Australian Open Tennis 2020

Australian Open Tennis 2020

The Australian Open which starts on Monday 20th January, 2020 has already been dogged with controversy. Australia has been experiencing devastating fires for the last few months, a huge tragedy for the country.

Even though the rain has come, there is still worry over smoke pollution and whether the tennis should go ahead. Some of the qualifying matches had to be stopped due to players suffering adverse effects and there have been numerous complaints about the tournament taking place. (I’m in two minds too which is why I’m encouraging you to help if you can – see below)

The astrology chart for the Australian Open is certainly fiery with the Moon at 0 degrees Sagittarius, one of the fire signs. Plus, the Moon is heading for a conjunction with Mars in Sagittarius – Mars represents fire in astrology and Sagittarius rules foreign climes. The situation remains tense.

The planet ruling the Pisces Ascendant and Sagittarius Midheaven is Jupiter, a planet we often look out for in these tournaments. This year, Jupiter is in Capricorn, the sign of the land, and is conjunct the South Node in the 10th house.

The two will separate during the tournament but this isn’t a great omen. The South Node is an unfortunate point in astrology and Jupiter in Capricorn is in its sign of fall.

I did wonder when I looked at the chart a week ago whether the tournament would actually go ahead. The organisers will have to keep a close eye on things. The weather isn’t going to help one way or another as more storms & rain are forecast – hoorah for Australia! – which could interrupt the tennis.

It will be interesting to see whether Jupiter transits work well for the players as they have done in previous tournaments. Will the earth signs – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – do well with Jupiter in Capricorn? The chart for the final – see below has an exalted Moon in Taurus, one of the earth signs, exactly conjunct the Taurus Midheaven, the success point in the horoscope.

In addition to the astrology mentioned in the tournament chart, both the Sun at 29 degrees Capricorn and the Moon at 0 degrees Sagittarius are at critical degrees, the start and end of their respective star signs. This suggests a hasty decision and one which still may bring more twists and turns.

Here’s the astrology for the top-seeded players:

1.Rafael Nadal, b. June 3, 1986, 7:10 pm, Manacor, Spain

Rafa Nadal goes into the tournament as the world no. 1. He’s only won the Australian Open once in his career in 2009 and you would like to see him have fantastic astrology if he’s to be in with a chance in 2020. I can’t see a lot happening in his astrology. The recent Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 22 Capricorn 46 (January 12, 2020) fell almost exactly on his natal Mars at 22 Capricorn 56. Rafa did win the French Open last year with a Pluto transit. This feels different, however, and I’m not sure it will bring the power he needs. Mars in Sagittarius is moving through his 1st house, which is extremely competitive but aside from a couple of minor transits, there’s not a lot else to shout about.

2. Novak Djokovic, b. May 22, 1987, 11:25 pm, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Novak Djokovic is the title holder having won here last year. His natal Uranus at 25 Sagittarius is conjunct the Midheaven (success point) of the tournament chart at 24 Sagittarius. As we know previously, Uranus springs surprises but it can go either way. Novak does have some Jupiter transits bubbling away as Jupiter moves closer to his Ascendant at 16 Capricorn. More importantly, Jupiter makes a sextile aspect to his Midheaven at 14 Scorpio, exact on February 3, 2020, the day after the final.

3. Roger Feder, b. August 8, 1981, 8:40 am, Basel, Switzerland

Both Novak and Roger had Saturn transits and injury issues at the last Grand Slam, the US Open, which was way back in September 2019. Like Novak, Roger also has a significant Jupiter transit opposite his natal Mars at 13 Cancer 56, exact on the day of the final, February 2, 2020. Oppositions aren’t as strong a testimony as a conjunction, trine or sextile aspect. However, they still can be buoyant and a positive influence. I don’t normally look at progressions due to time constraints (but I hope some of our fellow astrologers will do so, also the important Returns). I did notice, however that Roger’s secondary progressed Midheaven is moving closer to his natal Mars, exact in September 2020. Major progressions tend to act as a backdrop to the year. Therefore, you would expect this to be a decisive year for him playing competitive tennis. The minor transits work well for Roger this tournament too as his Midheaven is 6 Gemini, so the New Moon at 4 Aquarius 22 on January 24, 2020 makes a trine aspect to this significant point in his horoscope.

Players born in 1996 will have their Jupiter Return this year. Note the following players:

Daniil Medvedev, no. 4 seed, b. February 11, 1996, time unknown, Moscow, Russia – Jupiter 8 Capricorn (same degree as the south node)

Matteo Berrettini, no. 8 seed, b. April 12, 1996, time unknown, Palermo, Italy – Jupiter 16 Capricorn

Karen Khachanov, no. 16 seed, b. May 21 1996, time unknown, Moscow, Russia – Jupiter 17 Capricorn

Borna Coric, not seeded in top 20, November 14 1996, time unknown, Zagreb, Croatia – Jupiter 15 Capricorn

Jupiter moves between 11-13 Capricorn during the tournament.

Other players to note:

Dominic Thiem, no. 5 seed, b. September 3, 1993, 1:26am, Wiener Neustadt, Austria. I don’t remember whether this is a rectified time of birth for Thiem. If it’s correct, Neptune is moving closer to a conjunction of his Midheaven at 18 Pisces 58. As Neptune is one of his career co-rulers, along with Jupiter, you would expect this to be a positive transit for him. It’s not exact, however, until later this year. Thiem’s Sun at 10 Virgo 29 is conjunct Mercury at 14 Virgo 51, so he has helpful Jupiter transits during the tournament.

Gael Monfils, no. 10 seed, b. September 1, 1986, 4:50 am, Paris, France. The birth-time for Monfils is confirmed. Mars rules his Aries Midheaven and is at 14 Capricorn 01, therefore helped by the conjunction from Jupiter. Another earth sign player with his Sun at 8 Virgo 23.

David Goffin, no. 11 seed, b. December 7, 1990, 2:35 pm, Liege, Belgium. Another confirmed birth time. Sun Sagittarius, Goffin has Venus at 24 Sagittarius 02 very close to the tournament chart Midheaven at 24 Sagittarius 19. Also, his Midheaven point is 14 Capricorn 09 so Jupiter is moving ever closer to the success point in his horoscope. It’s also his Saturn Return year and Saturn is ruler of his Capricorn Midheaven, Saturn at 22 Capricorn 58. Strong astrology.

I don’t have a strong intuition about this year’s winner of the tournament and I would love a new winner to step forward. If I were to rank the top 3, I would do so in the following order: 1. Djokovic 2. Federer 3. Nadal. I look forward to hearing from our fellow astrologers on their thoughts and insight.


More importantly, I hope people will pay attention to the real danger of climate change in our world. The major planetary shift from Capricorn to Aquarius in 2020 is calling us all forth to be more activist and come together as a community, a collective.

If you want to donate to help Australia, please do so. I contributed to Celeste Barber’s relief fund (which has now ended) and one of the wildlife rescue organisations, WIRES Wildlife Rescue. The following article also has lots of helpful information about the organisations raising funds for the country: Australia Fires How You Can Help.

Australian Open Tennis Final 2020

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