A bit less from Mercury, more from Jupiter please! Learning how to use our mind.

I will also talk about Mercury and Jupiter as the two poles of our mind in the webinar tomorrow.

A message I do my best to get across when I explain astrology is not just information, but training to change the way we are using our mind.  

Without knowing it, we overvalue Mercury, and we don’t dare getting answers from Jupiter.


At school we were trained to use Mercury. When we learned how to read and write, we were asked to pay close attention, to know the precise details about what make “A” different from “B”. We learned to demand precise definitions and to use hard logic.

With Jupiter, and maybe Uranus as well, we used a rather blurred approach. Before going to school, as babies, we learned to speak a whole language – our mother tongue – with a more Jupiterian approach. We just bathed in the environment. We absorbed. We played with sounds. We integrated whole grammatical structures but not that precisely – our first sentences were sometimes grammatically correct, and sometimes we said things like only small children do. We got the big picture first, it was blurred though and we refined as we went.

We need to come back to this somewhat “blurred” use of our mind when we approach charts. Very often, we ask, about a particular placement: “What does that mean, exactly?” …. and the “exactly” is what makes us block. We can’t start wanting to know “exactly”.

“Exactly can be found only at the end of the study of an aspect, when we have been able to connect it with the context of the whole chart and of the life story of a person. But to understand what it means, as such, there is no exact meaning. Only energy lines without precise contours or definitions.

Jean-Marc Pierson