Virgo. Almost ready…

To write this post, I had to make a list of topics. In the first draft the list served as an introduction. However, soaked in Virgo spirit, I couldn’t help feeling dissatisfied, write and re write again. As I kept improving the organisation of this presentation, it became clear that I couldn’t fit everything in one single and coherent text. Subtitles became necessary. Some topics on the list became subtitles, other were simply mentioned in the course of the explanations. Eventually, I had to renounce being able to explain everything with absolute clarity with all the details, so you’ll have to make do with the best I can do for now. 

Astrology is a language of symbols; it always opens new ways of understanding, and will never stop. The list of topics or subtitles to cover the subject matter is infinite. There is no last word to God’s creation, we have to accept our limits; humility is the only way to keep peace of mind. 


1 Virgo is the last sign of the first half of the zodiac. 

Summary of the last chaptersSince Aries, the energy has been moving away from the centre. (♂️) The centre is Spirit, or Source, or Tao. Away from  Source we flow into existence. To Ex-ist literally means to be out. To exist, the energy-spirit-consciousness  wraps itself in bodies. There are various planes of existence.  Earth is the element of the densest one: the material plane.  

 Virgo is associated with this element. We are spirits in the material world.  


 In Virgo whatever spirit is coming into existence is completed and perfected. We have already met the Earth element with Taurus.  This sign means more specifically that after the initial impulse of Aries, the energy is becoming or acquiring substance.  

 Taurus doesn’t go into details. Metaphorically speaking, before Taurus, there is no material, only energy, and after Taurus you get a heap of bricks. After Virgo there will be a building. 

I am talking at a very abstract level of meaning. Of course, people born under the sign of Taurus have the reputation of being builders and not just hoarders of heaps of stuff.  Human beings always live all energies because they are so intimately intertwined in the fabric of life. Simply, people with a strong emphasis in Taurus will be more specifically attuned to the idea of giving or acquiring substance. (materialising). Virgo is the sign that means organisation. 

 The signs are grouped in various ways. There are four series of three. Cardinal-Fixed-Mutable is their common pattern. The Cardinal signs give the tone, set the intention, initiate the movement. The energy is focused towards action. Fixed signs concentrate and stabilise.  Mutable signs distribute the energy. Interconnections is a key word. 

The first series: Aries-Taurus-Gemini tells the story of life in very broad lines . This series starts in Fire and we get the “spirit” without entering into details. Aries comes first: there is energy. What is most essential about Earth is that it is substance: Taurus shows there is stuff we are made of. Gemini then, an Air sign, add the third term: information. Energy, substance and information: all there is in the world is made of that. Notice that the Sun is exalted in Aries and the Moon in Taurus. 

Now we are going to tell the story of life again, but there is an environment, a place in space and time from where to start. Roots have become possible. The second series starts with a Feminine, Yin sign: Cancer, ruled by the Moon: the story of life is now told in terms of “formation”. With energy, substance and in-formation, forms are created. 

The Moon is Mother. The adventure starts in a nurturing environment, a womb, a cocoon, a matrix where life can grow. Cancer means both mother and child, as one can’t exist without the other. 

The Moon gives birth to the Sun. 

In Leo is the “Divine Child”. The creator lives at the centre of the creature, the potter is alive within the clay.  Leo means both child and parent, as one can’t exist without the other… In Leo, the parent is a role model, they show the child how to ex-press themselves, through and beyond the form they have been given. The first parent to invite the child to live “beyond mother”…is, archetypically, father. 

After Mother and Father, Virgo, the Virgin, is a young women. 

In Virgo, the creation of the body is perfected. Substance is organised. The body is an organism. Life is organic. In Virgo, Incarnation is achieved.

 Similarly, every time we create something in Leo spirit, we end up working at all the necessary material details with organisation. We become servants of our own creative spirit. 


Bodies are drawings. Spirit is the drawer. Matter is the paint. Virgo is the tip of the paintbrush. 





Virgo is alone. 


Etymologically, “alone” comes from all one. The Great Spirit is all One in an absolute sense. “Before” Yin and Yang, there is no duality. 

However, moving away from Source we experiment ourselves as separated conscious egos Yahoo!! 

The One plays at being many different beings. The individuation process culminates in Virgo. We are microcosmic works in progress. 

We are ears of corn in the fields, we are becoming grains, beautifully aligned, hard, dry, unable to melt and merge…. yet. We are egos. We are seeds. Everyone is one. 

The zodiac is a cycle. The Moon and its phases are the archetype of all cycles. We can superimpose…

Aries is like a New Moon, it’s the starting point. 

Just before the Full Moon, Virgo is final touch before completion. Virgo is individuality. Spirit-consciousness- energy has become an organic whole: some one. 

It takes being one to meet another one. At zero degree Libra, the  energy will be wearing a wedding dress. 

 The Virgin belongs to no man. She is almost ready. She has learned how to cook and heal. She knows how to deal with everyday life. The Moon is her mother, the Sun is her father. She is leaving them behind.

 Before the wedding, the Virgin is alone.


———————————————————————————————————Astrology is a symbolic language 



Just in case… I hope you remember that astrology is a symbolic language. The message of Virgo is not about teenage girls having to refrain from sexuality, no more than Libra means that you have to be officially and religiously married to be with someone. You can follow your own traditions and opinions for these matters. 

Symbols describe life. If the psyche wants to mean “one who is not united to another one” it shows the symbol of a virgin. This can mean “before union” in the context of a union to come. 

Every woman and every man is a virgin before a first kiss… 


She brings an ear of corn. Again, it’s a symbol. We can think of all the work that has been done, from ploughing the fields to harvesting to get this ear of corn. Then we’ll be going to the mill for grinding, with the flour we will make bread, Virgo is showing transformation after transformation, Virgo’s glyph looks like Scorpio’s…

Bread also is a symbol, it means food on the table. Behind the ear of corn we see work, “the daily grind”, we see life skills, including professional ones. 

The medicinal plant, similarly, shows knowledge about body maintenance and health. When the Virgin masters what the two grown up plants she carries symbolize, she is herself a grown up. She doesn’t need her parents to support her anymore. She is ready to get married… or not.  She is independent. 

 ————-                                          ——————–                             ———————


 Body Mind Spirit 

 When a life cycle successfully reaches a Virgo phase, our body, mind and spirit are well aligned. If not, our organisation falls apart. We may worry and feel pain in the tummy. Virgo rules over the intestines, the place where food is broken down into small components and assimilated by the organism or eliminated. Sorting out, discriminating are typical of Virgo activities. 

 An organism is an living organisation. Every organ has a place and a function. No organ wants to beat another organ or take its place. No organ wants all the blood for itself alone. Being humble is knowing one’s place. So in the body, so in nature and so in society… What is health? 

 When we can’t digest our experiences, coping mechanisms turn into bad habits or compulsive rituals; life becomes a mess. Our physical and mental health may deteriorate. We are a nervous wreck. We may need the help of a therapist to analyse: to look into the details of our thoughts , actions and memories and thoroughly discriminate… 

The way we lead our life is a reflection of the state of our mind – or soul. Are we self contained and well integrated within ourselves? Are we dissociated, possessed by conflicting urges, at war with ourselves, possessed by hubris? What kind of partner could we be then? 


I am the Lord’s servant, said a famous virgin. The Lord is the Heart. Its rule is sweet. 



Cancer: all life starts in Water

 With Cancer, things start to become a bit crazy. 

Cancer is the fourth sign. 

It’s also the second first sign: Cancer is cardinal, which means it’s a Once-upon-a-time-the-story-starts-with-me sign. 

We’ll get four Cardinal-Fixed-Mutable stories as we go around the zodiacal wheel.

Once upon a time Cancer, it all starts in Water. 

By the way, we are talking a language of symbols here. It’s not modern science. 


Modern science is good with everything that can be objectively measured, and not relevant to psychic or spiritual realities. For instance it has not been able to explain consciousness. 

Sometimes some ignorant claims that science has demonstrated that consciousness was produced by the brain. It’s not true. This has not been proven at all.

 When you destroy the brain consciousness disappears,  and when you destroy a radio, the program can’t be heard anymore, however you can’t kill the whole BBC staff hitting your radio with a hammer. 

Something is sure: you know the colour blue. When we look at the sky and the weather is good, blue exists as a sensation in our consciousness… However nothing is blue in the brain. There may be neurological circuits meaning “blue”, like a code…but it’s all grey in there.


Where does this blue exist, if it is in our consciousness…and not in our brain? Science can’t touch that. But it’s there.

Modern science has its limits. What is the equation for the quantity of artistic creativity you get when you sublimate three kilograms of raw sexual desire? How many litres of motherly love does it take to get a baby to sleep? 

 Science can’t say, but Cancer can feel inner realities. It knows dreams and speaks the language of symbols, images, fantasies… which are reflections of the subjective world which is the world  we really live in, made of what we feel within…

 Feel or felt… What was once is still there, imprinted as our own personal story. Under the conscious, the subconscious…

 Cancer is Yin, Occidental tradition says Feminine, taking from outside in…


 Once upon an eternal time, all life starts in water. 

 Aries started as a spiritual sunray bursting out from the sun-heart of the Great Spirit. Cancer starts from deep within material reality, in the womb of the Great Mother.

The zodiac is a wheel, Aries may start it, but only nine months after Cancer. 

 Once upon a time, fecundation. 

 Then gestation…

 Then giving birth (or being born)

 Then nurturing (or being nurtured)

 Then getting old and being cared for in turn (or growing up and becoming parent in turn) 

 Then dying and becoming an ancestor (or burying and honouring the lineage) 

 Then being born again, wave after wave, generation after generation… 


 In only one word this cyclical energy is called “Reproduction”. 

 It is somehow the opposite of “Creation”, the energy of Fire. It’s squaring it actually. 


Look at the crab. It has claws and a hard shell. The flesh is tender within. It walks sideways. There are good meanings to be derived from these observations, but what are we doing breaking the crab down into its constituents? Analytical thinking is not the way.

Let’s think the other way round and take a step backward or two… Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, so let’s look at the bigger picture from a distance. 

The crab is on the shore. The tide is low. When the tide was high, we couldn’t see it. When the tide will be high again, the crab will disappear again. It lives with the flux and reflux of the flows, sometimes immersed, sometimes running sideways… What’s wrong with changing moods? It’s just sea life. 

The Moon is shining above, sometimes waxing, sometimes waning, attracting the waters and then letting them go… The Moon rules in Cancer. 

Who wouldn’t think of women and their monthly cycles? 

All life starts in Water. All life starts in a womb, or in an egg. In a safe space, a cocoon. The purpose is not to stay in there forever but still, small is beautiful, cubs and babies are vulnerable and mothers incredibly sensitive to their needs. Or should be… Remember cocoon, vulnerable, sensitive…

 All energies can go too far and going too far with Cancer is not going anywhere, just staying there, small and vulnerable, needy with Mummy. 

 Escaping in imagination in the world of Peter Pan… 

…Or devouring, smothering, overprotecting, castrating, clinging to the beginning of the cycle, digging heels in against the course of time… My baby will always be my baby!




 Memory also reproduces.  We can conjure up emotionally charged images and relive the past. 

Another kind of memory reproduces patterns, for the better or the cursed…


 Imagination was born from memory. If you can remember a horse, if you can remember a horn, if you can remember gluing, then you can imagine a unicorn.

Astrology is a language of symbols, like dreams, myths, religious narratives and fairy tales.  

 In a world of fantasies, the real contents of the psyche are dancing like fairies or witches around a fire under the full Moon in the forest… 

 Fairy tales and mythologies are real because our fears and desires, our hopes, cravings and blisses, our aspirations and temptations, everything we can feel, from the greatest suffering to the eternity of ecstasy is reproduced, represented through stories which unfold according to very old laws… Cancer remembers and tells the stories. 

 Once day my prince will come, one day Jesus will be back, one day at the end of the long night the light will be born again, the lion and the lamb will lie down together my baby, my sweet little baby, one day I’ll be old, one day we will die, for now hold me tight, for now never let me go…

Life starts in Water…

 It’s symbolic language. It’s a mistake to look for exact interpretations of planets in signs which would always be true and the same, as if it was possible to make ropes of water and tie our boat to a post of smoke. Symbols are magical doors. They won’t open always on the same scenery. There is a subtle thread from an interpretation to another. The best we can do is trying to get the spirit, which the Great Spirit’s help. Understanding is a spiritual path.


Balance is stronger than strength. Libra.

I like to think that the scales were handed over to Libra by Virgo. My grandmother used them to measure right amounts of flour, butter or other ingredients for cooking. Airy Libra uses them as a symbol.

Libra’s life lesson goes like this:

Not enough,  let’s add a little bit… Still not enough, let’s add a little bit more… Not enough… It’s too much now!!! …A little bit less… Too much less! A little bit more again, but not as much as before…. Yes that’s it!

The two pans seem to be gently floating in the air as the handle in the middle slowly settles to a perfectly vertical position, as vertical as the sword in the hand of a beautiful woman; she is as beautiful as the Virgo virgin, she looks more serious though, standing straight above the portal of a court…



Who sees the scales sees the sword.  Libra is opposing Aries. They are the two sides of the same coin. The sword is action, the scales are decision making. Weighing pros and cons, accusation and defence, desires and fears, merchandise and value, rights and duties, debit and credit, karma and gifts…

The scales are in Osiris’ hand. On one side, a human heart. One the other side, a feather. Lightness is our ideal.


Libra is a Latin word meaning “balance” and also “pound”, a unit of weight. In French, the word “balance” (same spelling, charmingly different pronunciation) means “the scales”.

The English word “balance” translates in French as “équilibre” a word made of “equi-” meaning “equal” and “libre” which of course comes from “libra”: balance is same weight.

The English sterling pound is called “livre sterling” in French. .

In the British system “sterling” is the official standard of fineness of silver or gold found in coins. The world also means “high quality”.

With the sterling Libra, you measure quantities with quality. Venus rules. It’s official.


Look at the good old scales. See the handle in the middle turning into a spine and the pans into hips.  When walking  all the weight goes on one leg whilst the other moves forward, and then the law of justice says that it’s the other leg’s turn to bear the weight whilst the one moves forward. Libra rules the lower back and the kidneys. The centre of gravity is surrounded by Aphrodite’s magic belt. Walking becomes dancing. Lightness is our ideal. It’s very very sexy.


First of the second half…

In astrology, we’re working with the principle that what comes first defines the totality of what is coming. That’s why we keep looking at birth charts. Libra is the first sign of the second half of the zodiac.

The whole zodiac is an Aries story, an adventure called individuation. In Virgo, the sign of the maiden that belongs to no man, independent existence reaches a peak.

After Virgo, we will experience the throes and delights of union, from one to one relation-ships to sinking in the ocean of Piscean ecstasy… From now on, every sign we’ll meet will be the polar opposite of a sign we already know. Every “I” will turn into a “We”.

Libra is also the second Air sign on the wheel. Gemini came first to create links with no strings attached, only little wings at Mercury’s feet.  Libra bounds. Venus dances with you. On one pan of the scales you get more company, on the other less freedom…



Libra is also the second Venus ruled sign in the zodiac. Venus Taurus is glue. When lovers almost literally eat each other, when two become only one sensual flesh soaked in oxytocin, when they whisper or shout “I am yours!” or “you are mine!”, we are on the Taurus-Scorpio axis. Venus Taurus is a mouth or a vagina. She is Earth, she is Yin, she takes in.

Venus Libra is a magnetic field. She operates in the Air. Her law is attraction.  She binds from a distance, she cast spells, she enchants, she charms. When a beautiful princess appears, admirers become satellites. As much as she dreams of the ideal relationship, she may love the status quo, keep as many of them in her orbit and never commit. She is not in a hurry to become old.

Once upon a time, a princess declared that she would marry only the man who would bring her hundred dragon heads still steaming… In many tales various impossible tasks have to be carried out for a guy to deserve her hand, and they all fail. One day however, a hero hears of the princess… The impossible guy will put an end to her indecision.  

One upon another time, there was a satellite that was so attractive that the princess lost her balance and became a satellite of her satellite. No one was at the centre but relationship, that thing that happens in between. Mars is in exile and the Sun in fall in Libra. Hiya Barbie! Hi Ken! 


Marriage is the archetype of all associations, be they formed with or without official proceedings and ceremonies. There are always contracts however: even when nothing is talked about, things go as if you had signed for a whole set of rules.

When we don’t discuss the terms and conditions of our relationships consciously, we do set the rules unconsciously. A good deal simply consists of conforming to social customs. Gender roles, society’s expectations, the way things are done… It’s the simplest way. Libra is one of the most conformist signs, along with Capricorn. I feel tempted to say that all couples are the same. I may be biased, but do you know many eccentric couples? I mean eccentric in the way they relate to each other. You can dress up in very special ways but still the woman cooks and the man put up shelves…

Let’s be nuanced. There is still room for specific rules to each couple. Who decides of what? Who is the boss, who opposes resistance, who just does what the other wants to keep the peace? Who suggests new ideas, who bothers about logistics, who listens more? How long is it OK to do something on your own without giving a call? Why is it fine to invite a friend to eat without warning when it’s your friend, but not when it’s mine? Who initiates sex, what is the rhythm of things? What’s the balance of power? What is fair?

When they get into Scorpio, the partners may realise they just assumed that they were on the same wavelength… If they were not, they may divorce, those who once loved each other become enemies; they go to court to sort out who keeps the house, what’s going on with the children and who pays how much to the other.

Above the portal, Lady Justice, scales in one hand and sword in the other whistles in Libra Rising style… Oops I did it again!

Marriage is the archetype or all one to one associations. Business can get married, best friends are couples, countries sign alliances and trade deals, atoms lose their freedom and form molecules…

There is always one side and another side, always a bound between the two and the eternal question of finding balance…


A bit of mathematics

I like to say that symbols are magical doors. Each time you pass through one you may enter a new landscape. The scales can show us hips engaged in the activity of walking, limping or dancing, or a man and a woman falling in love, a court of justice, two business men signing a contract… we really need to know the context, or be very intuitive!

Let’s open the Libra door again. On one pan, something. We don’t know what it is. On the other pan, something else. We don’t know what on earth it might be either. However, what we  know for sure is that there is a particular relationship between these two unknown things: their weights – symbols of all measures – are whether equal, or one is superior to the other. To keep it short, I’ll call the weight of the unknown thing on one side “x”, the weight of the other unknown thing “y”, if they are equal I’ll just write x = y, if they are not it may be that x < y or x > y.  All the universe of mathematics is opening in front of us: we are now talking relationships in the abstract. It’s so beautiful it makes me cry!

Dane Rudyar says that astrology is the algebra of life…

By the way, two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities, expressed by the formula:  a + b /a = a /b.

Venus rules. Beauty is a question of proportions.


Art and justice

In the Air we imagine ideals, perfect forms, harmonies of colours and shapes, nuances of tones, elegance and movements. The beauty and harmony we enjoy with our good taste or create as artists is the result of an inner sense of measure, the ability to sense the right amount of everything. We feel a little bit disgusted at how gross everyday reality is by comparison with art and how could we not compare when under the influence of the scales? Libras folks are appalled when Fire signs fart and laugh at their  face…


On the material plane weights are objective measures but enter the psychological realm and they become subjective values. It’s complicated. What is the weight of an argument, how light or heavy is a feeling?

If a man works hard and earns good money to pay the bills, does that weight the same as cooking, cleaning, watching the kids and making sure there is always cold beer in the fridge? What is fair and what is not, when everyone measures according to standards that vary according to personal tastes and subjective feelings, even though influenced by social norms? Everyone carry their own scales within, and you can be only God knows what’s the absolute weight of our soul things…


A nice little conclusion

I hope I managed to get the message across: with symbols, it’s not possible to have a simple and clear definition. When it comes to character traits, Libra people have a reputation of struggling with decision making and be prone to hesitate indefinitely… It is often true. This goes with understanding other people’s point of view so well they forget to have a personal one. There are other ways to dysfunction though. Another one is to systematically play Devil’s advocate: Libra feels the need to balance one sided views with opposite opinions.

Sometimes Libra have strong views and fight for justice with determination. Sometimes they are desperately seeking to solve inner conflicts  and sometimes they have a knack for balance, great taste and wonderful social skills.

A chart is an architecture of metaphors. Ask the context for clues and be nice.


Jean-Marc, Libra Moon, Venus and Mercury.


Scorpio. Holding in and letting go.

 Scorpio is the other side of Taurus.

Taurus rules over the throat, vocal chords and neck. In this Venus ruled sign, we add substance to the initial  impulse born in Aries.

When our body does Taurus, adding substance is eating. When our wallet does Taurus, adding substance is earning money. When our sense of self worth does Taurus, we take in compliments…  There is always guaranteed substantial growth for your capital with bull energy.

The opposite of input is output. We are tubes. On one end we eat and drink, on the other we piss and shit. This reality is hilarious. (How old is your inner child?)  Even if we think we have outgrown pee and poo times, we have strong emotional roots in this mud…


It’s worth noticing that following the feminine signs is a journey through the digestive track:

After Taurus, the next Yin sign, Cancer, rules over the stomach, then comes Virgo and the intestines…  The glyph of Virgo looks like meandering bowels.

Then Scorpio happens. It is ruled by Mars and we push things out. The glyph looks like Virgo’s with a different ending.

If you’re an ecologist and very fond of the wonderful recycling cycles of mother nature, you won’t be shocked if I tell you that our corpse is somehow the last of our excrements. It is substance that no longer serves us. We leave it  behind as a gift to earth, it will become humus, feed plants… one day the nutrients will find their way back into other people’s plates with renewed vitality. However, for the dying ones and their loved ones, it feels like a big loss.


As for ourselves, we will find our way to the other side of the famous veil… Death is a fascinating reality for those born with Scorpio emphasis.

On our journey through the feminine signs, after Scorpio, only the bones, ruled by Capricorn, will defiantly resist decomposition. Archaeologists in a distant future may unearth them and call us Lucy.

Ultimate dissolution and return to spiritual unity are symbolized by the two fish swimming in opposite directions and next, we will be re-incarnating in Taurus.

So Scorpio rules over death.  There are many deaths, the physical one being a symbol for many other deaths which all consist of “leaving behind”.

It’s not always easy. We often have to grieve, like this little girl I knew. She wanted a new haircut.  She really wanted it. It would make her so pretty! This little princess had beautiful long hair. After it was cut, she looked into the mirror and burst out in tears…

There is no change without loss, loss is inevitable, nothing is permanent. However the tears of a little  girl in front of the mirror are infinitely respectable, and ours are futile on the way to the graveyard….

Taurus is gain, Scorpio is loss. It is not possible to refrain from dying. Life passes through us like a river. We assimilate lessons, digest experiences and release what needs to be, spontaneously or at times with the help of a good shaman-therapist-exorcist. We need to get things out. However, we can’t do it anyhow.

As children we learned to control these things getting out of our bodies. When we were two year old, we found out how to keep the stuff inside, under our control, for a certain amount of time, and to  let it out only at the right place, that is on the pot.

Meanwhile we also learned to say “no”. We were terrible twos. That’s what being anal is about: we were experimenting with power. No I won’t let my poo escape now. No I won’t eat my soup. No I won’t submit to your law. No I won’t tell you where the rebels are hiding. My power. Fuck off.



Scorpio is ruled by Mars, the warrior, and it’s a feminine sign. In Masculine Aries, Mars is projecting its aggressive and assertive fire from inside out. In Feminine Watery Scorpio, the warrior is on the sensitive receiving end, enduring and keeping it all inside: the fear, the pain, the desire to fall onto the ground and cry like a baby, the terror and the rage, the urge to shit one’s pants…

The warrior is keeping all his feelings inside. He looks impassible like Clint Eastwood chewing a cigar under the sun of a spaghetti.

In a more peace and love fashion Scorpio energy pushed to the extreme becomes Jesus Christ on the cross, tortured to death and still speaking with fixed determination the same words of love and forgiveness he did when he could breathe freely.

Less glorious but essentially similar experiences are our lot. We are nailed on the cross of matter. Fears, passions, desires and frustrations, shame, guilt, rage, dark feelings test our souls. Holding in or letting go? We are a battlefield. Demons and angels fight for the throne. (t’s symbolic language).

Demons are instant gratification monkeys. If they are hurt they want to hurt. If they are scared they want to kill. If they feel frustrated they want revenge. If they feel ashamed or guilty, they want scapegoats to make them feel how they feel. Expect bullies, inquisitions and holocausts.

Wise angels don’t deny the need for releasing, as the suffering is real, but it has to happen with consciousness, at the right place and time, without causing harm. Becoming able to cry is a way.

Scorpio is this inner battle. When demons win, the outcome is dirty. When angels surround the throne, peace reigns and it smells like heaven.

There is no victory without deep transformation. There is death and rebirth in the process.

Male sexuality also has to develop the strength of holding in  and the power to letting go at the right moment. Premature ejaculation is a failure in controlling excitation. Erectile dysfunction is the counterpart: an erection, paradoxically, happens when some muscles relax. If they don’t, the thing remains a bit too soft to please. The causes may be physical but they are often emotional, and have, without the shadow of a doubt, great emotional impact. Feelings about self worth are at stake.

I may have had direct experience of female sexuality in other incarnations but I won’t go into details about how it feels intimately here.

However I can say that between men and women the whole game of holding in or letting go is re enacted. Attraction and desire are powers, opportunities to play games. If one can’t help running… the other will make them run. If one can’t let go and become vulnerable, the other won’t open up.


Sexuality is emotional intimacy. If we were all innocent, free from anything we would rather hide, being partners would be the simplest and happiest thing in the world. But once Venus attracted and glued two humans to each other, a man and a woman (in most cases) join, not only their very valued sides, but the whole of themselves… How will they deal with the complicity of their shadows? Egos may have to die…


From birth to death we need to find just the right balance of holding in and letting go, of controlling and going with the flow. It’s important like life and death, like a night of love worth remembering forever, like living proudly with all our shit together.

And of course, we don’t have it all together, hence all the drama.



Winter Solstice 2020

Winter Solstice Tapestry
by Frida Hansen

Winter Solstice 2020

Bright Solstice Greetings to All!

Winter Solstice 2020 arrives on December 21 at 5:02a Eastern Time, 2:02p Pacific Time and 10:02  Universal Time. (This is the Summer solstice in the Southern Hemisphere – at 9:02p AET)

This Solstice has a special and rare event occurring the same day – a conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Aquarius. (More on this below). EarthSky always has good solstice info December solstice: All you need to know  and here’s a good article on Winter Solstice traditions 13 Fascinating Winter Solstice Traditions Around the World

The astrology chart for the Solstice represents the birth of this new season and gives indications of what to expect.

The Sun always arrives at 0 degrees Capricorn the moment of the Solstice and this year communicator Mercury  is exactly conjunct the Sun echoing the major Capricorn themes of 2020. Pluto remains in Capricorn but the 2 largest planets in the solar system, Jupiter and Saturn have finally left Capricorn to enter Aquarius.  These mighty planets line up together at 0*26″ Aquarius at the exact moment of the Solstice. If you are lucky enough to have clear skies on the 20th and 21st, you can see this conjunction in the night sky. Some are suggesting this conjunction which looks like a huge bright star is like the “Star of Bethlehem” which was not an actual star but was an astrological configuration (like this conjunction) that the Magi (most likely Chaldean astrologers) were following.

The Moon in this type of event chart represents the public mood and is in sensitive Pisces communing with Neptune also in Pisces. This adds a highly spiritual element to Solstice gatherings and adds a loving touch in general to the season. This combination also increases sentimentality which in the pandemic year increases sadness if you can’t be with loved ones. Luckily sweet Venus is dancing merrily  in Sagittarius with a hand out to Chiron in Aries helping lift everyone’s mood. Let’s hope she lightens up  wounded healer Chiron too, because he forms a challenging, aggressive angle to the Sun and Mercury. Warrior Mars is in the last few weeks of his 6th month long Aries visit and after a nice spell of playing well with other planets during December, has decided to give one last gut punch (an exact square!) to Pluto before he leaves. These angles from Chiron and Mars in war-like Aries suggests the combative tone over the last few months (especially the US election!) lingers longer.

Lord of Chaos Uranus in Taurus is looking forward to a nice exchange with the Sun and Mercury. This earth-sign combination brings a bit of comfort in terms of the potential for covid to finally lift. Uranus is also anticipating major clashes with Jupiter and Saturn soon to come – pressure for more people to get vaccinated and agitation to get more financial relief from their governments are likely. Uranus also happens to be the only planet retrograde in the Solstice chart so his energy is more subdued now, but will activate again early next year when he turns direct on 1/14/21.

The most exciting event of this Solstice is the exact conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius which last happened 8 centuries ago in 1226!  Both planets were in Capricorn throughout 2020 and were major players in the pandemic. Capricorn is a sign of boundaries, and the whole world became boundaried – shut inside by covid restrictions for months on end! Now as these huge planets come together in icy-clear air sign Aquarius they ring a new message – that doors will open soon and let in the fresh air we have all be waiting for! This lines up with the vaccines currently being administered in the first wave with millions more doses due to arrive. People in the UK  and Russia are already being vaccinated and vaccinations just began in the US too.

Aquarius is the most cutting edge and forward thinking sign in the zodiac, so we can expect more medical and scientific discoveries as well as more progressive political policies and societal shifts to evolve. Here is an excellent article by one of my favorite astrologers, The Oxford Astrologer Thoughts on the Great Conjunction which outlines the effects of earlier Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions, technical and societal advances along with the darker edges of Aquarius. I love what she says about this conjunction, And we should all feel optimistic, this is extraordinary, clear, symbolism. A breath of fresh air is blowing across the world. In January and February 2021, expect high winds. Reef you sails, throw out the old ballast, and get ready to sail as close to the wind as you dare. ~ Christina Rodenbeck

Saturn has an orbit of 29-30 years and was in Aquarius from 1932- 1935 during Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency when he instituted the New Deal programs with progressive policies like the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corp) which helped thousands of people during the darkest days of the Depression and  the Social Security Act which is why we have this safety net now (thank you FDR! who was born with Sun in Aquarius). When Saturn was in Aquarius from 1962-64 this marked the beginning of major societal changes. The Beatles were revolutionizing the music world and the Hippy era, sex, drugs, rock and roll was born, Martin Luther King Jr was leading the Civil Rights Movement and gave his “I have a Dream” speech. When Saturn was in Aquarius during 1991 – Jan. 1994 Apartheid ended, the Internet was born and Grunge began to shake up the rock music scene. Here is a clever article which covers this Saturn in Aquarius – three years of technology progress and justice  by the AstroTwins

Jupiter has a 12 year orbit and not long after Saturn left Aquarius in 1935, Jupiter followed in 1938-39, adding heft to FDR’s progressive New Deal policies. The next Jupiter in Aquarius pass was in 1949-1950 when NATO was established, President Truman gave his speech about how every American should expect a “fair deal” from the U.S. government and middle class prosperity began to flourish, color TV was first broadcast, and the DNA Double Helix Discovered. Jupiter returned to Aquarius in 1961 when President John F. Kennedy was inaugurated, the Peace Corps established, Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space, and the first lasers were developed. Next Jupiter Aquarius visit was 1973 to March 1974 when the Skylab was launched, Watergate Hearings began,  and the Supreme Court ruled on Roe v. Wade.  Next visit was in 1985 when CDs were introduced, the first .com was registered, the first version of Windows was released and Live Aid concerts were held.  Next time was 1997 when NASA’s Pathfinder landed on Mars, Dolly the Sheep the first successfully cloned mammal was revealed, the first Harry Potter book was published and the movie Men in Black aired.

Jupiter’s most recent trek through Aquarius was in 2009 the year Barack Obama became President, the movie Avatar was released, Grindr was launched, H1N1 flu was declared a global pandemic and the first International Day of Climate Action was held. Of course there are so many other events that happened during all of these years, but this gives you a taste of what happened in the past and hints about what might happen in this new Aquarius age arriving now when both of these colossal planets meet in Aquarius for the first time in 800 years!

Aquarius is the sign most closely related to Astrology in general and one thing that struck me when I visited sites to link with this post and for general information about what other astrologers have to say about this important conjunction, is how many excellent astrologers there are! I am very proud of our profession. So heads up all you astrologers out there – you are going to be in high demand!

Here is a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. born with Sun in Capricorn to inspire you at this Solstice/Great Conjunction time, We have before us the glorious opportunity to inject a new dimension of love into the veins of our civilization. ~ MLK

The Ten Brightest Stars In The Sky — Simulating the Universe

Hubble Space Telescope image

With the help of the amazing “Star” above us now, this opportunity is very real! And this is my Solstice wish for you.

Mars Retrograde

Mars Retrograde

2020: Mars turns retrograde on September 9 at 28° Aries and returns to 15° Aries on  November 13, 2020

Mars was the god of war for the Romans and through the years war-like attributes became associated with planet Mars. In Astrology Mars has come to represent the aggressive principle. Fearless Mars is courageous, reckless and driven by passion. Mars indicates action generally, along with motivation, your “get up and go”.  Mars is associated with physical energy, willpower, intense focus, determination, anger and all aggressive instincts. Mars also governs men and traditionally male dominated activities like sports, police, the military, war and testosterone driven male energy in general especially young men.

In your own birth chart Mars reveals how you go about getting what you want and need, your personal energy patterns and passion – your own distinctive style of moving through life. Mars in the birth chart for women also reveals the type of men you attract into your life and for men Mars indicates your male role models and the type of male friends you attract.

Mars takes around 2 years to travel the full zodiac wheel and once during this period appears to slow down and back up in orbit. In comparison, every other planet retrogrades every year (except Venus). When Mars turns retrograde it orbits closer to Earth and shines more brightly in the night sky making its influence stronger.  Mars usually stays in a sign 6-8 weeks, but when retro it stays in a sign for around 6 months.

On 9/9/20  Mars goes retrograde for the first time since June 26, 2018.  Mars stays retro for 2 months, turning around at 28° Aries and reversing to 15° Aries before moving direct again on 11/13/20. Mars rules pioneering fire sign Aries and is the co-ruler of powerful water sign Scorpio so these two signs tend to be the most affected by Mars retrograde and people with Sun, rising sign or other significant planets at the degrees Mars retrogrades through need to be more aware of Mars retro effects too.

When Mars travels in his own sign of Aries it emphasizes the positive Aries traits of breaking through barriers and trail blazing leadership for the rest of us to follow. Mars in Aries is valiant, filled with courage and has ability to leap first and figure out how to land on the way down. Mars in Aries understands you must get things off your chest in spite of the consequences, which leads to the downside qualities. Untamed Mars/Aries is bombastic, abusive and narcissistic.

When Mars goes retrograde in Aries it becomes very important to be more aware of how all these qualities manifest in your own life, to dig deeper and become more conscious so that you can manage this energy better. Here’s a quote from Peter Coyote born with Mars retro in Aries, who seems to have realized this, Where I didn’t have the maturity and the compassion to consider other people’s needs, I did a lot of damage. ~ Peter Coyote

When a planet is retrograde the energy is more internalized, and when active Mars reverses if not handled appropriately energy can back up and implode. Think of Mars retrograde as a classic muscle car speeding down the highway when suddenly the red engine light comes on. You’ve got to pull over to figure out what the situation is or risk engine failure. It means you need to slow down and pay attention to figure out what needs to be done to get your energy moving again. It only becomes a problem if you ignore the indicator eventually causing major damage.

Mars retro can mean things which were going full steam ahead get off track for a while or seem to dissipate altogether. They will come back though, and like the muscle car metaphor, if problems aren’t dealt with during the retro phase things do move forward again, but the problems continue too and can get worse!

Mars retrograde in the birth chart needs interpretation because it can indicate different things, depending upon what sign and house it is in and how Mars relates to the rest of the planets in the birth chart (the aspects involved). For example Mars retrograde in the first house could indicate early life health problems held the person back from physical activity and if Mars is in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) it might mean emotional issues arising from this setback take a long time for the person to get over. But if Mars retro is in a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) the person has more ability to bounce back and move forward more easily.

I like this article by astrologer Nadia Gilchrist Mars Retrograde in the Natal Chart: When Yang Energy Goes Yin  Here is an excerpt: Its energy is internalized. Think about what Mars stands for: moving forward, being aggressive, starting something. This is true no matter what sign it’s in. If there is an internal focus, you’re going to express its energy very differently. You’re rebelling, but it’s an internal rebellion. A common misconception is that Mars retrograde is weak. This is simply not true; its energy is redirected.”

Mars retro in the birth chart can also indicate a delayed start in life for any number of reasons such as having no male role model in early life so that getting in touch with traits like will power, the ability to initiate and learning how to handle aggressive instincts takes longer to achieve or is never actualized at all. And for a women it can mean their early male role models (or lack of any) gave them a fractured concept about men so they tend to choose inappropriate men to bond with along with all the problems that brings.

Mars retrograde can also mean the person’s timing is off kilter. They might hesitate to take a chance at something when the time is lined up for them, then when they finally do get up the nerve circumstances have changed so things don’t manifest for them.  It could also be outer conditions delay them or get in the way. For example a young person is ready to leave for college, but a parent dies or gets an illness so the person feels the responsibility to stay home to help out and their education is put off and may not resume until much later if at all.

Having Mars retrograde does not mean lack of success however.  Many famous people who have achieved much were born with Mars retro. Mozart, born with Mars retro in Cancer, was a child prodigy and musical genius for all time. Mikhail Baryshnilkov considered one of the greatest ballet performers ever, has Mars retrograde in Virgo, and basketball legend Michael Jordan has Mars, which rules sports, retro in Leo. Joan Crawford who is ranked as number ten among the greatest female stars of all time by The American Film Institute, was born with Mars retro in Libra which rules glamor and the arts.  Judy Garland whose fame began in young age and is still known world wide as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz has Mars retrograde in Sagittarius. These famous examples let us know that Mars retrograde may actually help individuals dig deeper to find their inner passion and strength of purpose, and when they do, their achievements can be astounding!

This current Mars retrograde is an excellent time to go deeper to find your own passion and discover more about your own motivations. And since Mars retros in his own sign of Aries there is even greater emphasis on discovering your inner flame which will light the fire of your next project, life plan and better realization of your life’s purpose.  Mars retro in Aries says dig deeper then get going!

Here is a list of other famous people born with Mars Retrograde from the Celebrity Astro Search Engine from Astro Seek. A great resource especially if you’d like to do your own research. One interesting thing I noticed when I listed these Mars retro people by sign, is that certain signs have many famous people born with Mars retrograde while others had few, like Taurus and Aquarius. Seems like a good subject to do some more research about, maybe while Mars is retro!

People tell me I’m from Mars all the time. ~ Joni Mitchell, born with Mars retrograde in Gemini.

Famous People born with Mars Retrograde

In Aries
Elia Kazan
Bernie Sanders
Peter Coyote
Otis Redding
Paul Simon
Art Garfunkel
Tom Fogerty
Anne Rice
Chubby Checker
Anne Tyler
Cass Elliot
Sally Kirkland
Anne Seymour
Eddie Steeples

In Taurus:
Bram Stoker
Louisa May Alcott
Leon Trotsky
Chuck Berry
Richard Crenna
Louise Hay
Lee Grant
Jamie Lee Curtis
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Neve Campbell

In Gemini
Ludwig van Beethovan
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Virginia Woolf
Martin Luther King, Jr
Ben Kingsley
Sam Sheppard
Joni Mitchell
Billie Jean King
Tim Robbins
Jim Morrison
Viggo Morgensteen

In Cancer
William S. Burroughs
Noam Chomsky
Mikhail Gorbachev
David Lynch
Dolly Parton
Diane Keaton
Kenneth Branagh
Wayne Gretzky
Daryl Hannah
Ashton Kutcher
Tara Reid

In Leo
Benjamin Disraeli
James Dean
Robert Duvall
Rip Torn
Boris Yeltzin
James Earl Jones
Claire Bloom
Eckhart Tolle
Dianne Wiest
Billy Crystal
James Taylor
Jennifer O’Neill
Steven Tyler
Bernadette Peters
Michael Jordan

In Virgo
Henry Wordsworth Longfellow
Clarke Gable
William Holden
Bing Crosby
Betty Ford
Michael Caine
Phillip Roth
Kim Novak
Barbara Hersey
Yoko Ono
Nina Simone
Alice Cooper
Mikhail Baryshnikov
Robert Downey junior
Martin Lawrence
Sarah Jessica Parker
Chelsea Clinton
Christina Ricci
Zooey Deschanel

In Libra
Sigmund Freud
Irving Berlin
Pope John Paul II
Joan Crawford
Ida Lapino
Anais Nin
Peggy Lee
Dudley Moore
Eric von Daniken
Cybill Shepherd
Peter Gabriel
Karen Carpenter
Bobby McFerrin
Tim McGraw
Seth Rogen
Kirsten Dunst

In Scorpio
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Henry Fonda
Robert Penn Warren
Ravi Shankar
Morgan Freeman
Colleen McCullough
Sally Kellerman
Waylon Jennings
Liam Neeson
David Byrne
Mary McDonnell
Steven Seagal
Marilu Henner
David Icke
Mark Zuckerburg
Emily Beecham
Sophia Turner

In Sagittarius
Czar Nicholas I
Ho Chi Minh
Stan Laurel
Judy Garland
George Talei
Roger Zelazney
Saddam Hussein
Christopher Lee
Bill Blass
Pierre Cardin
George Carlin
Jack Nicholson
Angela Merkel
Hugo Chavez
Cate Blanchette
Steffi Graff
Anne Heche
Ricky Scaggs
Ice Cube
Peter Dinklage
Wes Anderson

In Capricorn
Thomas Mann
Annie Oakley
Robert Heinlein
Frida Kahlo
Barbara Stanwyck
Wes Craven
Peter Bogdanvich
George Hamilton
Ginger Baker
Valerie Harper
Kathleen Turner
Sonja Sotamayor
Freddie Prinze
Jim Belushi
Shia Lebeau
Lindsey Lohan
Cody Lightening
Elijah Kelley
Mary-Kate Olsen
Kellie Pickler

In Aquarius
Haile Selassie
Mae West
Lauren Bacall
Buddy Hackett
Martin Freeman
Allison Krauss
David Arquette
Jason Loesenstein

In Pisces
Art Tatum
James Baldwin
Carroll O’Connor
Fess Parker
Phyllis Shafly
Theresa May
Linda Hamilton
Kim Cattrall
Debbie Boone
Adam Arkin
Maren Jensen
Gary Cole
David Copperfield
Tsai Ing-wen
Quvenzhané Wallis

The fractal universe and the astrological alphabet

The second verse of the Emerald Tablet in Hermetic philosophy (also called occult sciences or esoteric teachings) states that
“That which is above is like that which is below and that which is below is like that which is above to do the miracle of one only thing”
This is often abridged as “As above, so below” and we can quickly lose a good deal of meaning by believing it simply means that what’s going on down here on earth is happens in synchronicity with what’s going on with the planets above us.
“Above” has always been a symbol for the spiritual world. Those who pray look towards the heavens, or bow before it, but it is not at the physical height that we address our prayers when we do, but to the spiritual dimension.



I hope there is no controversy about this!
Understanding this, we can reformulate this second verse and say:
“what is spiritual is like what is material and what is material is like what is spiritual, because there is only one world
Which is absolutely great, because it means that all our experiences in the material world are valid as spiritual teachings.
This is also why we can use metaphors to understand psychic and spiritual realities.
The material is an extension of the spiritual world, it is part of it. It is the part we experience directly, and we oppose it to the invisible worlds but this distinction is only a question of what we can see and what we can’t, it’s doesn’t create a split which would divide the universe between two worlds, one material and one spiritual.
The second verse states it explicitly: “ do the miracle of one only thing”. We are spiritual beings. Our current status is “incarnated” but this body of flesh is not a prison essentially different from who we are. It is a materialisation of who we are. As above, so below.
Nowadays, we have rediscover this old idea in a new lights. We are talking of living in a fractal universe, or holographic. The idea is that the whole can be seen in each of its parts. We can, Hallelujah, look at what is in front of us, below us, and see what is above, what we are a part of.
Similarly, in astrology, there are twelve signs and twelve houses.
The houses are a division in twelve of the space associated with a fundamental cycle of life down here: the day. In one day, the earth had completed a turn on itself.
Another fundamental cycle that we experience is the year. One turn around the sun, four seasons, twelve zodiacal signs.
It is not controversial in astrology to consider the “equivalence” (it would be better to say “analogy”) of one day for one year. When we look at progressions, we apply this system, the progressed planets for a certain year, for instance when we are 20 year old, are the position of these planet where were were the same amount of days old, in my example 20 days old. As above so below. As in big, so in small. As in one day, so in one year.
How could anyone deny the analogy between houses and signs then? They are both divisions in 12 of the most fundamental cycles of our lives. They are like body and spirit. with an understanding of their unity.
And this is the basis for what is called the “astrological alphabet”, if we understand it properly.
There is only one world. We understand it through 12 fundamental archetypes, which express, in fractal fashion, at different levels of the only one reality, along similar lines.