulnerable moments. At that time we were mostly soaking in impressions… Our personal unconscious is made of the events and emotional memories we get from these times. 
Me and my Maman!
 The lunar temperament is sensitive, imaginative and impressionable. 
 People with strong Moon energy can even be psychic. 
At school, a child with a lot of lunar energy will be easily distracted and even disturbed if the atmosphere is not peaceful enough. They may well be a cry-baby. They will have a lot of imagination and enjoy stories. His or her favorite subject will be history. 
  They will hear “You are too sensitive!” a lot during their lives, unless human beings eventually learn to respect sensitivity.
 When not overwhelmed by family duties, a Moon person will enjoy staying home, cooking and eating good meals, not doing much sitting on the sofa, striking the cat, listening to music, reading or watching TV… 
 If the Moon was an animal… It could be a she wolf, howling at the Moon. The Moon can be wild you know! We may find it hard to believe when contemplating a amorphous being sprawled on the sofa eating tons of chips, but yes there is an deep instinctive wild beast hiding in there… 
 The Moon could be represented by a hen as well. One day I saw a hen followed by ten little chicken, on a farm. A young dog approached. The hen charged the dog and chased it away. I was really impressed by the courage of the hen. 
 Other than that, if the Moon was an animal, it would be a unicorn, a winged horse, a feathered dragon, a kind crocodile in need of affection, a teddy bear, or something like that… a fantasy. A chimera…
 The element associated with the Moon, and with Cancer, the sign it rules, is water. It’s all emotions and feelings. Don’t try to convince them with logic, kindness works better.  

 Do you get the spirit of the energy? 
 If you remember only a few things… remember: 
Feeling – Mother – Child – Family – Belonging – Imagination – Memory – Emotions – Home – Instinct – Unconscious – Emotional and physical needs – Intimacy – Sensitivity – 
More later. Take care! 

All About Neptune

Imagine. You are a river. You’re flowing downwards. Your ego is called “River”. There are banks on your sides. Beyond the banks, it’s not you. Between the banks, it’s you. It’s all simple and clear. 
 As you flow, you grow. Sometimes there are islands in the middle of you. You become two arms that re-unite further downstream. You love the feeling! 
 One day, suddenly the banks disappear and you find yourself deprived of identity, swallowed by the ocean…. 
 The consciousness that was thinking “I am a river” panics, panics, panics…and eventually bursts out laughing. There had never been any river. There had always been water.
 Let there be clouds! 
I introduced Jupiter as the “Miracle Grow” energy and Saturn as the crystallizing force that gives structure and form to whatever exists. In this metaphorical story, Saturn makes the banks – the limits of the temporary ego.  
 Neptune – the Ocean- makes them disappear… 
 Neptune dissolves. 
 Neptune connects whatever it touches to the Great Mystery. 
 Mystics, poets, musicians, artists, drug addicts, human wrecks and madmen are familiar with Neptune, each one in their own style… 
 Saviors and victims, those who sacrifice and the sacrificed ones are also expressing something of this absolutely confusing energy. 
 If you had a Christian upbringing as I did, you heard that God loved the world so much that He gave his own son to be sacrificed in order to redeem humanity’s sins.
I am not discussing here whether you should believe this or not. I mention it because these are pure Neptunian themes: an absolute love, a sacrifice, a need to redeem, and we understand nothing: If God is almighty and all compassionate, why was all this necessary?
 That’s a Mystery…
 Similar themes can be found in other spiritual traditions than Christianity. The necessity of a sacrifice to redeem is an archetype, that is a pattern in the collective psyche. Why is it there? I don’t know…
 With Uranus we had an idea of God as the Great Watchmaker, the architect of the universe, the One who has a Plan. With Neptune God is Love. God is the Great Spirit, a being we can become intimate with. Neptune is Feeling, mystic ecstasy, transe, alcoholic intoxication… or the craving for it. We want to dissolve, merge, forget… 
 Neptune in a chart doesn’t always manifest as love though. Neptune dissolves. Form, structures and boundaries disappear; its effects often make us sigh:  “It’s complicated”! 
Neptune conjunct Ascendant, opposition to the Moon and Jupiter, trine Venus...
Neptune conjunct Ascendant, opposition to the Moon and Jupiter, trine Venus…
 If Neptune is strong in your chart, you can be an empath and feel what other people are feeling as if it was your own feelings, Neptune can take you to the psychiatric hospital, because if anything that’s going on in the collective unconscious has free access to your little mind, you’re mad.
Neptune plugs you into collective feelings. You may feel guilty on behalf of your race or country for what your ancestors have done.
You can feel the trends and be the first to know what next year’s fashion will be like.
You can express something of the collective feelings and become a star, like Marilyn Monroe who had Neptune near her Ascendant making quite a few strong aspects… Things were certainly complicated for Marilyn. Who could see her? 
 Whether you’re experiencing communion with the Divine, compassion for all beings, fascination for an inspiring but unattainable muse, possession by evil entities or psychotic disintegration, common sense doesn’t apply. The ocean is an ocean of pictures and feelings. 
 In all cases, you are hypersensitive, an emotional sponge, intuitive, possibly psychic or medium. You can be a healer, a channel. . 
neptunian pic.JPG
Sometimes, Neptune dissolves morality and will power and you lives a dissolute life. I won’t go into details, I already feel tempted…
 So let’s summarize with a few keywords:
 Dissolve- Disappear – Melt – Merge – 
 Mystic – Communion – Love – Devotion – Hermit – Sacrifice – 
 Feelings – Hyper sensitivity – empath – empathy – 
 Confusion – Illusions – Mirages – Hallucinations -Mental Health
 Muse – Inspiration – Channel – Medium – Psychic skills – Healing gifts – 
 Deception – Betrayal – Escapism – Dissolution-
When you're trying.png
 To understand better let’s take an example. Suppose Neptune and Mercury are strongly connected in a chart. 
 As Mercury rules our thoughts and communication, the result can be catastrophic and the native completely confused and confusing, impervious to logic and reason, possibly dyslexic, autistic or anything similar.
 The native can also be artistic, holistic and right brain rather than logical and analytical. 
If Mercury finds its way through Neptune, the person can write poetry or play music. 
There may be a great intuition, and the ability to be a channel and pass on messages (Mercury) from Spirit (Neptune). 
 Mercury is a trickster and Neptune is illusion, so this combination can also mean a talented conman… The rest of the chart will give precious indications..
Or maybe Mercury-Neptune will manifest as a barman? Mercury rules trade, and Neptune can be alcohol… The connection with madness, addiction and the need of redemption can be expressed in something as simple as being a bartender sometimes! 
 As you see, there are always many possible ways to express energies, and life will always be more diverse and abundant than all the books and astrology blogs that will ever be written.
When you don’t find the answers to your questions, ask Neptune, Uranus or Pluto. Plug in! 
Amy Winehouse. Neptune conjunct Moon and Descendant, aspecting most planets... 
Amy Winehouse. Neptune conjunct Moon and Descendant, aspecting most planets…
 PS: I didn’t talk about Neptune-Venus contacts… The all romantic period is about just that! Listen to Beethoven or Schubert who died almost as young as Amy Winehouse, cry rivers, look for your soul mate, call it twin flame, this other you you only want to be one with… 

Understanding Venus

Venus attracts, charms, values, glues, enjoys, entices, loves, likes, feels, relates, sings, paints, decorates, dresses up, is beautiful, gets in touch, chats, socialises, eats… and owns.
Venus, like Mars, desires and makes love. 

Venus wants to have. Venus wants to bind, to attach, to keep, to cast spells…

Her favourite game is “catch me if you can”.   

“I want to be loved by you,
Just you and nobody else but you
I want to be loved by you
Alone…. poo poo pi doo!”
Venus brings social skills. The Goddess of love can only know what makes things work between people. 

When we tell others how beautiful, how great, how funny, how wonderful they are, when we say “You’re a star.” “You’re a gem.”or  “You’ve done an amazing job!”, when we tell them we are grateful for who they are or what they do, we value them. We make people feel good about themselves and it becomes possible and easy to get what social animals want: company, help, attention, protection, security and pleasures. We find friends, allies, companions, lovers. We know how to be with others. That’s what Venus is about. 

 To be able to value others we need to believe in our own worth and feel comfortable enough in our own skin. When we feel insecure, nervous, self conscious things don’t work well.  A compliment by an ugly duckling is not a compliment by a swan. Ugly ducklings sometimes try to convince others that the ugliest ducklings are them. It’s understandable. It’s terrible to be the ugliest duckling.  
 If Venus is afflicted in a chart, we can get caught in spirals of negative values. We should do to others as we would have them do to us, because others usually do to us as we do to them. If we do to them as they did to us as we did to them as they did to us, and if the result is painful, we better come back and work on our own sense of self worth, and maybe ask for help… 
If there is only one key word to remember about Venus, it is “Value”. 
We don’t value intellectually. We like, we love, we desire, we admire… On social media, what we write is from Mercury, but the smileys, likes, loves, laugh, sad, angry express Venus. 
 If we remember only two key words for Venus, let them be “Value” and “Relationship”. 
S1000001 (3).JPG
If you can remember three words, remember “Glue” as well.  Mercury links, Venus create bonds. 
Ah yes, please, remember also “Harmony”. That’s all what Venus wishes for, in love, in bed and in art galleries. 

Remember also “Enjoy!”

 Without pleasure, is life worth living? 
Astrology is mental yoga. It consists of understanding energies enough to guess what happens when you mix them. The more we become familiar with what the planet energies are by themselves, the easier it will be to understand how signs, houses and other planets sending aspects will precise or modify their expression. I hope you enjoyed this Venusian ballad! 
 Here is my website I’ll be happy to see you there as well 🙂 
Jean-Marc Pierson 



Winter Solstice 2019

Yosemite in Winter

Winter Solstice 2019

Bright Solstice Greetings to All!

Winter Solstice 2019 (Summer in the Southern Hemisphere) arrives on December 21 at 11:19p Eastern Time, 8:19p Pacific Time and on December 22 at 4:19 Universal Time.

For good info on the Solstice visit Vox Science and EarthSky’s  Solstice article discusses why this season (between the Solstice and the Spring Equinox)  is 5 days shorter. And here are 7 examples of how Winter solstic is celebrated

This Solstice is when the Sun enters Capricorn and marks the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere and the longest in the Southern – the very moment when the wheel of the seasons turns. The world may be in turmoil but one thing is constant – the seasons change as they always have since the dawn of time.  The arrival of the Solstice reassures of this, which in itself is worthy of celebration. In the Northern hemisphere it marks the return of the light, as days begin to grow longer, another reason to celebrate!

The astrology chart for the Solstice represents the birth of this new season and gives indications of what to expect.

The Sun always enters Capricorn at the Winter Solstice, and Solstice 2019 marks the beginning of a very Capricorn time! This gathering which includes the 2 largest planets in the solar system is momentous in its influence. The Sun joins Jupiter, the South Node, Ceres, Saturn and Pluto all in the masterful earth sign of Capricorn.  The Sun and Jupiter (who just entered Capricorn for the first time in 12 years on 12/2) are conjunct the karmic South Node while Lord of Karma Saturn rides next to transformational Pluto, with Ceres the wise nurturer, nestled in-between. This Capricorn convergence echoes and emphasizes the bellwether moment when Pluto entered Capricorn on 11/26/2008 for the first time since 1776 – in the midst of the American Revolution!

Think of the major change the world was going through then. This era marked the end of thousands of years of monarchy rule and the transition into the democratic state systems of today. During that era Saturn and Pluto did not come together in Capricorn. In fact, the last time Pluto and Saturn were conjunct in Capricorn was during another time of revolutionary change – January 1518 soon after Martin Luther defied the Catholic church’s dominant rule and sparked the Protestant Revolution.

The addition of Jupiter this time around makes this convergence even more significant, because the last time Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto were conjunct in Capricorn  was over 4000 years ago! And when you consider that Pluto was not even discovered in those earlier eras, but is fully in our conscious awareness now as the planet of total transformation, you can see how powerful this time is! This Solstice moment rings the bells of change for sure, but the whole year of 2020 continues to chime which I will be writing more about in future posts.

Capricorn dominates this Solstice, indicating major structural changes are inevitable now, but other factors are significant too.  A challenge comes from the Capricorn Sun in tight square to Chiron in fiery Aries. Considering this is the beginning of the Summer Season in the Southern Hemisphere this tense aspect is evident in Australia where temperatures are at 40 degrees C, equivalent to 104* F – ouch, with bushfires raging throughout the entire country. As stressful as this is, at the same time the Sun along with Jupiter also make a favorable trine to Uranus in Taurus.  An article at TIME states that the widespread bushfire crisis has made climate change a reality for many Australians, so in the midst of these ever increasing disasters exacerbated by climate change, people are waking up. Capricorn at its best, creates positive foundations for the future, which encourages Uranus’ mission of raising awareness about the need to protect our home planet.

The Solstice Moon, representative of the public mood, is in smoldering Scorpio and opposes change agent Uranus in Taurus which forms a tense T-Square to Venus in Aquarius. You don’t have to look far to observe this challenge represented by the impeachment of President Trump.  Mars is in Scorpio too pushing emotions even deeper. Christian Evangelicals have been very supportive of Trump but the Evangelical magazine founded by Billy Graham, Christianity Today, did some soul searching and just called for Trump’s removal , while a Republican Congressman stated that Jesus Christ had more due process before his crucifixion than President Trump received in the impeachment hearings. At the macro level we can expect more soul searching and dramatic wringing of hands from politicians, along with the media and other news outlets.  Doom, gloom and controversy attract readers which sells ads, a very worldly driven Capricornian model.

Luckily Mars reaches out positively to Neptune in Pisces which helps deep emotions feel more caring and loving – perfect for this season of love and peace. Communicator Mercury in uplifting Sagittarius also adds to a more positive feeling. Here is an article I like by AstroAnislie – she says this is a very positive Solstice which is especially true for anyone who has major Capricorn in your birth chart, it is your time!

At the personal level it is up to you to tap the Solstice energies positively. Just as people living in those earlier eras of major transitions had no idea how what they experienced and participated in would create such a radically different future, we too cannot imagine what the world will be like in the centuries to come. What you can do to benefit from this rare Capricorn concentration is to build positive structures in your own life.  No matter what kind of negativity the outer world throws at you, remember to harness your inner drive and determination. If you need more discipline, it is here! If you are learning to stick to your priorities and gain the endurance to master your goals, you’ve got all the help you need. The future is calling and each and every one of us help create it. As Carlos Castaneda Born with Sun in Capricorn said, I want to convince you that you must learn to make very act count, since you are going to be here for only a short while, in fact, too short for witnessing all the marvels of it.

As this new season dawns and light begins to return, my solstice wish for you is to become more aware of all the marvels in life and add your own beautiful vibration into the web of life that connects us all!


We’re Designed to Connect by Molly Costello




Welcome Sun in Sagittarius!

November 22, 2019

Dear Friends,

The Sun leaves the watery depths of Scorpio and enters Sagittarius on 11/22 and travels in this upbeat fire sign through December 21st.

Venus and Jupiter are in Sagittarius too and are meeting together at the Galactic Center over the next few days and form an exact conjunction on 11/24. You can view this meeting for yourself in the night sky – The sky’s two brightest planets – Venus and Jupiter – are now drawing closer together in the west after sunset.

Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and Venus is the planet of grace. When these two planets meet in the heavens and are magnified by the vast energy of the Galactic Center blessings flow! Tap into the energy of this vibrant cosmic stream yourself, explore new ideas, do something you’ve never done before, get up and dance to the music of the universe!

Venus meets Jupiter in Sagittarius

This bright Sagittarius band is a welcome uplift after the deep journey of Sun in Scorpio along with Mercury retro in Scorpio which pulled you back into unresolved issues, like it or not! Mercury went forward on 11/20 so things move away from the whirlpool, but since Mars entered Scorpio the day before on 12/19, those thorny old wounds still fester. On the plus side Mars/Scorpio motivates you to bravely face whatever needs attention.  With the help of the optimistic Sagittarius Sun you can heal the wounds completely. Trust and act!

I’m sending this post now because I also wanted you to know December’s Heavenly Messages issue will come out later than usual.  I will be visiting my family in Georgia over the Thanksgiving holiday during the time I would be writing it so I’ll be focusing on fun with family instead. I am also taking a cyber space holiday, so if you contact me, not to worry.  I’ll get  back to you when I return in early December.

Wishing all of you in the US a wonderful Thanksgiving and for those elsewhere wishing you a great galactic time whatever you do! Here’s a quote to inspire you from Emily Dickinson, born with Sun in Sagittarius,  The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.

Autumn Equinox 2019

Autumn Sunrise at Jenne Farm, Vermont. Photo by Robert Anderson

The Autumn Equinox this year arrives on  September 23 at 3:51a EDT, 12:51a PDT and on 07:51 UTC

It is Spring Equinox for those in the Southern Hemisphere which is on September 23 at 5:51p. AET

EarthSky has All you need to know about the Equinox and The Farmer’s almanac tells us about how 5 Ancient Sites Aligned with the Equinox  Here is a site with Fun Facts About  Autumnlike, Autumn has been called the “hectic beauty of death.” whoa!  All seasons have their beauty but Autumn’s beauty is outrageous! Here in the US we know about New England’s riotous colors (like the photo above) and the stunning golden aspens in the West. Here are some beautiful images of Autumn glory around the world 10 best places outside the U.S. for fall color.

The September Equinox marks the beginning of this new season and the chart for the Equinox indicates astrological trends for the season. Here is the Equinox chart cast for Washington, DC.

This equinox marks the moment the Sun enters Libra each year and this year Venus and Mercury join the Sun in Lovely Libra. Venus in particular is very happy to be in her own sweet sign and mental Mercury has excellent communications skills in airy, fair minded Libra. Mars uses his smart mental muscles in practical Virgo, Saturn and Pluto help him out with their Capricorn management strength. Neptune still floats along in watery Pisces and the Cancer Moon shines light on the waters to help his journey. Chiron is in fire brand Aries, while change agent Uranus continues his earthy sojourn in Taurus.

The Equinox chart is very dynamic with several important aspect patterns. There is a major cardinal T square creating challenges between Venus and Mercury in Libra to Saturn and the karmic South Node in Capricorn and also to the Moon and North Node in Cancer. Cardinal squares create a challenge difficult to resolve until action is taken. Along with this square, the peaceful Libra Sun forms an opposition to Chiron in war hungry Aries.

Also featured is the ongoing square of confusion between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces with Mars in Virgo joining in, extending the square into a T. This is a mutable square which requires integration and agility to resolve.

Mars also plays a role in a trine, reaching a hand to transformer Pluto. This favorable aspect uses Mars/Virgo’s logical persuasion to help convince those in authority who are resistant to change.

For the weeks leading up to the Equinox the quickly moving planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars) were all in pragmatic Virgo helping (pushing!) everyone to get busy doing whatever they needed to do. Venus and Mercury entered Libra on 9/14 where they still are at the Equinox and since the Sun enters Libra on the Equinox it means more energy is available to relax a bit and find a better work/life balance. However active Mars remains in Virgo at the Equinox, so there is still emphasis on making smart choices with more ability to focus and actually manifest intentions; i.e. hard work is still necessary! And since Mars works well with Pluto, concepts brought into material form now can have viable long range potential.

The static that interferes with this comes from the mutable T square which Mars is involved in along with Jupiter and Neptune. One way to visualize this square is to imagine a Trump supporter in a red MAGA hat sitting across the table from a fervent Bernie Sanders fan. They are each convinced their opinions and ‘facts’ are the Truth and look at the other person thinking they are delusional and live in a different universe. Mars in Virgo tries to bring some logic into the conversation, but he is talking to closed ears.

The cardinal square is evident all around us too. Saturn sits next to the South Node rigidly holding onto past structures which are rapidly tumbling down, Venus and Mercury use eloquent persuasion to pull opinion to their side, while the Moon sits next to the North Node trying to lead people to a new way of being.

The Moon in Equinox chart indicates the mood of the public. Cancer is the sign of unconditional love and rules families, mothers, children and women in general. The North Node represents a new, more evolved direction and in Cancer leads us to a more loving, nurturing, compassionate way of being. In the Equinox chart the Moon sits right at the North Node shining like Glenda the Good Witch at the gates of the Emerald City encouraging us to enter and find the love.

The challenge arising from this square is easily seen. No matter what evidence or eloquent arguments are presented the strong forces of the status quo resist change and use all their might and power to prevent it. The climate change issue is a case in point. It’s not actually as if politicians and corporate interest don’t know that climate change is real (no matter what they claim), but they are beholden to the energy (gas,oil etc.) and other polluting companies with their industrial waste, including big agriculture, who want to keep on doing what they have always done, even if it has been proven to add to climate change and damaging the very Earth itself.

As I write this on 9/20 there were massive Global Climate Strikes driven by young people across the world marching to wake people up to this crisis. Here’s a site with photos so you can see for yourself  See These Inspiring Photos to Understand the Scale of the Global Climate Strikes Sixteen year old Greta Thunberg has been one of the major leaders in these marches and has spoken before the UN and other governing bodies including Congress and the British Parliament. Born on January 3, 2003 with both Sun and Moon in Capricorn her birth chart fits right into the dynamics of these current challenges.

Luckily as an offset to the square, Neptune in spiritual Pisces tunes his satellite dish to higher vibrational frequencies helping the Moon spread more compassion. In return the Moon shines light leading those ready to tap into these higher vibes so they can soar above any lower energies.

As the Sun enters Libra he begins to form an opposition to Chiron in aggressive Aries. This opposition is also very evident with the talk of war looming up because of strikes on the oil fields of Saudi Arabia which the US and the Saudis blame on Iran. The last time this loomed (in 1990-91) President G.H Bush declared war on Iraq in Desert Storm. Oppositions act like see-saws, going back and forth with differing viewpoints. The Washington Post presents a case for not going to war now Should U.S. troops put their lives on the line for Saudi Arabia?  President Trump is not a pro-war hawk, but many Republicans in Congress (and right wing media pundits) are.  Wounded healer Chiron is retrograde now, so hopefully the war drums beat less strongly and Libra peace promoters can hold war at bay.

At the personal level the Equinox energies urge you to find a good work/life balance – relax more, honor time with family, friends and your cultural enjoyment too. Libra loves to entertain and go to the theater, dance and good movies like Downton Abby, which first aired on 9/26/2010 – Libra to the core! But also remember to say grounded and keep on walking your talk so the projects you began actually get completed. Avoid getting caught up in extreme viewpoints and refrain form judging others when they do. And above all keep monitoring your vibration, aligning yourself with love and compassion for yourself and everyone else too. If you harmonize with the best of these Equinox patterns you’ll have the most beautiful season ever!

Here are some words from the poet Rumi born with Sun in Libra to guide you, Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself. ~Rumi