Aquarius Horoscope July 2021

Aquarius July 2021, shell

Love & Passion

Temperatures are rising this month as passion planet Mars moves through your opposite star sign Leo up until the 29th. Plus, the planet of relating Venus is in Leo until the 22nd.

Mars is the planet which rules the libido, Venus is linked to love and Leo is your relationship sector. If you’re looking for a relationship, this is a positive month to flex your love muscles and chase the one you want.

Alternatively, you may find that someone has the hots for you. Mars promises passion but potentially anger or arguments too. It’s the planet that can flare up impulsively.

Therefore, it’s a month when a relationship issue could come to a head. You can’t hide your feelings easily when Mars is urging you to take the initiative and get things moving.

The first week of July is the trickiest week of the month. This is when Mars and Venus clash with Saturn and Uranus, your co-rulers. These two planets are in square aspect, suggesting an inner conflict.

Saturn is in your star sign Aquarius and Uranus is in Taurus ruling your home and family life, your past and where you come from. There’s an theme of the old versus the new, the past and future being in opposition in some shape or form.

Saturn lines up against Mars and Venus on the 1st & 7th respectively; Uranus clashes with Mars and Venus on the 4th & 8th. Saturn can bring disappointment or limitation. You may be dealing with a personal loss or obstacle.

Uranus is more volatile and unpredictable. Try not to act impulsively during this period. You may experience a clash between family and love. Or you want to break free and get away from a difficult issue or personal situation.

Love & Relationships

Let things calm down if you’re in a relationship triangle or complicated situation. Instead, see what happens later in the month when you have promising love astrology working in your favour.

Firstly, there’s a stunning Venus-Mars conjunction in Leo and your relationship sector on the 13th. This is the only time this year that the lovers of the heavens unite and it could be special for you.

Then, on the 22nd, the Sun enters Leo and its sign of rulership. This is significant for you because the Sun represents your partner in astrology. Two days later, on the 24th, there’s a glorious Full Moon in Aquarius and your relationship sector.

Put all of this together and you’re wise to wait and be patient in July as your love stars could bring about a resolution later in the month. In fact, heading towards the end of the month, relationships are foreground in your life in a good way.

Bear in mind that Leo doesn’t only rule personal relationships in your horoscope. It represents all your significant 1-to-1’s including business partnerships and joint ventures.

Therefore, the same advice applies. Try not to freak out when there’s lively astrology in early July. Instead, expect the unexpected and see what occurs later on in the month.

Jupiter Vibes

Perhaps, the best news for you is the fact that big planet Jupiter representing expansion, good fortune and freedom returns to your star sign Aquarius on the 28th. Jupiter remains here until the end of this year.

Look back to what happened in the first part of 2021 when Jupiter was in your star sign. Jupiter left Aquarius on May 13th. Seeds that were sown before then could flourish and grow in the second half of this year.

Jupiter in Aquarius is a key period for liberation, taking chances and being open to opportunity. Use Jupiter’s abundant planetary energy to the full.

Work & Health

Also this month, the Sun is in Cancer and your work and health sector until the 22nd. Talk planet Mercury is here from the 12th to the 28th.

The best date is potentially the 10th when there’s a New Moon in Cancer, a symbol of new beginnings. This could spell good news for finding a job or the right health expert.

Plus, there’s a lovely Mercury-Jupiter trine aspect on the 12th when Jupiter is in Pisces and your money sector. Good news could benefit you financially. Or, you get extra work or hear of a new contract.

Other key dates for these key areas of your life are the 5th & 20th when family could be the link to help you. Or, a home move or similar.

Make the most of the good times this month and go with the flow where possible. You have to wait until the end of July to have Jupiter back in your star sign but there’s plenty to be excited about before then.

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