Astrology and the Wheel of Fortune

There is something really important, which applies to astrology, but for this point I will quote Remi Chauvin a French biologist and entomologist.

He said: “There are only vague instructions in the psyche”

When we look at ants, we imagine they are the perfect little workers, starting a task like picking up a piece of leaf and carrying out all the way to the anthill.


This is not the case at all. The ants have a vague urge to pick up things and carry them towards the anthill, but they quickly forget what they are doing, they let the piece of leave fall down – just a little bit closer to the anthill though – and keep going about randomly as you do when you’re a little insect without much of a clear vision in your mind…

However the result of this vague tendency, repeated by thousands of ants, ends up achieving a big collective work… If an anthill is round, it’s because of a vague tendency to fill up holes. No ant has any architectural idea of a round anthill, but a tendency to fill holes ends up, because of the laws of geometry, with perfectly round constructions. I find this fascinating…

Let’s translate that into planetary influences. As Roman poet Virgil said a long time ago: “the stars incline, they do not bind”.

I used to believe in Nature as the ultimate reference, thinking that everything “natural” was perfect, and that human beings just spoiled the wonderful ways of nature.

However, if we obey without resistance, like ants, to the vague tendencies coming from astral influences, we remain bound, like animals, to the wheel of fortune. The symbol of the wheel is obviously expressing the cosmic cycles astrologers study.

Esotericism, which is in my perception, authentic spirituality, is cultivating in ourselves what wants to sit above the wheel of fortune, the sphinx, the being who is able to integrate in himself all the tendencies and handle them. This is not natural but supernatural – literally, “above nature”

Alchemists were aware that they were fighting nature in themselves, with the purpose to achieve a higher state.

So when we wonder “I have this in my chart, what does it mean?” or “Such or such planet is transiting my fifth house, what will it bring?” we are thinking like the animals bound to the wheel.

I wish we conquer our freedom once and for all!

Jean-Marc Pierson


Uranus. Expect the unexpected.


Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are trans personal planets. In the heavens, there are moving very slowly.

In a birth chart, the quickest something moves the more relevant it is to define someone’s unique personality.

 If you joined a group of people who were all born on the same day as you, all your planets would be in the same signs. Only your Ascendant  would point out at something unique about you among them.

 The Ascendant – followed by the whole house system – goes around the zodiac in 24 hours. Nothing is quicker.

 Imagine now that you join a group of people who were born during the same zodiacal month as you. You would have the Sun and almost all the planets in the same signs. Only your Moon and Ascendant (followed by the whole house system) would point out at your unique characteristics in this group…


 Uranus is a collective planet-energy. It takes  84 years to move through the 12 signs of the zodiac, that is  7 years per sign. When you were at school, you probably all had all Uranus in the same sign…


 Now, suppose that something that moves quickly like the Ascendant or a personal planet in your chart points  at Uranus. Suddenly, this background energy comes to the fore in the make up of your personality.

 The General Principle is: the quick moving points value the slower ones. 

So what is Uranus?

 I defined Jupiter as a kind of “Miracle Grow” energy, Saturn as a “Crystallizing” energy.

 Uranus is a “Shake and Change” energy. It works in three phases:  build up of tension – shake and change –  new order

 With Uranus, expect the unexpected.

 In nature, Uranian energy can express as an earthquake or a thunderstorm.

 In the animal kingdom, we can see Uranus in the flight of the fly: it changes direction unexpectedly and repeatedly. It’s useful to be unpredictable when birds call you lunch.


 The platypus or the okapi also look like Uranus at work. They look as if Mother Nature had become a bit crazy and assembled parts belonging to different animals to make a new weird one.

 In the life of civilizations, Uranus brings Coup d’Etats and Revolutions. In relationships, love at first sight or break ups.

Tension tension tension, shake and change, new order…

 In the cartoon telling the story of Archimedes’s life, one day he’s having a bath,  a light bulb suddenly appears above his head and he shouts “Eureka!”

  Uranus is intuition, insight, break through.

 Uranus,  like an architect, works on the design.

 At the level of the plan, you draw, erase, try new things… you can change your mind in the blink of an eye. 
 Uranus is essentially a mental energy.

 It looks irrational in its workings, however in fact it is more rational than usual. Uranus thinks like a scientist, with a methodology that ignore irrational social codes and customs.


 Uranus rules Aquarius, the sign of people who are always prepared to give you ideas, ideas, ideas… visions and ideals.

 Voltaire (Moon in Aquarius, Uranus conjunct Ascendant)  used to call God the “Great Watchmaker”.

  In the spirit of Neptune, God is Love.

 In the spirit of Uranus, God is the Architect of the Universe, the Great Mathematician, the One who set the Sun, the planets and the stars into motion…

 However, Love and Freedom are part of the equations. 
 With Uranus, the Great Mystery we are awakening to is a Universe which works like clockwork AND in which we have free will.

   (We have free will provided we are conscious enough to use it, so let’s wake up!)

   It’s time for a few key words:

  Alternatives – Unexpected – Plans – Future Oriented (a plan is always about the future) – Hopes and Wishes –  Abstract Thinking – Mathematics – Architecture- Freedom – Free Will – Awakening – Consciousness – Ideas and Ideals – Avant guard – Visions- 
 To these we need to add:
 Friendship-  Solidarity- Community – Humanitarian Ideals – Human Society – Individuality – Originality – Rebellion – Independence – Insights -Break up – Electricity – Science – Technology –


 Similar to the paradox of having Free Will in a Universe that works like clockwork is the paradox of being part of something greater than us (human communities, the human species, Life, the Universe ) and to be at the same time absolutely unique individuals.

 The process of individuation Jung talks about is what Uranus wants us to achieve: If we integrate all the different aspects of our psyche in a coherent whole, we become unique and conscious individuals… and universal at the same time.

As long as we remain unconscious, Uranus will shake us until we wake up.

(Routine routine routine, Shit Hitting the Fan! … Mindfulness mindfulness mindfulness… )

horizontal spire.jpg

  Ideally  fully awakened people would not live together conforming to social codes imposed from the outside, but according to their own inner nature.

 Nobody should have to betray their specialness to conform, everybody would co operate freely and contribute to the common good in their own unique way.

 Weirdness would be the accepted norm.

 With such ideal in mind, Uranian people can come across as the most  egocentric, rebel and individualistic of all people, whilst promoting humanitarian ideals such as Freedom, Equality, Fraternity.

 It’s Utopia or Nothing. Uranian people throw spanners in the works. (I am one of those…)

 Let’s explore Uranus a little bit more….

 If Mercury meets Shake and Change Uranus in your chart…. you can’t help but think differently, outside the box and you communicate outside the box as well… The word “idiosyncrasy” was coined to talk about you.


 Don’t wonder why not everybody gets you. If you’re following your own logic rather than the ways people are used to, they won’t follow you, even if your logic is more logical than their habits!

 Don’t worry, next century people will agree with you. eventually.

 Mercury rules studies and Uranus is independent you end up being self taught, and maybe your create a new teaching style..

 Mercury also rules small journeys, and Uranus likes originality, so maybe you’re going from A to B walking on the roof tops or on your hands, unless you’ve got a monocycle… anything unusual can do.

 Mercury writes and Uranus is a visionary and a social architect. Uranus-Mercury writes a  manifesto.

 Your nervous system is amazing. Are you always living in a state of trance?

 … These few examples about Uranus-Mercury are nothing but a few examples. Life will also be larger and more creative than textbooks, that’s why it’s important to understand the spirit of each planet energy…

S1030018 (2).JPG

  If your Venus meets Uranus, all this nonsense, in the contemporary art museums, it’s your fault!

 You are not necessarily gay. Homosexuality is just one among many possible alternatives to mainstream love.

 If you have to chose between love and freedom, you can have both because you love freedom..

 With Venus-Uranus you may experience love at first sight, which is the love equivalent of an “Eureka” moment.

  Maybe you keep repeating the pattern of breaking up or being dumped suddenly and unexpectedly?   To break this pattern, your relationship life has to be a permanent revolution… or dedicated to scientific research or manifest anything that will satisfy Uranus, one way or another… 

 Here are the charts of a couple dedicated to scientific research: Pierre and Marie Curie.

Marie Curie.png

 In Marie’s chart, Uranus is dominant because it is conjunct to an angle of the chart, the Descendant.

It is also connected by a grand trine with the Moon and the Sun. This makes Uranian energy extremely emphasized. .

 It is in the 7th house, the house that is naturally ruled by Venus, house of partnership.


In Pierre’s chart, Uranus seems less important, however it is conjunct to the Sun and half square to Venus.

 Pluto is another collective planet which is especially appropriate for researchers and very emphasized in both of their charts. 


   The only Revolution we Need is a Revolution in Consciousness, People!

   Have a good life!

   Jean-Marc Pierson Astrologer

A bit less from Mercury, more from Jupiter please! Learning how to use our mind.

I will also talk about Mercury and Jupiter as the two poles of our mind in the webinar tomorrow.

A message I do my best to get across when I explain astrology is not just information, but training to change the way we are using our mind.  

Without knowing it, we overvalue Mercury, and we don’t dare getting answers from Jupiter.


At school we were trained to use Mercury. When we learned how to read and write, we were asked to pay close attention, to know the precise details about what make “A” different from “B”. We learned to demand precise definitions and to use hard logic.

With Jupiter, and maybe Uranus as well, we used a rather blurred approach. Before going to school, as babies, we learned to speak a whole language – our mother tongue – with a more Jupiterian approach. We just bathed in the environment. We absorbed. We played with sounds. We integrated whole grammatical structures but not that precisely – our first sentences were sometimes grammatically correct, and sometimes we said things like only small children do. We got the big picture first, it was blurred though and we refined as we went.

We need to come back to this somewhat “blurred” use of our mind when we approach charts. Very often, we ask, about a particular placement: “What does that mean, exactly?” …. and the “exactly” is what makes us block. We can’t start wanting to know “exactly”.

“Exactly can be found only at the end of the study of an aspect, when we have been able to connect it with the context of the whole chart and of the life story of a person. But to understand what it means, as such, there is no exact meaning. Only energy lines without precise contours or definitions.

Jean-Marc Pierson


Summer Solstice 2020

Kindred Spirits by Bill Worrell

The 2020 Summer Solstice arrives on Saturday, June 20 at 5:44 p.m. EDT 2:44 p.m. PDT and 21:44 UT

It is Winter Solstice for those in the Southern Hemisphere which is on Sunday June 21 at 7:43 a.m. AEST

The June Solstice is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and is when the Sun enters the sign of Cancer each year.  It is Winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. This year within hours of the Solstice moment there is a Solar Eclipse, a beautiful Annular ring of fire eclipse.  The Farmers Almanac has good Solstice facts and folklore and EarthSky does too, and due to covid restrictions for the first time in history people will not be able to celebrate in person at Stonghenge but will be able to celebrate virtually so let’s meet there!

Here is the chart for the Solstice cast for Washington, DC.


The Solstice chart is the birth chart for this new season and indicates trends to expect. The Sun is always at 0* Cancer at the Solstice and this year  Mercury is also in Cancer moving retrograde. The New Moon and Solar eclipse a few hours after the Solstice occurs at 0* Cancer too, making this a more potent Solstice. The Moon is the ruler of Cancer and she is in Gemini at the Solstice near the karmic North Node. Venus is in Gemini too and like Mercury is retrograde along with 3 other planets – Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn also moving backward at the Solstice with Neptune turning retro 2 days after the Solstice, a total of 6 retrograde planets! Not surprising in this strange year of 2020. Uranus turns retro on 8/15 and Mars does too on 9/9 continuing the backed-up energy this season.

Cancer is a healing, loving water sign filled with emotion and rules family specifically mothers and children. When the Sun arrives at Cancer family relationships become emphasized. When you are part of a loving family this feels wonderful and you appreciate your family more than ever. Mercury represents communication and in Cancer adds to this, but when retrograde messages of love and concern become more internalized and harder to express. Consider the pandemic restrictions this year and the pictures of family members outside windows of elderly relatives in nursing homes that can’t be visited, and loved ones dying of covid without family by their side and you get the idea. Love has to be expressed differently.

The Moon in the Solstice chart represents the mood of the public and is more significant because Moon is Cancer’s ruling planet. This year she is in Gemini, the sign associated with average people going about their daily lives. The Lunar Nodes recently shifted to Sagittarius South Node and Gemini North Node the signs they’ll be in until January 2022. The South Node is energy that needs to be integrated and moved away from while North Node indicates the new  direction that must be followed in order to evolve.

To have the Moon right at the North Node on the Solstice reveals what people are longing to do now – get back to their ‘normal’ lives and routines, but is this even possible in these times? The nodes shift every 19 years and the last time the nodes were in Sagittarius/Gemini was from October 2001 – April 2003, which means they shifted only a month after 9/11/2001 another time the public mood was agitated and emotional. A case can be made that nothing went back to normal then either, public surveillance increased exponentially and the police forces began to be more militarized Here we are full circle reaping what was sown.

Energizing this further, at the Solstice moment the Moon has a major clash with Mars in Pisces, forming a 90* tight angle. Mars = energy and in Pisces energy becomes foggy and confusing, like all the mixed information around the pandemic which has the public (Moon) still confused – Is it safe yet? What can I, should I, do or not do?! Satellite Neptune is also in Pisces and is part of this challenge too, the public is trying to tune in, but mostly all they get is wavy fuzz.

At the Solstice Venus is in Gemini and also retrograde. Venus in Gemini is light and airy and loves to have fun, but is trying to figure out just what it means to have fun with a deadly pandemic still hanging its blade above everyone’s heads! Lord of Structure Saturn is in air sign Aquarius on the Solstice and plays well with Venus, reaching out a helpful angle (trine) reminding folks that we can still connect via the electronic tools and online airwaves which Aquarius rules. Saturn is in reverse too and will re-enter Capricorn on 7/1, but the fact he is in Aquarius on the Solstice is an indicator of the continued necessity to keep social distancing, working from home etc. particularly as work places begin to open up, and also represents a new structure of freedom is taking hold that the powers that be are going to have a hard time containing!

The Black Lives Matter protests moving across the US and the world are a major indication of this energy. Mars rules police and has been in Pisces since May 14. Mars in Pisces promotes peace and cooperation and rejects rabid, out of control police force.  The ongoing protest marches began on May 26 when George Floyd was murdered by police, just 12 days after Mars arrived in Pisces. These clashes are not likely to end, and may escalate with opposing rallies of pro gun racist white supremacist groups rearing up, as just happened in Bethel, Ohio. This is because on the Solstice, Mercury and Chiron in volatile Aries form a tense clash which began on June 4 repeats at the Solstice as Mercury backs up and remains active through July 25 after Chiron turns retro on July 11.  Chiron represent wounds and was also in Aries when the Civil Rights Act was made law in the US and the beginning of  better race relations was the hope then. Now decades later that hope seems like a dream that never manifested as the BLM supporters march to make it known to the world.

Chiron was in Aries on the Summer Solstice last year too. Here is what I wrote then:  “Chiron in Aries is begging us to turn a key into new ways of action. Let us hope we have learned that war, death and destruction never achieve a lasting positive solution. Cancer at its highest vibration is unconditional love. The challenge for now is cultivating ability to act from this beautiful vibration, versus knee-jerk reactions from old limiting belief structures”

Perhaps for individuals this challenge was met and the months of sheltering at home was a catalyst to leave limiting structures behind. But at systemic, public policy levels nothing changed and much went backward.  It’s interesting to note the tern ‘knee-jerk’ unfortunately relates to current police policies which kill and which protesters call out to change.

Potent Pluto and expansive Jupiter are both retrograding and stationed together in Capricorn on the Solstice. This powerful meeting began on March 29, as the world was thrust into pandemic lockdown and is repeating at the Solstice which means this conjuction is in operation throughout this season and continues through most of the rest of the year.

2020 began with major Capricorn influence and this Pluto/Jupiter conjunction on the Solstice keeps up the pressure as this new season begins, and echos the once in 500 year conjunction of Pluto and Saturn in January. As I wrote then, ” When these 2 planets come together in Capricorn, powerful heads roll and decaying, rigid structures crumble!” Well here we are 6 months later and mighty Jupiter and powerful Pluto make sure the rocking and rolling of old structures continues!

Change Agent Uranus maintains his position in Taurus and stands alone with no close relationship to the other planets at the Solstice except for a loose square to Saturn in Aquarius.  Uranus is the planet of revolution and has been in Taurus since March 2019. Taurus rules nature and mother earth and Uranus is noted for pulling the rug out from underneath to create change, so was also a major trigger to the coronavirus strain that swept the world and locked humans down. And what happened when humans had to cease their polluting ways – nature and the natural world flourished! At the Solstice Uranus stands aloof as if watching what will happen now that humans are easing out into the world again. His square to Saturn is loosening even further because Saturn is set to re-enter Capricorn on July 1. However, stay tuned because this square becomes tight and active beginning in February 2021. It is then we’ll begin to see results of the new structures forming.

There is good news too! This week leading up to the Solstice the US Supreme Court made some unexpected and progressive rulings. In a major victory for the LGBT community, on June 15 the Court ruled that Federal Civil Rights Act protects gay, lesbian and transgender workers.  Then on June 18 the Court blocked the elimination of DACA instituted under the the Obama administration which protected against deportation of the “Dreamers” children born in the US to undocumented immigrants, which the Trump administration wanted to end. Both rulings were unexpected under this current Supreme Court which appeared to lean heavily to the right after two Trump administration  appointees.

This is the plus side of Venus and the Moon in Gemini at the Solstice. Gemini is associated with youth, like the Dreamers, and is also connected to Pride month in June, ruled by Gemini. Gemini is also a sign of flexibility which the Supreme Court seems to be exercising. May it continue to be so!

Emotions never get locked down and at the personal level the Solstice energies encourage you to continue exploring the deeper revelations you’ve gained during the months of pandemic restrictions and make stronger your bond of love with family and friends too. You have help to recognize your tribe of like minded people and also to expand further to recognize that your tribe is the whole human family. There is strong energy urging you to move beyond old limiting structures and to leave hatred and violence behind and embrace Love one another as a plan of action for life!

It is a time to remember the words of Nelson Madela, born with Sun in Cancer, who said, Our human compassion binds us the one to the other – not in pity or patronizingly, but as human beings who have learnt how to turn our common suffering into hope for the future. ~ Nelson Mandela







We don’t like him. We don’t have to. Saturn

Jupiter and Saturn can be seen as two faces of the same coin. Called “social planets” they bring about the attitudes, thoughts, values which enable us to be more than mere individuals but members of a society  with its rules, codes, manners, laws…. Beyond human society, Jupiter and Saturn shows us our place in the “Great scheme of things”…  

 If Jupiter expands whatever it touches like a “Miracle Grow” planet, Saturn does the opposite. Saturn contracts, tightens, structures, tests, shrinks, condenses, slows down… 

 At the level of feelings, Jupiter brings about enthusiasm and optimism, and Saturn fear and… say realism! 

 Saturn was called the “Great Malefic” by traditional astrologers. Saturn brings difficulties. Would you wish a child to live a life without difficulties to overcome? We are children of Heaven and Earth. They give us Saturn. We don’t like it. We don’t have to. 

 When Saturn touches for instance Mercury, our mind may become heavy, stupid and slow. Oysters may have a higher IQ than us; we may feel difficult to communicate, because of a stammer, or dyslexia, or autism, or shyness, our mobility may be reduced… or we may also become very logical, realist, coherent, consistent, serious… At school, children with a square Saturn-Mercury are whether the best or the worst of the class. 

 When Saturn touches the Moon, we may suffer from emotional inhibitions and frustrations… Our mother may have been quite stern, our parents may have been very focused on good manners and behaviors and not very hugging… We may be very self contained…. or an emotionally frustrated mess! 

 There are of course many more possible interpretations to every symbol than the few examples I’m giving here…


 Symbols are magical doors. They don’t always open onto the same scenery, and there is always room for surprise. 

 All places a particular magical door can lead you to have something in common, but it’s very difficult to be sure of what this common something exactly is… 

One day Saturn will tell you about skin, bones and joints and another day about boundaries, structures and morality. The next time you open the Saturn door, all you get is a great feeling of fear and inadequacy, and if you’re courageous enough to open it again, you may find yourself  at the top of the social ladder, but the day after, you’re a hermit…  the day after the day after, you’re home, because that’s where your responsibilities are, and you’re telling the children how to behave:  you say “YOU MUST” or “YOU HAVE TO” and often you say  “NO NO NO!” … 

 Can you intuit the common something? 

 All we can do with symbols and energies is trying to understand “in spirit”.  However, if understanding in spirit is reading “between the lines” without Saturn, there would be no lines!  Saturn wants a proper formulation. 

 Saturn is the energy that brings us down from spirit to the material plane; concrétisation, materialization, crystalisation….  It’s all about “taking form”… and keeping it.

 Saturn’s Greek name is Chronos, which means time. Time is our limit. We can’t do and be everything. We need to make choices, and stick to them. This can feel very frustrating. Men may dream to love all women. That could be a great plan, but in reality, there is not enough time. Each choice, each commitment implies a renouncement… With Saturn, we need to “face reality”… 

 When the potter make pots, the clay is wet and malleable. Then the pot is left to dry and cooked. The form will be fixed once and for all until it’s broken;  if the pot we’ve made is a square pot, it’s too late to make it round, if it’s round, it’s too late to make it square… This is how Saturn works. Real pots, unlike dreams and ideas,  can’t be one day round and one day square…. 

loads of good stuff 030.JPG

 Saturn rules the stern side of education, which is concerned with molding behaviors. “Sit straight, do your homework, say hello, please, thank you and sorry (even if you are not really sorry) don’t lie (unless it’s politeness)  don’t steal, don’t touch your genitals in public, get up early, be on time, respect others” etc etc…. When Saturn becomes excessive, there is nothing left for being emotional or spontaneous, and we end up living in a terrible emotional straitjacket. But without Saturn, nothing in us would be firm enough to stand on our feet… 

 Saturn bring anything that can be painful but necessary. One day the baby has sucked enough milk from mother’s breast. Baby’s teeth are growing. It’s weaning time. These wonderful moments will never happen again. Saturn closes the door and turns the page. Jupiter can keep get us growing….



However, with Saturn, dreams do come true – not all of them, but some of them. Saturn is both frustration and achievement. Saturn can be were we will eventually shine… 

In a birth chart, Saturn shows where we will meet fear, feeling of inferiority, frustrations, obstacles and difficulties, be confronted to the necessity of making choices, put of lot of hard work and learn to deal with reality. Saturn shows where we feel unworthy, incompetent or inadequate.  Saturn shows were are the big obstacles and the big lessons and where we may eventually reach mastery. 

 Saturn in a few keywords… 


Achievement -Restrictions – Discipline – Frustration – Austerity – Mastery – Morality – Inhibitions – Fear – Feeling of Inadequacy – Achievement – Social Status – Responsibility – Ambition – Career – Summit – Duty – Obligations – Interdictions – Form – Behavior – Long term – Time – Structure – Control – Power – Density – Slowness – Seriousness – Ego – Superego – Contraction – Crystallization – Experience – 

 If I kept only three words they could be:  Restriction – Structure – Ambition

Do your homework now! 

Jean-Marc Pierson


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Sherlock Holmes must have loved astrology

If you know the main themes associated with the houses, you can easily combine them. The thing is to remain simple enough.

If there are planets in a house, their presence is stronger that the position of the ruler, so let’s assume that an house is empty and you find the ruler in another house. Just combine the key words.

For instance: if the ruler of your ninth house (your philosophy, what you know and believe about life, your explorations) is in the seventh house (partnerships, marriage, open enemies) then maybe your philosophy is that life is not meant to be lived alone, and possibly you refer to the Bible (“Then the LORD God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone..” Genesis 2:18 ) or to some knowledge of physiology, psychology or sociology to support this view.

But maybe it means that your worldview has been built through your experience of partnerships, or possibly by a court case when an “open enemy” sued you and this taught you a lesson about life and its laws. 


 Laws are part of what we are learning about in the ninth house of higher knowledge. Some laws are spiritual, others are natural, and others are man made. They are still ninth house stuff, has man made laws reflect a global worldview, knowledge and beliefs about how life works….

There are always various possible interpretations to a single placement. Interpreting a chart consists of going through various possible interpretations of various placements. That’s a lot of possible interpretations, but some will be repeated.  We are here to play Sherlock Holmes. We’re looking for clues, and trying to figure out a story that makes sense.

For instance, in my example of the ruler of the ninth in the seventh. What could indicate that the interpretation of a court case would be more relevant than meeting your significant one at university, or being a philosopher of human relationships?

Suppose this planet ruling the ninth house and present in the seventh makes a square aspect with Mars. The seventh can be open enemies and Mars is aggressiveness. The seventh house is naturally connected with the seventh sign: Libra, the scales, which is a symbol for justice. Mars can be the sword associated with the scales in the allegory. Going to court is certainly part of the various possible interpretation of this square. There are others but this post would become too long.

Suppose Saturn rules this seventh house and squares Jupiter – which, like the ninth house and sign, can mean the law. Jupiter can symbolise an important person with authority, it can be a judge… Saturn can bring restrictions through your partnerships. It  can be you ex that you’re meeting at court, if you have children and property in common.  It’s worth a look at the eighth house to see if there are issues connected with “other people’s money” …

As we flick through the various possible interpretations of various placements, we find that some themes are repeated and that a coherent story can be build. We need to start with the most dominant placements to be sure we’re not exaggerating details.

Practice makes perfect.


Signs, facts of life and how to understand better

Signs are shape shifting. It’s because they are energies.

If they were not shape shifting, they would not be energies they would be shapes.

So please stop saying “Gemini are like this, Scorpios are like that…” They may often be but they don’t have to. And even if a description is accurate enough, describing is not understanding.
What are the signs about? leads to meaningful interpretations.
What essential fact of life are they primarily dealing with?
Gemini: using the mind, thinking rationally, communicating, gathering information, passing messages, connecting, exchanging…
The particular characteristics most often associated with the signs are like the tools you are most likely to use when performing a particular task.
Gemini: chatty, curious, logical, sarcastic, jack of all trades…
We can also spot the “temptations” associated with the focus: lying for example, is more tempting in the context of communication and trade than if you are on the Aries vibe, focused on taking action independently or boxing on a ring!
And this does not mean that Gemini are liars. Some will give in to the temptation and other not. And we all have to communicate, so we may all be tempted at times. It’s just that Gemini are particularly focused on communication.

A gardener is likely to use a spade to dig the soil. If “Gardener” was a sign of the zodiac, most textbooks would describe it with a spade in hand and back pain at the end of the day.

But if you have heard of permaculture, you know that there are gardeners who don’t dig. They proceed differently.
You’ll never see them with a spade in hand, and the textbooks will be all wrong about them. But still, they are gardeners, and still most gardeners will be seen with a spade… but it’s not defining.
So it’s better to understand the intentions, the focus. With or without a spade, what is a gardener doing?