Sun in Taurus and Earth Day 2022 ~ April 17th -23rd, 2022

Sunday ~ The Moon is still Full for most intents and purposes. Many situations and feelings are heightened through today. Mercury and Uranus, both across from the Moon, increases disagreements or shocking announcements, and both are in fixed, unyielding signs. Debates are probably not worth the energy or emotional expense. Scorpio Moon is in harmony with Venus for personal feelings of fulfillment, pleasure, and togetherness, though. Tonight, Mercury and Venus meet for timely encounters, romance, and a higher change of agreement with one another. It might be the evening to ask a favor, gently, or to consider reconciliation, forgiveness, or a peace treaty of some kind. Wear rose Red.

Monday ~ Scorpio Moon, and Mercury meets Uranus overnight in Taurus. If something is disturbing the balance or status quo, it’s likely to rise up fast and with a fury. This relates to news, announcements, unplanned changes, and things related to money and security. Venus also meets Uranus, the planet of sudden happenings, and Venus is especially related to relationships and romantic life. Venus in Pisces can also relate to creativity or codependence and is quite emotional. There are several other aspects in the zodiac today, and it appears eventful and potentially challenging. It might feel like the Moon is Full or like going through an eclipse (which we are in the two week to one month aura of, now). Avoid arguing with yourself, pushing too hard or blaming yourself or someone else for things that no one is in control of. Do things that steady you or help you unplug from stress and overdoing. Ask for help in immediate situations that require good judgment and an action. The Moon is void at 7:55 pm and moves to Sagittarius at 10:18 pm ET Wear Black today.

Tuesday ~ Sagittarius Moon is square to Mars in Pisces. This is kind of a rough aspect since squares have sharp edges, Pisces is a sensitive sign, and Mars is not, and the sign Sagittarius has a bold and sometimes impulsive manner. Feelings are the issue. Try not to unknowingly  or knowingly offend. Do what you said you’d do, unless there’s a good reason. People might be edgy and easily put off. Taurus season begins as the Sun changes signs at 10:24 pm ET. Wear Orange today.

Wednesday ~ Sagittarius Moon has 4 energetic aspects today. It appears there’s lots to sort out, for example questions of reliability, responsibilities and roles. Also, some will be exploring and investigating options for study or travel and trying to make plans work. There’s a theme around knowledge and wisdom, such as changing philosophy of life or direction. Sagittarius and Pisces, one of the other signs involved, are both mutable signs, meaning flexibility, versatility and changes of course. Void Moon 4:56 pm to 11:52 pm, when we might feel adventurous or  break free from the usual for a while. Wear Purple today.

Thursday ~  Capricorn Moon time from 11:52 pm ET on Wednesday, and the Moon harmonizes with the Sun and Uranus both in Taurus. This may help with problem solving. Detach for sensible answers and resolutions. We may need to be objective or may encounter people more objective that our selves. Listen to advice, whether you follow it or decide not to. The Moon  and Mars are also aligned for action around employment, home related decisions, and work in general. Notice if you’re in a good routine or are finding that something energizes you or motivates. Make a to do list and check something off it. Wear Brown.

Friday ~ Earth Day. I’ll be on air at WMPG (app, online and 90.9 in southern Maine) from 3-5 pm and will offer some zodiac zone insights along with music, some of it earth day inspired. Capricorn Moon engages with 5 planets and all these aspects are harmonious. Act on something you want a favorable outcome for. Use Capricorn know how with Pisces intuition. Mix business and pleasure. At 11:53 pm the Moon and Pluto meet, and it’s time to rest and recharge. Act and interact with self awareness. Today’s color is Green.

Saturday ~ Aquarius Moon time begins at 2:17 am ET. The Moon squares the Sun in Taurus and on Sunday squares Uranus, also in Taurus. We’ll be questioning or revising what we thought was in place. Decisions and traditions are second guessed and may be diverted from. Aquarius is a sign of the future and technology. One question may be how untraditional or rebellious to be. Today’s color is Turquoise.

Venus in Pisces Astrology for April 3rd-9th, 2022

Sunday~The Moon and Uranus meet in Taurus today. Taurus appreciates steadiness while the planet Uranus looks to what’s next and sparks the unplanned. Sometimes this is not easy to reconcile or adjust to. Notice if you’re clinging tightly to the comfort zone or if things are changing too fast to adjust to or keep up with. Do what feels most grounding. Lavender is today’s color.

Monday~Mars and Saturn meet in Aquarius, pushing for the future, requiring both action and commitment. Taurus Moon continues to engage with planets and we may be seeking balance as shifts and changes occur.. Venus’s last act in Aquarius is a square to the Moon, potentially showing the trouble spots or areas needing reconciliation in personal or collaborative relationships. The Moon is void from 9:53 pm ET.. Strong wills will be obvious today and they may clash. Gemini Moon 11:04 pm on. Today’s color is Turquoise.

Tuesday~Venus enters Pisces at 11:18 am ET, for a time of forgiveness, compassion, generosity and softening around emotions. After yesterday in particular, we may really appreciate this influence. The Moon is in Gemini. Try not to be overly distracted by news or things that aren’t truly important to you. Focus on yourself. Notice what you and others need emotionally now. Wear Pink.

Wednesday~Gemini Moon engages with the Sun and 5 planets. The pros are open communication leading to harmonious and collaboration. Saturn indicates forming committed agreements and creating something from duality, such as making two differing ideas or plans come together as one. The questionable side is exactly that…questionable. So if the square between the Moon and Neptune feels duplicitous or deceiving, really delve in deeper and question until you know the truth or reality. And if the square between Jupiter and the Moon feels like overindulging or losing your healthy boundaries, recommit to what’s good for you. There’s likely to be news, activity around agreements and contracts, and a feeling of breaking through stagnation, even if that’s not easy. Void Moon 11:15 pm to 11:30 am on Thursday. Today’s color is Yellow.

Thursday~The Moon begins void of course so the more organized you are, the more smoothly things may go. Don’t be surprised if people are forgetful, spacy, or not timely. Send reminders if it matters. Mercury and Saturn set up a let’s get things done mood, but it’s important not to rush through details this morning. Legal and contractual matters and situations are up for decisions and signatures. At 11:30 am ET, the Moon shifts to emotion ruled Cancer,  moving us from mind to emotions in terms of how we feel and interact. Cancer Moon aligns with Venus, newly in Pisces, for reconciling, romance, and intuition with how one another feel and how to respond lovingly. Wear a moonstone kind of White.

Friday~Cancer Moon connects with Uranus, the rebel, in Taurus, the bull. We need to be aware of and gentle with each other’s feelings. If not, we’ll run into or experience defensiveness and overprotection. Also we have to be able to roll with things that aren’t exactly as planned. If not, there’s going to be alot of anger or tears. Changes that might not be desired will still need to be faced or coped with. Mercury in Aries leads us to initiate and make plans, share our wants and needs, and refuse to hold back. Mercury syncs with Aries ruler Mars today. Mars in Aquarius is strong willed and acts for the common good. Some will act on or speak on behalf of the whole group today, even if it might not be welcome or well received by the other party. There’s plenty of strong emotion and energy in the air today. Take deep breaths and think before reacting. Wear Orange.

Saturday~Cancer Moon squares the Sun. This often brings us to crossroads where we need to decide or compromise, make some progress, or engage with an adversary or inner conflict. Planets in Pisces align with this Cancer Moon, for emotional awareness and open hearts. Mercury and the Moon are at a square so conversations may not go so easily. Use actions to show and support your words. Walk the walk. The Moon is opposite Pluto for some soul searching and seeking understanding of motivations and motives, mainly  your own. Void Moon from 9:01 pm ET to 12:00 midnight. Wear Purple.

Ukraine: Eight Stations of the Cross of War

On Thursday, 24 February 2022, at approximately 5 AM local time, Vladimir Putin’s Russian Army invaded Ukraine, accelerating a process of intimidation and aggression that had begun eight years before with the illegal occupation and annexation of Crimea, and had continued with support for separatist movements in Ukraine’s easternmost sectors, bordering Russia, specifically portions of the oblasts of Donetsk and Luhansk, in the Donbass region.  Since the beginning of the year, a series of planetary stations had reflected the inexorable march to war, eight cosmic turning points which built upon each other like tumblers in a lock, eventually unleashing the conflict.


The sequence began on January 3rd, but was preceded by a month-long square between eponymous asteroids Russia and Ukraina, setting the stage of tension and conflict between them, during which time Putin began his build-up of military near the Ukraine border.  Largely in response to this, US President Joe Biden in Washington made a phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on January 2nd, to express solidarity and support.

This immediately preceded the first of eight critical planetary stations, analogous to the Catholic “stations of the cross”, which depict Christ’s final journey to his crucifixion, just as these celestial markers prefigured Ukraine’s crucifixion on the cross of war.  What follows is a chronologic list of the stations, with brief summaries of terrestrial events relating to Ukraine’s ordeal which clustered about them.

UW zelensky
Dressed in fatigues, Volodymyr Zelensky addresses his war-torn nation; asteroid Zelinsky was the first to station on the cosmic road to war, and at the start of the invasion, appears in a Grand Cross with asteroids Kiev, Vladimir and the Sun


(Representing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky)

Asteroid Zelinksy stations retrograde January 3, 2022; on January 2, US President Joe Biden reaches out to Zelensky in a phone call to Kiev, to reaffirm US and allies’ support for Ukraine, stating they will “respond decisively” to any further Russian aggression.  (Asteroid Bida at 26 Cancer is semisquare asteroid Zelinsky at 10 Virgo, with Bida also exactly sextile asteroid Kiev at 26 Taurus, while asteroids Washingtonia and Volodymyr conjoin at 0 and 9 Scorpio, and asteroid Whitehouse squares from 0 Aquarius.)


(Representing Ukrainian capital Kyiv, former anglicized spelling)

Asteroid Kiev stations direct January 13, 2022; on January 10, the US and Russia hold bilateral talks about the situation in Ukraine; on January 12 a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council is held in Brussels to address concerns.  Russia deems both meetings “unsuccessful.”  On January 14, Ukraine experiences a massive cyberattack on government websites, including the foreign ministry; Russian hackers are suspected.  The sites were blocked with images of crossed-out Ukrainian flags and maps of the nation, with the message, “Ukrainians! … All information about you has become public.  Be afraid and expect worse.  It’s your past, present and future.”  (Asteroid Kiev at 26 Taurus conjoins TNO Sedna at 28 Taurus, symbolizing its growing isolation; opposing asteroid Karma at 20 Scorpio, representing a fated event or time period, and asteroid Atlantis at 29 Scorpio, indicating a sense of being “flooded” or overwhelmed; exactly squared Damocles at 26 Aquarius, the impending doom; and exactly trine Pluto at 26 Capricorn, an existential crisis.)

UW kiev
Kyiv has been under aerial bombardment since the invasion began; asteroid Kiev stationed conjoined TNO Sedna, indicating increased isolation, squared Damocles, representing impending doom, and trined Pluto, ruling destruction


(Point named for Ukraine)

Asteroid Ukraina stations direct February 8, 2022; on February 5, the first of 2,000 newly deployed US soldiers to Europe arrived in Germany and Poland, as part of the US attempt to bolster NATO’s eastern flank as Russia deploys more forces along Ukraine’s borders.  On February 7, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Britain would not “flinch” as he prepared to deploy Royal Marines, RAF aircraft, and Royal Navy warships to eastern Europe; also on February 7, French President Emmanuel Macron travels for talks in Moscow w/Putin; and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz travels to DC for talks w/Biden.  On February 8, Canada urges citizens to leave Ukraine, followed by UK, Germany and others.  (Asteroid Ukraina at 24 Gemini conjoins centaur Asbolus at 24 Gemini, suggesting tapping into the spirit of the times, and TNO Chaos at 27 Gemini, indicating increasing destabilization; inconjunct Mercury with Pluto at 25 and 27 Capricorn, reflecting the flurry of talks between the powers concerned.)


(Representing the United States)

Asteroid America stations direct February 14, 2022; on February 11, Biden warns Americans to leave Ukraine “immediately”; and warns Putin in a phone call that invading Ukraine would cause “widespread human suffering.”  Also on February 11, the US announced additional deployment of 3,000 troops to Poland and sent F-15 jets to Romania.  (Asteroid America at 4 Cancer conjoins asteroid Moskva at 1 Cancer and opposes asteroid Putilin (for Putin) at 7 Capricorn, sesquiquadrate asteroid Romania at 20 Aquarius.)

UW map1
Ukraine has been invaded by Russian military units from east, south and north; asteroid Ukraina stationed conjoined TNO Chaos, indicating destabilized conditions, and asteroid Moskva, named for the capital of its aggressor


(Representing Europe, named for the mythic Greek character who gave the continent its name)

Asteroid Europa stations retrograde February 15, 2022 (Europa symbolizes the European Union as well as NATO); on February 15, Russia announces a partial troop withdrawal from drills near Ukraine, suggesting that an invasion may not be imminent; also on February 15, the Russian parliament’s lower chamber, the State Duma, adopted a resolution calling for diplomatic recognition of two self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics, breakaway states on Ukraine’s eastern border already partially occupied by Russian troops since 2014; on February 16, the White House disputes Russia’s claims of troop withdrawal and says Moscow has increased its force at the border by 7,000 troops.  (Asteroid Europa at 23 Libra exactly conjoins asteroid Russia at 23 Libra, also conjunct asteroid Donbass at 24 Libra, named for the Ukrainian region which comprises the oblasts (administrative districts) of Donetsk and Luhansk; opposed TNO Eris at 23 Aries, symbol of strife and division, known to the Greeks as “the nurse of war”, and asteroid Dumas at 25 Aries (for the Russian Duma); squared Mars at 16 Capricorn and Pluto at 27 Capricorn, associated respectively with war and destruction; trine Ukraina at 25 Gemini.)


(Representing Moscow, capital of Russia, the Russian spelling)

Asteroid Moskva stations direct on 18 February 2022; on February 18, the Russian military announces it will conduct drills of its strategic nuclear forces; on February 19, Russian strategic nuclear forces hold exercises overseen by Putin.  (Asteroid Moskva at 1 Cancer conjoins asteroid America at 4 Cancer, asteroid Ukraina at 25 Gemini and TNO Chaos at 27 Gemini, indicating further breakdown of conditions with Ukraine and the US; asteroid Putilin (for Putin) at 8 Capricorn opposes asteroid Moskva at 1 Cancer and is semisquare asteroid Nuki (for nuclear weapons, commonly called “nukes”) at 22 Aquarius.)

UW donbass
Donbass is the region of eastern Ukraine bordering Russia, which has been in dispute since Putin’s annexation of Crimea in 2014; on the day asteroid Donbass stationed, Putin officially recognized the breakaway separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk as independent states, and sent in “peacekeeping” troops; together, they comprise the Donbass region


(Named for the region of eastern Ukraine bordering Russia)

Asteroid Donbass turns retrograde on 21 February 2022; on February 21, Putin gives a speech decrying the events in Ukraine, where he claims genocide of Russian-speaking populations is occurring, and blames the West and Ukraine for tensions.  He then signed a decree recognizing two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine as independent entities, known as the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic” (DNR) and the “Luhansk People’s Republic” (LNR).  Putin ordered Russian troops (including tanks) to be sent into Donbas, in what Russia called a “peacekeeping mission”.  Shortly afterwards, U.S. President Biden responded by announcing he will sign an executive order that will impose sanctions prohibiting new investment, trade and financing by US persons to, from, or in the so-called DNR and LNR regions.  (Asteroid Donbass at 25 Libra conjoins asteroids Russia and Europa at 23 Libra, opposed TNO Eris at 23 Aries, squared Mars with Pluto at 20 and 27 Capricorn, trine Ukraina at 25 Gemini.)


(Eponym of Russia)

Asteroid Russia turned retrograde on 28 February 2022; on February 24, Russian planes, tanks and soldiers cross into Ukraine from north, east and south, with bombardment of the capital Kyiv (Ukrainian spelling of Kiev) and other major cities; the invasion of Ukraine has begun.  On February 26, the US and Eu nations imposed SWIFT bank sanctions on Russia, preventing it from using the financial messaging system.  On February 27, Putin ordered Russian nuclear deterrent forces put on alert in response to what he called “aggressive statements” by leading NATO powers.  By February 28, the Russian ruble hit a record low, worth less than 1 cent US; Russia’s central bank doubled interest rates to more than 20%; the Russian stock market was closed in response.  Also on February 28, Russian and Ukrainian negotiators meet at the Ukraine/Belarus border, as Russian military units advance on Kyiv; oil company giant BP announces it is severing ties with Russian production companies – Shell follows suit on March 1. (Asteroid Russia at 24 Libra conjoins asteroids Europa at 22 Libra and Donbass at 24 Libra, opposed TNO Eris at 23 Aries and squared Mars with Pluto at 25 and 27 Capricorn, trine asteroid Ukraina at 26 Gemini.)

The invasion began at approximately 5:00 AM EET, and a chart cast for that hour in Kyiv well reflects the circumstances.  Rising on the east on the 18 Capricorn Ascendant is asteroid Putilin, our celestial referent for Vladmir Putin, which at 9 Capricorn conjoins centaur Pholus at 7 Capricorn, noted for mass deaths by whatever cause.  Putilin opposes asteroid Bida, our celestial referent for Joe Biden, setting in the west at 15 Cancer on the 18 Cancer Descendant, as well as asteroids Moskva and America at 1 and 5 Cancer.  Putilin also squares asteroid Kriegh at 2 Aries, a surname approximating the German word “krieg”, meaning war; with Moskva/America, a T-Square is formed.

UW putin
Vladimir Putin may have miscalculated badly in his invasion tactics; when the war began, asteroid Putilin conjoined the Ascendant with centaur Pholus, noted for mass casualties; asteroid Vladimir conjoined the Moon and asteroid Guernica, named for Picasso’s masterwork depicting the horrors of war

Vladmir Putin is also seen as asteroid Vladmir, which at 9 Sagittarius conjoins asteroid Karma at 0 Sagittarius, indicating a fated quality to the decision; the Moon at 7 Sag, suggesting an emotional or irrational basis for Putin’s action; and asteroid Guernica at 8 Sagittarius, named for Pablo Picasso’s 1937 painting depicting the horrors of war.  This cluster opposes asteroid Kiev, named for the Ukrainian capital, at 1 Gemini, in a T-Square with asteroid Zelinsky at 1 Virgo on the fulcrum, for the Ukrainian president.  The Sun at 5 Pisces brings focus to the situation, creating a Grand Cross.

On the MC, the focus of all eyes, at 22 Scorpio is asteroid Volodymyr at 21 Scorpio, also denoting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, with asteroid Guerin at 25 Scorpio, another surname war referent, closest to French “guerre” and Italian/Spanish/Portuguese “guerra”, meaning war.  These square Saturn conjoined asteroid Toro and Damocles at 18, 24 and 28 Aquarius.  Saturn is oppression and harsh conditions; Toro is bullying, aggressive behaviors; and Damocles represents impending doom.

The forming T-Square remains in effect, of asteroids Europa, Donbass and Russia at 23, 24 and 15 Libra, opposed TNO Eris, nurse of war, at 23 Aries, with Mars closing in on Pluto at the fulcrum, at 22 and 29 Capricorn, both also conjoined the Ascendant.  This symbolizes overwhelming force and destructive power (Pluto), of a war (Mars) in Europe (Europa), beginning in Donbass (Donbass, where Putin first committed “peacekeeping” troops on the 21st), creating strife, discord and division (Eris).

Asteroid Ukraina at 25 Gemini remains conjoined TNO Chaos at 27 Gemini, both sesquiquadrate a pairing of asteroid Nemesis with Mercury at 10 and 11 Aquarius, portraying the likely destabilizing and anarchic effect (Chaos) on the nation (Ukraina) of this decision (Mercury) by their archenemy (Nemesis) to invade.   Squared Nemesis/Mercury and semisquare Ukraina/Chaos is Uranus at 11 Taurus, with asteroid Bomben at 12 Taurus.  Uranus describes the controversy engendered by the decision, while also ruling explosions of all kinds, from rifle fire to nuclear detonations, as well as aircraft, with Bomben an allusion to the aerial bombings of Ukrainian cities which began almost immediately.  Pholus/Putilin and Uranus/Bomben make a wide Grand Trine with asteroid Gunn at 17 Virgo, another reference to the weapons of war.  A Kite pattern created by Gunn’s opposition to Jupiter at 12 Pisces indicates the escalation of the sporadic border fighting over the past few years into a full-scale war. Ukraina also squares Neptune at 22 Pisces, conjoined asteroid Banks at 18 Pisces. This depicts the despair and confusion – the “fog of war”, if you will – experienced by the Ukrainian people, but also the possibility of their salvation (Neptune-ruled) via the intercession of the financial sanctions (Banks).

UW flames
The Ukraine invasion began with a cluster of asteroids Russia, Donbass and Europa, in a T-square with TNO Eris, known to the ancient Greeks as the nurse of war, and Mars with Pluto, indicating the destruction of war

Severe economic sanctions were imposed by the US, NATO allies and others in the immediate aftermath of the invasion, but Putin has spent years walling off his personal assets and building up his country’s cash reserves, anticipating just such intervention.  Early indicators are that the sanctions may be sending the Russian economy into a tailspin, and public opinion internally has been surprisingly negative toward the war, with demonstrations in many cities, though whether either of these factors will influence Putin’s conduct going forward is unknown.

Similarly, resistance in Ukraine has been stronger than expected, with a Russian offensive on Kharkiv, its second city, beaten back.  A state of martial law bans all males age 18-60 from leaving the country, and calls upon them to fight; ordinary citizens are following government online instructions on assembling such homemade weapons as Molotov cocktails in anticipation of street-by-street combat.  Meanwhile, Ukraine continues to suffer.

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AAA Profile: Rosa Parks

On December 1, 1955, an African American seamstress named Rosa Parks boarded a city bus in Montgomery, Alabama, and stepped into history.  At the time, buses were segregated, with “Whites Only” sections up front that were created by movable signs.  If the white section filled up, drivers adjusted the markers and asked already seated black patrons to move further to the back.  Parks, who according to custom paid her fee up front, then exited the bus and re-entered through the rear door, had initially sat in the black section, but when the driver expanded the white area and requested she vacate her seat, she refused.


The driver warned her, but Parks refused to budge.  Police were called, and Parks was arrested.  Word of her humiliation galvanized the local black community to boycott city buses (where they constituted 75% of the ridership), an embargo they maintained for more than a year, until a Supreme Court decision ruled the city laws unconstitutional and segregated transportation was eliminated.  Rosa Parks became a rallying point and an icon of the growing Civil Rights movement, which paved the way for federal equality legislation a decade later.

In her autobiography, “My Story” (1992), Parks describes her stance:  “People always say that I didn’t give up my seat because I was tired, but that isn’t true.  I was not tired physically, or no more tired than I usually was at the end of a working day.  I was not old, although some people have an image of me as being old then.  I was forty-two.  No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in.”

parks arrest
Parks’ arrest for refusing to vacate her seat to a white man on the Cleveland Avenue bus sparked the year-long Montgomery Bus Boycott civil rights protest; natal asteroid Bus opposes asteroid Montgomery, in a T-square with asteroid Cleveland

Born Rosa Louise McCauley on 4 February 1913 at 5:12 AM CST in Tuskegee, Alabama (Rodden Rating C), Parks’ destiny seems written in the stars.  Two points are at station in the birth chart:  asteroid Karma, which at 18 Gemini is trine the 15 Aquarius Sun and turned direct a week before her birth; and asteroid Parks at 21 Libra, also trine the Sun (creating a Grand Trine), which turned retrograde a day after her birth.  Stationary points exert an influence on character or biography out of proportion to their typical impact, and Karma in this stance indicates a fated role to play at some point in the life.  Parks, her husband’s name by which she would become famous, had showed its prominence 19 years before their marriage made it a pivotal element of her bio, and 42 years before she was thrust into the spotlight.

The bus seating incident and arrest had occurred on the Cleveland Avenue route in Montgomery; Parks’ nativity sports a T-Square of asteroid Bus at 7 Taurus opposed asteroid Montgomery at 1 Scorpio, with asteroid Cleveland on the fulcrum at 28 Capricorn, in an out-of-Sign square to each.

The bus driver was James Blake, with whom Parks had formerly had a run-in.  In 1943, twelve years earlier, Parks boarded Blake’s bus and paid the fare, then moved directly to a seat, but Blake told her to follow city rules and enter the bus again via the rear door.  When Parks exited the vehicle, Blake drove off without her; Parks waited for the next bus, determined never to ride with Blake again, but failed to recognize him when she boarded his bus in 1955.

parks sign
At her arrest, asteroid Bus exactly conjoined Neptune (ruling prisons), in an exact Grand Trine with asteroid Rosa and the Ascendant; a Kite pattern is formed by Pluto’s opposition to Rosa, portraying Parks’ embrace and owning of her personal power, in the simple act of refusing to move

Blake’s fated importance to her story is seen in asteroid James, which at 16 Aries bisects the Sun/Karma trine, sextile to each, and in asteroid Blakesmith (a CNA, or Compound-Name Asteroid, comprised of first and last names strung together as one word), which is exactly conjunct the Sun at 15 Aquarius.  The Sun also squares asteroid Blakehord at 17 Taurus, itself broadly conjoined Bus.  Solar connections from PNAs (Personal-Named Asteroids, including the subset of CNAs) indicate individuals who will be pivotal to the individual at some point in the life.

Within orb of the Sun is Mercury at 8 Aquarius, engaged in an exact triple conjunction with asteroids Icarus and Black, and Uranus at 4 Aquarius.  Mercury rules transportation, Uranus rules protest; Parks knew she was taking a risk (Icarus) of arrest in refusing to move, but was willing to take it, to advance people of her race (Black).

Other points of note include a cluster of natal asteroids Themis and Brown with Saturn, at 23, 24 and 27 Taurus, symbolizing her quest for justice (Themis, named for the Greek goddess of justice) relating to the oppressive laws (both Saturn) governing darker-skinned citizens (Brown).  Asteroid NOT opposed from 1 Sagittarius depicts her refusal to move from her seat.  Natal asteroid McCauley (her maiden surname) at 12 Capricorn conjunct asteroid d’Arrest at 15 Capricorn and Mars at 18 Cap, squared the stationary Parks at 21 Libra, suggests a propensity to fall afoul of the law at some point, due to actions taken (Mars).

parks arrest2
Parks is booked by Montgomery police; natally, asteroid d’Arrest conjoins asteroid McCauley (her maiden surname), suggesting interaction with law enforcement at some point in her life – at her arrest, d’Arrest has returned to its natal place, now conjunct asteroid Montgomery and opposed asteroid Parks (her married surname)

When Parks was arrested on 1 December 1955, the Sun and Mercury were again conjunct, as at birth, at 9 and 7 Sagittarius, reiterating the theme of transportation as central to self-identity or actualization.  Remarkably, asteroid McCauley is now standing still from its station at 11 Leo, symbolically refusing to budge, just as Parks was in her birth chart, reflecting her decision to remain in her seat.

Parks entered the bus at approximately 6 PM CST, and a chart cast for then shows a precise T-Square of asteroid NOT at 29 Pisces on the fulcrum, squared the Ascendant/Descendant axis at 29 Gemini/Sagittarius, once again portraying her attitude of refusal, in that precise moment.  Even more incredibly, the Ascendant forms part of an exact Grand Trine, with trines to asteroid Rosa at 29 Aquarius and an exact pairing of Neptune with asteroid Bus at 29 Libra.  Mars conjoins Neptune/Bus from 1 Scorpio (the degree of asteroid Montgomery in her birth chart), suggesting a passive (Neptune) activism (Mars) on the city (Montgomery) transport system (Bus), involving Parks (Rosa), which could have led to prison time (Neptune).

There are two Kites formed from the Grand Trine, helping to steer its manifestation – the first shows Pluto opposed Rosa from 28 Leo, indicating Parks owning her personal power (Pluto) in the incident. The second involves asteroid Blakehord (another CNA representing Blake) with Venus at 1 and 2 Capricorn on the Descendant, showing the driver and the civic segregationist values (Venus) he was enforcing.  These various elements recombine in a Yod, or Finger of Destiny, with NOT at the Apex, inconjunct to both Pluto and the Neptune/Bus conjunction, suggesting a fated component to the situation.

Rosa Parks’ status as an American icon was underscored when Mattel released a collectible Rosa Parks Barbie doll on 26 August 2019; the Sun at 3 Virgo exactly conjoined asteroid Parks, squared asteroids Barbara and Rosa at 0 and 10 Sagittarius; natally, asteroid Barbara conjoins the Sun, prefiguring her toy alter ego

Driver James Blake’s pivotal role in the moment is seen in asteroid Blakesmith, angular at 14 Pisces on the 12 Pisces MC and opposing asteroid Nemesis at 10 Virgo on the IC, reuniting Parks with her former driver adversary (Nemesis).  As well, asteroid Rosa broadly conjoins asteroid James with Themis at 22 and 21 Aquarius, T-Squared Pluto and Saturn (laws) at 25 Scorpio, with asteroid Black at 19 Scorpio, uniting (conjunction) her (Rosa) with the driver (James) and the theme of justice (Themis), in conflict with the restrictive laws (both Saturn) governing African Americans (Black).

Another descriptor of the event is an opposition from asteroids Cleveland and Parks at 22 and 23 Cancer to asteroids d’Arrest, Icarus and Montgomery at 16, 19 and 24 Capricorn, in a Grand Cross with Neptune/Bus/Mars and asteroid Justitia, named for the Roman goddess of justice, at 20 Aries.  This indicates the risk (Icarus) of arrest (d’Arrest) for Parks (Parks) on the Cleveland Avenue (Cleveland) bus (Bus) in Montgomery (Montgomery), while fighting (Mars) for equal treatment (Justitia).  Note also that Parks had experienced a “d’Arrest Return” just days before, with the asteroid reactivating its natal degree of 15 Capricorn, and stimulating the attendant potential for arrest.

parks old
In 1999, at age 86, Rosa Parks was presented with the Congressional Gold Medal; when she passed in 2005, asteroid Bus was at station, opposed asteroid Parks and squared asteroid Rosa

When Rosa Parks passed at age 92 on 24 October 2005, just weeks shy of the fiftieth anniversary of her bus seating protest, asteroid Bus was stationary at 4 Pisces, having turned direct just three days prior.  Bus opposed Parks at 0 Virgo and squared Rosa at 11 Gemini (with Parks conjoined natal asteroid Anubis at 3 Virgo, named for the ancient Egyptian deity ruling funerary rites, and squared natal asteroid Atropos at 2 Gemini, named for the mythic Greek Fate who severs the thread of life at death).  Asteroids Brown with McCauley at 5 and 9 Sagittarius create a loose Grand Cross. A Jupiter/Sun conjunction at 29 Libra and 1 Scorpio exactly matched the Neptune/Bus and Mars conjunction from her arrest (highlighting/Sun the celebrity/Jupiter she attained from that transit protest/Bus), with the Sun also conjoined her natal asteroid Osiris at 2 Scorpio, named for the Egyptian god of the dead.

In 1999 Parks received the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest award given by the US legislative branch, engraved with “Mother of the Modern Day Civil Rights Movement.” After her death, officials in Montgomery announced that the front seats of their city buses would be reserved with black ribbons in honor of Parks until her funeral, and her casket was transported to Washington DC by a bus similar to the one in which she made her protest, to lie in honor in the rotunda of the U.S. Capitol, the first woman to be so honored. Rosa Parks’ act of passive resistance and protest is a shining example of how one individual can galvanize a movement and change the course of history.

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