Roe Overturned

It didn’t quite make it to fifty, but for almost half a century legal abortion has been the law of the land here in the US.  No more.

On June 24, 2022, the gavel fell on Roe v Wade, the landmark 1973 decision guaranteeing reproductive rights, overturned 5-4 by the current US Supreme Court.  The test case which led to Roe’s reversal was Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which sought to prevent a Mississippi state law virtually eliminating abortion after 15 weeks from conception.  That law was upheld 6-3, but Chief Justice John Roberts joined the progressive minority on the Court when Roe itself became the target of his conservative colleagues.


A leaked draft opinion predicting this outcome caused a huge stir when it became public on May 2, but that was nothing compared to the backlash brewing now.  Roe undone doesn’t automatically outlaw abortion across the nation, but returns the question to the states.  Some 13 already have so-called “trigger laws”, statutes banning or severely restricting abortion which go into effect automatically should Roe ever fall, and more than a dozen others are poised to enact similar restrictions.  Reproductive rights in America will become a patchwork of regional legislation, subject to the whims of whichever Party controls the state, instead of a universally recognized human right.

RVW philly protest
A protest in Philadelphia takes over the streets outside City Hall; with the Sun conjunct asteroids Wade and Child, squared asteroids Roe and NOT with Jupiter, the undoing (NOT) by the SCOTUS (Jupiter) of the landmark legislation guaranteeing reproductive freedoms (Roe, Wade) was the focus of the day (Sun)

The decision also opens the door to a review of other rights based on the “right to privacy” which underpinned Roe v Wade.  Indeed, in his concurring opinion, ultraconservative Justice Clarence Thomas has already opined that the Court “should reconsider” Griswold (affirming contraception rights), Lawrence (legalizing all sex acts between consenting adults) and Obergefell (establishing same-sex marriage).

The rout was made possible by the three SCOTUS Justices appointed by Donald J. Trump, all of whom pledged in their confirmation hearings that Roe was a stare decisis precedent and the settled law of the land.  Two of those seats, now occupied by Neil Gorsuch and Amy Coney Barrett, were stolen from Democratic administrations by Mitch McConnell’s GOP-controlled Senate, making their holders thieves as well as liars.

The skies for the handing down of the decision vividly portray the earthy reality, and also reflect earlier turning points in the case, such as the oral arguments before the Supreme Court last December, and the leaked draft opinion this May.

The cosmos has been signaling trouble to come for Roe v Wade for quite some time now, with asteroids Roe and NOT (a general disqualifier and a symbol of reversal or block to progress) traveling within ten degrees of each other since September 2020, just months after Mississippi appealed the test case of Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization to the SCOTUS that June, following two lower court rulings against the state.

Several recent questionable decisions by the US Supreme Court can be chalked up to the ongoing conjunction of Neptune, ruling fuzzy logic and fanaticism, with asteroid Themis, named for the Greek goddess of justice

The pieces were moving on the celestial board, but the die wasn’t cast until asteroid Wade joined the fray, in square to Roe/NOT, actually coming to its direct station on December 1, 2021, the very day the SCOTUS heard oral arguments in the case.  Asteroids Wade and Roe were exactly squared that day, from 14 Aries to 14 Capricorn, which also featured a Sun/Mercury conjunction at 9 and 10 Sagittarius (appropriate for oral arguments); asteroid Jackson and Uranus conjunct at 10 and 11 Taurus, suggesting controversy and a volatile response; and asteroid Dobson (closest to Dobbs) conjunct Mars at 20 and 21 Scorpio, signifying conflict and a brewing fight over the issues raised by the case.

When the draft opinion was leaked on May 2, a Sun/Uranus conjunction at 12 and 14 Taurus described its controversial nature and the explosion to follow.  That the controversy would be based in a judicial ruling is shown by the Sun/Uranus trine to asteroid Justitia, named for the Roman goddess of justice, at 15 Capricorn, with asteroid Themis, her Greek counterpart, conjoined combative Mars at 15 and 13 Pisces respectively, on the rough midpoint of the Sun/Uranus-Justitia trine, sextile to each (Mars also rules surgical procedures such as abortions, further refining the issue in contention).  The Moon at 7 Gemini conjoined Mercury at 2 Gemini, indicating the leaked document regarding women’s healthcare (both Moon-ruled), as well as asteroids Wade and Child at 8 and 12 Gemini, defining the ruling under review (Wade) and the core issue of childbirth (Child).  With asteroid Roe at 20 Pisces conjoined not only Mars and Themis at 13 and 15 Pisces, but also asteroid NOT, Neptune, Jupiter and Venus at 23, 24, 28 and 29 Pisces, the stage was set for a confrontation (Mars) concerning the voiding (NOT) of the landmark legislation (Roe) guaranteeing women’s (Venus) reproductive freedom, stemming from a religious (Neptune) and political (Jupiter) decision by the SCOTUS (Themis).

Wade had subsequently backed off the square to Roe for several months after oral arguments, as the Justices deliberated, but returned to square Roe/NOT in early June, linking up with the Sun, while Jupiter, representing the judiciary generally and the SCOTUS in particular, joined Roe/NOT for the release of the decision on June 24th.

RVW NYC protest
Massive protests in New York City followed the decision; a Grand Cross of Neptune conjunct Themis, opposed asteroid Asclepius and squared asteroids Jackson and Dobson, shows a fanatical (Neptune) SCOTUS (Themis) ruling concerning healthcare (Asclepius, named for the Greek god of medicine), based in the test case of Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization (Dobson, Jackson)

This pattern, with the Sun conjunct Wade at 3 and 5 Cancer, squared Jupiter/Roe/NOT at 6, 10 and 11 Aries respectively, becomes a tragic T-square when early Capricorn points are factored into the equation.  Centaur Pholus at 5 Cap and TNO Quaoar at 6 Cap reiterate the abortion theme and the likely consequences of the decision.  As I documented almost two decades ago in Maya del Mar’s Daykeeper Journal, Quaoar has a special affinity with reproductive issues, pro and con, while Pholus resonates to mass casualties from whatever cause.  Certainly the death toll will rise among American women with this decision, via both unsafe or dangerous pregnancies that are forced to go to full term, and botched back-alley or home remedy abortions by women desperate to terminate an unwanted pregnancy in a state that has outlawed this.

I was unable to obtain an exact moment for the release of the decision, but SCOTUS rulings are generally announced after 10 AM, and the earliest reporting I could find was for 10:08, so I chose 10:05 AM EDT as the closest approximation for the chart, assuming a lag time of several minutes between announcement and posting.

Set for Washington, DC, this places Saturn at 24 Aquarius, representing restrictions and limitations as well as laws and the power of the State, closely conjoined the Descendant at 25 Aquarius, fundamentally altering the relationship (Descendant) of the government (Saturn) with half the population.  The 25 Leo Rising is appropriate for the situation, with Leo ruling children and procreation.  This theme is repeated by asteroid Child, which at 4 Cancer conjoins the spotlighting Sun and asteroid Wade.

RVW SCOTUS justices
The Justices who ruled to overturn Roe v Wade; three were appointed by Donald Trump. When the ruling was announced, the Moon conjunct Uranus at the MC indicated a controversy (Uranus) over women’s healthcare (Moon), which would be the focus of all eyes (MC)

The Moon at 13 Taurus, ruling healthcare, women and pregnancy, conjoins Uranus at 19 Taurus, ruling shocks and upsets, controversy and volatility, and these cluster over the 19 Taurus Midheaven, the focus of all eyes.  Exact on the 19 Scorpio Nadir, the foundation of the situation, is asteroid Karma, suggesting ultimately being called to account for one’s actions, perhaps at the ballot box in 2022 and beyond.  Also here is asteroid Pandora at 29 Scorpio, forming a T-Square with the Horizontal Axis and Saturn, representing the unleashing of unexpected consequences.

A number of questionable decisions were released this last week of the current SCOTUS term, in addition to the overturning of Roe v Wade, including a mandate for states to include private religious schools in the dispersal of public education funds, and a ruling that essentially legalizes the concealed carry of firearms in public nationally.  This “fuzzy thinking” is reflected in an exact conjunction of asteroid Themis, named for the Greek goddess of justice, with Neptune, at 25 Pisces, known for clouding or obfuscating an issue, as well as having affinities with zealotry and fanaticism, especially in a religious context.  The five black-robed SCOTUS “culture warriors” seeking to advance a Christian Dominionist theocracy have begun making good on that threat.

Also here in this stunning exact triple conjunction is asteroid Nemesis, a source of ruin or undoing.  The conservative Justices are playing both parts in this Nemesis drama, dispensing what they see as divine retribution and justice while themselves becoming the target of disaffection and protest, leading potentially to their own downfall.  Just as they are acting as nemeses to America’s childbearing population, their actions may come back to bite them in the end, enacting Nemesis’ urge for payback and revenge.  Already, barely 25% of the US population sees the Court as impartial or nonpartisan, and that figure is likely to plummet in the aftermath of decisions like these, which are clearly based, not in law or precedent, but in the personal and political opinions of the Justices themselves.

RVW chicago protest
Protests also occurred in Chicago and other major cities across the nation; asteroid Karma exact on the IC for the ruling suggests that at some point, this decision will have to be accounted for, and with Saturn on the Descendant, the price could be high

The test case which opened the floodgates to Roe’s undoing, Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization, is seen in a T-Square from Themis/Neptune/Nemesis at its fulcrum to asteroids Jackson at 23 Gemini and Dobson (closest to Dobbs) at 21 Sagittarius.  A Grand Cross is formed by asteroids Eurydike and Asclepius at 16 and 26 Virgo, indicating a nostalgic desire to return to a former “pure” state which has vanished beyond recall (Eurydike) and a connection to health care and surgical procedures (Asclepius, named for the Greek god of medicine).  Also here is asteroid Thomas at 27 Virgo, for Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, whose concurring opinion opens wide the door for continued erosion of hard-won rights, especially among the LGBTQ+ community.

It’s a black day for freedoms in America, and looking like getting blacker.

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The Tulsa Hospital Shooting

On June 1, 2022, a disgruntled patient opened fire at his doctor’s office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, killing four before turning the gun on himself.  Michael Louis, 45, had received surgery the month before for back pain, but found no relief.  Enraged, when his doctor failed to ease his suffering, he bought a .40 caliber Smith and Wesson semiautomatic handgun on May 29th, then an AR-15 style assault rifle just three hours before the shooting.


Louis drove to the Warren Clinic Orthopedic Surgery offices of his doctor in the Natalie Medical Building on the Saint Francis Hospital campus in Tulsa, where he shot and killed his surgeon, Preston Phillips, another orthopedist, Dr Stephanie Husen, receptionist Amanda Glenn and a fellow patient, William Love.  He then fatally shot himself.  Phillips was his target; the rest were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The first 911 call to Tulsa police was received at 4:52 PM CDT on June 1st, and as always, the skies reflect the earthly reality.  Shooter Michael Louis is represented by a variety of PNAs (Personal Named Asteroids), two of which show prominently on the Angles, highlighting him in the moment of his rampage.  Asteroid Michel (masculine French name for Michael, and an especially apt stand-in for Louis, who was born as “Michelet Louis-Baptiste”) at 21 Libra is at station, and appears on the 14 Libra Ascendant.  Stationary bodies represent literal “turning points” for those with which they resonate, and often indicate momentous changes or developments.

tulsa Michael-Louis
Shooter Michael Louis is represented by asteroid Michel, at station (putting him at a turning point in his life) and on the Ascendant (emphasizing him as the face of the moment), squared Pluto (ruler of homicide); and asteroid Lewis, conjunct Nemesis (ruin and vengeance), opposed asteroids Anubis (funerary deity) and Gunn

Michel would turn direct six days after the shooting, and is in a Grand Cross with Pluto, modern ruler of death and planetary ruler of homicide, at 28 Capricorn; a pairing of asteroids Louise (feminine form of Louis) and Rip (a death indicator in the form of the acronym “RIP”, “Rest In Peace”, a common tombstone inscription) at 22 and 27 Cancer; and asteroid Warren with TNO Eris at 18 and 24 Aries on the 14 Aries Descendant, with Warren the name of the orthopedic clinic where the murders occurred, and Eris noted for connections to disaffected, disgruntled persons who see themselves as wronged or injured and seek redress.

Louise is the other PNA which is angular, conjoined the 16 Cancer MC; this opposes asteroid Philippa (closest to Phillips, his surgeon’s surname) at 17 Capricorn on the 16 Cap IC.  Louise with Rip is also widely conjunct asteroid Oklahoma, the state where the shooting occurred, at 2 Leo.

tulsa hospital
Saint Francis hospital was literally under the gun that day, with asteroid Francis conjunct the spotlighting Sun and squared asteroid Gunn

Asteroid Michelle, a second referent for Michael (the feminine French version) appears at 29 Taurus, in a remarkable grouping of retrograde Mercury at 26 Taurus (named for the Roman god whose staff is the caduceus, symbol of medicine), asteroids Preston (the surgeon’s first name) at 25, Wesson (for the Smith & Wesson handgun) at 22 and Natalie (the Medical Office Building) exact with Uranus (ruling shootings) at 16 Taurus.  Asteroid Lewis (a phonetic match for Louis) falls at 15 Pisces, conjoined asteroid Nemesis (vengeance, retribution, and a source of ruin or downfall) at 19 Pisces and asteroid Stefani (for Stephanie Husen, the second doctor killed) at 18 Pisces.

tulsa phillips
Michael Louis’ target was his surgeon, Dr. Preston Phillips; everyone else was just in the way. Asteroid Preston conjoins Michelle (feminine French version of Michael), Natalie (the building where the shooting occurred) and Uranus (shootings), T-Squared asteroid Atropos (the Fate who severs the thread of life at death) and Saturn (ancient lord of death)

The Sun at 11 Gemini conjoins asteroids Francis (for Saint Francis Hospital) at 10 Gemini and Lova (for William Love, the patient killed) at 16 Gemini, spotlighting the venue and a victim.  These square a triple conjunction of asteroids Anubis (named for the Egyptian deity governing funerary rites), William (again for patient William Love) and Gunn (homophone of “gun”) at 10, 13 and 16 Virgo.  A T-square is formed with Lewis/Stefani/Nemesis, while asteroid Stephania, another marker for Stephanie Husen, appears at 28 Pisces, conjunct Neptune at 25 Pisces, ruling hospitals and victims.

tulsa victims
The victims of the shooting (clockwise from top left): Dr. Stephanie Husen, Dr, Preston Phillips, receptionist Amanda Glenn, and patient William Love. All had asteroids representing them interacting with death indicators on the day of the shooting – Stefani conjunct Nemesis and opposed Anubis, Preston opposed Atropos and squared Saturn, Amanda conjunct Lachesis and Saturn, and William conjunct Anubis.

Other indicators of the attack include the ongoing TNO Ixion (named for the first murderer in Greek myth) and centaur Pholus (with connections to multiple casualties) conjunction, currently at 2 and 6 Capricorn (the source of the rise in mass shootings since 2008; their conjunction continues through 2043), joined here by asteroid Smith (also for the Smith & Wesson handgun) at 5 Capricorn, T-squared with asteroid Yalefan (the hospital’s address is Yale Avenue) at 0 Libra and a Jupiter/Mars pairing at 3 and 5 Aries, with Mars ruling surgeons, guns, attacks and violent death, and Jupiter ruling doctors.  This becomes a Grand Cross with the inclusion of the Moon at 7 Cancer and asteroid Osiris at 29 Gemini, named for the Egyptian god of the dead.  Broadly incorporated in this pattern is asteroid Baptistina at 26 Sagittarius (opposing Osiris), for Michael Louis’ birth surname of Louis-Baptiste.  Its conjunction with the Galactic Center at 27 Sag promotes global attention or recognition.

tulsa natalie
The Natalie Medical Office Building, where the shooting occurred; asteroid Natalie was exactly conjunct Uranus, ruling shootings, and squared asteroid Lachesis, named for the Fate who determines the span of life

Also significant, asteroid Lachesis, named for the mythic Greek Fate who determines the span of life, which at 15 Aquarius is stationary (turning direct a week later) and conjoined asteroids Tula (closest to Tulsa) exact with Amanda (for receptionist Amanda Glenn) at 18 Aquarius, and Saturn, ancient lord of death, also ruling the back, at 25 Aquarius.   Saturn further forms a T-Square with asteroid Atropos at 28 Scorpio, the Fate who actually severs the thread of life at death, once Lachesis gives her the order, and the latter portions of the Taurus stellium, namely Wesson, Preston, Mercury and Michelle.

tulsa warren-clinic
The Warren Clinic, where Michael Louis killed his surgeon, Dr. Phillips; asteroid Warren conjoins the Descendant, opposed asteroid Michel on the Ascendant and T-squared asteroid Philippa on the IC

Another stunning and tragic example of the synchronous workings of Above and Below.  And we can now add “visiting your doctor” to the myriad activities in America which are not safe from gun violence, including going to school, buying groceries, dancing in a nightclub, attending a concert, shopping at Walmart, going to church or synagogue, and taking in a movie.

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The Depp v Heard Verdict

On 1 June 2022, a Fairfax, Virginia jury found for plaintiff Johnny Depp in a defamation suit brought against his former wife Amber Heard, awarding the actor $15 million in compensatory and punitive damages.  Heard, who had countersued for defamation, was vindicated on one count, and received $2 million in compensation, though no punitive damages were awarded.


The cause celebre legal battle put a final period on their tumultuous ten-year relationship, which began in 2012.  Their marriage in February 2015 lasted barely 15 months, with Heard filing for divorce in May 2016 and alleging both physical and verbal abuse.  Depp denied the allegations, and accused Heard of angling for a greater payout from their split, by making the charges.  A settlement was reached in August, by which Depp paid Heard $7 million, and both signed non-disclosure agreements.  When the divorce became final in January 2017, that should have been the end of it.

depp heard nice
Happier days – Depp and Heard walk the red carpet together at the 2014 Met Gala; asteroid Actor conjunct the Sun for the verdict, with asteroid Johnny in decile and asteroid Amber in square, put them both in the spotlight

But in December 2018, Heard authored a Washington Post op-ed titled: “Amber Heard: I spoke up against sexual violence – and faced our culture’s wrath. That has to change.”  Heard described the abuse from Depp and stated that the backlash against her at the time had cost her film roles and endorsements.  Depp sued her for defamation in February 2019, and Heard countersued after Depp’s lawyer characterized her allegations of abuse as a “hoax.”  The trial began in April 2022, with the jury verdict being read at 3:20 PM EDT on June 1, 2022.

A quick glance at their birth charts shows what drew them together.  Born 9 June 1963 at 8:44 AM CST in Owensboro, Kentucky (Rodden Rating AA), Johnny Depp’s 18 Gemini Sun conjoins his natal asteroid Heard at 11 Gemini, and is squared widely by asteroid Amber at 9 Pisces.  Solar contacts, especially conjunctions, indicate someone who is influential in the biography, for good or ill.

depp testimony
depp heard testimony
Histrionics were on full display for both sides at the trial; Heard’s Sun conjoins asteroid Actor while Depp’s Actor squares a Uranus/Mars/Pluto grouping and is widely conjunct Venus

As well, Amber and Heard form a T-Square with Depp’s Uranus/Mars conjunction at 1 and 3 Virgo, which also pulls in centaur Nessus at 2 Gemini, broadly conjoined Heard.  There’s an electric (Uranus) sexual attraction (Mars) for her on his part there, but things can easily get volatile, with playtime getting rough and out of hand (also Uranus), provoking controversy (Uranus again).  Nessus is a point resonating to abuse of all kinds, which I often describe as “men behaving badly”, especially in a sexual context.  Amber is bracketed by asteroid Icarus at 7 Pisces and centaur Chiron at 14 Pisces; there is an inherent woundedness there, incurable and deep (Chiron), as well as a tendency to act rashly or recklessly as relates to Heard, without due regard for the consequences (Icarus).

With Venus isolated from this mix, there’s not much true affection there, but Amber is also trined to asteroid Aphrodite at 16 Cancer, with Heard in semisquare, again suggestive of romance and flirtation, a heady mix of infatuation and lust.  Speaking of which, asteroid Lust at 8 Libra is trine Heard and tightly inconjunct Amber, so there was no lack of sparks, at least on Depp’s side.

depp johnny
Johnny Depp’s entanglement with Amber Heard seems inevitable, with asteroid Heard conjunct his Sun and asteroid Amber squared it, while these form a T-square with asteroid Juno, named for the Roman goddess of matrimony

But there are indicators of the marriage as well, with Heard exactly semisquare asteroid Hera, named for the Greek goddess of marriage (also at 16 Cancer with Aphrodite), and Amber opposed asteroid Juno, Hera’s Roman counterpart, at 15 Virgo, with Heard forming a T-Square.

From Amber Heard’s perspective (born 22 April 1986, no time available), there’s far less sizzle.  There’s no asteroid match for Depp, but two for his first name – Johnny, and the alternate spelling Johney.  Neither makes significant connections to Venus or Mars in Heard’s chart, although Johney at 25 Gemini is exactly semisextile (30 degrees, a weak aspect) Venus at 25 Taurus and inconjunct Aphrodite at 29 Scorpio.

But there is excitement, and matrimonial potential.  Johney opposes Uranus at 22 Sagittarius, which Johnny at 19 Sag conjoins, so it’s a wild ride, for sure, but Johnny’s square to Jupiter at 13 Pisces suggests it was Depp’s fame and celebrity which was the key factor in her attraction for him, while Jupiter’s exact conjunction with asteroid Karma indicates a fated connection, though one with a price to pay.

Heard saw Depp as husband material, for sure, whatever the motivation, with Johnny conjoined Juno at 15 Sagittarius, and trined Hera at 22 Leo.  But there’s a problem here.  Hera is at station, making marriage an embedded (not to say “obsessive”) factor in Heard’s psyche, and a prime feature of her bio.  But right next door is centaur Nessus at 21 Leo, also at station; having these two so powerfully joined by their stillness at Heard’s birth, naturally inclined her to expect an abusive (Nessus) partner (Hera).

depp amber
Amber Heard’s connections to Johnny Depp also run deep, with asteroid Johnny sesquiquadrate her Sun, conjunct Juno and trined asteroid Hera, named for Juno’s Greek counterpart

But is that what she got?  Because also here is asteroid Lie, exactly conjunct Hera – were her allegations about her marriage to Depp the fabrications that he claimed they were?  A Neptune/Mars pairing at 5 and 11 Capricorn also opens the door to deception (Neptune) related to violence (Mars), or at any rate, difficulty seeing the situation clearly (also Neptune).  Asteroid Lust here at 3 Capricorn, also at station, could indicate passion blurring the line between rough play and actual abuse, especially if, as Heard alleges, drugs and alcohol (both Neptune-ruled) were factors.

When the jury verdict was read out by Judge Penney Azcarate at 3:20 PM EDT on June 1, 2022 in Fairfax, VA, the skies told the tale.  The transit Sun at 11 Gemini conjoins transit asteroid Actor at 3 Gemini, placing both litigants in the spotlight, due to their common profession.  Depp was actually experiencing an “Actor Return” at the time, with the transit body exactly conjunct its natal degree.  But it’s the Sun that’s so revealing – at 11 Gemini, Sol exactly conjoins Depp’s natal asteroid Heard, and Heard’s natal centaur Chiron!  Talk about a focus (Sun) on her (Heard) woundedness (Chiron)!

depp heard nice2
Depp and Heard made a stunning, but badly broken and wounded, couple; with asteroid Johnny conjunct asteroid Themis and Neptune for the verdict, the jury (Themis, named for the Greek goddess of justice) saw him as the victim (Neptune) – with asteroid Amber conjunct asteroid Lie, Heard didn’t seem credible

It’s Depp who has the stage, however, with transit Johney at 17 Cancer on the 11 Cancer MC, the focus of all eyes (albeit it was only Heard who was actually present in the courtroom).  As well, Johney exactly opposes transit asteroid Justitia, named for the Roman goddess of justice, at 17 Capricorn, signifying his day in court.  Johney is exactly decile (36 degrees, a minor aspect) the Sun, granting further spotlighting, but Heard’s domination of the physical space by her presence is seen as transit asteroid Amber at 8 Pisces, in square to the Sun.  But with her are transit Lie and Nessus, at 13 and 16 Pisces respectively.  Not the sort of handmaidens one wants at a trial where trustworthiness on abuse allegations is the theme.

And that’s how the jury saw it, casting Depp as the victim.  That’s made celestially crystal clear by asteroid Johnny at 24 Pisces, conjoined transit asteroid Themis, named for the Greek goddess of justice, at 22 Pisces, and Neptune, ruling victimhood, at 25 Pisces.  Transit asteroid Heard at 13 Taurus conjoins transit Uranus at 16, portraying Heard’s shock and upset at her loss.  Transit asteroid Victoria, named for the Roman goddess of victory, appears at 0 Gemini, conjunct Actor, semisquare Johney and more widely squared Amber, perhaps a factor in the “split decision” verdict, where both actors came away winning something (with the closer aspect to Johney signifying the greater victory).

depp judge
Judge Penney Azcarate presided over the trial, but asteroid Penney exactly squared Saturn for the verdict suggests she may have been harsh in her rulings; natally, Depp has Penney conjunct Pluto and opposed Amber with Chiron, granting the judge a powerfully dominant position from which to damage Heard – Heard has Penney conjunct Chiron and Justitia, opposed Johnny, suggesting a wounding legal battle with her ex

Was she given a fair shake?  Perhaps not.  Jupiter and Mars conjunct at 3 and 5 Aries suggests a hostile (Mars) jury (Jupiter); their angularity on the 10 Aries Descendant makes this a timely factor in the verdict.  As well, Judge Penney Azcarate might have been less than helpful, with transit asteroid Penney at 25 Scorpio exactly squared transit Saturn at 25 Aquarius, suggesting harsh, unfavorable rulings which may have proved restrictive or limiting to Heard’s case.

I don’t suppose we’ll ever get the full story, but for now the cosmic deck was stacked in Depp’s favor, and he can consider himself vindicated.

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Salvador Ramos: In the Mind of a Killer

By now we’ve all heard of the tragic events at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas last week, on May 24th, where Salvador Ramos killed 19 fourth-graders and two teachers, after shooting his grandmother.  Ramos used two AR-15 assault-style weapons on his rampage, which he had purchased within days of his 18th birthday the week prior.  It’s taken far too long for accurate details of the crime to emerge, with conflicting, not to say contradictory, reports about Ramos’ entry to the school, and a mystifying 40-minute delay in active response by law enforcement before terminating the gunman as a threat, exposing an astounding level of incompetence.


Over the past two decades, I’ve chronicled more of these types of stories than I care to remember, and normally I would approach this from the perspective of the day and the victims, but frankly, these details are just too disheartening, and the data load too overwhelming, to focus my attention and make sense of it all.  So I decided to concentrate primarily on Salvador Ramos himself, and the natal cosmic factors which brought him to this point.

Born 16 May 2004 (no time available), Ramos’ chart is challenging in ways tailormade to prompt this type of atrocity.  The Sun at 25 Taurus conjoins asteroid Gunn at 20 Taurus, homophone of gun.  This is a sign that Ramos identifies closely with weaponry; guns form a central part of how he sees himself, acting as a means of self-expression, an avatar of his core being.  One has only to look at his Instagram postings of his new toys and the almost sexual placement of the magazine in his lap to see how much he prizes his arsenal.  The Sun also conjoins TNO Chaos at 3 Gemini, so Ramos saw himself as a source of disorder, confusion and anarchy, with a purpose of disseminating these qualities to the community at large.

The Sun anchors a Grand Cross composed of elements that put flesh onto the bones of his solar contacts, providing a roadmap for his actions at Robb Elementary.  The close opposition to centaur Pholus at 24 Scorpio is perhaps the most powerful.

uvalde robb
A memorial outside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, where the massacre took place; asteroid Robbia conjoins Salvador Ramos’ natal Requiem/Salvadoraguirre conjunction, squaring his Sun; transit asteroid Robbia rose on the Ascendant during the attack, opposing transit Saturn, ancient lord of death

Pholus is named for a centaur friend of Heracles, one of only two “civilized” centaurs, the other being Chiron, and the rest of the band barely more than intelligent beasts.  When Heracles was engaged upon his Fourth of Twelve Labors, the capture of the Erymanthian Boar, he took advantage of the proximity of Pholus’ cave during his journey to visit his old friend.

As a good host, Pholus offered the hero some meat and drink, but Heracles begged a taste of a large jar of wine which had been the gift of the god Dionysos to all the centaurs of the region, and was entrusted to Pholus’ care.  Pholus was reluctant to grant Heracles’ request, but eventually yielded.  Upon opening the jar, its heady aroma wafted through the surrounding forest, prompting the other centaurs, enraged by the violation of their joint property, to charge the cave.

Heracles drove them off, killing many with his arrows poisoned by the Hydra’s blood, and pursued them for miles.  In his absence, Pholus began preparing the dead for burial, and, fascinated that such a small thing as Heracles’ arrowheads could bring down so great a creature as a centaur, he removed an arrow for further inspection.  The weapon slipped from his grasp and penetrated his foot, its poison killing him instantly.

Astrologically, Pholus represents many things.  Noted astrologer and centaur researcher Melanie Reinhart uses the key-phrase “the lid comes off”, referring to the uncorking of that wine that caused all the trouble, to express Pholus’ ability to shake things up quickly, and in a big way.  Themes of poisoning, accidental death, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and fatal fascination or curiosity all emerge, and all (save poison) have a bearing on this case, but for our purposes in defining its effects on Ramos’ psyche, the most potent aspect of his story is the emphasis on multiple deaths.

Pholus shows regularly in the charts of multiple casualties by whatever cause, but has been particularly active in the charts of mass shootings since 2008, when its extended conjunction with TNO Ixion began.  Ixion is noted as the first murderer in Greek myth, and their union has given rise to the age of the multiple homicide.  In a particularly unfortunate twist of cosmic timing, these two bodies will remain within ten degrees of each other for 35 years, until 2043, and then continue to reverberate in the psyches of billions of individuals born during their conjunction, for decades after they have separated, promulgating their deadly effects far into the foreseeable future.

In Ramos’ case, the attraction for a high kill count is apparent, and Pholus’ curiosity may also have affected his treatment of his victims after fatally shooting them.  Reportedly, some of the children were so mutilated by gunshots as to be identifiable only by DNA; one can well imagine Pholus’ keen curiosity adding an element of inquisitiveness to Ramos’ atrocities, as he probed the full possibilities for destruction of his deadly playthings.  Regardless, “the lid comes off” certainly seems to describe the suddenness of Ramos’ rampage and the violence it unleashed, and being in the wrong place at the wrong time is indicative of the random individuals he killed, none of whom were specifically targeted, just in his sights.

uvalde victims
The 21 victims of Ramos’ deadly rampage, 19 of whom were children; a triple conjunction of the Moon with Mars and Neptune speaks of the young age (Moon) of these victims (Neptune) of violent death (Mars)

The crossbars of the Grand Cross yield further insights into Ramos’ motivations and how they were directed.  Squaring the Sun from Aquarius are asteroids Icarus at 20, Tantalus at 24 and Rip at 26.  Icarus refers to rash, reckless acts taken without heed for the consequences, a “shoot from the hip” (in this case, literally) mentality with no regard for others or the probable effect upon oneself.  Note that Icarus exactly squares Gunn, for the reckless gunplay in which Ramos indulged, reportedly shooting at anyone who came in his way, even mourners at a funeral home across the street from the school.

Tantalus is a symbol of heinous crimes, for which he was punished by being chained in a lake in Hades, with fruit boughs overhanging.  But Tantalus’ punishment was to experience eternal hunger and thirst, for whenever he reached for the fruit, the branches would sway up and out of his reach, and whenever he bent for a drink, the waters of the lake receded.  Tantalus’ name has come down to us in the form of the word “tantalize”, meaning “to torment or tease with the sight or promise of something that is unobtainable.”  Eerily, Tantalus’ most notable crime is one which resonates to Ramos’ specific actions, for he killed his own young son Pelops, cutting him to pieces to serve in a banquet for the gods, to test their omniscience.  They saw through the ruse, and condemned Tantalus to his fate.  Note that Tantalus exactly squares Pholus, directly uniting the themes of killing and mutilating children and multiple casualties.

Rip is an asteroid which functions reliably as a death indicator, in the form of the acronym “RIP”, “Rest In Peace”, a common tombstone inscription.  Its inclusion in this pattern signifies death as a theme central to Ramos’ being (Sun), a part of how he sees himself.

The final arm of the Grand Cross is filled by asteroids Salvadoraguirre and Requiem, both at 21 Leo, and Robbia, at 25.  Salvadoraguirre is one of two asteroids that can be taken to represent Salvador Ramos.  There is no stand-alone Salvador asteroid, but two CNAs (Compound-Name Asteroids) which begin with that name; CNAs are asteroids comprised of first and last names strung together as one word (a common practice among astronomers when naming these objects), but can be separated into their component parts and used for either.

uvalde ramos2
With his Sun in a Grand Cross with death indicators Rip and Requiem, centaur Pholus and asteroid Tantalus, Salvador Ramos was focused on death, and primed for a heinous crime (Tantalus) involving mass casualties (Pholus)

As squared his Sun, Salvadoraquirre follows the conventional placements most common for one’s own PNAs (Personal Named Asteroids), which typically aspect the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Mercury in a natal chart.  PNAs act as alternate foci for self-identity, mini-Suns, as it were.  With asteroid Requiem, which is named for the funeral mass for the dead, exactly conjunct it, we have another indicator of the importance of the theme of death to Ramos’ self-image and identity.  But Requiem is not an ordinary death indicator; it also carries the sense of a memorable death, or being remembered because of a connection to death, both of which apply in Ramos’ case.

The final point is asteroid Robbia, closest celestial marker to Robb, the name of the school where Ramos perpetrated his crimes.  Note that Robbia is exactly squared the Sun, further embedding locales that resonate to this name into Ramos’ psyche, and making them a prime feature of his biography.

Having all these key factors linked with the Sun is perhaps enough to explain Ramos’ propensity for heinous acts, but there is much more to be revealed.

An opposition from Jupiter at 9 Virgo to Uranus at 6 Pisces suggests someone who seeks fame (Jupiter) via acts that are shocking, volatile or controversial (all Uranus), and sets the stage for asteroids to refine those propensities, producing this outcome.  Uranus also rules shootings, and with it is asteroid Atropos at 11 Pisces, named for the mythic Greek Fate who severs the thread of life at death.  Together, these spell “fatal shootings”.  Also here is asteroid Carrozzo at 7 Pisces; Robb Elementary School lies at the corner of Old Carrizo Road and Geraldine Streets in Uvalde.  The cosmos has provided the actual street address of the fatal shootings (we’ll also be looking at Geraldine in a moment).

A Grand Cross is formed, with squares to TNO Chaos at 3 Gemini, the pandemonium he unleashed there, and TNO Ixion with asteroid Texas, at 9 and 11 Sagittarius.  This provides backdrop for the event, with Ixion named for the first murderer in Greek myth, and Texas as the general venue of the attack.  Note that Ixion exactly squares Jupiter, another indicator of celebrity via homicide, while Texas exactly squares Atropos, again linking death and the Lone Star State.

Let’s take a look now at that second street name, Geraldine.  There is a Geraldina asteroid, which at 13 Capricorn is at station, embedding its energies in Ramos’ psyche and exerting a strong pull toward a person or location with that, or a similar, name, and making it a key component of Ramos’ biography.  Geraldina turned retrograde nine days before his birth, and is involved in a T-Square, opposing Mars (violent death, attacks, guns) at 5 Cancer conjoined Saturn (ancient lord of death) at 10 Cancer and asteroid Karma (Fate, the results of our actions) at 18 Cancer.  At the fulcrum is asteroid Salvadorsanchez, our second CNA referent for Ramos, at 17 Aries.

So the name of the school itself, and the street intersection where it is located, all show prominently in Ramos’ chart, linked with death indicators and specific markers of himself.

Also at station are asteroids Lachesis at 20 Virgo and Osiris at 24 Virgo, both additional death indicators, enhancing that theme for Ramos.  Lachesis is named for Atropos’ sister, the Fate who determines the span of life, while Osiris is named for the ancient Egyptian god of the dead.  These square Pluto, modern lord of death and planetary ruler of homicide, at 21 Sagittarius, and together they form a Thor’s Hammer, a fated pattern similar to a Yod, by sesquiquadrate aspects to Mercury exactly conjoined asteroid Child at 0 Taurus.  Here we see the first suggestion that children would be the focus of Ramos’ death obsession and homicidal tendencies, with Mercury ruling not only young children, but also primary education and teachers.  Mercury/Child also widely squares asteroid Anubis at 8 Aquarius, named for the Egyptian deity governing funerary rites, another death indicator.

uvalde guns
Ramos bought these two AR-15 style assault weapons within days of his 18th birthday, the week before the shooting; natal asteroid Gunn conjunct his Sun indicates that weaponry was self-defining for him; transit asteroid Gunn conjoined natal Jupiter indicates he saw the shooting as his route to celebrity and fame

Let’s now take a look at the day of the massacre, which was also the day Salvador Ramos himself died.  The revisionism of the official version of events has been staggeringly egregious, with such major elements as the presence or absence of a school security officer variously represented at various times.  I’ve had to revise the chart for the event three times to keep pace with current timelines, but it seems, almost a week later, that the time of entry into the school has been confirmed as 11:33 AM CDT, and Ramos was shot to death at 12:50 PM CDT.

Before we dive into this, let’s backpedal a moment to the birth chart to explore the genesis of the day’s carnage, the initial violent act, when Ramos shot his grandmother Celia Gonzalez in the face before embarking on his rampage.  Remarkably, Gonzales survived, but there are clear indicators in the nativity and the transit sky of Ramos’ intent to murder her.

Celia Gonzalez is represented celestially by asteroids Celian (closest to Celia) and Gonzalez (an exact match).  Natal asteroid Celian at 25 Capricorn is also at station, indicating that his abuela was a pivotal influence in Ramos’ life, easily generating love or hate, possibly both in turn.  Celian opposes natal asteroid Apophis at 26 Cancer, named for the ancient Egyptian personification of pure evil (note that Apophis is also closely sextile the natal Sun at 25 Taurus, further predisposing Ramos to malevolence).  This could refer to her actual influence on Ramos’ life, his perception of her, or simply his enactment of that energy directed toward her.  Remarkably, at her shooting, transit asteroid Gonzales had come to exactly conjoin natal Apophis, opposing natal Celian, and bringing transit asteroid Rip at 23 Cancer in tow.  Transit asteroid Celian at 17 Virgo conjoined transit asteroid Gunn at 14 Virgo when Ramos shot her in the face.

Natal asteroid Gonzalez at 29 Pisces conjoins asteroid Nemesis at 4 Aries, a point representing retribution and vengeance, ruin or downfall.  Again, this could represent her effect upon his life, his upon hers, or both.  Gonzales opposes natal Osiris and Lachesis and widely squares natal Pluto.  And once again, we witness the perfection of celestial timing:  transit Mars at 29 Pisces for the shooting, ruling guns, violence and attacks, exactly conjoins natal Gonzalez.

uvalde gonzalez
Ramos’ grandmother Celia Gonzales was his first victim, shot in the face but survived; when he attacked her, transit Mars exactly conjoined his natal asteroid Gonzales, while transit asteroid Gonzales exactly conjoined natal asteroid Apophis, a symbol of pure evil, and opposed transit Pluto, planetary ruler of homicide

To return to the event chart: at 11:33 AM, 8 Leo was rising in Uvalde, 8 Aquarius setting.  That Descendant degree matches Ramos’ natal Anubis exactly.  The Horizontal Axis also squares transit asteroid Salvadoraguirre at 8 Scorpio exactly, which is itself angular on the 3 Scorpio IC, representing the foundation of the situation.  Transit asteroid Carrozzo at 29 Cancer (for the Old Carrizo Road location) had recently risen on the Ascendant and was still widely conjoined, but more closely conjunct Ramos’ natal Apophis at 26 Cancer, also highlighted by transit Rip at 23.  Transit asteroid Tantalus at 27 Aries, that other indicator of heinous crimes, is still conjunct the 3 Taurus MC, the focus of all eyes, and is squared Carrozzo.  It is the most elevated point in the chart, and conjoins transit TNO Eris at 24 Aries, a dwarf planet noted for representing disaffected persons, individuals who perceive themselves to have been wronged and are seeking redress (reportedly Ramos had dropped out of school the year before, after being repeatedly bullied for his clothes and his family’s poverty).  Tantalus also forms a T-Square with Carrozzo and transit Pluto, modern lord of death, at 28 Capricorn.  Asteroid Robbia, for Robb Elementary, falls at 19 Leo, and will pass over the Ascendant as the protracted event unfolds.

The Sun at 3 Gemini is an exact match for Ramos’ natal TNO Chaos, and is still within orb of his natal Sun, helping to explain the timing chosen for the chaotic attack.  Bringing focus to Ramos for the day, setting him up in the solar spotlight, for good or ill, is transit asteroid Salvadorsanchez, conjunct the Sun from 28 Taurus.  Transit Mercury, ruling children, education and teachers, is retrograde at 29 Taurus, conjoined the transit Sun, the natal Sun and natal asteroid Gunn.  Mercury also squares Damocles, the unseen threat or looming disaster, at 2 Pisces.

Mercury, Salvadorsanchez and the Sun are further involved in a Grand Cross with transit Damocles, which conjoins transit asteroid Geraldina (the school’s cross-street) at 10 Pisces, also squared transit asteroid Anubis at 9 Virgo and widely opposed transit asteroid Texas at 13 Sagittarius.  This feeds into the natal Grand Cross of Jupiter (with transit Anubis exactly conjoined it), Uranus/Atropos/Carrozzo, Chaos and Texas, with transit Gunn at 14 Virgo also joining this pattern.

The transit Moon, ruling early childhood experience, falls at 27 Pisces, conjoined Neptune (victims) at 25 Pisces and Mars (guns, attacks, violent death) at 29 Pisces; these square a pairing of asteroids Child and Osiris at 21 and 25 Gemini, combining children and death, with transit Child exactly opposed Ramos’ natal Pluto, modern lord of death, at 21 Sagittarius.

Transit Saturn, ancient lord of death, exactly squares the natal Sun from 25 Aquarius, and transit Icarus, the tendency to act rashly or recklessly, is also in square, from 19 Aquarius, just one degree shy of a Return to its natal degree, reinforcing its natal tendencies.  The transit Ixion/Pholus conjunction, the underpinning of this and all similar crimes, currently at 2 and 6 Capricorn respectively, is being augmented and increased by transit Jupiter at 2 Aries, inflating the situation, and itself conjoining Ramos’ natal asteroid Nemesis at 4 Aries, that tendency toward ruin and revenge.  Another T-Square is formed with Ixion/Pholus opposed Ramos’ natal Mars/Saturn at 5 and 10 Cancer, squared by transit Jupiter.

There is one stationary asteroid in this chart, transit Young at 16 Capricorn, squaring transit Apophis at 14 Aries.  This reflects the tender age (Young) of the victims so heartlessly destroyed in this irredeemably evil atrocity (Apophis).

When law enforcement finally broke through the locked classroom door and fatally shot Salvador Ramos at 12:50 PM CDT, the Ascendant had moved to 25 Leo, exactly conjunct Ramos’ natal asteroid Robbia, also conjoined that exact Salvadoraguirre/Requiem pairing at 21 Leo, and exactly squared his 25 Taurus Sun.  Saturn was exactly conjoined the Descendant at 25 Aquarius, splitting the difference between natal Tantalus and Rip, at 24 and 26 Aquarius.  These transit placements activated the natal solar Grand Cross of Sun/Gunn, Pholus, Tantalus/Rip and Salvadoraguirre/Requiem/Robbia, fulfilling its deadly potential in a hail of bullets, amid a sea of victims.

uvalde joe-irma-garcia
Victim Irma Garcia, pictured here with her husband Joe, was a teacher at Robb Elementary, killed by Ramos while protecting her students; on the day of her death, asteroid Irma exactly conjoined asteroid Anubis, named for the Egyptian deity governing funerary rites, with asteroid Garcia conjoined asteroid Tantalus, an image of heinous crimes, on the Midheaven and squaring transit Pluto, modern lord of death; Joe Garcia died two days later of a heart attack brought on by grief

As noted in the introduction, I couldn’t bear to chronicle the 19 innocent young lives lost in the tragedy, but the story of one teacher who died protecting her students caught my attention, and I’d like to close with this.

Irma Garcia, 48, was a Fourth-Grade teacher, and had been at Robb Elementary for 23 years.  She married her high school sweetheart, Jose (“Joe”) Garcia, and they were anticipating their Silver Wedding Anniversary this year.  Two days following her death, after leaving a memorial for his wife at the school, Joe Garcia returned home and died of a heart attack, overwhelmed by grief.  Their four children, aged 12 to 23, had lost both parents within a few days.

Exact matches exist for all three of their names; on the day Irma Garcia died, asteroid Irma exactly conjoined transit asteroid Anubis at 9 Virgo, with transit asteroid Gunn at 14 Virgo, in a Grand Cross with the transit Sun, Geraldina and Texas.  Transit asteroid Jose at 20 Sagittarius opposed transit asteroid Osiris at 24 Gemini, T-squared transit Mars at 29 Pisces.  And transit asteroid Garcia at 29 Aries, representing them both, conjoined transit asteroid Tantalus at 27 Aries, squaring transit Pluto at 28 Capricorn and T-Squared transit Carrozzo at 29 Cancer.

Both husband and wife, united in death by markers of the evil, violence and murder which took their lives, and the location where it occurred.  What more can be said?

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The 2022 Midterm Elections: Expect the Unexpected

Election Day 2022 promises to be quite a stunner, a supercharged day which is, ultimately, unpredictable.  Held November 8, the day features multiple activations of Uranus, the planet of the shocking and unexpected, disruption, turmoil, revolution and change, including a conjunction by the Moon and oppositions from the Sun and Mercury.  As well, it’s the day of the Sun/Mercury conjunction, and the Sun/Moon opposition, which just happens to be a total Lunar Eclipse!


Given the instability built into the day, it’s a fool’s errand to suggest an outcome, but let’s dive in and take a look anyway, shall we?

That the vote is the highlight of the day is easy to see, with that 16 Scorpio Sun/Mercury conjunction, and Mercury ruling the decision-making process as well as the vote itself, and its tabulation.  The Moon/Uranus conjunction on the other end of the polarity at 16 Taurus indicates a public (Moon) which is unruly, agitated, restless and spoiling for a fight (Uranus).  Also within orb of the Sun (and thus opposing Uranus) is an exact pairing of Venus with asteroid Washingtonia at 20 Scorpio.  Now, a truly foolish astrologer might see that as a sign of the great affection borne for DC, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that it portrays a focus (Sun) on Washington’s (Washingtonia) values (Venus), which often seem opposed or inimical (opposition) to those of the populace at large (Moon).

All of this is closely T-Squared by Saturn at 18 Aquarius, and more broadly by Damocles at 25 Aquarius.  Saturn at the fulcrum depicts several things – voter (Mercury) suppression (Saturn); an explosion (Uranus) of frustration (Saturn) from the people (Moon); or a revolution (Uranus) against the curtailment (Saturn) of women’s reproductive rights (Venus) among them.  Damocles represents the doom hanging overhead, about to fall at any moment.

2022 midterms biden
Ticking off the possibilities: Joe Biden’s presidency is at a crossroads, depicted by asteroid Whitehouse at station for the Midterm elections; asteroid Bida conjunct asteroid America offers some hope that the country stands beside him, but an opposition to asteroids Demokritos and NOT argues for a rejection of the progressive agenda

But doom for whom, exactly?  Aye, there’s the rub!

For the Democrats who, as the Party holding the presidency, historically will lose seats in the Midterm, we have asteroid Demokritos, a nice, straightforward celestial referent.  Unfortunately, it’s not a fair cosmic fight, because we don’t really have a good asteroid referent for the Republican Party.  Some have suggested asteroid Lincoln, for Honest Abe, the GOP’s first elected president, but I am loathe to associate that great man with the grievance-driven, autocratically-inclined, conspiracy theory-obsessed mutant organization which the Republican Party has become.

So we can’t really rate each Party’s chances one-on-one.  But we can look at Demokritos’ placement on the day, and work from that.

At first blush, it doesn’t look good.  Demokritos at 7 Aries is exactly conjunct asteroid NOT, a general disqualifier, roadblock, negating factor or symbol of an unwillingness or inability to proceed; also conjoined asteroid Grieve at 6 Aries, stationary direct that very day, a symbol of mourning or loss; and opposed asteroid America at 3 Libra.  On its face, this suggests a wholesale rejection (NOT) by the country (America) of the Democrats (Demokritos), who come to grief in a big way (Grieve).

But as ever, things aren’t as simple as they look.  Because conjoining America is asteroid Bida at 6 Libra, our cosmic stand-in for President Joe Biden, and conjoining Demokritos/NOT is asteroid Roe at 9 Aries, with centaur Chiron also within orb from 12 Aries.  This raises the specter of the overturning (NOT) of Roe v Wade (Roe), which the administration (Bida) and the Party in general (Demokritos) staunchly opposes (NOT), and which could align the nation (America) firmly on the side of President Biden (America conjunct Bida) in this issue over healthcare (Chiron).

2022 midterms mccarthy
If you think things are tough now, just wait! Kevin McCarthy hopes for a GOP takeover of the House of Representatives, so he can be Speaker, but be careful what you wish for… Asteroid Kevin in a T-Square with a Pluto/Nike conjunction and asteroid Fortuna could bring McCarthy a lucky win, but Pluto may mar the transformation he hopes for

Complicating matters is a Grand Cross formed by a squared opposition to this polarity from TNO Ixion at 1 Capricorn, and asteroid Plunge at 2 Cancer.  Among other things, Ixion is noted for entitlement, which can be related to Constitutional rights such as privacy, impinged by the SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe, as well as the Entitlement State pursued by Democrats; and Plunge suggests a devastating fall from a height, which Democrats losing control of both the House and Senate would certainly qualify as.

Lending support for the vital role the decision overturning Roe v Wade will play in this election is asteroid Wade, which at 18 Virgo exactly opposes asteroid Nemesis at 18 Pisces, a point indicating ruin or downfall.  Nemesis is also at station, turning direct on Halloween, making it an embedded factor in the timeframe.  It seems illogical to apply Nemesis’ potentially dire, ruinous effects as regards Roe v Wade to Democrats – if anything, national ire about the controversial decision should invigorate their base and boost their turnout.

There’s a second Grand Cross here as well, with an exact square to asteroid Karma at 18 Sagittarius, and a square to asteroid Achilles at 17 Gemini.  This identifies Roe v Wade (Wade) as a weakness or vulnerability (Achilles, as in Achilles Heel) for someone, based on their prior actions (Karma).  Again, this seems to indicate Republicans who supported the voiding of the precedent case which has guaranteed female reproductive freedom for almost half a century.  (Incidentally, Donald Trump barges into this mix, in the form of asteroid Troemper at 16 Sag, conjunct Karma, opposed Achilles and T-Squared Nemesis – if his hand-picked candidates for this election fail to win, his underlying weakness will be exposed, perhaps leading to a political downfall at last.)

2022 midterms pelosi
Will Nancy Pelosi keep her job as Speaker, or be swept away in a GOP victory tide? Asteroid Nancy opposed Saturn/Damocles and T-Squared asteroid Washingtonia signals the potential doom of a restricted role in DC for her

It’s a mixed bag at best, with only half the combatants directly represented, but negative factors for Democratic success do seem to dominate.

One thing is certain – the election is a major turning point for the White House, as exemplified by asteroid Whitehouse at station from 8 Pisces, also turning direct on Halloween.  Whitehouse very broadly joins the Nemesis/Achilles/Karma T-Square, with a ten-degree orb, but more closely forms a second T-Square with its exact opposition to asteroid McCarthy at 8 Virgo, with asteroid House on the fulcrum at 4 Sagittarius.

And this indeed tells the tale – with the House of Representatives (House) potentially in play, will House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (McCarthy) become the new Speaker, and stymie (opposition) the administration’s (Whitehouse) agenda?  Asteroid Kevin at 28 Aries squared Pluto at 26 Capricorn argues either for an increase in personal power (Pluto) or a devastating outcome (also Pluto); but with Pluto is asteroid Nike at 27 Capricorn, named for the Greek goddess of victory, perhaps tipping the scales in his favor.  Asteroid Fortuna at 1 Scorpio, opposed Kevin, forming a T-Square, also inclines McCarthy to a fortuitous result, from his perspective, and a wide square to asteroid Victoria at 20 Cancer, named for Nike’s Roman counterpart, creates a Grand Cross.  Asteroid Nancy at 22 Leo opposed Saturn at 18 Aquarius and Damocles at 25 Aquarius, T-Squared the Venus/Washingtonia conjunction at 20 Scorpio, also suggests a possible doom hanging overhead (Damocles) for Nancy Pelosi (Nancy), as the most powerful woman (Venus) in DC (Washingtonia), who may find herself limited or restricted in some way (Saturn), reinforcing the sense that McCarthy will indeed get her job.

2022 midterms McConnell
Mitch is itchin’ to take back the reins in the Senate, and with asteroid McConnell tapping into the same Pluto/Nike/Fortuna T-Square as Kevin McCarthy, there’s a good chance he will; asteroid Senator opposed Damocles indicates the threat poised for Democrats

On the Senate side, things are also in flux.  Asteroid Senator at 26 Leo also opposes Damocles, and is T-Squared by asteroid Schumi at 24 Taurus, representing current Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, putting both Democratic leaders in the hot seat.  Will Damocles’ Sword descend?  Current Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel’s prospects for regaining power in the upper chamber look good, with asteroid McConnell at 29 Cancer opposing Pluto/Nike at 26 and 27 Cap, and like McCarthy, potentially capitalizing on the positive impact of the T-Square with Fortuna, and that wide Grand Cross with Victoria.

With Sun/Mercury at 16 Scorpio sesquiquadrate Jupiter at 29 Pisces, turnout is likely to be large, much more than a typical Midterm, and that could help Democrats hang on to power.  However, as noted up front, the preponderance of Uranian energies on the day of the Midterm election makes confident prediction of the outcome a virtual impossibility.  But all things being equal, it does appear that the Democrats are in for what Obama would term, a “shellacking”.

2022 midterms schumer
Chuck Schumer seems to be saying how far he’s had it up to, so perhaps he’d welcome a demotion from running the Senate; and then again… Asteroid Schumi T-squared Damocles and Senator suggests the threat of job loss is real for the current Senate Majority Leader

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The Buffalo Mass Shooting

The latest in a string of seemingly endless mass shooting hate crimes unfolded in Buffalo, New York on Saturday, 14 May 2022, when 18-year-old suspect Payton Gendron unleashed a hail of bullets from his modified AR-15 weapon at a Tops Friendly Market, killing 10 and wounding three others.  Nine of the dead were black and specifically targeted for their race by Gendron, who is white and had released his White Supremacist manifesto online days before the shooting, then live-streamed the initial stages of the massacre from a camera mounted on his helmet.  Clad in body armor, Gendron drove 200 miles from his home near Binghamton to exterminate individuals he feared were “replacing” whites as America’s majority, and had made the trip at least twice earlier to select additional targets, which included a nearby black church and an elementary school.


We have an approximate time for the shooting, and a birthdate for the shooter, so let’s dive in.

Shots rang out in the parking lot of the Tops Friendly Market on Jefferson Avenue in Buffalo at about 2:30 PM EDT on May 14th, where Gendron shot four before entering the store to continue his carnage.  Rising on the 15 Virgo Ascendant were asteroids Anubis at 8 Virgo, named for the ancient Egyptian deity governing funerary rites, and Gunn at 11 Virgo, homophone for gun.  Asteroid Nemesis, named for the Greek goddess of divine vengeance and retribution, and a symbol of ruin or undoing, was setting at 13 Pisces on the 15 Pisces Descendant.  Gendron saw himself as an avenger of wrongs done to Whites, and put himself in the Nemesis role, disseminating justice as he saw it, and bringing ruin to others.  Nemesis is also cojoined by asteroid Black at 6 Pisces, identifying the group that was the object of Gendron’s retribution.

T-Squaring this polarity was asteroid Payton at 13 Sagittarius, on the 12 Sagittarius IC, representing Payton Gendron as the foundation of the situation.  Inside the store, Gendron exchanged fire with security guard Aaron Salter, Jr, a 55-year-old retired police officer, killing him.  Gendron was hit, but his body armor prevented injury.  Asteroid Aaronson, for Aaron, appears exactly opposed asteroid Payton in the sky, just as Aaron and Payton were opposed on earth, with Aaronson at 13 Gemini conjoined the 12 Gemini MC and forming a Grand Cross with the Anubis/Gunn – Nemesis axis.  Note the precision of celestial timing required to bring three of the arms of this Cross to the same degree of their respective Signs, and then to fortify this pattern by placing it on the Angles, boosting its power and ability to project into manifestation.

buffalo security guard
Security guard and retired police officer Aaron Salter Jr exchanged fire with Gedron, but was himself killed; asteroid Aaronson conjoins the MC and is involved in a Grand Cross with asteroids Anubis and Gunn on the Ascendant, Nemesis on the Descendant, and Payton on the IC

Tying to this pattern loosely is a combination of asteroids Atropos at 3 Sagittarius (at the extreme edge of orb with Payton), named for the mythic Greek Fate who severs the thread of life at death, and Polizzi at 5 Sagittarius which together reflect the death (Atropos) of a policeman (Polizzi, from the German Polizei, police, and Italian Polizia, police).  These oppose Mercury at 4 Gemini, bringing the incident into the news, and reflecting the youth of the shooter, just 18 years old.  Also connected, on the far side of the Cross, is asteroid Osiris at 20 Gemini, named for Egyptian god of the dead.

The Sun at 23 Taurus heads a Grand Cross, opposing asteroid Karma at 26 Scorpio, suggesting a fated or predestined component to the incident; and squared Saturn, the ancient lord of death, at 24 Aquarius and asteroid Requiem, named for the funeral mass for the dead, at 27 Leo.  A preordained rendezvous with death was in the air that day.

Victim names appear prominently as well.  As a veteran of far too many of these stories, I have become used to seeing “clumping” of asteroids representing the dead, who appear in proximity in the sky as on earth, but this is one of the most extreme examples I have encountered.  Fully half the dead and the location of the shooting have PNAs (Personal-Named Asteroids) clustered within 21 degrees of the zodiac, and all are embedded at station!

buffalo victims
The ten shooting victims, most of whom were retirees; asteroids representing half of them appear clustered together in Capricorn, all at station, and accompanied by TNO Ixion (murder), Centaur Pholus (mass casualties) and an asteroid matching the name of the street where their deaths occurred

Stationary points exert a stronger-than-typical pull on psyches and events, and form an almost literal “turning point” in the lives of those with which they resonate.  In this cluster we see asteroids Ruth and Whitfield, for the eldest victim, 86-year-old Ruth Whitfield, at 4 and 10 Capricorn; Ruth turned retrograde May 1st, Whitfield on the 15th, the day after the shooting.  Asteroid Jefferson, for the Jefferson Avenue location of Tops Friendly Market, appears at 14 Capricorn, and turned retrograde on the 5th.  At 16 Cap is asteroid Young, representing Pearly Young, 77; Young turned retro on the 9th.  Asteroid Andree at 19 Capricorn turned retrograde May 12th, and asteroid Patterson at 21 Cap turns on May 27th (but is already at that degree); these represent victims Andre Mackneil, 53, and Heyward Patterson, 67.  Lastly asteroid Copland at 25 Capricorn turns retrograde on the 20th, and is another referent for former police officer Aaron Salter, Jr.  Further pressure on this group is applied by TNO Ixion at 2 Capricorn, named for the first murderer in Greek myth, and Centaur Pholus at 7 Capricorn, which relates to mass casualties, by whatever cause.

The other commonality in these events is connections between asteroids for the shooter and his victims, and several of the dead can be celestially accounted for this way.  Asteroid Celestia, for Celestine Chaney, 65, falls at 18 Sagittarius, with asteroid Payton on the IC.  Asteroid Geraldina, for Geraldine Talley, 62, appears at 8 Pisces, conjunct Nemesis/Black/Descendant and squared Payton.  Also here is asteroid Hayward at 6 Pisces, a second referent for Heyward Patterson, found above in the Capricorn cluster.  Asteroid Marcus for Margus Morrison, 52, falls at 21 Pisces, closely cojoined Mars at 22 Pisces, ruler of guns, attacks, shootings and violent death; it also squares Payton (as does Mars, broadly).

Morrison is also represented by asteroid Morrison, which at 2 Aries is exactly conjunct asteroid Apophis, named for the ancient Egyptian personification of pure evil, and Jupiter at 0 Aries, which promotes public awareness or recognition, though in this case for all the wrong reasons.

buffalo market
Tops Friendly Market, the scene of the carnage, is on Jefferson Avenue in Buffalo, NY; asteroid Jefferson was at station for the massacre, trined Uranus, which rules shootings, and conjoined asteroids representing five of the ten victims; natally, Payton Gedron has Jefferson conjunct Apophis, a point representing pure evil, which was squared by the transit Moon at the shooting

Connections to the Sun or Moon are the third most common placement for active PNAs, and here we see asteroid Kathryn, for victim Katherine Massey, 72, which at 22 Taurus closely conjoins the 23 Taurus Sun, with asteroid Massey at 6 Aquarius squared the 4 Scorpio Moon; and asteroid Roberta, for victim Roberta Drury, the youngest at age 32, which at 0 Cancer trines the Moon.

Suspect Payton Gendron was born 20 June 2003 (no time available), and shows a cosmic profile typical of mass murderers.  The Sun at 29 Gemini conjoins Saturn at 2 Cancer and opposes asteroid Nemesis at 26 Sagittarius, uniting Gendron at his core (Sun) with the principles of death (Saturn) and vengeance (Nemesis).  Also here is an exact pairing of asteroids Requiem (funeral mass) and Brown at 25 Gemini, linking the theme of death (Requiem) with persons of color (Brown), in ways which are self-defining (Sun) to Gendron.

Two reiterations of this theme can be found in an opposition from asteroid Schwartz (German for “black”) at 12 Capricorn to Osiris (Egyptian god of the dead) at 9 Cancer, and a conjunction of asteroid Black with Centaur Pholus (mass casualties) at 18 and 16 Scorpio respectively.  Black is also at station, making it an embedded, perhaps obsessive focus for Gendron, one of two points standing still in the nativity, the other being asteroid Anubis (funerary deity) at 5 Scorpio, again emphasizing death in his psyche.  Anubis squares a union of asteroids Jefferson and Apophis at 5 and 8 Leo, combining the venue (Jefferson Avenue) for the carnage (Anubis) with a point representing unrepentant evil (Apophis).

buffalo shooter masked
With his Sun conjunct Saturn, asteroids Requiem and Brown, and opposed asteroid Nemesis, Payton Gedron was focused (Sun) on death (Saturn, Requiem) and bringing ruin (Nemesis) to persons of color (Brown); asteroid Black with Centaur Pholus sought a high body count (Pholus) of African American victims (Black)

Wide of the Sun, but forming a very tight, powerful T-Square, is an opposition from asteroid Atropos at 18 Virgo to asteroid Gunn at 19 Pisces, with an exact pairing of Pluto and asteroid Rip on the fulcrum at 18 Sagittarius.  Pluto is the modern lord of death, and Rip is another death indicator (in the form of the acronym “RIP”, “Rest In Peace”, a common tombstone inscription), binding three deadly energies with the means of enacting their potential (Gunn).  The empty leg of a Grand Cross is filled in with an exact Mercury/Venus conjunction at 12 Gemini.  This combination can produce a well-spoken individual, but in this instance, obsessive (Pluto) thoughts (Mercury) of death (Atropos, Rip) and a warped, deformed (Pluto) value system (Venus) led to the shooting (Gunn).

A propensity to interact personally with law enforcement at some point is foreshadowed by an exact conjunction of asteroids Payton and Polizzi at 20 Leo, also conjoined by Jupiter at 16 Leo, squared by a grouping of asteroids Karma, d’Arrest and Copland, at 16, 17 and 20 Taurus.  Black and Pholus at 16 and 18 Scorpio create a T-Square of this, defining the precise nature of the transgression (mass casualties/Pholus of African Americans/Black) which would bring on Gendron’s (Payton) detention (d’Arrest) by police (Polizzi, Copland) and a reckoning for his acts (Karma), ultimately bringing public recognition and a form of celebrity (Jupiter).  The addition of Neptune and Damocles at 12 and 16 Aquarius transforms this pattern into a Grand Cross, with Neptune providing the degree of detachment from reality necessary to believe the regressive philosophies (Jupiter) underlying Gendron’s motivation for the crime, and Damocles acting as the looming threat, about to descend on hapless victims unaware of their peril.

buffalo body cam
Gedron live-streamed the initial stages of his rampage; transit asteroid Photographica was sextile transit Payton for the shooting, and opposed natal Payton with Jupiter, providing his 15 minutes of fame (Jupiter) via slaughter

Finally, an opposition from TNO Ixion at 7 Sagittarius to asteroid Tantalus at 1 Gemini combines murderous intent (Ixion) with another energy noted for the commission of heinous crimes (Tantalus).

Primary triggers to action on the date of the massacre include the transit Moon at 4 Scorpio, closing in on natal Anubis and setting off its square to Jefferson and Apophis; transit Apophis at 2 Aries, exactly squared natal Saturn as well as the Sun, and given an assist from transit Jupiter at 0 Aries, inflating the situation; and the transit angular T-Square of Payton at 13 Sagittarius, Gunn at 11 Virgo, and Nemesis at 13 Pisces, setting off that natal Grand Cross of Pluto/Rip, Atropos, Gunn and Mercury/Venus.  Lastly, the pending Lunar Eclipse of the following day at 25 Scorpio/Taurus widely T-Squared natal Payton/Polizzi, bringing Gendron into direct contact with police.

buffalo bidens
The Bidens place a bouquet at the memorial established outside Tops Friendly Market, where the massacre occurred; sadly, such memorials have become a sign of the times

Another ten lives lost in another senseless act of violence, and another young life ruined, prompted by the unholy marriage of warped, paranoid and racist philosophies promulgated by the Right, and unrestricted access to weapons of war.  When will we learn?

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Sun in Taurus and Earth Day 2022 ~ April 17th -23rd, 2022

Sunday ~ The Moon is still Full for most intents and purposes. Many situations and feelings are heightened through today. Mercury and Uranus, both across from the Moon, increases disagreements or shocking announcements, and both are in fixed, unyielding signs. Debates are probably not worth the energy or emotional expense. Scorpio Moon is in harmony with Venus for personal feelings of fulfillment, pleasure, and togetherness, though. Tonight, Mercury and Venus meet for timely encounters, romance, and a higher change of agreement with one another. It might be the evening to ask a favor, gently, or to consider reconciliation, forgiveness, or a peace treaty of some kind. Wear rose Red.

Monday ~ Scorpio Moon, and Mercury meets Uranus overnight in Taurus. If something is disturbing the balance or status quo, it’s likely to rise up fast and with a fury. This relates to news, announcements, unplanned changes, and things related to money and security. Venus also meets Uranus, the planet of sudden happenings, and Venus is especially related to relationships and romantic life. Venus in Pisces can also relate to creativity or codependence and is quite emotional. There are several other aspects in the zodiac today, and it appears eventful and potentially challenging. It might feel like the Moon is Full or like going through an eclipse (which we are in the two week to one month aura of, now). Avoid arguing with yourself, pushing too hard or blaming yourself or someone else for things that no one is in control of. Do things that steady you or help you unplug from stress and overdoing. Ask for help in immediate situations that require good judgment and an action. The Moon is void at 7:55 pm and moves to Sagittarius at 10:18 pm ET Wear Black today.

Tuesday ~ Sagittarius Moon is square to Mars in Pisces. This is kind of a rough aspect since squares have sharp edges, Pisces is a sensitive sign, and Mars is not, and the sign Sagittarius has a bold and sometimes impulsive manner. Feelings are the issue. Try not to unknowingly  or knowingly offend. Do what you said you’d do, unless there’s a good reason. People might be edgy and easily put off. Taurus season begins as the Sun changes signs at 10:24 pm ET. Wear Orange today.

Wednesday ~ Sagittarius Moon has 4 energetic aspects today. It appears there’s lots to sort out, for example questions of reliability, responsibilities and roles. Also, some will be exploring and investigating options for study or travel and trying to make plans work. There’s a theme around knowledge and wisdom, such as changing philosophy of life or direction. Sagittarius and Pisces, one of the other signs involved, are both mutable signs, meaning flexibility, versatility and changes of course. Void Moon 4:56 pm to 11:52 pm, when we might feel adventurous or  break free from the usual for a while. Wear Purple today.

Thursday ~  Capricorn Moon time from 11:52 pm ET on Wednesday, and the Moon harmonizes with the Sun and Uranus both in Taurus. This may help with problem solving. Detach for sensible answers and resolutions. We may need to be objective or may encounter people more objective that our selves. Listen to advice, whether you follow it or decide not to. The Moon  and Mars are also aligned for action around employment, home related decisions, and work in general. Notice if you’re in a good routine or are finding that something energizes you or motivates. Make a to do list and check something off it. Wear Brown.

Friday ~ Earth Day. I’ll be on air at WMPG (app, online and 90.9 in southern Maine) from 3-5 pm and will offer some zodiac zone insights along with music, some of it earth day inspired. Capricorn Moon engages with 5 planets and all these aspects are harmonious. Act on something you want a favorable outcome for. Use Capricorn know how with Pisces intuition. Mix business and pleasure. At 11:53 pm the Moon and Pluto meet, and it’s time to rest and recharge. Act and interact with self awareness. Today’s color is Green.

Saturday ~ Aquarius Moon time begins at 2:17 am ET. The Moon squares the Sun in Taurus and on Sunday squares Uranus, also in Taurus. We’ll be questioning or revising what we thought was in place. Decisions and traditions are second guessed and may be diverted from. Aquarius is a sign of the future and technology. One question may be how untraditional or rebellious to be. Today’s color is Turquoise.