Flavor of the eleventh house

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Imagine… you have four bags full of treats. In the first bag, about 75% of the treats are red, so naturally, you call this bag the Red Bag. Sometimes you pick a yellow, a blue or a green treat from the Red Bag, and it feels weird but never mind, you love your treats so much, you gulp them down as quickly as a dog. Maybe you are a dog actually. I don’t know who may read, I’m just the writer.
Same thing with the other bags: the yellow, the blue and the green ones all contain a majority of treats of the “right” colour and a few others. Never mind, you love them, you gulp them down at the speed of light.
Now, as it happens, you’ve embarked on a spiritual journey. You practice mindfulness. You get into the habit of munching your treats. As your spiritual awareness deepens you become increasingly aware of the tastes.
One day you have an epiphany: all the treats in the red bag are salty. All the treats in the yellow bag are slightly acidic. All the treats in the green bag are a little bit bitter and all the treats from the blue bag are sugary. They are all delicious in their own way.
Now you know what every single treat belonging to a particular bag has in common with all the others. You can make predictions with hundred per cent success.
Of course you are not a dog, neither am I, but sometimes our minds are hungry dogs. We gulp down information without munching and we forget to taste the flavor of reality.
Our bags of treats are not four but twelve, they are the houses of the horoscope. We know by heart lists of colourful key words but we’re never quite sure which ones will apply …
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This little metaphor is itself a treat – It was one for me when it decided to cross my head, I hope it was one for you as well!
It is a bitter sweet treat actually, by this i mean it may well be found in two bags. I started to write it as an introduction to the 11th house, and here I am thinking that it actually belongs in the 9th, Jupiter’s house.
With Jupiter, we’re working on our worldview. We’re seeking for the truth. What are these bags really about? How should we think about them in order to be able to talk accurately about reality?
However Jupiter is Uranus’ Grandson. They have common features. The eleventh house, naturally ruled by Grandpa, is an Air house. Air symbolises the mental plane, along with the social dimension of life. Houses can overlap…
When a Truth Seeker finds the Truth they stop being a Truth Seeker. When he or she becomes enlightened… it’s not Sagittarius anymore, it’s Aquarius. insight! Breakthrough! Eureka! Vision! Eleventh House!
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Anyway. Let’ breathe for a few seconds.
. . .
…Let’s now pick a few treats from the 11th house…
Traditionally, the 11th is the house of friends. Some friendships are love stories without the sex part, and without the tight commitment which means that you have to call to warn that you are going to come home a bit later than usual when it happens (and it shouldn’t happen too often)
With friends, you can let time pass by without giving news, reappear when you do and all is fine. You’re free. You’re welcome. You can breathe.
Friendship is simple. You talk about love. Love is complicated. Talking about it with a friend is simple. You talk about all your hopes and wishes (“Hopes and wishes” is another traditional meanings of the 11th house)
The most complex kinds of hopes and wishes are called “Ideologies”. They always involve the vision of a bright future for a humanity freed of its chains .
Ideologies may be born from the realisation that personal hopes and wishes, which are always about thriving, living free and love, can’t happen in any context. Society must be a favourable environment… Therefore Revolution is needed! (It’s good to put the world to rights with friends)
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”
– Margaret Mead, cultural anthropologist, Sun conjunct Uranus and Mercury in Sagittarius and the eleventh house, Moon and Venus in Aquarius.
The eleventh is also the house of groups.
A group can be a choir, a football club, a political party, a charity, a public speaking club, a gathering of witches, a gang, a co operative, a language exchange club, a congregation, the scientific community… (the largest groups are called society and “the human species”)
You can sing in a choir without being personally involved with everyone. New people join, others leave. After a few years, it’s still the same choir, but mostly other people. You’re just a cell in an organism. We are individual units belonging to something greater… a choir, a party, a culture, a species, a universe….
Molecules of water are magnets. They stick to each other. Molecules in crystals (Earth element) are solidly tied up to one another, they can’t move at all. With the Air element, there is so much space…
If you miss closeness, remember: with more distance, there is less pressure. You can be whoever you want to be
If you start focusing your energy to actually make a dream come true, if you get romantically involved with someone in particular, if you leave the realm of infinite freedom and potentials to make something particular happen… you leave the eleventh house. The fifth house is just across the road.
Similarly, at the level of the mind, you don’t keep attached to old thinking habits. Your mother will keep calling the red bag “Red bag” and the yellow bag “Yellow bag” until her last day. – but not you, eleventh house dweller.
In your head, ideas are like friends: they don’t have to be always tied up together. Codes, customs, traditions, habits, conventions don’t have to apply all the time. A thinking pattern is somehow built with mental Lego bricks. Most people don’t dare breaking them and making new ones. In the eleventh you’re at the right place to do just that.
When I was a boy, one day I dipped grapes in mustard. I liked grapes and I liked mustard so I wondered whether I would like grapes with mustard. I was immediately told to stop by a parent who couldn’t bear the idea of not doing things the way they should be done.
Vade Retro Saturnas! I want to experiment grape s with mustard!
It’s always possible to break down mental elements and recombine them. That’s what thinkers and inventors do. Nothing is heavy in here. You don’t need bulldozers to change a plan. You can put wings on horses and caterpillars on unicorns. You can think that maybe the earth is round when everyone swears it’s flat. You can design new technologies.
The mental plane, the immensity of the sky, friends, groups, hopes and wishes, ideologies, utopias, progress, individuality, communities, the universe within and without… Flavors of the eleventh house…

How to know what is more valued in your chart

 In a birth chart, the quickest “things” are those who value the slower ones. By “things” I mean planets, and angles of the themes (Ascendant, Descendant, MC (Middle of the Sky), and IC. 

The Ascendant and other angles of the theme are linked with the rotation of the earth. They move so quickly that they go all around the zodiac in 24 hours. Someone who is born on the same day as you will be the same Sun sign but can be any Ascendant.

So the Ascendant is what will make you special in a group of people born on the same day.

So nothing will add extra value to the Ascendant, but the Ascendant will add value to any planet it touches. If your Ascendant is conjunct let’s say Jupiter, even though everyone who was born on the same day has Jupiter at the same place in the chart, Jupiter will be a more active energy for you.

After the angles of the theme, the quickest planet is the Moon. Among a group of people who were born during the same month as you (roughly) you will all be of the same Sun sign, but in one month the Moon goes around the whole zodiac, so in such a group, the Moon will make you special and not the Sun. If the Moon is conjunct to the Ascendant, you will be more of a Moon person, as the Ascendant is quicker. But if the Moon touches another planet, like Jupiter, you will become more influenced by Jupiter than another person. Of course, the Moon will be amplified by Jupiter at the same time.

The other way round, the slowest planet is Pluto. A whole generation has Pluto in the same sign. If Jupiter touches Pluto, Pluto will become more meaningful for you. If the Sun or the Moon touches Pluto, Pluto will become even more meaningful than if just Jupiter or Saturn touch it. Knowing in which sign is Pluto if it is not especially emphasised is useful mostly for time travellers, as you may want to visit epochs where Pluto was in a sign compatible with yours.

The quickest planet after the Moon are the Sun, Mercury and Venus. Mercury is the quickest, but it goes retrograde regularly, so on average it’s not quicker than the Sun, who, thanks God, never goes retrograde – Same thing for Venus. However, when the Sun touches another planet, it is more meaningful than if Mercury of Venus do, as the Sun is the most important energy in the whole chart… Influences go both ways though. If the Sun makes plenty of aspects and the Moon only a few the Sun will be more important than the Moon.

Other elements will play a role: if many planets occupy a sign or a house, the energy of this sign or house will be valued of course, along with the planet that rules the sign. The placement of the Moon Nodes and Black Moon Lilith, which are used in karmic astrology, also add value. With so many elements to consider, it becomes possible to notice patterns that repeat themselves. For instance, Jupiter could be valued through a strong aspect to the Moon, and through a South Node in Sagittarius, along with having quick planets in Sagittarius….

 Jean-Marc Pierson Astrololo

Tenth house formalities

So, Mr Pierson, what do you do?
If someone asks me this question in a social gathering as a way to start a conversation, they are actually asking: “So, Mr Pierson, tell me about your MC”
According to my answer, they will decide whether it’s worth talking more or look for someone else to engage with, and this will have nothing to do with the goodness of my heart or how clever I might be. It’s just a question of social status.
As the house system I use is the most commonly used, that is Placidus, the MC is the cusp of the 10th house, and the meaning is the same. As an angle, the MC is more powerful.
Traditionally, the 10th house is the house of career, status and reputation. It also often means the mother, which is a bit baffling for the house naturally associated with Saturn, unless you think that the mother is not only the one who nurtures and cares, but also the one who shapes her child’s behavior through demands and interdictions…
It’s in fact the shaping function that is represented by the tenth house.
The way we are shaped determines our social status.
We learn our place in society in this first society which is our family; unless we work hard later at changing the one thousands habits we learned as melleable children, we become the kind of citizen which corresponds to the kind of member we were in the family-society. (Nothing is more similar to something than their exact opposite, so if that’s your case, there is no contradiction.)
The MC is how we appear from a greater distance. When I was young, growing up in a small town, everyone knew the Doctor Stock. He was the most trusted and the busiest Doctor. He was serious, friendly, competent. Who knew about his moods, tastes, worries, hopes, hobbies? Who knew about his beliefs, his philosophy, his emotions? Most people knew only his MC. He was THE Doctor. He was well loved. He fulfilled his function.
The social roles we play are more than just the jobs we do, they can be anything we are known for. Being a committed activist, the best football player of the local team, the winner of one thousand beauty prizes, the one who is always seen feeding the pigeons and talks to nobody…
If a movie director needs background actors s(he) will define them in MC terms: “Send me three soldiers, a rapper, two cyclists and a beggar!…”
If, in the movie, the three soldiers who first appeared in the background were now interacting with a beautiful girl, the Ascendants would appear. One of the soldier could be cheeky, another play wingman and the third wait for his moment. The girl could be flirtatious or reserved, friendly or haugthy… We now see less of the MCs and more of the ACs.
In sociology, role theory considers that most everyday activities are actually nothing but acting out roles (mother, teacher, waiter, CEO…) Once the role is known, the behavior can easily be predicted.
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Whether we fit into the mould or don’t is a MC problem. If we don’t, we fall into another category… We can be a rebel, an artist, a fool, a special need… I keep using labels. Saturn is the natural ruler of this house associated with Capricorn. It’s all shapes and structures. You’re heart is in Leo and the fifth house, if you’ve managed to channel it here, well done, not everybody does! You may have to tie a knot around your neck every morning. Maybe you have to wear ugly black shoes that hurt your feet. I never wear suit and ties, but now, I’m a Pisces MC. I hate tight shoes and ties.
Our role, our social status can be subtle as well. In a group of humans, we can be a leader or a follower, an eccentric, a neither dominant nor submissive, or an outcast, a scapegoat…
Such roles exist in the animal kingdom as well, as a deer or a wolf you can be an alpha male or female, or a beta one, but you see, I’m still talking in terms of labels and categories…
To know more about all that, it’s time to take sociology classes.
Group dynamics and role theories should be the most relevant subjects..

The Ascendant: the path to the path

The Ascendant is somehow the path to the path. The path is the Sun sign. The Sun is always in a process of becoming, everyone is the hero of their own life, we are becoming who we really are or always seeking the highest expression of ourselves…..

The Sun means that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and this experience consists of trying to express our spiritual core within the limitations of the material world…. So the Sun is always on a path, symbolised by the sign it’s in along with various aspects, but when we were born, the sign that was rising on the Eastern horizon, (along with planets energies connected with it through aspects) showed how we got started from the very beginning, and how we will keep approaching life on a moment to moment basis.

If you take the character of Frodo in Lord of the Rings, you could say that his heroic quest, symbolised by the Sun, could be Scorpio – as he has to travel to the core of the dark land, and his Rising sign would be meant by his basic personality as a somehow adventurous and friendly hobbit before the whole saga began.

As Howard Sasportas puts it: “The Ascendant flowers into the Sun”
And the Moon? … Yes, I’ll talk about the Moon and the Sun in the mini webinar this Saturday…


Chiron the wounded healer

Chiron, in mythology, is the wounded healer.

Mythology pushes things to the extreme, so the fact that the wound can’t be cured in the myth should not scare us. Myths are stories.

In reality, those who are wounded, especially psychologically, learn a lot about their wound, because the pain forces them to try to understand what’s going on. The more we try to understand the more we know, and before we are able to sort out our own problem, we are already able to understand and help those who have similar problems, but not as deep as ours.

This Buddha feels like Chiron don’t you think?

The psychotherapist may have great psychological difficulties in their personal life. If they have a healthy attitude in spite of their own wounds, they won’t hold others responsible, they won’t play victim or use all kinds of unhealthy coping mechanism which would make them toxic rather than healers. That’s a risk on the healing path.

Hopefully, like Chiron in the myth, the psychotherapist will expand his knowledge and awareness, but unlike Chiron, he or she will be able to heal their own wounds. When this happens, they will be able to heal others, but maybe they won’t be able to help those who are wounded in an even deeper way than they were. So those who are wounded so deeply have to find the way to heal themselves alone, and if they find the way, they will become pure blessings for others…

Chiron has been hit in the thigh by an arrow poisoned with the blood of the Hydra. “In the thigh” actually means in the genitals. Sexuality is the place of the deepest emotional wounds. Sexuality is much more than a physical act. Sexuality involves the ability to approach others and therefore requires enough self worth and confidence, the ability to master our emotions, the ability to communicate, the ability to demonstrate attractiveness, which involves enough self care, social integration, energy, the ability to be a partner worth this name, good health….. you can go all around the zodiac, in each sign there is something that is important for being able to engage in sexual behaviour – as when we are able to engage in sexual behaviour, we are grown ups, healthy and socialised.

The Hydra was this monster that lived in a swamp. Its symbolism is connected with the Water element: feelings, emotions and the unconscious. To fight the Hydra, the method was very similar to what is told in Vampires tales: in some versions, it’s about hitting the heart – which means pointing at the core truth hiding behind layers of defence mechanisms. In other versions of the myth of Chiron, he has to drag the monster into the light – which is also a way to kill vampires, and a symbol for bringing clear consciousness to whatever hides in the dark.

Chiron has been poisoned with the blood of the Hydra – in symbolic language, Chiron’s problem is the same as Hercules’s when he had to fight this monster – which is now within himself.

Where Chiron is is where we are walking on this healing path. To understand particular placements, we simply need to understand what the sign, house or aspecting planets mean…

Placements in the twelfth house

This house being mysterious, these placements are naturally confusing. 

The highest expression of the 12th house is spirituality, return to Source, mystic experience…

Each planet participate to this world according to its own nature. Mars can take spiritual action, do things inspired by faith or under the guidance of spirit….. Mercury can talk sacred words, pass messages from the angels, …Venus is art it becomes sacred art, Venus is love and in the 12th this love is divine… The Moon’s home is a temple, The Sun’s expression is pure heart…..

Now, there has always been a very thin line between mysticism and madness. This is not astrology, this is life! So the planets here can be mad.

Mars can fight windmills, and if you’re a windmill, you call it paranoiac. Mercury still hear voices and when it repeats what they say, everyone is extremely embarrassed. Venus makes loves with dreams, ghosts, no one or just anyone. The Moon’s home is a high security cell and the Sun is blind folded. The Ego plays Higher Self. Buddha is smoking a lot of weed.

…We can now imagine the whole spectrum between the extremes. The 12th Is “house of undoing”. Powerlessness can be a thread to follow. Mars doesn’t know what it wants, let alone how to get it. It doesn’t even know how to defend itself. Mercury can’t move, can’t talk, stammers, suffers from dyslexia, thoughts become confused…. Venus is unhappy in love, ends up used and abused, unworthy… the Moon is needy, possessed by demons, the Sun expresses chaos.

Isn’t part of the evolutionary journey to share the sufferings of whose who suffer, to be one of them on the path of compassion? If we are all one, If misery happens to one, misery belongs to everyone. There are no boundaries, everything happens to us. We’re walking in everyone’s shoes. We are kings and beggars, saints and criminals, blessed and damned, free and imprisoned, holy and mad, all at the same time. It’s difficult to interpret planets in the 12 house in simple terms, as there can be so many ways to express this energy, and it doesn’t has to be as dramatic as I make it sound… We can be discreetly lost. Only lost people can find the way back.


On the way back to Source, we learn how to heal the deepest wounds -And what is the deepest wound? Maybe it is the illusion of separation. Like Chiron, the 12th house is a healing journey.

 Jean-Marc Pierson

How to interpret a stellium

A stellium is a cluster of three or more planets in the same sign and/or the same house.
To interpret a stellium, the easy part is to say: “this sign and/or this house are very emphasised in your chart” and taking it from there, talk about all the themes, concerns, personality traits associated with this sign and house. You’ll get good results already. A stellium in Capricorn means that the person is an achiever, and will do what it takes to reach their goals…. unless, like with a single planet, the stellium receives powerful conflicting aspects, in which case the interpretation will have to mention the need to adjust consciously the energies and attitudes in order to make the best out of it.
The more difficult bit…. is actually no more difficult than interpreting a whole chart with ten planets placed in various signs and houses and making aspects to one another. You can analyse each planet one after the other, starting with the more personal ones. If the Moon is part of the stellium, start with what the Moon means in this sign and this house. Then, as in most charts, the Moon receives a few aspects, in the case of a stellium it’s likely to be a conjunction or two… so take the second most personal planet, or the closest to the Moon according to your taste, and interpret what Moon conjunct this planet means. For instance, if Mercury is there, interpret Moon conjunct Mercury. The interpretation of Moon conjunct Mercury is very similar to Moon in Gemini or Moon in Virgo (check which one of these two signs is the more powerful in the chart). — The other way round, Mercury conjunct Moon is similar to Mercury in Cancer.. .
At that stage, you start feeling you are about to get an headache, it’s time to remember that astrology is a difficult art and that in order to use your intuition, you need to give a break to your intellectual mind; take a few deep breaths; let you brain take the time it needs for its own chemical processes. Stretch your body, look by the window. Put yourself in a relaxed dream mode. Imagine what kind of character a Moon conjunct Mercury in this particular sign and house could be.
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At that stage, there are already too many bits of information for you to be able to process them all consciously. So let your mind process them unconsciously, that’s what intuition is. Be ready to get some insights whenever they pop up and to welcome them with gratefulness.
Now carry on. Pick up another planet. Let’s say this one is a slower one. If it is conjunct to the Moon and Mercury, then the energy of this slower planet becomes much more personal than it would otherwise be. So invite into your relaxed mind (take another deep breath or two) to remember the meanings of this planet in this sign and house, and also the meanings of this planet conjunct Mercury and the Moon.
At that stage, maybe you will start to find interpretations that are very similar to things you have already found. Let me give you an example to be clear: Suppose your stellium is in Capricorn. You have interpreted Moon in Capricorn, Mercury in Capricorn….. and now your third planet is, let’s say Saturn. Moon and Mercury conjunct Saturn in Capricorn, it’s like Moon and Mercury in Super Capricorn…. So there is nothing new here, only a more important emphasis on Capricorn.
Take another deep breath and look at the other planets if there are more. Let’s say Neptune is here as well, conjunct Moon-Mercury and Saturn. Start with Moon-Neptune – It’s like a Moon in Pisces. Another way to think of it is to wonder: what do these two planet energies have in common?
Moon and Neptune are both water, which means sensitivity, imagination, empathy, inspiration… so add these traits as an extra layer to what you have already found. As it is happening in Capricorn in my example, the person is likely to be more particularly sensitive to Capricorn things, to dream of Capricorn stuff… So if Moon-Neptune is romantic, they will cry at the words “happily ever after” because Capricorn loves long term, and whatever resists the assaults of time. If the person is intuitive and psychic, in Capricorn these qualities may be useful to reach their goals……….
Same thing with Mercury……… think of yourself as a writer creating a character. There are several facets to its personality. It doesn’t has to be all perfectly integrated, there are just several facets.

At that stage, well I don’t want to tell you what to do, as we all have to find out what works for us, but if I don’t have a gardening job to go to, I may go for a walk and let myself daydream, or just forget and let the subconscious work on its own.
Sometimes, just looking somewhere else gives the Great Spirit – the opportunity to show you something that’s just relevant.
Good luck!