Astrology and the Wheel of Fortune

There is something really important, which applies to astrology, but for this point I will quote Remi Chauvin a French biologist and entomologist.

He said: “There are only vague instructions in the psyche”

When we look at ants, we imagine they are the perfect little workers, starting a task like picking up a piece of leaf and carrying out all the way to the anthill.


This is not the case at all. The ants have a vague urge to pick up things and carry them towards the anthill, but they quickly forget what they are doing, they let the piece of leave fall down – just a little bit closer to the anthill though – and keep going about randomly as you do when you’re a little insect without much of a clear vision in your mind…

However the result of this vague tendency, repeated by thousands of ants, ends up achieving a big collective work… If an anthill is round, it’s because of a vague tendency to fill up holes. No ant has any architectural idea of a round anthill, but a tendency to fill holes ends up, because of the laws of geometry, with perfectly round constructions. I find this fascinating…

Let’s translate that into planetary influences. As Roman poet Virgil said a long time ago: “the stars incline, they do not bind”.

I used to believe in Nature as the ultimate reference, thinking that everything “natural” was perfect, and that human beings just spoiled the wonderful ways of nature.

However, if we obey without resistance, like ants, to the vague tendencies coming from astral influences, we remain bound, like animals, to the wheel of fortune. The symbol of the wheel is obviously expressing the cosmic cycles astrologers study.

Esotericism, which is in my perception, authentic spirituality, is cultivating in ourselves what wants to sit above the wheel of fortune, the sphinx, the being who is able to integrate in himself all the tendencies and handle them. This is not natural but supernatural – literally, “above nature”

Alchemists were aware that they were fighting nature in themselves, with the purpose to achieve a higher state.

So when we wonder “I have this in my chart, what does it mean?” or “Such or such planet is transiting my fifth house, what will it bring?” we are thinking like the animals bound to the wheel.

I wish we conquer our freedom once and for all!

Jean-Marc Pierson