The way up and the way down. Pisces.

                                                      The way up and the way down are one and the same


I have been wondering why Pisces rules over the feet.

Aries rules the head, Taurus the throat, Gemini the lungs and so on,  following the signs we scan the body from head to toes. Order feels good but fish don’t have feet, so why ruling over ours?

Let’s go for a little barefoot walk. Let’s feel how the earth feels. It’s a sensitive and intimate touch.

Psychics, mediums who attune themselves with the most subtle energies need to keep grounded. Feet are plugs and anchors.

A fish goes up, a fish goes down. Branches grow up, roots  grow down.

The way up and the way down are one and the same.


                                                                     The last shall be first, and the first last   


Towards the beginning of the Age of Pisces, the first Christians chose the fish as a secret symbol to recognize one another and escape persecutions.

Jesus’s story and teachings are a true Pisces textbook. Not all people born with Pisces prominent in their chart are Jesus, indeed and far from it. Symbols don’t show only the hero of the story, but all what goes with it: where there is a savior, there are victims, where there is a healer, there are sick people, where there is a redeemer, there are fallen angels. Demons are spiritual beings too. A fish goes up, the other goes down…

Jesus said he was the Messiah the Jews had been waiting for. They were waiting for a king. Instead,  he was born in a stable, washed his follower’s feet and ended up crucified like a criminal.

He valued the poor and the outcast; when his disciples asked who was the greatest, he told them they had to become like little children to be able to enter the spiritual kingdom…

He kept turning established values upside down. I love Jesus.


“That which is below is like that which is above, and that which is above is like that which is below, to perform the miracles of one only thing.” 

                                                                                                             –  Hermes Trismegistus

Talking of turning upside down… with Capricorn we have been climbing to the top of a mountain. With Aquarius we have reached to the clouds and the stars, the infinite space where Spirit dwells. We can’t get any higher but as above, so below: the sky calls for a down below counterpart: it is the ocean. What is high is also deep.

Above are winged creatures, angels or birds. Below are fish and stars. Above is spirit. Below is consciousness. It’s a mirror. Consciousness can be enlightened or obscured, in modern terms we distinguish between conscious and unconscious, and it can be personal or collective, but it’s all the psyche, the universal soul, the feminine counterpart of Spirit. We are immersed in it. Creatures of the psychic ocean, we are fish.

In Christian symbolism, Mary, Stella Maris, is star of the sea. She was first called that because of a wrong translation of her name by a monk in medieval times, but it stroke a chord. A mere error without psychic resonance would have be quickly forgotten.

In the psychic ocean are images. An almighty father with a beard, a virgin beauty with stars around the head standing over the sea, a wise and benevolent elephant, blue skinned gods dancing and playing the flute, to mention but a few. They move our hearts… There is an emotional dimension called devotion, or worship to spirituality. We borrow these words to express our most romantic feelings.

Artists, musicians, story tellers get inspiration from this sea. In an ideal world, there would be no distinction between sacred and profane art.

Some religions make abundant use of images, other forbid to use them. They can be inspiring but also misleading.

The Great Spirit, as far as I can tell, has no gender, no beard, no lovely face, no blue skin.


                                              When all the senses are stilled, when the mind is at rest, when the intellect wavers not, then, say the wise, is reached the highest state. This calm of the senses and the mind has been defined as yoga. He who attains it is freed from delusion. 

                                                                            – The Upanishads


Consciousness is a mirror, and I don’t know why a particular kind of mirror is called psyche. If it started as a coincidence, again it has stricken a chord.



Psyche can only mirror spirit well when she is still like the surface of a lake. When she is not, distorted views create illusions.  They can be beautiful like a multitude of lights dancing with the waves, reflecting  the only one Sun above.
Sculpted by the Aquarian wind, waves usually forget that they are the ocean. We identify with our outer form and then fear that we will have to die…
But who is forgetting?  Is it the wave, the ocean, or spirit reflected in psyche?

We are in a prison we call reality. Return to Source is a lonely path. It seems.

There are two fish swimming in opposite directions. They are bound together. They can’t be separated. There is only one fish. But they are two.

Nuns, monks, hermits, solitary sailors and prisoners live in tiny cells. A fish is sacrificed. It becomes smaller and smaller as the other one expands to mystical dimensions. The cell can be a hospital room,  a mental or physical disability, a stigma… Jupiter rules.

It is a collective game… 
Others are mirrors.


Spirit is making faces in the mirror.

Sometimes we smile, a mirror smiles and we’re happy. When we are happy we smile…

Sometimes we paint war on our face. Who started it? The mirror? Now we are facing the enemy, we become enraged, we curse, we slaughter. For as long as mirrors keep mirroring what keeps appearing in mirrors, we will be spiralling out of control, hoping for heaven, going to hell.

Free spirits  at times appear and demonstrate how to stop waiting  for the mirror to love first. It takes strength not to mirror. It takes spirit to start alternatives. It may look like turning the other cheek…


 Dissolving energy

On this material plane, Saturn has crystalized the forms we created yesterday. When we try a new smile at the mirror, but psyche the mirror keeps showing the sad face we have been feeding it for so long. There is a delay between sowing and reaping. That’s why we remain so easily trapped in karmic loops…

Patience etymologically means suffering. Taking suffering as a supreme value is a mistake. We just need patience to let the old forms dissolve…The purpose is bliss, love and peace. Pisces remembers paradise.

That’s way Pisces can mean the one who suffers, the sacrificed, the victim, the scapegoat…  The one who absorbs rather than reflects, the one who is forced or willingly accepts to take on themselves the sins of others – their shadows – and redeems the energies holding them is the light of a purified, free from judgement, free from hatred, understanding and compassionate consciousness.

Of course, this energy, like all others, can miss the point. There is only a Virgo split hair between enlightenment and madness. Artificial paradises are attractive. Dissolving old fashioned morality opens the door to old fashioned perversions. It’s always possible to replace an illusion with another illusion.  I don’t need to insist…


There is a zen story. There were three cats. To get rid of mice, they were the best ones. The first cat was incredibly swift, like the hero in a kung fu movie. The second one was psychic. It always knew in advance what the mice would do. The third cat was just an old cat sleeping all day long. The only thing with this one is that wherever it was, there was no mice. We want to be this cat.






Fixed Air? Really? – Aquarius

 Isn’t the idea of “fixed Air” a little bit funny?

Fixed suits Taurus so well. Taurus has a justified reputation for inertia. Once it’s somewhere, it stays there and becomes bigger, denser, fleshier… If Taurus moves, it acquires momentum: it gets settled in an unchanging motion…

Fixed fire is easy to understand. At first, Fire feels cardinal. It is active, creative, energetic, initiating… Fixed fire manifests as central power. A king on a throne, a bonfire, the sun are radiating in all directions.

Water doesn’t feel fixed at all… Water feels mutable. Dissolving, changing, merging Pisces is as mutable as you can get. Water is formless, sometimes river, sometimes sea, mist, fog, cloud or rain, sometimes groundwater and found at the bottom of wells. Here we are! In the desert, where scorpions live, water is deep down. Finding it is a question of life or death.

Wells, ponds, stagnant waters are fixed…


Three modalities, four elements, is it a musical chair game? Let’s not confuse similarity with equivalence!

Air has a claim for being associated with the mutable modality. Fluid like Water and far more subtle, how could Air be fixed?

My ancestors were called the Gauls; they were afraid of only one thing: that the sky fell onto their heads. It never happened. Winds, birds and breathing evoke movement;  Air finds fixity in infinity. The sky has no limit, is not contained, has no centre… and doesn’t move.

Air is space. Thanks to science we know that the atmosphere doesn’t extent as far as the stars… but symbols are not concepts. They are fingers. When the sage shows the Moon, the fool looks at the finger. When the finger is Air, the astrologer looks at the sky. The vault of heaven is everywhere and beyond, all the time and ever after. And so are we, spiritual, infinite and eternal.


Fire and Air oppose each other. Aquarius and Leo are like sky and sun. One travels through the other and fills it with warmth and light. The other is the abode of stars and planets, and at times, of clouds, water carriers. Aquarius is the water bearer. If the Sun shines in Leo, in Aquarius, expect rain.

For farmers in the suburbs of Babylon, ancient Mesopotamia, the big muscular guy pouring down water from a jar on his shoulder was blessing the fields. Dance people dance! You will eat! Gather and express gratitude as a community!



Life is a cosmic metaphor. We learned  “field” when we were farmers.
Solidarity and cooperation have always been questions of survival. When life is difficult, you don’t build as many irrigation systems as there are families in the village. You build one all together, and every individual farmer plugs themselves onto it. There must be collective agreements. How do we share responsibilities and benefits?
There are disagreements, debates and procedures for decision making… Instincts don’t rule over all behaviours therefore politics are unavoidable. Have you heard of the role of friendship in Aristotle’s political theory?
 Anyway. When it rains, you praise the sky gods and check the reservoirs.



From earth to air, concrete experiences become understanding in the abstract. Fields are now of activity and knowledge. Physics, economics, energy, biology, urban environment… whatever your field, even if you’ve made a name for yourself thanks to your unique genius and original approach, you are not all alone owing and ploughing it. Human endeavours are collective. Life is a web.

However, as you sow, you reap, at personal level and collectively. The articulation between individual and society has been providing food for thought and conflicts since the beginning of thinking and arguing.



The Water Bearer doesn’t mean the clouds, all the clouds and only the clouds. Symbols are fingers, so let’s go for a walk with our eyes looking upward.  Let’s cross a busy road without even noticing. Don’t we look like a stereotypical Aquarius, lost in our thoughts, oblivious of realities that others believe are obvious, focused in wider realities? Visions, ideals, equations, constellations, patterns, manifestos, divine architecture and rage, rage against the dying of the light…

(Dylan Thomas was a Scorpio Sun with Jupiter and Uranus in Aquarius setting on the horizon)

The sky is as vast as the point at the center of the circle that means “the Sun” is small: infinitely vast, infinitely small. We’re high. We’re gliding… We’re contemplating the immutable laws of the course of the stars, the perfect cosmic order underlying the apparent chaos of human life. Even revolutions happen when the time is right… and mysteriously, free will is part of the heavenly rules. What a wonderful clockwork!

Air is Yang. It shows the other side of the creative coin. Head or tail?  Fire is power.  Air is idea. Whatever manifests started in the spiritual dimension. Architects draw plans before any building work can start. Life has its architects. Ideas come first. Thoughts progressively become concrete realities. That’s progress. The new wants to take the place of the old. The old can’t help but resist, the new must insist, there will be thunderstorms and earthquakes. Saturn with new plans is fighting Saturn’s  old structures.

Aquarius is the Capricorn of the future.  As soon as revolutionaries get their way, they create new structures, write a new constitution, establish a new order which they hope is designed well enough to stand the test of time… Will they?

If our mental creations are coherent, if we don’t wish for a thing and its exact opposite to be true at the same time… if the plans of our house don’t look like a painting by Stephen Escher, if traumatic memories don’t force our creative thoughts to wander in inextricable labyrinths, our thoughts, hopes and wishes will come true…


Uranus was the first of the transpersonal planets to be discovered. The traditional system was so balanced, so perfect! It could not be improved, only disrupted.

The Sun rules over Leo, the Moon over Cancer, the five planets over two signs each, a masculine and a feminine one. Why stripping away Saturn from its masculine side, and Mars and Jupiter from their feminine sides? If Uranus resonates well with Aquarius, that’s fine! Let’s keep Saturn there.

Shouldn’t there be a feminine side to Uranus? I’m just asking but it would make sense. Uranus could rule over Capricorn as well, Neptune over Sagittarius and Pluto Aries. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn wouldn’t stop being what they are… But what does “ruling” means exactly?

I like to think of the connection of planets and signs  as sympathetic strings in a musical instrument. These are strings that you don’t pluck. They make sounds when other strings are played on the same frequency, or on a frequency like an octave lower or higher which make them resonate. From my point of view, Uranus is the higher octave of Saturn… Bah! I’m just thinking…

The glyph of Aquarius looks like waves, like in wavelengths and frequencies.

Invisible energies cause visible manifestations…





Capricorn. Don’t separate the fish from the goat.

The eight first signs of the zodiac looked rather reasonable. The word “zodiac” etymologically means “The wheel of animals”…

We  have met a ram, a bull, human twins, a crab… the scorpion was scary but still grounded in known reality. Then a centaur made its entrance, and now… a sea goat. This thing can’t swim nor climb. It can’t remain the same. What is shown here is a fish turning into a goat. It’s us.

The fish is the state we’re leaving behind, the goat is what we are becoming but we’re not fully there yet.


We shouldn’t be too radical with the idea of “leaving behind”. The fish lives in the water, symbol of our feeling nature. Getting rid of our emotions and sensitivity altogether would make us heartless robots.

Jung noticed that the unconscious and the conscious are in a relation of compensation. I should have mentioned this when talking about Libra! If our conscious attitude is characterized by too much of a certain thing, the unconscious will adopt a too much the other way attitude. Jung gave the example of a patient he had not much esteem for. In a dream, this patient appeared on top of a high tower, far above him; Jung realized he was being unfair. Had he idealized  his patient, he may have dreamed of her wallowing in the mud instead.

We shouldn’t be literal when interpreting symbols. A fish turning into a goat does not mean everything fishy in our nature has to become goaty… We just need to become a little bit more like the goat.

In childhood and maybe before incarnating we were like fish in the sea, immersed in the universal or maternal soul, not knowing the difference between the atmosphere of our environment and our internal state.  If one or two babies start crying in a nursery,  soon all of them are crying. They have no idea why. They just absorbe the vibe and amplify it.

Join a emotional crowd at a political rally and you’ll feel the power. You can feel it on social media as well. Current trends and fashions pass off as personal opinions, but it’s nothing but the sea.  Sometimes it feels good and reassuring. Sometimes, tossed around by the flows, we crave for an island, we want a strong and independent ego.

Let’s not confuse the “ego” with flaws such as pride, arrogance or selfishness. Ego means “me”.  Children who fail to build a healthy sense of being a “me” become psychotic or at least will spend a good deal of their life struggling  with issues of personal boundaries. They will not know what they want, not know what to do with themselves. They will be called personality disorders.

The ego that is stigmatized by spiritual teachings is not the ego itself, but its excesses, which may at times be reproached to Capricorns, but only when they are Capricorning too far.

The fish turns into a goat, the sea turns into a mountain. Rocky slopes won’t carry the animal to the top like ocean currents offering fish a ride to the other side of the sea. Our Mamas won’t carry us forever. Climbing rocks will make us strong. It’s a straight, uphill and narrow path that leads to the kingdom of heaven.


Capricorn is Cancer’s polarity. The crab has already started getting out of the sea. Crabs run on the shores when the tide is low. Fish don’t do that. Children explore the surroundings, they are safe, their parents are watching. Children can run back to safety near their parents whenever they feel the need. Is there someone watching over the parents?

Adulthood can be a lonely place. Vigilance is the old fashioned term for mindfulness. A goat standing on a narrow edge somewhere high can’t afford escaping into dreamy absent mindedness or cry for help.

In spirit we remain children of heaven and earth. To remember this we have to climb the sacred mountain. The flesh may decay we are invited to the safety of an eternal dwelling… but there is no way around it, we need to do some climbing by ourselves.

My favourite master said “Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven”. The road to childlike simplicity again is upwards. Striving to stand on their feet, reaching out to higher than themselves is what children do.

Climbing is not always climbing the sacred mountain. More often than not, it’s on the social ladder that we are struggling our way from bottom to top… Is it a perversion or a preliminary training?

Sometimes it’s on the neck of a guitar or on a ring, on a stage or behind a wheel that we’re trying hard to be on top of our game. Each time we strive to master something we are learning to master ourselves.

Saturn, ruler of Capricorn is an energy of crystallisation. The process goes from wet to dry, from fish tail to goat horns and hooves. There is salt in the sea. In salt marshes, water evaporates,  salt become crystals. It’s dry and structured.

The potter makes pot and sculptures with wet clay. Once dry the shape is fixed. Brick walls and terracotta plates aren’t flexible and that’s a good thing.

In the womb, after the spermatozoa met the egg, our body took form in water. Once shaped enough we were born to a drier environment. We were still very soft when babies, even our bones were still elastic. The older we get the stiffer.

As children we absorbed our environment. We had an incredible memory… but not much mental stability. We were rather gullible and inexperienced. The older we get the more we know what we think and want.

Crowds are ruled by the moon. Put many people together and you get an amorphous environment in which emotions and fanciful theories spread like pandemics.

When the time comes to elect leaders, candidate compete to win over public opinion with a tiny percentage of sound reasoning and a lot of communication techniques designed to impress public imagination. I would love to believe in anarchy, but it seems to me that children need parents and crowds rulers.

Rulers are ruled by Capricorn.

Adults are rulers of themselves.


Capricorn is cardinal. It is the entrepreneur of the zodiac. The first steps are the more difficult ones. We  crystallise our intentions and resolutions into a relatively disciplined course of action. Efforts don’t sound like fun? They can be though. There are great rewards, and anyway, too rigid a goat falls in the void. Nothing in excess always applies.



Capricorn is a feminine sign. There are six axis in the zodiac. Three of them are made of Fire and and Air signs, and the three others  of Water and Earth signs. In the Western tradition Water and Earth are feminine, Air and Fire masculine. Feminine in this context means receptive, builder of forms and bodies, with the purpose of manifesting on the material plane the spiritual seeds that have fecundated them.

Masculine means emissive, spiritual, immaterial, fecundating.

We can switch to Taoist terminology and use Yin and Yang instead of Masculine or Feminine if this bothers or sense of social justice, but when we come across figures like the young maiden called Virgo, or the muscular sexy guy pouring water from a jug symbolising  Aquarius, we see male or female figures so we better remember that there is a symbolic dimension at a deeper level than gender issues.

Water and Earth are both Feminine and opposed. The opposition of Masculine and Feminine being the archetype of all oppositions, we can understand Earth as the Masculine in the Feminine and Water as the Feminine in the Feminine.

Symmetrically, Air can be understood as the Feminine in the Masculine polarity, and Fire the Masculine Masculine… Like Yin and Yang, these are relative values.


Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, symbol of authority and structures, at times interpreted as father… is a feminine energy, because it is focused in the form.

Mothers are not always nurturing and all forgiving creatures. Children have to go to bed at night, get up in the morning, wash their teeth, eat  fruit and vegetables, not hit their little sister with a hammer on the head, the list of must and must not is a long and unavoidable one. Tough love is the Capricorn side of being a mother, with or without a father’s help. There must be rules and boundaries.

Parents become masculine when they shine like the Sun as role models…


In the body, the densest tissues are the bones. They are not flexible and there are joints. Capricorn rules the skeleton and more specifically the knees, and also the skin for its role as boundary.

Kneeling means submitting to the higher power you’re asking to marry you. Responsibilities galore in store…


 Jean-Marc Pierson

Spring Equinox 2021

Light in the sky – painting by Noriyuki Kobayashi

Spring Equinox 2021 arrives on March 20th at 5:37a EDT, at 2:37a PDT and 9:37 UT
This is Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere on March 20, at 21:37 AEDT

This Equinox marks the beginning of the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere and the autumn season in the Southern Hemisphere. EarthSky always has good background info and has a nice visual of the Sun’s path across the sky too.

This Equinox is the moment each year when the Sun enters Aries and begins the annual journey around the Zodiac Wheel . The chart for this Equinox represents the birth moment of the new season and reveals upcoming trends.

What a difference a year makes! The chart for Spring Equinox 2020 was tense and conflictual, not surprising as this was when the entire world was in or heading into covid lockdown and all the chaos that followed. The chart for Spring Equinox 2021 (cast for Washington DC) is SO much lighter and brighter!

Spring Equinox 2021

The Sun as always at this Equinox is at 0 degrees Aries, the first sign in the zodiac and the first fire sign too. When the Sun moves through Aries it is easier to feel more confident, to stop hesitating and dive into new areas of life. Mars is the ruler of Aries and this year Mars is in airy Gemini which plays well with Aries. Mars is the planet of action and motivation and in Gemini motivates people to lighten up, become more flexible and to have more fun and enjoy life more. Mars entered Gemini right before spring break and the college kids sure did embrace Mars’ energy with pics to prove it! College students return to beaches .

The Moon represents public emotions and is in Gemini too which means people are feeling much happier this year as vaccinations role out and the future seems brighter. Along with this, Mars and the Moon also flank the karmic North Node (at 14* Gemini) highlighting the current compass point guiding humanity toward enlightenment. Gemini rules average people going about their daily lives, so this Mars/North Node/Moon connection at the Equinox brings much happier energy to us all. It’s easier to follow the North Node path to a brighter future!

The mighty planets of Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (structure) are stationed in elevated air sign Aquarius at the Equinox and continue to put extra energy into helping people lift to a higher perspective to take the long view and make smarter decisions, verses reactionary responses that lead to dead ends. Aquarius rules group effort and collective cooperation which bodes well for people being able to come together more, as the divisive energy so pronounced over the last many years gradually begins to wane. Adding to this, at the equinox both Mars and the Moon reach out harmoniously (trines) to Saturn and Jupiter which further expands this positivity!

Communicator Mercury swims lazily through the calm waters of Pisces singing sweet messages of healing and love. Mercury’s lazy river vibe encourages people to relax and let the healing unfold but clashes with Mars in Gemini’s “I want to have fun NOW!”  This challenge is not a major one, but does indicate the contrast between those who want to go back to ‘normal’ life quickly versus those who say to wait until more of the population has been vaccinated and it’s safer to move around freely again.

Satellite dish Neptune remains in Pisces too (in year 9 of his 14 year Piscean journey) vibrating closely to lovely Venus in the last degree of Pisces, the sign in which she is exalted – a beautiful and spiritual signal at the beginning of this new season!  Neptune tunes us into higher spiritual vibrations, but also is the planet of delusion and irrationality. At the Equinox the Moon in Gemini (public mood) forms a square to Neptune, not a heavy-duty slam, but represents  the challenge we are all too familiar with – the way many people believe only what they want to believe, damn the facts! So folks who see a conspiracy everywhere they look are not likely to see anything different soon.

Cell tower Uranus is in year 3 of his 7 year journey through Venus-ruled Taurus and forms the only tense major challenge in the Equinox chart – a 90* square to Saturn in Aquarius. This challenge between Lord of Chaos Uranus and Lord of Structure Saturn is a familiar one. Earth sign Taurus resists change while Aquarius, which Uranus rules, is the sign of revolutionary change. The worldly power structures that have had their way for decades (millennia!) are not ready to let go of their strangle-hold on common people, but as 2020 proved people are rising up and demanding change! How long does it take to turn this massive ship around? The answer is as long as people let the captain fool them into thinking they are heading in the right direction.  People are finally waking up and looking out the portholes to see where the world has been heading and are beginning to demand new captains, yet this square lets us know it is still a difficult process.

Pluto is the planet of ultimate transformation and is the only planet left in Capricorn after last year’s Capricorn planetary stampede. Pluto has only 3 more years in his lengthy Capricorn journey and will enter Aquarius in 2024. In the Equinox chart Pluto stands alone with no big challenge but does have a nice sextile to Venus in Pisces.  Sextiles similar to trines are favorable aspects, but need a push to get the positive energy moving  (trines flow without effort). This means if you want to help transform the existing structures in the outer world and in your own life, tune into the higher love that Venus in Pisces brings. In other words, stop judging what’s going on in the world and stop judging yourself too. When you consciously add more love and understanding,  you will help the inevitable transforming of reality as we know it into a better, more harmonious future. Won’t that be nice!

To sum it all up, if you are sensing that energy is shifting to a more positive level, you are right! There will be fluctuations but the spring tides will carry you through if you maintain an optimistic attitude. Aries represents new beginnings and Spring Equinox 2021 encourages you to leave the past behind. Yes keep your beautiful memories, but let go forever the negative, shadowy past which only exists if you hold onto it. It is time for the world and all of us upon it to wake up and move into a new and better era!

William Wordsworth, poet for all time who was born with Sun in Aries, expresses so well what I wish for you as the new season dawns:

Serene will be our days and bright,
And happy will our nature be,
When love is an unerring light,
And joy its own security.
–William Wordsworth

Where is the Grail? Sagittarius

Times are prehistoric. There are no cars, no planes, no trains. The shaman can fly when they dream and see where the animals are. Following the shaman’s instructions, breeders or hunters go half running half walking…


One day,  someone had the idea and the audacity to climb on a horseback.  Humans found out that they could go much faster, much further away, explore the landscapes beyond the horizon and come back in no time… Imagine the exhilaration!



Some became so in love with their mounts that they spent most of their lives riding them. They loved the great power between their thighs. The horse and them became like only one creature. Centaurs made their apparition in the fantasy world.


 Cattle raisers became cow boys. Hunters and warriors trained shooting arrows whilst riding. Yahoo!


Do you remember when you learned to ride a bicycle? That power coming from your thighs, Sagittarius rules it. You became able to go faster,  further away and explore… How do you think a jet pilot feels?  Sagittarius is the sign for that.


Everything is relative. If you’re a baby and most of your life is spent stuck in a cradle, Sagittarius  happens when you start moving around on your hands and knees and threaten to fall down the stairs. My little brother did just that. I saw him from below bouncing like a ball on the cement steps of the staircase to the cellar. I should  have  closed the door but I was a kid as well. He was fine… Sagittarian luck I suppose…


When baby is a bit older, moving around the house is familiar. It’s Geminin connection. Sagittarius is always aiming further away, outside the house, on the other side of the busy road, in the next borough… 

  If baby doesn’t stop, one day he or she may jump into the void in a wingsuit, go down glaciers on a mountain bike, live with indigenous people in the wilderness…  There are risks. That’s exciting. It’s part of the game. Fear doesn’t help, so why living in fear? Have faith!


Mercury is in exile in Sagittarius. If you travel too far away places, you’re likely to have to get by with rudiments of local languages and customs that don’t make obvious sense to you. Little journeys in the jungle are as easy as going to the shop next door for the local people, but not for you! 

Mercury is in domicile in Gemini. The twins are two but these two are the same. Mutual understanding is facilitated when you stand on common grounds… 


 From physical exploration to knowledge and wisdom

 The more you explore the unknown and the more you know. 

The more you know and the more there is more to know. Knowledge is an ever expanding world! You may claim that all you know is that you know nothing, and still this wise Socratic admission of ignorance means that you know more than the random Johny Walker.

 Explorers become researchers,  guides, scholars, teachers… Literally or metaphorically, they keep drawing maps of new territories – they don’t have time for details, they are busy enough with continental lines. Gemini and Virgo will finish the job for them. 

  Librans think Sagittarians say “I know” I little bit too often, and that they should get down from their horse, take off their muddy boots, shower and change when invited to a cup of tea. Librans don’t want to offend, so they keep inviting the centaurs in the China shops. They know it’s a mistake but they don’t know how not to do it. Too bad!


  Sagittarius is mutable Fire. 

 Aries is intense focus moving forward in one direction. Leo is central power, a king sitting on a throne, radiating. Sagittarius expands this power. It moves forward like Aries but in all directions at the same time, like a empire pushing its borders further North, East, West and South. Yes, that’s the perfect recipe to end up spreading yourself too thin. Fortunately, human beings have some Saturn and enough of the Earth element in them to keep grounded and care for logistics, but that’s another story.

 Mutable signs bring the unfoldment of their element to the ultimate conclusion. Ruled by the Mercury Jupiter polarity, they learn all there is to learn.  After them, new beginnings will follow.  They conclude.

 Fire is spirit, it’s our most intimate identity, the very essence of our being. Aries jumps on stage and fights for a place. The show goes on with Leo holding the space: this is who I am!

 Sagittarius takes some distance and wonders… but who am I? Or What am I?  The centaur embarks on a philosophical journey, a quest for Truth. Being is great and consciousness wants expansion. 


 Let’s have a second look at the Centaur. I was so pleased with myself when I realised that this imaginary creature was expressing what horse riders experiment: being one with their mount – that I could have developed the tendency to dismiss any other interpretation. Dogmatism is a trap for truth seekers. Symbols are multifaceted. 


 What if the image of a centaur was describing a process of transformation? 

A horse is turning into a human. The animal nature has lost the head – it doesn’t lead anymore. For the rest it is still what it is, bottom, legs, body, instincts. 

Whiney!!! Where is my head?

Above nature is literally super nature. Culture has its roots and branches in the supernatural.

What is a human being? The Centaur asks the same question as another mythical creature made of animal parts and a human head: the sphynx. 

 “What animal walks on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon and on three legs in the evening?” the sphynx asked Oedipus. The question is indeed much deeper than the mere riddle it seems to be. “Man” is the answer. “What is man?” is the real question. 

We are supernatural beings. We are spirits in the material world. We are horses turning into humans turning into…. ? We’ll see! 

 Left to itself, the horse would graze, go to water and drink, reproduce with enthusiasm, flee from danger and that would be it. Many humans don’t do much more than horses. A few ask questions. What’s the meaning of all that? Can we improve nature, can we change? Do we have free will? Did I hear a call from above? 

A great struggle with the animal nature happened in Scorpio, the sign usually associated with the  word “transformation”. The picture of a scorpion is similar to a skull with two crossed shin bones. The old being dies… the new being is born.

Where shall we go after we die? In Sagittarius! Full of life, we will be running forward, aspiring  upward. With strength and concentration, the human half will turn into a spiritual arrow, a will to reach to heaven. 

 Shooting arrows at the sky is praying. Jupiter, the Lord of Sagittarius, Zeus in Greek, from the indo European Dyeus, the sky father… answers prayers turning the cornucopia of divine abundance down and showers the faithful with benedictions. Praise the Lord, Hare Krishna, Hallelujah, Amen.

 Where is the Grail? 


 Jean-Marc Pierson     

Leo: life is a spiritual show

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts…”

                                                                                                                     William Shakespeare


 Life is a theatre indeed…

 Not only humans are playing on that stage. The least blade of grass makes its entrance when it appears on the surface of the earth after the rain. 

Esoteric teachings say that humans have many bodies. The physical body is the densest of all. Like plants we have an etheric body.  More subtle is the astral or emotional body, then we have the mental body and so on… 

 The comedian is more than the costume. Who are we? What is Self? Beyond bodies, what is pure spirit?



Let me ask you this again, in another way. Leo is ruled by the Sun. The symbol for the Sun is a circle with a dot at the centre. If you wander in London you often come across boards with maps of the surroundings; on every map, there is a dot within a circle, with the words: “You are here.” 

“Here” is where the dot is. The circle makes the dot conspicuous. 

An astrology chart is a map. The dot within the circle means: “You are here” as well.  You, your authentic Self is the heart of the Sun.

Take a magnifying glass and look at this dot. Once bigger, it doesn’t look like a dot anymore. It’s a round shape. Its periphery is a circle. Dip the tip of a needle in ink and make a dot at the centre of the dot.  Your dot has become a circle with a dot at the centre…

Mentally, please repeat the operation an infinity of times!

OK? Now, try to hold the idea of the perfect dot in your mind. This dot is the absolute centre. Look at it with a cosmic microscope. Your dot is infinitely small, its diameter is zero. Therefore it doesn’t exist. However, You are Here. You are Spirit.  You are essence, with the circle, you come into existence.  

(To exist (from Latin ex- and -iste)  means to be out. To be means to be.)


 Trying to get mental representations of dots that have not thickness at all or of a spirit without substance wrapped up in layers of subtle envelopes are ways to get our ordinary mind puzzled and to stimulate our intuition: Spirit is there, just beyond our grasp. It is the dot at the centre of the mandala. (In Sanskrit, the word for “circle” is “mandala”.)

Now that we have done our best, like dedicated salmons, to swim upstream to try  and intuit Source, we can let ourselves go with the downstream flow from Source to Matter, from dot to circle. 

If you have a calm surface of water at hand, it’s a good time to throw a pebble and look at series of circles expanding around the point of impact. You can chant OM as you do. 


Creation story:

Let there be light!

Let there be warmth! Let there be shapes and colours! Let there be bodies, souls and puzzled minds! Let there be Leo! Roar! Here we are! 

Out of nothing, intense creative fire is shooting up rays in all directions… 

Let there be earth, plants and animals! 

And let there be, created in the image of God, creative creatures…

Let there be singers, dancers, musicians, composers, painters, artists!…Let there be kings and queens of creation! 

The material world is a mirror in which Spirit contemplates itself. 

Or it’s just Brahma having fun manifesting…




The world is a stage. 

Sunrays are bursting out in all directions, each of them focused in their own particular way and doing so, express as Mars- Aries. 

Each sunray then takes on substance, wraps itself in bodies from the more subtle level to dense physical reality and that’s the energy of Venus and Taurus. 

Once incarnated sunrays become aware of the space between them and of the multiplicity of their expressions: In Gemini, connections are made in the outside world whilst an inner space appears: the mind. 

In Cancer, second cardinal sign of beginnings, we see the three previous stages happening in the realm of the Moon: she is the matrix, the maternal, material environment, the womb in which the solar creative impulse focuses, takes substance and form. 

 The Moon is the Sun’s feminine side, the Sun is the Moon’s masculine side. In the zodiac, the other traditional planets all rule over two signs, one of of masculine polarity (Fire or Air) and the other of feminine polarity (Earth or Water). Only the Sun and the Moon rule over only one sign each, and belong unequivocally to only one of the two cosmic polarities: Masculine and Feminine, or Yin and Yang… They are one. 

So we could say that the Sun is the dot within the circle, and the the Moon is the circle around the dot. A cycle is a circle unfolding in time. The Moon is the archetype of all cycles.

The Sun creates through the Moon and the Moon gives birth to the Sun. 

Unto us a child is born…


 However, what the Sun creates today will be good for a time and then become what will get in the way  of what tomorrow’s Sun will set out to create tomorrow. 

The Moon repeats the past. Therapies consist of dealing with patterns we re- produce again and again even though they no longer serve us. Dane Rudyar tells us that at the New Moon the Moon receives a new Solar impulse to give form and substance to, and then, the first crescent phase is a phase of fighting the ghosts of the past… 


The Spiritual King, call it Lord, or Self, or Divine Spark within, or Conscious Creator,  stands at the centre. From the heart everything starts. To the heart we need to return each time we get carried away a little bit too far by the centrifugal energy of our own creations, reproduced and repeated again and again by the subconscious Moon…  


If Leo, its ruler the Sun and/or the analogous house the fifth are emphasized in a chart, the dot within the circle, or the lion, are relevant metaphors for whatever may be going on in the person’s character or in their life. 

The difficulty is that metaphors do not mean anything “exactly”. They give clues. As there are many metaphors in a chart, the job of the astrologer is to be a Sherlock Holmes: we need to find the story or the stories in which all clues make sense together. It is at least the way I proceed.

Along  Leonine lines, some people will boast about their ego, keep seeking attention and annoy everyone claiming, like itchy dots at the centre of their circle: “I am here!” “Look at me!” “I am here! This attitude is not wrong. It’s childlike. They are like:

 “Look Mum, I am climbing on this tree! Look at my drawing Mum! Look Mum I jump over the puddle! Look Dad I can ride my bicycle without the little wheels!”

We all need the light and warmth of loving attention to grow up, and keep emotionally healthy. An swollen ego that keeps seeking attention all the time is a wounded inner child. Swelling is the result of trauma. 

It is also a meaning of Leo energy to be the one who gives this loving attention, as a parent or a role model. 

They say “Look!” and instead of their ego they show how things work, they shine their light to show the way, they lead by example, they teach, educate…  


The best way to teach is to show how to learn, and the best way to learn… is to play, to enjoy, to love whatever we’re learning (which doesn’t mean  effort and  will power will not be needed, but when you know what you love, you’re much more likely to focus your will and power…) 

Another way to educate is to let children and adults alike believe you’re just an entertainer. A clown, a story teller, an actor, a writer, a director, a painter, a sculptor, a musician, a dancer… All teach, all show. 

The least blade of grass teaches something to those who have eyes to see. 

One of our favourite show is romance. Real lovers show their naked bodies and souls to each other. Or at least we try. In the process, we re enact the myth of Adam and Eve suddenly ashamed of being just who they are, after eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. 

It takes Leo courage to let down our fig leaves, our psychological defence mechanisms, unveil our wounds and vulnerability and say:

“Here I am!” 

It takes Leo generosity to love the unveiled, vulnerable and wounded other, half disgusting frog half charming majesty…  

However, this story may well have to happen within first. The Leo challenge is that the inner frog needs our own inner loving kiss. Our crippled sides need to come in the light and warmth of our own consciousness and be welcome with the mercy and generosity of our own heart. This attitude is heroic, as it means breaking away from  values which are both toxic and prevalent where we belong (in the Moon)  



When the frog within turns into a princess or a prince, it becomes able to kiss other frogs with genuine love but when there are only frogs to kiss frogs, things don’t work that well. 



Fortunately, there is a dot, a Source of love at the centre of the magic circle. Lion hearts are challenged to go there and radiate warmth and light, without waiting for someone else to do it first. This is true leadership. This is how we break curses.

Life is a sublime outpouring of magnificent energy…  


Virgo. Almost ready…

To write this post, I had to make a list of topics. In the first draft the list served as an introduction. However, soaked in Virgo spirit, I couldn’t help feeling dissatisfied, write and re write again. As I kept improving the organisation of this presentation, it became clear that I couldn’t fit everything in one single and coherent text. Subtitles became necessary. Some topics on the list became subtitles, other were simply mentioned in the course of the explanations. Eventually, I had to renounce being able to explain everything with absolute clarity with all the details, so you’ll have to make do with the best I can do for now. 

Astrology is a language of symbols; it always opens new ways of understanding, and will never stop. The list of topics or subtitles to cover the subject matter is infinite. There is no last word to God’s creation, we have to accept our limits; humility is the only way to keep peace of mind. 


1 Virgo is the last sign of the first half of the zodiac. 

Summary of the last chaptersSince Aries, the energy has been moving away from the centre. (♂️) The centre is Spirit, or Source, or Tao. Away from  Source we flow into existence. To Ex-ist literally means to be out. To exist, the energy-spirit-consciousness  wraps itself in bodies. There are various planes of existence.  Earth is the element of the densest one: the material plane.  

 Virgo is associated with this element. We are spirits in the material world.  


 In Virgo whatever spirit is coming into existence is completed and perfected. We have already met the Earth element with Taurus.  This sign means more specifically that after the initial impulse of Aries, the energy is becoming or acquiring substance.  

 Taurus doesn’t go into details. Metaphorically speaking, before Taurus, there is no material, only energy, and after Taurus you get a heap of bricks. After Virgo there will be a building. 

I am talking at a very abstract level of meaning. Of course, people born under the sign of Taurus have the reputation of being builders and not just hoarders of heaps of stuff.  Human beings always live all energies because they are so intimately intertwined in the fabric of life. Simply, people with a strong emphasis in Taurus will be more specifically attuned to the idea of giving or acquiring substance. (materialising). Virgo is the sign that means organisation. 

 The signs are grouped in various ways. There are four series of three. Cardinal-Fixed-Mutable is their common pattern. The Cardinal signs give the tone, set the intention, initiate the movement. The energy is focused towards action. Fixed signs concentrate and stabilise.  Mutable signs distribute the energy. Interconnections is a key word. 

The first series: Aries-Taurus-Gemini tells the story of life in very broad lines . This series starts in Fire and we get the “spirit” without entering into details. Aries comes first: there is energy. What is most essential about Earth is that it is substance: Taurus shows there is stuff we are made of. Gemini then, an Air sign, add the third term: information. Energy, substance and information: all there is in the world is made of that. Notice that the Sun is exalted in Aries and the Moon in Taurus. 

Now we are going to tell the story of life again, but there is an environment, a place in space and time from where to start. Roots have become possible. The second series starts with a Feminine, Yin sign: Cancer, ruled by the Moon: the story of life is now told in terms of “formation”. With energy, substance and in-formation, forms are created. 

The Moon is Mother. The adventure starts in a nurturing environment, a womb, a cocoon, a matrix where life can grow. Cancer means both mother and child, as one can’t exist without the other. 

The Moon gives birth to the Sun. 

In Leo is the “Divine Child”. The creator lives at the centre of the creature, the potter is alive within the clay.  Leo means both child and parent, as one can’t exist without the other… In Leo, the parent is a role model, they show the child how to ex-press themselves, through and beyond the form they have been given. The first parent to invite the child to live “beyond mother”…is, archetypically, father. 

After Mother and Father, Virgo, the Virgin, is a young women. 

In Virgo, the creation of the body is perfected. Substance is organised. The body is an organism. Life is organic. In Virgo, Incarnation is achieved.

 Similarly, every time we create something in Leo spirit, we end up working at all the necessary material details with organisation. We become servants of our own creative spirit. 


Bodies are drawings. Spirit is the drawer. Matter is the paint. Virgo is the tip of the paintbrush. 





Virgo is alone. 


Etymologically, “alone” comes from all one. The Great Spirit is all One in an absolute sense. “Before” Yin and Yang, there is no duality. 

However, moving away from Source we experiment ourselves as separated conscious egos Yahoo!! 

The One plays at being many different beings. The individuation process culminates in Virgo. We are microcosmic works in progress. 

We are ears of corn in the fields, we are becoming grains, beautifully aligned, hard, dry, unable to melt and merge…. yet. We are egos. We are seeds. Everyone is one. 

The zodiac is a cycle. The Moon and its phases are the archetype of all cycles. We can superimpose…

Aries is like a New Moon, it’s the starting point. 

Just before the Full Moon, Virgo is final touch before completion. Virgo is individuality. Spirit-consciousness- energy has become an organic whole: some one. 

It takes being one to meet another one. At zero degree Libra, the  energy will be wearing a wedding dress. 

 The Virgin belongs to no man. She is almost ready. She has learned how to cook and heal. She knows how to deal with everyday life. The Moon is her mother, the Sun is her father. She is leaving them behind.

 Before the wedding, the Virgin is alone.


———————————————————————————————————Astrology is a symbolic language 



Just in case… I hope you remember that astrology is a symbolic language. The message of Virgo is not about teenage girls having to refrain from sexuality, no more than Libra means that you have to be officially and religiously married to be with someone. You can follow your own traditions and opinions for these matters. 

Symbols describe life. If the psyche wants to mean “one who is not united to another one” it shows the symbol of a virgin. This can mean “before union” in the context of a union to come. 

Every woman and every man is a virgin before a first kiss… 


She brings an ear of corn. Again, it’s a symbol. We can think of all the work that has been done, from ploughing the fields to harvesting to get this ear of corn. Then we’ll be going to the mill for grinding, with the flour we will make bread, Virgo is showing transformation after transformation, Virgo’s glyph looks like Scorpio’s…

Bread also is a symbol, it means food on the table. Behind the ear of corn we see work, “the daily grind”, we see life skills, including professional ones. 

The medicinal plant, similarly, shows knowledge about body maintenance and health. When the Virgin masters what the two grown up plants she carries symbolize, she is herself a grown up. She doesn’t need her parents to support her anymore. She is ready to get married… or not.  She is independent. 

 ————-                                          ——————–                             ———————


 Body Mind Spirit 

 When a life cycle successfully reaches a Virgo phase, our body, mind and spirit are well aligned. If not, our organisation falls apart. We may worry and feel pain in the tummy. Virgo rules over the intestines, the place where food is broken down into small components and assimilated by the organism or eliminated. Sorting out, discriminating are typical of Virgo activities. 

 An organism is an living organisation. Every organ has a place and a function. No organ wants to beat another organ or take its place. No organ wants all the blood for itself alone. Being humble is knowing one’s place. So in the body, so in nature and so in society… What is health? 

 When we can’t digest our experiences, coping mechanisms turn into bad habits or compulsive rituals; life becomes a mess. Our physical and mental health may deteriorate. We are a nervous wreck. We may need the help of a therapist to analyse: to look into the details of our thoughts , actions and memories and thoroughly discriminate… 

The way we lead our life is a reflection of the state of our mind – or soul. Are we self contained and well integrated within ourselves? Are we dissociated, possessed by conflicting urges, at war with ourselves, possessed by hubris? What kind of partner could we be then? 


I am the Lord’s servant, said a famous virgin. The Lord is the Heart. Its rule is sweet.