Aquarius New Moon ~ Find Your Tribe ~ Heal Your Vibe

A powerful New Moon today  offers us a high octane cosmic re-boot! Aquarius helps us think outside the box – and the Sun and Moon conjunction in Aquarius makes a strong right angle to Uranus the Awakener!  Get ready for aha moments, sudden insights and/or unexpected events. 

 We have already had a very intense start to the year, with the highly pressurized tension of Saturn and Pluto joining up on Jan 12th). The karmic reckoning continues as forces of darkness and light bash up against each other. Saturn may try to contain this electric blast – creating some tension and push-pull dynamics.  Some will escape the tension by tuning into the very loving, healing vibrations (Venus and Neptune ) floating in the ethereal sign of Pisces.  These dreamy energies stir up deep longings for love and connection – visions of romantic and spiritual union move through our dreams. Watch your dreams for insights and messages. There’s  tension coming from Mars that can turn this lovely cosmic goo into juicy creative (or sexual) expression;  great time to tap into art, music, dance, writing, or any kind of sensual contact sport.

 I am under the weather at the moment and not up to much,  so if some of this sounds familiar, I am literally cut-and-pasting  from my Aurum Astrology FB page – where I post daily. That’s actually  a very Aquarian thing to do – find a way around obstacles, break the rules, think outside the box! Thankfully,  creative energy has been winning out; several painted rocks have emerged as I nestle up in front of Netflix with my paints and my hot cup of ginger tea. So get your creativity on and have some fun!


Air signs often live in their heads – Aquarians are quirky mad geniuses,  or social movement idealists – or techy computer nerds – or unique in some way. Wherever Aquarius energy is in your chart is where you will do things in your own way. But amidst all this high strung energy, pressure from Saturn is insisting we ground ourselves to maintain our boundaries.  Aquarius is what is called a ‘fixed’ air sign – so out-of-the box – yet  with a bit of a serious side. Sometimes Aquarius are less than flexible, especially when it comes to their freedom!  Don’t fence me in!!


Although the sign of Aquarius is about our unique individuality ~ it is also about our connection to the group or collective. The healthier and stronger our sense of self is, the more we are willing and able to accept others as they are. In these polarized times- its so important to consider the other point of view,  and please allow people a LOT of elbow room!


“In the absence of verifiable truth, competing narratives will vie for allegiance. When we are forced to compete in a battle of narratives, inclusion is still our best weapon: only by leveraging a diversity of voices can we create a winning narrative.”
― Martin E. Dempsey


Every time I go online to see what’s happening politically, I am overwhelmed with so many points of view and everyone saying they’re right. Ridiculous arguments arise as everyone takes their stance;  I am so weary of it all. Aquarius helps us detach from the fray, and urges us to seek higher ground. Unfortunately, right now the very ground we seek  seems to be shifting beneath our feet!


These are strange times as we sit on the brink of a new era. Everything is chaotic, confused, uncertain. It helps to find others of like mind, not too fight, not to be right, just to know that we are not alone. Remember, we are all in this together!

“This Aquarius New Moon also highlights Community, our tribe, and all humanity. It can show us the big picture of how we can make the needed changes in the world by using the power that we have within our Tribe’s, our Communities and Humanity for loving Relationships of all types…across the Earth. Signifying that the whole is always greater the then the sum of its parts. It is saying that our coming together in our communities in love and peace and not anger and judgment etc. … can change the world! “

 (Cathy Lindsay )

This powerful New Moon  offers  a chance to revision our way forward, along with a challenge to make those visions concrete!  We’ve got to walk the talk! These are powerful times,  as we hit critical mass on a global scale. We are rebirthing ourselves, and we are rebirthing the world.

For now ~ stay open to aha moments, sudden insights or unexpected events ~  as Uranus the Awakener pushes the reset button!  Time to get your freak on – be yourself, find your tribe,  and heal your vibe. You know you want to!