Full Moon in Leo

The Lion of Saint Mark (c. 1490) by Martin Schongauer

Full Moon in Leo

Leo is bold and unapologetic in its radiant expression of self, style, substance, and strength. Like an amber caress of vivifying warmth, the Full Moon in Leo will embrace those risking the vulnerability of their creative expression. The pounding drums of the Leo Full Moon will mobilize ingenuity and inspired action in pursuit of far ranging goals in the months ahead. If you’ve felt blocked from fully implementing plans in recent months, stuck from overthinking or frozen with constraint, find ways to generate momentum with focused effort on smaller tasks that will build toward larger outcomes. As the Full Moon on 5 February 2023 will illuminate the sacred cross-quarter days that mark the turning of the season, let yourself turn toward the lodestar of your core purpose with committed dedication. The Lion of Luna longs to hear your song, witness your dance, and receive the revelation of your voice speaking the truth of your experience. It’s a sizzling syzygy that marks the end of hibernation and reflective retreat. The fiery light pouring down from the Moon will call for action and focusing the force of your will into participation with the immense changes rippling through the world.

The Leo Full Moon is separating from a jolting square aspect with Uranus in Taurus and applying toward a sobering opposition with Saturn in Aquarius. The Full Moon is also in the bounds of Saturn, increasing the influence of Saturn and necessitating confrontation with the limitations of your circumstances while Uranus simultaneously incites impulses of liberation. As Rollo May wrote in The Courage to Create, “creativity arises out of the tension between spontaneity and limitations . . . forcing the spontaneity into the various forms which are essential to the work.” Forming a receptive relationship with the limits and forms of your life will catalyze as well as structure the creative potential available. Due to the Leo Full Moon clashing with Uranus, you may need to endure unexpected volatility and chaotic processes, yet by facing the complexity of your situation in all of its fullness, the blazing torch of the Leo Moon will bring awareness to the deeper purpose emerging from recent months of inner exploration.

The dramatic activation of Saturn and Uranus by the Leo Full Moon is the grand finale for their long-established square aspect that has dominated astrology in recent years and has correlated with immense breakthroughs and breakdowns in personal and collective events. As the final pieces of the Saturn and Uranus story fall into place under the light of the Leo Moon, you may gain deeper awareness of the lessons, losses, and overall metamorphosis you have experienced with Saturn and Uranus clashing in a square aspect since the beginning of 2021. Richard Tarnas in Cosmos and Psyche described the periods of Saturn and Uranus in hard aspect as involving “the exacerbation of tensions between authority and rebellion, order and freedom, structure and change” as well as “repressive revolution,” “erratically unpredictable authority,” “sudden collapse of structures,” and “grim awakenings.” While we have traversed a cataclysmic collective period that has lived up to the billing of Tarnas, in our personal lives it has also brought opportunities to break free of past restraints into exciting new directions full of promise and risk. Though it’s been a devastating and difficult time period for many, there has likely been major elements of your life that have become cleared to make space for a new phase of growth to emerge now that we are finally coming to the end of the waning square between Saturn and Uranus. The Leo Full Moon will shed light on how you have been reshaped by Saturn and Uranus.

Adding to the tumultuous intensity of the Leo Full Moon, Venus in Pisces will be engaged in a heated relationship with Mars in Gemini that will enflame relationships with passionate exchanges. The waning square aspect between Venus in Pisces with Mars in Gemini will reveal key issues within relationship that need attention and mediation. Whether you experience conflict or enhanced ardor within relationship, pay attention for signs and insight into how your desires and needs are changing. With Venus in a stronger position compared to Mars, revelations may emerge regarding the values that are most important to build your life around as well as the trajectory of your creative direction. The tension between Venus and Mars can be directed toward dynamic developments in creativity and artistic performance, as Venus will also be applying toward a harmonious sextile aspect with Uranus in Taurus that will become exact on 8 February. Listen for how Venus is guiding you toward experiencing more excitement and pleasure within your work and relationships.

In the Light of the Moon by Edward Balchowsky

Mercury in Capricorn will be increasing in speed in the light of the Full Moon, having recently reached maximum elongation as a Morning Star on 30 January. Mercury in Capricorn will be applying closely toward a creative sextile aspect with Neptune in Pisces that will become exact on 6 February, the same day that Mercury will move beyond the degree where it stationed retrograde on 29 December 2022. As a result, the Leo Full Moon will serve as a catalyst for embodying whatever changes in perception and creative direction you experienced during the Mercury retrograde in Capricorn phase that lasted from 29 December 2022 until 18 January 2023. The sextile aspect between Mercury with Neptune is the third of a sequence, and so you may realize an important arc of development stretching back to 24 December 2022 and 1 January 2023 when Mercury previously formed sextile aspects with Neptune. The interplay between Mercury and Neptune has brought opportunities for exploring imagination and opening perception to new creative influences. It also may have corresponded with disillusioning experiences. If so, the light of the Leo Full Moon will illuminate the lessons that need to be learned and integrated.

Following the fireworks of the Full Moon in Leo, the waning half of the lunar cycle contains a series of pivotal aspects that will deepen understanding. In the week following the lunation, Mercury will be applying toward a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn that will become exact on 10 February while Mars in Gemini will be applying toward an activating sextile aspect with Chiron in Aries that will become exact on 11 February. Similar to the sextile between Mercury and Neptune forming during the lunation, both of these combinations possess a cyclical quality rooted in the recent past. Mercury stationed retrograde on 29 December in close proximity with Pluto, giving Pluto an overarching influence over its subsequent retrograde phase during the following three weeks. Now that Mercury will finally be forming its conjunction with Pluto, whatever process Mercury has been working within you since the end of December will come full circle with important realizations. Mercury and Pluto expose buried material, penetrating to the roots of dynamics and focused analysis. Their combination can also empower your voice and ability to confidently communicate whatever meaning you have been developing.

The sextile between Mars in Gemini with Chiron in Aries is also connected with previous aspects between Mars and Chiron due to the Mars retrograde period that stretched from the end of October until the middle of January. The first sextile between Mars and Chiron was on 17 September 2022 when Mars was direct and the second sextile was on 19 December 2022 when Mars was retrograde. The connection to last December with both aspects that Mars and Mercury will be making gives extra emphasis to whatever developments or difficulties you were facing around the time of the Capricorn solstice. With Chiron in the fiery home of Mars, the receptive sextile indicates that however your relationship with Mars has been sharpened and honed over the course of its recent retrograde can now be directed assertively through your work and creativity. Bring mindfulness to the ways in which old wounds were brought up to work through and how the tests and trials you passed through can now facilitate greater strength and empowerment in pursuing your core purpose.

After the Mercury-Pluto and Mars-Chiron combinations form, the following week of the waning Moon will contain two powerful alignments: Venus will form a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces on 15 February and the Sun will form a conjunction with Saturn on 16 February. Though the combinations of Venus with Neptune and Saturn with the Sun have drastically different meaning, they can come together through deep contemplation, exploring ways to bring dream into reality, and becoming aware of illusions you need to awaken from. At the same time, Mercury in Aquarius will be applying toward a coalescing sextile aspect with Jupiter in Aries that will become exact on 17 February. Mercury in Aquarius transmitting the fiery spirit of Jupiter in Aries can bring clarity for the creative direction to pursue in the months ahead, drawing from both the idealistic imaginal power of Venus and Neptune and the deep wisdom of Saturn and the Sun that can bring the otherworldliness of Venus and Neptune into pragmatic application through concrete forms.

Vitally, the Leo Full Moon demarcates not only the end of the Saturn’s current cycle with the Sun but also the final month of Saturn occupying its airy home of Aquarius. Saturn experienced its heliacal set into invisible darkness in the days leading up to the Leo Full Moon, placing Saturn in an underworld process of exploring deep mystery while it burns off its past cycle that began on 4 February 2022 at 15°56’ Aquarius. The days surrounding the conjunction between the Sun and Saturn on 16 February at 27°44’ Aquarius will be an ideal time to actively reflect upon what you have built and what you have had to let go of during Saturn’s journey through Aquarius. The works of Saturn take time to fully form yet can also endure as long lasting foundations of support. Let the light of the Leo Full Moon illuminate what needs to be emptied and shed from Saturn’s present cycle, revealing the essential meaning that can be deepened and developed within the cycle to come.

6 of Wands by Pamela Colman Smith

Leo 2 Decan

The Leo Full Moon will illuminate the second decan of Leo associated with the Six of Wands card illustrated above by Pamela Colman Smith. An image of triumphant victory, we see the strident champion being honored by an adoring crowd as well as a wreath of laurel.  As laurel is of the nature of the Sun just like the gold medals pursued by competitors, there is potential within the second face of Leo for not only expression of soulful radiance and creative power but also reception of honors for it. Fittingly, Jupiter rules the second face of Leo, revealing the potency found within this decan for achievements that bring acclaim. T. Susan Chang in 36 Secrets wrote that the Six of Wands often correlates with becoming celebrated in public, yet the good fortune and powerful luck associated with this arcanum and decan is not based upon the moral quality of the recipient. Indeed, the image of blind Fortuna spinning her great wheel is resonant with this decan, as Chang wrote that “the Wheel of Fortune is fundamentally amoral.” Moreover, since acclaim and fortune will not necessarily last whether earned or unearned, the second face of Leo emphasizes the need to align with the constantly changing nature of life and fortune with its ceaseless upswings and downswings.

Some of the traditional images for the second decan of Leo emphasize the amoral quality of fortune found within this face. In Henrich Cornelius Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy, the second face of Leo has “the image of a man with his hands raised, with a crown on his head. [He has] the form of an angry and threatening man. In his right hand he has drawn a sword, and in his left a round shield. [This image] has the significations over hidden quarrels, unknown victories, of vile men, and over occasions of lawsuits and battles.” In Demetra George’s translation of The Sacred Book of Hermes to Asclepius, the image for the second face of Leo is a “Naked man, sceptre in right hand, whip in left, crescent moon upon head.” Ibn Ezra as well as the Picatrix also fashioned images of a man crowned with myrtle holding a bow and arrow. The Yavanajataka gave the image of “a bold woman with loosened hair. She is on a mountain peak, proud in taking away the wealth of others . . .”

Austin Coppock in his book 36 Faces ascribed the image of “A Crown of Laurels” to this face, proclaiming it “holds within it the magical power of authenticity- here defined as a harmonious connection between the external sphere in which one acts and the spirit fire within each individual.”  Yet similar to the amoral traditional images found within this face, Coppock wrote that the pride and glory of victory in the Six of Wands image also reflects its shadow of hubris, declaring that “great works do not guarantee any greatness of character.” Coppock further noted that the second face of Leo can guide us toward realizing what elements of our public persona are out of alignment with our inner integrity, or instead how we may need to embody more humility within experiences of recent praise or glory. Coppock made the point that “recognition of one’s virtues does not dispel the reality of one’s vices,” since many images of the decan in traditional text show it is “the temptations of selfishness and cruelty which stain the triumphal nature of this decan.” Coppock declared that the promise and power of victory is so strong in this decan we must guard against becoming blinded by the solar light of success.

In contrast to other images found within traditional text, the great goddess Isis resides in the second face of Leo according to the Hellenistic text the 36 Airs. Isis became syncretized as the goddess containing all goddesses in the Hellenistic era, and just as she weaves many traditions together in her history, so does she weave a web of love through times of trauma to bring about an eventual retrieval and integration of wholeness. Isis in connection with the second face of Leo highlights the courage needed to resiliently persist on inner journeys to reanimate whatever aspects of your essential self have become fragmented. Similar to how Isis was able to re-member and re-animate her beloved Osiris, explore how the light of the Leo Full Moon illuminates desires and gifts that had become dismembered within your inner darkness and can now be regenerated through your creative work in the world.

Yet when doing the inner work needed to bring about empowered capacity to pursue ambitions, we need to remember the warnings found within the second face of Leo regarding the perils of power and privileged positions which also bring opportunity to harm others as much as they bring opportunities to reward ourselves with public acclaim and status. The strong influence of Jupiter upon the second face of Leo requires the generous and devotional qualities of Jupiter to remain in right relation with heart-centered focus. Under the light of the Leo Full Moon, may we commit to creative expression that inspires and uplifts others, sustaining alignment with the integrity of our core values.


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The Full Moon in Leo 2023

February 3rd ~ 10th

“Moon” by H. Kopp-Delaney

We can’t be afraid of change. You may feel very secure in the pond that you are in, but if you never venture out of it, you will never know that there is such a thing as an ocean, a sea. Holding onto something that is good for you now, may be the very reason why you don’t have something better. ~ C. Joybell C.

On January 22nd, Uranus stationed direct. As is the case every time Uranus stations direct it is followed a few weeks later by a square to the Sun. This is usually when the restlessness for change and churning creative ideas that were marinating during the retrograde phase are now ready to be unleashed. What makes this a little more volatile and erratic than usual, is that this year the Sun/Uranus square is being magnified by a Full Moon. As a result ,there’s no telling what can emerge within the ambit of the Full Moon that falls on Sunday, February 5th, at 16º Leo 41’.

For the past year many of the New and Full Moons have been tied up with Uranus. And that includes a number of eclipses. This year the trend continues beginning with the Full Moon this weekend and continues through the beginning of 2024! That’s a lot of changes being unleashed. New Moons are about new beginnings. But Full Moons, like the one we are having this weekend, are often about completions and culminations; revelations and consequences. And if you have personal points in your natal chart between 15-24º of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius), you are likely to get tagged by at least one of these New or Full Moons coming up over the year ahead.

An almost exact square to Uranus, can trigger some conflict and sudden events in our lives. However, do not be alarmed. These Uranian lunations can also bring some much overdue, and often welcome changes in its  midst. What can be so vexing with Uranus squares are their unpredictability.

Uranus seems to abhor stagnation. If we are totally resonating with the whole Uranian vibe, then we will be the ones pushing for change, restlessly packing our bags and heading out the door. But if we are the types to languish in the comfort and predictability of our current circumstances, and we manage to get tagged by Uranus it can leave us with the feeling of having just been thrust out of the nest without a safety net to catch us. We lose that job that seemed so secure. The landlord tosses us out the door. All of our dreaded secrets are tossed out on to the street like so many skeletons escaping from the closet.

Yet what can be most surprising with Uranus, is that even what may feel like catastrophic changes and events when Uranus comes to call, can also open us up to new opportunities that we would not have previously considered.

Positively Uranus weather brings us the willingness to take chances, to try new things and experiment with innovative ideas. Even if we don’t personally go out to seek the things of Uranus (excitement, the freedom to embark on a new path, opportunities for creative expression and greater authenticity) it finds us. Illuminating and inspiring, even unwelcome changes under the aegis of Uranus can bring a flash of sudden clarity and renewed excitement into our daily lives.

Full Moons are times of culmination, endings and revelation: a change is or has recently come to fruition, or is about to unfold. The New Moons beginning in July of 2023 are about making new starts, moving in a new direction, and trying out new ideas. But before we arrive there, the Full Moon in Leo is asking us to tie up some of the loose ends left over from a previous phase. There may be an element of sadness and remorse for what we are leaving behind. But interlaced with all that is also the excitement for what is yet to come.

Our emotions rise to the surface at the Full Moon. So although this moon could be very illuminating, it can be subject to impulsive actions and volatility. Therefore wait until after the Full Moon to make any major decisions, or have those important discussions. Uranian Moons can bring out new information. And you will want to process all that before leaping in, or jumping to conclusions. Full Moons are usually strongest as we approach them. Therefore wait until after the Full Moon on Sunday to make those major decisions, start anything new, or go in a new direction.

Coincidentally, one of the brightest newcomers to the night sky made its closest pass to the Earth on Thursday, February 2nd. The last time the Green Comet came this close to the Earth is likely 50,000 years ago, when Neanderthals and Denisovans roamed the earth with our early ancestors. If you look North in the night sky, it still might be bright enough to see with the naked eye.

If you see it, you will glimpse something that has not come this close to Earth since the Stone Age. I got a kid asking to go out of town and see it. They heard about this ancient rock through a post on Instagram, which also was not available the last time it passed. ~ Steve Inskeep (NPR’s Morning Edition)

Happy Crazy Full Moon Leo

Full Moon, black cat

FULL MOON [16 Leo 41]

London: February 5, 2023 – (18:29 GMT)
New York: February 5, 2023 – (13:29 GMT-5)
Sydney: February 6, 2023 – (05:29 GMT+11)

Full Moon Lore

Full Moons are traditionally a time of celebration and this weekend’s Full Moon falls in fire sign Leo, the star sign linked to play, fun and confidence. A true Leo knows how to party.

Although not all Leos love to be centre of attention, this weekend’s Full Moon is the perfect excuse to take centre stage, shine your light bright and show off your creative skills and talents.

In the lunar cycle, the Full Moon is a time of completion and culmination. The Full Moon will be most powerful for you if you have planets or angles in your natal chart within a 2 degree orb of the Full Moon degree of 16° Leo. 

This also applies if you have key planets/angles close to 16° of any of the fixed star signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius.

Yet, all of us are more likely to experience stronger emotions, sleep restlessly and even display ‘lunatic’ tendencies (the word lunatic being derived from lunar, attributed to the Moon).

Feminine intuition and magic powers are heightened at the time of the Full Moon. This is one reason why the Full Moon is a time of celebration and ceremony. In ancient times, it meant the party could go on longer when there was no artificial light.

Moon Leo/Sun Aquarius

To learn more, it’s important to determine where the Full Moon falls and the star signs that are involved. During this Full Moon, the Sun in Aquarius opposes the Moon in Leo.

A Full Moon can remind us of life’s polarities. Leo is the star sign of the individual linked to pleasure, joy, creativity & self-interest, whereas Aquarius is the star sign linked to the collective, doing what’s good for everyone and working towards a shared purpose.

This may be a time when you’re questioning where you fit in or where you feel like an outsider. Where in your life are you not being seen? Where can you shine bright and make a difference to other people? It can go either way.

The Uranus Factor

During the Full Moon, the Moon is at 16° Leo and Uranus is at 15° Taurus. This means that Uranus is in a tight square aspect to both the Moon and the Sun. The Sun-Uranus square perfects on February 4th, i.e. it’s active during the Full Moon weekend.

Uranus is the planet linked to rebellion, disruption and change. Its nature is innovative, sudden, unpredictable and erratic. The flip side of Uranus is spontaneity, the flick of a switch, lightning moves, freedom, splitting off.

This could be a time of controversy or the unexpected kicks in and you have to change plans and fast. You might be the one acting out of character and making an impulsive decision to do so. Or, perhaps someone else is behaving oddly. Alternatively, it could be a great Full Moon for going wild and over the top, if that’s what you need. Expect the unexpected is Uranus’ motto!


The Sun at 16° Aquarius is in a wide conjunction to Saturn at 26° Aquarius during the Full Moon. Saturn and Uranus are co-rulers of Aquarius and were in square aspect throughout 2021, early 2022 and October 2022.

This square aspect was about rules & regulations (Saturn) v. freedom & individual action (Uranus). It’s now breaking apart and during this weekend’s Full Moon, Uranus is in pole position.

Yet, whatever breaks down or pulls apart during this Full Moon, there may be an opportunity to repair or mend things when the Sun/Saturn conjunction is exact on February 16th.

Mid-February could be when any consequences regarding this month’s Full Moon are resolved or come home to roost, depending what happens. It could mean that whatever comes to light under this week’s Full Moon gets finalised by mid-month.

What Does It Mean For You

On a personal level, notice what’s calling you or pulling you during this Full Moon. Use Uranus’ energy well and you can make a snap decision, come up with a genius idea, share your brilliance, make a break for freedom, find a breakthrough. It may reveal to you what’s possible.

Yet, it’s not easy planetary energy. Uranus demands action but is a fast and unpredictable force. The best advice with Uranus is to stay flexible and be ready to move quickly when you see a way through. It’s an ‘anything goes’ combination. Therefore, it’s wise to engage both your head and your heart before leaping in.

Venus square Mars

To add to the Full Moon antics, the lovers of the heavens Venus and Mars are also in square aspect this weekend. They clash on Sunday 5th in the early hours of the morning GMT. Venus in Pisces and Mars in Gemini – love & sex – swooning, flirting and talking but not always in agreement.

There could be issues around diversity, gender, sex or inequality that are foreground in a dramatic fashion this Full Moon weekend.

Here are the areas of your life under the cosmic radar during this powerful Full Moon in Leo. Read both your Sun sign & Ascendant sign:

  • Leo: image, identity, personal goals – relationships, contracts, a third party
  • Virgo: retreat, secrets, self-care, caring for others – work, service, health, lifestyle
  • Libra: friends, groups, society, politics – children, creativity, entertainment, love affairs
  • Scorpio: career, status, responsibility, future goals – home, family, past
  • Sagittarius: travel, study, beliefs – communication, local community, neighbours, siblings
  • Capricorn: other peoples’ money, debt, taboos – personal finances, assets, values, self-worth
  • Aquarius: relationships, contracts, a third party – image, identity, personal goals
  • Pisces: work, service, health, lifestyle – retreat, secrets, self-care, caring for others
  • Aries: children, creativity, entertainment, love affairs – friends, groups, society, politics
  • Taurus: home, family, past – career, status, responsibility, future goals
  • Gemini: communication, local community, neighbours, siblings – travel, study, beliefs
  • Cancer: personal finances, assets, values, self-worth – other peoples’ money, debt, taboos

Happy Crazy Full Moon!

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