Hurricane Season Heats Up

After a fairly somnolent summer, the Atlantic hurricane season has been working overtime to make up the deficit, with two powerful storms wreaking havoc up and down the east coast of North America in the last week of September.  Hurricane Fiona devastated areas of the Canadian Maritimes on the 24th, while Hurricane Ian pounded central Florida on the 28th with nightmarish winds and massive flooding, traversed the Sunshine State, then refueled in the Atlantic and turned its sights on the Carolinas.


What flipped the switch appears to be a major planetary T-square, relatively long-lived, incorporating Saturn, Uranus and TNO Typhon, into which asteroid Storm intruded for September, creating a Grand Cross.  The Saturn/Uranus square saw its last exact alignment in December of 2021, but is still in effect, with these contrasting planets within a degree or so of each other for much of the autumn.  Saturn in mid-Aquarius promotes loss and hardship, while Uranus in mid-Taurus provides the power and electric jolt of these super-energized tropical systems.  Add TNO Typhon in mid-Scorpio, named for the mythic Greek Titan storm god known for causing hurricanes and floods (and the root of our word “typhoon”), and you have a ready-made recipe for disasters originating at sea.

ian fiona1
Fiona devastated the Canadian Martimes, one of the most powerful storms to reach that far north; asteroid Fionapaine conjunct Damocles and asteroid Sturm (German for “storm”) at its naming revealed the potential doom hanging overhead

But the proximate cause of this bout of devastation was asteroid Storm, which in mid-Leo spent most of the month triggering one or the other of the arms of this Grand Cross.  By September 15th, when Fiona was named, Storm was at 16 Leo, just shy of an exact triggering square to Typhon at 17 Scorpio, followed by a square to Uranus at 18 Taurus, and an opposition to Saturn at 19 Aquarius.

ian fiona nova scotia
Just where Fiona was headed is made plain by asteroid Scott (for Nova Scotia) conjoined Saturn (loss, hardship) and in a Grand Cross with Uranus (violent power), TNO Typhon (storms at sea) and asteroid Storm

Adding fuel to the fire was the Neptune conjunction with asteroid Nemesis, exact on September 21st, but well within orb throughout the month.  Nemesis indicates ruin or destruction, while Neptune identifies the sea as the source of that devastation.  This dynamic duo was further highlighted by the Sun’s passage in opposition, at its most intense September 15-18, but effective for weeks.  Not to be outdone, asteroid Flood in mid-Sagittarius was opposing Mars in mid-Gemini, bringing together the planet of violence, action and energy with a minor body representing the deluges to ensue.

Labrador was also under the gun from Fiona, with the Sun conjunct asteroid Labs and opposed Neptune with asteroid Nemesis, depicting a spotlight (Sun) on destruction (Nemesis) from the sea (Neptune) for Labrador (Labs)

Even at Fiona’s inception, its potential for destruction was easy to see.  When the storm, then a Tropical Depression, was named on September 15th, asteroid Fionapaine (one of two Fiona CNAs – Compound-Name Asteroids, bodies which have both first and last names strung together as one word, but which can be separated and used as a referent for either) at 28 Aquarius closely conjoined Damocles at 27 Aquarius, the impending doom hanging overhead, also conjoined asteroid Sturm (German for “storm”) at 2 Pisces.

ian fiona maritimes
Prince Edward Island saw one of the highest storm surges on record from Fiona; a special focus on this province is portrayed by asteroid Fionawood exactly conjunct asteroid Eduarda, and asteroid Flood conjoined asteroid Edoardo

With Jupiter at 5 Aries opposed Mercury retrograde at 7 Libra, it was plain that a major (Jupiter) weather event (Mercury) was brewing, and Fiona’s ultimate goal was depicted by PNAs (Personal-Named Asteroids) representing the geographic areas it would impact, more than a week later.  Nova Scotia (Latin for “New Scotland”) was among these, with asteroid Scott (for Scotia) at 17 Aquarius conjunct Saturn and joining the Grand Cross, and asteroid Scotti (also for Scotia) at 6 Cancer forming a T-Square of the Jupiter/Mercury polarity.  New Brunswick was also under the gun, with asteroid Brunszvik (an Eastern European rendering of “Brunswick”) at 20 Cancer opposing powerful, devastating and transformative (for good or ill) Pluto at 26 Capricorn, locked in another T-Square with asteroid Canada-Assandri at 23 Libra, identifying the general geographic locale.  The Sun at 22 Virgo was exactly conjoined asteroid Labs (for Labrador, another province severely affected), opposed that Neptune/Nemesis conjunction, then at 24 and 25 Pisces.

Prince Edward Island saw some of the worst conditions recorded, with a storm surge of six feet that left “unprecedented” damage to structures and claimed at least one human life.  PEI is represented celestially by asteroids Eduarda, which at 1 Scorpio is an exact match for asteroid Fionawood (the second Fiona CNA); Edoardo, which at 17 Sagittarius conjoined asteroid Storm and opposed Mars; and Prinz (German for “prince”), which at 1 Capricorn ties to the Jupiter/Mercury opposition by T-Square.

ian fiona forests
Fiona tore through much forested territory in the Maritimes, leaving devastation in its wake and threatening the local timber industry; a penchant for such destruction is evidenced by the Sun/Labs (Labrador) conjunction also conjoined asteroid Forrestpeterson (for “forests”) and asteroid Forestmartin conjunct Storm, in the Grand Cross

Storm damage in the Maritimes is estimated at between $300 and $700 million, in infrastructure and natural resources such as timber.  The impact on that industry can be seen in the Sun/Labrador conjunction with asteroid Forrestpeterson (for “forests”) at 21 Virgo, and asteroid Forestmartin’s (ditto) inclusion in the Grand Cross, conjunct asteroid Storm from 18 Leo.  Hundreds of thousands were without power for days after Fiona’s landfall, and the cleanup could take months.

This figure pales, however, in comparison with the havoc wreaked in Florida and the US Atlantic coast by Hurricane Ian, which made landfall as a high-level Category Four storm, just a few miles per hour under the Cat Five designation.  The path of devastation across central Florida was truly surreal to see, like something out of an apocalyptic movie.  Early estimates of damage put it at upwards of $50 billon, making it one of the costliest storms in US history.  Millions of people were without power for extended periods, countless numbers of homes and businesses damaged or destroyed, and at least 78 lives have been lost.

There’s no exact match for Ian, but there are more than a dozen CNAs (Compound-Name Asteroids) that begin with that name, and several show prominently on the day Ian made its Florida landfall; asteroid Ianmclean opposed the Sun granted visibility, while asteroids Ianwong, Iankubik and Ianlyon conjoined three of the four arms of the Grand Cross, and Ianrees conjoined Mercury

Ian’s Florida landfall came at 3:05 PM EDT on 28 September 2022, at Cayo Costa, a barrier island due west of Fort Myers, and a chart set for that time shows the overwhelming impact the storm would make.  There is no exact asteroid match for Ian, but there are more than a dozen CNAs that begin with that name.  Several figure prominently in the landfall chart, which also highlights regions which would be hardest hit.

In advance of the storm, nine Florida counties were singled out as probable disaster areas, based on forecasting.  Three of these, Lee, Charlotte and Collier counties, have exact asteroid matches; two others, Pinellas and Hardee, have close referents, in asteroids Pinelli and Hardy (the four remaining – Desoto, Sarasota, Hillsborough and Manatee – have no celestial markers).  The communities of Fort Myers, Naples and Orlando, which saw some of Ian’s worst effects, are represented by asteroids Myers, Napolitania (a variation of a term meaning “resident of Naples”) and Orlandi (closest to Orlando).

ian ft myers1
Ian came ashore due west of Fort Myers, which saw some of the worst destruction; asteroid Myers was exactly squared by Damocles and conjoined by asteroid Ianlyon

Still in effect is the Grand Cross of Saturn (19 Aquarius), Uranus (18 Taurus), TNO Typhon (now at 18 Scorpio) and asteroid Storm (now at 21 Leo) which saw such a huge bump-up in frequency and intensity of tropical storms in September.   Joining the fray are three Ian referents:  asteroid Ianwong a 23 Taurus with Uranus, asteroid Iankubik at 17 Aquarius with Saturn, and asteroid Ianlyon at 17 Scorpio with Typhon.  Talk about cosmic overkill!  Also present is the Moon at 11 Scorpio, another referent for water and the sea; and asteroids Lee at 14 Scorpio, for Lee County (which includes Fort Myers), and Myers at 26 Scorpio, for Fort Myers.  Myers is also squared exactly by Damocles at 26 Aquarius, defining where the looming threat would fall, and by asteroid Sturm at 0 Pisces.

ian ft myers2
Fort Myers is in Lee County, represented by asteroid Lee, which joined the Grand Cross, conjunct Typhon and the Moon

Several of Ian’s other celestial emissaries find themselves in significant placement.  The Sun at 5 Libra opposes asteroid Ianmclean at 9 Aries with Jupiter (ramping up the effects) at 3 Aries, granting the name enhanced public visibility for the period.  Asteroid Ianbanks at 6 Taurus pairs with asteroid Charlotte (for Charlotte County, where flooding of the Peace River closed US 41) at 7 Taurus, both powerfully angular on the 4 Taurus IC; these also oppose the Moon, with asteroid Hardy (for Hardee County, which remained submerged, with 99% of residents still without power a day later) at 8 Leo on the fulcrum of a T-square.  Asteroid Ianwessen at 20 Sagittarius aligns with asteroid Flood at 15 Sag and asteroid Collier (for Collier County) at 14 Sag, in an all-too-apt image of the flooding there, which includes Naples.

ian naples1
Naples, Florida was another area hard-hit by Ian; asteroid Napolitania conjoined Mercury (ruling weather generally) and the Sun (providing focus), in a Grand Trine with Pluto (devastation) and asteroid Ianwong

Mercury rules weather conditions generally, and at 25 Virgo it opposes asteroid Nemesis with Neptune, at 22 and 23 Pisces, which speaks to ruin or destruction (Nemesis) from the sea (Neptune).  Joining Mercury are asteroids Ianrees at 19 Virgo, Napolitania (for Naples) at 27 Virgo, and Pinelli at 29 Virgo (for Pinellas County); the placename asteroids here are also within orb of the 5 Libra Sun, which highlights whatever it touches, for good or ill.  Mercury also rules cars, and Ian lifted and moved an impressive number of “floaters” throughout the region, autos which the storm relocated blocks from where it encountered them, as well as tearing myriad boast and yachts from their moorings, and depositing them thousands of feet inland.

ian orlando2
Ian’s winds had somewhat subsided when it passed through Orlando, but 20″ of rain made parts of the city a virtual lake, as depicted by asteroid Flood opposed asteroid Orlandi conjunct Mars

After overwhelming the Fort Myers area with 155 mph winds and a storm surge up to 18 feet above ground level, Ian proceeded to cross the state, deluging Orlando enroute, creating “catastrophic flooding” from up to 20 inches of rain.  This is reflected in the chart by asteroid Orlandi, which at 17 Gemini conjoins energetic, violent Mars at 19 Gemini, and opposes asteroid Flood with Ianwessen at 15 and 20 Sagittarius.

Downgraded temporarily to a Tropical Storm, after leaving Florida Ian again strengthened into a Category One hurricane before making its second US landfall in South Carolina, where it dumped copious amounts of rain and battered the state with high winds, causing further damage and flooding.  Asteroid Carolina at 1 Libra is highlighted by the Sun and Mercury, throwing continued focus (Sun) on a weather event (Mercury).

All told, damage from Ian is likely to total between $75 and $80 billion dollars, making it one of the top five costliest hurricanes in US history.  Asteroid Storm will move out of range of the Grand Cross by mid-October, but the underlying T-Square of Saturn, Uranus and Typhon continues throughout the remainder of the Atlantic hurricane season into December, perhaps prompting more devastating encounters between nature and humanity.

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And So It Begins: Trump Indictment #1

On 21 September 2022, New York State Attorney General Letitia James won the race to be the first to charge Donald Trump with a crime.  The former US President faces legal jeopardy on a variety of fronts, and the civil suit brought against Trump, his adult children Don Jr, Eric and Ivanka, and the Trump Organization may be the least harrowing, though, if successful, would devastate his business.  A civil suit carries no threat of incarceration, but AG James stated in her press conference announcing the indictment that both state and federal laws were broken, and she will be making criminal referrals to both the US Attorney’s office at the Southern District of New York and the IRS.


In a 280-page indictment, James alleges more than 200 “false and misleading financial asset valuations” over a ten-year period, knowingly asserted to defraud financial and government institutions.  Trump “grossly and fraudulently misstated” the value of 23 assets, sometimes inflating them to obtain bank loans, and at others devaluing assets to reap tax benefits.  In her words, “This is not the Art of the Deal – it’s the art of the steal.”

trump indictment1 james
NY AG Letitia James (at the podium) and her team issues indictments of Trump, his adult children, and the Trump Organization; asteroid d’Arrest was conjoined asteroid Letitia, returning to its natal degree in Trump’s birth chart, and exactly squared his exact natal pairing of asteroids Nemesis (undoing) with Bilk (fraud)

As part of the lawsuit, James is seeking repayment of $250 million in allegedly ill-gotten gains; Trump and the children named in the lawsuit would be permanently barred from serving as the director of a business registered in New York state.  James is also seeking to cancel the Trump Organization’s corporate certificate, which could effectively force the company to cease operations in New York.

As stated by AG James at the press conference:  “This conduct cannot be brushed aside and dismissed as some sort of good-faith mistake.  The statements of financial condition were greatly exaggerated, grossly inflated, objectively false, and therefore fraudulent and illegal.  And as a result of that we are seeking relief, and Mr. Trump, the Trump Organization, his family – they should all be held accountable.”

trump indictment1 shovels
Digging their own graves? Trump and his three eldest children codefendants face indictment on civil charges that could devastate their business and livelihoods; asteroid Damocles in exact square to the Ascendant/Descendant axis (which itself mirrors Trump’s natal MC/IC axis) for the indictment depicts the precarious nature of the looming threat

This initial indictment comes as transit asteroid d’Arrest, noted for the filing of charges, detention and arrest, prepares to return to its natal degree in Donald Trump’s chart.  At 16 Libra, transit d’Arrest conjoins transit asteroid Laetitia, for Letitia James, at 20 Libra, uniting the prosecutor with the indictment, and squares transit asteroid Justitia at 13 Capricorn, named for the Roman goddess of justice, bringing the New York Department of Justice into play, as well as signaling that the indictment (d’Arrest) is a just one (Justitia).

Transit d’Arrest also conjoins Trump’s natal centaur Chiron (wounding) at 14 Libra and natal Jupiter (courts and legal matters) at 17 Libra; Jupiter here also represents the extreme exaggerations and self-aggrandizement that precipitated the indictment (AG James cites as example the inflation of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property’s value from an actual $75 million to $739 million, almost a tenfold increase, and the misrepresentation of his Trump Tower apartment, claiming 30,000 square feet when the actual size is closer to 11,000), while Chiron suggests the maverick behaviors Trump engaged in with his falsifications.

trump indictment1 bilk1
Asteroid Bilk is named for an observatory in Dusseldorf, Germany, but acts in its English language usage as fraud; transit Bilk was conjunct the MC for the indictment, as well as Donald Trump’s Ascendant, putting his fraudulent ways on full display (transit MC), perhaps affecting how others see him (natal Ascendant)

Transit d’Arrest is also within orb of natal d’Arrest at 24 Libra.  This places Trump within the scope of his “d’Arrest Return”, a period when a reset of natal potentials for a point occurs, reactivating and reenergizing its inherent and latent possibilities.  The fact that d’Arrest is at station (it turned direct two days after his birth), making possible legal charges a major element of Trump’s biography, just reinforces its importance.  It’s a factor whose time has finally come.

More to the point, transit d’Arrest is exactly squared to an exact natal conjunction of asteroids Nemesis, representing a point of ruin or undoing, often self-created, and Bilk at 16 Cancer.  Bilk is named for an observatory in Dusseldorf, Germany, but acts in its English language capacity as fraud or deception, especially related to financial matters.  Having these two in exact conjunction at birth plants the seeds of downfall relating to financial misconduct, which so far Trump has managed to avoid, despite manifest and manifold infractions in this sphere throughout his life.  Having natal d’Arrest in square suggests legal jeopardy ensuing at some point from this combination; transit d’Arrest in exact square reiterates that now is the moment for that potential to unfold.

trump indictment1 frown
Donald Trump is represented in the indictment chart by asteroid Troemper conjunct asteroid Karma on the Ascendant, and asteroid Donn squared it: time to pay the piper

Beginning at 11:38 AM EDT on 21 September 2022 in Manhattan, NY, the chart for AG James’ press conference shows 26 Scorpio rising, which closely conjoins Trump’s natal IC at 24 Scorpio, with the Descendant at 26 Taurus on his natal MC at 24 Taurus.  This axis has been hit by Lunar Eclipses twice in the past year, one at 27 Taurus on the MC last November, and one at 25 Scorpio on the IC in May, providing a one-two punch that affects Trump’s reputation (MC) and his internal sense of security (IC).

With the Ascendant are asteroids James at 23 Scorpio, Troemper at 27 Scorpio, Karma at 1 Sagittarius and Manhattan at 4 Sag.  James and Troemper (our celestial referent for The Donald) identify the chief combatants in this legal battle, while Karma shows accountability, being called to atone for prior misdeeds, and Manhattan pinpoints the locale for the indictment.  Interestingly, Karma exactly conjoins Trump’s natal asteroid Veritas, Latin for “truth”, and also conjoins natal Troemper at 2 Sagittarius – the truth about Trump is about to come out, and he’ll be paying the price.  Asteroid Donn, for Donald, appears at 22 Leo, in square to the Ascendant, James and Troemper, further tying Trump to the moment and his adversary.  Transit Damocles at 26 Aquarius completes a Grand Cross and represents the doom hanging overhead, about to descend at any moment.

trump indictment1 swindle
Asteroid Swindle is named for astronomer Timothy Swindle, but acts as a marker of fraud and deception; Trump’s natal Swindle was hit exactly by transit Venus (finances) at the indictment, with transit Swindle exactly conjunct natal asteroid Themis (justice), also conjunct his Sun

The specifics of the charges can be seen in points aligning with the Vertical Axis of the chart, with asteroid Bilk at 2 Virgo conjoined the 9 Virgo MC, while asteroid Lie at 11 Pisces opposes Bilk, on the 9 Pisces IC.  Fraud (Bilk) and deception (Lie) are the chief underlying components of the indictment, both foundational (IC) and on full display for all to see (MC); with Bilk conjoined Trump’s natal Ascendant at 29 Leo, the point governing how we are perceived by the public, others may now come to see him as the con artist he is.

The transit Sun at 28 Virgo opposes transit Neptune at 23 Pisces, with asteroids Nemesis at 23 Pisces and Themis at 19 Pisces.  Nemesis again underscores the likelihood of a self-created ruin or downfall, while Neptune is the planetary ruler of deception and Themis is named for the Greek goddess of justice.  This polarity forms a Grand Cross with Trump’s natal Sun at 22 Gemini and Moon at 21 Sagittarius, bringing home these energies very directly and personally to Trump.

trump indictment1 don jr
“Hey, don’t look at me – this is all on Dad!” Don Junior seems to disavow involvement, but asteroid Donn says otherwise, squared the Ascendant of the indictment and opposed Damocles, the looming threat

Also with the Sun is transit Venus at 20 Virgo, representing financial matters; Venus exactly conjoins Trump’s natal asteroid Swindle, yet another indicator of fraudulent fiscal dealings.  Natal Swindle squares an exact Uranus/Themis conjunction at 17 Gemini (both conjunct the natal Sun), which in itself suggests a controversy (Uranus) involving the law (Themis).  This conjunction is tightly squared by transit Themis at 19 Pisces, and more broadly by transit Lie at 11 Pisces, and is exactly conjoined by transit Swindle at 17 Gemini, as well as transit asteroid Achilles, a point noted for weakness or vulnerability, at 18 Gemini (not to mention transit Mars at 16 Gemini, prefiguring the legal (Themis) battle (Mars) to ensue).

The transit Moon at 9 Leo conjoins Trump’s natal asteroid Hybris at 8 Leo and Pluto at 10 Leo.  Hybris represents prideful arrogance, again leading to a fall, while Pluto indicates a devastating loss or transformation.  Trump’s hubris (Hybris) in so outrageously and egregiously manipulating (Pluto) his financial filings over decades has led directly to this pending implosion (Pluto).

trump indictment1 ivanka
Ivanka Trump seems to muse over whether it was wise to sign off on those asset valuation statements daddy gave her; asteroid Ivanka for the indictment conjoins asteroids Swindle and Achilles, indicating her vulnerability (Achilles) to charges of fraud (Swindle)

Transit Saturn at 19 Aquarius is widely opposed the Moon but closely conjoined natal Justitia at 18 Aquarius; the combination represents penalties (Saturn) enacted by the New York Justice Department (Justitia, in the form of Letitia James).  Together, transit Saturn, Swindle/Achilles and d’Arrest/Laetitia form a Grand Trine depicting the AG’s (Laetitia) charges (d’Arrest) of fraud (Swindle) and the former president’s (Saturn, as Chief Executive) vulnerability (Achilles).

What of Trump’s codefendants, his children Don Jr, Eric and Ivanka?  They’re here, too, with asteroid Donn (suitable for both father and son) at 22 Leo squared Damocles at 26 Aquarius, imaging the threatened doom; asteroid Ivanka at 15 Gemini a part of the Mars/Swindle/Achilles stellium, tying her actively (Mars) to exposure (Achilles) for the fiscal shenanigans (Swindle); and asteroid Eric at 2 Libra exactly conjunct Mercury (a newsworthy event) and within orb of the Sun, throwing a spotlight on his involvement.

trump indictment1 eric
Tightening the noose? Eric Trump’s involvement is imaged by asteroid Eric conjoined the spotlighting Sun and Mercury, indicating a newsworthy event and his role in planning the fraud

Natally, asteroid James at 1 Aries is semisquare Trump’s natal Lie at 17 Taurus, with natal asteroid Laetitia at 4 Taurus in square to natal Pluto at 10 Leo and semisquare Themis at 17 Gemini, theoretically making Letitia James (Laetitia, James) the ideal person to expose Trump’s lies and deception (Lie), someone powerful (Pluto) enough to finally bring him to justice (Themis).

Whatever the outcome, it won’t be the orange jumpsuit so many have hoped for, and which Donald Trump so richly deserves, but it’s a start, and there’s plenty of time, and opportunity, for that.

trump indictment1 thumbs down
Donald Trump rates his chances of emerging from this fiasco unscathed; natal asteroid d’Arrest will be ignited by two eclipses in 2023 – stay tuned for more to follow….

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Requiem for a Queen

Although national mourning and celebration of the late Queen Elizabeth II’s life has been protracted for more than ten days after her passing, the official State Funeral ceremony is slated to begin in Westminster Abbey at 11 AM BST on Monday, 19 September 2022.   Much of the passing chart remains in effect, but there are significant changes and additions which reflect the funeral itself.


QE2funeral balmoral
The Queen’s casket, draped in the Royal Standard, departs Balmoral Castle, where she died on September 8; asteroid Queen’s at the fulcrum of a T-square with Mercury and Jupiter conjunct asteroid London depicts the long journey (Mercury/Jupiter) of Her Majesty (Queen’s) to her funeral venue (London)

We won’t be using most death indicators for this interpretation, as that time is past.  There are three, however, which also have special relevance to a funeral:  these are asteroid Requiem, named for the funeral mass for dead; asteroid Anubis, named for the ancient Egyptian deity governing funerary rites; and Rip, in its acronym form “RIP”, a common tombstone inscription.  We’ll also be adding centaur Hylonome, noted for expressions of grief, often extreme; asteroids Grieve and Graves, for obvious reasons; and asteroids West and Abbe, to represent Westminster Abbey, where the ceremony occurs.

QE2funeral edinburgh
The first stage of the funeral journey ends, as Elizabeth II arrives in Edinburgh, to lie in state at St Giles Cathedral; asteroid Edinburgh is T-squared centaur Hylonome and asteroid Grieve with asteroid King, both noted for expressions of grief and mourning

The 11 AM time in London gives an Ascendant of 10 Scorpio, with asteroid Graves at 10 Taurus exactly on the Descendant, highlighting the pending interment.  With Graves is TNO Albion at 13 Taurus, named for an ancient term for Britain.  In square is asteroid Rey at 11 Leo, Spanish for “king”, with a Grand Cross completed by asteroid Elisabetha at 8 Aquarius, already at its station degree (Elisabetha will turn direct a week later, on September 26th).  This spells out a funeral (Graves) for Britain’s (Albion) monarch (Rey), Elizabeth II (Elisabetha).

QE2funeral buckingham
The funeral procession makes a brief pause at Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s official residence, before continuing to her lying in state at Westminster Hall; asteroid Graves at the fulcrum of a T-square with asteroids Elisabetha and Rey (Spanish for “king”) speaks of the burial (Graves) of a sovereign (Rey) named Elizabeth (Elisabetha)

Also at station is centaur Hylonome, which at 19 Capricorn will turn direct on the 30th.  Hylonome squares asteroid Grieve at 17 Aries, with asteroid King at 11 Aries, speaking again to mourning (Hylonome, Grieve) for a sovereign (King).  Hylonome also conjoins Pluto, modern lord of death, at 26 Capricorn, which ties it to a T-Square of asteroid Britten (homophone of Britain) at 29 Cancer, exactly squared asteroid Elisabetta with asteroid Church on the fulcrum at 29 Libra.  This reads as grief and mourning (Hylonome) for the death (Pluto) of Elizabeth II (Elisabetta), in the Abbey venue (Church).

QE2funeral westminster
Queen Elizabeth II rested upon a catafalque in Westminster Hall for her lying in state, which was open to the public for a full five days, attracting some three quarters of a million mourners; asteroid Elisabetta at the fulcrum of a T-square with Pluto and asteroid Britten describes the death (Pluto) of Britian’s (Britten) queen (Elisabetta)

Also hitting that theme is a Grand Cross of asteroid Queen’s at 5 Capricorn, opposed the Moon at 12 Cancer, squared Mercury at 4 Libra and a pairing of asteroids Requiem with Anubis at 10 and 13 Libra, and asteroid Roy (Old French for “king”) at 2 Aries, with an exact Jupiter/asteroid London conjunction at 4 Aries.  This denotes a newsworthy event and Press coverage (Mercury) of the public (Moon) funeral (Requiem, Anubis) of a female (Moon) sovereign (Queen’s, Roy) in Britain’s capital (London).

QE2funeral queue2
Elizabeth’s subjects wait in line to pay their respects; the queue extended more than five miles from Westminster Hall, with waits as long as 30 hours to view the Queen; asteroid Hall squared asteroids King and Grieve throughout this period
QE2funeral queue

Jupiter rules royalty generally, as well as indicating the outsized nature of the ceremony and its religious overtones.  Its exact conjunction with London can also be seen as the large gathering of foreign and domestic royals for the funeral, with 17 crowned heads and their spouses or heirs expected to attend the funeral, among a crowd of some 500 dignitaries and 2000 guests.  Almost three dozen near relations, descendants of the Queen’s grandfather George V, will attend, as well as presidents, premieres, and representatives of governments from across the globe.

QE2funeral children vigil
Elizabeth II’s children (above) and grandchildren (below) held successive vigils by her catafalque during her lying in state; asteroid London exactly conjunct Jupiter indicated the royal pilgrimage to the capital, including dozens of foreign royals and 17 crowned heads
QE2funeral grandchildren vigil

Venus at 17 Virgo appears with asteroids West and Rip at 15 and 12 Virgo respectively, a symbol of the funeral (Rip) of a beloved (Venus) personage at Westminster Abbey (West).  The Sun at 26 Virgo closely conjoins asteroid Abbe at 25 Virgo, putting the funeral site in the spotlight; this opposes Neptune at 23 Pisces, planetary ruler of sorrow.

QE2funeral abbey
The end of the journey: Elizabeth II’s funeral in Westminster Abbey; asteroid Abbe conjoined the Sun, opposed her natal centaur Hylonome (mourning) with asteroids Graves and London

More to the point, the Sun/Abbe conjunction opposes Elizabeth II’s natal asteroid Graves at 20 Pisces, as well as natal Hylonome, exact with natal London at 22 Pisces.  This depicts a highlight (Sun) on an outpouring of grief (Hylonome) in the capital (London), focused (Sun) on a funeral (Graves) in Westminster Abbey (Abbe).  The natal Hylonome/London pairing is more than apt, as a preview of the intense mourning displayed there, with queues of ordinary citizens extending up to 5 miles from her lying-in-state in Westminster Hall, and waits of as much as 30 hours to view her catafalque.  Crowds were so large that admission to the queue was suspended for six hours on Friday the 16th; in total, nearly three-quarters of a million are expected to file past the Queen to pay their respects.  The lying-in-state commenced in Westminster Hall at 5 PM BST on Wednesday the 14th, and continues 24 hours a day until the viewing is terminated at 6:30 AM the day of the funeral.  During this period, asteroids Grieve and Hall were in square, from 18 to 17 Aries and 14 through 16 Cancer.

QE2funeral casket spray
The floral spray on the Queen’s casket, given by her son, the new King Charles III, who chose the flowers himself from her gardens; a simple card reads, “In loving and devoted memory, Charles R”; asteroid Graves is exactly conjunct the Descendant of the funeral, which also conjoins the Queen’s natal Sun and asteroid Grieve

The Queen’s natal asteroid Grieve at 5 Taurus conjoins her Sun, and is activated by the Descendant and asteroid Graves for the funeral.  The funeral MC at 25 Leo squares the Queen’s natal asteroid Requiem at 22 Scorpio, while transit Grieve at 17 Aries conjoins natal Anubis at 20 Aries, providing real-time, in-the-moment links to these points which relate most strongly to funerals and memorials.

QE2funeral imperial crown
The Imperial Crown rests atop the casket during her lying in state, to be joined by the Orb and Scepter at her funeral; asteroid Krohn (for crown) at 24 Taurus squares the funeral MC at 25 Leo, and is stationary, turning retrograde three days after the funeral, indicating the change in leadership for the monarchy

As following the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, 25 years before, masses of floral tributes have been left for Her Majesty, outside Buckingham Palace and other royal residences.  But the palace staff learned some valuable lessons from that experience, when the offerings were allowed to remain and accrue until after Diana’s funeral; some 60 million flowers had to be cleared in the aftermath, with an estimated weight of 10-15 tons.  This time around, flowers are cleared daily to make room for more, so there’s no telling how the two women compare in floral memorials.  But flowers are certainly a prime focus of the event, as asteroid Flora attests.  Named for the Roman goddess of flowers (and the root of our words floral and florist), she appears at 12 Scorpio in the funeral chart, closely conjoined the 10 Scorpio Ascendant, part of the Grand Cross with Graves, Rey and Elisabetha.

QE2funeral flowers
King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla inspect floral offerings left for the late Queen, which will total in the millions; asteroid Flora opposes Graves and conjoins the funeral Ascendant, in a Grand Cross with asteroids Elisabetha and Rey

The ceremony was officiated by David Hoyle, Dean of Westminster, and Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, England’s leading prelate. Dean Hoyle’s moment in the sun is seen by asteroid Hoyle at 22 Pisces, opposed the Sun/Abbe conjunction. The Archbishop is represented by asteroid Canterbury, which at 5 Libra conjoins Mercury at 4 Libra and asteroid Requiem at 10 Libra, and is exactly squared asteroid Queen’s at 5 Capricorn marking Archbishop Welby (Canterbury) as the principal speaker (Mercury) at his former sovereign’s (Queen’s) funeral (Requiem).

QE2funeral canterbury
Officiating the funeral were Justin Welby, left, archbishop of Canterbury, and David Hoyle, right, Dean of Westminster, represented by asteroid Canterbury conjunct Mercury and asteroid Requiem, squared asteroid Queen’s; and asteroid Hoyle, opposed the Sun with asteroid Abbe

Although the ceremony is being held in London, the Queen will be interred privately with her husband Prince Philip at the family crypt in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, as portrayed by transit asteroid George at 1 Scorpio, opposing transit Graves and within orb of the Ascendant.  Elizabeth’s reunion with her husband is reflected in the placement of asteroids Prinz (German for Prince) and Philippa (feminine version of Philip) at 2 and 6 Capricorn, flanking asteroid Queen’s at 5 Capricorn.

QE2funeral liz mourning
Queen Elizabeth II at the funeral for her husband, Prince Philip, in 2021; she will be interred with Philip at Windsor, reunited at last, as reflected celestially by asteroids Prinz (German for “prince”) and Philippa (the feminine version of Philip) conjoined asteroid Queen’s at her funeral

With this final act, the long life and seemingly endless reign of Elizabeth II passes into history.  None of her successors is likely to reign as long, nor preside over so much change and transformation.  May she rest in peace.

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Aster-Obit: Queen Elizabeth II

She advised 15 Prime Ministers, interacted with 14 American presidents and 7 popes, but the long life and seventy-year reign of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II came to a peaceful close on 8 September 2022, when the 96-year-old sovereign passed away in her sleep at her private estate of Balmoral Castle in Scotland.  Most of the United Kingdom’s population – indeed, most of the world – cannot recall a time when Elizabeth was not Queen; her reign spanned the post-World War II era to our post-Modern society, and her life saw massive technological change, from telegraphs to Twitter.


Through it all the Queen was a rock, an anchor, a lodestar, a point of national focus and international attention.  Perhaps the richest woman in the world, certainly among the most-photographed persons on the planet, Elizabeth was an icon of stability, steadfastness, propriety and honor, a self-contradictory mix of privilege and duty.  Considered staid by some, stodgy by others, time seemed to sweep over and above her, leaving her untouched in a sea of change.

QE2dead truss
Her last act: notoriously devoted to duty, these final photos of the Queen show her greeting new Prime Minister Liz Truss, barely 48 hours before her death

But all things must end, time always wins, and the throne now passes to King Charles III, the man-who-thought-he’d-never-be-king.  We’ll be profiling the new sovereign in due course, but for now let’s pause and reflect on the life and passing of his remarkable mother.

No exact time of death has been released as of this writing, but a little online sleuthing revealed that newly-minted UK Prime Minister Liz Truss was passed a note in Commons at 4:21 PM BST, after which she and the leader of the opposition unexpectedly left the floor.  So I’ll be focusing on that as the approximate time of death, but we’ll also take a look at 5:30 PM BST, which was when the public announcement came, via the Royal Family Twitter account.

QE2dead parents
Lilibet (right), as she was known in the family, with her parents, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and sister Margaret; as the granddaughter of a Scottish Earl, Elizabeth II had more Scotch blood in her than any of her recent predecessors – asteroid Scott at station in her birth chart may reflect this, as well as prefiguring the land of her demise

The 4:21 PM BST time yields an Ascendant in Balmoral of 7 Capricorn, with an MC of 22 Scorpio.  This squares very well with Elizabeth II’s birth chart (born 21 April 1926, 2:40 AM GDT in Mayfair, London England; Rodden Rating AA), with the Ascendant exactly opposing natal asteroid Elisabetta at 7 Cancer (one of two PNAs – Personal Named Asteroids – for Elizabeth), which thus is setting exactly on the passing chart’s Descendant, representing the West, the traditional direction of death.  The Ascendant also opposes natal asteroid Lachesis, arbiter of lifespans, at 10 Cancer, and is squared by transit asteroid Queen’s at 3 Capricorn.  The 22 Scorpio MC is even more powerful, exactly conjoining her natal asteroid Requiem, named for the funeral mass for the dead, and also within orb of natal Saturn, ancient lord of death, at 24 Scorpio and the natal MC at 25 Scorpio.

The transit Moon at 22 Aquarius is exactly squaring the passing MC and natal Requiem, conjoined transit Saturn at 20 Aquarius and transit Damocles (the doom hanging unseen overhead) at 27 Aquarius.  Certainly the death of any 96-year-old cannot come as a great surprise, but, having been well enough to receive her newest Prime Minister just two days prior, the Queen’s passing was unexpected and well reflects Damocles’ “unseen” qualities.  The Moon is also exactly conjoined natal Jupiter, ruling royalty, and opposes transit asteroid Osiris at 18 Leo, named for the Egyptian god of the dead, as well as natal asteroid Rey (Spanish for “king”) and Neptune, at 21 and 22 Leo.  Transit Saturn is also exactly conjoined natal Mars.

QE2dead coronation
The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh at her coronation in 1953; with asteroid Queen’s conjunct asteroid Elisabetha, her reign seems meant to be, and Philip remained by her side until his death in 2021

The Sun at 16 Virgo is exactly opposing natal asteroid Queen’s at 16 Pisces, also opposing natal asteroid Elisabetha (the second PNA for Elizabeth) at 11 Pisces.  Elisabetha is also being squared exactly in real time by transit asteroid Atropos at 11 Sagittarius, named for the mythic Greek Fate who severs the thread of life at death.

Let’s shift gears here a moment to compare the Angular movement between the approximate time of her death and its formal, public announcement.  That came via the Royal Family Twitter account at 5:30 PM BST, which shows an Ascendant of 0 Aquarius and an MC of 8 Sagittarius.  Rising on the Ascendant now is transit asteroid Lachesis at 3 Aquarius, named for Atropos’ sister Fate, who determines the span of life; 0 Aquarius is also exactly squared Elizabeth’s natal Sun degree of 0 Taurus (which is also Charles’ natal Moon degree).  With Lachesis is transit Elisabetha at 9 Aquarius, also within orb of the Ascendant, specifying whose death is being announced.  Transit Elisabetha also conjoins natal Atropos at 13 Aquarius.

QE2dead kids
The Queen with her young family on an earlier visit to Balmoral, which became an annual pilgrimage in the late summer and early autumn

Transit Atropos at 11 Sagittarius is now cresting the 8 Sag MC, which is itself exactly squared the Queen’s natal asteroid Rip at 8 Virgo (which functions as a death indicator via the acronym “RIP”, “Rest In Peace”, a common tombstone inscription).  Natal Rip is embedded at station (it turned direct six days after her birth) and conjoined another stationary body, asteroid Scott at 9 Virgo (which turned direct 2 May 1926).  Together, these prognosticate a death (Rip) in Scotland (Scott), which is where Balmoral is located.  In fact, the chart is almost location-specific, with asteroid Balmer, closest to Balmoral, opposing Rip from 4 Pisces. (The connection between Elizabeth, death and Scotland is reiterated in the transit sky, with transit Scott at 18 Aquarius conjoined transit Elisabetha at 9 Aquarius, transit Saturn at 20 Aquarius and natal Atropos at 13 Aquarius. Meanwhile, transit Balmer at 5 Leo, conjoining asteroid Rey (Spanish for “king”) at 8 Leo, opposes Lachesis with Elisabetha at 3 and 9 Aquarius.)  Both charts fittingly highlight personal elements and death indicators in angular prominence.

Balmoral castle in Scotland, site of the Queen’s death; natal asteroids Rip and Scott conjunct and at station, opposed asteroid Balmer (closest to Balmoral) tell the tale from birth

To return to the passing chart, transit Rip at 7 Virgo is preparing to return to its natal place, reactivating that potential.  And it’s not travelling alone – in tow are asteroid Regina (Latin for “queen”) at 1 Virgo and Venus at 4 Virgo, suggesting the passing (Rip) of a beloved, female (both Venus) monarch (Regina).

QE2dead adult kids
The Queen with her husband and adult children; the Ascendant was exactly squared her natal Sun when the Royal Family Twitter account announced her passing, with the MC exactly conjunct her natal asteroid Requiem

Death in the news that day is foretold by asteroid Anubis (named for the Egyptian deity governing funerary rites) at 9 Libra conjunct Mercury (the Press, news) at 8 Libra, squaring the 7 Capricorn Ascendant, in a T-Square with natal Elisabetta.  That it was a royal death is underscored by Anubis/Mercury opposed Jupiter, ruling royalty generally, at 6 Aries, as well as asteroids Roy (Old French for “king”) and King at 5 and 13 Aries respectively.

Transit Elisabetta at 22 Libra squares transit Pluto (modern lord of death) at 26 Capricorn, which exactly opposes transit asteroid Britten (homophone of “Britain”) at 26 Cancer.  This T-Square interacts directly with a natal one, composed of the Ascendant at 21 Capricorn, asteroid Regina at 23 Libra, and Anubis at 20 Aries.

QE2dead platinum
The Queen enjoys the flyover by the RAF at the celebration of her Platinum Jubilee, commemorating 70 years on the throne, just three months before her death

Queen Elizabeth II’s death was heralded by a Lunar Eclipse on May 16, 2022, which at 25 Scorpio fell exactly on her MC, highlighting natal Saturn and Requiem as well.  The Solar Eclipse of April 30th at 10 Taurus squared her natal Moon (ruling health generally) at 12 Leo, as well as natal asteroid Atropos at 13 Aquarius.  The upcoming Solar Eclipse of October 25th at 2 Scorpio opposes her natal 0 Taurus Sun and exactly squares her progressed Sun at 2 Leo, while the upcoming Lunar Eclipse of 8 November at 16 Scorpio again squares natal Atropos and her Moon.

I have already detailed many aspects of the Queen’s life and nativity in a prior post on her Platinum Jubilee last February, but there’s one character trait I neglected to mention.  Stoic and deadpan in public, in private Elizabeth was the family comedian, witty and ebulliently fun-loving.  She had a gift for mimicry and greatly appreciated the absurdity of things going wrong at formal affairs (provided they didn’t go too wrong, of course!), with the juxtaposition of ceremony and comedy.

QE2dead gt grandkids
The Queen with seven of her great-grandchildren at her 90th birthday in 2016; five more were born subsequent to this picture being taken

That may be attributed to two key placements in her birth chart.  Asteroid Thalia, named for the Greek Muse of comedy, appears at station, having turned direct the day before her birth at 14 Virgo, sesquiquadrate her Sun.  And asteroid Hilaritas, named for the Roman goddess of cheer and mirth (and root of our word “hilarity”), falls at 8 Aries, conjunct Mercury at 4 Aries, allowing her to give voice to her comedic insights and impressions of others.  It’s a shame the public was rarely witness to this endearing side of her, but as Queen, Elizabeth likely would have found that inappropriate in most situations.

The nature of inherited monarchy is such that it is seamless:  “The Queen is dead, long live the King!”  And so the passing chart of the former sovereign becomes the accession chart of his or her successor.  The last breath of the old monarch becomes the first breath of the new reign.

QE2dead liz1
The Queen’s love of fashion, though sometimes sedate, followed her throughout her life; purples and pinks were among her favorites; asteroid Elisabetta at the fulcrum of a T-Square with Pluto, modern lord of death, and asteroid Britten (homophone for Britian), depicted her passing

Therefore, we should be able to see Charles III in the passing chart of his mother.

And so we do.  Charlotte is the closest English language name approximating Charles, for which there is no exact asteroid match.  Asteroid Charlotte at 8 Taurus is at station, about to turn retrograde on September 10th, the very day Charles’ accession will be formally announced.  Stations represent literal “turning points” for those associated with them, which is surely the case now for the man with perhaps the longest job apprenticeship in history.  At age 73, Charles becomes the oldest heir apparent to inherit the throne.  But his right to do so is celestially underscored by asteroid Charlotte’s conjunction with TNO Albion at 13 Taurus, a name which refers to ancient Britain, and its exact square to asteroid Rey at 8 Leo, the Spanish word for “king.”

QE2dead chas
Out with the old, in with the … old. At 73, Charles is the oldest heir apparent to succeed to the crown; asteroid Charlotte (closest to Charles) at station in his mother’s passing chart, conjoined TNO Albion (an ancient name for Britain) and squared asteroid Rey (Spanish for “king”) signals his change of direction as the new King of England

Charles is further highlighted by asteroid Carol, a form of Carolus (Latin for Charles), which at 9 Pisces is opposed by the spotlighting Sun at 16 Virgo, T-Squared with Atropos at 11 Sagittarius.  Like all kings, Charles buys his throne with a blood price.  What he does with his inheritance, and how long he has to do so, remain for the future to reveal.

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American Agita

No, this article is not about the nation’s acid reflux problem.  It’s about the interplay of two Main Belt asteroids and how they affect the mood of the American populace.  Asteroid America was in fact named for the US, so it’s no surprise we find it useful in describing events important to the country.  Asteroid Agita, while technically named for Agita Tarasova, a relatively obscure science worker and computer programmer at the Astronomical Observatory of the Latvian University, also works both for the medical definition of the term (basically, heartburn), and for its more colloquial usage as general upset, turmoil, agitation and anxiety.


Bring the two together, as they are in the US Independence Day chart, and you have a recipe for a disgruntled, stressed-out, anxious US population, with a strong, if indefinable, gut feeling that things are just not right.  Natally, Agita and America square from 24 Cancer and 27 Libra, a combustible combination virtually guaranteed to wring out a fair amount of national heartburn from every crisis, manufactured or genuine.

That the US population can be so easily agitated, and that the media can form such a useful ally in this process, is denoted by the fact of the natal US asteroid Agita exactly atop the US Mercury at 24 Cancer—news, opinion and discourse (all Mercury) create a natural national response of unease and apprehension (Agita).  The punditry (Mercury) has a built-in affinity for agitation, whipping up popular sentiment and anxiety (Agita) with this combination, all the moreso as it opposes the nation’s 27 Capricorn Pluto, conjuring images of secret, hidden threats, conspiracies and enemies, aiding and abetting manipulation and control of the populace, represented by the US Moon at 27 Aquarius, tightly inconjunct Mercury/Agita.

agita nexium
Take two and call me in 2024; 2023 promises to be a banner year for American anxiety and ill ease: with two Solar Eclipses focused on the US asteroid Agita exactly conjunct Mercury, soothing rhetoric is unlikely

Worse, this T-Square becomes a Grand Cross with the addition of the US asteroid Nemesis at 28 Aries, a point denoting ruin or destruction, often self-created.  Transiting Pluto has been exacerbating these built-in tendencies, coming to station at 24 Capricorn, exactly opposed Mercury/Agita, in April 2020 and October 2021, and at 28 Capricorn, exactly squared Nemesis, in April 2022, with a final salvo from its 27 Cap direct station in October 2023, exactly squared natal America.  All this as Pluto moves to make its Return to its degree in the US chart, effectively reactivating and reenergizing its natal potential.

Adding to the problem is the current placement of TNO Eris, a body noted for fomenting strife and division, representing populations who feel themselves to be disrespected, slighted, insulted, marginalized, sidelined or generally put-upon.  In short, MAGA Republicans.  The resulting disgruntlement and disaffection lie at the root of much of today’s political conflict, and the overarching sense that things are heading in the wrong direction, with more than 70% of the US population expressing the sentiment that the nation is on the wrong track, for a wide variety of reasons, on both ends of the political spectrum.  Eris is hovering at 24 Aries, exactly squared Mercury/Agita, and has been, off and on, since the summer of 2020.  This unfortunate state of affairs continues for large segments of time through the winter of 2026, and it’s not like Eris is done with us then.  She just moves on to aspect the other arms of the natal Grand Cross, providing her patented brand of discontent for the foreseeable future.

agita TEA party
A transit conjunction of asteroids America and Agita just days before the 2010 election prompted massive Republican gains and swept the TEA Party into power in DC, a circumstance from which the nation has never recovered

We’re fortunate in one respect regarding Agita and America – they are current unaspected to each other in the sky.  The cyclic interaction of these two bodies is very erratic, due to their similar orbital periods, with Agita completing one tour of the zodiac in 3.3 years, and America slightly longer at 3.6 years. This provides for literally years where the two bodies are unaspected, or repeatedly form the same aspect, as they only incrementally deviate from the orbital resonance between them.

Arguably the most politically impactful time America and Agita traveled together within ten degrees of each other was from mid-July 2010 until mid-August 2012, when they made only one exact conjunction, on October 27, 2010.  Significantly, that was just five days before the 2010 election, when a TEA Party revolution turned out Democrats in Obama’s first Mid-Term, with the President’s Party losing 63 seats and control of the House of Representatives (Dems also lost six Senate seats, but narrowly maintained control).  America and Agita’s previous conjunction period was in 2002, and before that, not since the early days of the twentieth century, when they conjoined no less than six times from 1907 through 1916.

Since the turn of the millennium, their pace of interaction has increased.  In addition to the 2002 and 2010 conjunctions, the two were within ten degrees from early July 2014 through early October 2015, thanks to back-to-back retrogrades which kept them locked into orbital resonance for that extended timeframe.  That period saw the loss of the Senate to Republican control during Obama’s second Midterm Election in 2014, completing the transfer of power begun at the previous conjunction, and the genesis of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in June of 2015, inaugurating possibly the most anxiety-ridden period in American history.

agita rush
Smoke and mirrors: conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh promoted a parallel reality view of the US, designed to rile his listeners, with Agita on a Black hole and squared his Sun, T-squaring the US Mercury/Agita conjunction

Mercifully, there won’t be another conjunction of Agita and America until this century is almost over.  Which isn’t to say they won’t affect one another.  Other aspects continue to form, and when a hard aspect is present, the national agitation level inevitably ramps up.  Most recently, the pair were within five degrees of semisquare aspect, from mid-December 2021 into early March 2022, affording an American “winter of discontent,” where President Biden’s approval ratings dropped like a stone and COVID hangover economics prompted rapidly rising inflation.  They’re inching closer to conjunction for the balance of 2022 and well into 2023, but never quite make it before separating again.

The Agita/America connection also plays out in the charts of numerous rabble rousers in the US, particularly of the conservative ilk.  The late, great, right-leaning gasbag Rush Limbaugh (born 12 January 1951), a born agitator, sported a T-Square involving Agita at 26 Aries, exactly conjunct a Black Hole, squared his Sun/Icarus conjunction at 21 and 26 Capricorn and opposed natal Neptune at 19 Libra, which is exactly quintile (72 degrees) natal Mercury at 1 Capricorn and exactly semisquare America at 4 Sagittarius.  He embodied (Sun) rash, reckless commentary (Icarus) with deceptive rhetoric (Mercury quintile Neptune), all focused on creating a parallel reality, or alternate world view (Black Hole) of the nation (America), designed to rile (Agita) his listeners.  This T-Square keys strongly on the US Mercury/Agita Grand Cross, making Rush perhaps the leading American firebrand of his day.

agita beck
The 2010 Agita/America conjunction also saw the rise to national prominence of Fox News celebrity Glenn Beck, seen here at his pre-election rally in DC that summer; natal Agita conjunct Mercury opposes the same configuration in the US chart

Glenn Beck (born 10 February 1964), who specialized in fanning fantastic fears in his audience, has Agita at 3 Aquarius opposed America at 1 Leo in his birth chart, with Agita conjunct Mercury at 29 Capricorn, describing a native ability to aggravate and dis-ease (Agita) the country (America) with his commentary and views (Mercury).  His Mercury also opposes the USA’s own, once again tapping into that Grand Cross and further focusing his conservative message on the national stage.  Beck mustered a crowd estimated at anywhere between 87,000 and 350,000 at his “Restoring Honor to America” rally at the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 2010, at the height of the “TEA Party” conjunction of Agita and America, which were then just five degrees apart, with Agita trine his 21 Aquarius Sun and America squared his 13 Virgo Pluto.

More recently, Fox News pundits Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson display many of the same traits.  Born 30 December 1961, Sean Hannity’s 8 Capricorn Sun opposes Agita at 3 Cancer (making the agitation of others part of Hannity’s core being), which is closely tied to asteroid America at 4 Sagittarius, by inconjunct, with America also semisquare natal Mercury at 17 Capricorn.

Sean Hannity is another Fox News rabble-rouser of the first water, with his Sun opposed Agita, on the US Jupiter

The same roundabout connectivity between Agita, Mercury and America is displayed by Tucker Carlson (born 16 May 1969), currently Fox News’ primetime ratings leader.  Agita at 18 Cancer is exactly sesquiquadrate America at 3 Sagittarius, which itself opposes Mercury at 11 Gemini.

Note that three of these four have Mercury in conservative Capricorn, opposing, by Sign if not degree, the nation’s own.  And three of four also have close aspects between Agita and America, making them natural agitators of the national psyche.  They also tie to the US natal asteroid Lie at 17 Cancer, with Limbaugh’s Sun opposed, Beck’s Jupiter (politics) in square from 16 Aries, Hannity’s Mercury exactly opposed, and Carlson’s Agita conjunct, so deception of the nation also comes naturally to these conservative pundits.

agita carlson
Tucker Carlson is the current prima donna at Fox News Channel; natal Agita is exactly sesquiquadrate asteroid America, and conjoins the US Mercury/Agita placement

And what of the Agitator-in-Chief?  Donald Trump’s natal Agita at 21 Capricorn falls neatly into the nation’s Grand Cross of Mercury/Agita, Pluto, America and Nemesis, enabling his pot-stirring and rabble-rousing.  But it also opposes his natal asteroid Nemesis at 16 Cancer, implying that his very ability to unnerve or disconcert others could lead to his own downfall.  It certainly contributed to his political downfall, when droves of Independents and reasonably sane Republicans deserted Trump in the 2020 election, denying him a second term, largely based in exhaustion after four years of nonstop agitation and stress.

As well, Agita opposes his natal Saturn/Venus conjunction at 23 and 25 Cancer – he has a genuine affection (Venus) for agitating others, and uses this means to further his career (Saturn).  But asteroids Karma and Niobe are here, too, at 23 and 28 Cancer respectively.  So his agitation of others is something he takes pride in (Niobe), but that he’ll be called to account for (Karma) someday.  A T-square with Jupiter at 17 Libra brings this into the realm of politics, identifying the arena where Trump’s nerve-wracking tendencies will be most effective, as well as encouraging his outsized, over-the-top efforts at agitating his base.

agita trump
A born American agitator, Donald Trump has natal Agita opposing the US Mercury/Agita and setting off a Grand Cross with Pluto, Nemesis and asteroid America; but it also opposes natal Nemesis, perhaps prompting his own downfall

The US natal Agita will be activated by two upcoming Solar Eclipses in the coming year, one at 29 Aries on 19 April 2023 and another at 21 Libra on 14 October 2023, both in square to Mercury/Agita and setting off the Grand Cross generally.  These eclipses also energize Donald Trump’s natal asteroid d’Arrest, so it may be that an indictment against the former president provides the spark for yet another round of American agita, complete with the violent responses prophesied/promoted by himself and his surrogates, who warn of dire consequences to ensue should Trump ever be brought to justice.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

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AAA Profile: Liz Cheney

If anyone had told me two decades ago that I would be admiring, let alone praising, someone with the last name of “Cheney”, I’d have said they were nuts.  But that’s just the sort of uncomfortable position many progressives find themselves in these days, when contemplating the recent performance of Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY), daughter of the former Vice President, vis-a-vis the actions of Donald Trump and the bastardization of the GOP.


Virtually alone among the DC denizens of her Party (with one or two notable exceptions), Liz Cheney has stood up against the onslaught of moral degradation, outright criminality and hyper-partisan lunacy, calling out such behaviors and attitudes where she sees them, decrying conspiracy theories and the Big Lie itself, and firmly stating that Donald Trump was responsible for the January 6th Capitol Insurrection, and has no business ever again being anywhere remotely near the levers of power.

I probably don’t agree with a single public policy point that Liz endorses, but how can you argue with a principled stance like hers?  It takes a lot of guts to stand up to the bullies and Trump sycophants that run the GOP, and, for all her lack of a Y chromosome, Liz Cheney has bigger balls than any of the male political eunuchs with which she works.

Whence comes this spine of steel and the ability to speak truth to power?  Let’s pull back the astrological curtain on Liz Cheney and see what makes her tick.

Liz Cheney concedes the Montana Republican Primary race; with natal asteroid House conjunct the Sun and sesquiquadrate Saturn, ruling career, the US House of Representatives was a likely workplace on Cheney’s career arc

Born at 11:57 PM CDT on 28 July 1966 in Madison, Wisconsin (Rodden Rating AA), Cheney’s 5 Leo Sun is conjoined by Mercury at 4 Leo, as well as asteroids House and Toro at 10 and 11 Leo.  Mercury with the Sun grants a keen intelligence, and the ability to express oneself with ease and directness.  House here suggests her time spent in the US House of Representatives – combined with Mercury, we might suppose that Speaker (Mercury) of the House is a personal ambition.  Toro indicates bullying, aggressive, blustering behaviors, but also the ability to stand up to them.  Cheney won’t back down in a fight, and is tough as nails, able to dish it out as well as take it.  Also with the Sun is centaur Asbolus at 0 Leo, a point which indicates the ability to read the zeitgeist, the spirit of the times; Cheney has her finger to the wind of public opinion, but doesn’t feel the need to blow its way.

A 6 Taurus Ascendant provides another stubborn streak, an intransigence and unwillingness to back down or alter course, as well as highlighting the importance of her personal values in Cheney’s life and her public image.  The Moon at 29 Sagittarius, exactly squared Saturn at 29 Pisces, suggests an adventurous, gregarious spirit, but one who can control emotions and won’t allow them to interfere with official business or the duties of her job.

There is no Elizabeth asteroid (nor any Cheney), but there is an Elisabetha, which at 10 Scorpio squares the Sun and Mercury (ruling the naming function), and opposes the Ascendant, making it typical of one’s own PNAs (Personal-Named Asteroids), which commonly interact with the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Mercury.  Cheney’s other family members fit neatly into their respective astro-pegs:  father Richard (AKA “Dick”, here both a nickname and a descriptor) appears as asteroid Richard, which at 26 Taurus is sextile Saturn at 29 Pisces, signifying the father; mother Lynne appears as asteroid Lynn, which at 20 Leo is widely trine the 29 Sagittarius Moon, signifying the mother.  Sister Mary appears as asteroid Mary, which at 0 Taurus is squared Mercury, ruling siblings (Mary is lesbian, and a celestial nod to her sexual orientation can be seen in the semisquare from Mary to asteroid Sappho at 17 Gemini, named for an ancient Greek lesbian poet).  Husband Philip Perry appears as asteroids Philippa and Perry, which at 25 and 29 Libra oppose asteroid Hera, named for the Greek goddess of marriage, at 5 Taurus, and trine asteroid Juno, her Roman counterpart, at 21 Gemini.

cheney family
Liz (far right) with family members, sister Mary, mom Lynne and dad Richard at Dick Cheney’s second swearing-in as Vice President in 2005; all have natal PNA placements which reflect their status in her life – asteroid Elisabetha squares the Sun (the Self), asteroid Mary squares Mercury (ruling siblings), asteroid Lynn is trine the Moon (ruling the mother), and asteroid Richard is sextile Saturn (ruling the father)

A strong focus on truth-telling can be seen in a conjunction of asteroids Truth and Veritas (Latin for “truth”) at 15 and 19 Cancer, with Veritas exactly conjoined the IC.  Truth is foundational for Cheney, something she builds upon which has angular force and potency in her life.  These points are enmeshed in a string of planetary energies comprised of Venus, Mars and Jupiter, at 9, 12 and 18 Cancer respectively.  This helps to explain her combative (Mars), values-based (Venus) stance in political matters (Jupiter), where she is willing to buck virtually her entire Party to support the truth as she sees it (Truth, Veritas).

Truth and Veritas (with Jupiter) also participate in a Grand Trine Kite pattern, with trines to asteroid Washingtonia and Neptune at 17 and 19 Scorpio; and asteroid America at 26 Pisces with centaur Chiron and asteroid NOT, both at 25 Pisces, and Saturn at 29 Pisces.  The String of the Kite is asteroid Diana at 20 Capricorn, on the 19 Cap MC.  Washingtonia represents DC, and America represents the nation at large, so Cheney’s truthfulness is disseminated freely (trine) to her cohorts in Washington and the citizenry generally.  Neptune here suggests issues with deception, trickery or falseness and zealotry or fanaticism in the capital, as well as an idealized, perhaps less-than-realistic, take on what government should be and do for the country.

Saturn/America shows a conservative (Saturn) bent toward the nation (America), while Chiron suggests a maverick position, something Cheney could not have been accused of until the past few years, as she and her Party increasingly diverged on the issue of Trump and his effect on the country.  NOT is another contrarian energy, and actually appears at station (it turned retrograde four days before her birth), making it an embedded factor in her psyche.  Significantly, NOT is squared to asteroid Troemper at 28 Gemini, our celestial referent for The Donald, identifying Cheney as a “never-Trumper” of the first water.

Diana is a very protective energy, virginal and pure, and this attitude of defending or shielding others while retaining one’s self-integrity is essential to understanding the choices Cheney has made in her career, to voice her conscience about what is right as opposed to going along to get along.

cheney mccarthy
Liz leans in for a confab with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, during happier times; asteroid McCarthy conjoins her natal Sun, while asteroid Kevin is semisquare – PNAs with solar connections denote individuals who are important in the life, for good or ill

That attitude has already cost Liz Cheney quite a lot, and may cost her more.  The Wyoming Republican Party passed a censure resolution last November to oust her from the state party, a largely symbolic move in retaliation for her vote to impeach Trump after the January 6th insurrection.  In February 2022 the Republican National Committee voted to censure her and fellow GOP Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) for taking part in the January 6th investigation.

A more substantial rebuke had already come in May 2021, when House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy pulled his support of her and encouraged a voice vote to remove her from her leadership position as Conference Chair, based in her refusal to back down on her anti-Trump statements, and her willingness to join the House Select Committee investigating the riots, after McCarthy had refused Republican cooperation.  Cheney’s response was typical:  “ We cannot both embrace the big lie and embrace the constitution.  The nation needs it: the nation needs a Republican party that is based upon fundamental principles of conservatism, and I am committed and dedicated to ensuring that that’s how this party goes forward, and I plan to lead the fight to do that.”

Kevin McCarthy’s influence on her life is seen in the chart as asteroid McCarthy at 9 Leo, conjoined the Sun, and asteroid Kevin at 20 Gemini, in exact semisquare.  PNAs connected to the Sun indicate individuals who have an outsized importance on the biography and a powerful role to play, for good or ill.

Despite the flak she has taken, Cheney remains an outspoken critic of Trump and the direction the GOP has taken under his leadership.  Wyoming’s only Representative, Cheney faces a steep uphill climb in her re-election efforts for 2022, with a Primary challenger who is polling well ahead.  Harriet Hageman is an attorney who previously made an unsuccessful bid for the Republican Gubernatorial nomination in 2018; she is up 20+ points on Cheney in recent polls.  Asteroid Harriet at 26 Sagittarius conjoins the Moon and squares Chiron, suggesting a deep wound (Chiron) brought on by a woman (Moon).  Asteroid Hagelin is closest to Hageman; at 2 Taurus it conjoins the Ascendant and squares the Sun, indicating a struggle or contest between them, and someone with the power to alter Cheney’s public image.

cheney hageman
Cheney’s victorious Primary opponent, Harriet Hageman; natal asteroid Harriet conjoins the Moon and squares Saturn with Chiron, suggesting a career (Saturn) wound (Chiron) from a female (Moon) of that name; by transit on Primary day, asteroid Harriet conjoined Elisabetta, sesquiquadrate Mars, depicting the conflict between them

The Wyoming Primary election is set for August 16th, and does seem to suggest a Cheney loss.  But like the General Election to follow, the date features a Sun/Uranus interaction, so unpredictability and surprise is the order of the day.  [Author’s Note:  This article was slated for release several days earlier, but was bumped for the breaking news of the attack on Salman Rushdie; it is now post-Primary, and Cheney did in fact lose to Hageman, by an almost forty-point margin blowout.]

There’s a “wobbly” Grand Cross for the Primary, which is a typical Grand Cross that has additional peripheral points that aspect some of the anchor bodies, but not all.  The basic pattern is created by the Sun at 23 Leo opposed Saturn at 21 Aquarius, the crossbars formed from Uranus at 18 Taurus and asteroids Troemper at 15 Scorpio and Karma at 22 Scorpio.  This suggests a volatile, unpredictable atmosphere (Uranus), but also a likely loss (Saturn), heavily influenced by Donald Trump (Troemper), with a fated feel (Karma).  It’s likely Hageman would have taken this race without Trump’s specific endorsement, but he’s the underlying cause of the loss regardless, in that Wyoming Republicans are upset with Cheney’s stance on him and her acting as Vice Chair for the January 6th Select Committee.

The peripheral points are asteroid Elisabetha, for Liz Cheney herself, which at 13 Aquarius is squared Troemper (Trump), depicting their antagonism.  Elisabetha is also squared asteroid House at 8 Scorpio, identifying the battlefield of the race as the US House of Representatives.

Also at the Saturn arm is Damocles at 28 Aquarius, the threat or doom hanging overhead, about to descend.  In this case, in addition to the mooted loss of the race, we might consider the fact that death threats for Cheney have become so numerous that she has had special protective agents assigned to her for months, and was unable to participate in normal in-person campaign events which would typically dominate the race.  Speaking of campaigns, that’s represented by Mars at 27 Taurus, while asteroid America at 1 Virgo, broadly conjoined the Sun, indicates the high level of national interest in the outcome of this regional race.

There’s also a T-Square which aptly describes Cheney’s quandary.  Asteroid Elisabetta (a second referent for Elizabeth, which in the natal chart appears at 12 Virgo, conjoined powerhouse Pluto at 16 and quirky Uranus at 17 Virgo, denoting Cheney’s entrenched core and maverick streak) at 9 Libra conjoins asteroid Truth at 8 Libra, opposed a combination of asteroid Nemesis and Jupiter at 0 and 8 Aries, with asteroid Veritas at 3 Cancer on the fulcrum.  This shows Cheney (Elisabetta) as true to herself and her political (Jupiter) principles (Truth, Veritas), which is the cause of her downfall (Nemesis).

Asteroid Harriet is also here; at 14 Libra it conjoins Elisabetta.  PNAs which conjoin each other can act as allies or irritants, focused on a common goal or constantly chafing each other with a quality of inescapability.

cheney trump
Liz Cheney extends a congratulatory hand to Donald Trump in the Oval Office, something we’re not likely to see again; natal asteroid Troemper squares asteroid NOT, signifying Liz as a never-Trumper, while transit Troemper falls in a Grand Cross with the Sun, Saturn, Uranus and asteroid House at the Wyoming Primary Election

There’s just one point at station in the Primary chart:  asteroid NOT, which at 21 Aries turns retrograde five days later.  NOT suggests a dead end, an inability to proceed, falling short of a goal.  That it repeats its stationary stance from Cheney’s birth chart, and squares her natal Jupiter, suggests that for Cheney, this level of political engagement has come to an end.  Transit asteroid Nike at 20 Capricorn, named for the Greek goddess of victory, is cresting her 19 Cap MC, at the cusp on the Tenth House of career, normally a very positive sign of a likely win, but it’s also tightly squared by transit NOT, somewhat diluting its effects.

Liz Cheney’s fate in this election seems sealed, but what about the epilogue?  Cheney has made it plain that among her chief goals going forward is ensuring that Donald Trump never acquires power again, a song that will tune sweetly to many ears, if not amongst the base of her Party.

But she must have ambitions for herself as well.  The loss of her seat likely puts that natal House Speaker goal out of reach, for the foreseeable future at least.  But there’s one more point in Cheney’s natal chart which appears at station, an embedded focus of her psyche, and possibly a major feature of her biography.

That’s asteroid Whitehouse at 8 Aries, representing the Oval Office and the presidency, which turned retrograde a week after her birth.  Whitehouse is squared the natal Venus/Mars/Jupiter stellium and trine Sun/Mercury, making it a political (Jupiter) desire (Venus) for which she will fight (Mars) and strategize (Mercury), something self-defining (Sun).  Does Cheney harbor presidential ambitions?  Will she run in 2024, if only as a spoiler to call out Trump on the campaign trail and in debates, continuing to speak truth to power?  8 Aries also just happens to be the degree of Jupiter’s recent retrograde station, perhaps igniting a political passion for the presidency, previously only smoldering in embers.

If and when the Trumpian fever breaks in the GOP, Liz Cheney, as a principled leader who stuck to her guns during the worst of the infection, could be perfectly placed to reap the rewards of her “I told you so” attitude.  I could almost be persuaded to vote for her myself.

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Kentucky Rain Keeps Pouring Down

Torrential rains drenching eastern Kentucky in late July led to massive flooding on July 28, 2022, particularly of isolated rural communities in the poorest areas of Appalachia, where rivers and creeks swelled to overflow their banks by as much as 20 feet, filling the hollows and washing away some homes and businesses, inundating others in feet of standing water.  Hardest-hit areas received 8-10 inches of rainfall within 48 hours.  As of this writing (July 31) 26 are dead and dozens more still missing, while continued rain forecasts imperil search efforts and threaten to exacerbate an already tragic situation.  Among the dead are four young siblings from Montgomery, Kentucky:  Maddison, Riley, Nevaeh and Chance Noble, aged 2 to 8, torn from their parent’s arms by the current’s grip as the family’s mobile home was swept away.


The devastation in Kentucky follows similar flooding in the St. Louis, Missouri region two days prior, where 11 inches of rain fell within 8 hours, breaking a record set by the remnants of the Galveston hurricane in 1915; two were killed.   Even a small amount of water, in the wrong place at the wrong time, can lead to disaster, as desert clime Las Vegas experienced, also on July 28, when up to three-quarters of an inch of rain fell within two hours; the resultant flash flooding swamped several casinos.

KY flood kentucky1
A mobile home in Kentucky is capsized and washed clear of its foundation by the flooding; with Jupiter and asteroid Flood both at station, in a Grand Trine with the Sun, excessive rain was an issue in several US regions in late July

A glance at the skies for the Kentucky flooding reveals the intensity and multiplicity of these events.  Late July 2022 saw the stations of two bodies significant to the story – the planet Jupiter, noted for excess and increase, made its retrograde station on July 28, the very day of the Kentucky and Las Vegas floods.  Jupiter, known as the “Greater Benefic” and noted for providing positive outcomes, nevertheless inflates any situation, for good or ill, blowing it up out of proportion.  Stations lend themselves to a similar overemphasis of the associated energies, and the second stationary point involved was asteroid Flood, which turned direct on July 31st.  Talk about literal!

KY flood st louis2
Sudden rising flood waters made boats a more practical means of transport and rescue on St Louis streets; with Uranus opposed TNO Typhon (named for a Titan reputed to engender violent storms), the unexpected, sudden quality of the storm disaster is depicted

Worse, at 8 Aries and 8 Sagittarius respectively, Jupiter and Flood were bound in an exact trine, increasing the likelihood of their interaction creating excessive (Jupiter) water conditions (Flood).  Once the Sun joined the fray, completing a Grand Trine from 5 Leo on July 28th, the focus (Sun) became extreme flooding.  And with the Sun forming a Kite pattern with its opposition to asteroid Lachesis at 9 Aquarius, named for the mythic Greek Fate who determines the span of life, the flooding turned deadly.  Also bound up in the pattern was a third stationary point, asteroid Nemesis at 0 Aries, representing ruin and destruction, which turns retrograde August 3rd; the property damage from these incidents has not been fully assessed, but will doubtless run to the tens, perhaps hundreds, of millions.  St. Louis’ proximity to the action is noted in asteroid Lewis at 3 Aries, conjoined Jupiter.

KY flood st louis1
St Louis broke a century-old record for rainfall in a 24-hour period; asteroid Lewis conjoined asteroid Nemesis, representing ruin and destruction, joined the Grand Trine by conjunction to Jupiter, known for excesses

The theme of sudden devastation and death from flooding is reinforced by an opposition from TNO Typhon at 16 Scorpio, named for a Titan known as the god of storms, to a Mars/Uranus combination at 15 and 18 Uranus, with Mars ruling violent death and Uranus ruling surprise and sudden change, much like the flash flooding.  This polarity becomes a Grand Cross when an opposition from Mercury and asteroid Rip, at 18 and 20 Leo, to Saturn at 23 Aquarius is factored into the equation.  Saturn is the ancient lord of death, while Rip also functions as a death indicator, in the form of the acronym “RIP”, “Rest In Peace”, a common tombstone inscription.  Mercury alludes to the loss of children or young people, at least six of whom perished in Kentucky (including the four Noble family children).

KY flood jackson
An aerial view of the flooding in Jackson, Kentucky, where the Kentucky River crested at 43.2 feet – asteroid Jackson in square to Jupiter/Nemesis put this city in the hot seat for devastating flooding

Another pointer toward a watery death comes from Neptune, planetary ruler of flooding, which at 25 Pisces opposes a pairing of asteroids Requiem and Anubis at 19 and 25 Virgo.  Requiem is named for the funeral mass for the dead; Anubis is named for an ancient Egyptian deity governing funerary rites.  A T-Square is formed with asteroid Montgomery at 20 Sagittarius, representing the home town of the Noble family; also at station, Montgomery is exactly sesquiquadrate the Sun, and turns direct on August 6th, already at its station degree.  Asteroid Las Vegas at 27 Pisces conjoins Neptune, providing another geographic indicator of where unusual flooding would occur.

KY flood vegas
We don’t normally think of desert Las Vegas as a flood risk, but just a small amount of rain over a short period can yield that result; several casinos were inundated on July 28th, with asteroid Las Vegas conjunct Neptune, planetary ruler of flooding

The most specific marker of deadly storms claiming the lives of youths comes from Pluto, modern lord of death, which at 27 Capricorn opposes a remarkable grouping of asteroids Child, Nobel, Storm and Osiris, at 20, 21, 24 and 27 Cancer respectively.  Osiris is named for the Egyptian god of the dead, and with Nobel standing in for Noble, we have here a quite literal statement of the flooding (Storm) deaths (Osiris, Pluto) of the children (Child) in the Noble (Nobel) family.

KY flood noble
The Noble family of Montgomery, KY lost all four of its young children to the flooding. Multiple indicators of the tragedy include a T-Square of Neptune (floods) opposed death indicator asteroids Requiem and Anubis, with asteroid Montgomery at the fulcrum; Saturn (ancient lord of death) opposed Mercury (ruling children and siblings); and, most remarkably, an opposition from Pluto (modern lord of death) to a cluster of asteroids Child, Storm, Osiris and Nobel

The Kentucky River smashed an 83-year-old record for flooding, when it crested at 43.2 feet in Jackson, Kentucky on the morning after the rains.  The locale may be reflected in a square from exacerbating, over-the-top Jupiter at 8 Aries to asteroid Jackson at 5 Cancer.

With Jupiter and Flood maintaining their close trine through August 18th, we may be seeing more such incidents, at least until the Sun ages out of the Grand Trine Kite on August 11th.

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