Saturn Square Uranus: Clash of the Titans

Saturn square Uranus, planets

Saturn Aquarius square Uranus Taurus

– June 14, 2021 (23:01 GMT+1)

This week, there is the second of three major planetary aspects taking place that includes both rulers of Aquarius, Saturn & Uranus.

These two important planets are complete opposites – Saturn represents tradition, governments, what’s already established and leans towards the past.

Uranus represents rebellion & change, protest & freedom and looks towards the future. It’s a classic case of the old v. the new. Saturn-Uranus clashes often dominate during times of major social reform.

Here are the dates & degrees of all three Saturn-Uranus squares – if you have planets/angles within 2 degrees of any of the four fixed star signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius – you’ll be feeling this tension and conflict between opposing forces. For everyone, it’s worth noting in which houses of the horoscope these two mighty giants fall (see list below).

  • Saturn 7 Aquarius square Uranus 7 Taurus – February 17, 2021
  • Saturn 13 Aquarius square Uranus 13 Taurus – June 14, 2021
  • Saturn 11 Aquarius square Uranus 11 Taurus – December 24, 2021

It’s probably worth pointing out that this clash isn’t restricted to 2021 either. These two planets were square to one another in the same star signs from March 22, 2020 to June 15, 2020 and we know what was happening back then. They will remain in square aspect throughout most of 2022 even if their square aspect doesn’t perfect.

Square Aspects

Square aspects create dynamic tension and it depends which planet dominates how it plays out in your life. When Saturn’s stronger, there’s a fear of change and rules must be respected. When Uranus is stronger, there’s an urge to rebel, break the rules and challenge the status quo.

At the very least, both ends of the spectrum need to be considered. Ideally, you want to find a way to bring them together. Yet, this isn’t straightforward by any means.

Saturn in Aquarius doesn’t want to be part of the group but tells you how to live your life. Uranus in Taurus is a change advocate but refuses to join in to do what’s best for the whole. You can see the dilemma.

Change is rarely easy if it means letting go of the life we have grown used to. Change becomes even more of a challenge when different factions of society have opposing viewpoints. Lockdown – no lockdown? Vaccinations – no vaccinations?

How It’s Playing Out

Saturn in Aquarius has coincided with many restrictions on what society can and can’t do. The people at the top telling the rest of society what’s what. One rule for them, one rule for the rest of us.

We often think of Aquarius as the sign of the freedom-loving hippy, eccentric, new age and caring for the greater good. Yet, it is a fixed air sign so there’s a dogmatic side to Aquarius especially around opinions and beliefs – ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’.

Therefore the square from Saturn to Uranus is straightaway both exciting and confrontative.  Uranus is co-ruler of Aquarius – so perhaps you could say that Saturn in Aquarius is the keeper of the rules, the scientist, the technology whizz, the side of Aquarius that loves order and systems.

Whereas Uranus is the rebel, the non-conformist, the spanner in the wheel, the freedom-lover, the antagonist.

This square aspect on a collective level is about the wider changes within our society that took place on the back of two epic conjunctions – Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn on January 12, 2020 and Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius on December 21, 2020.

Astrologers talked about the Saturn/Pluto conjunction representing the Great Reset and that has been evident over the last 18 months. Saturn wants to conform and follow the rules; Uranus breaks the rules and is a rebel.

You can immediately see the clash between different sides of society and the swift changes that are taking place around technology and data, also money and crypto-currencies.

Uranus’ move into Taurus in 2018 has already revolutionised the money world. We’re becoming a cashless society and Uranus in Taurus wants everything to go digital.

Digital art and fashion have developed rapidly during Uranus’ move through Taurus – Taurus rules money, art, fashion, produce, food. Expect more futuristic developments with regard to food and these other key areas before Uranus leaves Taurus in 2026.

As Above, So Below

Yet, perhaps things are moving too quickly and we need to pay close attention to this clash. Not all advancements and modern developments are a good thing, especially when we lose sight of a different kind of truth and knowingness that our ancestors treasured.

In astrology, the term ‘as above, so below’ relates to the bigger picture of the universe and how what’s happening within the planetary patterns is mirrored in life on earth. We can learn from what we see and hear and feel and intuit from life beyond us and from our connection with the earth we live on.

On A Personal Level

On a personal level, consider where you’re being delayed, held back or feel frustrated in your life. Where you’re sticking to the rules too – all Saturn themes. Then, look at how this makes you feel, what you’re willing to risk, how and where you can break through or break free – all Uranus themes.

Also, you may encounter either the Saturn or Uranus archetype in another person and there’s your conflict.

At the very least, use this powerful astrology to take a closer look at your opinions, your points of view and reassess where you stand or what you’re standing for and whether that requires any adjustment. Here’s a quick guide – read both your Sun & Ascendant sign.

  • Aries – Friends/groups v. Money/values
  • Taurus – Career/reputation v. Personal goals/identity
  • Gemini – Freedom/education v. Inner transformation
  • Cancer – Joint finances/taboos v. Friends/groups
  • Leo – Relationships/contracts v. Career/reputation
  • Virgo – Work/health v. Freedom/education
  • Libra – Creativity/children v. Joint finances/taboos
  • Scorpio – Home/family v. Relationships/contracts
  • Sagittarius – Communication/community v. Work/health
  • Capricorn – Money/values v. Creativity/children
  • Aquarius – Personal goals/identity v. Home/family
  • Pisces – Inner transformation v. Communication/community

This planetary aspect is such important symbolism for our world view in 2021 and beyond.

When I read what the brilliant astrologer Charles Carter said about this pairing, I haven’t been able to forget it; “democratic in spirit, autocratic in method”. This is the danger/challenge of this powerful planetary combination.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast – June 14 – 20, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

14-Jun-21 Sun square Neptune. Saturn square Uranus
Boxed in. Lost. A clash between old and new, commitment and freedom.
A chance to make peace with the self to understand what needs to change and what needs to remain.

15-Jun-21 No major aspects

16-Jun-21 Mercury square Vesta. Sun square Pallas
Distraction. Questioning where our focus is placed. A need to dive deeper to find answers.

17-Jun-21 Venus sextile Vesta
Focus on what makes you happy, even just for an hour. When the heart is engaged, we know what is truly important.

18-Jun-21 First Quarter Moon in Virgo
A push to resolve an inner conflict between head and heart. Apply what you know so far in practical ways. Not knowing everything doesn’t mean not making a start on improvements.

19-Jun-21 Pluto sextile Pallas
Mediation and a cool head taps us into ancient wisdom and puts the power back into our hands.

20-Jun-21 Jupiter stations Retrograde
Opportunities or developments seem to fade away. It’s okay, the time isn’t right. An inner journey is required before pushing forward with plans.

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Mars enters Leo June 2021

Mars enters Leo at 14:33 on June 11, 2021. This is the same day as the Sun conjoins Mercury retrograde, so we have an interesting effect here. With clarity and illumination come an urge to skip ahead, take a risk, throw caution to the wind. We need to bear in mind though that Mercury will not be direct until June 22 so some restraint is helpful.

Generally speaking, Mars is in his element in Leo as this is a fire sign, perfectly suited to this red-hot planet. Leo is colourful, playful, theatrical, and naturally confident, all attributes that Mars admires. Mars goes after what it wants, pushes forward without thinking, strikes out, initiates. Leo is willing to take a risk, to stand in the glare of the spotlight and plays as hard as it works (maybe a little more!).

Leo relates to the global 5th house of the natural chart and here is where we are asked to get into the game of life. Naturally ruled by the Sun, Leo is about living from the heart, creative self-expression, being seen and heard and enjoying what life has to offer. In the birth chart, this is where we look to see our children, dating style and pastimes so Mars fires up all these topics and brings us an urge to get involved and get inspired. This is a spirited placement, perfect for chasing goals, taking the first step with a lover, showing-off our masterpiece (or starting one!) and for asserting our place in the world. However, we do need to watch the shadow side where excessive pride can make us bolshy, riding roughshod over other people’s ideas or pushing ourselves to the front in an effort to be seen. Feeling unseen can also trigger tantrums.

This year’s transit of Mars through Leo is complicated by the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square. The second of these squares takes place on June 14, 2021, just three days after Mars ingresses into Leo. The Saturn-Uranus square hangs in the air throughout June and then is re-animated by Mars in July as Mars first opposes Saturn on July 1 and then squares Uranus on July 4….read more on Patreon (link below)

Mars exits Leo at 21:32 (BST), July 29, 2021.

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