Of Bishops, Champions and Chancellors: an Asteroid Triptych

Some asteroid names are resonant to particular job titles or accomplishments. In this article, we’ll examine three, two of which have been featured in the news lately.

On August 23rd, Pope Francis acquiesced to a rather unusual request:  52-year-old Xavier Novell i Goma, Bishop of Solsona, Spain, submitted his resignation for “strictly personal reasons.”  In good health, at the prime of life (for clergy), the bishop’s departure raised eyebrows and caused speculation in sacred and secular circles.  Novell was elevated to his see in 2010, at age 42, one of the youngest bishops Spain had ever known.  It took the Spanish press awhile to smoke out the details, but on September 5th the sordid story broke – the ex-bishop had left the church to cohabit with a 38-year-old divorcee, Silvia Caballol Clemente, with whom he had fallen in love.  Caballol is a novelist.  Of erotica.  Satanic erotica.  Well, at least she doesn’t have a penis.


I retrofitted the chart to August 23rd, the date the Pope accepted Novell’s resignation, and was not unduly shocked to find the Sun at 0 Virgo possessed by asteroid Silvo (for Silvia) and Noviello (for Novell) at 3 and 9 Virgo respectively, spotlighting (Sun) the former bishop (Noviello) and his lover (Silvo).  This stellium is opposing that ongoing Jupiter/Damocles conjunction, now at 26 and 27 Aquarius, representing the impending doom hanging overhead (Damocles) during the period of their unholy union, for politicians and princes (Jupiter), of both the Royal and Church varieties, with Jupiter also ruling clergy.  Additionally, these form a very apt T-Square with asteroid Nemesis at 1 Sagittarius, that point of self-ruin and destruction.

Just down the celestial pike is a Mars/Mercury conjunction, at 15 and 19 Virgo, representing sex (Mars) with a writer (Mercury), and these oppose a cluster of asteroids Lust and Xavierbaptista at 16 and 21 Pisces, with Neptune at 22, all T-Squaring an exact conjunction of asteroids Clemente and Eros at 19 Sagittarius, filling in the details.  Who is the writer (Mercury)?  Silvia Caballol Clemente (Clemente), who uses just her first two monikers as her penname.  What does she write (Mercury)?  Erotica – from the root eros, “passion”.  Who is her lover (Mars), what does he do, and what binds them?  Xavier (Xavierbaptista – which means “Xavier the Baptist”:  nice touch); a clergyman (Neptune co-rules religion); and lust (Lust).

BCC bishop
Former Bishop Xavier Novell i Goma, who resigned his office to cohabit with a divorcee novelist of satanic erotica; a transit Mercury/Mars conjunction opposed asteroids Lust and Xavierbaptista with Neptune for his resignation tells the tale

Also embedded within this pattern is an homage to the resignation, with asteroid Church at 11 Virgo, symbolizing Novell’s ecclesiastical career, squared asteroid NOT at 18 Sagittarius, a general disqualifier.  This shows the effect of the affair with Caballol, a withdrawal (NOT) from his official role in the Catholic hierarchy (Church).  And just coming into orb with Mercury, at 28 Virgo, also opposing Neptune and Xavierbaptista, we find asteroid Lucifer, for the satanic spin on the plot.  I guess the devil really did make him do it.

There’s a third T-Square operating in the resignation chart, formed by asteroid Sylvia (alternate spelling of Silvia) and Venus at 3 and 8 Libra (identifying the female love interest and affair); TNO Salacia, centaur Chiron and asteroid Gomi at 6, 12 and 13 Aries (specifying sex scandal – Salacia; maverick behaviors and incurable wounds – Chiron; and the male half of the sketch – Gomi, for i Goma); and asteroid Bishop at 3 Cancer, pinpointing the lover’s job title.  As well, asteroid Caballo (for Caballol) at 7 Aquarius closely cojoins Saturn, symbol of resignation, at 8 Aquarius, both squaring a combination of asteroid Achilles (weakness, vulnerability, the inherent flaw which threatens to destroy the native) and Uranus (shock, controversy, socially unacceptable behaviors) at 5 and 14 Taurus.

Xavier Novell i Goma (born 20 April 1969, no time available) seems destined for his post, with a natal T-Square of asteroid Bishop at 26 Cancer, exactly opposed asteroid Gomi at 26 Capricorn, personalizing that role to himself, T-Squared by Saturn at 28 Aries, conjunct the Sun at 0 Taurus, bringing in career direction (Saturn) and self-identity (Sun).  Note that Pluto, currently at 24 Cap, came to its retrograde station in April at 26 Capricorn, exactly conjunct natal Gomi and opposed natal Bishop, for the total transformation (Pluto) in the bishop’s life.

BCC caballol
The Bishop’s Wife? No, not the beloved holiday classic, this is Silvia Caballol Clemente; that the bishop would find the charms of this satanic erotic novelist irresistible is foreshadowed by a natal conjunction of Venus with asteroids Lucifer and Eros, semisextile Mercury and squared asteroid Caballo

A passionate affair with a female writer steeped in satanic erotica (Caballol is the author of “The Hell of Gabriel’s Lust”, among others) is hinted at by the conjunction of asteroids Lucifer and Eros at 3 and 11 Aries, and Venus at 12 Aries, with Venus exactly semisextile Mercury (writers) at 12 Taurus; the exact square to asteroid Caballo at 12 Capricorn specifies which satanic eroticist.  Note again the conjunction of transit Salacia, Gomi and Chiron with the Aries stellium, not to mention the exact opposition from transit Sylvia to natal Lucifer, pegging the lover as having satanic affiliations.  Also with Venus is asteroid Church at 9 Aries, suggesting Novell’s love for this institution; but the seeds of his renunciation are present as well, in the form of a close square to asteroid NOT at 8 Capricorn, with this same configuration repeated in the resignation chart.  It took the activation of Caballo, in the form of Caballol’s entrance into his life, to enforce this potential for NOT to cause a withdrawal from the church.  Transit Venus is just days away from opposing its natal degree, marking it at its low point in the cycle with itself – gee, d’ya think?

The lovers are further bound cosmically by the close square of asteroid Xavierbaptista at 14 Pisces and asteroid Silvo at 15 Gemini (with the Sun on their midpoint, semisquare to each), T-Squared to natal Mars at 16 Sagittarius, accompanied by Achilles at 14 Sag, asteroid Noviello at 22 Sag, with asteroid Lust not far off, at 5 Sagittarius.  This pattern is overlaid for his resignation by the transit T-Square of Mars/Mercury, Eros/Clemente, and Lust/Xavierbaptista/Neptune.

Also in the mix, a natal conjunction of Sylvia and Pluto at 21 and 22 Virgo, suggesting the hugely transformative (Pluto) influence Silvia Caballol (Sylvia) would be in his life; ignited in transit by Mars/Mercury and Lucifer.  Their connection seems fated, with natal asteroid Clemente conjunct asteroid Karma, at 7 and 8 Aquarius, the exact degrees of the transit Caballo/Saturn pairing.

The icing on this post-celibate celestial cake is that Pope Francis appointed as Novell’s successor a man named Roman … wait for it … Casanova!  Seriously?

Moving on to Asteroid Two, Champion.

A surprise upset at the US Open rocked the tennis world on September 12th when Russian challenger Daniil Medvedev bested superstar Novak Djokovic in three straight sets, upsetting the Serbian player’s quest to break a three-way tie and emerge as the winningest tennis player of all time.

BCC medvedev
The thrill of victory; surprise US Open winner Daniil Medvedev sharing an intimate moment with his trophy; his win comes as no shock when we see transit asteroid Champion traveling with asteroid Medvedev, opposing his natal Sun/Mars/Champion conjunction at his victory

Born 11 February 1996 (no time available), Medvedev’s Sun/Mars conjunction at 22 and 26 Aquarius sets up a potential self-identity (Sun) as an athlete or sports figure (Mars), and with asteroid Champion right there at 29 Aquarius, chances are he’ll do well.  Further reinforcing this personal connection to excellence is asteroid Medvedev, which at 26 Libra trines the solar stellium and squares Mercury at 26 Capricorn, conjoined by asteroid Daniela at 24 Cap (feminine form of Daniel, for which Daniil is the Russian equivalent).  Thus Medvedev conforms to the typical pattern of having one’s own PNAs in contact with Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Mercury (which represents the naming function).

When Medvedev performed his shocking upset on September 12, 2021, transit asteroid Champion at 22 Leo exactly opposed the natal Sun at 22 Aquarius, giving the nod to his victory.  Just to confirm the validity of the win in real time, Champion is travelling with asteroid Medvedev at 14 Leo, itself exactly squared transit Uranus, arbiter of the shocking and unexpected, at 14 Taurus.  Filling out a Transit T-Square is Jupiter, which at 24 Aquarius is conjoined Medvedev’s Sun, promoting fame and a positive outcome; and asteroid Nike, named for the Greek goddess of victory, at 22 Scorpio, just in case we have any doubts as to the outcome.  As well, transit asteroid Daniel at 3 Libra conjoined Mars at 28 Virgo, providing a burst of energy (Mars) to Medvedev (Daniel), and also was exactly trine asteroid Victoria at 3 Aquarius (named for Nike’s Roman counterpart, and root of our word “victory”), itself conjunct Saturn at 7 Aquarius, for one of the most important wins (Victoria) in his (Daniel) sports (Mars) career (Saturn).

Novak Djokovic is no slouch in the winning department himself, with 20 career Grand Slam titles.  Born 22 May 1987 at 11:25 PM MEDT in Belgrade, Serbia (Rodden rating AA), Djokovic’s natal asteroid Champion at 20 Leo is inconjunct the 16 Capricorn Ascendant, squared the 14 Scorpio MC and exactly sesquiquadrate his 5 Aries Moon, affording a public image (Ascendant) of greatness (Champion) in his career (MC) and a strong emotional connection (Moon) to winning.  Natal Nike graces the Ascendant from 12 Capricorn, doubling down on the victory vibe, while natal asteroid Victoria at 3 Cancer is part of an assemblage of points clustered about natal Mars at 1 Cancer, suggesting athletic wins.

BCC djokovic
The agony of defeat; tennis superstar Novak Djokovic was denied his 21st, record-setting Grand Slam win by Daniil Medvedev, an event perhaps foretold in his birth chart by asteroid Medvedev squared Saturn and Uranus (implying a career upset from that quarter), and asteroid Daniela conjoined Mars and Nemesis (suggesting a block to his sports ambitions)

Unfortunately for Djokovic, among the additional points with Mars are asteroids Nemesis at 4 Cancer and Daniela at 7, seeding the potential for Daniil Medvedev (Daniela) to act as spoiler (Nemesis) for Djokovic’s ultimate sports (Mars) victory (Victoria).  Further, asteroid Medvedev at 26 Pisces squares a Saturn/Uranus conjunction at 19 and 25 Sagittarius, implying a career (Saturn) upset (Uranus) from that quarter (Medvedev).

Despite having recently had a Champion Return, with the transit body just two degrees past its natal placement, the stars generally were aligned against Djokovic, with transit Uranus at 14 Taurus exactly on his natal IC and exactly opposing the natal Midheaven, for the shocking upset; and transit Daniel at 3 Libra squaring natal Nemesis/Mars/Daniela, reinforcing Medvedev’s (Daniel, Daniela) power to foil (Nemesis) Djokovic’s athletic ambitions (Mars), however unexpected (Uranus).

Our third asteroid profiled is a CNA (Compound-Name Asteroid), Aunon-Chancellor, one of a recently-named batch of 27 released last month by the Minor Planet Center.  I’ve had experience before of separating a standard CNA into its parts and using it as a reference for either the first name or the last, but never when one portion was also a job title.  So this made for an interesting bit of research, which I will share now.

When thinking “Chancellor”, Germany is the most obvious country which comes to mind, as that is the title of its head-of-state.  Germany’s first Chancellor was Otto von Bismarck, who welded the country into a unified empire from numerous disparate states, under Prussian hegemony, in the late 1800s.  Born 1 April 1815 at 1 PM LMT in Schonhausen (Rodden Rating AA), Bismarck had natal asteroid Aunon-Chancellor at 9 Capricorn, conjoined the 8 Capricorn Moon and squared the Sun at 10 Aries, with asteroid Bismarck, a point named for him, at 13 Aries.  How dramatic can you get?  Aunon-Chancellor is also semisextile Saturn, representing the chief executive, at 10 Aquarius. Score!!

BCC bismarck
Germany’s first Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, with asteroid Aunon-Chancellor conjunct the Moon and squared a Sun/asteroid Bismarck conjunction

[Interesting aside – Bismarck also had asteroid Germania, for Germany, at 19 Pisces, conjoined Pluto and Mercury at 16 and 21 Pisces, in square to asteroid Ferris at 18 Gemini; Ferris is a homonym of “ferrous”, meaning “of iron”, a very apt placement for the so-called “Iron Chancellor” who, through careful planning (Mercury), totally transformed (Pluto) his homeland (Germania) from a loose confederation into a major European power.]

BCC hitler
Adolf Hitler was elected chancellor before upgrading himself to Fuhrer; natal Aunon-Chancellor conjoins Venus and Mars, in a T-Square with asteroid Germania and Saturn

I didn’t feel up to the task of confirming Aunon-Chancellor’s placement in the chart of every chancellor of Germany, but a few came readily to mind.  One obvious choice was Adolf Hitler, elected Chancellor in 1933, but later morphing himself into Fuhrer of the Third Reich.  Born 20 April 1889 at 6:30 PM LMT in Branau, Austria (Rodden Rating AA), Adolf Hitler had natal Aunon-Chancellor at 20 Taurus, conjoined an exact Venus/Mars pairing at 16 Taurus, exactly squared asteroid Germania at 20 Aquarius, and in a T-Square with Saturn at 13 Leo, confirming him as chief executive (Saturn) of Germany (Germania).  The connection to Venus granted the popularity for Hitler in his post as chancellor; Mars signified leading his people to war.

BCC brandt
Willy Brandt was a Cold War era German chancellor; asteroid Aunon-Chancellor squares Saturn and is inconjunct Germania

Next up, Willy Brandt, who shepherded West Germany during the height of the Cold War, from 1969 to 1974.   Brandt’s story is unique, in that he was born Herbert Frahm, but adopted the pseudonym Willy Brandt to avoid detection by the Nazis after Hitler came to power, and it became the name by which he was later officially known.  Born 18 December 1913 at 12:45 PM MET in Lubeck, Germany (Rodden Rating AA), Brandt’s natal Aunon-Chancellor at 10 Pisces squares Saturn at 13 Gemini, again certifying him as Chief Executive, while also inconjunct to asteroid Germania at 9 Libra, exact on the Descendant, combining his career and his homeland, as with Hitler.  An exact hit to the Descendant is of course also an exact opposition to the Ascendant, and its power to influence how others see us made “Chancellor” a ready-made public image for Brandt.  Aunon-Chancellor is also widely trine asteroid Brandt at 19 Pisces.

Interestingly, both Brandt’s birth names, Herbert and Frahm, aspect his 25 Sagittarius Sun (his core identity), with asteroid Fram (alternate spelling) at 24 Sag conjoined and asteroid Herberta (feminine variation) at 29 Libra in sextile, while both names he chose for himself aspect Jupiter at 22 Capricorn, the seat of his fame, with asteroid William (basis for the nickname “Willy”) exactly conjunct, and Brandt in sextile, mimicking the natal PNA pattern of aspects.

BCC kohl
Helmut Kohl oversaw the reunification of East and West Germany into a single state in 1990; Aunon-Chancellor lies in a Grand Trine Kite with the Sun, asteroid Cole, and Germania

Helmut Kohl oversaw the reunification of East and West Germany; as Chancellor of West Germany from 1982 to 1990, and the combined state from 1990 to 1998, he is the longest-serving head of post-War Germany.  Born 3 April 1930 at 6:30 AM MET in Oggersheim, Germany (Rodden Rating AA), Kohl’s natal asteroid Aunon-Chancellor at 2 Leo lies in a Grand Trine Kite pattern with asteroid Cole (phonetic match for “Kohl”) at 15 Sagittarius and the Sun at 12 Aries, opposing asteroid Helmi (for Helmut) at 10 Libra, itself conjoined asteroid Germania at 8 Libra.  This unites the office he held (Aunon-Chancellor) with three personal signifiers (Sun, Helmi, Cole) and the nation he led (Germania), affording an ironclad celestial “right” to the position.   Aunon-Chancellor is also sesquiquadrate natal Saturn at 13 Pisces, connecting it with Kohl’s career.

BCC merkel
Angela Merkel, Germany’s outgoing chancellor, was also its first female head-of-state; asteroid Aunon-Chancellor conjoins asteroid Angel and squares asteroid Merkley, also sesquiquadrate Saturn

Finally, Germany’s current (and first female) Chancellor, Angela Merkel.  Heading Germany since 2005, Merkel announced in 2018 that she would not run for office in the 2021 German federal election, to be held later this month, but would step down at that time.  Born 17 July 1954 at 6:30 PM MET in Hamburg, Germany (Rodden Rating B), Merkel’s natal Aunon-Chancellor at 16 Gemini is an exact match for her Descendant (thus opposed the Ascendant, representing her public image), conjunct asteroid Angel (for Angela) at 20 Gemini, and squared asteroid Merkley (for Merkel) at 21 Pisces, doubly binding her personally with the office.  Aunon-Chancellor is also sesquiquadrate natal Saturn at 2 Scorpio, repeating the pattern of connection with the planet symbolizing career and the chief executive which we have encountered with all four of her predecessors profiled above.

This random sampling of German chancellors would seem to validate the fact that asteroid Aunon-Chancellor, though its career-suggestive component is “hidden” within, does in fact correlate to the celestial importance of that job title, for those who have held the position, resonating in both a personal and professional capacity.

But isn’t that just what we’ve come to expect?

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The California Recall Election

For the second time in twenty years, California is holding a recall election for its governor.  Like Gray Davis in 2003, the at-risk chief executive is a Democrat, Gavin Newsom, less than two years into his first term, former mayor of San Francisco.  Unlike the successful challenge mounted by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2003, there is no high-profile Republican candidate running to unseat Newsom in 2021.  Rather, upwards of 40 little-known candidates have ponied-up to the electoral bar, from across the political spectrum, but Newsom is not among them, as the current governor is not allowed to run to replace himself.


To be held September 14th, voters will be presented with two questions on the California Recall ballot:  first, whether to retain Newsom in office or remove him; and then, stating their preference for his replacement, which option they can exercise even if they had voted to keep him.  Mail-in ballots have been sent to every registered voter, which may boost turnout in this off-year, off-season election, possibly giving Democrats an advantage in retaining the seat.  Newsom is consistently polling just above 50% saying he ought to remain in his job, but should he drop below that level, he will be replaced by whoever has a plurality of votes, no matter how few are cast; there is no runoff provision to winnow the field.  Currently polling best among his would-be successors, with roughly a quarter of the vote, is Republican Larry Elder, an African American conservative talk radio host and author.

So the polls tenuously endorse a Newsom victory – what do the stars say?  Born 10 October 1967 at 5:13 AM PDT in San Francisco, California (Rodden Rating AA), Gavin Newsom has a firm grasp on power, with Pluto exactly conjunct the 21 Virgo Ascendant and squared natal asteroid Gavini at 26 Sagittarius, combining two personal celestial markers (Ascendant and Gavini, for Gavin) with the source of personal power.  In itself, Gavini is also exactly conjunct asteroid Nike, named for the Greek goddess of victory, so winning comes naturally to Newsom.  Asteroid California at 24 Pisces on the Descendant, T-Squared Gavini/Nike and opposed Asc/Pluto, shows the venue for Newsom’s personal power and victories; California’s angularity identifies it as a pivotal locale in Newsom’s biography.

California Governor Gavin Newsom; with Pluto on the Ascendant, squared asteroid Nike conjunct Gavini, Newsom is used to winning and wields his personal power with confidence and authority, as a marker of his identity and public image

The Sun at 16 Libra conjoins asteroid Newsome (for Newsom; thus both his PNAs conform to the typical pattern of aspecting Sun, Moon or Ascendant in the birth chart) and opposes Saturn at 8 Aries, moving Gavin Newsom into government work (Saturn), specifically in the role of Chief Executive (also Saturn).  The Moon at 16 Capricorn is exactly at First Quarter square with the Sun, and creates a T-Square of the Saturn polarity, suggesting, among other things, the likelihood of government (Saturn) housing (Moon).

Newsom was cheated in this natal potential during his tenure in San Francisco by the fact that the City by the Bay has no official mayoral residence; and he voluntarily voided the celestial manufacturer’s warranty when he abandoned the California governor’s mansion barely three months after moving in, opting for a private residence just outside Sacramento.  Perhaps third time will be the charm:  with asteroid Whitehouse at 16 Cancer filling out the Grand Cross, and exactly aspected to the Sun and Moon, an Oval Office run seems likely in the future, giving Newsom a crack at fulfilling the cosmic government housing proviso at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

newsom ballot
The recall election is perfectly timed celestially, with the spotlighting Sun exactly conjunct asteroid California, and opposing Gavini – all eyes on the Golden State and its Governor

On September 14th, the Governor and his state are appropriately highlighted for the Recall Election, with the transit Sun exactly conjunct asteroid California at 22 Virgo (just one degree past Newsom’s natal Ascendant) and opposed asteroid Gavini at 27 Pisces, placing both in the spotlight.  But not so fast!  Neptune is also part of the mix, conjoined Gavini and opposing Sun/California from 21 Pisces (highlighting Newsom’s natal Descendant/California pairing, suggesting his personal/Gavini relationship/Desc with the Golden State/California is in flux/Neptune), an indication of possible confusion at the ballot box, or disappointment in the outcome (both Neptune keywords).  (One likely source of the confusion could be that Democratic voters who support Newsom on Question One will not realize that they can also voice a preference for his successor, thus skewing the Question Two results towards a Republican challenger.)

That looming threat for princes and potentates, symbolized by the ongoing Jupiter/Damocles conjunction, which has taken down more than one public figure of late, remains in effect at 24 and 26 Aquarius, making this recall effort part and parcel of that current energy.  Also of note, a potential controversy regarding the vote itself.  Conducted largely by mail, transit asteroid Maillen (phonetic stand-in for “mail-in”) at 14 Taurus is an exact match for transit Uranus, and is stationary, turning retrograde on September 6th.  This could indicate an unexpected or controversial  (Uranus) development in the process, as related to mail-in ballots (Maillen), or perhaps a sluggish retrieval of that vote (the stationary status).

newsom cover
Things look promising cosmically for Newsom retaining his office, but Neptune opposed the Sun and California on Election Day, with asteroid Maillen conjunct Uranus, suggests a heightened level of confusion in the process, and the possibility of some controversy regarding the mail-in ballots

Transit asteroid Newsome at 29 Aries exactly opposes asteroid Sisyphus at 29 Libra, a symbol of repetitive action which neatly suggests the recall vote itself, and this polarity is T-Squared by transit Pluto at 24 Capricorn, identifying the playing field as Newsom’s personal power base, and perhaps evoking a devastating transformation (also Pluto) in circumstance.  The Newsome/Sisyphus opposition also forms the spine of a Boomerang Yod with inconjuncts from Newsome to Sun/California and asteroid Nike at 22 Scorpio, though the orbs here are a bit wide, indicating that Fate has a major role to play in the outcome.

More closely bound up in this pattern is Newsom’s natal Uranus at 26 Virgo and natal asteroid Victoria at 28 Scorpio, named for Nike’s Roman counterpart and the root of our word “victory.”  This suggests an unexpected win, but Neptune is once again the fly in the cosmic ointment, with natal Neptune at 22 Scorpio, exactly conjoined transit Nike, spreading uncertainty like a fog.

newsom elder
Currently leading the pack of contenders to replace Newsom is Republican Larry Elder; with asteroid Lawrence conjunct Nike and asteroid Larry at station conjoined Victoria, Elder’s win on Question Two seems likely, but it may be a moot point, if Newsom is retained in office on Question One

This contest is not a typical one, in that Newsom is not directly running against anybody, but rather, against his own performance as governor, as Californians rate it.  That said, Larry Elder’s prospects do look good for the day, with transit asteroid Lawrence (for given first name Laurence) at 25 Scorpio conjunct winning Nike, and transit asteroid Larry at 26 Capricorn conjunct both transit Pluto at 24 Cap and transit Victoria at 3 Aquarius, doubling down on the victory vibe (Nike, Victoria) for Elder (Lawrence, Larry), with prospects for increased personal power (Pluto again).  Both Larry and Victoria are strategically embedded at station, perhaps indicating a literal “turning point” in Elder’s life (win or lose, this election is likely to be a watershed moment for him and his career).  Larry resumes direct motion a week before the election, while Victoria turned direct on September 2nd, both still at their station degrees.  However, given the peculiar circumstances of this vote, this may refer only to a theoretical win of Question Two, voided and rendered moot by a Newsom victory on Question One.  A third Larry referent, asteroid Laurentia, appears at 23 Gemini, closely opposed asteroid NOT, a general disqualifier, at 22 Sagittarius, and T-Squared Sun/California, suggesting a cosmic nolle prosequi for the conservative talk radio host in his quest to be California’s next governor.  Larry Elder may find himself the winner of a contest that doesn’t apply.

And that, for now, seems the most likely outcome.  But with Neptune, certainty is always a mirage.

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Afghan Implosion

The phenomenal collapse of the Afghan government in mid-August 2021 sent shockwaves through the US and across the world.  Seemingly overnight (though the process took eleven days total), the 180,000+ strong US-trained Afghan military melted away, leaving the resurgent Taliban, already predominant in much of the rural regions, with little to no resistance in occupying the cities.  Even Kabul, the capital of the country, fell in a matter of hours on August 15th, with the US in full retreat from its abandoned embassy, controlling just half of the airport.


The US departure from Afghanistan, after almost two decades of uneven progress and a benighted attempt at nation-building, was originally negotiated by the Trump administration, with a May 1 deadline.  The Biden administration chose not to reverse this decision, but extended their exodus by a few months, with all troops slated to withdraw by September 1, just before the twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks which prompted the US invasion of Afghanistan that October, leading to its longest war ever.  While the likelihood of a Taliban takeover at some point seemed certain, no one officially expected the end would come so soon, or so completely.

So far, no hostilities have been exchanged between US and insurgent forces, and the Taliban seems to be respecting the American occupation of the airport, and not interfering with departing flights.  But with the fundamentalist Islamic group controlling ground crossings out of the country, and patrolling the streets of Kabul, rife with checkpoints, there seems little hope of evacuating the tens, perhaps hundreds, of thousands of native Afghanis who cooperated with the US military and diplomatic corps, working as contractors, interpreters and employees, but were unable to reach the sanctuary of the airport before the government’s collapse.  Their future in the country is now a bleak one, and the US abandonment of them a black mark on the Biden administration’s record.

afghan map1
Map illustrating the rapid progression of the Taliban reconquest of Afghanistan; Kabul fell within hours on August 15th, with asteroid Cabu conjunct a Black Hole and squared Pluto

For the asteroid astrologer, there is pathetically little to research in the situation, with no matches for the country, its capital, or the principals involved.  I did, however, hit upon asteroid Cabu (pronounced kah-boo), with a close phonetic similarity to Kabul, the Afghan capital.  Ironically, the point is named for French satiric cartoonist Jean Cabut, who used the pen-name Cabu, and was murdered in the January 7, 2015 shooting attack by Islamic terrorists on the Charlie Hebdo newspaper offices in Paris.

In a chart cast for August 15th, when Kabul and the Afghan government fell (with the president fleeing the country hours earlier, allegedly packing some $167 million is his kit), asteroid Cabu appears at 22 Libra, exactly conjoined a Black Hole and involved in a number of major patterns on that day.  Black Holes and Deep Space points are something I discus little these days, but I was immersed in their study for 15 years in the ‘90s and early years of the millennium.  “Implosion” is a keyword of their interactions, with prevailing conditions changing in the twinkling of an eye, leading to complete reversals of the status quo.  Among other properties, they promote the dramatic volte face, the sudden shift of realities to something unrecognizable from what went before, and it certainly seems fitting to find this marker of Afghan’s government in such a position at such a time.

afghan kabul
Bands of exultant Taliban fighters roam the streets of Kabul; Mars in a Grand Trine with Uranus and asteroid Fanatica depicts the sudden, unexpected takeover by radical Islamist forces

Cabu finds itself in a tense T-Square with an opposition to TNO Eris at 24 Aries, squared Pluto at 24 Capricorn.  This depicts the devastating transformation (Pluto) in Afghanistan’s (Cabu) fortunes, which now revert to a society dominated by religious fundamentalist fanatics, where women are denied education, self-governance, and basic human rights, and public executions for relatively minor infractions of the law are commonplace.  Eris denotes stress and discord, as well as downtrodden populations who are marginalized and disrespected.  A Grand Cross is created with the addition of asteroid Agita at 21 Cancer, further representing the anxiety and stress of the situation.

afghan plane
Desperate Afghanis mob a plane at the US-controlled airport, clinging to it for rescue; asteroid Cabu was in a Yod with the Sun and Neptune, bringing focus to the confusion and despair in Kabul

Cabu is also involved in a Yod, or Finger of Destiny pattern, exactly sextile the spotlighting Sun at 22 Leo, with Neptune at 22 Pisces on its Apex, exactly inconjunct both base points.  Neptune represents Afghanistan’s presumptive isolation from the community of nations under the new regime, the fanaticism and religious zealotry of its new government, and the confused, disordered withdrawal by the US, with Afghanistan (Cabu) the focus of the day (Sun).  The Sun is also exactly conjoined asteroid Eurydike, an image of the fruitlessness of attempting to reclaim that which is lost and has passed away forever; and opposes an exact pairing of Jupiter with Damocles at 27 Aquarius, signaling an impending doom (Damocles) of a political nature (Jupiter).

Neptune participates in a second major configuration, a Grand Cross comprised of an opposition to a pairing of asteroids Karma and Washingtonia at 23 and 24 Virgo, with the cross squares to asteroids America at 20 Gemini and Whitehouse with NOT at 28 and 18 Sagittarius respectively.  Neptune again portrays the anarchy and ineptitude of the US withdrawal; Whitehouse with NOT (a general disqualifier) describes the President’s (Whitehouse) refusal (NOT) to continue US (America) intervention in the region; the square from Whitehouse to Washingtonia defines the split between the administration (Whitehouse) and the government in general (Washingtonia), with Biden’s decision garnering condemnation from both sides of the aisle; and Karma here suggests a fated resolution, with the US reaping the consequences of its twenty-year war.

afghan biden
US President Joe Biden’s culpability in this debacle is seen as asteroid Bida conjunct asteroid Apophis and semisquare TNO Lempo, two images of evil outcomes

Biden himself does not escape celestial opprobrium.  His asteroid referent, Bida, appears at 4 Cancer, exactly conjoined asteroid Apophis, named for the ancient Egyptian personification of pure evil.  Certainly the wholesale abrupt abandonment of allies qualifies as an act of heinous betrayal, which some might feel squares with Apophis’ reputation.  As well, Biden is involved in another Grand Cross, with an opposition to centaur Pholus at 3 Capricorn, noted for mass deaths by whatever cause, and squares to TNO Salacia at 7 Aries, associated with scandalous behaviors, and asteroid Pandora at 4 Libra, known mythically as one who unwittingly released a host of evils upon the human race.  The US’ precipitate withdrawal will leave blood on the administration’s hands (Pholus), as the Taliban’s grip on the country increases and its medieval tactics are deployed (Pandora), and desertion of friends and allies qualifies as shameful and a scandal unto itself (Salacia).  Biden’s culpability is underscored by an exact semisquare to TNO Lempo at 19 Taurus, another point associated with unrepentant evil.  Named for a Finnish god noted as the chief of wickedness, confusion and cruelty, Lempo creates misfortune, disease and unspeakable nastiness (but, paradoxically, is also known originally as a god of love).

Perhaps the energies of the day are best summed up by examining the points which are embedded at station for the chaotic disaster:  asteroids Whitehouse and Intel, the two forces most responsible for the Afghan debacle.  Stationary bodies exert a huge influence on events, far out of proportion with their typical impact, and are the still points upon which the rest of the chart revolves.  Whitehouse at 28 Sagittarius resumes direct motion just three days after Kabul’s fall, indicating a major “turning point” for the occupant of the Oval Office whose poll numbers have plummeted in response to this catastrophe.  And Intel at 15 Aries (which turns retrograde from that degree on August 27th) denotes the intelligence which was inadequate to predict the swift turnabout in Afghanistan’s government, prefigured by a Grand Trine Kite from Intel to asteroids d’Arrest at 15 Leo and NOT at 18 Sagittarius, opposed America at 20 Gemini, an indication the US (America) cessation (d’Arrest) of military activity was premised on faulty data and flawed (NOT) analysis (Intel).

afghan leader
The likely next leader of Afghanistan, Taliban chief Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar; with asteroid Abdulla at 15 Pisces exactly trine asteroid Nike at 15 Scorpio, named for the Greek goddess of victory, his success was easy, and seems complete

Perhaps something may yet be salvaged from the ashes of America’s longest war, if the situation can be turned around and allies rescued and evacuated to safety before the final troop withdrawal, slated for August 30th.  But that outcome depends largely on the continued benevolent noninterference of the Taliban in the evacuation process, and the long-term implications of the US defeat in this endeavor are dire indeed.

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A Tale of Two Andrews

Two famous Andrews came to crisis moments in their biographies within a day of each other, in mid-August 2021.  On the 9th, a lawsuit was filed against HRH Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, Queen Elizabeth II’s second son, alleging sexual abuse of a minor; and on the 10th, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned under a firestorm of condemnation after a probe into allegations of sexual misconduct revealed a pattern of abuse of female staffers.

Two Andrews, in two days, both charged with sex crimes?  What’s going on here, celestially speaking?


Astrologically, there are a distressing number of MNAs (Mythic-Named Asteroids) named for characters from Greek myth associated with forcible sexual contact, both male and female.  Among the most notable male abusers are Aristaeus, who attempted to rape Orpheus’ wife Eurydice as she dallied in a pasture; and Nessus, the centaur who attempted to violate Heracles’ wife Deianira after offering her a piggyback ride across a flooded river.  Among the notable female victims are the aforementioned Eurydice and Deianira; Kassandra, the prophetess of Troy seduced and raped by Apollo; and Persephone, abducted from a field while picking wildflowers, by her uncle Hades.

A quick check of the ephemeris showed that asteroid Eurydike (an alternate spelling of her name), was currently at 20 Leo, conjoined asteroid Dejanira (ditto) at 26 Leo, dividing their time between the Sun at 17 Leo and Mercury at 25 Leo, placing a spotlight (Sun) on matters of sexual misconduct (Eurydike/Dejanira) and propelling that into the news (Mercury).  Moreover, Eurydike/Dejanira was embroiled in a Grand Cross with squares to asteroid Kassandra at 24 Taurus, named for another of the likely suspects when issues of rape arise, and asteroid Nemesis at 29 Scorpio, named for the goddess of divine retribution and righting wrongs; and an opposition to an exact pairing of Jupiter with Damocles at 28 Aquarius, with Jupiter ruling both royalty and political figures, and Damocles representing the doom hanging overhead, about to descend at any moment.

There’s the stage set, folks.  Now how about the actors?  They’re there, too, in the form of steroid Andree (the female form of the French Andre, equivalent to Andrew) at 11 Libra, creating a Pentacle of the Grand Cross, with semisquares to Eurydike and Nemesis, and sesquiquadrates to Kassandra and Jupiter/Damocles.  Andree is conjoined by asteroid Sisyphus at 16 Libra, named for that Hadean worthy doomed to forever roll a rock uphill, only to have it roll back down again, thus necessitating an eternal repetition of the action.  The implication is that both individuals are serial abusers, which is alleged for Cuomo, with 11 accusers.  As well, Andree appears at the Apex of a Yod, or Finger of Destiny, with inconjunct aspects to both Nessus at 14 Pisces and Uranus at 14 Taurus, with asteroid Askalaphus, named for the tale-bearer or witness, at 12 Taurus.  This speaks of a fated (Yod) controversy, shock or unexpected event (all Uranus) involving the revealing (Askalaphus) of sexual misconduct (Nessus), focused (Apex) on a person or persons of the name of Andrew (Andree).

andrew virginia
A pic of 41-year-old Prince Andrew with 17-year-old Virginia Roberts at a 2001 party held by Jeffrey Epstein belies the Prince’s assertion that he never met Roberts. Asteroid Roberts on his Ascendant, conveying the ability to affect his public image, and asteroid Virginia conjunct Jupiter, T-squared asteroids Epstein and Askalaphus, bears witness to the connections between them and His Royal Highness

I’m not going to dwell too much on Andrew Cuomo’s story, which I profiled earlier when the accusations were first made.  Suffice to say that his resignation was couched in a tedious, tendentious, self-serving and gaslighting speech, the operative portion of which came at 12:06 PM EDT on August 10th, with the phrase, “Given the circumstances, the best way I can help now is if I step aside and let government get back to government, and therefore that is what I’ll do, because I work for you, and doing the right thing, is doing the right thing for you.”

We’ll look at the timing of that renunciation later.  But let’s begin with the fresh ground of Prince Andrew’s situation.  This, too, is a story which has been hanging fire for years, since the arrest and imprisonment of Jeffrey Epstein, charged with sex trafficking of underage girls, one of which, the former Virginia Roberts (now Giuffre), is bringing the suit, alleging she was coerced to have sex with the prince by Epstein in 2001, when she was below the age of consent.  Andrew has denied all knowledge of her (despite at least one photo of them together at a party), and insists on his innocence.  Let’s see what the stars have to say about that.

Born 19 February 1960 at 3:30 PM GMT in London, England (Rodden Rating AA), Prince Andrew’s chart shows a number of markers of potential sexual misconduct, not the least of which is a broad conjunction of his 0 Pisces Sun with asteroid Aristaeus at 20 Aquarius, and squares to Dejaniera at 1 Sagittarius and centaur Nessus, her mythic abuser, at 24 Taurus, bringing together abusers (Aristaeus, Nessus) and abused (Dejanira) in a way central to his core identity (Sun).  Andrew’s title of Duke of York is prefigured in a Grand Cross of these points above with asteroid Duke at 28 Leo and asteroid York at 28 Scorpio, further personalizing the potential for sexual abuse to him (having these two in an exact square at birth, tied to the Sun, for the princeling who would eventually bear that title, is surely a remarkable example of cosmic synchronicity).

andrew family
Happy Families. The Duke of York with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson and their daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie. Andrew has a T-Square of the Sun with asteroids Duke and York, establishing his title, but also a triple conjunction of Venus, Mars and asteroid Child, suggesting a romantic and sexual attraction for underage partners

On the Scorpio/Sagittarius arm of the GC is included asteroid Karma at 2 Sagittarius, closely conjunct Dejanira at 1 Sag, suggesting some fated link to abuse (Dejanira), as well as the requirement to be responsible for our actions (Karma).  Also here is Andrew’s Moon at 25 Scorpio, exactly conjoined asteroid Hebe, named for Zeus’ ever-youthful nubile daughter.  Hebe is the root of our word “hebephilia”, which is sexual attraction for post-pubescent but legally underage individuals (and often conflated or confused with pedophilia, sexual attraction for sexually immature children).  With Mars and Venus in sextile from 27 and 28 Capricorn, this creates a strong emotional attachment (Moon) and sexual attraction (Mars) to underage (Hebe) romantic partners (Venus), as does the presence of asteroid Child at 23 Capricorn, conjoined the planetary emblems of sex (Mars) and romance (Venus).

Also opposed the Sun (and conjoined Duke at 28 Leo) is Pluto at 5 Virgo, suggesting the potential for coercion, manipulation, scandal and criminality (all Pluto), perhaps based in his social status (Duke).  Also squared the Sun (though not conjoined Nessus), is an exact pairing of asteroids Prinz (German for “prince”) and Sisyphus at 9 Gemini.  This suggests that Prince Andrew (Prinz, Sun) may be a serial abuser (Sisyphus, a symbol of repetitious actions).  These oppose Dejanira and Karma, as well as asteroid Persephone at 11 Sagittarius, another mythic character resonant to rape and abuse, and square Pluto, the Roman name for Hades, Persephone’s abductor and rapist.

andrew epstein
Prince Andrew with royal procurer Jeffrey Epstein; asteroid Epstein in Andrew’s birth chart was conjoined by transit Venus, asteroid Karma and asteroid Prinz, and opposed centaur Nessus, when the lawsuit for sexual abuse was filed

There are a lot of paths to sexual abuse in this celestial roadmap, and specific signposts to the other actors involved.  Andrew’s accuser, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, is seen as asteroid Virginia, which at 22 Sagittarius conjoins Jupiter at 28 Sag, and asteroid Roberts, which at 13 Leo conjoins the 11 Leo Ascendant and Uranus at 18 Leo.  Asteroid Geoffroy can pull double duty, for both Roberts’ married name of Giuffre, which it closely matches phonetically, and for Jeffrey Epstein, Andrew’s alleged procurer, an alternate spelling of his first name.  Geoffroy at 28 Aries conjoins Andrew’s MC at 22 Aries, while asteroid Epstein at 20 Virgo squares Virginia/Jupiter and T-Squares asteroid Askalaphus at 24 Pisces.  Let’s break that down.

Virginia with Jupiter (no slouch in the seduction and rape department himself) is a reiteration of the theme of abuse.  T-Squared Epstein and Askalaphus, this shows Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s claim to fame (Jupiter) as a witness (Askalaphus) to Jeffery Epstein’s (Epstein) role as royal (Jupiter) panderer, and the current publicity (also Jupiter) about that connection.  Epstein squared Virginia indicates a state of conflict between them (Giuffre asserts she was coerced into the act).  Asteroid Geoffrey conjunct the MC shows both individuals’ (Jeffrey and Giuffre) ability to impact Andrew’s social status (MC), while Roberts on his Ascendant indicates someone capable of affecting his public image, how others see him, for good or ill.  Roberts conjunct Uranus suggests shocking, controversial, unconventional or socially unacceptable acts, and the opposition of this pair to Achilles and Damocles (at 11 and 12 Aquarius respectively) on the 11 Aquarius Descendant depicts a weakness or vulnerability (Achilles) based in relationships (Descendant), which constitutes a looming threat (Damocles).  Asteroid Andree at 5 Taurus in T-Square completes the picture and anchors it personally to Andrew.  (Achilles and Damocles also conjoin Aristaeus at 20 Aquarius, suggesting an inherent vulnerability to charges of sexual abuse, which constitute an impending doom.)

So there’s the natal construct.  Let’s take a look at the transit sky for August 9th, when the lawsuit was announced.

andrew giuffre
Virginia Roberts Giuffre today, as the lawsuit was announced; in that chart, asteroid Roberts conjoins asteroid Andree (French for Andrew), celestially binding the two, while asteroid Virginia squares a Pluto/asteroid Hebe conjunction, suggesting criminal sexual acts involving minors

The Sun at 17 Leo is with Eurydike, Mercury and Dejanira at 20, 25 and 26 Leo, and this activates the zone in Andrew’s chart extending from the 11 Leo Ascendant through asteroid Roberts (his accuser), Uranus and Duke, at 13, 18 and 28 Leo respectively. The opposition to Jupiter and Damocles at 28 Aquarius is just a degree off his 0 Pisces Sun, refining it’s “threat to royalty” theme to him in particular, as well as precisely T-Squaring the exact natal Duke/York square.  Also squaring the Sun are transit Uranus, Child and Kassandra, at 14, 18 and 23 Taurus, indicating the shocking (Uranus) statutory rape (Kassandra) of a minor (Child).  These oppose natal Moon/Hebe and York at 25 and 28 Scorpio (with transit Nemesis at 29 Scorpio), and T-Square natal Aristaeus at 20 Aquarius.

Transit Virginia at 23 Aries has just crested his 22 Aries Midheaven, giving Virginia Roberts Giuffre a prominent spot on his career/status Angle in the moment of her lawsuit against him; a conjunction with natal Geoffroy at 28 Aries, also on the MC, represents her as well as Epstein.  Virginia also squares transit Hebe at 19 Capricorn with Pluto at 25 Capricorn, reflective of the scandal and criminal charges (both Pluto) for underage sex (Hebe) with Giuffre (Virginia).  Pluto and Hebe conjoin natal Child, Mars and Venus at 23, 27 and 28 Cap, and form a T-Square with natal Eurydike at 26 Cancer, which Pluto exactly opposed at its April 2021 station retrograde, setting the ball rolling.

Asteroid Roberts at 7 Libra conjoins Andre at 11, binding them yet further; these square Epstein with Duke at 0 and 8 Cancer, bringing out the Jeffrey Epstein connection that introduced them.  Transit Duke is exactly conjunct Andrew’s natal Nemesis, and opposed a natal Saturn/asteroid Manhattan conjunction at 14 Capricorn, suggesting ruin (Nemesis) for Andrew (Duke) related to a clash with the law (Saturn), occurring in Manhattan (where the sex was alleged to have happened, in Epstein’s mansion and other locales).  Transit Geoffroy at 0 Aquarius is widely conjunct Saturn at 9, suggesting penalties to follow from their connection, and opposed Aristaeus at 3 Leo, acknowledging sexual abuse as the crime to be punished, while a T-Square with Achilles at 4 Taurus suggests Andrew’s weakness and vulnerability in this proceeding.  A possible outcome is hinted at by the synastric Grand Cross formed by these three with Andrew’s natal Neptune at 9 Scorpio, ruler of prisons and incarceration.

A grouping of transit Prinz, Karma and Venus at 17, 21 and 22 Virgo straddles Andrew’s natal asteroid Epstein at 20 Virgo and squares natal Virginia/Jupiter at 22 and 28 Sagittarius, describing a comeuppance (Karma) for Andrew (Prinz) concerning the affair (Venus) with Giuffre (Virginia), spurred by Epstein (Epstein), with the attendant publicity (Jupiter).

Transit Persephone at 5 Gemini squares transit Mars at 6 Virgo (as well as natal Pluto at 5 Virgo) and T-Squares transit asteroid York at 4 Pisces (and the natal Sun at 0 Pisces), once again linking abused (Persephone) and abuser (Pluto) in the person of Andrew (York, Sun) and the charge of sexual assault (Mars).

From a cosmic perspective, the case seems open and shut.

andrew resigns
NY Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned his office on August 10th, in the wake of sexual harassment allegations; asteroid Andree was the focal of a Pentacle pattern linking rape victim asteroids Eurydike, Dejanira and Kassandra, Mercury (news), Nemesis (downfall) and a Jupiter/Damocles pairing (looming disaster for a politician)

Now back to Governor Cuomo (born 6 December 1957, no time available).  Like Prince Andrew, Cuomo’s birth chart displays many indicators of possible sexual misconduct, as Eurydike conjunct the Sun at 8 and 14 Sagittarius; Andree at 28 Scorpio conjunct Kassandra at 24 Scorpio and opposed Nessus at 22 Taurus; and Aristaeus at 19 Capricorn in a Thor’s Hammer (a fated pattern similar to a Yod), with sesquiquadrates to Persephone at 7 Gemini and Pluto at 2 Virgo, squared each other.

When Cuomo announced his resignation (to be effective in two weeks) at 12:06 PM EDT on August 10th, transit asteroid Aristaeus at 5 Leo had just crested the 4 Leo Midheaven, making sexual misconduct the focus of all eyes, the highest elevated point in the chart.  Aristaeus also squares transit asteroid Andrewkomo at 9 Scorpio, a compound-name PNA (Personal-Named Asteroid) which closely approximates “Andrew Cuomo”, neatly identifying the perp, and T-Squares transit Achilles at 4 Taurus, suggesting Cuomo’s vulnerability and total lack of political support.   Transit Saturn, exactly squared Andrewkomo from 9 Aquarius, and natal Damocles at 6 Aquarius, the threat looming overhead, transforms this pattern into a Grand Cross, with Saturn representing the Chief Executive of New York state, as well as Cuomo’s abnegation of that office.

The Sun is still bundled with Eurydike, Dejanira and Mercury, now at 18, 21, 26 and 27 Leo, and these square natal Nessus at 22 Taurus, T-Squared natal Kassandra/Andree at 24 and 28 Scorpio.  Andree is exactly squared by that transit Jupiter/Damocles pairing at 28 Aquarius, indicating the real-time (transit) impending disaster (Damocles) to a politician (Jupiter).

Transit Andree at 11 Libra opposes transit Chiron at 12 Aries and TNO Salacia at 7 Aries, portraying an incurable wound (Chiron) for the Governor (Andree) stemming from lewd and licentious behaviors (Salacia, the root of our word “salacious”).  Natal asteroid Andrewkomo at 3 Cancer creates a T-Square here, and a Grand Cross is formed with natal Mercury and Salacia at 5 and 10 Capricorn.

Transit Persephone at 5 Gemini is just about to return to its natal degree at 7 Gemini, reactivating its birth potential, while transit Mars at 7 Virgo exactly squares Persephone, and has recently crossed natal Pluto at 2, energizing that natal Persephone/Pluto square, and the Thor’s Hammer involving Aristaeus.

andrew james
NY AG Letitia James presented the case against Cuomo in an August 3rd press conference, spotlighted by asteroids Laetitia and James conjunct the Sun and squared asteroid Andrewkomo

One final note, about NY Attorney General Letitia James, who announced the results of the four-month probe into allegations of Cuomo’s sexual misconduct a week prior, on August 3rd.  The devastating report led to nationwide calls for Andrew Cuomo’s resignation, and an active movement to impeach him in the New York State Assembly.  When James held the press conference to announce the results, she also held center stage, terrestrially and celestially, with asteroids Laetitia (alternate spelling) and James at 15 and 4 Leo, conjoined the Sun at 11 Leo and squared asteroid Andrewkomo at 6 Scorpio.

No matter how you slice it, mid-August 2021 was a fraught time for Andrews behaving badly.

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Simone Biles’ Olympic Saga

The professional sports world was stunned on July 27th by the announcement from star American gymnast Simone Biles that she would be withdrawing from the 2020 Olympics, citing mental health concerns.  After performing a qualifying round for the vaulting competition, Biles made a hard landing, affected by what gymnasts term “the twisties”, when one’s sense of balance and positioning is lost during vaults or dismounts.  Biles went on to withdraw from all team and individual competitions, later stating that the unexpected loss of her aunt two days before the Tokyo games opened, and memories of sexual abuse from her coach, had combined to dangerously distract her focus.


After a week’s hiatus, Biles returned to competition for the final round on the balance beam, earning a Bronze Medal on August 3rd.  The award makes her the most decorated gymnast of all time, with a combined total of 33 Olympic and World Championship medals.

biles flip
Nope, the image isn’t upside down, it’s Simone Biles that is, in a gravity-defying flip. Biles’ Sun opposed Mars establishes her as athletic; asteroids Olympiada and Gold conjoined the Moon describe a female Olympian winning top honors

Born 14 March 1997 at 12:30 AM EST in Columbus, Ohio (Rodden Rating C), Biles’ path to Olympic superstar status is prefigured in her natal chart.  Asteroid Olympia at 0 Pisces is conjoined asteroid Simona, closest to Simone, strongly identifying her personally with the Olympic games.  The Sun at 23 Pisces opposed Mars at 27 Virgo grants athletic prowess generally, and a T-Square with asteroid Golden at 28 Gemini shows her quest for excellence in competition.

Olympic excellence specifically is seen in asteroid Gold at 28 Taurus, conjoined asteroid Olympiada at 27 Taurus (named explicitly for the Games, which are termed “Olympiads”).  Gold and Olympiada also conjoin the Moon at 2 Gemini and the Descendant at 4 Gemini, granting them increased power and angular force in her chart, as well as identifying her as a female (Moon) Olympian (Olympiada) winning top honors (Gold).  A square to asteroid America at 27 Leo signals the country she would represent, and its opposition to asteroid Rio de Janeiro at 26 Aquarius creates a T-Square representing the venue where Biles first came to international attention, the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.  Biles won four gold medals in that competition, setting a record for American gymnasts in a single Games, and helped vault her team to global prominence.

So what went wrong?

Basically, Neptune.  The planet which encourages lack of confidence, confusion, withdrawal from the public eye and distorted perceptions has been playing footsie with several points in Biles’ chart for well over a year, and came to station retrograde exactly on her Sun on June 25th, during the US Olympic Gymnastics Team Trials.  Neptune rules some mental health issues on a planetary level (sharing that ground with Uranus), but on an asteroid level that’s the province of Ophelia, named for the character in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” who goes insane and drowns herself.

biles bronze
Biles took the Bronze Medal in the sole event in which she competed at the Tokyo Olympics, but this nudged her into first place as the most decorated gymnast of all time; asteroid Ophelia conjunct asteroid Tokio and the Sun showed the potential for mental health issues to intrude on her performance in the 2020 Games

Biles’ natal Ophelia at 19 Pisces conjoins her Sun, as does asteroid Achilles, at 26 Pisces, all opposing Mars, making mental health issues (Ophelia) her literal “Achilles’ heel” in competition (Mars), a point of vulnerability or weakness (Achilles).  Neptune crisscrossing Ophelia three times in 2020 and 2021, followed by the exact hit to her Sun, created a situation where disappointment ruled the day, based in an abdication (also Neptune-ruled) of her dominant position in the sport.  Adding fuel to the fire was asteroid Tokio (alternate spelling for Tokyo, named for the Japanese capital) at 15 Pisces, also conjoined Ophelia.  Biles’ presence at that specific geographic location was the final celestial straw which prompted her exit from the competition; had the 2020 Olympics been held anywhere else on the globe, she might well have performed as exceptionally as expected, but Tokio’s proximal goad to Ophelia was too strong to be denied.

Cranking up the pressure was transit Ophelia’s conjunction with the Sun/Olympiad conjunction that oversaw the Tokyo Games, with the Sun and Olympiada exactly conjoined at 4 Leo the day she withdrew from competition on July 27th, and Ophelia just a degree away at 5 Leo, increasing the pressure on mental health issues (in fact, had I but noted it in advance, this Sun/Olympiada/Ophelia combination for the start of the Games signaled quite clearly that a spotlight would be shone on mental health issues at some point during the competition).  These squared natal asteroid NOT at 11 Taurus in Biles’ chart, a general disqualifier or block to progress, with transit Uranus still within orb of conjunction at 14 Taurus, eliciting the unexpected, shocking (both Uranus) action.

Transit NOT at 17 Sagittarius was running with transit Olympia at 16 Sagittarius, both embedded at station, and squared natal Ophelia at 19 Pisces.  This depicts Biles’ decision not to proceed (NOT) with her participation in the Olympics (Olympia), based on her metal state (Ophelia).  Incredibly, her return to competition on August 3rd coincided with NOT’s direct station, and a reversal of her prior stance.  The transit Sun advanced to 11 Leo now exactly squared natal NOT, with transit Mercury also squared from 13 Leo, for her decision (Mercury) to not, not compete (i.e., to participate once more).

biles 2016
It was a far different story at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, where Biles set a record for Gold Medals by an American gymnast; asteroid Rio de Janeiro in a T-Square with asteroids America, Gold and Olympiada tells the tale

Transit Jupiter at her withdrawal was at 0 Pisces, exactly conjunct natal Olympia, bringing Olympic celebrity of a different sort than expected.  Transit Simona at 27 Libra was on the fulcrum of a T-Square with Mercury at 28 Cancer opposed Pluto at 25 Capricorn, coaxing the decision (Mercury) which many found empowering, and others simply devastating (both Pluto), based in the emotional trauma (also Pluto-ruled) of her aunt’s death (Pluto again) and prior sexual abuse (ditto).

Gymnastics is a physically demanding sport, and many competitors retire early; at 24, this was Simone Biles’ stated plan, after performing in the 2020 Olympics.  But she seems to be wavering, stating in a recent post-Games interview for “Today”, “I’m more than my medals and gymnastics.  I’m a human being, and I’ve done some courageous things outside of the sport as well, and I’m not a quitter.  If this situation didn’t happen, I would have never seen it that way.”

The 2024 Olympics are slated to be held in Paris, France, and asteroid Paris falls at 22 Sagittarius in Biles’ natal chart, filling in a Grand Cross with the Sun, Mars and asteroid Golden.  I have a feeling she might be back.

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The New York City Mayoral Race

The nation’s largest city is about to change leadership again. Term-limited current mayor Bill de Blasio will be leaving Gracie Mansion in January 2022 and turning over the keys to … who?  Metropolitan voter registration of Gotham’s 8+ million citizens leans heavily Democratic, by a 5-1 margin, but that hasn’t prevented independents like Michael Bloomberg or Republicans like Rudi Giuliani from taking the helm in previous elections.  Most of the early action took place on the Democratic side, with eight contenders vying for the nomination in a first-ever “ranked choice” electoral process were voters rate their preferences and supporters of candidates who are eliminated in the first round of tabulation are assigned to others.


Retired police officer Eric Adams led the field in the first round with 30.8% of the vote, followed by civil rights activist Maya Wiley at 21.3% and sanitation commissioner Kathryn Garcia at 19.6%; all three are persons of color.  Eight rounds of tabulation later, Eric Adams emerged the victor, edging out Kathryn Garcia by just a point, 50.5% to 49.5%.  On the Republican side, vigilante group Guardian Angels founder and current radio talk show host Curtis Sliwa easily outpaced his single competitor, 68%-27%.  In total, Dems racked up almost a million ballots, while barely 60,000 GOP voters turned out, perhaps presaging a blowout of Republicans in November.

A quick glance at ongoing asteroid patterns could have saved everyone a lot of trouble and expense in determining the Democratic nominee and the Big Apple’s likely next mayor.  Asteroids Adams and Mayo (closest to “mayor”) have been running in an extended conjunction since March of 2020, never more than ten degrees apart, and will remain so until well after the November 2 general election, not moving out of orb of conjunction until mid-December.  That alone may be the most significant factor in this race, but it makes for an awfully short article, so let’s look a bit deeper.

NYC mayor adams
Eric Adams revels in his primary victory; with asteroids Adams and Mayo (for “mayor”) in an extended conjunction from March 2020 through December 2021, his election seems a foregone conclusion

Eric Adams hit the ground running with his November 18, 2020 announcement of his candidacy.  Adams and Mayo were conjoined at 11 and 13 Libra, and trined asteroid Manhattan (named for New York City’s premiere borough, and our celestial stand-in for the metropolis in general) at 18 Gemini, while asteroid Eric at 1 Sagittarius conjoined the 26 Scorpio Sun, placing a spotlight on Adams which he never relinquished.

At the primary on June 22nd, Adams and Mayo conjoined at 17 and 18 Libra are in a Grand Trine with Mercury, ruling the vote itself and its tabulation, at 16 Gemini, and Saturn exact with asteroid Victoria at 12 Aquarius.  Victoria is named for the Roman goddess of victory the root of our word, and is at station, about to turn retrograde four days later.

Asteroid Eric at 1 Aquarius is too wide of this pair to be considered conjunct, but opposes asteroid Manhattan at 2 Leo, granting Adams a personalized local connection as well.  Eric also opposes asteroid Curtis at 0 Leo, prefiguring their upcoming contest as opponents, and providing Curtis Sliwa’s glide path to his Party’s nomination.

Adams’ primary opponent Kathryn Garcia is seen as asteroid Kathryn, which at 8 Aries widely opposes Adams/Mayo and more closely squares the 1 Cancer Sun, giving her enhanced visibility which brought her well within striking distance of the prize.  Asteroid Garcia at 25 Pisces conjoins Neptune at 23, a symbol of disappointment, and also squares asteroid NOT, a general disqualifier, at 23 Sagittarius.

NYC mayor garcia
With asteroid Kathryn squared the Sun for the primary election, Dem nominee contender Kathryn Garcia had high visibility, but asteroid Garcia conjunct disappointment-evoking Neptune and squared disqualifying asteroid NOT brought her up just short in the vote count

Eric Adams and Kathryn Garcia were well-matched natally for their competition, doubtless a source of the nail-biting outcome.  Both have a knack for winning, with Adams’ (born 1 September 1960, no time available) Sun at 9 Virgo conjoined asteroid Nike, named for the Greek goddess of victory, at 6 Virgo, and Garcia’s (born 3 March 1970, no time available) Sun at 12 Pisces opposed his, and trine a stationary Nike at 14 Cancer.  Nike turned direct at that degree a week prior, and is an embedded factor in her psyche.  Winning just seems natural, for both of them, but that transit Adams/Mayo conjunction in trine to Victoria dragged Eric Adams over the finish line first.  Also of assistance to Adams, asteroid TRIUMF (phonetic match for “triumph”), which at 1 Virgo squares the Sun and exactly opposes asteroid Adams at 1 Sagittarius (with asteroid Demokritos at 4 Sag, reinforcing Adams’ Party affiliation).

Both also have strong ties to the community they sought to lead, and the position on offer.  Garcia has natal asteroid Kathryn at 18 Sagittarius conjoined natal Manhattan at 14 Sag, both squared her Sun (having one’s own PNA in aspect to the Sun, Moon or Ascendant is quite common), with natal Mayo at 27 Capricorn in exact semisquare.  Adams has natal Manhattan at 1 Aquarius in a loose Yod, or Finger of Destiny, sextile natal Mayo at 6 Aries, both inconjunct the Sun at the Apex, so his stint as mayor of Gotham would seem to be preordained.  As well, asteroid Adams at 1 Sagittarius is exactly sextile Manhattan and trine Mayo, while asteroid Eric at 8 Libra is opposed Mayo and trine Manhattan.  In typical PNA fashion, Adams aspects the Sun (by square), which is also cojoined by a natal Nemesis/Pluto pairing at 5 Virgo, making him a formidable opponent.

Their inevitable conflict is foreshadowed in their charts as well.  Eric Adams has asteroids Kathryn at 1 Sagittarius and Garcia at 8 Gemini T-Squared the 9 Gemini Sun and Pluto/Nemesis pairing, clearly showing the conflict between them (squares) and Adams’ role as an archenemy or opponent (Nemesis) with the Upper Hand (Pluto).  Asteroid Eric conjoins Kathryn exactly, indicating enmeshment; points occupying the same space are bound together, for good or ill, and can act as allies or competitors, but always with a sense of chafing from their proximity.

nyc mayor ballot
This election was NYC’s first foray into “ranked choice” voting, the complex tabulation of which prevented a final decision for two weeks; confusing Neptune squared a retrograde Mercury for the primary didn’t help streamline things

Kathryn Garcia’s natal asteroid Adams at 29 Aries conjoins both Mars at 27 Aries and Saturn at 5 Taurus, identifying Eric Adams as a competitor (Mars) or restrictive influence (Saturn), especially in career (also Saturn).  An exact square from Mars to Mayo at 27 Capricorn shows the mayoralty as the field of engagement, the battleground over which their conflict will be fought.  Asteroid Eric at 8 Capricorn squares Garcia’s natal Nemesis at 5 Libra, reiterating the sense that Eric Adams is a personal stumbling block or hindrance to Kathryn Garcia’s ambitions.

Let’s pause a moment to consider the chart of Republican nominee Curtis Sliwa (born 26 March 1954, no time available).  Like his Democratic opponents, Sliwa has a strong victory signature and ties to the Big Apple.  The 5 Aries Sun conjoins asteroid Manhattan exactly, with asteroid Victoria close beside at 8 Aries, bringing him the GOP nomination for NYC mayor.  Asteroid Curtis at 29 Pisces is also within orb of the Sun, a common PNA placement, while asteroid Siwa, closest to Sliwa, broadly opposes from 14 Libra.

A pairing of asteroid Nike with Venus at 17 and 18 Aries forms the crux of a Grand Trine Kite pattern with its opposition to Siwa as the string, and trines to Pluto at 22 Leo and Mars at 22 Sagittarius the ribs of the Kite.  Venus/Nike suggests popularity (Venus) as the victory element (Nike) of a campaign (Mars) that could include scandal or mudslinging (both Pluto), and might augur success, except for the fly in the ointment, asteroid NOT at 23 Sagittarius.  Remarkably, Sliwa was experiencing a precise “NOT Return” on Primary Day, with the point defining blocked progress or defeat exactly returned to its natal degree, as if to underscore that Siwa’s electoral triumph was only temporary.

NYC mayor sliwa
“Guardian Angels” founder Curtis Sliwa easily won his campaign for the Republican nomination, with asteroids Curtis and Manhattan conjunct Mars for the primary election

When Adams and Sliwa face off on November 2, 2021, the skies are set for a battle royal between them.  Sliwa has a strong identification with the city and the day, with asteroid Siwa exactly conjunct Manhattan at 10 Libra, exactly semisextile the 10 Scorpio Sun, and asteroid Curtis at 10 Virgo in exact sextile to the Sun.  But these are relatively minor aspects, offering little support, serving more to denote Sliwa’s high profile on the day, rather than affecting the outcome.  Siwa/Manhattan also squares transit NOT at 7 Capricorn, with Curtis in trine, suggesting an unsuccessful bid for mayor.

In contrast, asteroid Adams at 29 Scorpio remains conjoined Mayo at 22 Scorpio, with transit Nike now in the mix from 7 Sagittarius, squaring his natal Sun and conjoined natal Adams, adding the imprimatur of victory to his mayoral race.  Mayo and Adams also square Jupiter at 22 Aquarius, signifier of success and positive outcomes generally.  Transit TRIUMF at 0 Virgo conjoins the solar stellium of Pluto/Nemesis, Nike, Sun and Mercury, ensuring a convincing victory.  Additionally, transit Eric at 27 Capricorn conjoins Pluto at 24 Cap, both squaring Mercury at 24 Libra, putting Adams (Eric) in a virtually unassailable position (Pluto) with the electorate (Mercury).

As with Kathryn Garcia, the competition with Curtis Sliwa is foretold in Eric Adams’ birth chart.  Natal asteroid Curtis at 5 Capricorn is involved in a Grand Cross with an opposition to Saturn (career, chief executive) at 11 Capricorn and squares to Mayo (mayor) at 6 Aries and Eric at 8 Libra, showing their conflict over New York City’s top job.

With the Sun approaching opposition to quirky, shock-prone Uranus at 12 Taurus on Election Day, nothing is set in stone, and a come-from-behind upset win for Sliwa isn’t out of the question, but all things being equal, Eric Adams seems set to be the next mayor of America’s largest city.

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Bye Bye Biden?

In olden days an astrologer could be executed for treason if he prophesied the death of the king, but times have changed.  To be clear, the purpose of this article is not to say that Joe Biden will expire in office, but that there is a window opening shortly which could produce that result, and it’s something we should take note of.  Given the pressures of the office and Biden’s status as the oldest serving president, this should come as a shock to no one.


And let me stipulate up front that my earlier musings on this topic were in part colored by a huge oopsie moment on my part.  I have been addressing Biden’s natal asteroid Whitehouse as at 28 degrees of Aquarius, closely squared his Sun at 27 Scorpio, and tied up with Damocles at 25 Aquarius, suggesting an impending doom hanging overhead (Damocles) for Biden personally (Sun), related specifically to the Oval Office (Whitehouse).  However, I recently had occasion to revisit Biden’s chart, from scratch, as it were, and I realized I had made an error in recording Whitehouse’s degree.  It’s actually 18 Aquarius, still squared the Sun, and still conjunct Damocles, but much more widely.  This combination formed only a part of my sense that Biden might not finish his first term, albeit an important one.

The triggering mechanisms about to unfold are still in place, so let’s start at the beginning, with an analysis of the natal chart, and see where it leads.  [Joe Biden born 8:30 AM EWT, 20 November 1942, Scranton, PA, Rodden Rating A.]

B mort2
A window opens shortly which could prompt Joe Biden’s demise, highlighted by a Lunar Eclipse opposed his Sun and T-Squared Damocles, with asteroids BAM and Grieve

While natal Whitehouse at 18 Aquarius still squares the Sun, it is also now squared natal Mars at 12 Scorpio, a signifier of attacks, assassination and violent death, which could indicate a potential for a sudden termination of the Biden presidency via some form of domestic terrorist action, a possibility that seems a lot less improbable after the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol.  Biden’s very occupancy of the Oval Office could be a spur to this latent potentiality, by the mere fact of it.  Another connection supporting this possibility is a T-Square formed by asteroid Gunn at 22 Capricorn (homophone of “gun”) opposed asteroid Atropos at 22 Cancer (named for the mythic Greek Fate who severs the thread of life at death) and Jupiter at 25 Cancer, with asteroid Rip (which functions as a death indicator via the acronym “RIP”, “Rest In Peace”, a common tombstone inscription) at 28 Libra.  This combines a firearm (Gunn) and politics (Jupiter) in a fatal manner (Atropos, Rip), with assassination an essentially political act.  The Jupiter/Atropos conjunction in and of itself suggests a famous (Jupiter) death (Atropos), though not necessarily a violent one, and regardless of when it happens or by what cause, Biden’s death will obviously garner more attention than if he had remained a US Senator, or even former Vice President.

In addition to Damocles at 25 Aquarius, Whitehouse remains conjoined asteroid BAM, also at 25 Aquarius, and asteroid Grieve at 27 Aquarius.  BAM suggests the report of a firearm or an explosion of some sort, and certainly assassination generally is a Sword of Damocles hanging over the head of any US President at all times.  Grieve here could suggest that period of national mourning following the death of a sitting Chief Executive, by whatever cause, and Whitehouse here connects Biden’s administration with an outpouring of sorrow.  Part of this energy may already have been absorbed by the national grieving which Biden evoked in his two memorial moments for COVID-19 victims, marking milestones in the death toll, something the previous administration studiously avoided.

A more general link between the presidency and death in Biden’s psyche is Whitehouse’s opposition to a pair of death indicators, asteroids Requiem and Lachesis, at 22 Leo and 23 Leo respectively.  Requiem is named for the funeral mass for the dead, while Lachesis is named for Atropos’ sister Fate, who determines the span of life.  Regardless of whether Biden dies in office, his tenure there, and the stress it evokes, will likely lead to a reduced lifespan (Lachesis) and certainly a more memorable send-off (Requiem), once the time comes.

B mort lincoln
Abraham Lincoln’s funeral parade in 1865, our first assassinated President; will Joe Biden be the latest?

Further, Whitehouse sits at the Apex of a Yod, or Finger of Destiny, with inconjunct aspects to two more death indicators, asteroids Atropos at 22 Cancer and Anubis at 22 Virgo, named for the ancient Egyptian deity governing funerary rites.  This indicates a fateful connection between the White House and Biden’s demise, whenever it occurs.

So much for the natal markers.  In looking at the chart for the Biden administration (12 PM EST 20 January 2021, by Constitutional mandate), we see considerable reinforcement for the theme of a death in office.

For starters, the Sun of the administration at 0 Aquarius conjoins both Saturn, ancient lord of death, at 3 Aquarius, and Pluto, modern lord of death, at 26 Capricorn.  This sets up the regime as focused (Sun) on a transformation (Pluto) of infrastructure (Saturn), but also leaves its head (Sun) vulnerable to demise (Saturn/Pluto).  Given the square from the Sun to an exact conjunction of Mars and Uranus at 6 Taurus, which in itself indicates violence and volatility, the stage is set for a possible shooting or bombing (both Uranus) resulting in assassination and violent death (both Mars).

Two other death indicators are angular, granting them additional force and power:  Lachesis at 10 Scorpio on the 14 Scorpio Descendant, and Atropos at 27 Cancer on the 26 Cancer IC.   Lachesis broadly squares the Sun, and Atropos opposes it, albeit out of Sign.  As well, Atropos fits snugly into Kamala Harris’ (born 20 October 1964) exact natal T-Square of Sun at 27 Libra opposed Moon at 27 Aries, with asteroid Harris at 27 Cancer on its fulcrum, exactly conjoined by the admin Atropos.  Also with the Moon is asteroid BAM at 26 Aries.

B mort pix
Biden’s administration is also heavy on the death indicators, including Sun conjunct both Pluto and Saturn, a stationary Anubis, and angular placements for Atropos and Lachesis

Additionally, a grouping of asteroid America at 15 Aquarius with asteroid Osiris (named for the Egyptian god of the dead) at 17 Aquarius and Mercury at 18 suggests news (Mercury) of a death (Osiris) which is of national importance (America).  Even more troubling is Damocles at 25 Aquarius conjoined asteroid Bida, our celestial referent for Biden, at 27 Aquarius, representing a doom hanging overhead for Joe Biden during the first term of the administration.  Worse, Damocles is at its natal degree in Biden’s chart, so he was experiencing a Damocles Return at the inauguration, refreshing its natal potential, and Bida exactly conjoins his natal Grieve, further activating its potential in a very personal way.

Also, the Sun forms a Grand Trine with asteroid Anubis at 3 Gemini (exactly on Biden’s natal Ascendant, and within a degree of natal Uranus at 2 Gemini, ruling shootings) and asteroid BAM at 5 Libra, which exactly conjoins asteroid Jose, one of several markers for “Joseph”.  Both Anubis and Jose are at station, with Anubis turning direct four days before the inauguration, and Jose turning retrograde six days after (BAM edges into 6 Libra before making its station on January 27th; from there it exactly conjoins Biden’s natal asteroid America).  Add to this a pairing of asteroids Gunn and Requiem at 13 and 15 Aries, opposing Biden’s natal Nemesis at 15 Libra, and we have the makings of a very unsettling conglomeration of patterns indeed.

All of this is bad enough, but there is a series of upcoming aspects which trigger some of these components strongly, and opens a window for Biden’s possible departure.

B mort FDR
FDR’s funeral cortege in 1945; with Roosevelt’s the longest administration, could Biden’s be one of the shortest?

The window was unlocked May 26th 2021, when a Lunar Eclipse at 5 Sagittarius hit Biden’s natal Ascendant at 3 Sagittarius, highlighting him for the next six months, and simultaneously squared his natal asteroid Osiris at 2 Virgo, while squaring the administration’s Rip at 5 Pisces and opposing its Anubis at 3 Gemini, trebly bringing up the subject of mortality.  A synastric Grand Cross is formed with Biden’s natal Uranus at 2 Gemini, ruling shootings and shocking events, which was conjoined the Sun for the eclipse.  This is reinforced by Jupiter throwing up the window sash on June 20th; at its retrograde station of 2 Pisces, Jupiter hit all the same points as the eclipse, further upping the ante.  True, Jupiter is known as the “Greater Benefic” and typically encourages positive outcomes, but it can also enhance and exacerbate any situation, promoting excess or recklessness.  The Jovian activation coming so soon after the powerhouse punch of the eclipse suggests an exponential increase in the potential for death inherent in the pattern.

Neptune’s station comes next, hard on the heels of Jupiter on June 25th.  At 23 Pisces, Neptune opposes Biden’s natal asteroid Anubis at 22 Virgo, and its involvement suggests a debilitating illness, possible hospitalization, or a wasting death.  Fanaticism or zealotry could also be involved, if the death takes a more violent form than Neptune would ordinarily countenance.  Some astrologers also connect Neptune to assassination, presumably due to its “hidden” or secretive nature, and a component of espionage or ideology in the deed.

There’s a pause for effect until Uranus makes its retrograde station at 14 Taurus on August 19th.  This has the potential to send shockwaves through the administration, as it exactly conjoins its Ascendant, and also opposes Biden’s natal Mars, ruler of attacks and violent death.  Recall the exact Mars/Uranus conjunction in the admin chart, which conjoins its Ascendant; this subsequent contact rings the same bell.  Next is Saturn’s direct station at 6 Aquarius on October 10th, which opposes Biden’s natal Pluto at 7 Leo and natal asteroid Bida at 3 Leo, linking both planetary rulers of death with him personally.

B mort3
The Lunar Eclipse of 19 November 2021 shows the Sun with BAM and Giuseppina conjoined Biden’s natal Sun, with the eclipsed Moon opposing, and forming a T-square with both natal and transit Damocles

But the big guns come out on November 19th, 2021, the day before Biden’s 79th birthday, when a Lunar Eclipse at 27 Taurus exactly opposes Biden’s natal Sun, with the Sun of that event conjoined it.  Coming so close to Biden’s Solar Return, these chart energies will also color the coming year, with everything but the Moon being in essentially the same place.  This is potentially the watershed event that prompts cosmic action, so let’s take a closer look.

The Sun is also conjoined by transit asteroid Giuseppina, a feminine Italian version of “Joseph”, tying Biden directly to the eclipse, and also asteroid BAM at 22 Scorpio and Mercury at 21, potentially providing news (Mercury) of a shooting or explosion of some type (BAM).  With the eclipsed Moon there is a T-Square to transit Damocles at 24 Aquarius, just one degree off its natal position, reinforcing the sense of some doom hanging overhead for the ensuing six months at least (but since the next Lunar Eclipse at 25 Scorpio in May 2022 mirrors this one, the window is effectively open an entire year).

Other points of interest include asteroid Old Joe (yes, there is one!), which at 25 Capricorn closely conjoins transit Pluto at 24 Cap, and opposes natal Atropos at 22 Cancer and the admin Atropos at 27 Cancer.  This combination could reflect Biden’s passing, reinforced both natally and in the founding of the administration.  Pluto also widely conjoins transit Whitehouse at 15 Capricorn, and opposes transit asteroid America at 20 Cancer, which is itself at station, having turned retrograde two days prior, suggesting a “change of direction” (station) for the nation (America) involving the Oval Office (Whitehouse).

But America isn’t the only point undergoing a change of direction.  Fully three Biden indicators are at station, potentially inaugurating an intense period of transition for the President.  Asteroid Bida at 2 Leo turns retro five days after the eclipse, and is almost returned to its home base at 3 Leo in the nativity, while also opposing transit Saturn at 8 Aquarius; asteroid Josefa turned direct on November 5th, two weeks prior, but is still at its station degree of 4 Aries; and asteroid Josephina at 15 Aries is already at its station degree of 15 Aries, where it will turn direct on December 2, not quite two weeks later.  Josefa’s station opposes the administration’s natal BAM and asteroid Jose at 5 Libra, while Josephina exactly opposes Biden’s natal asteroid Nemesis at 15 Libra, a point noted for ruin and undoing.

B mort JFK
JFK’s assassination in 1963 was the most recent death in office of an American President; the interim gap since then is the longest in US history, so we’re overdue for a tragedy

As well, transit asteroid Osiris at 0 Taurus squares transit Bida and exactly conjoins his natal Moon, perhaps indicating a health-related death, or a death in the domestic environment.  Osiris is in a Grand Trine with asteroids Requiem and Gunn at 3 and 6 Virgo (combining demise and weaponry), and TNO Ixion at 0 Capricorn, named for the first murderer in Greek myth.  Assassination, of course, is political murder, so Ixion applies.  This pattern becomes a Kite with Ixion opposed transit asteroid Rip at 3 Cancer.

This Lunar Eclipse represents the peak period for the window, but other activations follow.  The Solar Eclipse of 12 Sagittarius on December 4th opposes Biden’s natal Saturn at 9 Gemini; after this, things cool down until the spring of 2022, when there is again a spate of motivating factors.

On April 29th, Pluto comes to its retrograde station at 28 Capricorn, exactly squaring Biden’s natal Rip at 28 Libra, also opposed the admin Atropos at 27 Cancer.  The next day a Solar Eclipse at 10 Taurus opposes Biden’s natal Mars at 12 Scorpio, and, as mentioned above, the Lunar Eclipse of May 16th at 25 Scorpio repeats the activations of its November 2021 predecessor, now conjoined Biden’s natal Sun and still exactly T-Squared both natal and admin Damocles at 25 Aquarius.

Saturn, ancient lord of death, rounds out the fraught period with its retrograde station at 25 Aquarius on June 4th, exactly conjoined both Biden’s natal and the administration Damocles, and squared Biden’s Sun, as well as energizing the two prior Lunar eclipses.

B mort1
Two Lunar eclipses in 2021 and 2022 set off Biden’s natal T-Square of Sun at fulcrum with Whitehouse/Damocles/BAM opposing Requiem/Lachesis, a prime opportunity for departure

One final point of note to ponder.  How does Kamala Harris factor into all this?  The current VP (born 20 October 1964) has a natal Grand Cross of asteroids Whitehouse with Camelia (for Kamala) at 24 and 28 Scorpio; Jupiter with asteroid Kamel (also for Kamala) at 24 and 27 Taurus; Mars with asteroid Giuseppina (for Joseph) and Nemesis at 21, 19 and 22 Leo; and Saturn at 28 Aquarius.  Both pertinent Lunar Eclipses activate all these points, which tie together Biden (Giuseppina) and Harris (Kamel, Camelia) personally, with themes of violence (Mars), destruction (Nemesis), politics (Jupiter) and death (Saturn).

Saturn, of course, also rules career, and Kamala Harris’ Saturn conjoins a Black Hole at 27 Aquarius.  Saturn/Back Hole natives often receive job advancement due to the unexpected, sudden departure of a superior.  Just sayin’…

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